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--- .3lAirt I
hwmwi amijjiifeprj
Twooflhn Tlirvo llrntlenirn Oiimpotliic
III" lanrrn liiiiiiinUilmi Vltt tt"
IhI t'llr-l'iMBrrMof Tlirlr Work -
('licn'tmvn nrnl OhIrkHMM Will
At-rrpt tlie PrITrrrl fi-iun -
Ulrli t) M.r to llpi-n.
Cnptaln Arch MeKounon ami Major
Ki'UI of tho Dawes commission were
In the city laFt niht llu fjiu'sH of
.lulin .1. Holes. Tho ifPiitlumen sire
over from South MoAIihiUt on llieir
way to I'ort Sill but having busi-
ness In l'erry. stopped oft" here to
mnlio a short visit with their friend
Mr. Holes. Tho gentle men report the
work of their commission as progress-
ing very slowly but feel confident
that thoy will have attain In such
thiipo as to make a report before con
gress convenes niraln. Three of the
tribes arc now considering the propo
sltlrn lnl.l beforo their councils and
it is almost assured that the Choctaws
nnd Chlchasaws will nouiit the terms
In brief the proposition made to tho
fivo trlbos is to allot their lands In
bev( rally reserving all the minural
nnd tounsltes. which will bo sold l
tho highest bidders tho proceeds of
the salo to be divided per capita. This
would give every member of tho Choc-
taw and Chickasaw trlbcn about 700
acres each the Creeks about 500 acres
cuch the Cherokees about 170 acres
and the Scrulnolcs about 70 acres each.
T'ie purpose of this commission is
to open this rich territory to the com-
merce of the couutry and that these
nations will ultimately bo compelled
lo yield to this demand U a foregone
conclusion. As Captain McICcnuon
aptly put it: "It Is no longer a ques-
tion as to whether it will bo done but
how best to do it to protect tho inter
est of the Indians and advanco their
Major Kldd was formerly in com
ma nil at Ft. Sill.
llullitlnci On the (limindi Nrnrlnc Com.
pletluu-Noteri nml Comment".
Tho Oklahoma Stato Fair which
opciiH in this city next Tucsilay will
not only eclipse all previous fairs
but will bo tho best ever held In tho
two territories. Tho turf will teem
with troors "and tho exhibits will bo
Work on Hie tloral hall begins today.
Tho navlllton und tho judges' stand
luwo been completed.
Oeorgo Taylor is buy allotting
space at tho grounds.
Forty race horses aro speeded every
morning on the course. People aro
invited to drive to the grounds in tho
early morning and see tho sport.
Hxtra stalls aro being put in with
water near at hand 1000 feet of pipe
having been laid from tho waterworks
plant to the stalls.
Tho Uuthrio Hiko club is building u
1-1 mile track at the grounds to be
used for bloycle races exclusively.
A Wild West thow will bo a feature
of the fair.
Prof. McDce manager of tho Per
sian display at tho World's Fair will
conduct a Midway show on the
All tho exhibits at the Wichita fair
will bo brought to Guthrie; also all
tho horses.
Tho School Hoard Miutra lUolf Into 1'rolil
llielicii AruIii.
Tho school board held a
Tuesday night and. having
better to do scrapped over
ored schools. Two rooms in
tho col-
tho Vilas
avenue school building are not used
und Colo and Hurk asked that tho col-
ored children living In East Oulhrlo
bo allowed these rooms Instead of
walking to Wost Outhrie. Martin
backed them up with tho proviso that
a high fenco bo built on tho grouuds
to beparato the while and colored
children. A hard tight was made on
Prof. Mallory because he had refused
to open tho rooms but Mallory was
backed by a majority of tho board acd
stood pat. Tho board scrapped furi-
ously forbeveial hours and thou ad-
journed leaving the matter to adjust
0 .Are's Cream Making Powder
rtiUIni no Ammonia or Alum.
This is a Fit Time
A nice piece of Woolen Goods made up into a well fitting suit is
something that every tasty man should possess. Willis the Tailor has
just received another large invoice of Fall and Winter
Willis selle choice goods and ives excellent fils ic suits. His styles arc
the very latest.
Niw lle for Wlljr. JnliiiMin nml Clark.
