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o&Fici: ruJitiUAziuN MAiuuaow avhkuk.
NO. 187.
Many Lucrative I'o.lilori. HniW llcen
Taken Out or !! l'rrallfur )liimU
Since tho Ull It.-iioi-t llio Hoy.
rotting of !(i.liinilfr-
Work or the llottil Lrtrr
(Mire for thp Vfiir.
Wasiiixoiok No 'I In- untntnl
rciort of Frtinlc 11 Jnru-s first ifsist-
unt postmn&tcr irrncial ri(s niriew
of a largo part of tin- :n ihpi il bus-
iness of the ri minimi unil makes
numerous rccommcmilntinns fir llio
improvement of tlio hen !-. It shows
that during tlio lust three Hscnl yenra
the agprofrato .saving in tin- ilUision of
fcalnries and allowances of postmasters
were S.'4.'.094; in free delivery. 82311-
115 and postolliee supplies 3218510;
total 532T8.JS5. Tor that penou there
was an aggregate reduction of a030131
in the number of pieces of mail sonfc
from xiostofllccs to thedeiul letter oflleo.
i. The total number of Presidential of-
fices July 1 last was 3Cftl of which ICO
were first-class 740 Fecond-elnss and
?730 third-class. The aggregate r-oss
receipts nt the Ilrat -eennl unt thiro-
class oillces were fl.i's..:i-f uli. t
total salaries 80203.900 Smoc Novem-
ber lsJ4 there haw Iteen ? i.v.t posi-
tions m tho postolllees added to tlio
classified service. This bu as tho
only positions at postoflh-es that are
now excepted from civil service exam-
ination assistant postmaster and prin-
cipal ashlers; at sceond-olass oillcos
ussi'iit postmasters under nnv legal
Attention is culled to the fuet that
notwithstanding tho increase in gross
receipts the numerical increase in tho
force was less tlinn SO per cent of pre-
vious years.
Tho experiment of free dolUcry in
forty-five towns and villngex cost tho
department 833-17 leaving un unex-
pected balance of 817fl3. Investiga-
tion showed that in n majority of Uio
oillces the gross receipts had decreased
since the establishment of the servico
the department beinjf compelled to
send money to some offices for tho
payment of tho letter carrier' salarlos.
Congress did not appropriate for fur-
ther permanent or experimental ser-
vico und tho experiment wns-nooos-sariy
'discontinued with tho close of
the teal year. The rural free deliv-
ery 'xpertment was in operation at
poll) s in thitt.i states by the first of
this Month and the result of this test
will fc received in n special icport to
I'ourcss in December.
There was an increase of over s per
cen In the whole number of money or-
ders issued showing growth of tho
V&cm and tho total increase in row
"itffifrom both the domestic and inter-
national Vuslacas.ivasjty.ujj
In the dead letter ollleo CT?S3a03
pieces of original dead mail were re
ceived about 833800 helng enclosed
and 87 percent of tho monev restored.
Letters also camo containing drafts
checks etc. of tho apparent value of
U050.003 about 03 cent of this being re-
turned to owners.
The report closes with a sumniury of
the administration of Mr. Jones show-
ing pruning of expenses wherever pos-
sible and improved facilities and
makes numerous recommendations.
Tho first assistant says: "Tho atten-
tion of Congress ought to be rolled to
the private letter-box itlmisu in largo
cities. '
It is iu sumo cii-es impossible to
locate persons engaged in conducting
fraudulent and unlawful correspond-
ence through the malls who for n com-
paratively small sum inn rent a bo lu
some cigar or stationary store through
which to receive letters addressed to
them. Several bills havo been intro-
duced within the past few years de-
signed to put an end to the practieo of
boycotting postmasters at oillces of tho
fourth class thereby depriving them
of the compensation properly belong-
ing to them. This mutter should bo
celled up nnd some notion taken that
would result iu postmasters reclving
at least the compensation which prop-
erly belongs to their respective ofllcos.
iW the fiscal year ending June 30
1808 the report nslisfor appropriations
pf S17.000.000 for compensation of post
matters; Si for clerk hire al-
lowances; SI. (100000 to coer rent fuel
and light at first second and third
class oillces; 8) 30.000 i - miscellaneous
and incidental items including fur-
niture; 37.1000 for wn ling machines;
816.000 for advertising for
postoffice supplies and Si i i.'il.vk) fieo
delivery including sul-ncs .f 13030
regular currier.
