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M -sP
VOl. 7
NO. 52
Bo that i. v i
and X'JEll'l. nro
temped on notes
W L Douglas
$2 25 AND
2 50
and AMUCK arc 'm
Am vRl
w . - i x5. Root
l&lsrw World
LLLLLLbbbbH IbV HHilttfiMiAAA. ) iLfce
David Hetsch
Corner Oklahoma Avenue and First Street
J'pimirlni; Neatly )ono.
Mll Kihmtii Throughout Iv;iiiii-. .Sll.-
turl h lid OkliilioitM hun of luil;
I. Ii( Oiiimi'liiKK. Drpiirt nirnt
('iimiiiniiili'r or Ihp (S . II.
f Oliliihoiini lrri
lloo. for III I'lMMT.ll.
l"onr Sacorr. lCmi. fob. 10 Howard
Cummlugs n well known gambler
committed suicide lust evening in his
room In (lie Hotel Huntington by
.iking niorjiliiiii' after Urt attempt-
ing to hang himself lo the hcudbuaid
c iiii. bod. He arrived in this oily
vrtcic In is well known a w cole ago
jpfiiifay. from Houston Tc.ns. but rejr-
t ilnfrtil fxi.. I'll. .4... 1. It .
snlVerer from cuturrh of tlio ttointicli
and bud twice before tiltintlcd his
own life
Ciiuiiuiiigs is a brother-in-law of It.
I. Lultimcr. ii tnilur of ( Union Mo.
for w'honi In left u bt1ir. lie i it sou
of Jiuljro .1. If t umining. department
commnnder of the U. A. K. of Okla-
homa Ten Um-y and tin probate
jndgo of Kingfisher fiiuiit y.
He asked lo be hurled here ami
thatjfjmi of bis relative he noiillcd
iiuliltiftm- the fin i em I. Ho deiiiunded
tlnat his money be given lo bis parents
mill (hut lie he hurled in a pine box in
h. cheap lot adding Unit he did not be-
lieve in "giving a $11' iitnn u feso'i
('uiunilug was recently employed as
agent for I'ele (.olden the Alehison
Kan. gambler at Weir City Pitts-
burg Kansas ( itv tlintou nml other
Cuiumiiigs tnti known tut one of the
most during giiinbler. of thu tlirec
states. liming operated in all Iho
largo eitii'R. Hi reeently eame here
hiiiI won SI.M0 from tho Uliitf jfuuibior
and then went to Houston Tex
where he openiled until si few dtivs
ajo. He was ulnjiit u's jear.s old. Ho
directed tlui there klipuld be i;o
funeml no juirude no iiivltntloiis and
no dUpliiv: and ordered that hi body
bi hnuleil out in it dray wagon.
lUer ami Wllllniin llojm llht Our
Man Kllleit ami Another Will llir.
Si l.nitii fciiMiixc.s Tex. l'eb. 5U A
tragedy occurred yesterday at (.lift on
Sprlujr d a churelt where tlio people
pf the )cijbhiirhood hnd assembled for
worahip. The participants were tlio
Walker and AVilliiiuib bt-ys I'Utols
were umd freely mid wtlh dondly re-
nulla. Charlio VulUr wa killod out-
tight two bull entcifncr the bnek of
thu lieiid and lodging. oer the oc
brow. Will bis brother was shot
iindor tho right arm. Tho third
brotbor lJaton had his sealp grazed
wltli two shots it U not known how
bpdly tio Willinuik boys are wourdpU.
Thu Circuit Federal court has du-
cided that Joint Chiuaiuou li Inir In
Hits country caunot .to back to the
t'clestlai empire and bring- their wives
back to America wUh'thoin.
The JCow York llcpublicau central
committee indorsed tho pi evidential
candidacy of (Jovcruor Morton.
An loe (j'i)i-(fc bun cuukcd an tinpiece-
dented rise in the 1'latto river at
CUrks Is'cb. Many families are in
Governor Stone has appointed Raw-
bou J. Morehouar of Appletou City in-
pcctoryononil of llii Nulloiml (Juard
of MishOllli.
