The Guthrie Daily Leader. (Guthrie, Okla.), Vol. 3, No. 252, Ed. 1, Sunday, October 28, 1894 Page: 2 of 4

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lly tho Inxiilrr Priming
Cum piny.
UJSUtECI. NIBlfACKi --EdltorrW
Only Moraine Paper I'nMUIieil In (lnlhr)o.
(irgnu of
Okliihnmit llrtnnrrnry
nni nm.v t-BAntin ncporifT ndvcrll'
'lnSrnMr"thj tltUlnet and tnwltlvi Riiar
MUti i ilmt It ha ilinililo tin pam
fTr uintlon of tun newspaper published la
offthllr wfirh
bora; A djilTt of licarjy nl questions
.ot? urtnn fhMerrlturtr?
' i-l ii i"
uttcvtfVvnit'6B5 fqolUlf
To vote for .loo Wisby t
y th
man that can hopo to accomplish any-thine-In
this matter of Ilrstiain rlan:c.
the" roflttllst Will not In thir least
compromise Ills political convections;
It will imnlv bo n vote to save Ills
xK-tj - "" '. " . " y ww. v 'SWf
iiomo ironi mo government s mortgage
collector; it will simply be to fiend tin
agent to look after his best Interests
nn ho-natlonal capital who will bo in
T5oJfiYoVloJirihe most for him lust
us lie vvuuiu in nny oilier uumcr oi
afcly nRUe party
wisiu? Mill
aii .ay. tat k & . ivv . . .
ftuf&utitatl&9 KIMS
St01 H 'Ww Swsnf
JIltuClhnL. to. I iU
."" Js . k k w Wir
..N x ySaVsrj&sn
prejudice nnd
Ireo liomus-
Vote Kor .Too VfHlb and Free
Sflciir.TAitv had the null-
1 alien labor contract law enforced
I T "yrTTyTTTgl I TWJ J EB MAJU Ml J. 1 1 -ll.i .. . .
ngalnftt i;fVlcc rreiUIeiiC liwPr. :ujuraiOTBnTOinnTOiBuuB
Morton's English cqchmirv -.recently .V
......... i M.i i.M .... 4'1
""l' "' "'J"""iJ ' "-V.'"0"" nn n .nl.nll.lltl. (in tllMP rlffllts
off ba:U ta IMMn-AnTnRJWTWmc ZSSSSffSX-'--' "
VJ viaiuviii; v'i -'
Tin !r uiHIt Uli"l-' iHiino of tht Wt
lnni' uoimuJtliclJiiiil Intlio West and Is
QS'i lurnjiiaontlarufiiiiantllltistif ttprk.
pnnl tit -vifrh onli'i-si for IiIihIIiic and blank
Itffl.kiMijIt'tlify will be promptly attrtui(d
to. -
One iiumlb di-ilvefod In clir rw..t SO
Out! mouth iy mail ...
1 hri-o .ii.iiSilis 1 50
sit i:itmths ..... i 00
Ine ynar ........r....7".-6 "
s x 'ntniUiis...'.:;...... ...f SO
ju tki i tOO
The l'lMiiilt'4. Wntclnxml
.lost jilt Wilty a lid u Fair Deal.
t will not be denied that a good
mat Di'momals latd n.Ulc party
prtdf two years cnjrtf. ti H.d voted for
Dennis Hjun from" tK-i)Hrtottc'ld&lro
t4o s. rvo the best interests Of the Vcr-
rltoi. Not that they lllcv0r
Kljnn possessed hupeiTpr hUlln
Mr Trovers and onttiul uitount
ro In- lde tti d" more imt simply
iindVdUfl:viphn the ulfti that l-tJlns'U
KcpnTnle'an-lin would be in tonoM wlthj
tho admlnhtratlon and in sympathy.
jyith tlui controlling party in congress
bothof jyhit'U
' " -. . .-
all Urfai lid ij W.ffMfliflf(
iiik muti: utiKaiiov
From the totte'oltnectintfs belngt
liciu in an nit; couiuica wrwc v-uuru-
Ke stHp andthe Ohoyenna hml Arup-
nhott country us 'gjvtncri.d -fnnuour
exchanges 1 Is phiin to tie HeOU Ititit
tho vital questlBn TJl beiDj aUW to iil-
tlnird "frtitJ honfes" tjiletiprcLcUenCe
ftvormcrc political iodtltWiiJ.Witti
.thouiandft It ls-ltTlcr fciWTnJmo or
lose. Hit pr05PCjrofsooriii -tlu traet
uniwiiicn irotn pne u turuu years oi
toiLiunJ every dollar. maloibj--huvc
U en etpetldud in tho effort to becoile
ltin-r linlAnQndciit and vbtlf sunportli
pVlUerlcaul iitiibns Voters are fast
'coming t9pathatrarouudJLhoj:oetlOd
of Jpscph Wlsby centers tliTsrtrrtliemt
greatest ((itstion oi UitJir Uvea
Neither' iarir J - 44Uo-tr -pastj at.
tadttment cdn-Wtian a mdn-awiiv from
ttvo gu8wltTnsWfsrpirtrorldlyJ
estate iwpoRscssion or pruspcut now.