Mr. llrjun Dcvlnre That Ho Mill De-
vote III Time to Illmntulljui.
L.IXCOLA- Nob. Xov. 0. Sir. llryan
lias replied to all of the offers of em-
ployment ut high salaries which he has
received since election day doolining
them all. He satd in reply to quoatlons
that lie had not unhinged tho details
of hts plans but that ho would enter
upon no line of work whioli would in-
terfere with his main purpose. Ho
has agreed to address a publie mooting
In Denver at un early day but beyond
this has made no engagements for tho
Immediate future.
Highest of all In Lcwcniiig Power. latest U. . Gov't Aleport
I'rcwMctit-Klret Attrmln nitlne SrrWcci
Ut Clinton.
C.wrox Ohio. N.v. 0. The opening
of morning nerviee In the Kirst M. E.
ehuroli yesterday found Major McKln-
ley iu his aeeustpmed pew. he with a
numtai- of friends having w.tlked
early to the house of worship. With
him were National Committeeman
Charles W. Dawes .r Chicago Hon.
and Mrs. Joseph II. Smith of Urbana
Ohio. Mr. Dawes was a guest at tho
McIClntey limine nil day having arrived
during the early morning.
Iter. Dr. Manchester Mnjor McKin-
lor" pastor in his prayer invokod
tllvtiio blouiugs on the President of
tho United States and those elevated
to exalted positions and referring to
the President-elect lu the congregation
Invoked the blessings of a kind Provi-
dence upon him and upon those nbout
to be called to council with him.
Congratulatory telegrams and letter:!
continue to pour in upon the President-
slect. Among thoxe reootied are tho
It. K. (oliHinl vim iriinui state com-
mittee (arson. Ncv.: "The few lte-
publicnns of Xevadu extend slncero
thanks and hearty mgratulatinns to
5nr gnllnnt lender ni.. 'he ltepublicaus
of the grent Knst for having saved us
from dishonor repudiation und the per-
nicious heresies of Populism."
Ijilint Kt'turn Mion Hint the Mntn Is
for llrjnn.
CiiHYH-VNi; Wyo. Nov. u. Chairman
IHydenburgh of tlio Deiuoumtle Stoto
committee has received returns from
the Joekson Hole precincts Dnintah
county giving tho llepublican Stato
doctoral and Congressional tickets
i ivnty-seven and the Democratic
ttcke: sixty-four votes. Complete ro-
(urns were also received by the com-
mittee from Johnson county showing
on average Democratic majority of 10S.
Returns vvcro also received from one-
third of the precincts In Dig 1'orn
?ounty. showing decided majorities for
tho entire Democratic ticket. Chair-
nan itlydenburgh now is certain that
the entire Democratic electoral Con-
gressional nnd stato ticket is elected
by majorities ranging from 200 to 000.
ltrptibllenni Claim Wyoming.
Ciii.vf.xxk AVyo. Nov. 0. It Is esti-
mated thnt returns from 1200 votes
ire yet to bo received from the Dig
Horn country. As this section Is al-
most oxoluBivcly devoted to sheep
raising it is claimed by the Republicans
that Its roturns will give the state to
MeKlnley without n doubt.
M 'I'liun 2(1000 VoNmi ltcally Hettleil
the lilcrtloii.
Waaiiixoto.v Nov. 0. The immense
popular majority received by Major
MeKlnley and his goodly majority In
the electoral college tend alike to con-
sent the real narrow tins? of his victory
because of the closeness of the vote in
vevoral states. If then) hud been a
hnnge of less than 2(5000 votes iu tho
aggregate in nine states llryon would
have been elected President of tho
I'nlted States. Mclvlnlcy's majority in
-aliforuiu Delaware Indiann Ken-
tucky. North Dakota Oregon South
Dakota West Virginia and Wyoming
omblned was less thun 52000 und tho
nine states cast CO electoral votes A
jhange of only about 20000 votes
tvould have given the 00 electoral votes
it these nine stutos to llryan and theso
50 electoral votes would have elected
him Presldont of the United States.
Illff Horn ror MeKlnley.
Dr. tuii 111. Nov. 0. One of the
features of all tho llepublican parades
'it re this summer was a monster tin
lorn thirty feet long and six feet
lcross the big end. It took six men to
jnrry it and four to blow it. After tho
first appearance it was gilded. Since
the cause of gold won iu the election
the makers of tho horn. Alderman
lieorge Dewilt and Joseph Stout havo
leelded to have It carried to Canton
Ohio. Six men have agreed to walk
the distance and will start in a few
lays. They expect to got thero New
Venr's day and to bell pictures and
jive exhibitions on the way to pav ex-
penses. I'lirKlsii MImIoii for Ituckncr.