'J'honiufc tjexton has been asked lo
bceotnu leader of the Irish Parlia-
mentary party but he Is unwilling to
lo so.
Tlirdio Sutherland a Loudon ballet
dancer has sued thu Hon. Dudlev
Mujorlbanlis for S!00000 for brcaeli of
It Is F-atd benatar Vest Will not be a
rmulidato for daiugutoat-largc to the
Democratic National convention.
Richard Croker was ban'quoted anjl
presented with u lonnp onp by Tmn
many hall. The leading Democratic
poHticlnns were piMnt.
Nrarljr 'or MtKlula.t.
Toit.ka Kan. Feb. 10. Tho D.iily
Capital haa been taking u voto for
Trcsidcut wud the result is probably
n fair index to the aentimont of ICau
mis. 2s &t couatiup th many scatter-
iug roles the result up to date stand
at follO.w-8: McKiuley al8; liecd .'8";
Allihon -29; Harrison 25: Lincoln 10.
Tor tceoud eboieo 1'red had l."m and
Allison 100.
S lornion Temple I)rllojril
vAi.r likKr. Utah Tob. 10. The
Nlonilon tcmplo at Kribnm City
rtStli wn destroyed by fite. Low
Knon the Illlile lij Jlrnrt.
1) Ky. Feb. 10. W. C
1 1 le lis u backwoods 1'uptisl uiiuister
of cxtraordiuBiy attuinnients is at-
trnetliig a great deal of attention in
I he revival meetings he i now liold-
liijp in ilIJYeront parts of Adair eounty.
lie is only a.l ycar.-s of n-je. Ho has
eoinmilted lo nieinory ctety chapter
in the bibl excent two. In order to
ti-t tho lelinbility of Ids claim he
liics bis WblcKiul oev.mliqtu.vouc to
eall at random for dtlTeirul chapters
of dilterenl books which he icoltes nl.
once without heMtatinii. uonl bjr
i:ihtrl(lcc t'uui Hot ully lulu
the .'Hitler.
Kditor Leader:
Like millions of iny race I was a
slave in rioutli Caroliua and like mil-
lions I have been following ami sup-
portiuy for thirty years illiterate men
colored leaders like Capt. Jackson
who can't tell wIirI ..' pounds of
meat wll come to at 3'. cents per lb;
or how many herrings 19 cents will
buy if :i7'. cents will buy 100 her-
rings men who are ashamed lo work
and bctf but who bilk their fellow-
men before they will work.
This e'ass of men has been the solo
cause of the disfranchising-of the poor
negro of Mississippi and South Care
Una. I really believe had Hie more
intelligent colored people been al-
allowed to lead the common colore 1
people the south would not havo
passed tho infernal scparato ctr law
nor would hare disfranchised us.
No white man can make mo believe
that he wants to see the negro ele-
vated who sclv fitieh men as .lack-
sou and his calibre as lead-
ers. A man who don't know
that he isu fool but calls himself tlio
coming man. A iuhu who copies Mr.
Ingcrsoll's greatest bpccchcs and gels
the tiu'nlcto print them; a man who
says he orgauizcd Iho llrst Republican
club in Teuusscco. He built the gal-
lows for Capt. Tutllo anil I'rof. Aus-
tin but like Harmon bo will hang
ami buffer while- Mordiat will Hud
favor with tho hiug and quccu (voter)
for the only king wo havo is tho indi-
vidual voter who. holds the ballot
(tho baton) uf authority. I hope the
lime has come and 1 here with the
nineteenth century that higher edu-
cation more property and truo relig-
ion aud iuiuroved mauhood should
l la ud al the head of American Institu-
tions a. C. 11 IHhcridgc-
tJomolimcB Iho moat careful women
are not careless- Many a woman
blind Icb horsolf up to keep out the
bickuobB that can come to o. woman.
Slio allows a alight disorder to become
worse to. slowly sap her vitality.
