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' f wB8S& Maw IK EL m K. JIJ 2
UMiMI iihii hi OKI A.IIOMA llrtMIIUU.lDl
VOL 0.
NO '.7
Is going to reduce Ills large Drug Stock nntl will
give his customers 20 per cent discount on all goods
in his store for the next 80 days. I have just re-
ceived 1000 ounces of Quinine and must sell it and
will close it out at 30c tier ounce.
Quinine per oz. 80c
Laxative Fig Syrup 50c: now 10c
One Minute Cough Cure 50c; now 10c
One Minute Cough Cure 25c; now SOc
Horse and Cattle Food 8 lb package 10c
Horse and Cattle Food 25c; now . t 20c
"White Pine Expectrant 25c; now 30c
Fine Soap 15c per bar; now per box .....26c
Fine all rag White Envelopes per package 5c
Carbolic Salve 25c: now per box 20c
L. R.
Telephone No. 46.
Wholesale. rS3ypi Retail
Fine Imported and Domestic Cigars. Three doors
East of Legislature Hall You can reacli us day
or night.
I Phono 18. EDWARD NICHOLS Prop.
: icttWE&jwmB x v
Hfel mLJ
Mdimfactnros all kinds of Vohiclen. PabithiK Trimming and
llopalriug promptly attended to.
i i Sooth Diyision Street (JuthrloOl.
Fresh New Stock of
Oxtulss DEBtixaL-fcs Oils?
Of all Kinds at 1807 Prices.
The Leader Grocery
Staple and Fancy Groceries
We handle nothing but first-class goods. Satisfaction guaran
teed or money refunded. Give us a trial and be convinced.
108 East Ok Ave.
106 E. Oklahoma Ave.
Ami lloth llrmicmo or the I.rj;lrdiitlve
AMrniblr tire .Vow Ktmtlr for llml.
nerm Uovrnor Mmnago In Full
Iteiult of llaune nucl Ooaucll
Oriiictm-Sotno II1IU to llo
Introduced Lobby
The session was culled to ordor by
Temporary Speaker Haruos at 10:J0
and the opening prayer was offered by
Rev. D. J. M. lluckner of Uutbrlc
Tho reading of the journal wan dis-
poned with
Twenty-six members answered to
the roll call and It was decided to pro-
cood to the completion of the.
I'crmnriit Orcrtulratloii.
Assistant chief cleric came first and
J. O. lllakeney. of Shnwnco rcco'ved
tho place by a unanimous vote.
Iter. James Mcwmaw of Lincoln
county was elected chaplain
Mr. Viekers moved that when tho
house adjourned they adjourn until
0 o'clock Thursday.
Mr. Rose brought np tho question of
Speaker pro torn which place had been
overlooked and J. II Dcyle of Perry
was elected to tho place.
Messrs. May Little and Mouriquand
woro appointed a committee to wait
upon Secretary Lowe and ask him to
swear in tho ofllcere. He was found
In a few moinonts and administered
John Lynch U
II. S. .Inliristoii I)
U.S. Ilannor I)
G.N. Ilronn P
A. y. Ptsher I)
J. V. Johnson I)
C. W Ooulil D
I). It Learned 1
J. I). Do Hois u
It. J. Clark I)
Stock- raiser
Fanner and lawyer
Farm or
W.Oarrtson l
u. a tcamioipb p
D. l Marum D
District. Name. Age. Occupation Where rioru.