Democrats should not fall to attend
the mass meeting In tho United States
conrt room Saturday night.
A big barbecue will bo held at
Mooro on Saturday Out 13. Among
the speakers will be Hon. Joe Vis by
Col J. V. Johnson Judge 11. W Pat-
terson and Hon. D. P. Host.
The Democrats of Pawnee arc
and paring to hold a rousing rally
barbecue at Pawnee on Saturday
tobcr SO.
A barbecue will bo held in Hustler
township northeast oi Uuld in O
county on Tuesday 0it. 0. Oood
speakers will bo prcsenL
Onl V11) Appointments.
Thursday October 4 at 2 o'ulock at
North Knld.
Thursday night October 4 at 7
o'clock at Knlrt.
.1. W. Inliimon'ii DiilJ-d
Thursday October 4 at 7 o'ulock at
Friday October 5 at 7 o'clock nt
Saturday O--ober 0 ut 7 o'clock at
IInu..lolin S. .lohiiMHi mid Hon. John It.
'llijusday Oct. 4th at
Thursday Oct. Itli at
3 o'clock at
7-3fl at Paw
Friday Oot. 3th
Thursday Oct.
! o'clock jit
llUi at 7:3D at
Krldy Out. 12th at 3 o'clock at
Piiday Oct. ISth at 7;S0 o'clock at
Saturday Oct. Mill at 3 o'clock at
lion Joupph Wlilty.
Friday Oct. Sill at 7:0 o'clock at
Saturday OcL Cth at 2 o'clock at
Wednesday Oct. 11th
nt 7:30 at
I nilcpendrnt Colored Voter Hold ultima.
Ini; Meeting on tlio Acre.
Tho colored voters of Outhrie who
have pulled away from that parly of
shams and false Idols Republicanism
hold a stcm-wtndlng rally last night
on tho "Aero" Fivo hundred negroes
wcro present. Speeches were made by
Capt. C. II. Tandy candidate for rep-
resentative Col. McCarver nnd Judgo
Jackson. Tandy's speech was eloquent
and to tho point nnd ho arraigned the
llly-whltcs of this county with rare
finesse. Hut canister balls were poured
into Dodson Lawrence Huston Oreer
nnd Painter whllo Goodrich Itusscll
and other candidates defeated by tho
boodling ring wcro complimented.
Tandy's remarks wero convincing and
unanswerable and his speech was In-
terrupted at least 800 times by en-
thusiastic colored men with tho cry
"Quite proper Tandy."
Tandy was heartily endorsed in his
candidacy by McCarver Jaclcsou and
all negroes present
Tho County Clerk Ilecelvm n'Wnrm Kn-
ilunemrnt l'rom lllluuln.
."rank J Dolcator present county
eluik and candidate for re-election on
the Democratic ticket is in rccuiptof
the following letter which shows how
lie is thought of by friends ut his for-
mer home:
l'o whom it may concern:
This certifies that we tho under-
signed county officials of Mason county
Illinois have known Frank J. Dolcater
since his Infancy until his removal
from this county a few years since and
wo tako especial pleasure in testifying
to ins merits no nas always been
honest and Industrious and few young
men have exhibited a groater capacity
for business than he. Helicvlng that
ho will intlhiuuy discharge any duties
ho may engage to perform and wish-
ing him tho fullest success in all his
undertakings wo commend him to tho
voters of I.ogan county Oklahoma as
being in every way worthy of their
Thomas N. Mkiia.v Co. Judge
C. P. llAI.MNGKH Co. SllIlL
Wu. N. Duffv Clr. Clerk.
H. I). Tkiuiki.i Co. Clerk.
John P. Ohiki'itii Sheriff
Albert Welmer Co. Treasurer.
As tho namo Indicates Hall's Voire
table Sicilian Hair Hciiowor is n ro
nower of the hair. Including its
growth health youthful color and
beauty. It will pleaso you.
Lost A gold and amber hair orna
ment between the opera houso und
the Olda hotel. Finder return to this
olllcu and reoolvo reward tf
Tho Uoyal barber shot) on the north
Ido of Harrison avenue near Second
strooL J. 11. Toworo. Manager. 118th
Mrs. Sauudor tho milliner has n
full line of the latest millinery and is
adding to her choice stock every doy.
