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VOL. 8.
NO. 117
- -. -. . i
Capital fully paid
A U. ltrower Capitalist Utlca N. Y. Goo. B. Hllllngsley Uuthrle O T
W. B. nodges Uutbrlo. .Ino. F.Stono Outhrle.
Ohas. B. llllllngsloy Guthrie
M&nufuctnros nil kinds of Yohlclos. Painting Trimming am)
Ilopuiriug promptly attondod to.
A 2 South Division Street - Gullirlo Ok.
. TICKET NO. 528
Warwick Cushion Frame Wheel.
One chance given with every 1 purchase from the
Hoard of Directors In addl'.lon to Hank Officers:
Jamos Btratton Horaee Speed Robert Murtln. J. R. CotURghatn.
W. J. HORSFALL Cadhlor.
Doalors In
Block and one.half North of Guthrie National Bank
West Side of Street.
The Tailor
Assist. Caabler
A J. SEAY Vice-Piibsidbnt
Sir. Mahurra In Ilratuwtlc Manner Tells
of Her UralliiRii Willi Ihn Wtillnm Ken-
dull Court stutaln. ih Demurrer
and Iti-Ddert JmlRni'tit In Favor
of the Defendant Mrf. Ma-
harra Will
I ho Crip
The sensational damage cast- of
Mary Maharra against Oeorgo Kendall
for $10000 came on far trial in tlio
United State district court yesterday
before a jury and occupied tho entire
day. Tho plaintiff appeared in person
and by her attorneys Oeorgo Gardner
and Hub ton & Huston and tho defend-
ant in person and by His attorney?
Asp Shartcl & CoUloghatn.
The plaint'ff was the first witness
called in her own behalf and told her
story in substance as follows:
"During the fair In October a year
ago I was occupying and running the
Kendall house at the corner of Okla-
homa and Vine streets as a rooming
houso for gcutlomon. I returned from
the fair about 5 o'clock in tho after-
noon and found Rondel I who was
occupying one of tho rooms In tho
house on the back porch with two
women Mrs. McCoy nnd Hello McCoy
who had arrived on the noon train
from the north that day. and who had
been in my bedroom with Kendall until
I went to dress to go to tho fair. They
all tureo went to supper together and
returned to the house aflev half an
hour's absence all three going to
Kendall's bedroom and remaining half
an hour or so after which Kendall
and Hells McCoy came out. leaving
Mrs McCoy still in the bedroom and
went up stairs together remaining in
one of the bedrooms until about H
"After they came down stairs 1 went
and pushed the bedroom dojr open
and told Kendall he could not keep
those women thure any longer ls I
would not have such conduct in u
house I was having; anythlug to do
with lie coul 1 take them to the
Sherman house or the south bottom?
where they belonged. Thereupon
tho women went out into the
street and Kendall returned into the
house much after the manner of an
enraged bull. He said 'Now you
hmve made a alee d 11 fool of your-
self havn't you 01 derlng those ladies
out of the house now you get out of
the house yourself you you d
b you fiend of h 1 ' With that ho
grabbed mo by the arm and throw mo
violently across the room against tho
sowing machine which was sotting by
the door dislocating my knee cap and
permanently lajuriug my 6ide and
picked up a gun sitting In tho room
and raised it as if to strike mo but I
caught it with ray hands no swore
at mo droadfully and wo sou tiled out
into tho kitchen and he triad to put
me out of the nouse but did not suc-
ceed A few days after that Kendall
came to the house In a hurry and told
mo to get ray things packed up at onco
as lie had lonted the house to a man
from Mulhall for a food store and a
carpenter would bo thoro at onco to
take out the partitions I went to
work and gathored up ray things
which Kendall jammed into boxes and
loaded onto a dray which he had in
front of the door and told me ho
would give me $35 to locato myself
with as he had given mo no notico to
Icavo. Ho rode off on tho dray to the
depot and came back with a ticket to
St. Joseph Mo it bill of lading for
my goods and $7 In cash which ho
offered me and said 'Now you take
this ticket and. get out of town g
d -n j ou on this very train. You
have got to go. and I'll aee by g that
you do go.' I told him I would not go
as be had still kept part of ray goods
and 1 had no business In St Joe but
did have in Outbrlo. I did not go but
am here yet. After I had moved to
the rooms over Wallace & Mullcr's
drug store Kendall oatni into my room
one day without knocking with a
reeeipt In full sstUfaetlon written out
and 874 In money and demanded that I
lake the money and sign the receipt
in full settlement of ail my damages
He said be was rieb and I was poor
and be would have the oao put off and
put off and wear mo out and I would
got nothing In the end. I was almost
on the verge of starvation and he
threatened to have me arrested for
dauderlng Hello McCoy and send me
to tho penitentiary it I did not
sottle and firstly compelled mo to
take the money and sign tho receipt.
