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)Frtut: or l'triit.KAiiox hahkihon aknuk
vol. a
WO. 101
The (lotrrnor Most Virulent In Ills Oppo-
sition to till- HlK Milt Tun Hills III-
troilucnl Much Doubt n to
Whether either One '.Vltli
tlio Uiurrcrncjr Clause
Can IIu l'ntscil.
Austin. Toxna. Oct. 1. The Texas
legislature met at noou yesterday with
ti quorum prosent. The governor lit
liis message reviewed the legislation
ngalnst prize lighting in Texas
call tni; attention lo the errors
therein. Baying' "All persons have
been given notice that the Corbett-
Fitxaiminons exhibition would not be
permitted; that whatever would be
done by ita projectors was with full
responsibility tor the consequences.
Public interest require that this ex-
hibition especially should bo blip-
pressed. Discnuutcnnnecd by Mexico
and the territories outlawed alid driv-
en from every state it Is proposed
to assemble n horde of rullians and
olt'er in thm Mule this eommandlng In-
sult to public decency. Against it
tin- Instincts and pride of the people
revolt and our prompt it ml resolute-
action will spare them this ignominy
an 1 sliumc."
Impelled by it sense of duty to ox-
ert every executive powor to divert
this calamity you have been called In
special session and the responsibility
for thu consequences is now divided
with you. That you will meet it us
becomes the representatives of the.
whole people anxious and ready to
protect the fair name of the state is
not doubted."
As soon as the message was read in
'compliance with the command two
bills were introduced in both houses.
The respective bills in the two houses
are identical. Tito one introduced in
the senate by Senator Lewis of iiuxor
and the one in tha house by Represen-
tative Ward of Travis are generally
conceded to bs the measures of the
administration. They define that
those tailing part in prize lighting or
auy pugilistic encounter hhall be
deemed guilty of felony uud shall be
pun'shed by an imprisonment of not
Jess than one nortnore than two years.
This bill of course has the emergen-
cy cluuse. Another bill introduced in
the senate by Senator .Simpson pro-
vides u penalty of not less than llvo
aud not moro than ten years and fur-
ther provides that w ho in any
manner aids or abets a light will be
considered a participant und subject to
the above named pun! lituent. Thu
emergency clause is also In this bill.
These bills wore referred to the jit-
dlciarv committee in either house aud
they worn to tahu action thereon yes-
terday afternoon. Tho Dallas attor-
neys appeared before thvm. however
to nslc for further time claiming that
they could show thatlhe proposed law
us unconstitutional and class legis-
lation as well nS confiscatory. In
compliance with their request both
Committees adjourned till this morn-
ing at 0 o'clock uud nothing further
was done by cither house in the mailer.
Ah the matter stands now it is a po-
litical row between tho friends of
Governor Culberson and lus personal
opponents of which he has quite a
number in the legislature There aro
iilneTy;foiir members of the house
present and twenty-four senators. In
the houijo' necessary to get eighty-
six votes to make the law go Into im-
mtplliHc utfeuL ami twentyonu votes
art ncjwsacy in the senate. In tho
house at the present writing there
are fifteen out and out men against
puttintm nnv emergency clause in
tin: bllKf while there are four who are
doubtful. "Tliis puts the two-thirds
vole out of the question in the
house with its present roster In tha
ec u ate there are three against tho
emergency clause aud two doubtful
which places the bill in serious danger
there also. If n vnto was ta'.en now
Tvlth only tha present number present
ibtve is little doubt that tho emer-
ge nqy clause would be defeated The
administration forces do not propose
to come to vote on the matter how
4?vor until more of their men arrive.
The Dallas people also want a delay
to gather additional forces so every-
body is pleased" to delay tho game at
Lobbying is being indulged in right
and left and a strong effort is being
made to pull the twenty-two l'opullsts
in the house over to tho light side.
Curlmtt I'lujs Haiti Halt.
WasiXNotox Oct. 2. .lames Corbett
and party arrived in this city at 3
o'clock yesterday and the champion
went at once to National park where
he ami his brother Joe appeared In a
game of ball. Corbett did not take
any chances of being hit whilt at tho
bat He injured one of bis fingers
slightly In catching a thrown ball.