Tucllttlo miu aud the other slight
iudicatinusof troublo scent to her
unimportant tiho goes ou with in-
creasing suffering until lifo itself be-
comes a drag. Nervousness "sinking
spells" digestive disturbances and
fifty othor complications may arise
from tho deraugoments of tho orgaus
distinctly feminine. Over thirty
years ago tho need for a reliable
remedy for so-called "fomtvlo com-
plaints" was rccoulzed by Dr. 1U V.
l'lcrcc then as now chief consulting
pby&lcau to tho World's Dispensary
and Invalids' Hotel at liuffalo N. Y.
II u prepared Dr. ricrce'a Favorite
rioscrlptiou tho most wonderfully
effective letucdy thai has ever been
used for such maladies.
ticud Ul cents lu one-cout stamps
and receive Ir. Plcrco's 1008 page
"Cuunnou House Medical Adviser"
Agents wanlod Every whrro to
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Two raro beauties. Bell at eight Ad-
dress llistorieal I'ublishlug Company
Philadelphia Pa. 1 7 lui
A carload of O. C. flour high grade
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rurnplif rnalU of llir Kins iloril
rout III lai nl Nls'it "ll'l Tnkn
Acns llir llnrilpr Ktrr3 IIiIiirIii
l!"nil!uc i full the Slalrli
irr--nnioint iihto n
llrrl III Milnff H.
V.i. I'aso Texas Feb. JO. Rob Fltr.-
shuinoua and Pater Mnher will meet in
tho ring in apilu of otlieinl autlon aud
there is strong probability that several
of tho other carnival evont.s will tako
place. Dan Stuart so dcclnrcb aud tho
preparations arc being made as though
no bar hnd heen placed upou tho
The only effect of the action at
Washington has been to make the pro
moter and his associates more secret
ive as to tlio plans
night much of tho
paraphernalia for
the mills was taken from tlio city.
(Ircat earo was taltcn to keep the mat-
ter quiet. Tho material presumably
weni. across the border into Mexico nt
a point north of here. Adjutant Gen
eral iMaitey of galloped into tho
city yesterday morning at the head of
a company uf t waive Texas rangers.
Their ai rival caused a stir until it be-
came knovn that tlie object of their
visit ws to sccAiuU 1ic.JjgUUi didjiold
lake place on Texas sou. wucntJie
troop omul there was no likelihood of
it bcitiv called iulo action the iudl
viduul rangers expressed tin Intention
of being spectators. '1 he lights may
lake place ut any lime although they
are not Idiolv lobe brouj'lit "ft' for at
least forty-eight bout-- fCES
At a meeting of Dan Muurt and
his lieutenants it was dwldml that on
the day of the big tight Rat Mastermn
will be given charge of the train and
will li-ive 100 men under ills orders
dim Rates w ill ho irlvcu charge of tlio
equipment ami Secretary Whcelock
was niiido master of transportation.
(iovcrnor Abumadu of the State of
ChlhUithu i arrived nt .luarci yester-
day nftci iiiMin and the story at once
sprcait around tliat he hud come to
prevent tlio light taking plituc. lie
laughed "lieu asked if such amis the
ease ami dfclmcd to discuss tho light
in any way. Hr hud. ho hhM declared
himself once and that was enough.
Last evening Martin Julian received
Hit following cablegram:
l.oxi'ox. Teh . Should tho con-
test not take plneo aud there is no
ehiiiico to pull it oil tlio National
Sporting club of London will post
&VKK) for a twenty round light. Wire
acceptance or declination to A. Lum-
ley. New York. Km tj;i.."
Whan Julian opened this message ho
'rumpled it up uiid rh'kI indignantly:
"Well what do you think of that?
Here we are fighting to a llulsh for a
cheap purse mid taking chances
against sold lers when we might pull
the light olT in the best club house in
Hie woild nud get a lot of mouc out
The New Mexico border is protected
by a posse of deputy sheriffs. At
Juarez Mexico thcie are ilvo com-
panies of Mexican national infantry
two of the I'ouipatiie having been
transferred to the Juarez barraol:
within the nt len days.