I repudiated the settlement afterward
and my attorneys nave U.iders' the
money I received baek into out for
tho defendant"
M s Maharra was on tho stand rom
0 o'eloek till 4 d m. And was subjected
to a very rigid cross-examination by
Mr. Sbartel dTiq " which she wept
A demurrer to the evidence of the
plaintiff was interposed by the defend-
ant on tho ground that her evidence
disclosed that she signed the contract
of compromise of her own will and not
on account of duress or threats and
coercion on tho part of tho plaintiff.
Tho court sustained the demurrer and
rendered judgment for the defendant.
In rendering his opinio a tho court said
that Kendall's threats when lie
effected tho settlement were no more
than a reasonable porson would expect
from an adversary in a lawsuit and
(he should not havo beea li.fluonccd
by them. I? urthermoro sho did not
el set to repudiate the settlement with
la a rcnsonablo time but went ahead
and spent tho money ho gavo her and
did not tender It back for two months
thus showing that sho fully intended
to abldo by tho compromise until sho
concluded sho had not received enough.
Tho evidenco further showed that
Kendall gave her other valuables be-
sides money in the settlement which
she lias kept to thU day
The ease will bo appealed. This
case completes tho cases for trial by jury
for this term and tho potlt jury will
likely be discharged this morning.
A large number of court cases will
o;cupy tho time of tho court next
week. It is the purpose of Judge Dale
to adjourn next week giving members
of tho bar a week beforo tho election
to devoto to tho campaign.
Inrrrnxfl In Uxportt Drcrea.o In Import.
Uncord for September.
Washington- Oct. 10. -The Septem-
ber statement of the principal articles
of domestic export issued by the bu-
reau of statistics shows as follows:
Hroadstuffs $17031852 against SI1-
130r47 in September last year; for tho
nine months ended September 30 1S00
S1104S4098 against 893825310 last
year. Cotton exports during Septem-
ber 1890 510840103 against 81025015
last year. Mineral oils exported dur-
ing September 1800 35191100 against
SM.077572; for the last nine months tho
gain in the exports of mineral oils wns
nbout 87130000. The exports of pro-
visions during the Inst month uinomitcd
to 813209828 as compared with 511-
310135 for September. 1803; for nine
months S1200$7017 against $111150-
023 for the same months in 1805.
Tho exports of domestic merchandise
during September amounted to 3S3-
734332 against 8.17001808 during Sep-
tember 1803. For nine month- S05O-
031318 ngainst 5340424330 for 1803.
Tho imports of inorchandlbo during
September lastnmounted to 830823705
of which 820881023 was free of duty.
Tho dutiable lnerehnndlso imported
during September IS85 amounted to
531730757 unil thnt free of duty S30-
COS.000. During the lust nine months
tho imports of dutiable merchandise
was nbout 632420000 less than tho
amount for the same period last year
Tho gold exports for September last
were 801050 compared with 817421-
005 for September 1805. Tor nino
months 855570421 ngainst 573190382
for September 1805. Tho imports of
gold for September last aggregated
831160130 against 8749450 for Septem-
ber. 1803; for nine months 801888850
against 828839039 during tho same
period in 1895.