I.nrRO lint Ii f verluut (!liuri;i I.ulil nt
the Door of llin I'lrt- Drpirtmcnt Clilel
Now nt Iclilln "AllendliiB" tho
I'nlr Hpecnliitlon nit to Ilia Sue-
niiiir- Iml the Klro lloj
Sujr Aliout Die .Mutter.
Several months ngo Tun Lradkii
said omo things nbout Fire Chief
KniU and asked "what ho was (not)
thero for?" Tho oily council Ood
bless lt poor deluded soul took um-
brage at Tiik Lkadkic'h remarks and
declared that "Hank" vns the '"hot
stu IT" or chile words lo that olfed.
The council has evidently changed
its mind. Hy a unanimous vote of
that body Mr. Hank Bads fire chief
lias been asked to resign. It is said
that serious charges havo been pre-
ferred against the ihiof which lie
must answer.
Mr. Ends has been notified of tho
council's action but as yet he has said
or done nothing. Tho chief is now in
Wichita "attending" tho fair.
Personally Hank may bo all right
but as n public olllctal nevur. It is
quite probable that O. W Taylor will
be named as his successor.
r.lRhtll Council nnd i'lrtccntli Ilcprrnrntn.
tlte Dlntrlrt Contention.
The Populists of the Fifteenth rep-
resentative district held their conven-
tion nt Mul hull on Monday afternoon
and nominated J. S. Wado of M til hull
as tholr candidate fqr the legislature.
Tho convention was allvoly one thore
being eight candidates for tho nomi-
nation. There was the regulation
amount of wire-pulling and scheming
mid not a little friction generated but
Wado and his groomsmen held tho
longest pole and ho got the persim-
mon which gave his mouth tho right
pucker and ho went away whistling
Tho council district convention for
the Eighth district was called to meet
at Mulhall tho samo day but owing
to tho fact that the convention for the
Sixteenth 'representative district
which with the Fifteenth compose
tho Eighth eounll district was called
to meet nt Perkins on that day and
samo delegate were appointed for
for both the council convention ad-
journed over to tho 3d. During tho
interval thoro was any amount of
skulduggery engaged In nnd schemes
wcro planned whereby two or three
Individuals sought to pay off some old
scores of personal enmity and so well
ill j they lay the wires that tho choice
of a largo majority of tho party in
in tho district was finally defeated in
tho convention and a young mail who
is unknown outside of his township
When tho council convention mot
Tuesday morning everything wss
cocked and primed and young Mr. H
U. Tankcrsloy of Pay no county glvon
tho nomination in spite of the fact
that F. S. Pulliam was tho preference
of a majority of tho dulogates and of
four-fifths of tho party in tho district.
And that is the way tho much
vaunted policy of tho ofilco seeking
tho man works among tho Populists.
And Some OotulU Kclatlne to An Indecent
nnd llrutitl Iliirlul.
Olllccrs are still at sea in connection
with tho deatli of Fraulc Ledger tho
young Englishman who was mur-
dered thrown into tho Cottonwood
and then giveu tho burial of a Siberian
exile In a town which boasts of cn-
lightcnmeut refinement nnd high
civilization. Tho particulars aneut
tho awful interment of Ledger
wcro given in yesterday's Lkaiihii.
It lias since been learned that
tho county is not to blamo far tho in-
decent burial. Tho body was turned
over to Win. Thorne. wiio avers that
Undortaker Spongle's employes agreed
to give the remains proper burial for
$3. On tho other hand Spengel fiatly
denies Thome's statement. Ilu says
Dovere Thorno's purtuor came to his
place and ordered a burial shroud for
81 but that tho order for tho shroud
was countermanded llfteon minutes
later with tho remark. "Itdon't make
uuy difference tho body will not bo
It's a tough deal all around but in
tho ineautlmo an an.xious public wants
thobo questions auswerco: "Who
killed Frank Ledger; nnd how was ho
Very I.lKlit Vote rolled nnd tho People
Demi "Periiltut"
Not over 300 people know of tho elec-
tion hold yesterday to vote S7.000
school bonds if tho voto polled is any
Tho election did not create ns much
as a stir not oven a drink. The re-
turns show that tho proposition was
voted down by a largo majority. An-
other election will probably bo called;
If so it is hoped the call will bo legal.