l JWMay " "T Parmer towa"
J Jt).8Jtcftt R 5 Attorney Ohio
? T H Doyle D Attorney Hau
t l?n ? H " Parmer New York
5 uA.J'A"nn I. li. Implement dealer Virginia
RH Olson 1' S0 Varmer HlaSburi
3 JKJrF?fn J? 1 farmer As.schanlc Illinois
i Y 9?Ita R 12 Htock-rateer Missouri
J M Stpra" O . Farmer Tennessee
? Jn Allen D JJ Lnuibermar. Missouri
J" WTuault p m Lumbermau New York
J 'j Oraves M Karmer Kentucky
HP Wilson I) il Farmer Texas
11 JCTonsleyl U Editor Ohio
!S K U.&WJSa" J! S rsrmcr & mlnUrter Mimiourt
5 nT.Mwlta . S Farmer Kentucky
I .r0JL"IiFne' ?! Attorney New York
18 W L Sullivan P it Farmer Ohio
S . A n m l. !? . Farmer Indiana
Hi TJ Woodmansee l 1 Farmer Ohio
O W Vlckcrs K -IS Attorney - Ohio
31 J i D MourKjuancl it K Mcnhant Farmer Irance
J I' Caorry I 3 Pbrsician Texas
J H George D IB tocwiuVr ??JK
Intimated. Mr. Olson declines to give his age.
Avorage ape in council 13 In the house 41. Youngest man in the co incil. 20 In the
houso.30 oldest man in the council C3 in the house ft. The largest number of members
(sevonMere born in Ohio the largest number (seventeen) came from ICanaax to Okla-
homa Territory
tho oath of ofilco to all of the perma-
nent ofllccrs elect
Speaker Tousloy was Cbcortod to the
chair and took tho gavel. Ho thanked
the house sincerely ho Bald for the
great honor conferred upon him un-
sought. Ho wished to call the atten-
tion of all to the fact that they were
present aB a legislative body to do
things that will redound to the advan-
tage of tho poople to enact audi laws
as will assist and boneflt the groat
majority; not to leglHatofor or against
any class. He wishod to caution all
against the great blunder of putting
off too .many things until the close of
the session and then be compelled to
omnibus them all through without
proper consideration. Let not the Im-
portant measures be delayed but be
pushed rapidly to completion.
We oomo to do our work faithfully
and honestly and must never get the
Idea that wo are here for a good tune.
Wbllo wo are cujuying the gsnorous
and lavish hospitality of tho elty of
Outhrlu we must remeaber that all
over tho territory our people In sod
houses and cabins are praying for ben
oflelal legislation. Let us do all in our
power knowing neither fear nor favor
to cnaot laws for the good of the whole
people of Oklahoma
1 ask the assistance of all the mem-
bers to fulfill my duties faithfully and
justly promising that In my ratings
appointments and every oQlelal net I
will endeavor to be impartial and fair
add courteous to all.
JCeady for IlutlocM.
A message was received from the
council that they were organized and
ready for business and tho house re
clprocated by sending up a like mes-
sage. Meter. Barnes Rose and Qault were
appointed a committee to act with a
similar committee from the council to
notify the governor that the assembly
was fully organised and ready to re-
ceive any communications from him.
Messrs Lytton Doyle. Hogan and
llarnw were appointed a ooraailttee
on per diem and mileage.
Messrs. Doyle Shannon Christian
Wilson and Stovall were appointed a
committee on rules.
Mr. Wilson of Canadian offered u
resolution providing for a committee
of iflvo to Inquire into an? contest
which had boon filed but was ruled
out of ordor.
On motion of Mr. Doyle the house
proceeded to elect a door keeper and
Judge Frank Coaso of Cleveland coun-
ty got tho place.
Chairman Darnes of the committee
to wait upon the governor appointed
that they had visited his excellency
and that he would in twenty minutes
read a message to the assembly and
on his motion the council was Invited
to sit with tho house and bear the
messago from the governor Shortly
after the house went Into joint session
with the council Ui listen to the rot-
euor's message.
Mr. Wilson renewed his resolution
for a committee to investigate contests
but tho question of there really belug
a contest was raised and It mi ascer-
tained that no contctt had yet been
Mr. May ottered a resolution order-
ing the cutting of a window In the
west wall of tho house hall in order to
glvo sufllclont light Adopted.
Mr. Doylo brought up the question
of free homos and urged that some
action le taken on the subject before
an adournmont.
Mr. Christian moved to adjourn.
