The Guthrie Daily Leader. (Guthrie, Okla.), Vol. 8, No. 13, Ed. 1, Tuesday, June 16, 1896 Page: 2 of 4

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-- - ' T in imhw
fie potst office at Guthrie Okla.
Ks ma 1 matter.
bml Printing t)omi'Ti
I3LIB Cj NIBLACK - - Bdltorl
irlr Morntnc 1'iiper I'ublUhed In Outhrle.
Official Organ of Oklahoma Democracy.
Tim Official Orgsn of Locan Oonntr
Tub Daiw Lkadkii accepts advertis-
ing with tho al$llm.t and positive guar-
antee that It hti double the paid
circulation of any newspaper publlibed In
Tns IiKADKn Bindery Is ono of the best
Institutions of the kind In the West and Is
dally turning out largo quantities of work.
Seim In your orders lor binding and blank
books and thoy will be promptly attended
t j.
HlifjjtmirTiOM hatk.i.'
Jne month delivered In city I 40
'Jue month by mall 50
l'hreo month 1 SO
Sit months 3 00
One year 6 03
in month i &o
J no year.. .......... ........ 100
Tiik picture of cx-Oovemor Sony in
Sunday's Globe-ncmoornl is a "corhorM
trne to life.
It is announced that .Tames .1. Cor-
bett has at last found a man out in
California whom lie thinks In can
It looks like kcKinlcy high protec-
tion and a gold standard just now.
And why shouldn't he. as that is
what the Republican bosses most de-
sire. Ok course it is none of our business
but we beliove that Atchison girl who
"hag lnndod a husbaud in a 27-cont
dress" ought to buy him a pair of
trousers now or at least a pair of
Mn. TooTKAcunu Is chairman of tho
L'opnlist committee in the Second con-
gressional district. This is an agreea
ble change from Mr. Hellynahcr who
usually runs the I'op campaigns
Hutchinson News.
The county commissioners of Cana-
dian county wisely and humanely au-
thorized the counta treasurer to with-
hold adding the penalty for delinquent
taxes until July 15 so as to allow tho
forjjier8 a chance to realize on their
wtfeat crop
Tiik suit against Prince do Loozc-et-Oorswarcm
tho representative of a
famous Uolglan family who was
charged with breaking various laws in
France Belgium and England hoB
ended at ISrussels in his discharge to
the great astonishment of the people
'"ho court found him suffering 'rem
"hereditary degeneracy and without
penal responsibility."
And many of tbo tribe of O. O. I'tcr
come to llll-thc-Stll in tho Lund of
Huckeya asking him of what manner
of way ho would pursue concerning
Uis elevation to the chief place of the
tribe of the 0. O. I'tcr. And many
more asked him from afar writlncr to
him. And also tho Scribes being
those who published matter abroad in
tho land for all people who wcro less
than they in knowledge.
Rut no answer came to thorn i.or
to any of them for Ilanna tho Profit
willed otherwise.
And they came unto Ilanna and
vrero wroth.
What manner of man say they to
him is this that thou hast glvon us to
be our chief? Wo have usked hlra di-
vers and sundry questions on those
subjects nearest to tho good of the
tribe of O. O. Pter and ho nnswers us
And Ilanna said unto them: . .on
and brethren silenco Is tbo eloquence
of discretion.
Rut they wore not content with this
and cried aloud: Why Is this thus?
And again Ilanna spake unto them
saying: Tnree silences 4V . .jo
first of speech the second of dcslro
and the third of thought
Then ono groat among those asking
said unto llannai Add thou a fourth
the sllenoe of Rll-tho-Stll.
Thereupon Ilanna was much put to
for he was seeking to paoify them und
he said unto thorn: Sllonco has many
Rut they Importuned him with vigor
of speech demanding to know where-
of they were to bo load blindly.
Aud ono portion of tho tribe of O. O.
Pter shouted with a loud volee baying-
Is RU-the-Stll the Ohiof of Silver?
And Ilanna said unto them with
soothing tones: Silence gives consent.
Then did the other portion of the
tribe of O. O. Pter rush upon Ilanna
tho Profit shouting fiercely and bran
dishing their arms wildly saying: Is
ho not the Chief of Gold?