Following is the voto by wards:
l'or. Against
First ward 40
Second ward 10
Third ward
Fourth ward 41
Fifth East precinct. 8
" West 13
Mrs. Saunders the milliner has re-
ceived a fresh supply of fall novel-
tie tf
Colored CrnvnntL .hnth tiAnffl nml
ihalk at tho Capital City Hook Storo
MurrlnBe YMcrdny of AM Itntlcr nnd
Mini Cnnrlr Mnrpliy.
Mr. A C. Ilaxler and Miss Cassle
Murphy both of Hits city wore milted
In ranrrlage yesterday afternoon nt
the 'otiio of the bride's sister Mrs.
Judge Withers. The woddtng was
qulot and unostentatious only the in-
timate relatives and friends of tho
contracting parties being present.
At 3 o'clock the eouplo took their
places beneath a beautiful arch of
iasmlne in tho parlor of Juogo With-
ers and Kcv. Hill of tho M. 11 church
pronounced the words which made
these two young people man and wife.
The groom uppoarcd In tho usual
black with white gloves and vest
Tho brldo was handsomely attired in
a dress of pure wlilto with gloves
and slippers to match. Aftor the
ccromony was concluded und tho
happy pair had received the congratu-
lations of the immediate relatives who
were present tho company repaired
to tho dining room whore a well laden
table awaited them. The dinner over
the bride and groom took the I o'clock
train for Wichita Kansas City and
olhur eastern points where thoy will
spend tholr honey moon. Upon their
return thoy will tako up their resi
dence for the present in the house
"just largo enough for two" on a
claim four mlltis south -of town. How-
cpr Mr. lla.xter intuuds ongaging In
bujtness in tho city in the spring.
It is hardly worth while to recount
the history of the groom in these
coluintiB suflUc it to say tha.t hp is
u young man of genuine worth and
promise respected nnd honored by nil
who know him and known by nil our
He came hero at the time of the
opening some fi years ago and has
resided here ulncc. Wo predict for
him u future of iuilucncc nnd power
in tho business world.
The bride is a resident of Plnevllle
Ky. Sho came hero somo two years
ago to visit her sister Mrs. Judgo
Withers; being favorably impressed
with the country she hns since made
her homo in Outhrio in preference to
tho Illuo (irass State. Sinco coming
hero Mrs. lta.xtor has 1 con a reigning
belle In tho society world admired
ami courted by all.
Tho young couple begin life with
tho well-wishes of a host of friends.
"May their ways bo tho ways of
pleasantness and their paths bo paths
of peace."
The following is a partial list of tho
presents nnd donors: One-half dozen
silver spoons D. II. Arrell; bllver cake
baskot Murray & Williams; silver
cake knife James Murphy; salid oish
Mrs. It. Teal; silver salt and pepper
service Stewart MeKuy: silver tooth-
pick holder Mr. and Mrs. lteach; sil-
ver fruit baskot L. W. Haxter; large
mirror George Gardner and intnily;
pickle castor Judge and Mrs. Withers;
set silver knives and forks set silver
tea service silver butter knifo and
sugar shell Mr. nnd Mrs. W II. Max-
tor; chock S100 'V. II. lla.xter.
Call on Lllloy & Pullen for Donald-
son's pure IContucky hand made sour
mash bourbon. 1 1 s lm
Lost Saturday evening on East Ok-
lahoma avonue. between Ash nnd Elm
streets Persian shawl. Leave at this
olllcc. St
Wanted Fifty head of yearling
steors must bo in good condition. For
particulars call on P. Newman atMIs-
ilt Clothing Pnrlor 200 Harrison ave-
nue Guthrie Okla. wit.
Shnw & Craig's band glvos a concert
every oay. This is said to bo tho best
band traveling south.
Jtrnoy lo Loan
on city property. The Springfield
Guarantco Savings and Loan Co. of
Sprlngtlold have organized a Jocal
board in this city with J. M. Hrooks
presidont and II. H. llagan secretary.