evr diatlv h may loi I nlsarty
iifTi)o irtid f to traattTonsJorRuiatclyj
HViiV c-rntlf in following the only lead
Ulluanjt1i;ctii.ufilo Ui
tip to si ruulmilioii of
were urpuoncan at
tbiit.ilni.'-wlth tho chftnecVfavornble
to iU1 'con'dnuanco. inl ioqtroL lint
tho situation Is completely reverted
now The Democrats are in full con-
trol of tho government and will conj
tlnue to be for twoyoarhnu tuhalf at
the shortest i Bnrlu'ijp thou tltno matiJ
tcrs of t llnl concern to Oklahoma will
be . mounted o. congress nnd
I J -la of the hlfflidst impot?ta'ru?tf
l ill lb tfjaJcan avail thclil in thb trU
; IrtM uiaKu. no sncrincc oc sonximent.'
"ttfriufiliiitlps andTTlTnnllslB are called
ypuli tp forego only tho scadow of a
Otltficuf. tor should either of thefr
cHndldutcio elected they would gain
no vote in Congress on any polltlcator
other question. With so llttlo to losc
so inuch to galu how can they hcsl-
tntii ttf"join In common cijuso with
tlit)lrbeiglibors Jn sendlpg'to Wash
ingtoifT Ihelr -business- nguut thii
nblo lawyer and inllucntlal counsellor
Uo cliamptons from tho standpoint
of his own convictions the cause of
'-jjroo lib wee. i .
S nAjdanger tp his snecess lies in the
Mdc ttiatUil '.old OUlnhonia few arc
personally affected thoy think by tho
settlement of this issue. How much
fttJcy nfa In error a moment's thought
him of ordering the deportation of
Morton's hireling Tor politi til elTei't1
Hmii IicvVrileiiii
. r v n
bring themselves
tho fact that lawi-nH-tiiailo and given
tntn the linnds (if tinlilln olllcers to on
lion that oftVcra nrc ttuthorired and
1'inpowered to stl" lilt' ' luws aside and
bWrt.llidq oSV Mtyanglfewth ijii;
WlUinstcaU.. Mqrj-yj ih I1V i!J0
most- marked iidliTorj'tic6j.Ai(Jt'j'eii
Dccocraoy and Ul'pilblii5miwrui"Ji)t'm
ocrats rcRpccV'rfria'oofy'l'tn! m.
'"i:atint rntlmtlo Cotltncr
turuu Kclioou. ' t
Oc-t 27 Th Jlttp-f J
list jfejeiriu nsiilatlon of Missouri
which liSw1itstj6niplgted its sixteenth
annual inectlr? there adopted tho
"Whorcns Tho constitution of tho
vil nn I roligi'ius llbjrty to our poo-
ofjMLl Ai lool .-.yap npprchenioti
ies Yiyj(;
ccTido wo have wlt
JirinnHPylmrtrt-nf religious organlfa.
liuitrjrv tiv tlio- constitution us
tiinili il to pnhllo policy we have
ft n ilie halls rtf contre!j tleedratfld
. i . . . i1 . ....
iv tin tinseem l vl" religious rue ana iiiq.
etvici. of tl i" fjjm ciuincul placcil at
in. tiisiirKni i .TaiGsiuHLicai lnnciuu
hrlns llinn.livi nriivciklntr rclirrlous
j controversy and corruption; therefore
ri lie tt
II I i
1 ' '- "
Wlshj' antlJimitilomcs
of tnc iiigiicst; impommrc ..mi1 nnf.wn. r
to the lernorythal'ItsprcsTrhtlttjHhercaiinol tJscfipff- ihir' cirects of
hhall be possessed of tho necessary
nbllity to propei ly present Its requests
for favors not only but one who will
bo In position .to demand recognition! U8 jand jvas occupied
irom tnc pariy.m cciiur.tuj yi'uH-
gres and the departments. Mr. riytin
"cannot do it; that has bceTr"cleaf ly
o'.nojistiiitqt Idur1ng li1triSafgeirJ'"lnJXli
nrcsenl congi t5 lifltovcr of nlillity
A o'ric bftFie np'rWintifrtiltsliholA
Visbv a)ld Itoss'. 'dut ili't'WHGIttritie
xnnntri- r' HcK 'oY1?1oeeabtiLta
etircor onu ajpong. mmihWPBrWlZ
Uor.od tho fact ihlXSJ'eAViyil-i'fi
editor and pttbllsheiMjC JVUi'iftOTltiQ
papcrltt Iuwk lit 1HM iaudavasnuLU'ic-i
ocrnt When1 libWtnOMcdWKonthorri
lCnnsds tfu' sumcenT-.i'uitl-'bl Iflirly
btaflLf intcrrt !
knew fly nn personnllyialotlin.Ml)uai
find that We Was 'rt'ilfepKhtlUUti;' Mr.