FiiWKFOUT Ky. Nov. 0. It is
stated on tho authority of. llepublican
loaders in this state that General Simon
Bolivar lluoknor the sound money
Democratic nominee for vlco president
will bo strongly recommended to PresJ-3ent-eleot
MeKlnley for one of the for-
sign missions probably to Italy
hllii'r Minn to Open L'n.
Ciiwov Nov. H. The News a He-
publican papor states that the only
impnrtnnt silver mine in Nevada after
being closed somo time will at onco
open in full blast. Two hundred men
have men engaged to comma nee work
it once and others will bo nut on
later. This mine is the Cortex limited
and is strictly silver.
HiiKlUh Market I Kentltlte.
London Nov. 0. The Presidential
election has had little visible effect on
tho money market beyond tlio cessa-
tion of gold shipments to tl(o United
States. DUcquut rates remain un-
changed till it Is seen now eventa
hape themselves.
Will Oet Old Scale of Wue.
l'EOKi.V 111. Nov. 0.- Tho Anierieau
Glucose company has notified its work-
ers to report for duty Noverabor 10. at
which time a recent reduction of ten
I per cent in wages will be abolished
FLYNN IS 1.2Btl.
Aro Klcclftl four lu Mm l.mcfr nutl Niinp
In the Upprr llnuae Tlia titnilrr'A
Complete I.lnt of Men Illrcteil llr-
pnhl'oAii CotnmlMlanern first!
Infc hi 'svernl Cai.ntten Sninn
).". Klrrttin llrtu
The figures in the following tubV m
the congressional result will not vary
twenty votes when tho official returns
are counted. Tho Loader has taken
great paiiiB to furnish its rcmltrs with
reliable data and has been Uio recipient
of many compliments for it& allMeni
covering of the territorial flold:
Callahan. lNyun
Itcavcr 10
Illainc 915
Canadian. 201
Olovoland 051
D ... in
Day T
O 109
Garfiold . HIS
Grant 4
Kay 1 18
Kingfisher . . tl
Lincoln 147
Logan SSS
Mills J25
Noble us
Oklahoma iss
Pawneo 130
Fayne 207
Pottawatomie CM
Washita . . 127
Woods... . 85
Woodward 0
Greer no
2801 1546
Callahan's majority 1258.
Tho Leader bolow glvos for the first
time the oomplete list of the newly-
elected members of the pe.t leglilv
turo Tho body will contain not one
Republican in tho council and but four
in tho house.
Jacob W. May f. .
i. a. kosc. I. h.
T. II. Doyle f. s.
John llogan f. n.
Dale Lvtton f. u.
Kd. v.. Olson f. b.
M. K. FcrKUson f. .
WrlKhtChilstlan. t.s
J. JfTstovall f. s.
K. II. Allen dcm.
Wra. J. Qault t. n.
.las. K.Oraves t a
lien P. Wilson f.
J. C. Touslcy f. .
ltobert 11. Sliannon f
Thos. K. Willis f. s.
C M. Karnes rop
w. i.. Huiuvan f.
Wm. It. llerry t.
Albert 1L Kills f . .
r j. wooumansco I. h.
J Levi M. St. Clair f u.
T J. Wooilmaruco. f.
23. Geo. W. Iclters. rep.
si. J l. D. Mourlquanl. aep.
SS. IC U. KcboU dem.
sa. John I'ugli rop.
J. M. Lynch f. s.
II. S. Johnson f. .
II. J. Hanner. f. s.
C. N. llrown f. s.
A. W. Fisher f. h.
J. W. Johnson f. h.
a. w aouia f. n.
D. 11. Learned f s.
J. U. Uulluls t. 8.
Kraslus J.Clarlc f. s
;'m. Garrison f. s.
1). H. Randolph .
I). 1'. Marum ilom.
The Gutbrio Leador gave tho best
election reports of any paper coming
to our table. Klgln News.