Aud Ilanna replied uuto them with
exceeding gentloneM: Silence gives
Whereat they were greatly aston
irhed and gazed upon Ilanna a Profit
as if to probe his innermost soul to its
And Ilanna noting those things
trembled for be held the safety of
Ril-the-Sltl to be of greater value thau
all else and he sail unto them lifting
his hands up a; t he would bless them:
Pence be still; it is not much talk we
need but a great sweet silence.
Thereupon the tribe of Q. O. Pter
lifted up their voices as the voice of
one man saying What I'll" Now
York Suu
U TTLtJ or StWEIt AKD ooi.
Democratic aUio conventions have
been licit! and instructed 'its follows:
istoi uoid.
vircron .
wpsklnRian Mrf s
Missouri-. ... - -.-
Colorado s
Kebraska 16
Massachusetts .. ... M
Itbode Island . 8
Alabama w
Pennsylvania .. J
Mississippi. ........ is
New Jersey- W
Tennessee 2
New Hampshire R
South nkta a
wth Carolina i"
Iowa . w
WyeralnR .. .
Oklahoma .
District of CWnmbla 4
Kansas " w
Virginia . Ji .
Arlaonn s
North Dakota
rtah a
Total m Krt
Convention majority Is M.
A nil' :ctt congregation down in
Sanders Ky. was dismissed most
summarily under unpleasant circum-
stances several Sundays ago. Rl lu
in tho niddlo of tho preacher's dis-
course thorn bolted Into tho church
through tho half-open door what ap-
peared to bo a black and white cat
closoly followed by a yellow dog. Ca
and dog ran swiftly down the middle
aisle to tho platform- Tho preacher
taken unawarcB did the natural thing
kicked at tho cat hit it and landed it
squarely in tho middle of the congre-
gation. Then it turnod out that the
cat was a skunk.
dermaim T-d the World lu tna Myitl-
cltm of tlr Laboratory.
"Made in Germany" is now the recog-
nized trade-mark for chemicals
throughout tho worlfl. The dyes and
by-products derived from coal tar have
become a classical instance or as
Bacon would have mid a glaring ex-
ample. As wo havo stated the Father-
landers havo enpturod these trades from
us. Go to Elberfeld and what do we
sw? At the Farbonfabrlken besides
first-class works wo are shown a lab-
oratory unsurpassed perhaps not
equaled. In London and employed In
research or in tho business thero are
sixty high-class chemists. In tho lia-
dlsche Anllin und Sodafabrlk sovonty-
elght chemists are engaged. An expert
witness told tho Gresham commission
that six skilled chemists was the maxi-
mum number employed In any Enrllsh
color works if indeed there were so
many. Those men nrc unceasingly ac-
tive in research. The price to pay for
progress Is elprnal vigilance. Ev xy
hint from England France America or
Italy Is tried; every now material
tested; every hopeful process patented.
Tho great works nt Hochst mods In
1890 from 1700 to 1800 colors; they em-
ployed 3000 hands seventy chemists
and twolvo engineers. A firm In Offon-
bach with 300 workers had forty-five In-
vestigators. Tho lesson that has been driven home
In the Fatherland is that Industrial
processes carried on upon a large sclo
give great chances for discovery. Just
as gas making gave aniline so the soup-
bollerr' lye yielded iodine the wasto of
salt gardens bromine tho mother-liquors
from the springs caesium and rub-
idium tho acid chambers selenium and
thallium the mines and metallurgical
works gallium and germanium. There-
fore tho "cbemlker" on the other sldo
of the Rhine Is always looking out for
something new. Ho found it In tho
benzidine and azo dyes tho former giv-
ing Congo red and chrysamti "tho
most Important discovery of modern
times so fir as cotton dyeing Is con-
cerned." In short as Dr. Ostwald has
said It .s now a firm article of belief
that "tho secret of Oerman Industrial
chemistry Is the recognition that sci-
ence Is tho best practice." In England
It is greatly to be feared thuro still lin-
gers faith in "the ruio of thumb."
Some Scientist Hold tlis 1'oUr Keclom
VTro Unee '-hablUd.
Relievers In th Laplace theory of th
origin of tfio sun and tho planets are
o' the opinion that tho original stock of
tho human race first came Into exis-
tence at tho poles of Um earth and grad-
ually movod out toward tho equator.
All believers In the nebular hypothesis
are fast conforming their Ideas to the
bollef that this eartu was once a red-
hot ball of flro and that the human raco
came Into existence as soon as a por-
tion of tho globe had cooled sufficiently
to admit of their living upon It. The
portion most likely to cool first was the
poles and tho evidence deduced from
this speculation is that upon which is
founded the idea of tho polar origin of
t human family. On tbo above theory
is explained the mysterious finding ot
tho remains ot tropical birds beaets
and plants far up in the polar regions.
