Chickasha Daily Express. (Chickasha, Indian Terr.), Vol. 8, No. 51, Ed. 1 Saturday, March 2, 1907 Page: 3 of 8

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Shows that Weaver Has Misrepre-
sented the Record in Order to
Injure Bond Bond Not Re
sponsible for Carmich-
ael's Vote
I do no like to engage in newspaper
contioveriies and for that reason I
though I would pass unnoticed the
malicious attack niadb -pon the Hon.
Reford BmJ by his opi. Hon.
Claude Weaver the effervescent can-
didate for congress whose residence
is Pauls Valley. But since he has
issued a conglomerate mass of mis-
representations and mistatements of
facts in connection with the action of
the committee of the Fifth Congres-
sional District in which he brands as
traitors conspirators usurpers and
rir.g politicians all those members of
that committee who did not see fit to
subscribe to his particular views and
being a member of that committee I
think I may be pardoned for break-
ing into print for the purpose of ex-
posing some of his misrepresentations.
Mr. Weaver charges that W. L. Rob-
ins was elected chairman and that I
was elected secretary anj that both
of us were partisans of the same can-
didate and leaves the inference that
this was a preconvention arrangement
of ring politicians. There is abso-
lutely no foundation for this infer-
ence as Mr. Robbins was selected as
chairman of the committee at the sug-
Weaver that "poor novice in politics" ' great leaders Jefferson and Bryan.
was kind enough to furnish me with
on- of his cards containing the names
of these new counties and the roll
call resulted in seating the following:
Jackson county C. L. Wilson.
Tillman county J. W. Mitchell.
Other counties aot being represented.
"That we heartily endorse and com-
mand the work of the constitutional
convention now in session in Guthrie
in framing and endeavoring to frame
a constitution insuring the people the
exercise of their inherent rights and
protection from the encroachments of
corporate greed and influence.
All of these gentlemen presented Whereas the conditions in Oklaho-
their credentials exe'ipt Mr. Williams 1 ma are because of the lack of organ-
who was proxy for S. G. Burnett of ization chaotic an ! wuereas it would
Washita county and I so informed t be impossible for all of the candidates
Mr. Weaver on the return trip from for the nomination as a member of
Hobart to Chickasha after the con- congress from the Fifth Congresslon-
vention adjourned. Then why is it al District of the State of Oklahoma
that he proclaims with an air of in- j to meet all of the people of the dis-
jured innocence that this was a boJyvtrict so as. to be able to judge the
oi men witnout credentials; ian n
be that his memory has failed and he
has forgotten or is he seeking to pre-
judice the people by misrepresenta-
tion of fact?
Mr. Weaver says: "I received a
telegram as follows:
Sayre 0. T Feb. 12 1907.
Claude Weaver
Care of J. R. Williams
Hobart Okla.
merits of each;
Therefore be it resolved that a
primary be held for each voting pre-
cinct in said Congressional District
on the 1th day of June 1907 in ac
cordance with the laws of the terri
tory of Oklahoma for the purpose of
electing delegate? to the county con-
vention to be held in the county seat
of each recording district or county
on the 19th day of June 1907 said
Account serious sikness in family county convention to elect delegates to
I will be impossible to meet you in
eestion of Wade Atkins a nartisan i Hobart. Roirer Mills county con-
of Mr. Weaver although Mr. Atkins ( cedes anything you want
did not place his name before the com-j Signed G. C. Whitehurst.
mittee. Mr. Atkins the same Weaver This is the first intimation I have
partisan nominated me for secretary j hao that such a telegram was received.
Mr. Weaver says himself "that he! I do not charge that he did not re-
a district congressional convention to
be hell in the city of Hobart on the
25th day of June 1907. Said con-
gressional convention to select a can-
didate for congress for the Fifth Con-
gressional District of the State of Ok-
lahoma. The basis of representation
was present and saw every movement ceive it but I do charge that it was to be fixed at the next meeting of this
in the court room." I know Uiat he' his duty to submit it to the commit- committee which shall be held upon
was well informed as to how th tee an J it would tnen have received the call of the chairman within thirty
chairman and secretary were elected ( proper consideration. ;days from this date."