Tho oxporU of silver during Septem-
ber last amounted to 80531110 which
is practically tho same amount as wns
exported during September 1805. Tho
exports for tho nino months wore
510441011 and for the corresponding
months lost vear. 538.001.010. Tho
imports of silver during Septombor
Inst nmountcd to S741.578 and for Sep-
tember 1895 81781193. For the nino
months tho imports aggregated 80451-
037 us compared with 8080001.
WrLh Mine. Control (irruiittiy mill thu
I'mlllo Coast I'rclulit Charcri.
Ki:w Yonrc OoL 10. Tho anthracite
Coal Operators' assoclptiou held a meet-
ing nt tho Wnldorf yesterday with
forty-eight members present. A report
wns road on tho possibilities of export-
ing coal to Germany. At tho conclusion
of the discussion which followed tho
sclicino was decided to bo wholly im-
practicable the principal reason being
the inability of tho anthracite coal
dealers to compote with tho product of
Wales Welsh coal now selling in Ger-
many for SO per ton while it would
cost 85 per ton to transport Amorlcan
coal noross tho water. William Griffith
of Scranton Pa. read letters from coal
operators In San Francisco complain
ing that the importation of Welsh coal
to that city hod entirely destroyed tho
Pennsylvania coal trade. It was shown
that alxHit 100000 tons of Welsh coal
were received there annually and sold
from $5.50 to 50 per ton while tho
frolght nlono on Pennsylvania coal to
the Pacific coast oither by rail or wa-
ter was 87 per ton so tho coal must bo
sold for 512 per ton to net a profit
In n paper on wtiHto and burdens of
tho anthracite coal trado John C. Had-
dock called attention to the very groat
dlfforonco between the price tho oper-
ator secured and that wltiah tho con-
sumer paid and pointed out tho vory
largo amount paid for freight aud com-
missions to middle mon.
Tho National I.lboral 1'eilrrutlon
Adopt Itc.olutlon. of Itcgret
London' Oct 15. Tho executive com-
roltteo of thcattonal Liberal Federa-
tion mot and unanimously passed a
resolution of profound regret Uiat tho
Earl of Rosebory felt It neceasary to
resign the leadership of tho party.
The resolution acknowledged Lord
Itosobery's signal services as a leader
and recognized that his action In re-
signing was dietatcu by an earnest de-
slro to promote unity. It rejoiced to
know the country and Uio pai ly would
havo the continue i-enefltoi hl high
character conspicuous nbiliiy enthu-
siasm for social reform ind self-socri
flcinjr devotion to r blio duty.
It was decided in view of the to to
of publlo feeling and tho personal
questions that had arise that no meet-
ing of tho general council of tho fcdcr
ntlon should be convened for tho present.
The Triple Tragedy Take Tlace In Rey-
nold. County Mliiourl Crated by
the Suddeu Death of III Wlf.
end Two Dauchtcr Wat a
I'rotnlnent Cltlten -lit-rltoiiirnt
CENmnviLLC Mo. Oct 10. A triple
tragedy occurred in this Reynolds
county yosterday on Logan's cicck
near Ellington formerly HnrnesvlUe.
John Imbodcn with an nx brained his
sister nbout 13 years of age his
brother some older who was sick in
bed and a very old man named Jncob
Wllhelm. Tho girl and Wilhelm were
killed in tho yard. He then entered
the house and killed his brother. Two
younger sisters escaped to their father
who was at work in a cornfield. They
then went to a neighbor and gave the
alarm fearing to return to tho house.
When the citizens mid constablo col-
lected and returned. Imbodcn was in
the yard where two of his victims lay
with the bloody ax In his hand. Tho
officer had to threaten to shoot him be-
fore he would surrender. Two months
ago Imbodcn lost his wife and two
daughters suddenly and it is supposed
that this together with a hard spell of
sickness has deranged his mind. He
was a prominent citizen. Excitement
is very high.