It it is really true that tho poles were
tho first habltablo spots on the earth's
surface and that they were rendered
so by the globe first cooling at the spots
least affected by sunshine. It must bo
true also that tho polar regions are
gradually encroaching upon the tem-
perate and torrid cones. Who knows
but that the centuries yet to como will
fill the Indian ocvn and tho Gulf ot
Mexico with lcobergs aad keep the Nile
and the Amazon frozen solidly through-
out the year? Ex.
Why is one woman
attractive and an-
other not? The
itiost admirable and
attractive thing
about an atttactivc
woman is her wo-
manlitiets. livery-
noay tduutei a
'womanly woman.
She must have
health of course
because without it
she would loie the
brightness of lur
ryes the fullness of
her cheeks and her
vivacity. Ileal
health must mean
that a woman is really a woman. That she
is sttong aud perfect in a sexual way as
well as in every other. Thst she is capable
of performing peifectly the duties of ma.
ternity. Som are born with what is called
"constitutional weakness.'' Those who do
not enjoy perfect hsalth need only tak
the proper precautions and the proper rem-
edy to become perfectly well and strong.
Pr 1'Ierce's Vavprlte Prescription will cute
any derangement of the distinctly femi-
nine organism. Sold by druggists.
Plenty of old papers 23 for a nickel
at The Leader editorial rooms this
Th Dsnger is Averted by Using
"Nearly forty yonrs ago aftor
some weeks o sickness my hair
turned grav and began falling out
so rapidly that I was threatened
with immediate lmliliip-. Hearing
Ayer"8 Hair Vigor Inghlv spoken of
T commenced using this prepara-
.ion and was so will satisfied with
the result that I liau never tried
any other kind of dressing. It stop-
ped tho hair from falling out stimu-
lated a now growth of hair ami kept
the scalp free from dandruff. Only
an occasional application is now
needed to keep my hair of good
natural color. I never hosltato to
rwominewl nnv of Aver's medicinen
to my friends." Mr. II. M. IlAimtT
Avoea Neb.
Ayer's Hair Vigor
I'Hi-i'inrn iiv
Jyrr' .S"irirlii Itemovrt I'lmjilr:
Taxra UlEli In New Cnunlrlcft
You hear any amount of grunting
about high taxation in the part ot Ok-
lahoma known as tho Strip. Foreign
newspapers have made a great thing
out of It and have undoubtedly kept
many people from settling v7itbln our
borders. Tho facts In tho case arc of
course tho rato of taxation is a littlo
higher in any new country where the
land Is not taxable. A very small per
cent of our land is taxable for tho
rcasou that it nearly all belongs to
Uncle Sam yet not being proved up.
This of course nocessltotcs a greater
per cent of personal property tax
We bclievo our county commissioners
havo made an unwarranted use of
some of tho county fund but give tho
devil his due thoy aro not to blame
for our taxes being higher on our per-
sonal property here than It was In
Kansas or somo other state. It looks
to us as If the county personal prop-
crty nt tho excceolngly high rate It
has been taxed ought to pay tho ex-
penses of our county government with-
out runnln is so deeply li. debt how-
everNorth Enid Telegram.
llacklen'e Arnica Halm.
The best salvo lu tho world for cuts
bruises sores salt rheum fever sores
chapped hands totter ulcors chil-
blains corns and all skin erup-
tions and positively cures piles or no
pay required. It is guaranted to glvo
porfo t satisfaction ormonoy refunded.
Prlco 25vcents per box. For salo by
Seatontan Drug Co.
Logan Cuunly Noriinil Institute.
Tho seventh annual session of the
Logan County Normal Institute will
open July flth and continue in session
four wcoks.
No effort has bcon spared to insuro
as successful an instituto as that of
last summer. While we most sincerely
regret that It was impossible toobtcin
Mr. Ruchanan wo bclievo that Mr.
Culver will prove himself a most suc-
ccssfull instructor.
Tho following corps of Instructors
havo boon eugaged:
Prof. C. M. Culver
Prof L. W. Raxter
Rev. W. A. Roswortb
Prof. R. A. Gaifnoy
MIss Alma Carson.
It is hoped that additional features
of interest may bo added later.
SaKA L. Roswoutii
County Superintendent.