Republican county commissioners
are nicking a bold uttempt to thwart
tho will of voters in every county In
tho territory by counting out Bilver
candidates who were elected Tho
Logan county hugdigs aro not alone
in their villainy. Evory scheme known
to corrupt politics from the Missis
sippi plan to tho Indiana 'touch 'em"
is being resorted to in order to pull up
Flynn's majority and to count in Re-
publican candidates whom the people
voted out. In pUces. whore the 6ilvor
majorities ate small mutilated uillots
aro counted and blura figured in The
Coming Events qf Enid says: Ifrldny
when tho board of county commission-
ers met to canvass tho returns a mag.
nlflccnt echemo developed to count out
the two commissioners oloct Conaghan
and Peters. Instead of canvassing the
returns as sworn to by tho elootlon
judges the commissioners proposed to
break open the sealed packages of bal-
lots and recount the votes Some of
the packages had been so mutilated
and broken that tho ballots could have
been taken out and exchanged They
propose to tike these broken packages
which may havo been altered ana
probably were altered and from these
to declare the result. Messrs. Moore
aud Rush were employed to prcseat
the matter before tho commissioners
but they were obdurate. Parties
started for Kingfisher to see McAteo
and secure a restraining order Mc-
Atee granted the order and the matter
now stands that way as we go to press
Here's the manner in which the
scheme is being worked in Oklahoma
county The OUlahomau says;
The county commissioners tcting s
in election canvassing board adjourn-
ed yesterd y without sompletlng the
work of c .nvasslng the county election
returns. They have found in a few
townships that tho Australian voting
law was violated in some minor pan
Honiara and have adjourned for the
purpose of taking coun.sel and Metr-
itis if it will not be possible to elect a
few of the defeated Republican candi-
dates Council Grove township Is tho
only township 1n whloh the voto ro
mains uncanvasscd. Tho reason for
the refusal to canvass the vote of that
township Is that thero were but two
judges present.
Tlio Cherokee strip voters would
throw away their votes; tathor volo
thoir prejudice than their sense. They
throw substanco away for shadow.
Counties which should havo been unan-
imous for Flynn gavn him but small
majorities. Guthrie Capital.
Another premature hatching and
rntlrelf nonsensical Callahan can't
botch tho frco home job any worse
than Flynn did lu not joining hands
with the Lacy bill nnd the chances aro
that Cpllahan will secure fre homes
for otif people Enid Wave
Many novel election bats are in pro-
cess of liquidation now. A sample of
the wager may be gleaned from the
following taken from the Ponea City
Wo have received notice of several
novel wagers on tho result of the
presidential eleutton some ol which
we give below:
At Newklrk J II. Scott and L M.
Doldo in ad n u wager that it MeKlnley
Is elected Dolde Is to thave off one
side of his whiskers anil mustache and
wear them in that style for two weeks
while Scott agrees to shavo half and
half if llryan Is elected. Hugh Owon
and Dive Wler entered into a coatraet
that tho loser Is to wheel the winner
from Newlcirk to Klldaro In a whoel-
barrow and furnish all tho rofresh-
ments the winner uses on the trip. At
Arkansas City two fellows made a
wager that the loser should roll n pea
nut one mUo with a toothpick Editor
MeKlnley of tho Republican nnd Editor
A C Dolde of the Democrat at Now
lrirk have a wager that tho winner will
put the loser In a slop barrol and haul
him around the public square. In
Ponca City wo will also have somo
novel attractions which will take place
on Saturday Nov 14 John Hoarnc
city marshal ami Occar Taylor mano a
wsgor that tho winner Is to paint the
loser's lees and havo hhn wheel the
winnor from tho railroad to tho school
house nnd back. The same kind of a
wager is mado between Mr. Hrodboll
and the editor of this paper. Hoarno
also has a similar wager with Dave
Reynolds. Theso wagers will posi-
tively be paid on the date above men
It Is developed by tho olllolal cwnt
thai J. J. Merrick (rep.) Is defeated
for the council by H. J. Hannor In tho
Third district.
Thoro will be no negro In the lower
house after all. J. R. Oartor Repub.
Ilcan. Sixth district is defeated by
Edward K. Olson free sliver. In tho
Twentieth district A. H Ellis free
silver is oleuted to the housi and In
th Twentieth district J. M. Pugh. Re-
publican wine.
Oltlrlnl CoiiKrmlonl HunlH.
Cloud Chief: Full roturns from this
(Washita) cjunty gUo Ctillahan a ma
jority of 117
Quanah. Tex : Full tclurns from
G-cr o"nty give Callahan r. majority
ol HO oyer Flynn.
El Reno: A courier from Day
county reports that county giving a
majority of 7 for Callahan.