Mr. Ferguson moved to amend by
talcing a recess until 2 p in. Amend-
ment lost by vote of IS to 8
House adjourned.
It was some time past the hour iet
when the body was called to order by
President Johnson on account of wait-
ing for the lower bonse to get Its ma-
chinery properly greased and In ran
ning order.
Where Horn.
Where From.
New York
Where From
Kama i
2i Nebrasaa
Ind Ter
Roll uull found Deltots Fisher Gar-
rison Gould and Marum in their icata
thu others nbsenL
Ihe house sent a committee to the
council informing it that that body
was organized and ready for business.
After appointing a committee of
three to set lu conjunction with the
house committee to watt upon the gov-
ernor and Inform him that they
awaited his pleasure the council stood
in Informal session. Shortly after-
ward the council and house met in
joint session In the lower ball to re
celve the governor's metstge
Nothing was done at the afternoon
session except that the committee on
rules reported progress aad asked until
thk) moroiog to report which time
was given them after which the coun-
cil adjourned until 10 o'clock this
At 11:30 o'elosk Governor Renfrow
arrived at representative hall followed
by the Honorable Councillors who were
escorted to seats In the body of the
house his excellency occupying a seat
on the speaker's sytnd with Seeker
Toueley and President Johnson.
Thu message of the governor waa
received from the bands of Private
Secretary Smith and read to the assem-
bly by Chief Clerk Mackey of the
sou net l.
Tho message which appears in full
In another part of this Issue was on of
the ablest papers that has ever emr.
nated from the executive department
of Oklahoma and was listened ij with
marked attention by every nirmbt-r of
the assembly and a large audi -nee of
At Its close It was inferred to eaeh
house and the joint session was dis
solved on motion of Senator Dsllols.
Lobby Clistter
Mi. 8 Illanch Uogan sat beside lur
father Representative Hogan yester-
day. Hon "Shecstriog ' Smith is an iu
terested spectator. lie would like to be
a member Just for a day and thaw them
how to locate the penitentiary.
Hon ffm Jenkins of Newklrk was
a visitor at the Joint session getting
pointers for his message.
Chief Clerk M acker of the eoanett
has a tender spot for the press boys.
Messrs. Dullols and Karnes are a lit-
tle anxious about their mileage.
Prof. 3. D. Crane of the 151 Iteno
business college Is taking In the
J. M. Stovall was also a member of
both the first and tecocd leglalative
Uouiirtl TIjm
An unusually large number of ladies
were in attendance yesterday
Secretary Lowe Is an almost constant
attendant ta see if he cannot further
ndd to the comfort of the legislators
llutton holes were very much frayed
before the council was called to order
yesterday morning
CnmblnntloflA will IVttre lllffHittlc Itstim
nrnfift 1h (111 Asseinlily.
The lower house of the fourth as-
sembly has organised harmoniously
and there is no reason why the coum-il
ohould not do the aerui- Comblnafions
at this time will meet with the ton
damnation of the peoplo of the terri
tary. The lat aicmHy left n stench
In the nOKtnlR of the public through
miabegotlen cumb nes ut.d luodling
ttusls It do'-t cot take the peoplo
long to catch onto hinisler gnuioK and
crackjack work will not be tolrrated.
Simply because nn councillor has not
achieved his hoai t desire is no sign
why he hhould i cited as h bell
wether and nring brotherx to the
brink of publi- exocration. Tub
LKAtixn speaks in gdternl terms this
morning ami iIoih no kiudlt. but
censure may follow This is no timo
for empt bickiTingn Iot th council
wake up and co operate with the hnnsc
In doing good for the territory. Tine
Lkaimcr lias great confidence in Pres-
ident Johnson's Hincerity of purpose
and bell -ves that a precedent hhould
not be oulriged lv grievances
Ilr anil Mm J. Y M .NohI I'lnmniitl V.v-
lertHlH IrrlMid
Mr and Mrs. J. W. McNoal gave a
delightful party last evening at their
beautiful home on West Onthrlo
heights to a number of their friends.
