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t iifla r 1I1V tliilM of ICrouoniy tt It-Jtirn-Hip
The. n oo-inHI has ngalu dtsplnyud
its utter nifoinpt miry and shown up
Its member to t n lot of dnspf limit -bend
tinier the heud of economy
tt-nt Iki'Iv Ikih done till-:
Out IT .'(i arc electric lights.
Taken one man from the tiro dopnrl-
turn l
( ut in. fill iv from tliupnllw force.
Reduced lite elty ntlonloy' sulnrv
ton dollars
There. Is no economy In this sort of
bulness crippling the lire tit part-
mcnt; weakening the police system
und throwing c! lisens Into darkness.
I itixcus shoot- rei.uiislrato against
Mich nefarious iiwtl .im Thorn are not
half enough electric lights let nlone
cutting olT any. Bemove the ribald.
Ignorant hucksters mid give us n city
Oklallnnm III H (Itnm
rro'Pfrily llncc
The Kansas Chy Times of yesterday
(invernnr llenfrn:t i c jnrt on the
resources progress ami future outlook
if Oklahoma interesting rend-
ing for ilni inventor and student of
iivtii&itlon. Like a bicyclist wjto
rides a hundred miles and breaks all
nvonU. Oiiluhomu has shuttered every
record tor rapidity of tivilifcition from
one ility to live iind.ii half jears. The
territory now contains n liomilntinu of
'JAU.OUD nod tiix-Hblf wealth to tho
amount of SSOU()0.(MM I is on tho
hlch roaii to ureiiter in lilevwments in
eluding intehood and tho MMttmnent
of several vacant leservntioiiN anil
will be lieiud from In the future as In
the past.
It ml Worn Pur Alllitr.
.1. V. Miller our riuiitidtitc for pro-
bate judge fa not a Democrat for rev-
enue neither will ho ail minister tho
affairs In the probate olllee for revenue
only. It Is a burning shamo and would
bo a disgrace to a hotcntot aye much
more to an enlightened people like
ours to have our courts run in tlio dis-
graceful and ignoble manner as has
been charged upon the present incum-
bent and that too by members of his
own party. The piobato judge of all
others should be a man of untarnished
reputation of legal acumen wise to
discern and above all honest tnd
courteous. Through this oftlue every
estate of the county must sooner or
later pass llo Is tho guardian of the
willows and orphuns lie distributes
estates; ho has equitable as wol' as
legal jutisdlctlon In matters pertain-
ing to tho administration of affairs of
deceased persons. -Ms jurisdiction Is
co-extensive with the district court In
all cases where tho nmonut Involved
does not exceed one thousand dollars
(save and except divorce). For this
one of the most importaut olllces in
the county we offer to you tho Hon
.1 V. Mllier by instinct a gentleman
by profession a lawyer and by imprint
a'mun possessing tho requisites neces-
sary to mnko a good and etllulun. pro-
bate judge Mulhall Enterprise.
Mood Word Tor .loiicn.
The Mulhall Enterprise says:
The Indefatigable prosecutor Thos.
S. Jonet comes toyou not only with
Ihrt Inilfirspinnnt. nf the Di'tunci Il'-V lit
convention ussemuled but with tho
..... 1H. .... .am.I .s. .... Iinnlniv
i'Xiuriuuei puiiu iw i.j i.m .-' ".ft
been actively engaged in tho practice
of his honorable profession lor more
than twenty years and having former-
ly filled that high and exalted posl
tlon ciiinty uttornoy. to the entire
satisfaction of tho voters of .onn
county To say Unit he U a urror to
evildoers but poorly o.pi'es-es the
facts in tho casp. Ills masterly elTor
in nrosecutlng I. N. Terrlll ui a Hunt
conviction Is at tills time fro-h in tin-
minds of all To sav tlut I'imh'
Jones as he l fimiliirly lunmi i-
tho only pnni tutor Titian unoutt' lit
ever had but tamely expros-es It
Tlio methoJs of Tony Fnirell. the
talented Iri-h romodian who will bf
s ei Iu the title role of his now Irl-h
comedy drama "Garry Owen" at the
M ICennon. November 3 mo over ar-
tistic nnd realizing tho number of
marked character parts which com-
pose his now play with the instincts
of an artist ho hassurroundod himself
with a ap. "tally woll chosen company.