The party left at 1:30 over the South
crn railroad for Atlanta where Cor-
bett appears In sparring match.
The Kangaroo' Tialiilar.
-Court's CiutiBTt Texas Oct. 2. The
FiUsImmons party isnow comfoitably
domiciled in its commodious training
quarters op North beach aim today
the Au.allan got down to hard
A .Montana CasliUr Dltsuutars.
Moi xt Veiison Mont Oct i. Al
Itcrt Wade tho assistant cashier the
First National bank has disappeared.
Investigation of his accounts indicate
o shot tage of pHJ.OOO or 830000. The
bank U one of the strongest In the
Apple Brandy Qutuut.
Nashville Tena. Oct. 8. There
are Hi brandy distilleries In operation
in s xteen c unties in Middle Tennes-
see und there will be the largest out-
pfetof apple brandy filnoalSiJS.awowst-
ng to at least .300 birrels.
Ws-stern Statos Conference a Bee-
oml Time In Topeka.
Toi'KKA Kan. Oct. Z Tho Western
States conference uiont which there
has been so much talk lntely was.
opened nt Representative hall at 4
o'clock yesterday afternoon by Gov-
ernor K. N. Morrill. The governor
was not feeling very well and did not
malco much of a Bpeech lie stated
however that he was heartily In sym-
pathy with tho movement and ex
pressed tho belief t"ial jjleal good-J
would ri .nit from tho conference.
The conference chose Congressman U.
U. lliirton of Nevada Mo. to bo tem-
porary chairman and Tom Kichurdson
of Oatveslon to be temporary secre-
tary. After the appointment of com-
mittees an adjournment was taken till
J o'clock this morning. CD
There were about '.'.0 delegates pres-
ent at the opening session and it Is
expected that at least KXI more will
arrive to-day. The delegates maul
fested great interest to the conference
and predict great results.
This is the .second Western states
conference held In Topeka. Tho first
was hold in IHs'J for the purpose of se-
curing the united ucllon of the people'
of the west in a movement to utilize
thedecp water obtained on the (lulf of
Mexico in the state of Texas.
The movement then Inaugurated lins
consummated in the attainment of
Galveston's deep water harbor.
It is In recognition of the successful
completion of this work ami to pre-
pare for a great celebration nl Halves-
ton that the present conference Is
Suggests a War for American (llrlsto (let
lilies Without Marrying Noblemen.
l.oxiiox Oct. 2. Truth said yes-
terday commenting upon the
engagement between the duke
of Marlborough aud Miss Yau-
derbilt: "Ilritlsh mammas and
their daughters will soon be clamoring
for protection if all the prizes in thu
marriage market are to fall to thu
American damsels. The mania for
title inherent in the Anglo-.Saxon
It is in vain to contend aganist.
Hut the matter is some what
serious to the United States
That country must be a great loser
through much of its wealth crossing
tho ocean. The United States will do
well to manufacture the coveted lilies
at home for It is a wooden nutmeg
that Is easily bought. The existence
of titles it is true is not in ac-
cordance with the simplicity of
republican institutions but in view of
the heavy dram tills might be
overlooked and tho parents of any
girl might be allowed to buy her a
title." say for S'-'OO.OdO (1.0001)00.) Tho
public treasury would thus be filled
witli dollars and the nil I would
remain at home lint there would
still be the ditlleulty of li tid-
ing husbands in the home market for
the Americans aro as strongly opposed
to becoming rich through their ladles
as the ltritish noblemen are in favor
of this niodu of enrichment.''
Secretary '.nnioiit Imlulgcs In Homo Criti-
cism on the dene nil.
Washington- Oct. 2. Secretary I.a-
uiont let out a blast of condemnation
yesterday for pnbllcatson ugniust Gen-
eral Miles because the latter appears
in a New York paper of Sunday as
having said in an interview that ho
had been informed by tho President
.that he was to bo placed in command
ui me army to sucrecii ucnurai ncuo-
Ilu Ul. llie secretary docs not know
that General Miles lias been correctly
quoted and ropresonted but he pro-
ceeds to announce that "General Miles
is a newspaper soldier." Then the
secretary proceeds to say that It "is
outrageous for Miles lo talk as he
I.amoiit intimated that the order
placing Miles at thu bend of the army
would have been issued by this time
had it not been for this newspaper
charge aud as it Is he he may get a
private reprimand and possibly a pub-
lic reprimand and then the secretary
continues by observing: "1'osslbly
General Miles' after he thinks tho
matter over will not want to leave
Governors island."