Cards was the feature of the erenlug
the prlri's being won by Mrc Waller
and Mr Ac p. The dainties' f refresh-
ment were served and the guests
were royally enterteintri. Mi M-
Neal wm att lted in receiving by Miss
Nellie Spurlork. The house wjs olali-
orately dncorattd pslins and unm
tlons predominating wbl e the favors
were exquisite. The gut-sis present
wen: Mrs. UrUwoll Mnxt Edlih I id.
Messrs and alesdaines Tarsoey !
Atee Kxaiun A.p iTilson I'iait Hum
phr.-.T Havighorat U.orge Uray. Ieou-
srd U. W. Ba.nusy. MoCounell. Uuss
titone Carlln Harry Or.y Mac MorrU.
Hsinur f.uoa Haucil Llllte ('raw-
ford rihsrtell. McUanu. Ford
Kimball Vtct er Hall Cottinghain.
A It HUNtOO Urt er.
iim tu OtMH JuHiirr S
Cenrsss r StHtly
The Normal School of Oklahoma
situated al Bdtnond on the Santa Ve
Itailway. about midway between Guth-
rie sad Oklahoma City Is one of the
educational Institutions of which this
territory lies jum reason to be proud
Tuition tx fne m is also inal ruction
in musie an unusual and praiseworthy
feature 1 1 faci.lty is full and well
organ iod
Two Hiuuih ui study are offered
first the Introductory to which pupils
from tho illstrht schools may obtain
entrance and ccond the Normal for
oidtr and u ore advanced student.
The Introductory it seems to ns tills
gap between cur district School-) and
higher work in any of our Territorial
institution!. whilL the Norms! is ftd-
mirub'y UUU to thu trainltig of
it aeners cpet-iai arrangements are
made for the graduates from the pub
lic fcfhooU and for twjchers who visu
to obtain Bounty certili -ale.
The diploma is a five-year certificate
for the ten i lory renewable by the
Territorial Superintendent
lioird may be obtained in private
families at rte ranging from ft SO to
93 00 per week
Students who rent rooms and board
therm elves live at an expense ninth
The president of the school Prof.
Edmund D Murdaugn states that any
further information will be furnished
with p'easure lie may be addressed
at Kdmond Okla.
The second term opens January 96
hwi'i Araust suivk
The Hest oalve in the world for
Cuts b-jlses Sores Ulcers. Salt Rheum
"ever .Vjree Tetter Chapped Uauds
Chilblains. Corns and all Mktn Krup
tiouh and posttvel.v curee Piles or no
pay n iuirtd It Is guaranteed to give
pcrfe isa'isfactionor money refunded
Price ; ceuu per box. For Hale Ky
C. R. Haar mo. Gmthrie.
A hacking cough is not only annoy
ing to others but is dangerous to the
person who has lu One Minute Cou gh
Cure will quickly put au end to It C
R Reufro HA Oklahoma avenue
(i)fMrs Newton's tor a good meal
at the Van Voorbeca old stand aorn er
of Oklahoma avenue and Second street
Anil liieliletiti UunueetMl with the Carscr
of tho Ohlnhomn IiUTiimkr II s.
Iteae nml III l'nttitvny of Hours
How the I'otmlnr Itrir
illative II IC (llmiu
(Nino to lis On
Mho Loader lias obtained biograph-
ical sketches of every member of the
Fourth assembly and during the next
five davt will prove of interest to the
genera' public Tn I.) m it leads
and others follow and knowing this
the genersl public will read tin pedi-
gree of the Oklahoma lavi makerv with
keen rest .is it appears In tlici col
twins '1 he tint subject today is tin I
representative from the hiitli .1 strict
I It Olssn
H V. OUon was born in I'.u ' stian
county Missouri but Ins parents
moved to Kansas when he was four
j ears old and that was his home until
he came to Oklahoma in lsi i He was
educated in the common schoo a of
Kansas and the Central Normal Col-
lege of IUnvill Indiana Ho taught
for eight years in his home county.