Itoss! sttucfnent .'waVoj-jti! . TiWS CI
Klynn'n luwn paper Ift Alt.)i"s'hwf
that ho enoiiuh
Democrat 6 bcrVlioicit n?1 tlclcgrfto1 to
the party's tin;e;Aoiju"ifiyrQvlJHailb
be euokon ill qUICo I uy jWitjparty.
lilllff Is ' all rlirlit" wllro cllureJa jlo
llosolvcd. That vo. renrdcntlnff
'I'lflooo Ilaptists meeting inlhe' guhf
jcrul tissoruitidn of .Missouri h reby
ileplnrc tlieio 'legislative and e'.ecii-
tivi nets by v l(ich tho pttblift ravrtuo
sind honor of the country JiiaveJ)ccB
Jinvaded. ' ffi"l'
1 "We protest against thfWfH)roprla
Hon of monov to tho vftrls)rclitrIoUS
jbodics for so-called cdttcti5niil wnrjk'
'pmorig the Imltanst byf7dllirdur ng-
11. ... ..t..l.. ...... m. ItArttVAlVl nit'l (inn
nit- iu-.i. t-iiiw yciioanivvwww. ..v
been drawn fiOm theJiabllclrciMtry
about throe-l'ftIijfof'wlilcH hasboon
given to tho Ifogialliathollo church.
'Wo urfo uitojtm bureau of tn-
idtan auatrs tniPW&ension ot con
tracts." Wsmmffl
4 AK'
ANWfc nWotlri
uiast1iecks:fnid sL
shBtfi r011 . norV
70US cauausiionfijCT.
vouadobility Imnarr-
od momorv low
spirit?. Irritablo tcm-
itir.uid W3 UiWiSfflnl'
of mind nnd . Iwdy
that result from '
Uirutirb Irnornnco.
ButhAifibltA rrsnlt In
week tho ccnstitntlon and -sometimes pfo-
ViJjJiiitrinir alarm tho np MysH ami ociTiroaU insanity or
j UiT.T tZ?t... ....i.iK t?.-.Jtf f- Jlo reacii j-u.ciaixnjintL.rcsiortv.Fuca
iiiu inuirnn i. n i..c .u.h. w u ..... fnr.mntM to llclith nnl limtlnB. i ths
duro Eoftcnlmr of tlio brain. ci)i1omv..d-
rnlytiU afHlOciTdroadinslinlty. Qrf t
awl of tho publishers jf a book written in
plain but ihasto language on tho nature
Kvniptutno and curability by homo treat-
ment of such diseases. This book will bo
sent pculod In plain cnvolopo on receipt of
tcit rents In slumps tot postage. Addrc33
'World's lMiienjarr Modical Association
H MeUu Bt llufTafo.K. Y.
i ' r. i ......... . .. llllftIWIlUlU.lll4l'i "
iactfojncoilt l)nt it'-efiiyt st0( W Inrhilo Knlul.crg bqllovoft in the
. . " - .- - ' ' il llj. .F-..1I....I
iore tho rccow
UI J lljl(t l
-hm t i r.
r luiluence he inltrdt havo liei-TTaOlo
(o ewr lias been destroyed by his-own
actions in tho house The territory
would bo better biT without an ncrcd-
itcd representative than to have fly tin
there for In that event representative-
Democrats from tlio teriitory coujd go
to Washington and cectiic b'dm4nvon
through the influence of 'political nnd
personal friends in the two house?
nntintntnelod by the presence of n po-
litical t lien' and partissn antagon-
ist 'J he Democrats of ')hluhoin:i will
not repeat tho mistake tjicy made two
ynars ago; but actuated by the same
patriotic dcMro to hcivo Okla-
homa flrtt that pronipteil thum
tvvo yean ago they' will ncx'
month loyally utid cordially Mipcor?
Hon. Joseph Wleliy tlictr n mi purl1?
rundidulound (ho pcer. of.. JhcL..llsJU.
And it Itcpubllcnus and ropullsts wlb
but emn'atii tho flxamploTTpf" tlnjir
Doinocrnllc follow-llfifliia.JiQ.Ui. i"1.
It is but fair and reasonable to expect
this proud young territory will have
n'uundnnt caiiffo UftJoh-'i!atfa bgjad.
Will they do it? 'uRrAtAnt' hopes
tho disaster that would ensue if thu
vaa.HJQpulatlon in fnur-flfths of Okla-
hdmu'r' area is held to compilanb
with tho letter of tho law under which
That inter-
d.cpcpdchcpBqf cacli and overy busi-
ness nrofes'sion or avocation with tin)
Jntcrcsta of the settlers on these land
.woyjil carry all whether tho older or
newer couutics into vuo same maci-
slroni orTlisastcV. l'his Is no time to
be Epllttlng hairs over theories of
flanco or policies Of trado whon your
whole srnln Hrc7 gathered In one hand
nnd the knife"gl4ams in tho other of
tho uugust pur'fcOnuges atwhobowlll
tliey may -bo scvorcd from your crani-
um Klngfiher-Times.
vt. .'. ' ' . "
Donocrntio Slogan .Too Vis-
by un'd'FreO'HonitH.
i -
'iPltBlS VOUII HOlll'.i
The tcttlers In tho Chcrokco strip all
havo mortguges pn their homes rang-
ing from StitqjSi.SO per acre hi tho
Uifyiitijic-Arapahoe 3aa and 1'oxund
lowu lanUs-'they nro mortgaged ut
front $l82'to Jl 00 per uoro These
diorlUOges wjira plund thero by the
Ucpnbijcnhs. un lands in Oklahoma
proper werp given to tho settler
Ifutr under mo regular nomenicau
J)o you Wiuit JIoinstlovorj"
incutf JV)tC Vtr3ffllXhhy "
-- - -r. -i "" S"""l I (1 l
IH'iiiMl tho recent (oniiist innllia!