Kl I'am in Hi llnmls of Tojc'h.
Aisrif 'lex. l'eb. 10. Tho ad-
jutant general has gone to El l'aso at
which point it is understood that tho
major portion of the ranger force will
be found couecutratod within the
ticxt few days. I'lilted States Dis-
trict Attorney It. L Rulburson has
also gone to LI l'aso. presumably in
obedience lo instructions from Wash-
ington and I'nltod Statos Marshal
Ware may depart for that city to-
rrom persons who have just
initir fliiMi 1'l I'tx !r tt. InnKiia.l I.n
the city is in tlio hands of the boldest
gaug of toughs ever gotten together
in uny ono spot on earth and hold-ups
tire sc common there now as lo attract
no attention.
Troops Oritoreil to Jan rex.
CimifAUL.i Mexico Feb. 10.--Gov-ornor
Aliuamada of Die State ot Chi-
huahua has taken deoislvc steps
toward preicnting tho proposed pu-
gilistic carnnal taking place within
the confines of this State. Ho has is-
sued oidors for J 000 troops to proceed
to the border and patrol tho city of
Jaure and ndjacvnt territory during
Jho days ou which tlio lights nro
scheduled to occui. The govoruor has
also addre-ied a latter to tho princi-
pals and managers of tho fights in-
forming thorn that thoy will positively
not be allowed to troepast upon Mex-
ican soil if am pugilistic eueountcrs
aro contemplated. Jlallroail lloaril.
TortKA. Kan. Fob. la The Stato
Hoard of Railroad Commissioners has
filed Its thirteenth annual rcjiort with
the govoruor. It L a roluuiiuous doe-
uinant pnvpr'tnir itiMl nnr Tl ji.
tent are largely statist icfCTl. """-TTio
principal feature of the report is a de-
fense of the board against (he Com-
mon charge that it has no authority
to onforce It doereei and Mr malu
talncd simply as u political adjunct to I
the party in power.
lnil. Ciii1irll A-iiilllcil
Wlciiti .. Pel li) Judge Campbell
the asHistnnt attorney general nf this
jMHiuty. was acquitted of the disbar-
I ntQut- charges brought
J dismissing liquor oa!
uiralnat him for
oases mid taklnir"
attorney's fee" therein.
InturcenU Itoulrd In rinar l)rl itlis
MAJnit' Feb. la CoIouqI Sogurn
according to advices received from
Havana rontcd 1090 insurgents in tho (
proviuco of 1'Inar Del Kio. hilling
eighty of them 'lTio Spanish lots was
t'nrl nntl Uarninn I'nhlk S'imIi
Other Vritli Hhltrs.
CnicAou Feb. 10. Carl ""Dahlko and
Herman Dalilkc brothers ' fought a
frightful duel to tho death with
knives last night lu tho reav of 209
lllackhawk street the lib mo of their
sister Mrs. William Stuy. Thcro had
been a family gathering for tlisl
christening of a babe when tho
brothers quarreled. They adjourned
to the back yard to fight and after it
I IVll nvf tlprninn nno trtrl l.M.rl
ites more secrot- . r ----.. .... ... ..UIU
At miilnitrht last . c0 cut nto '"hbons. Reforo go-
At mmnigni last . .. . .
Lirinkimr and ouarrelinir. but bad
! been separated by their wives who
I clung to them. Carl and Herman
Dahlko are middle-aged each having a'
largo family. Carl is a laborer. Her-
man is a night watchman
i A policeman arrived just loo Into to
catch Carl red handed with his
brother s blood. A child lind run to
the corner nud informed him. "but
after Herman had fallen Carl Jumped
over tho fence and made h til escape.
fiiimmt Acclilenl HeorjctuiTii. Col..
In Which Fire Arn Jnjiirfil.
GEoiiGrTowy Col Fob. 10. The
tegular passenger train which lef
Denver nt 8 o'clock yesterday morning
was blown from the track half a mile
from the depot here nt 12: lo o'clock.