To Keilalin Arid I -and.
Uaudkn Citv Kan. Oct. J2. The Ir-
rigation convention of Kansas opened
hero yesterday for a two days' session.
Following will be -the Kinney fair
which will be held for four days. On
the 3d the reunion of the old sol-
diers of tho Southwest will be held.
Among the promiuent men at the
Irrigation convention who will speak
are: K. It. Moses of Great Ilend Geo.
W. Watson. II. V. Hinckley. K. 11.
Cowgill editor of tho Kansas Farmer!
John II. Churchill the great alfalfa
raiser of Dodge ( ity Kan.; cx-Gover-nor
Prince of New Mexico and F. 8.
Coburn state secretary of agriculture.
(loicrnor Mono Appoints Delegate.
Jtrmtfox Citv Mo Oct. L Gov-
ernor Slono jeslorday appointed the
following as delegates from Missouri
to the Western waterways convention
nt Vluksburg. October 2'-': C. N. Clark
Hannibal C. F Joy Seth W. Cobb
Richard llarlhohl. Nt. Louis; John II.
Runev. Piedmont ; N. A. Moveley Dex-
ter; Jerome Hill W. A. Anderson J
W. Itoulh. Cuptuiti John P. KuUer
Captdin Hunter lieu Jenkins St.
The Ileailtoc'x at Hutchinson. .
Hutchinson Kan. Oct. 2. The He-
publican judicial convention ad-
journed over from last Friday met
yesterday and resumed ba'lotlng with
usual result no election.
ArcliliWIiou Feehau herd.
Ciiipaoo Oct. 2. IUv. Anthony JCo7.-
lowskl print of the Polish Ilomart
Catholic church iu l.ubcck uear Itoby
will begin suit for damage. In the sum
of 8100000 against Archbishop Feehan
of tht diocese of Chicago. The suit is
the result of trouble growing out of
the excommunication of tue priest by
the archbishop.
Voluateeru fur the Cuban War.
Mauuid Oct. 2. Vo.unteers to tha
number of 2200 men presented thew-
scire yesterday for scrdce la tit
WmiU of Cuba.
The .St. Joseph Illsnppenr nco Mystery
SoIcI-TIim Tries!' Itrntlicr-ln-Ijnr
Ilelil for Alnlnetlnii Wagner
Held In JM..-KIO Hall In-
tended lu. Iteslgu anil
.Slurry tho (ilrt.
CniCAno Oct. 2. Maud Sleldel. 15
years old who disappeared from her
home iu St. Jo ph Mo. Sunday
September i'i. and of whose abduction
Father Domlniek itfner of that city
was suspected hm -it the night in tho
Harrison- Streel police station this
city. Sho was found at a West Hide
convent by otlleers from St. Joseph.
Albert Kluudt of Kilt Dlversey
street was arrested and locked tip on
a charge of abduction. He Is a brother-in-law
of Father Wagner.
It is rumored that Father Wagner
persuaded the girl who Is good look-
ing uud large of her age. to leave SU
Joseph ami come lo Chicago. Kluudt
went to St. Joieph and brought her to
Chicago ami placed her in a liitholio
school on tho W st side. Ho said lie
knew nothing about any abduction
and had only done whul Father Wag-
ner had told him to.
Thu police have iu their possession
a iuautity of furultuic which it is as-
serted ivas shipped by Father Wagner
aud which seems to give uu Indication
that ho expected to set up housekeep-
ing in Chicago.
An anonymous letter received by tho
mother of the girl gave the police the
only clew to her whereabouts.
Albert Klaudt was confronted with
the charge of abduction when ar-
raigned before Justice I holt. Maud
Steidel appeared as a willing witness
to prosecute together with her uncle
Alexander 1 'oil rant of llollon Kan.