Ashland try dlslrh t fdr thu
thancellorJbrltHilderrann Emplro
vtrp imWntBHlKtlBC.
llEttu.v Oct Wrcat 3tir wns;
caused by tho IteScTplPor ntcfogranr
f mm Cologne giving the substanco of
an articlo In tho seinl-oftlc-al CbTOgtio.
Oa7otte which stated that Chancellor
V.on-Caprlvl and Count Jlotho 7x
Ihileniiertf jircsidont of tho 1'russlUn
coungll of mrulstors had resigned.
It is-Mtnown Hiat fbr' some llmo
past theje has bopn"coiisldorable ten-
Htorf'boTtrfeoh'thb clinncelldr ttiid lu-
lenberg ow'Wfg'WlhtffOrnicr's views In
rotfu-A loibi) xncusuroH to b fiubmlt-
tiidtii Uicjraiohstag for the-repression
afitioaliUlstA The ehancullor
ifaVocufitAtrMiinji: a modoatq policy
"Wx SS
s ftvl
0KLAH0y:gimE comfy
y TL.C stwFkSx
Will search.foutradc jduriiigili&.&Qaton-OjLLgq4. largest stock of cycles
and cycle sundries west of KansasrCity.
i . cu i.ln i i i n llt
r." A larscUne of Shd'-KalicyclcjrnWinb pjiZ& STtta
easy. Do not forget to ca0iop.wsvp- Seeing ffyi?f Aj'5i$jl!i8
Call at or a.ddrcss iis-iijjtj East Oklahoma avenue tiuthne (J. TT
The DJklahorna Bicycle Comp'y
E. H. KNAUSS ManagrecvA
i iu A
'fwlonUot of radical pjwqres to ob-
tniivdiip end sought
hiJutnpiWB 'iU)aui tolpgraphcil to
IVtiHca von ilohpnlohoiSchllHugsfurst
luhnltor .o.f jUsac.Qifjorralnc ro-
mpfltwigiium t(i assume tnc cnncoi-
iiuUMupiWtValoo Invited Jlr Jllquol
tpy uqciioil 2iilonbarfT as president of
4l)U- lrvvssMiUtninlstoriul council.
i."lnilUHlWrtfoVj' Trc.Vitit DUcnuml.
'.""VAiftftofof Oct 27. -Tho most
lV (I. aw1 iv.
A WOllUTO r01'CU8TtY''-
Thero is onoJantl only ohri fcofisldei
j that nervuH tlioM'opUliftaiofiPIcg
ahoma to con:nno tnoInvupw''Ji!L0M
cratlc congrpsslqual njijiijtniiAiii It JVO
frequently stated thivtJC.tJjQ cjyivst
lied extended fo tho wholfc. statu JCo
oncl llrc'criofiUdtfd Unliilu "hWo bred urcoht sub ect iliscit'scd at yestor-
nominntctl by a ItirKQ.innJprAiv'i. IVc't!- dav' cabinet iuceUuir was tllS udvls
ln upon that nMiimpUnn'tlittrfdonlit.1- trqops to tho Indian
pair. 0l"mccs "MUm;' " iimiyue- .dt.cilJod
i' " ' -. iiifl vuj. oj?oi: d")tii
JUICKt't' -' '-'' .' ' Wooitly moans of socitt
i ... . r . .. . . . i ..J ..
able orator with Mvtf t6p;tie-a'tid Mnwwmn wnuuituu-
1urllnAr1 iln irunn1t 4vt41i flirt rnntintf
for tho Unitotl htnlos sidjc; to t-uf-a)f Uiosucretury of tho interior for
feed Joe lllackburtii .GoUmcblJri:cUen- -troops ponlintr a tlcolsion of tho at-
and ha paW' W fa'W I JS"!! tl.tort. omo' A 4 u .St.i if
.) id be HMO' to utl otviWoylrLffi'SSJ0"- rfW11'
. ' i ( i ii i.j ni t i j etri" .ladksbn of the United States
gotenpligh Metotiamibltdr mo 5frllWru ).! family left
to Biibsldi' for p jjt lpiu j j.fccsitordoof foe U'homasvlllc qa.whoro
ihfl wiJJ oj??!) jPljtil tlio hqllduys.
cllmut'j was
h piiysictan as
V moans ot sccurim.' ttie jtis-
tldoHt return' to full health. Associato
tljey wete made fruo by tho
Uulph llenumtut for delegate to con-
cress' It I n't that. tlieyliollevpMhq
ci'tjtUl -jlo Jlhe territory noy earthly
good as its representative Ihey krib
he uannaU. Uut they entertain tho for-
lorit hbpa'thaViiolr party may ebAt
cporfgh liitiuljct s to hold yhojbajftM
or uower in tno nesi conKrj;ii iih
tho event that-tV'ncKtJjiresUhiJial
election should ToitIiVQA?nlrfo'
house to dcclde'thclr party tnlghfbo
ublo to name the next presldcnSu.2h
Hue of reasoulng is worthy oulyof
Mrs. Toodlca. It leads to Hn event
that is only within the range of the
remotest possibilities.
lint suppose tho next presidential
olectlon should bo referred to tho
house for settlement and suppose tho
Populists should hold tho balance of
power; what vood could Mr. Jleau-
montdo without a vote as he would be?