I.oiv It it Kier lions via the Kniilii Ke
8t. Louis Mo. June 10th 1 OP Re-
publican convention ono fare for tho
round trK Tickets on salo June 13th
14th and 15th. with fin ' t. rn limit
of Juno SlsU
Chicago 111. July 7th 1800 Demo-
cratic convention ono fare for tho
round trip tickets on salo July 4th
ith and 0th with final return limit of
July 12th.
Washlngson D C July 7lh to 13th
1800 national convention Young Poo-
pie's Societies of Christian Endeavor
ono faro for tho round trip. Tlokots
ou salo July 2d 3d 4th and 5th with
Dnal return limit of July 18th.
Ksteuslon of Time.
An extension of return limit until
July 31st will to granted by deposit-
ing tickets with the joint agent at
Washington on or beforo 0 p. m. July
14 th.
Milwaukee Wis. July 10th to 19th
1800 annual meeting Raptlst Young
Peoples' Union of America ono fare
for tho round trip. Tlekets on sale
July 14th 15th and 10th good for re-
turn passago leaving Milwaukee July
30th 21st and 23d.
Kxtcuslun Limit.
An extension ot return limit to and
including August 5th 1800 will be
granted on tickets deposi.ed with
joint agcut at Milwaukee ou or before
July 20th.
American Society of Civil Eugincors
San Francisco California June 30
1800 ono first-class fare for the round
trip. Tickets ou salo June 15 10. 33.
24 with final limit ot IM) days from
date of sale.
National Electric Medical Atsooia-
tlon Portland Ore June 16 to 16. One
first-class faro for the round trip.
Tickets on salo June 10 and 1 1. with
final return limit to July 31. 1800.
Annual meeting National Eduaa-
tloue.1 association Kuffalo N. Y.
July 0 to 11. 1890. Ono first-class fare
for tho round trip pluis S2 member-
ship fee. Tickets on sale July 4 and 5
with return limit to July 13 183a
Kxtcutlou of I.luilt.
An extension of return limit to and
Including August 5th 1800. will ba
granted ion Itlckerts deposited with
Joint agent at Mllwaukeo on or beforo
uly 50th. IBPfl. L. R Dki.ankv
Tlia Art Amalriit
II is bald that every time the elu'U
ticks a baby Is born into the world
and it may bo said with equal truth
that every tiino the clock sii kes the
hour somo one somewhere starts to
work in some department of practical
art work to whom "The Art a cnateur"
then becomes aa ab-olu-e necessity
To all aod sundry Mich and many tnoro
some a'oouat of th contents of iho
Jtlce It tie will b of interest Ir pUos
Illustrated article on elementary
drawing pen aud penrll drawing if
reproduction and tit-vMpapor work
hints for (.hetohem Invtnu-ilons for
book llhulrutorf llowi-r painter pur
trait pnlnter figure pu'ntorn unit
makers of pictures cu pastel China
painting artistes lllusiru'.i'd and nil ot
worknianllkd practicalness including
tliu uddrw recently given liy Mih
Helen Montfort with such Muoe b
fore the ltrklgeport Oramc Art Club
and olsowhoro and the beginning of
a series ot brief biographic of noted
American Chlnn pittHter Illustrated
wtlli portraits Wvtod-carving and oy-
rogrnphy needlework and etnbroldu-y
interior decoration of all lthuln are
treated of fully aud practical working
designs In most ot these departments
are to be found In tho supplements In
addition to all tills there Is a charm-
ingly frco study of American lleauty
Roses by Paul do Lou pro and and a
Rlue and White Duteli Scone by C.
Volltmar. (Montague Marks 3A Union
Square New York. I'ritfe 3Bc or 81
per annum.) If
"Summer Kicn -lon."
If you are going to take a summer
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Ohio Routes maintain a sea shore
special. Leaves St. Louis every day
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Old Point and all mountain and sea
shore resorts. Arrives nt Washington
ot 3:-IO p. in.; New Yorlr 0:08 p. m.
next day.
For summer resort literature
your local ticket agent or address
A. C MrGtnnK
ilon. Pass. Agt. Rox S23 Dallas Tex.
Tho U. S. Gov't Reports
show Royal Baking Powder
superior to all others.
Try "LlllleV pills for human ilh.
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And act upon tho liver;
In ague clime taken in lime
They'll sure prevent tho fever
Ono dose will prove that bile must
For this they've long been noted
When you have ills tain Llllio's Pills
They'ro small and sugar coated.