The injured are: Fred Van Slcklen
Chicago editor of Fowler Truth a
bicycle paper badlv cut about the
Mrs. Van Sicklcu
li A. Kagcrof the Tnion Manufac
turing company Toledo Ohio.
S. . Ctllarc of the Dunlop
eompnuy lloston .Mass.
.1. I'. Day of the Referee u bicycle
The train was blown over at a point
within I sou feet of where similar acci-
dents have occurred several times be-
Siiircin Court Hectilr lliMt llir Cor
rnor .Sult Hlcu Hie Heath Wurranl.
Toi-eka Knti. Tcb. H'.Thc Su
prcme court bus ruled that Carl Arnold
and William Harvey the murderers of
Mayor Marsh of Kinsley could not bo
executed nudcr sentence f the Dis-
trict court of Edwards county w lthout
a death warrant signed by tho (iov-
crnor. Here is what the court said:
"So court has the power to fi a
timo for the execution of u death sen
touco before the Governor has named
n day for carrying it into effsot when
ho refuses to i-.sno a worrnnt for lbn
Thcro are now nbout forty murderers
in the penitentiary who are under sen-
tence of death.
LotU a MarrUU Woniau
An'aco.vda Mont. Feb. 10. Uicar
Rameybeak shot Mrs. Catlln on the
street about ll o'clock Saturday night
while she was returning with friends
from a visit to her neighbors. Ramey-
beak escaped in the darkness but ten
minutes later appeared onThird street
und shpt himself through the head
dying instantly liarneyhcalc former-
ly boarded with tho Catltn family and
f oncolved a passion for Mrs. Catling
which was in no way encouraged
llo had several times been driven
awy iroin ma nouse. iiarneybeak
! cnetfro" Qiiiney. 11L
MrK Oatlln's
injuries will not prove fatal.
KilUon on the Itoeiitcrn I.lflit. "
Lkwki.uxo K. J. Feb. 10. Inven-
tor Kdison was not able to photograph
the human brain Saturday owing to
delay in preparing the npparatus. In
un iutervicw he said: "The Roentgen
ray is a wave in ether. More than
this I cannot say at tho prcsont time.
I consider it a 7ery great discovery
and have confirmed all the experi-
ments of hjm who gave it to the
world. These experiments with the
florescent Hnht ore all very simple
and beautiful and I am only trying to
Increase the power nnd perfection of
tho record. '
Fune rut of William II J.'ngtlih.
Ixdianapoms Ind. Feb. lo The
funeral of William H. English occurred
from English's hotel the Into resi
dence of the deceased yesterday af tr j
noon at . o ciock ana was ono of tho
largest ever held lu this city. Mr.
English was the wealthiest wqu In
tho city his property belug estimated
at from $5000000 to 57000000. U0
has taken a promlucnt prt la tho
affairs of Ind'una. for half a century.
Ml Whittle or Unlncj III. I'ri'tmlily
I'nlnlly lnjtirril All miitrs Will Itr
nner-Mi I.onla mill Kenhiik
f oaoli Tttmolrtl Io uii hii
tuih.iikiuriil Alinil
Into the .'lll-liiil
llAxxui.w. Mo. Teh. 10.- Fifteen
porsoms woro more or less seriously
hurt and onu cannot recover n the
result of n collision at r.'iiu o'clock
ycoterday afternoon between an east-
bound Wabash stocu train and n St.
Louis Keokuk and Xorthwosteru pus-
senger train coming south. Tho col-
lision occurred near a tunnel one
milo north of this city. The stock
train which hud just utneiged from
the tunnel struck tho passenger train
crushing in the side of the day coach
aud throwing it ovor an embankment
almost into the 'Mississippi river.
There were fifteen passengers in the
coach mid that none were killed is a i
miracle. All were mora or less bruis-
ed but only the following were hurt
II. !'. Htidwoll of St. 1'aul Minn.
arm crushed. I
Miss Hva 1'ettlt. Hnnullml. Mo. ovi .
brow badly cut.