"Micky Illcky" tho police spy is a
very strong character part aud in the
hands of tho veteran character actor
William 11 Cihill. Is a great Imperson-
ation being a closo call upou the star
part of tho play. Murphy O'Hca tho
author of tho piece docs justice to tho
role of "Father Conway" tho priest
while Tony Farrell as ' Garry Owen"
the hero irf as ever a host in.hlm-
self. Tho organ used iu tha great
chapel scene is manipulated by 1'rof.
A 6. Klmer lut-) organist of tlio cathe-
dral San Francisco Cnl. who also
lends the orchestra.
Ciuuttorillii Hall.
The Oescng Voronl Concordia gave a
delightful ball last evening ul Drill's
Hall on Second street. A largo num-
ber were present and tho aifulr proved
a great success
K D. On Hi rey was down from'Forry
Fine Feathers
Willis the Tailor
Worm Wont tor (liilhrlc IVopIp Lnttlrft A
Sjnodll-iil Bticlelj.
At tlio close ot Its meeting S.i'nr.lny
the I'rcsliylcrion yhod pussod Un fol-
lowing resolutions:
Whereas The synod of Oltluliotnu
and Indlun territories has hoem with
universal onrdiililv welcomed to the
cltv of Guthrie and. at im Utt'o Inron-
venionee nnd expense has been inst
royally entertained;
Therefore bo It resolved. That tho
heartiest thnnus of this synod lo ten-
dered the pastor members und congre-
gation of the First Presbyterian
ihuroh and the people Kcnorntly of
Guthrlo for tliidr hospitality and on-
tcrtalntnaut; and he it further
Besolved That us e leave them
returning to our various homes and
fields of latKir. .vo go proving nun tuu
father may rhhly reward them and
abundantly bless them in tholr works
of Jore and im n-y
lie it further revolved That a copy
of these resolutions be furnished cneli
ot tho Guthrie papers for publication.
l.mllfV Society.
Resolutions adopted by the Indies'
sy nodical society of Indian Territory
Oct. 80. 1IM:
Resolved That In the deatli of Mrs.
.John Ross of Ttihleiptuh I. T wo
huc lost a dllllgent and clllulenv
worker. As first vice president of our
svnndicnl society and piesldentof the
I'icsbylcrlal society she performed lnr
Uuiui- faithfully und uccopUbly.
Resolved That we extend to her
family our heartfelt sympathy.
Resolved That we the members of
tho ladles' synodlcal society of Indian
Territory in addition to the amount
previously contributed put forth an
earnest effort to raise S'JOO-SlOO to
make trood the lack of income from
tie Hurt and S100 for furnishing iho
t rw building nlSpringvllh'. Utah; and
Sin i for the Southwest board.
Resolved That wo extend to Mrs.
.lack in tho loss of her husband our
sympathy. "
Resolved. That wo extend to Mrs.
Edith 11. Smith in her bereavement
our sympathy.
Resolved That wo extend to the
members of tho llaptlst society for the
use of tho church our thanks.
Resolved That we extend to the
people of Uuthrle who havo so liber
al -y enlertntneu us our appreciation
of 'their hospitality.
M. lsr.iAiiirni uouoi.ak.
Makv 1 Hotcjikixp
A Cyrlime'ii Witrk
Reports wore received hero yestor
day morning of n cyclone that struck
Tonkawa a small town north ot horo
night boforojast m which Bevernl
buildings were blown down. Reed's
store building at Tonkawa was lovclod
and dry goods scattered around gen-
erally. Dan Lawhead'n store In the
country several miles northwest of
Tonkawa was blown down an I his
goods scattered for mllos. Several
dwellings wore whirled to pieces by
the twister but no lives lost nud but
few slightly woihh'oiI reported.
VulUulllO ItrllCH I-. mini.
. Sumo curious and interesting traces
of a prehistoric rnco have just boen
discovered In the Churokeo strip north-
east of l'onca. Whore tho Deer Creole
I enters tho Arkansas river n level table
' i . I. 1.. ... II !.-......