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F. R. & Co
Drug Rook and News Depot
Victor Rlock.
Two Popular Magazines
tho Homo.
Contains each month: An original
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bright wholesome
Tim best
monthly fully illustrated
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Pleasant Hours for Roys and Olrls and
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Tho Oklahoma Lender
Guthrie 0k.
Send to Frank Lesllo's publishing
house. New York for Now Illustrated
pi-uuitum list free.
Transfor Trunk Line
All orders for haggage on out going
.rain should ha loft ono
hour beforo tho train.
VesA Oklphoma .".e"iia.
.loin1 ;Io'ic5.
llotlce Is hereby given that at a sesulon of
the jo v. c f coinmuwhMiers. of Logan coun-
ty Oklahoma Territory held on the ttth day
of May 110 a petition signed by Knnralm
Fields and others of Crescent township ask-
ing for a view and a survey for the pnrpose
ofWaUug a certain county road described
r f.iiruh. Coinmeneliic at the rrouvlng on
the section between sec as and 3fl about W
rods north of the souUiwenl corner oi wc ao.
running xoutheast around sand hill and
north klle and Intersecting section line be-
tween wfc i aud about H) rods east of
southwest corner of soc 34. was ivretoiited
and thai K M Hobble. 1' lloae and Sam Watt
were appointed
viewers and 11 L While
r will meet at the placeof
rAiinlv tfiir'fvnr.
beginning of said road ou the Wlb day of
June. lbM. at itfo'chwk a in of said day and
proceed to view and survey wild road and
give all liartle-a bearing.
Done by Order ot the board of commit
stoners of lAtgaa county Oklahoma Terrt-
t!ountv Clerk and Cleric of said Hoard.
Iloud Notice.
Notice U hereby Ke that at a M)sloa oi
the W-ardof comm
loners of Iaikuu coen-
OVlahoma Territory held on the vein
iv nl Map 1HML a IWllliCUl I1CBW1 OV 1
of May. lwo. a petition signeu oj una
White and others ot Sward tonstnipasic
lug for a view and a survey lor tne purpose
el locating a certain county road described
as follows: l)Uimenclng at the houlheast
luruer of tho w ur of ec la tp 15 n of r S
w. thence wt on the section line about TO
rods to draw thence around said draw on
the north side about 40 rods tobelljn ltDt.
thence along said line wet to the M.'thest
ioruer of said sec 31. was presented and that
II W Itathbone. Frank Johnson and W II
Long wei e viewers and H L White. ouniy
snrveyor. will meet at tho place of begin-
ning os said road oa the 30th day of July.
l&Jiut 10 o'clock a in ot said day and pro-
ceed to view and .urvey said road and give
all parties a hearlnr- ....
Done by order of the board of commls.
sloners of Logan county Oklahoma Terri-
i..unty Clerk RDd cicr of said Hoard
il Leslies pop
The 81 1 onl Republic
To be kept thoroughly well posted
an the uaws of such an eventful year
M loDO promises to be a person should
rend thu eclumns of tho wldo-awako
metropolitan paper besides tho county
or local newspaper. Now is the prop-
er llmo to begin a yearly subscription
which will cover the presidential cam-
pulgn the great speeches the Novem-
ber election end the outcomo of nil the
wars and troubles abroad If intend-
ing scb?rrlbers will heed a vord of
advlca thry will send S1.0U t the
twice s-week Kepnblic. They will
re.'idve in roturn tloe every wetk
for u whole tear u copy of tbo
pli-trst iirwMi-M anil inoftt enter-
tatnler nwMpfr in the country
Tim TwW-R Win k Ri-pulilln will make
Aftpcrlnttv of giving nil the political
ne nii'l ipen her on both sides anl
at tho SHme time keop up tho very
entertaining departments it has nl-
ways contained.
A big inducement is offoriHl to thotd
who become so interested that only a
doily metropolitan papor will meet
tholr wants The Dally and Sunday
Republic hns been reduced to onlj- SO
a year or $3 foe lx months. Hot 45
St. Louis Mo.
dlitdliti LMtKUimi.