Absolutely none. He would bo of no
inoro value to his party In doUrmln
lug the issue than is a bump ou a Jog.
X hero is a matter that should cpmo
before congress which Is of direct and
vital concern to Populist lu tho ter
ritory equal with Republicans-nnd
democrats and that X tho question
ot f rco liQincH. This is not a party
.jiicstion. peVsvAbut thenosslUUU
take nfcy acti8n.UCVlaii Jo jtjr iol
depends very larlyfvJrftftgWy-
wholly upon polltlcul and partisan
considerations. Mr. tflynn s frank
enough to admit that being u llepub-
lluan uud tlw hqu's"lKlo?5Wiopo
ltl biijunalfj 9i li (flo ff W'y
Hi'numont would bo placed
wono disadvantage for similar roa.
MJllH. i .
What then is the tensible
thu it-asonablo thlOtf lot3 -PopiillfcU
dp in view ot the
MomotraU? J-Uo Dcitiocruts-now ton
Vrpl the udmlnlsiration and- wlllrue-
yond doubC control tlio next congress.
iVniilTtr Udirttilktratlon in power at
ushtngton whoso natural Inclination
ind dusiiv is to give tho poor bottler
of tltu 'H.ust frco hemes and n ropre-
auutatTvo iu Wash ngtou from Okla-
homa in perfect harmony politically
and personally with that ad-
ministration frco homes would be
near at hand. This being so who can
suy UiaUtJa dot to bo tho interest of
eory settler on these mortgaged
clnims to vote for Josrpli Wisby for
'vongrc'jsV It makes no dllTeronco
jy)ifttyour pqlitlenl preferoucos may
bcfvoio'thdi onco for your homes and
fuoSilvi if vbd havO-nd family vote for
woo pooketbook. Vote this 8500 mort
gage oil oi your nome nnti on your
neighbor's homo. You didn't come to
tliefilrlp for your health nor for pot
liticaV purposes but for a home and to
bolter your "condition. thoro7oro Voto
for your Interests. You can't bolter
your condition and Tcmovajour gov-
ernment mortgaire by a vol fQrd'lynn
Jit party plaied tho mortgage on yod.
Hnjdthe'has been In congress for two
yjari rbU Introduced uo bill for its re-
moval. If Mr. Flynn was in favor of
free homes ha could ccrtuiuly have
Uind.0 a start in that direction la two
years' time. Voters glvo this your
cnraftil thought tnd if yon wnnt litis
bond released vole to release It Voto
for Wisby tho only man that can nnd
will rcloaso it Stillwater Messenger
i a I i
A n ix a cpU has pijsfc&l 'f.tri&e 'the
charges were pabUcly. jjirctftsrrqd
ngalnst l'nltiter Huston Ijiwrcnee.
Sturgls .t Co -it tr.alfyusWrico tltid otherl
corrupt pi-nttlccfl In.ofllqcand Vy)t iijii
days remain until thuj oleollop. ypt
they arc dttmW as olnms and -stolid as
an Kpj'ijtfati SflrnX( ! Mrt";thafcmn
of Logun comitj:;rQ(j)yt1you1naylc-
prnd upon Ih ' ' i.n i i - j '
i ' ' i ui hi i
.1-urUch Stijtilion J. lOiold has been
.cpnfiimd to hi house since Monday
with a scvciq cold.
Mr. Olney fn ! iWlilon on i:tsctlon
Cnnrs'lit'Fedflral t'Ollrtt U Correct.
WasiiINOTo.v IVt ' 27 -Allorney
General "lrjcy hpciiklOg to day of
tho statpuidUt of the assistant district
nttObJalKansai City that there
wa-no law oy wntcn election linuas
cqwld bo punished in United States
eourls said that wltlioiit speaking as
kHthorltlvcly as he would on a care-
ful examination of tho statutes
he ivai of the opinion that the Kansas
City attorney was cot rcct Uy tho
act passed by congress last February
repealing ths fedaral elections law.
Confess has done away with all
election paraphernalia so far as tho
United States courts were concerned
nnd had taken away their jurisdic
tion. At the tlmo there was no
doubt In his mlu that state laws
Voro In existence liy Virtuoof which
elcclton frauds whether of registra-
tion or voting could bo punished it
IliUiln'it fclfck Itulcr1 Appotlto Itctnru-
lli C Hut the CrliU Not I'uiieil.
I.oxno.v Oct 7. Dispatches re-
ceived at tho Russian embassy here
this tnortihig- from Tiivndia report
that' thO 'czar Is considerably better
tinW that hd "breakfasted with nppa-
lild ond energy i . M
Tho followinir bulletin rpin the.
physicians was issued at StJcrs-
iuvg At J I o'clock thiii morning; ''Tho
VJjr slept fairjy well last night nrtd
appetite this mointntr gOUd. Thcttt
aro no sotnholerit Or couvtililv'6 symp-
toms. Thb oedema hns Increased."