Tlio Outluu Hun Ilotrii hy United .State.
ManthaL Near Clifton Mo.
Skdaua Mo. Oct. 10. United States
Marshal Heck Thomas of Guthrie
Okla. tho man who killed Hill Dcolln
arrived in tills city last night on the
trail of Charles Clifton iilIiis"I)ynuinlto
Dick" who w ith six other desperadoes
raided nnd robbed a bank at Southwest
City Mo. in 1804. Of the seven
men who engaged in the robbery
five wero killed by officers and cit-
izens in a running fight in tho
streets of Southwest City State Sen-
ator Scarborn nnd another citizen wero
shot down by the robbers during tho
fight. 'Dynamite Dick" unci another
of the gang escaped to the Indian Ter-
ritory where tho latter wns killed
while resisting arrest. Mnrshal Thomas
learned a few days ngo that the bank
robber wns stopping with n friend In
this city and upon his nrrlvnl here
"Dnaiiillo Dick" was located at n
farmhouse near Clifton City twenty
miles northeast of Sednlla. Marshal
Thomas and a posse consisting of local
officers loft for Clifton City and ex-
pect to enpture "Dvnamito Dick" be-
fore dnylight. It s known that tho
desperado is heavily armed nnd unless
completely surprised will glvo his pur-
suers n warm reception.
Cremated In Their Own Homo Whllo
l'arcnU AVzro Au.eiit.
Nnw Whatcom Wash. Oct 10. Tho
house of J. S. Miller a fanner living
four miles north of Linden wns de-
stroyed by fire nnd six children wero
burned to death. Another child nnd a
man named Frank Ilolso wero seriously
burned. Miller nnd hW wife were
awny from home.
Arehhl.hop Ireland. Letter.
London Oct 10. Tlio Dally News
publishes tho following dispatch from
Rome: Tlio Vatican disapproves of
Archbishop Ireland's lotler because it
openly mixes religion and politics
which tho Vatican desires to keep sep-
arate in tho United Stotct. Tho letter
will displease the Kostern and South-
ern Irish Hryan Catholics. It Is prob-
able that instructions will be sent to
Mgr. Mnrtlnelll concerning the atti-
tude of the Catholia clergy.
Typographical Uulou.
Colorado Smiin'os Colo. Oct. 10.
Tho Typographical Union elected tho
following officers: President W. 11.
Treseott Toronto Ont re-clcctod;
secretary-treasurer John W. llram-
wood of Denver; first vice prosident.
Theodora Perry of Nashville Tcnn.
The nino hour law was passed. Tho
union unanimously voted S23oO to
proHocute tho boycott which Union
No. 8) of Kansas City Mo. has de-
clared against a. publishing firm of
that city. Syracuse was chosen us tho
pin co of meeting in 1608.
ICnllrond Men at O.auatuiulc
OrfAWATOMiE Kan. Oct 10. Tho
first public session held by tho five rail-
road orders at thoir union meeting was
hold yesterdny. In response to a warm
speecli of welcomo extended by Mayor
A. F. Meok Chief Arthur of the
Hrotherhood of Locomotive Engineers
responded in a manner whlcii was
highly appreciated by the audience.
Fatal Ronr Over I'olltlci.
Nksstlew VT. Va. Oct 10. Miko
Triplett killed Aaron Urock nnd John
Sholton was critically Injured by Dow
Ilobbs during a row over politics.
Ilobbs is n prominent Populist. The
luurdoror escaped.
Sr CarlLle'. Kentucky Den ft.
Washington Oct 10. In a letter to
Georgo M. Davio of Louisville Secre-
tary Carlisle announces that ho will
sneak In Kentucky October 2?. 24. 20.
8 and 30. 11b expressed a desire to
-.nMto his fl.ut speech at Covington.
teacher nnd III. Wife Ioiaoe.