. und ox consuicr luiu area lies utjbweuu
tho twp streams. Hero nro found a
number of peculiar shaped mounds ull
of the snum height and roproscuting
various geouietrlenl figures. Evacu-
ations Hindu into the mounds rutmlicd
iu Hindis ovory of tho skeletons of
inou and ioros and othur animal
rjjkt-ry ti tho AzUso ware
-.tuiiH liiiplfiin nth pli'os ote. At u
iinit'-t ti o uver is tin- largest
n mi t iv'ii- h i. en scent in shape and
ns ilm p; hrunuo of having been
nil ti a f'Vt or Iwrricadc
HU It. ntinU fur lliinllu.
Mnr&tiul Crump of fie Indian Terr'-
tury lia offered big row ii'ds for the
nplurc of the following members of
tho Cook outlaw gang who havo been
terrorizing that torrltory:
Hill Cook Crawford Crosby alias
Cherokee Hill Huck Wlglilman alias
Hitter Creek; Columbus Means SIccter.
James French Sain Hrown. Giorgu K.
Jennings Thomas Queries Churlos
Clifton Gorge Newton S.auglilor
ICid Hilt Pool In.
(treat Hclioul Cnntral
At a meeting of the school board
last evening passed a resolution con-
senting that iho pupils aud toachurs
bo encouraged in furthering tho
school contest to bj given at tho opara
houso Thursday evening. The bourd
gave the teachers pBrmlsslon to an-
nounce the same iu thuir school
Professor Mallory who was prosuut.
thought the con'.jst n good thing.
Tho Democratic cuntrnl committee
will meet at headquarters Monday
Nov. 5 at 1 w'clook p. in.
All members nro requested to attend
as this will be our last moating bofore
elect on. Wo have much Important
H 11. Haoan Ch'm'n.
I. J. To ti it r Soerotury.
Make Fine Birds"
you be
t i
Mlirt Iminrtlnl .tiirlut ttlin Mnktsi
rrlriiit VthsTtTr lie U i
Tlio Inst issue of the South and
'Vest of Heaver. O. J'. says:
"Tlio fall tonn of the dktriet court
met and adjourned dudgtt Blcrcr
canto amongst us n stranger yet no
Judge who has ever appeared here has
treated a moro fnvorabto Impressldu
und fueling of confldcnre in his ability
as a jurist than has Judge Itiercr.
Strict impartial unapproachable
upon any subject touching u case in
his court governed by neither preju-
dice nor inlluenccF hU decisions have
been given ucco.dlng to his knowledge
or law and justice und he has woe
the conlldciu-e and ru-pcet of the bar
as w 11 us the entire people.
Wo do not intend to hay tliut all
cases have been decldrd as wo expect-
d lint today not a litigant whether
successful or otherwise haw any
other feeling toward hint than that of
stti ore meniisnip and respect.
I lie first olllcial a.-t of Judge Illcrcr
in this county was to abolish the
grand jury which judging from tho
result of the grand jury of the spring
term has saved the county at least
SI. (100. and losely following tho same
line of economy ho ai.d District Clerk
llavighorst have cut nlf every unneces-
sary expense atteudont upon maintain
ing onrt.
Wo havo no fear that the Interests
ot this county will not be safely
guarded while Judge Illcrcr presides
over us and wc have every conlldenie
In him nud dctdro that he be retained
In this district mid In no other portion
of t will he Unci warmer friends than
arc the entire people of Heaver county.
lion. It. W. I'attcrsoni register ot
land otlii'c at Enid will meet the peo-
ple and tulle to thorn about Oklahoma
affairs especially concerning Free
Homes and the Rights ot Honest Set-
tlers at tho places and dates follow
Mulhall. Tuesday. Oct 30. ut 1:00
Ferry Tuesday Oct 30th at 7:30
Cross Wtdnesday Oct. .'tOth at 1:00.
Kilnarc Wednesday Oct. Hist at
HliicUwoll Thursday Nov. 1st at
Fond Creek Thursday Nov. 1st at
Jos Wlsby club will meet tonight at
district court room at 7:30 Come.
l'edlcrco of tho Infant rrlnco Horn tm
thn Diibo nml Uuolien of York.