According to Albert Klandt's state-
ments ho was made a dupe of the
priest lo whom hi is related. Tinea
weeks ago he received a telegram from
Father Wagner requesting htm to
come to St. Joseph. Klaudt arrived
there a week later and vas informed
by Wagner that he wished to send
Maud Stchlel to Chicago and place her
In a convent. Father Wagner ad-
vanced Klaudt the money uud tho fol-
lowing Sunday Klaudt aud the girl
boarded a train for Chicago. She left
no word us to whore she was going
aud her mother became nearly dis-
tracted. rather Wiiguer I'mler Arrest.
St. Joxkiiii Mo. Oct. 2.- Father
Domiuick Wagner tho priest suspected
of having abducted Maude Stchlel
from the home of her mother iu this
city was arrested by tho police last
night on a telegram sent from Chica-
go by Alexander Podvant uncle of the
girl. The tetegiam stated that Wag-
ners brother in-law was under arrest
lu Chicago and that there was an
abundance of evidence uu which to
convict Wagner.
Later developments s?eiu to indicate
that It was Father Wagner's intention
to resign from tho Catholic priesthood
go to Chicago aud marry tho girl and
then engage lu some sort of business.
Missouri 1'nlvenlly Hoys Jtllsirrat u I'lin-
ilhlate for u Set-ret Society.
Cor.VMMA Mo. Oct. '.'J. Turner
Tucker a young student in tho acade-
my connected with the State universi-
ty npplied for admission to the Sigma
Nu secret society. Sunday night hu
was admitted to the hall by thirty
students. Then he was bound hand
and foot and blindfolded ami gagged.
Than he was beaten with stulfcd clubs
for awhile and was nel put Into u
coilin for burial.
The coftln was carried nut and put
In a spring wagon that had been taken
frcm it livery stable and away the
funeral train marched. Tho gait was
fast and tho road was rough. The
poor fellow in the colllu was given a
terrible jolting. Finally he athletic
grounds were reached and he was
burled. Then he was taken out and
stripped and thrown into a mud nolo
and then rolled in sum). Then he was
kicked ami then Induced by the
plausible story of the lender to slug
and dunce. The hour wus ulosu to
midnight and ho sung "Won't You Ho
My .Sweetheart?" and kept step as
well as he could.
Then the youth was hauged up by
the arms for awhile and was next
taken to n haystack and given several
rapid slides. Then he was branded
with lighted cigarettes ordered to
dress and about '.' u. m. was brought
home When ho ivas searched by the
boys they found'u knife some keys
aud about fifteen cents. When hlx
things were returned he insisted that
he had Si. IS and put on such a bold
front that the boys passed the hat
ami made up the dollar.
The whole alfair while laughable to
the boys is condemned as barbarous
and it is probable that tho juke will be
the other way befoir the last is heard
of the matter President Jesse is a
strict disciplinarian. HU aetion Is
anxiously awaited.
China batlsflr t'reuth Demands-
Paws Oct 2 It Is announced that
China has accorded full satisfaction to
France for the recent attack made
upon the French missions iu China.
Their Water Mint Uff.
Wkiih Cm Mo. Out . The water
warl;i company this 'morning shut ff
the wati r from the entire cities of Car-
terville and Johnstown having a com-
bined oopulation if over 3000. They
are without tir protection and tho
question of vate' for ordinary pur-
poses s a 6erlo.i one. Tills is the re
suit pf a c nlllc' ti' itilif ates.
thine Causes Wood 1'olsoi.Iutf.
TniWtto: N. J. O. t 2. -Anton Gul-
den t German' is in a precarious con-
dition because of blood poisoning
etvusod In- shoos overheated hv too
I lrd rtibWistf by the bootblack.
The t'reslrtent Cummutet the Death ten
teur to Life Imprisonment.
Washington Oct 2. The president
lias commuted to Imprisonment for
life the death sentence imposed upou
Clyde Mattox of Kansas who was to
hate been hanged Ccllobcr II for a
murder In Oklahomi." This is the
case in which the prisoner's mother
after appealing personally to the pres-
ident was assurred by tho latter that
the death sentence would not he car-
ried out. l
Uouutr Conimlisloneti Out.