Miss M. Wliittoy Qujncy Til. hip
fractuicd recovery doubtful.
J. C Cohen atockuiiin. Mluntapolis
head cut.
Mrs. Triestor ami soii.Hnnulbal.Mo.
botli cut about the head.
D. C. Webster engineer Wubnali '
train knee injured.
The injured were sent to St Louis.
J. C. l'casolco vice president of the I
Rurlingtou systi'in and family worn
in the special car Lycoming at the
rear of tho passenger train. They re- i
turned to Qniney. ResjMjnslbilltv for '
the Collision i utlcged to rist with tho
engineer of tho Wabash train. Hi
did uot slop iw. the law- mid instruc-
tions require before approaching tin
crossing. Ho stated that tin air
brakes failed but it was found that
his engine was not reversed. Tin
damage done will approximate ? (';.
The MLfourl t'oiigrrMiii.ui AImiiiIoii dm
While Miilnl Inn .smunllcuml SimtI
1 ASiiiNoro.N l'eb. in. - In thi'lioust'
Saturday Mr. Hall. Democrat of Mis-
souri announced hU conversion lo
' ''sound money" in a rather sonsatioual
speech in which ho charged Unit eight
senators who voted for freo eolnanc
' according to
"credited information''
hud privately said that they believed
frpc coinage would bring upou this
country national and Individual bank-
ruptcyaud iiiln. Ho charged them
with trying In 'feather their
nests at home" nnd declared that tho
grcatost sin of tin-present ago was tho
cowardieoof statesmen. He alao de-
clared that n high ofllccrof tho admin-
istration iiad said Hint tiie silver ugi-
tation had already cost the govern
ment esO'-'.Ooo.OoO in bond issues and
in tho course o the next twelve
months tho bond issue would iucrcnsu
to S1000)00(K)U.
Ho said in part: "I am convinced
that the greatest curse that IwseU our
country is the coward Ire of our poli-
ticians who have not tho eonsvisfe la
tell the people whon they get wrong
on these economic question. I know
it Is regarded as political death for n
man in a rural uistrictmol to throw up
his hat and applaud these delusions
but if my people want n man of that
kind to represent them they eau get
rid of me and I will willingly and
gladly retire from political life."
'I did not intend to make an ad-
dress further thnn ty put myself on
record as thu ono Democrat from a
rural district wofit of the Mlsukslpl
In a nurely agrlonltural region
that dares stand up und say that
sound money is the salvation of
the agricultural ami laboring
clusses of tliis gortrmnent. I
understand full well tint the action
of the National Kiinotjjiic League
has put my district ou the black list
I understand situated as ( am Wth
of my bcuators ou the oppose side of
tho quostioq iny qtiru .state and
all r.)j sneaking collcuguot on tho
uomocraiic sine on tno outer bid uf
the question that it ljxive ivi stand- '
ing alone practically and witfia hard I
row to hoc. And i I shall goovn to '
defeat I will go with my ovn self-re-
spoct und rav friends will be fble to
appreciate that I was not too eovardly
to tell my people what I bcllved tn
be right when thoir judgment v r-
iireiy mo oiucr way
je Missouri Dc'tnotrlftg In Conw
todIr. DOcltqFy tlij momber
Congressional Campaign cum
Senator Dubois' resolution tochango .
tlto Senate rules concerning distribu-
tion of appropriation bills win do-
jcatcd by a vot-i of 10 to y.
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Drug Co.
for the People
Strauss Root aud Shoe Stock
lit & Weckel
West Oklahoma Ave.
113 113 1-2 Oklahoma Are.
E. N. KNAUSS Manager.
Tliobestof Hiahgradcje. 11

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Niblack, Leslie G. The Guthrie Daily Leader. (Guthrie, Okla.), Vol. 7, No. 52, Ed. 1, Tuesday, February 11, 1896, newspaper, February 11, 1896; Guthrie, Oklahoma. ( accessed July 17, 2019), The Gateway to Oklahoma History,; crediting Oklahoma Historical Society.

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