THIS SYSTEM of Life liibitr-
ance; which is original with and op-
erated only by the Nat'l Life is based
on u Slnglo Premium adjusted on
an exact raatliometicnl equity between
the persons ! Huretl so that eacli
will pay for the innuranro received
just whatilHs c dually worth according
to the age and the hazard assumed.
fash Burrondor values ore
granted on our Single Premium poli-
cies at the end of each Five Yenr Divi-
dend Period.
led on same terras an origins! policy
for such a proporatlon a thp number
of premiums paid bear to tin- Hum
ber required in thi original polkv
After the ttvi annual premiums
have been paid lu case pulley Is lapsed
and paid up policy !s not applied for
the Association will without any
action on the part of the insured
carry the original pulley for lis full
amount for suchn time an the H.'
and dividends then hpportloned to the
polity will pay for the AFSOflution's
then rate.
DISABILITY I" ease of total
Disability upon surrender of the poli-
cy the Association may pay an
annuity certain of ono-tonth of tho
thon voiuo of tho policy payable an
nually for ton years; or a Mnglc cash
payment equal to tho present worth
of such annuity.
fully meets thepurpo-oof lifo Insur-
ance amply supplying tho demands
of the Insuring public requires no
shrewdness or business experience to
bee; while it is equally self-evident
that it is the fairest most equitable
and just insuranco contract now is-
sued enabling the National Life to
sell life Insurance on the hinne prin-
ciples that Ore insurance or other
commodities are sold' the purchaser
paying exactly what the nrtlclo pur-
chased is ivorth and receiving full
consideration for tho money expended.
Npecl.U FrntnrcH.
THIS SYSTEM "hllo it does
not Include the objocttonablo features
secures by its h re-year accumulation
distribution plan all tho strong and
popular points of Tontine insurance.
It practlcatly eliminates or t educes to
the minimum the dangers of loss
from lapse or surrender at the same
tlmo securing to tho persistent Insured
tho greatest possible benefits arising
from all surplus accumulation which
can bo used fro.i. time to time or al-
lowed to accumnlutc tint be paid with
nni in addition to tho amount of the
policy at its maturity.
6oeuro the best nnd most equitable
policy Issued contain! ntr all tho new
nnd popular features. You can also
feel assrrcd that you arc not wasting
your money on extravagant manage-
ment as tho expenses are limited to a
fixed amount and oil profits are used
to Incrcaso the surplus and
strengthen the loss paying abilLy of
the company so that you will never
feel In after life that you have ex-
pended considerable sums of money
that might better havo been saved.
IN SECURITY against loss and
to promptly meet maturing claims
the most Important perqulsltlcs of a
Hfo company this systom leads all
others as by its special reserve clause
it affords an additional safeguard.
Tho premium paying period is limited
to tho producing years of life thus
rendering to the minimum tho danger
of absolute loss on account of Inability
from any cause to pay premiums in
later years.
Tho best and most equitable policy
ever issued.
Insurance in force 30.741.5C0 00
Rates adjusted according to the rio'
dross assets 7.134142.00.
8urplus as to policy holdoru ' i. V
Ktl-iu! ife Association
of Hertford Conn
l an A Paino general agents
ltoom 10 Uray llros. Mode
Uuthrie O
First Pobllstiwl in tho Dally Leader May
ji inn.
U. S. Ind oHco at Outhrle O T.. May
Complaint having been entered at this
olBce by Itlcbard Oldham against William
C. Illnkls charging and alleging:
That he Is Wtl acnuaintwl with the
tract of land embraced la the homestead
entry of William K.Hinkle. No. 17U made
Nov. 18. IS8S at the U. S. Laud Ottlce at Oulb-
tie O T-. for the sw. 1-4 Sec. 33 Tp 1&
N It 1. W. and known the present condi-
tion of the same also that the said William
E lllukle raadi said homestead entry for
the purposes of speculation aud not for
the purpose of residence and cultivation.
That said entry was fraudulent in this that
said entry was made to secure the payment
of adeotto the step mother and father of
entryman and that he has never resided
upon or personally occupied the samp since
making said entry but that said entry has
been held lor sale by tne par .leg who tirlgl.
nally sold the same and procured this entry
to secure the debt as aforesaid. That salfl
entryman has abandoned said entry and
that said abandonment exUU to the present
On May 18th IBM the following amend-
ment was tiled to said complaint
"That In addition to the allegations tiled
May 18 ttsoo he alleges that he Is well ac-
quainted with the tract of land embraced
In the homestead entry of William H. 1 tin-
kle No. ltTlO made Nov 18 1(5 upon the
sw. 1-1 Sec. 3). Tjx IS N. It. I Y. and
knows the present condition of the same
Also that the said William E. Hirikle In
addition to the allegations heretofore filed
hai wholly abamloied said traut and
changed his residence therefrom for more
than six months since making saI4 entry
and next prior to the date herein that said
tract Is not settled upon by satd party aj
required bv law that sa'd abandonment ex-
ists up to Including this date "
With a view to the canceJtulon of said
entry said parties are hereby summoned to
appear at the V & Land OOlce at Outhrle
O. " ou the ath day of June 1890 at 9 o'clock
A. M. to reimnd4TJ furbish testimony con.
cernlng said allegations.