This company is now ready to mako
loans on city proporty. For full par-
ticulars call on Hagan & Paine Gray
llros. building. 0 27 tf
Wo have agaiii opened our store nt
the old stand. All creditors have been
paid in full nnd wo will continue as
the loading jewelers anil music dealers
of Oklahoma. We would bo pleased
to seo all of our friends in want of
anything in our Hue.
MuititAY &. Williams
Tho Leading Jewelers.
Tho finest and largest lino of school
tablets in tho city ut tho Capital City
uook store. U 13 lm
Some days nothing "will come out
right" from tho time you rise till you
retire. Ten to one tho trouble is in
yourself. Your blood is in bad condi-
tion and every organ suitors in consc-
quouco. What you need is tho cleans-
ing invigorating inlluenco of Ayer's
Latest colors in long longth kid
glovoe. Largo stock of nice embroid-
ered handkerchiefs cheap. Mrs A.
Smith. 9 30 til
Dr. Prlae's Cream Baking IV"."!
Wor'd's Fcir Hlahest Awara.
Kosarvod seats for Shaw fc Craig's
Comedy company on salo at Wallace &
Piece Goods
For fall and winter 1601 displayed by
H. L Cohen the New York Tailor.
I bin not noted for cheap Tailoring but good Tailoring cheap. Call and be
H. L.
Clly nnd County Nev Mmmorrit nnd
lloltrd fur llnnty 1'eru- tl.
Mrs Wllllamn Is hero from Perrr.
Mr. K J. t'nd -rwood lsdnngerouMy
Mayor I'hll Lemon Is hero from Mul-
hall. Deputy S. S. Nix 1- in Oklahoma
City. U5" .
John Horton of Pawhuskn is in the
Tho colored schools opened yester-
day. J. W. .lolin
Guthrie. U
J. W. Johnson has returned to
Attorney Harris and
aro hero from Perry
L. M. Huntlle
IVrccy 11 Smith the affable clorkof
M county it In the city.
J. 11. Ferguson of the Wntotign lie-
publlenn is in the city.
Cnpt Kilmer und J. 11. Snow of the
Santa Fe are in tlin city.
Deputy Sam ltsrtcll was up from
Oklahoma Cityyestonliy.
Mrs. John Shird retently of Paw-
tucket IE. I. Is seriously ill.
Scvonty-llvo bales of cotton wero
marketed In the city yesterday.
Mrs C. 11. Itenfro lcfuyostordny for
Hurtou Kan. lo vlsttjhet parents.
Prof II E. Alvord of the Stillwater
agricultural college is in the capital
F. S. Piilltam was appointed foreman
of tho United State fraud jury yes-
terday. f
Chief of Indian Poiico Morris lto-
bauker came in from Pawhusku yes-
terday. The militia company will attend
services at tho Prosbvterlan church
A. J. Hoover wlidTias been visiting
friends lJHSsourl returned home
Mrs. Leo Patrick of Sac nnd Fox. was
In the city yesterday enronte homo
from a Kansas
County Clerk F. 11. Dolcater filed
his quarterly report yesterday dating
from July 1st to October 1st.
Several federal prisoners wero
brought In yesterday from Oklahoma
City by Deputy Frauk Cochran.
Misses Maggie and Aggie Duoloy
hnvo returned from Poona 111 where
they havo been atConding school for
tho last year. 1
Tho replevin suit of the Atchison
Saddlery company vs. Shurllt Painter
Is on trial in district court. It in-
volves the lleilman harness stock.
Mrs M. J. Doollttlc of Cottonwood
Falls Kansas daughter of Col Tom
Jones is visiting lior parents and
brother Edgar W. Tonos. Sho will
be hore nbout three weeks.
K. A. Holt of Perry came down to
the city Tuesday night nnd spent yes-
terday visiting with the family of his
father-in-law Junius Oldham and
transacting private business.
W. L Khodos the popular ftirniluro
denier has purchased a beautiful
Hush .v Gerts piano irom the Luko
liros Mho popularity of these fine
pianos with tho best people nnd tho
many words of praise by purchasers
prove them to bu deservedly popular
At tho Uoyal: II. Dlogol. Atchison;
T. 11. Wattrf Arkansas City; L. C.
Frcdricks Chicago; C. 11. Kolmcr Tc-
poka; Morris Hobacker Pawhuskn;
John Harlin Pawhuskn; W. T. Wal-
ker Norman; W II. Dale Dayton Q.;
S. II. Harris Perry; J. M. White Pa-
ducah; L. M. Heattle Porry.