Itllev county Kansas Two of these
years he was principal of the R uidolph
In politics ho was a liberal icpubli
unn till 1S0O when ho helped to form
the people's party In this ounty He
terved as secretary of the eount con
tral committee and also u senatorial
committeeman He served three
years aa trustee of his tovwmhip auil
in 1890 was elected eottnty supeilnteu
dent of public instruction on lie popu
list-democratic ticket )u lS'r he wus
renominated by acclamation ud re-
ceived luord voioa than any oUir pop-
ulist on the ticket but shared m the
defeat of the county ticket llo has a
farm six miles southeast of IVrkin
on which he has llvet since toming
here In ltn
ti II l.eurnni.
Senator I). II learned of llennts
eey was born in Athens count; Ohio
August 3 1HS He was ran- -d on tin
farm and received a common hcIiojI
education with a fin sblug im so at
Mt. Auburn Ohio lie began n aching
at the ego of J'i and taugnl in Ohio
Michigan mid Oklahoma In ult forty
nine inunthi. Mr learned v. n mar-
ried in June HS3 and is biased with
six children Me moved to Mu mgan in
May 18s I an 'I eugaged in the lumber
buetuchN Hi vard vmih i'ih r U i
tire the following April sml lii Mil
ject of this ski l-h oucn inon n sum it
leaching in Ohio Helefttln l'iicl-vc
state April 11 lm and wtnt t . Idr
ber omnlj K insas Alihc iii(on
ing he n-ciii. d a flue i lawn I mi iiuIih
SOUlllWHht of llfOllORM" v In it if still
rtMdcH i i Leaiiud sas r usei in
lh Democratic faith eating hlslusi
Deiuucruti o t for ( U v land n Ihhi
Kvtrhiim llio publication of Cle e
lauds mcsi age il-flring In pi imoii on
the money ijii -non Mr Le"Mi d ban
atH listed wuh the Populist par'y. Mr
learned is an intelligent and ompe
tent man nrnl will do honest v. or km
the council
Tlirtn Hundred DulugMtea sust ih) v
Over 85ii school land lessees met in
this city yesterday In secret session
and formulated resolutions to be pre-
sented to the legislature. 'I ho meet-
ing was an interesting one but for
some reason the lessees desired to keep
their business secret. Messrs. licnuell
Little and Koogle were appointed a
eoinmlttee to lobby for school land
legislation Resolutions wei e passed
favoring the appointment f three
commissioners on public vac to
be named from the thrro partus
lease) to be drawn for tnrne vmr..
til I til mum price for breaking 81 no p r
acre maximum price SS oo per a re
Ope clause provides for the t-xi mpting
of leases from all tndeblednti. xcepi-
ing the leske mone The-e lesnlu
ilms will bo formulated into a bill by
Col Koogle. an ardent free Im. tdm
cate and preheated to the as nub y
next week
A llrtut Work.
R R (iaskill of H -nnesnev in thi
city taking orders for that gicul work
just finished by Win T Itrjuu I be
If!-. . 1l..t f - .
.' iiub a uuuh lUe i
whole story of the last campaign blog
rapbiea and floe engravings of Mr
and airs llryaa and a thorough tr si
lag of bl-metfllisni in all iu phsso.
It Is one of the great books of the cm
tury. and should be In the library of
every thinking man in the city Mr
Oasklll has already taken a large ium
br of orders and will be here si-versi
days longer and will bo glad to book
your order.
Tbs use of Hall's Hair Renewer pro-
motes tbs growth of tho hslr snd re-
stores its natural color and beauti.
frees the scalp of dandruff tetter and
all impurities
Highest of aa in Leavening Power. JLaici l a iJJ( .epc
much in m m
Ilia Hit -rl as lorji r I. i lip Out. vt
tl I ni (Lo.ii;ri .! ii MaRiuro t
lituk tpon If i n 1 nred m
noon sml tmirl i Mr.