S10A TIIOS. H. COnnBTT. Beeelver-
It you want bills distributed any
where In Oklahoma writo Smith the
bill distributor bos 860 Uuthrie Ok.
Ubomo lQtf
Wr.tfiilngtoii I) i
HiHjnm 1 113-0
xtiunilo Hind
Land nd Patuni l.
David L. UiLl
Pension Attorney
No. 623 F Si rent N. W.
Formerly principal examiner
slon luiresr.
Doctor Edith Fo u.
Special attcntlbn given to dltcaes of
'Women and Children.
0fUce--biilly Hotel First and Vilas St.
Townslhs llomcHteads i'bicLU
Wntsou E. Colmnun
r.and and Patent Attorney
Washington Loan and Trust M'iIr
Washington 1). (J.
IIHFKKKNOKS-Hou. M. V. Allen U. S. Sell
ate; Ilon. Lafe Pence. Klndcrhook N. Y.
Hon. John U Hell. M. OW'llon. J. D. Illflkn
M. (J.
411 North ttronil SI.
roauhrr of Vueal and Instrumental
Music. Private ond class lessoni In
Mu&leal History. lm
Kit ASK U.
i sun v t .
W Mil!i!?tlMi
II. t!.
T' t Lniid Dapariiionl
of my otfet- Is vonducicu by ttie lau
uhie o the Oklahoma rowuMtu'-iui'
contest division I colli; v pour fim-
riess and g-uirnnti.e Ka'tlsfartion
Tailoring .Cleaning and Ilnpalrlng.
Dyei g a Specialty.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
112 W IliirrUon. hrlH. Ok.
First published lu Tho Dally Loader .liim
Notk'o Tor ruhlicsitioii.
Land Ofllco a Uutlirlo O. T Juno 10
Notice Is hereby glvon that ho follow-iiiK-namcd
settler l. us fllud notice of his
Intention to maVo flu il proof In support
of his claim and tha' said proof will be
made before the IteRlstor and Hccolver at
Uuthrie O T.. on July 16 18M viz:
Frances J. Hang widow and solohnlrof
Albert O. ltajTB deceased for tho no qr of
tec 3 in twp 15 n of r I w.
Ho munos tho following witnesses to
provo his continuous residence upon and
cultivation of said laud viz:
William J Walter. Kdgar M lUnohart
William Wells and lllrara Faublon nil of
Uuthrie. O. T.
3U73 A N J CltooK UoKlstPr.
Is the place to get
the most stylish hair
The bath rooms are
in every particular.
to all p' ti'ons of the shop.
Ottlce IIoor
10 to IS m I JO to S p ui
OfllreororUee Hire's New
Practice Llr'ted fo T
Sc'.jnUticaltv adjuhted to 6uit the mostiompllenled uasesof aefoxttve siu
Whr. the meat you bur of G II. Owens
all kinds from tender. Juicy steaks to salt
rooked mrm too that make vour mouttt water to look upon
watted unon for Owens knows how. He Is
il.. la tii
with Guthrie. He Is handy too for He Has two mariceis. one at uj usianoma avenue
known as the ilodel Market The other at 3 west Nohle. the Une Star. I'rlces to suit
the times. Give him acalL You aunt sure to be pleased
Hotel Royal.