S. W. Sutton of Guthrie was in
town the first of the week. Ho is in-
terested lnrgoly in this town owning
more property than any other one
mail hore. Ho ordered the Democrat
for six months. We found him a vory
pleasant and congenial gentleman.
Call again Mr. Sutton. Downs Demo-
Mrs. Spurlock gavtf a v
whist party yostoVjljfy ov
present wero Mesduinos
very delightful
veiling. Those
present wero Mesduuios Dale Hrooks
Hall Cotteral Evans. Gray. Orner.
llarnes Hobertson Drake Ilalsell
Gardner II. Gray llierer Havlghorst
Dungan Hodges Motcalf Frazlor
Nell Williams Corbott Puuiyea
Kimball Woods and Humphrey.
Tho Populists hold a convention yes-
terday at Watonga ami made tho fol-
lowing nominations: For member of
tho council from the Ninth district T.
Y. Callahan of Kingfisher county; for
representative Seventeenth dlstiict
G. S. Curin Curln colored; for repre-
sentative Elghtoenth district E. Pas-
ton of Hlalne county.
"Striking1 for Lifw" or Labor's Side
of tho Labor Question" Is tho title of
a new book just out. John Sainton
Is tho author. The work contains J
full page illustrations of John Sain-
ton Eugeno V. Dobbs Samuel (iom
pers J It. Sovereign and T. V. Pow-
derly. Tho book is inexhaustible on
the labor question and contains vain
able statistics on labor immigration
aud money matters. It is the book of
the hour.
School supplies cheap at tho Capital
City book store. 0 13 lm
still nt It.
Soiling tho finest hats in Oklahoma
Mrs Saundors has in stock only the
best goods latest stylos and can
pleaso you. Call and lot hor show
you through tho largest millinery
establishment in Oklahoma.
tf Mits A. P. SAUxnuns
Southonst cor. Vilas k Oklahoma.
School books
book store.
at tho
0 13 lm
Capital City
vVo'vo been too busy this w ek to write any ad. However would llko to
Inform i tho ladles that thero aro quite a number of those wool remnants left
from the sale of Saturday still going at half price also that we nro making
tho prices talk on our entire line of dress goods in addition to making you a
present of waist and skirt linings with 53 patterns and up.
Not yet in. but aro looking for them every day W o will make it to your
interest to wait for them. Our stock of school shoes is all right and we nho
huve a good assortment of Hoys and Men's cheap and medium priced goods.
On tho way will be hcronexl week. Wo keep them coming all tho time;
coming all the time. Havo to supply our Increasing trade.
114 W. 0k. Arc.
Tho Only
Restaurant and Short Order House
In (.uUirle.
H. H. PERRY Prop'r.
T. L. Tlioiiijison.
Dealers in
1 Mi
Lumber Sash Doors
Blinds Lath and Shingles.
We cheerfully furnish estimates on all bills. Give us a call
Harrison Avonuo Opposite Hotel Itoyal. Uuthrio Oklalion...
Oklahoma Bicycle Comfy
Will search for trade during the seaton of 1894. Largest stock of cycles
and cycle sundries west of Kansas City.
Bicycles Sold on Installments
A large line of Second-hand Bicycles at Slaughtering prices. Term
easy. Do not forget to call on us for Sewing Machines and Supplies.
Call at or address 113-113 East Oklahoma avenue Guthrie O. T.
The Oklahoma Bicycle Comp'y
E. H. KNAUSS Manager.
The Mistletoe Bar
Cor. Oklahoma Ave. and Division.
One EIockFrom Hotel Royal.
Caters to the Best Trade Only. Best Goods
In Stock all the Time
Hamilton & CO.
309 West Oklahoma Avenue.
Two car loads to select from GIVE US A CALL
First. Class
E. L. lilincoc.
R C- O
B nnoe.
llltliWlKG ASS'S
Best Beer in Oklahoma.
Mack's Famous Carhonatcd Waters
Itottlcd lleer for family use.
Telephone 70.

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