Special to tho Leader i?
Pkihiy Ok. Oct. 2.SfJ. v. Olmstead
and J. II Ytn Auken Cave been sus-
pended as commissioners of Noble
county. Jr.dgo Merefyiuspendcd them
until a heating can lm' had the day of
tnal being Nov. 11.
Among tho candidates to succeed
them aro 1). Southard A. T. ItUey
Dick Plunkett II. I). McKnight A. C.
Ilinde II. C. Kawlings' Hcrt IX. Greer.
J. J. Cummlngs W. Taylor and many
others The law compels the governor
lo appoint men of thu j same political
faith of Hie men removed.
Sunday School' Itally.
The Fair VaHey 'Sunday school
which meets In tho blue school house
two miles east of Guthrie will observe
rally day next Sunday at 2:10 o'clock
when a special program will he carried
out by tho scholars and other Inter-
esting exercises held.
Mr I'hllllps lias n Word.
Kdltor Leader'
Gt'TintiK Sept. 28. Now Mr. Kdltor
I have heard a great deal aoout Dem-
ocrat rascality since I have been hero
and please give space iu your paper
and 1 will tell you something tiboul
how a Democrat is treated in Ohio I
was born and ralsetl in Virginia and
just before the late war came to Ohio
and married and served three years in
tho Union army I was ralsed'a Dem-
ocrat and uflci the war was called a
rebel. I was a physical wreck but no
one would testify for me unless I said
I would vote the Republican ticket.
but the pension agent by mo telling
uun a lie applied lor luo a pension.
When my check came' for S350 he
forged my name aud cashed my check
I proved it and they simply debarred
him because he wus n Republican.
When Cleveland run the nVat time 1
showed my true colors I jprcad my
ticket open on the bar)L box and they
picked out a man that : weighed 200
pounds he called me a damn rebel Hon
of a b h; I told him was a
Republican thief ami I could prove It.
He started at me. I put my hand In
my hip pocket and told him lo stop.
Ho did. They wont before tho grand
jury and swore I voted with a revolver
In my hand and intimidated Republi-
can soldiers. I had seventeen good
titithful Democrats to swear that I did
not have a gun but the judge said I
disgraced tlio ballot box Ho fined me
S0 and two months in jail. There I let
out lu 1890 I was trying lo put a poor
widow on the rolls that tho Republi-
cans had stopped her pension. Her
husband was a Democrat and It was
charged that sho was living lit adul-
tery. The commissioner had her
swear I told her I was a special agent.
They sent for tlio I'nlted States at-
torney. Site said 1 never told her so
and loaned mo 810. Then the com-
missioner told tho attorney If he would
put me under bond he would got sixty
or seventy Indlclmonts. Then they
nut me under 81500 bond and had all
ignorant negroes and Republican! that
could not read or write and after I
latd in jail live months did not find
anything against me.
I was baptized and joined the church
tho 12th day of June 1891 and can
prove by hundreds that I have ltved
a consistent Christian since.
I had i?ood nronertv but thev have
la wed ma out of it all and would call
ma a damned rebel when I went lo be
examined for a pension and our pres-
ent commissioner of pensions had me
sent to Virginia and I was examined
by a board last June. Two of the due-
tors were in the Confederate army and
they gave me $31 a month. I have
lung-haart trouble. I havo a wife now
perfectly hotpless and no one to help
her and now in Jill for Republican lies
of old perjured white men and negroes.
I am yet and will ever be a Jackson
Democrat. W P 1'nti.i.ii's.
Will Trade.
Good business property for general
slock of merchandise or good work
teams wagons etc Call at S. C
Starr's grocery house. tf
120 acres of grass for hay 12 miles
west of Guthrie. Inquire at Sutton's
Guthrie Marble Works. 3tdw
Thursday October 10 will bo chil
dren's day at HufT'a photograph studio.
110 West Oklahoma avenue as well as
at tho fair and ho will make free neg-
atives of all chilldren accompanied by
their parents. That the old folks may
not feel slighted he also offers to give
a line crayon portrait free with evary
frame ordered that day. Don't forget
the day arid place. You make the se-
lection and Huff does the rest.