A statement purporting' to come
from T.Wadlb b' way of Parls.allcgos
thftt tho operation of thoracontrls
lins Keen performed upon this cfar
with snecesi utid the rclenslng of
liquid matter bv puncturing has
greatly relieved Ills breathing and
the pi'Cssmo mound his hcArt
. ' ' i ii i
An Upritln In IIhituII Noir Hot for tho
' Tint Election Uiijr . .
SA FiiATfCiHCO Oct 17. -.Alamcda.
which ni lived yesterday from-iddney
Anculand Apia mid Honolulu
brought nows from Honolulu toiOclo-
bcr 18. The most interesting point
was the fact now that the first
election t)ot the now rcpiiblle-'druws
npar theso repoits liUvo ngttin been
circulated of a ltoyaltst Uprlsto&"c1ec-
tlou day October VU. Very
stock wns. however
port Xominatlons for schatrtri and
representatives havo been nvide.' Out
of twelve chosen for '"tho Island of
Oahu only two nrc natives and this
has caused some criticism amongjtho
native annexationists Every nojn-
Ineo has been pledged to the support
of tho annoNation plank lp tliq plat-
form to tho qxnluslpp of orcyldng
elso. .
L 1 . .J
.7X1 a;oa uii
ri I 1 ll i S ll
..!-. j .SHU
. I I ti 1 I -
i. u -f ll w
'in i ti.m
- - J-.O u .
H. ti. PMRy ppVHrH
U 11( jt'tiiti
ii.i tiii tan...
' i.H it . -.i j
309 Wst Ok.lahomaA venue.
Twb car' Ib'ads' to
11 '-
Frco HOntfs 111$' iyi;UV-L
1 H
A"! omit it Will I'lutkJ 1 .
Vt 01 0ir"''7''nss'-Agnf;-s
Jpnps who owns a llnci felaliu twlfiify"
miles noi'tn "of nci-t."'
homo on it. loft homo- some wVoIwl
agolu T&H4n Kaushs utidjniulo r ii
house bhe ordcrel In in 10 leave lint
ha did riot"luA'd libT a'rld'rtliM'Anwnhd.
iili: iiutu uiHiti' u"'vusN'.iii- . .... . . .
ir Aivtfni stt itiii: .fhtjdMmiindft-4"TI.e trial m tucy mfemuors or tno
... .1 t. 1 til .. a ' !'. Aiiiiib tl linn
'lhu UKyiYjctfid.tlw
r fiivors tho ?riul toilce.
IJVJUA'iAlOI.IS Ind. Oct S7. Judgo
Ilrown sustalnod tho grand lodge
JCnljliVs of Pythias in Us stilt vs.
ICooj'Hci- Inrgo for property. Koerner
lodge sited' because the supremo lodge
ruled out the German ritual. It sur-
rendered Its charter but hold Its pro-
perty. The ruling is in favor of tho
irland "lodge. "The caso is a test and
is1 Tftgnrded nB important in that it
will bo followed by other suits
tlwongh9Ut M'o United States. An
apnea! will bo 'taken.
'Or JU T 1 . .
T)ig.steamSlnp Falcon is still un-
'hetit'a frSm' and 'liopo for h6r safety
lulit been itbUutlonod.
In Chicago ona of the lunro ware-
ol.ti'u9i"t&D ll?I?PeErJ3F. ?al'.er
YprKH lias uurncu i.oss siou.uuu; in-
very mile
takch iti the re-
The Mistletoe Bar
Cor. Oklahoma Ave. and Division.
One e-dck From Hotel Royal.
GaterS'tothe Best Trade' Only 'Best Goods
V.r . trr'Stock all the Time
Hamilton & CO.
Church of Christ Scientist tiunday
school at3;3P p m ; bible raadtpg ond
Inquiry meeting at 7:30 p. m. E-crv
Sabbath at P01 Man sur avenue Yest
sldo. All ore Invited
Or. Price's Cream Baking Powder
Vorld'n Pair Hltrtio- Medal hd Diploma.
' 1 . '
For Conch t'pl.U Aathiua. llronphltla
or any disease of tho throatand lungs
try Uegga' Cherry Cough Syrup. It
relieves yhera all others r fall f?old
and warranted uy Seafpnlah Drug'Co.
Dr J. V Dauthltt has a$sqciattd himself with Dr. J. A.'IIart &
Co. and arc loct'ed at the corner. o lfirst ahfl nibble The ( have a large
barn when they can profierly care ior all siqk and crippled animals.
As veterinary smeortfr they ate Second td none.
In connection. iith the hospital they run a' boat ding feed and
exchange barn. AH stock left in thcTr care will receive their constant at-
tention. All CjIIs promptly attended to day or night. Surgeon Dentsts.