Notice or Publication
l.aml ofilcr at Outhrlt o. T. June 8 IfW-
.-xouce is nert-uy Riven mat the following-
named settler bas tiled notice ol nlslntcu
tlon to make Una' proof in sumiort of his
claim and that said proof will be made be-
fore Keglster and Ileceltcr at 'Juthrlc O T .
on July ifT IPV0. vis:
lUchard Kennedy for the ne qr bcc 28 tp 16
He name the following witnesses to prove
hln cvuiinuoaif rrMdeiiie upon anil cultiva
tlon ot.KSId Unu viz:
Worthy J luvl. Altit-d Crow. Ji.tin v
Kennedy Allien Hunt ml ql Partridge o T
A N J eitOOK Kecl-le
Published In tlie Dally Leader
amy xx leva
iNotiet- lm liililicallo
Land olllco at Uuthrie O T.. Atay !n. !Hl
Notice Is Hereby clveu tliat the lollowing-
named settler han filed notice of her Inten
tlon to make tlnal proof in tuppnii oi her
claim and thatiad proof will be made lie
lore the reRtstcr tnd receiver at Outline o
T. on July J 18WJ. ir.:
Mary Conn for lot3 and w (;r of i;r and
n hf sv qr section a. twp IT. n range I
She names the following wltncu to prove
her continuous residence upon and cultiva-
tion of suld land viz-
Horace Crawford .Tame It Sieri. Jimrph
I) Leach am. John 1. Stem all ot Outline
O T am A N. J. UliotiK. Uegixtcr
Pint puhllshed In the Oklahoma T.eadtr
June B 1890.
Notice for Publication
l.iiul office at Outlirle O. T. June J IM'.
Notice Is hereby given that the tollowlng-
named settler ban tiled notice of her lutcu-
tlon to make tlnal proof In pupiKirt of her
claim and that Hatd .-.oof will be made be-
fore lleglster and Hccelver attluthrlc. O. T
on July. 27IMKl.vh5
Worthy J Uavls for IhcitwqrJu-c JStplOn r
2 cast.
She names the following wltneosei to prove
her continuous rcsldcnre upon and cultiva-
tion of said land Mz:
ltlchant Kennedy Alfred Crews. John A
Kennedy. Albert Hunt all of Partridge. O T
XTh A N J CROOK. IlCRlstei
Kiml pnhlHhfd In the Oklahoma U-adei
June S. IH
Itoiul iN nt Ice.
Notice In hereby glen. that at a sevtk.n ..f
the borrd of commlsslnners. o' .ogan coun
ty. Oklahoma Tr rltory. held on the With uat
of May. A. I). IWd a petition signed bv l.
Vamimet and others of Hear Cretk town
slilp asking for a view and survey for tin
purpoeot locating a certain count riui
described as follont.
Commencing at the wctlon line betwin.
WamtW commencing at or near the ea .
bridge on Hlue creek and iunntngwe-t aboiii
a milsi urvlug south and lenvfttg said m
tlon line alioiil lao feet thenrc to said -c.
Hon line was presented and that Win II Ai
ford. It. II. Polite ana II. .1. Cunningham
were vl-'werx. and ILL While counts sui
veyor will meet at the place ot beginning f
said ro.ul on the .loth day of July. A 1) mn'
at 10 o'clock
to view and mii-vey aid mac
nartlesa hcariiiL'
a. ui. oi am any
and proceed
ana gie an
Done by order of the board of commlsKlon
eri of Logan county. Oklahoma TerrltorT
It. IlJlutrr Stkwaht
County Clerk and Clerk of Said Hoard
Flrnl publNhcd In the Oklahoma I eailei
June S IHW.
Komi Notice
Notice Is hereby given that at a session of
the board of comuiixtiloiierN of Logan coun-
ty Oklahoma Territory held on the soth dav
of May A. D. 18M a petition klgiiud In John
J. Malion and others of Hose llll township
asking for a view and a survey for the pur
pose of locating a lertaln county road de-
hcrlbed as follown-
Commencing at the northeast corner of
section Si; thence south on tiald section line
as near as prctlcablt- to where said Kcctlon
line Intersects section line running cast and
west between section Si and section 30 was
presented and that I). Al. Hennett. M. M Sliel
ion aud John Nichols were apjiolnted lew
ers and ILL. White county surveyor will
meet at the place of beginning of said road
on the Ktli dayot July A. I). lw. at lOo'iio k
a. m. of said day and proceedd to view and
survey said road and give all parties a hear
Done by order of the board of commission
ers of Logan county Oklahoma Territory
it. kmmrt Stewart.
County Clerk and Clerk of Said Hoard
the easiest shave and
cut in the city.
strictly first-class
The celebrated
PloreOk. .'h.ihr! .
lseoes ud . nrKory of tl e
bucn delicious stun
you never tasted.
He has
lie has
meats oysters flsti
bread butter etc.
You are always promptly
the oldest and be
nlilri) mil Wst liutcher In town

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