Mngttlro Kt'li It it
Sarriitli il.
t I ION I I II li
yesti i . trn i it
quel i o n i i nil
by Mi ' nsnti ' v ii i 1 hi i-
IU i lr. I . Mi r i
gu ' I loci i ' ' rnir.
tho u mi i i on I
gu ' of tli ion
Kei I ' a ji.ii t ' '
ni.u1 oiuintii ii io i
spec -li t i ' i i '1
gun ' illicit N i I
Ollt I llll Ill I l J
nnnn ' t iiled
eiil I f of Uu i 1 I
in ' i i n " .. i
Mi I 'i lsiui i ' i
Hon 1 1 ill I ' s ' i
drum i Hod n i M i
att.i I. i mi n . i in I i it
mid t i ihn ( 'o mil i i
lliu ' ' n ii i " v 1 1 f "
forgi i 1(1 how I poi i ti
t .lilt 111 tO it . Iior
111 ilii w n it i i si
mh i i id lm m i j
p 1 evi i o i
tli n tin ill' i
Stol I i lllfin hi 1 i
W l I'll 1 1 n
Hi- i slinn'v . d
the 1 ivi ui i il. i '
Ins I it . h ' I nl i
Inn it h. '1
gi I I in . it i I i
' i1 ' ii)'. I iii
I I i hud i i i i. h t r
i i md hint l ' ei
i in Is oi' l.r I r.
to I i ho lion j.l k
i o di il m Cnllfoi ii re tl i s
u IS I I II bit It ICll fill
man '' n tho I i i li -i i .
'ol n ' lHgnn. ) li 111 I
int i tl i nst In o i i i j
i ii 1 mull
It i this" n sh I
am n t i .tiame I i i i tli i 1 j
no' i tied tin I u on . an
vi ii i in Him i i d 1 1 i i
lr i i iniicli I i er ii .1
Inn 'ii up n n i t f y
in in In I t I'O l ii I
In 1 J Mi I i ii 1
In li i 1 i oi u i i n i i
ii ' 'i the. I i t f
I n i i I In i n ns i h
hil. diii d i a
- i i ii mi i li i -it I
t I lie li i I .
M iy i ill' i
I I - n
I -opi . i
M I I l.lolill .
In il i I . i i
d. il tli s-
to I bi i ii i u i i
i leiin tu i t
I i t th in i i o
n n th it I 1 i
tin llilltv t
III i i worn 1 ' v j
lie i i il fl I i I
M ii i
M M i ruiro i (i Ir I
in n i itlc ve ii 1 1 1 1 -i
li nl i i ptcl t i in i x
to i Mr 'i i rin - '
In' i Im.l I 11. i
and I no j ii t il r
u ii in iblo to lii
linn Ho sin ' i Mr I
foi v. li n lg be" ii nt t i ' t
lion . i i im an I i sin
tli -n j. ' of tin j- i I im o
w ii I ii iiifr tiii jni (i-
iuiii i . lieu t
M I li of . w
si it ' I i b HI it ft
I i t ni nt . t '
I' I ii His ii t i
M . ri n i til r I
n i cd lit i lit
in U a' c'u
I i' i ul i' ii i i i ir
.lil i ii in i V ' I (
' I tl d o
I idtnt s
11 ' 'l I ISO pi .1
lli iron i
I l oum 1 ij
p i s n.di1 i i
f' "v '
II 111 it I 1 .
1 tltl I 1 1
r i n'l I
I o to t '
im i nriit'.
I I '.. 1 .i I . .i
WAS!"!' s I i i
law toe p.. t .
M'li ti li 'I
sta' m nl
ell t !. '1
I" ' '
a i nl t ii '
; rotui i
' t lit lit . . fc ..i .
I ri 1
hour I i n
m ' i ii i i
I ilnl ICa ii i -i M '
nu iiaiirii. I v. v I I'll I
Mil I
By frill I I iV. r ;
New York II. re r -
Il-trdwsr t o

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