Wo are prepared to clean your suit
or coat by tho French method of scour-
ng and do it at home and so cheap you
won't wear those dirty clothes any
more; get prices; they will surprise
you Now is the time. Guthrie Hteam
Kl.aiir.dry; A. W. McKeand Mgr. tf
What Col. Joiien .Sityh.
Guthrie. Ok. Aug. 3. 'Oi
Kuowlton Dandrrlne Co. Gentle-
men. Some tine ago my nair began
falling out badly. I used Daaderine
for a few times and .t hat entirely
stopped my hair froi- falling out and
has caused a grotvtti of vigorous hair.
Damieriue is also unexcelled for all
diseases oi scalp ami nair anu especial
ly for eradicating dandruff. It gives
one pleasure to recommend Danderioe
uUn satUfled It Is all you clslta for
it and that it is the rary best hair re-
storer tha; has ever been placed o (he
market. Yours truly
Twos 8. Joxis
At tore y at Law.
She Was a Second class Cruiser of 1300
Tons lllspluteineiit and 1000 Horse
Toner ami formed n I'nrt of
the I'leet Detailed In Wnteh
Amertran ('ministers
Insurgent Claims.
Hava.w Oct. S. -Following close
upon the loss of the Spanish cruiser
tlarcastegui. which was sun i lu eul-
lislon with the Spanish merchant
steamer Mortera otV Morn ensile tit
the entl.iuee of this hurlior. nt mid-
night on September la comes the
news of the wreck ami probable total
loss of the Spautsh warship l ri- i.lial
Colon a secoud-elasH crulitcr of about
1200 tons displacement uml l.tiiill home
The Cristobal Colon formed a part of
tho -licet of Spanish warships detailed
to watch the const of Cuba in onlur lo
pievent the landing of IHlliiistei lag
expeditions front Hie I'nllml States
and ulsew here.
Tho disaster i -euri ed in a slorm olT
Coloiiiilo point In P.. Gulf of Gutul-
luiin. south of the town of in
the proviiieo of Pliuir Del Rio near
which territory Hinair.i Is situated.
ICverythiug possible seems to have
been done to save tho cruiser- but all
elTortH in that direction were useless
and she wan finally abandoned a help-
less wteclt pounding herself slowly to
pieces on the Colorado reef.
Some of tho crew swam asliore
others reached hind by mean of pieces
of wreckage mid iu tho bouts but till
the crow officers and men wcru saved
by one menus or the other.
Of course the friend of Iho insur-
gents uru circulating llie usual sensa-
tional stories regarding tills latest dis-
aster to the Spaniards ehtlti ng Unit
thouyulsur was .suiik by n torpedo ex-
ploded by insurgents. In eli-
des however this report is classed as
being "nothing more than ait Inten-
tion of the rebels
Property and IMm-atlnuat UuHllllriitlous
lteconimeiidrd III Kmilli fnradlii.i
CohitMiiiA y. C Oct. 2. Thu report
of tlio NuiTruge committee of tho con-
stitutional convention was made last
night. It provides for the regislia-
tton of ipiallficd voters. Tho iiuallll-
catlons of electors given In thu follow
ing section an- regit riled as praclieully
disqualifying the majority of negroes
on account oi tnu eiltiiMthinul unit
property rctinlrenients: The ncrson
applying for registration miixt be able
to reaii ami write any section iu this
constitution or must show that he owns
anil pays taxes on :i(Kl worth of nron-
crty iu tills state; provided thai at tint
u is t registration nutlet tills constitu-
tion and up to January 1 lHu.s nil
male persons of voting itguwhocuu
read a clause lu the constitution or
understand and explain it i bun read
to them by the registration ollluer
shall bo eligible to register uml be-
come electors.
"A separate record of every Illiterate
person thus registered sworn to by
the registration nllli-ei shall bo filed
ono copy with tho clerk of court uml
one iu tho otilco of the see re I a ry of
state on or before Jau-iary I Mm and
such person shall remain during his
lifetime a cpuallfied elector unless
oonvjeted of some disqualifying crime.