and I can draw the conclusion asj The committee was organized the! From his own lips we have it that
every fair minded lean must that he 'delegates seated and a committee on Mr. Weaver was present and saw ev-
has maliciously misstated this fact in resolutions appointed and the com-- ery move that was made and I funu
order to lay a predicate for the libel-j mittee niiojrned. until two o'clock. MrJinhed him with a full record of the
ous charge that "the delegate con- j Weaver was present throughout the proceedings of the committee on the
vention was c:i!'"d by a of ring meeting and he never raised his. day after the same adjourned. Can
politicians." Mr. Weaver cries out: voice to protest against any action jit be possible that he has again for-
"I am a poor novice in politics but the: taken until he ascertained that there gotten or is this misstatement of the
Hobart meeting was a liberal educa- would be two reports from the com- record a willful perversion of the
tion" and that t.iere he learned "that mittee on resolutions. In fact he truth made for the purpose of deceiv-
a body without organization and with-1 seemed to be exceptionally well pleased ing the people of this district and
out credentials could pass from the . with everything done until the after- forwarding his own selfish ends. He
chrysalis or larvje state" etc. This noon session and he learned that the has branded the members of that corn-
is another misrepresentation of fact committee was likely to refuse to mittee as usurpers although they were
order a blanket primary. Then it called together by his partisan friend
I was that he exhibited a spirit of weak-: and fellow townsman Moman Pruitt
j ness and in an impassioned speech ' and a usurper is a dangerous man He
declared that the whole proceeding calls us brigands although our delibera
j was illegal and void; heaped abuse tions were open to the public and. a
upon the members of the committee brigand is a creature to be despise!
who would dare to oppose him even I He calls "1 traitors notwitnstanding
though they were acting in good faith 'the faC
and voting for what they thought was j tatives of our counties holding proper
the will of the majority prevails. The
expense of the campaign and hold
ing the election under the resolution
iv-lopted by the committee will be re-
duce ! to a minimum and none of the
candidates are financially able to de-
fray the expense necessary under the
blanket primary unless it be the
champion oi virtue from Pauls Valley
whose most familiar by-word is a ref-
erence to the Eastern Harem.
The most' contemptible part of this
vile and slanderous document is the
mean attempt to charge the responsi-
bility of my vote up to the Hon. Re-
ford Bon- and by inference charge
that I was lacking in individuality.
From some of the tactics used by this
"novice in politics" we might well
draw the conclusion that he had not
yet passed the stage of a Sophomore
and that he was struggling for some
class honor instead of aspiring to a
responsible position of representing
thus great district in the lower House
of Congress. Perhaps this is an ex-
cuse for his base presumption but
lest he should misunderstand I want
to say that I alone am responsible for
the vote I cast and no man who is
worthy of holding any position of
trust would vote against what he
thought was right to satisfy the wish
of some one else.
I have no patience with a man who
enters a political convention or any
other convention for that matter par-
ticipates in its proceedings and di-
rects or seeks to direct its policies
until he finds that he is likely to lose
in a .fight for some particular idea
and then declares that their actions
are null and void. Mr. Weaver's ac-
tions together with the smile of con-
tentment that played over his count-
enance during the forenoon of the
12th day of Feoruary is to me con-
I elusive proof that if the committee
had adopted his views he would never
have raised his voice against the legal
ity of its proceedings. His feeble ef
fort to repudiate the actions of the
committee might be countenanced by
a group of children but it will be con
demned by the thinking men of this
great district. But I am told that
this action is characteristic of the
man for it is said that this "novice"
who dreams of "gilded rotundas" in
the national capitol and sees "mist-
robed autumn woodlands" on barren
plains has somewhere though it
might have been in the long ago
participated in a meeting of his fel- sought to enforce his ideas
made contracts and as on the occa-
sion of the committee meeting at Ho-
bart he held the losing hand. Per-
haps he can give us a reason for his
action then and in doing so receive
the thanks of the committee whose
names he has prefaced with such vile
epithets. I am pleased to note that
we snail soon near mm in a new
lecture entitled "By Their Fruits Ye
Shall Know Them." I think this is a
very appropriate subject.
Committeeman 19th Recording Dist.
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Mr. Gilbert mved that a committee
of Three on credentials be appointed
and M. C. Runyon of ClevelanJ coun-
ty a Weaver supporter who has re-
cently issued a two column article
condemning the action of the com-
mittee moved as a substitute "That
the roll of counties be culled and those
present either in person or by proxy
md holding credentials be seated as
the commit teempn frmn their respec-
tive counties." This motion prevailed.
The roll of counties was called and
the following committeemen were
flreer county G. L. Wilson.
Kiowa county W. L. Robins.
Washita county S. G. Burnett by J.
R. Williams proxy.
Comanche county John L. Thomas.
Tottawatomie county Geo. Stone
by M. C. Runyon proxy.
Cleveland county M. C. Runyon.
District No.' 17 T. D. Murray by
M. Rummons.
District No. 18 T. C. Woods by W.
L. Robins.
District No. 19 J. D. Carmichael.
District No. 20 C. E. Davis by W.
1. Gilbert.
District No. 29 No delegate had
be.n elected but W. T. Gilbert and
Will Adkins were both seated and
each allowed one half vote on ques-
tions arising In-fore the committee.