Watonga: All tho precincts have re-
ported. Tho total voto cast was 1427.
Callahan's majority is 215.
Heaver: Official voto give Flynn 120
mojorlty in this county.
Pawnee: Official result gives Flynn
a majority of 130 over Callahan.
Tho Herald and Democrat of Tecum-
seh place Callahan's msjoclty In Pottn-
watomio county at 700.
F. II. Tracey wires from Inglowood
llravor county official vote gives Flynn
120 majority
Cleveland county official vote 080
mujorlty for Callahan
Pottawatomie county olUMul vote
05t majority for Callahan.
In Greer county D P Marum for tho
council receives a majority of 450;
Cherry majority 233. Damooratio
county ticket elected.
Choyenue Ok : Threo proolnots glvo
Callahan 174 Fiynn 30; three to hear
from will add 88 to Callahan J. V.
Pawnee Ok Nov. 0. Editor Loader
Helow are tho majorities given to
the respective candidates In Pawnee
county: J. V. Callahan 136 Ii. S.
Johnson council 323; John Hogan
legislature .108; J. P. Neal probate
1udge 152; J. A. Houston county at
torney 413; M. F. Fake sheriff 453;
G. M. Weoms clerk 360; J. J. Corbott
register of deeds 233; F D. Harnden
superintendent 203; E. M. Drown
coroner 250; O. M. Lancaster Repub-
lican treasurer 10. f N. Coulter
Chairman Democrat County Central
There was not a single Republican
elected to the counol).
Hy the olllolal count J D. Duliols Is
elected to the council over Martin by a
majority of ilxteen votes.
Flynn's official majority In Logan
county Is 5S8.
The True lCccuedf .
W. M. Repine editor Tlakilwa. 111..
"Chief." says "We won't keep bouse
without Dr. Kiuz's New DIacoverv for
Consumption Coughs and Colds. Ex-
perimented with many others but
never got the truo remedy until we
used Dr. King's New Discovery. No
ether remedy can takes its place In
our home has in it we have e certain
cure for Coughs Colds Whooping
Cough etc." It is idle to experiment
with other remedies even if they are
urged on you as just as good as Dr.
King's New Discovery. They ra not
as good because this remedy has u
record of cures snd besides Is guaran-
teed It never falls to. saUsfr. Wal
bottles free at C. enfro's drug
"Justice" Sadcllor Makes n Murder-
ous Assault on Col. Jonos.
Col Tom Jones known and liked by
ovory person In Guthrie was murder-
ously assaulted last evening by a negro
brute named E I. Saddler recently
olected justice of the poace on the Re-
publican ticket. The aunult took
place in Justice Jaeksou's court ond
had it not been for tho timely Inter-
ference of Col. Jonefc' friends a tragedy
would have rosultod.
The case of Moa Eans vs S J
Fabert was on trial Eans had
brought suit against Fabert for alien-
ntlng the ulTeeliona of his wlfo and
tho testimony had just been eonolnded.
Jones & Devoreaux and Robt. Huston
represented the plaintiff and McCorver
and Saddler the c'efotidanU.
Col. Jooos was seated In a chair
scanning the statutes when Saddler
approached Inhlseasy Joking way
Col. Jones rennrked: "Ah Siddlcr
you know nothing of Uw'" Quick as a
wink Snddlergrabbsdagoal and struck
Col. Jones two vicious blows over tho
eyo. knocking him out of tho chair
onto the fioor. As the b'ood cushed
from a deep gash the black brute
klokcd the venerable lawyer in the
head and would have completed his
murderous Intent had not Jones'
frlendB rushed In. Col. Jones was ut
once taken home and his wounds
dressed No sorloua consequences arc
feared. Saddler Is a bully and has
mado sevorol breaks of this character.
Ho should bo railroaded to the pen
before being sworn in as a justice
Col. Jones is ouo of tho city's moBt
prominent attornoys and is liked and
rer-pscted by every one
Official Count Shows DuBols' Ma-
iorlty 10 and Flynn's 580.
Tli Logan county canvassing board
completed its labors yesterday evening.
Appreciating the fact that tho pooplo
would stand no dallying the board got
down to work. The official count doos
not materially alter tho figures printed
In tho Leader 'Ike majority of Duliols
oyer Martin is 10 while that of Flynn
over Oallalan Is 583. The Flynn-Callu-ban
campaign in this county was a
lntgo joke on tho people who voted a
sort of "hoads I win; tails you lose"
gamble on the part of tlio Flynn man
Tim .iiik farter nt u I iii1iiu Teiuil
Alum I o CIim.