The certificate of the clerk uf court or
tint secrelary of stale shall bo suf-
ficient evidence to establish the right
of said class of citUcits to register and
the franchise."
Another Due of the Kansas I'louvers
(lone to Ills Itternal llest.
Lkavknmoiitii Kan. Oct. 2. Judge
Robert Cro.ler a pioneer of Leaven-
worth county died at his homo at
12:20 o'clock this morning. He wus
stricken down with paralysis last Sat
urduy night. Judge Cro.ler wus for
sixteen years the judge of the district
court Qf Leavenworth county und In
1801 wis appointed I nited State sen-
ator by the governor. Judge Criuler
was 7iyearn of age uud leaves u wlfa
and two children one of whom U Cap-
tain William Cro.ler a dlstlngiiUluMl
otlicer of the ordnance department
Cfiltrd States army aud tin- other the
wife of tongrestmaii lie) burn of
Captain limns Hellrrvd
Wahiiixoiox Oct. t. -Captain Rob.
ert D. Kvaus was ut lho navy depart-
ment yesterday having left lib ship
the New York olf l ape Clinrloa. He
received orders relieving him from tint
further command of thu New York
and assigning him to temporary dut
on the Indiana willed slihi lie w
command when she is complete
.sslrrp for Months Ohio Oet I. Peter
Craw ford 'it year old a former mail
messenger of New York lias beau
asleep with the oxueptiou of a few
hours for tha list seven or eight
months. His ease is tho'most remark-
able one tiiat has en r uome under the
observation of Clevuluml doe tori.
A Life (.'outlet I'ardniieil.
Col irii'- '.. -ict. .'. -Charles V.
Kiiue kuuwii s the prism n Inventor
who has ijtei'eita tol-p'iona ti us-
mittfcr was parotid f out the )M
penitentiary. Kllpe .as roiviuto'
three times for ourglur. lu Mon.oui-
try county ui d sen vnosn U li e u i
der the liablt-ial criminal itu II Is
thi first man to be pardoned.
Voutluated for t'uu ri.
Pax ill.. Oct. 3. R.v l. Cooper
of Troy Madison county was nom
iaatea for contrrrts from tho High-
teentli district by the Prohibition
csmwtlon hers
W' iW k jk )
1 Mmmfr-)J.) .
nnd so are our -lioes. You'll bo right too if you select your footwear frotrl
our stock because you'll get what la low In price perfect In fit and handsome
In appaurtiuea Unsightly shoes mar tho whole altirf. but our thoes are au
addition to any outfit Thu shoe bill li also a sot ions addition to your expenses
if you buy a poor article. Always get Hip beat by selecting your shoes from
our stock. You can rest assured that this Is the right thing to do ami that
any oilier course will cost more and be far less satisfactory lit Its resiiHs.
Eisenschmidt & Hetsch
Exclusive Shoe Dealers
118 West Oklahoma Ave.
Repairing Neatly Done.
Cheapest Place In Town.
Dealers In
Groceries Provisions. Crockery Queensware Tinware anil
Hi North Second St. German and English Spoken
S gflMtftBssssssssCJsr "SIsBsHsJ
MniinliicliirpH nil Uimls oi' VohirluH. L'.iiiitlng TrimmliiB ami
KciKili'iiig promptly iiUonilotl to.
Wl South DIvIkIoii Slroot Unlhrlo 0k.
Hotel Okla
torKf nlry and nlcssly furnished rooms. Table the best the marknt affords
I'ood ssvrvlfo ItiUtl in business ecnter.
(Junior Iliu'rixon anil Kirs! Slroot.i.
S. BILLINGS Proprietor.
Wholesale and Hetall denlera iu
Also aflta agonl for the sale of the celebrated MAlofiUr Coal tl.0 befit oral on
the market fordomastle use.
Olllcft ami Vitrils 4'l Oklahoma Avu.
Tnl(thoiic-No. .
I he luest juinpedb.r in hee. y
Voh..ndl onl the best turn- !itiora Cltfr.
.sexto ior to he Leader oiUce
Heailouart 'o horsei ien tlu'infc te ft
10.1 Harrison Ave.
F. P. ALLEN Prop.

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