Spavin and Ringbone are their specialties. AU of their instruments are
new anil comprise everything Hnown' t6'the Veterinary science. Have
ample room for roo head of stock. Call and beshqwn through tile hospital.
missed her.
llurrr'nri ltlow f. un Jova Vault' 4.1
MaiaTkn. low ii 'Oct ' att-r-flbn
rafinots'tind It'chaJn(cs'"njank' 8?
visited by lituylatW this moVfims1- ulul
11 lu Vh'nt.'&nfUt fti Halihi'sas
stolen. 'itro.Klyc.tba'y!'fts 'jMil lih
HuuuHt Settlors'
Down Mlth Soonors.
tho Lmv
fat t tv e JiVe fctated? Will I liey.t wi
lbey Afford' tWflose llieWjes to 1
wBrJIawSinerost tour
n bit of partisan sentiment that
The people of this coiumuuity were
treated to addresses by the Ilou Joe
Wsby Ueinocratlo candldnte for del-
egate to congress and the Hon L. 1'
Hobs of Oklahoma City yesterduy.
The latter gentleman spoka first and
by the time ho Rot throunh thero ap-
peared to bo nothing further that
could be said or needed saying to prove
that tho. rtcoplo of this urritory nro
nov la a position to say whelluT
they vvlll ' avo free homes or not l'e
not only asserted but proved that the
flection of-J.00 Wisby lis our delegate
Wks io only c.ban?e wo would ever
are to sopiire that favor Tlynn has
irieuanu ivu an i.nuw mat iiu mo
failed. Wlsoy promises to ap ins ic
and hus a hundred ehauces for success
.hcro Flynn had one and as the
speaker said the election of Wxsby
net month was the pnly clianco we
6uuevr Ret to c?uro leglalalli ti
y.hlch'TYoulil lift from. oir. uhonlders
the unjutt load Imposed by a Uopub
licun udminlstratlou. The spea'tcr
V&i alt mainly in hard facts but onco
In a while to hi a uroii story or witu-
ilsintKtt brought a burit of lauglitcr
from the audience.
"The Hon. Joe Wlsby followed and
hJa'rfrBfksrdeepfuCd the impression
at-alnst tho removal of a inorUrajfe
from hlr ov hemes and tVn kimM
opening tho vault bn
nnt 1h(iriinirlit-7 Understand.. Its . lrsO
and the. buiidlnjr VYO.s jDcucilc.vlly 1
blown to nlecostinu tho inonpyiiua
olhor contcnU ejHfiifhluffiiio the
street. U'ho 0Mih)lOM .""Pl8udj tltb
whole nulglibprhwi). u Jfl
'it'onMnr 111 i ri to VotiU"j
Asiiriifcoy I ild ic. !;T -TwOhuh''
drert nniVX)fly incmtj-irs . Of 'iffpVo
man's ChrlsVlan eippcVa1ic;ilJWilpa
resolutions l4st.ri)ghttirq td
MilbojftQni P-'oniii August 31. has
b?en sot for Octonor 'y.
.loliu Jlruco Ivord who vas former-
Ivr 'cAig'n'gV'ii In tho publishing busi-
ness In ''New York dt as died nt his
iioiniiiv lirooUlyni-agcdTD. Ho pub-
lulipd Jhp works of Henry vnrtl
H-cpher. Mrs. StWo fthd William
fnlthi IJryalif. '
llitry imUngs Jack llllllugs
hniltoo Illlllnirs and Jesse fetreot
aui'iabcrflf ft Kang of. White Cuppers.
passed resolutions go
tho polbvuuM moutUiind aUpipp to
yoto in ordor to aid .to e!n; ie
constitutionality of Xho Imjijijnatato
law. i nn
"r ' ii i
ii ''i
every iiolson "In "y6in"4jloodrdiy l)r'.
PJerde's' ("JohUin- Medical- 'WU'boverJv:
Tlien tbcrii'h'ii 'tU'tllilh.mVa..ulear
system. Tftttvr Halt llhetttu-B-eema
IJrvsipo'ris "li'Mls. t'arbunelos. Kn.j
lorged UladUs TStMfr MAayMnP-
tho wort scrofula. I hose are pgr.
all lloivl-.SUyi nndScurp"rn80sses. 1
u a coiHHi&n Jotcli or eruption. Xvi
itstly and perutanentlyie4ired by H
In building up &egodaash und
LVcnjtlf of nale.nnHyflr5cfofdlouii
i ti " - i.V. -.r!lHC1lV
enjiuron nommg cggi
.n ail p m
Dellcoto dis(?asirsSjltl
i)io have commitled many outrages
111 IIHUU - J uiihw-uvu v v
fofttitltriilUy at Covlnglort Tenn. and
;iven long terms -in tha ponltentiary.
Charles Kugstrom bridge tender
&u tha Chicago and Northwestern
railrpailnVJron Alountniu Mich. was
"iiud wi'ddr" tliO trestlo at the Chupln
iiiiic with his skull crushed in. He
Tvct-rireiL his pay Thurstlav' and it is
il hij.rd y us murdered uud robbed.
Jiutifu William O. Urooks one of
iiia. iol jojnUiei)t layors in the
HlVii agoi) 80 jcirs dropped dead
i thb huniier ti.blo at lllrmlntrhatn.