Tho infant prince who Is the third
in tho line of succession to tho throno
of Kuglnud hna ot course all tho an-
cestry of his illustrious father and is
on his mother's side through tho duko
of Tock sprung from tho reigning
houso of Wurtcmborg nnd from the
early kings of Prussia. Though not
descended from tho older branoh of
Stuart he is a distant cousin of tho
princess of llnvarln who Is now tho
head of that line nnd ho is distantly
related to the czar of Russia.
llo inherits no title her majesty
having soino yenrs ago decreed that
the stylo of royal highness slnuld be-
long only to her own children nnd the
children of hor sons. No English
sovereign before Queen Viotoria ever
lived to soo a greatgrandchild. In-
deed nono botweon Kdward III and
Gcorgo I ovon saw a grandchild with
tho exception of James II who sur-
vived tha infants ot his daughter
Concerning tho now prluce tho
Leeds Mercury also notes that ho Is
at tho samo time third cousin to his
father and second cousin twlco re-
moved to his mother. Tho duko of
Kent und tho duko of Cambridge
sous of George HI were brothers.
Tholr resnectlvo children Queen
Victoria nnd tho duchess of Teck are
first cousins. In turn the prince of
Wnlcs nnd tho duchess of York nro
second cousins so that tho duko of
York and tho new prince aro as has
been stated third cousins to each
other. On tho other hand the duch
ess of York is second cousin once ro-
nioveil to tho duko of York nnd
theroforo second cousin twico re-
moved to his son tho now-born prince.
Ono AiltiintiiEo t tMttg IlUtance Tele-
phone I'olei Along Country Jtoaila.
"The long distance tolopliono Is
likely to provo nn advnntago in a
manner never anticipated by tho pro-
jectors" said Leonard F. Farmer of
Hartford Conn. "For years tho prob-
lem of how to 1 oca to isolated houses
on country roads has defied solution
but tho long dlstanco tolopliono poo-
plo havo solved it by adopting tho
plan of numborlng ovory polo along
tho wayside. I received a letter the
othor day from a friend asking mo to
visit him and instead of tho usual
eluborato directions about stone
fronts peculiarly shaped lots and
vnrlonsly constructed fences ho
told ino when I left tho depot
to proceed down Che main road
west until I came to number
two thousand und something
on tho telephone poles and then tp
turn to tho right about 200 yards. Tho
following day I had an opportunity ot
testing his directions and found thorn
simple and accurate. J think the pole
mnnberliig is ovon more explicit than
tho stroot naming in cities nnd in-
stead of having to ask everyone wliero
my friend llvo.l. I found my friend as
easily ns If it had been a specified
number on llroadway. Of course the
numbering of polos is a mere matter
of convenience for tho corporation
but It is also likely to be a sourco ot
oipial convenience to people who live
in ruml district as long-distance tel-
ouhouob will soon connuct all the
largo cltlos In tho union."
llilnUea Willi u Wooden.
ThU snako story comes from Floyd
Spring; A large chicken snuko cap-
tured a stnull chicken there a month
ago and had swallowed its right foot
nud leg when discovered by the chick-
en's owner. The snako was killed but
not before It hud bitten off tho chick-
en's leg. The owner belloving it to be
nn unusually fine chicken made a
niall wooden log and fastened It on
w Illi a strap. Tho chicken walked off
very proudly and pawed up tho earth
iccklosslv with its hickory limb
The U. S. Gov't Reports
show Royal Unking Pw4r
superior to mil ethers.
H"lscrl.h for tho Lsadar.
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U.S. Gov't Report
Hint County News Minmercil nmt
llolloil tnr llniity lVnunl.
Attend tlio Wlsby club meeting to-
nlgliL .
Overcoats were Issued
last night-
to tho militia
The thermometer
elded slump
has taken n dc-
Co A O. N. 11
di 111 lust night.
held un interesting
Miss Mae 1 hatcher of Hold spent
Sunduy In the city.
Chnlrman Ed U Dunn returned
from El Reno yesterday.
I..-1 Democrats attend the Wlsby
club met-ling tonight.
l'rofessor llalleck of Oklahoma City
spent Sunday in the city.
Captain and Mrs. C II. Kolmer and
duughter arc here from Topckn.