Fob i Woutii Texas Nov. 0. Ex-
Senator John II. Itengnn Is dying ut Ilia
home iu Palestine. lie is n natlvo
Tonnessean and 7s eurs old. Mr. Rea-
gan has partlcitmU'il In the discussion
of nil great political questions upwards
of two score years nnd litis been an
notor in tunny memorable historical
Judge John W. Stsytott who was nt
ono time acting governor of Arknnsa s
died at his homo in Newport.
Rhoumatlsm Is a foo whloh gives no
quarter. It torments its vlotims day
and night. Hood's Sarsaparlla purl-
lies tho blood and euros thu aches and
pains of rheumatism.
Hood's Pills aro tho best family
cathartic und llvor medicine. Gentle
reliable sure.
MrrlHu t Charter link
Married At tho resldonco of tho
brldo's homo Nov. I at 12 m. Mr. Jus
A. Franklin and Miss Mlnnlo Lane.
Rov. Jchnson ofilolatlng. After the
marriage ceremony thoie present par-
took of an exccllfiu dinner prepared
by the brlao'a mothor. Several val-
uable and useful presents wore re-
colved. Tho bride and groom aio both
wlrlttly known and have scores of warm
friends who wish them a long and
happy life.
Uhurtaroitk Hclinol District do
Thn following are iIih names of ihoso
who weru neither absent nor tardy for
tho month ending Nov 0: llutllu Ward
Emma Howor Willie and Goo Schwak
May Oiear and Henry Lane Peter
Adams Nora James aud Charley
Hicks and Genova Fuublon.
Miss Liujax Jamks
How mauy young men and young
women are out off Just as thu future
scums brightest and fullest of promise.
Thoy are taken away by the disease
whloh eauses over one-sixth of the
deaths in the world the disease which
aosiors can consumption There is
absolutely no reason iu Um world why
conaumpllon should be fatal why it
should be even serious It is a disease
of the blood and can be cured abso-
lutely and al.vuy by parlfingand on-
rlohlng tho blood The only exception
to this is the case where the disease
has been negloeUid and improperly
treated until it is stronger than the
body; until tho body has become so
weak as to havo lost the ability to re-
cuperate. Dr Pierce's Oolden Medical
Discovery will cure 09 nor cent. n n
cases of consumption If used according
to directions It al&o cures lingering
coughs bronehial and throat offee-
tlons. Bond 31 cents In I cent stamps
to World's Dispensary Medical associa-
tion. Huffa'o N. Y.. and receive Dr
Pierce's 1008 page Common Sense Med
leal Adviser illustrated.
For 8ale-By Cbas. Osger the .mail
two seated phaeton which took the
first premium at the Stato fair also
tho horso and harness to match. This
Is a rare cbanco to. buy a. handsome
turnout pfceap
show Royal Haklng Pewfrc
qrier to mil tuhnm
- AT
My Btitirc
Drugs Paints Oils School Supplies Tablets
Make No Mistake. But Call On
.Haiiufncturos all kliidH of Vohicloa. PainttiiR Trimming And
Repairing promptly attondoil to.
. i South IMvIhIoii Street . Guthrie 0k.
OKO. R 1UUIN(1SLICY. President.
Capital fully paid 850000.00
Surplus 10000.00
w "irin!tCliP.l.Val!l!t' Utlca N' Y- Q80- nilllngilf y. Outhrlu 0' T
W. L. Hodges Uuthrlo . Jno. P.Slone"Uutlirlo.
Chas. E. Ullllngsley Guthrie
Warwick Cushion Frame Wheel.
One chance given with every 1 purchase from the
Doalora In
Block and one-half North
West Side
Now 1b the
New Suit of Clothes
made to order. All the latest novelties of the
tteason to be fouud at
T(ib Popular Priced Tai'or
U OKLAHOMA AYE. - - Opposite I. B. Lain OIHce
Stock of
Assist Cashier.
of Guthrie National Bank
of Street.
is Over!
time to bay a

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Niblack, Leslie G. The Guthrie Daily Leader. (Guthrie, Okla.), Vol. 8, No. 137, Ed. 1, Tuesday, November 10, 1896, newspaper, November 10, 1896; Guthrie, Oklahoma. ( accessed May 25, 2022), The Gateway to Oklahoma History,; crediting Oklahoma Historical Society.

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