Call For Primary
To the Democratic Voters of the City
of Chickasha:
A primary election is hereby called
to De held in the city of Chickasha
on the 19th day of March 1907 be-
tween the hours of 9 o'clock a. m.
and 7 o'clock p. m. faiJ election to
be held for the purpose of determin
ing who shall be the democratic nomi-
-t we went as the represen- j nee for the following city offices to
be elected at the ?nnual municipal
Is this the kind of a democrat ' credentials and voted for what we j election to be held in the city of
to represent the people of the Fifth j thought was right and a traitor
District in the national congress? unworthy of abode in any land. But
This spirit of rule or ruin is a relic j the meanest the most despicable being
of past ages from whose literature' on earth is a descendant of Ananias
this poor novice in politics so freely I wno would seek to destroy the name
quotes and has no place in our politi-
cal creed.
Mr. Weaver in his wonderful doc-
ument quotes the following which he
states is a part of the resolutions
adopted by the committee at Hobart:
"Whereas it has come to the knowl-
edge of your committee on resolutions
that certain county and recording dia-
and degrade the character of a fel-
low being with the poisonous flame of
To the democrats of the Nineteenth
Recording District and to no one else
am I responsible for my actions at
Hobart and to them I e'esire to say
a word in self defense. I am now
and have always been in favor of
trict central committees have assumed : nominating candidates by primary
the authority to instruct the congres-1 election where such can be so conduct-
sional committeemen elected by them ! ed that the majority of the voters can
as to the manner in which his duties
should be performed and
"Whereas it is the sense of the
majority of the committee that the
county and recording central commit-
tees have no more authority to in-
struct the congressional committee as
to the manner in which his 'duties
I desire to call the attention of the should be performed than the con-
deniocrats of this district to the fact ; gressional committee would have to
that only those counties and record-
ing districts included in the call by
Mr. Pruitt and Mr. Hendricks were
called under thiS motion. Now at
this stage Mr. Mitchell of Tillman
county arose presented his creden-
tials showing that he had been elect-
ed committeeman by mass meeting of
the democrats of that county and
asked that he be seated. After con-
siderable discussion a motion pre-
vailed that the roll of new counties
provided by the constitutional conven-
tion be called and that the committee-
men present holding proper creden-
inslruct the Oistrict central commit-
teeemon as to his duties
Therefore he it resolved that
those members of this committee who
have been instructed by the county
and recording district central com-
mittees be and they are by this re-
port absolved from the effect of said
The entire resolution as passed
name tne candidate. I caitiUny con-
sidered the situation before casting
mv vote and after doing so I voted
for the resolution calling for a dele-
gate convention fully realizing the re-
sponsibility that went with it. We
were facing peculiar conditions.
There were then and are now seven
avowed candidates in the field and
there will probably be others bef.ire
the race is finished. The resolution
offered by the minority provided for
a blanket primary and under its pro-
visions with the large number of
candidates in the race it would have
been well nigh impossible for the ma-
jority of the people to express their
choice. In fact with seven candidates
i it would have been possible for one-
sixth of the voters to name the can-
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reads as follows: i didate. The resolution adopted by
"Be it resolved by the executive the committee provides for a pre-
committe of the Fifth Congressional cinct primary in which every demo-
District of Oklahoma in session that ;rat can participate; a county conven
we hereby affirm and ple.lge our al- tion and a district convention and ul
tinls be seated as the committeemen legience of the democratic party as innately the race is resolved into a
from their respective counties. Mr. expounded and exemplified by our contest between two candidates and
Chickasha on the lirst luesday in
April 1907 to-wit:
Mayor Chief of Police Police Judge
and one Alderman from each of the
four wards in said city; and one
member of the democratic executive
committee for each of the four wards
The candidate." receiving a plurality
of the votes cast shall be the demo
cratic nominee for the office to which
he aspires
And it is further ordered by order
of the democratic executive commit
tee that there shall be conducted
registration of the voters of said
city the registration book to be lcept
at the office of John A. McClure at
the corner of Third slieet and Kan
as avenue Said registration book to
be open from and after March 1 and
closed on the 15th day of March 1907
and no person shall be allowed to vote
at such primary election who has not
registered in person and signed the
primary pledge.
The following judges are hereby
appointed to conduct said election at
tne place hereinafter named
Wrard No. 1. J. F. Bishop at Car-
negie Library.
Ward No. 2. J. I. Hill at Yellow
Ward No. 3. .". D. Lindsay at Po-
lice Office.
Ward No. 4 S J. Hatzell at
Woods Store.
By order of the democratic execu-
tive committee of the City of Chick-
(Attest:) G. H. EVANS
Fit published Feb. 19 1907.
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Second Street and Kansas Avtnue
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300 Cow Diary 600 Acres of Land
South of City
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PI50XE 52

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