Dctiutv Uoebacker brought In a
whisky seller from the Osage country
Governor Reufrow yesterday re-
voked UiJi-Jquislllon for II. li. Stew-
art of Chandler.
Word came from Stillwater yester-
dnv of the death of Miss llcsslc Ma-
j gruder (nee Duncan.)
llisliop Turner loft yesterday for
Topoka. Ho IsXlejjreatest colored di-
vine in this cemfitry.
Mrs. John I'rozler died yesterday at
tho homo of T. Smith in Luwrie town-
I ship. The deceased lived in Arkansas
Mr. Hell an employe of the Ico plant
who was taken to tho Samaritan bos-
tal a week aero. Is now considered out
of danger.
Mr. and Mrs. M. Stowo and sister
Mrs. J. T. Carney of Mnnhnttan. Kas..
are spending a week with A. A. Stowe
of Stillwater.
Tlio homo of J. II. I'm e ono mile
south of tjown. .was- burned Sunday
"morning ipV'2'o'clock. Some of the
couicniB ncru huvcii.
Six federal prisoners wore taken lo
Oklahoma City yesterday by Deputies
Nix and Uenfro to answer to the
charge of counterfeiting.
The fair association held a meeting
last night aud allowed several bills. A
committee was appointed to arrange
for races at tho fair grounds Thanks-
giving Day.
The Y. V. 8. C. K. ot tlio Christian
church will give an enterttinment at
tho residence of Mrs. Johnson on
Vilas avenue Wednesday evening the
30th to which all ate invitud.
llevs. O. II Noble- and Win. Buck
loft last niwhtloattond tho southern
confcrcnccywtuch meets at McAlcster
tomorrow. Tiik Lkadku wishes the
gentlemen n pleasant and enjoyable
Noel Edwards roturned vestorday
from the Hennessey and El Hcno fairs
where he did a profitable scoro card
business. At Hennessey Edwards
spoke for Wtsby in a b'g political
Hirhard 11. Lindsay Washington
correspondent of the Kansas City
limes. Is In the city. Mr. Lindsay it.
one of the brightest correspondents at
tho capitol and is hero viewing th
polili' ul outlook In tho interest of his
euterprlsinsr paper.
Hon. J. Ft K olio 1 1 returned home
Saturday night from -j-vcck' cum-
pnltrn tour of Rayifoeouiity. Ho rc-
"portsTliteii Intercst-nll-ntonif the
lino and especially In the congres
sionnl contest lie say present indi-
cations point ti a sweeping victory
for Joe Wisby tho people's champion
of free homes.
Mr. J. M. Montgomery has been em-
ploved by Tiik Lkaiikji und will here-
alter look alter tho circulation
of tho WKKKI.Y LEAOKU. He It.
authorized to solicit subscriptions
and mnko collections. Mr. Mont-
gomery is a bright intelligent and
honest business man nnd uny favors
extended him will be appreciated
She U Not it Dlturcee.
Kansas Citv Oct. 50. Tho right of
Mury N. Suodgrass to u widow's share
of her late husband's estate wss con-
firmed yeaterday in Judge Scnrritt's
court. She Is decided to bo a widow
not a divorcee; tho decree of divorce
by the Oklahoma court is sot aside.
The llaby Carnival. "
Tho baby carniviU by the Ladies'
Trinity Guild will hehold at the
Cooper bulldlpg oit-Wklalioma avenue
onjfVednesdaytOct. 3LA program is
arranged for the' -evening. Suppor
from 0 to 8. voting on names wilt be
from s to 0. Prizes can bo seen at
Lilllo's drucr store. Mothers brinp
your babies and got a prize. Admis-
sion in afternoon for mothers and
babies 25 cents. Supper and enter-
mcnt iu evening 35 cents.
Uood l'aero ut a Low Trice.
Tho Semi-Weekly News (Qulveston
or Dallas) Is published Tuesdays and
Fridays. Each issue contains eighi
pages. There ure special departments
(or the farmers the ladles the boys
and thu girls besides a world ot gen-
oral news mutter illustrated etc etc.