Indianai-ous Ind. Oot 10. Tho
Rev. John W. Milam recently pastor of
the Madison Avenue Methodist Epis-
onpal church and his wife wero both
declared Insano to-day by a cowtala-sIob
J ff-W
y Ihl z l -iJ I rvyyff v
Aro nrrlvingdally Como anl take a look nt them.
Doing of Yenlfrday'aHf.ilan of ihnObla-
noma uoniareueeXnmber of 1'H.torn
are Trautfarred lo ilil. DIMrlct-
IteT. Kuirart (lire III. idea
of Ka.tern Mru-llev.
Delaplalne Make a
cluod Keporf.
Tho Rev. Mr. Doty read tho minutes
of yceWdny's session. Flftt-lwo min
isters ansv.eri.-d to thiir nuines thu first
day. Ihe Rev John II. Hogan was
transferred to this conference from
the southwest Kansas conference.
The Rev. Mr. Ileltinp was transferred
lo this conference from tho Jupan con-
ference. Thu Rev J A. Ferguson n
D . from tho Colorado conference.
Tlio following cle trvmen wero Intro
duced to tho conference: Rov. (1 Low-
thcr Kansas; tho Rev. Dr. Py from
tho Hook Concern St Louis. Dr. Pye
made a very happy speech. He had
novor been to Oklahoma before and
expressed his surprise nt tlio wonder-
fully progressive territory which ho
found Oklahoma to bo. Ho also Btated
that ho was afitonlshod to (Ind Biioh a
beautiful city as Guthrie.
Tho Rov. Dr. Nusbaum addressed the
clergy and laity on tho importance of
an education. It would bo a good
thing if all could seo or would ice
that education Is always helpful to u
christian man and fits him for nobler
service In any flold. Tho Rev. R 0.
Dolaplalno reported his district. This
report was a vory able and eloquent
Tho Rev. N. M. Hngart read bis
report and gavo his Idea of eastern
Hlshop Ninde nt this point oiodo a
speech on the willlngncu; of tho church
to send more missionary money into
tho Oklahoma coufcrenco wore It pos-
sible to do so. Ilo thought wo might
bo moro careful In the spending of it.
Tho brethren fully agreed with him.
Ho brought his speech to a close with
an account of his travels in fornliri.
ncius. At this point the HUhop culled
for the reports from pastors. At nra-
cnt lo seems there will bo a decline In
eenevolont collections.
llishop Nlnde announced that on Sat
urday morning at 10 n. m. ho would
coll to tho front tho olass for admU
slon Into full membership Into the con
ference whon ho would make tlm
usual address. Hverybndy Is invited.
in tno afternoon tho Woman's Home
Missionary soeioty hell ihidr annua
meeting. Rev.- D T M. Wood gave
mo uauress. At 3 p. ni IUv Dr
Nusbaum preached on '-The Personal
Holy Ghost." We must say one tittup
about this preacher namely he say
what the text mean? not what be
thinks or first puts Into it People
will always accept such realism.
The sei vices for Saturday are as U
Prayer meeting 0 a in.
Conference business 8:30 a in.
Pentecostal services 3 pm.
Missionary anniversary 7:30 p. m.
Missionary oermon 8 p. m. by Rev
T. tl. Walburn nresldluir Mder.
Confudon s to the choice of a blooo
purifier Is unnecessary Tbcro is but
one best Barsaparlllo and that is
Ayere. This Important fast was
recognized at the world's falr.Chlcigo
1803 belnx the only blood purifier ad-
mitted to be placed on exhibition.
For sale Billlaid table.
See Oicn
i l;V
- 118 W. Oklahoma -Amni
A. 1 A. AT W01UC.
UrRatiUiitluu Making nn Effort to Defont
Tom Doyle.
Speoial to Dally Loader
1'Eititv Ok Oet. 10. Members of tho
American Protective association aro
taking a hand In Iee-islatlvr
member in Oklahoma lu this county.
lion lorn Uoylo democratic nominee.
is boing fought by that ordor. Yes-
terday the A. P. A. brought out V T
Smith as independent silver candidate
to defeat Doyle whoso neoolo Rre
Cut hollos. H Iseaid tho A P. A num
bers 300 votes in this county.