1 ltr of heart disease. Ho was born
i"- Sjtith Qarollua out re
aiyeil- to Alabama bsforo the
r and was for jear on the
m !i Ho was conspicuous In South-
ii'.iii'dlr's both before and after tho
mi Uo presided at tho national
...nwiirMic convention which iiet in
.jitVtna S. C. fu lSdO and noiu
m tJolihXl Urecklnrldge for presd
'"n Ho was afterward presiding
dr ot .UabamaUsecosslpnconven-
wr" r'Hn ci?pttni)c;l tbo practice of
up lo the tl-i1 of Ids death.
e. he".
ff Ipfliu'i-iAlpKi IrleifJ. Kovi and cur
ii IMs to 4kinnclulon
CBTftt'te VelV-ff. thliitl9ii next
M.n.1. win nf vlfnl Ininnrtunca to
noting uOhtwua. trr:u "i2KIVIifrJHitoii;o the territoryjji uhir
howa nnd that every voter no mat"
1 vhathUpimcrlwOB pHan
One Hight Only.
Satorday November 3.
Special epagement of tile-natural Irish
Comedian Vocalist and banco r
In a Scbnlfe TrdduJetlArt bf hitf lntcsU
Iclsh Comedy Drdirt
1 1 F I nTny trt-elV Sbpgs.
H I" Q KThtf UotrrGwen Quartette.
1 1 LnllXhegr.anAfiilurch Choir.
ft I" PThe gceatqliapo.1 scene.
r KThe grunt prison scene
lL.t1'ho thrilling escape.
Prfces V5 fiO 26.
Advance SaH at Wallace & Muller's;
CAliL at iau:csuq;l
113 N. Senltlil "
Fpr your palnf-lnp 'paper hapging
and blgn work. All work guaranteed'
Democratic muss mud ting b
will be
nit'i iiinutiii vuuvm -r'-
cured AdnfvjriiLPflde11 World's ' " ?u pww n tpo
? ':e! "ft-ffl
falo . :f; '". V Wcstthithne. Oct. 31.
Tlio Itordt'bWuer'iUi'adTpu the nortu . behftcl- -dlstrlat Ko" Ot Fairvlcw
l.lATiflliirr!anunoniuLSnear Herond srlinol llOuic. Uit. SI)
strcet---J. Ik Towers Meager. JJ8t Syhuo Jiouo distrkt No f ? lralrle
. --'"' rli;;;j' b . kohool honso Oct -
Wanted M oneO'4l'.t-class (short w 1$ icvoa. candidate for rep.
ordcti3mU. CaUhtIerJbant Ijuncn rcicuatlye- unrt other speakers will
Hcitn 111 Uiqiioiaa. rXf iu ' speaklvUcacUnt ljpi meetings
ROYAL Baklmt Powj 4 iitAfitjsoVrVtary
Tho best Cotton Market for
the. southwest is now Houston
Texas. This has been proven
beyond a doubt by those who
have t.bippcd Cotton thero dur-
ing the past three years.
To accominodato the large
trade conccqtratlng here we
have last year built a model
press and warehouse and
hare this year doubled Its ca
Pleasoeprrespond with us l
foro dlsposlftg-of your
W. L Douglas
' -. a m aaa. .m .
scno rwcArXLcauE
Vou con aavp manor PX purclm)u V. Iw
llccaui: 'Wmi ' urecitmaoufactdwaof io ieibo.wortil.auaKuatanwe
.... .i.ti.v ii. muiac llie name ond tm
: --7--.
jdKv ty" )&yP jL
W-- ncrDO
Good fit and fTrst-cJilss workman-
M ' Shgun'tfce'd!
.iit ii Virjiinnl i ..
n in. at. inn i. it. .
109 South First SI reot.
sin i lrijpworWaudKuai
v. L rocias ona tot
llie ho(V'i. dli il totcct ytiU'aratiln
ce oa
raiiut hlsh
niu' tno4u. .ouxtboe
fluiuit m
It. If your
dealer cauuot aupply voaj jvpfaa. Sqjdpy
210 OKLA. AVE.
rk- lai attulaa aCV
LTTUH1 Ci 7H Wi . ''fAr-
l.i.vnt'.FrlnaUc. TtVe no mbttUu
and ask for stencil quotations
and qtyc fclljtlA.
Wn. D CiiTini & Ci.
- - mtoiYhf
Are just an old old
In this new shapcf
itoctors have always given
this prescription in water 1
We nave them in this shape
simply for their hnndiness.
. UfX3 TlKIUiMa Ilka aa.
jpowrriul xnacnlaerr tlilix a
lwU aiiirnry lt!W4i9t
It Bow Motm or at Hall
gutjnVmmtriX.O 11
.4 iv. .44.
. W"
; "'"? v jv t sat. .
rr-rr r -7-aaaaaa " s
J 4 S TlU Mme 0r(e
M .
l Tl. BT
la mmm a
J'liWl'l -4?W'r 'i-Cw '
' awHlnVariflll "? ? S.
WW-Vfc HHHK. l .1 J. WU HTll J1W.9UIIHIU
aVIHkVv Wonkkis.BSBB an
mtmM-' " "h. sm
"rw r I ST'Wrvl
Arthur Williams
ifFino Clay
LFaacy Suit-
west EnQiana Trousenng
Wlliiams & Walters
im TA&MS.
-MIX Sotk jimi r' H

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