Wo offer tho Serai-Weekly News and
the Weekly Lkaiikr 12 months for
$150 cosh. This given you three pa-
pers a week or 120 papers a year for a
ridiculously low price. Hand iu your
subscription nt onco
Piece Goods
For fall and wlntvr U01 displayed by
H. L. Cohen the Hew Yok Tailor.
I km not notedHfor Jcheap Ti ilorlng but good Tailoring cheap.
H. L.
Ill Annual llppnrt a ItitstuftM-ltko mid
TliurniiRh lloruiiifiit.
A Washington special says: Tho
secretary of tho Interior yesterday re-
ceived tho annual report ot tins gov-
ernor of Oklahoma and speaks vc -y
favorably of Its vntious recommenda-
tions. Tho report was sent Immedi-
ately to tho public printer and It will
not bo made public until It returns to
the department. Tne secretary said
however that tlio report was business
like and thorough and one which
would be of much lutorest to tho peo-
ple of tho wct
l)Miihir Ml ItiTi.U-i' Ilurily.
tu'tiz lierntce Hardy tiled Suturdny
night after n lingering Illness from
typhoid inalnriit. The deceased was a
bright accomplished young lady and
had hosts of warm frkntl. The fun-
eral took placo yesterday morning and
was conducted by Rev llosworth
The rcmnlus were laid to rest In Sum
mit View.
Dr. IIuclics tho loading dentist has
moved from Headlcs block to room Noj
3 over UanK of lnuian lerritory
Thoso wishing best dental work ut
lowest prices would do well to ce
him. 10 30tf
Joe Wisby club will meet lorJght at
district court room at 7:30. Coma.
Tony Farrell tho clover singing
Irish comedian will present a few
scenic productions of his new Irish
comedy drama "Garry Owen" at tho
opera houso Nov. 3. It is seldom un
organization of such merit visits this
section of the country but Mr. Farrell
is passing from Denver Into Texas aud
hus chosen Guthrie ns ona of the points
o present his play. Tony Farrell is
itnlincd to be ono of tlio best singers
upon tho Amcricau stage Iho east-
ern press pronounce his now play
"Oarry Owen" to bo ono of the decid
ed successes of the season llo will
bring with him all Ills scenery and
effects ns woro used at Its production
in Chicago nnd other eastern c'ties.
For HmIc.
Good second hand safe 2000 pounds
cheap. Nix Halsell A Co. 10-23-tf
Go to the O. K. Picture Framo works
at lu7 1-2 Oulalioum uveuiie to get
your picture frames. - 10 28 4t
Call on Lilley & Pullen for Donald-
son's pure Kentucky hand inndo sour
mash bourbon. 1 1 s lm
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Gutlirio 0. T.
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C3r rjai ML .
Wo havo special arrangements foi
storing grain Write for particulars
Uooiu 413 Exchange liuildtng
Directors: Geo. It. Bnrse V. E. Hlggs
Geo. D. Ford J. K. Seaver. II. .1
Kosencrans J. P. Ford F. P. Neal.
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Great Closing
Tho entire stock of the Rush Dry Goods
c.inIi ntsome
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time. This will be a chance for all to secure theirfall goods at prices
never dreamed of Tjy any one in the history of Oklahoma. $4000 worth
of new goods just openetl and Stooo worth of boots and shoes to come
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Cheapest music and jewelry house In Oklahoma.
-ei?f Best
Special rates to day Boarders.
New Hardware
' Tho largest atut most complete
heavy hardware Best.a-Bortment of
and Sheet Iron work a specialty. In
store will positively be turtle 1 Into
ptlce )y
M. L. Tl .-NfH. i
Beer in Oklahome.
Black's Famous Carbonated Water?
Bottled Beor for family use
Telephone 7C
line of Stoves in Oklahoma- Shelf and
good cutlery to bo found anywhere. Tin
short u st.-ictly first-class hardware
Store !
"S." H. NOBLE Manager.

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Niblack, Leslie G. The Guthrie Daily Leader. (Guthrie, Okla.), Vol. 3, No. 253, Ed. 1, Tuesday, October 30, 1894, newspaper, October 30, 1894; Guthrie, Oklahoma. ( accessed May 16, 2022), The Gateway to Oklahoma History,; crediting Oklahoma Historical Society.

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