J- iNFI d C
Tho fleeretarj oh Hh Treaent Lenders
or tho Tree Blltcr Motrment.
Wahhisoton. Oct. 15. Secretary
Morton gave to iho Post lust nlghb for
publication nls view of tho Rrj an Dem-
ocratic It iuIi ra closing as follows:
"The finance which they teach la
entirely Confedirnte flat. In 4ho
Southern Confederacy the same lender
who now are In command of the picket-
guards for frrc silver at US to- rr'XV'oTtj
loading flnnrfelfrt. -Ofrid Ilturis Vugh
Morgan und the other Confrderuto
generals nun in conunniiil of thellryau
campaign seem to desire tmttcoinplish
by falw liiinnco that which thev failed
to bring about by arms dis-
honor mil disgrace. '
'1 he llniirroft Now lit Hin)nm.
Wamiinc.iov Oet. 15. The Uancmft
conuerniug vh se trip to tho Mediter-
ranean Kcusittim ml reports hnvo boett
published arrhud nt Smyrna to-day.
President Jonlan of Ltd and "'an ford
University is jrcmlnently men loned
n Professor ('mode's suti-.-s (i m tho
Smithsonian Institution.
Jlldgo Cftldwi'11 rendered a di etsjon
in which ho s:iv I'nlted Mute- mar-
shal are not superior to ronstnb .
The short- nf W. T Hutninisch
tho missing Jvij.-uu Wl bunker m
A tobacco combination is said to bo
inoubntlng which Mill equal tho stand-
ard Oil trust In cxti'dt
A Valtiault l'rraorlptloli.
lid I tor Morriioa. of Worthlngton
Ind. "Sun." writes: "Vou have a val-
uable prescrlDlion In Klectrie Uittors
nod I ran cheerfully cecum won l It for
Constipation and Sick Head ho. and
as a general i-vtem toiih- ir has no
qual." Mrs. Annie Stehle gtiS.l Cot-
tage Grove rvi nue Chicago was all
run down could not i at unr ilgot
foot bad a bu kache which nr- .- Jett
her and felt tired and weiry but sir
Hottlee of Rii-ctrlc Hitter reatonu her '
hwalth aud r.-newod hw- hi.-.ngtb.
Prices 50 cento nn I II. tl t a tuttle at
0. R Itenfro'Hdi ug store
They aro ho . ale you hard'v ''now
vou are ta Urn tr i hem Th-y cause no
griping et they act quick! V tt' d most
lloronKh'y Snob are the fai ug IU-
t pll'a I.ii...wi m DeWUiV LHtlo
Marly His.TM small in i.i. g'.iat In
esulta. V 11 Li1 lie Sc Co oru-r
Harrison aud F rtmrwut C. 11 tten-
'ro. 04 Oklahoma avenue
lusti ilo- ia latt.l -tvl naly
Two M'tv In use. fl o mi xHi'keti
tod go d nl'-ir atab'i bu feed
ibdeh'en hn lae and Wat. works.
sitnated on thre iinp'or i lota
with a vaneiv if frui' Terms easy
tad satisfactory 101 1 K Nob ave.
pply to IB' d nrMett Jlf
A Hoy that KUlml a Tai t u'r.
M. P. Dunham writes to u ircatlon
from Lyons. Mont to 'ell a a 12
year-old R. K. Hutchlns and his 11-year-old
sister Lulu '1 lie iu i.ajeil
tHountain lion on the Madison iiver at
Diiaham's Bildge. The nlmci ba the
beast aad her dog barked at it TlieU-
ter went and sot her brotner wt a took
his father's gun and ent after n e big
oat. He followed u to a pine eket
Into which he went. He f.. and
shot the creature asad Jut ti. Dun
ham name aloaf and Uclj;; ' n ihe
Hon out It was a raedlum-alaeJ one.
7' feet long but plentv bit auougt
to break a beifer'e back.

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