The Guthrie Daily Leader. (Guthrie, Okla.), Vol. 31, No. 82, Ed. 1, Thursday, August 20, 1908 Page: 3 of 8

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page rarorcs:
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Ramsay Bros.
i A 1 KA ht e. vjI AL IS ALej
Tomorrow morning Saturday and Monday we will place on sale an advance showing ofiall rlylcs 19 22 24 and 27 inch fancy
silks. This lot oi silks was purchased by our buyers who are still in the east purchasing for our liv. stores located at Guthrie
Okla. Atchison Iola aifl Pitsburg Kansas arc Carthage Mo. The purchasing power of five stores for Cash gives the Ram
say Bros. Dry Goods Co. a greater inside on pnees than some of the big stores in the larger cities; we are always on the alert
for dependable merchandise no seconds or job lots go in our stores nothing but goods of 1st. quality which with our capacity for
buying we can often sell cheaper than seme stores do seconds. Per ard
Look ek.t 0ir East Window
Look at the Beautiful Styles
Look at the Quality Silks
Look at the Price
Thomas. Okie . Vug. 20. -Tito sixth
anniversary cold rrtinn fit Thomas bo-
gnu here this morning ami will last
thrco dajTJ. Visitors aro liore by tlio
liumlrcils from Ouster and surround
lng counties. A. splendid program has
boon provided for tht'Jr ontortnlnmont.
Among thoso who will r.ttond we cele-
bration and mako speeches aro: Sen-
ator Gere Congressman Fulton and
Forrls Dick T. Morgan Republican
nominee for congress A. P. Watsop
Democratic nomlnoo for corporation
commissioner and others. A monsteT
parade Jtf which many Indians toils
part was a featuro of today's pro-
gram. Another feature of the celebra-
tion Is tho unique alfalta house built
by citizens of Thomas which is being
used an an exhibition placo for the
largo and varied crops of Custer
O uSu El 3? O 3E. X .A. .
BMih 1h3 Kind Yea Hava titan Bought
of eu?-.
(Continued from Pago 2.
marks or disagreement with Supt. S
Clair of tho Home that she never ui.
any occasion heard Mr. St. Clair mako
any Improper remarks tliat she novor
throw any hot wator upen tho super-
intendent that she wont to tho homo
of CViarlos Smith of her own freo will
and waa oi eriaken on tho road by said
Smith that bho did not ask for his pro-
tection. Affiant further states that she went
to tho Orphans' Homo In Juno. 1907
staying there until July 1008. and that
during that time sho never saw any lm
preper actions from the auitcrlntondont
nor any of tho teachers nor hoard any
Improper remarks from any ot them
nor dhl rfho over toll any party or par-
ties that sho loft tho sohool for that
reason. ESTA PYEATT.
Subscribed In my. presence and
awfrn to beforo mo this lOih day of
August 1U08. I.BON 1.. 110VT
Notary Public.
My comnilsison uxplros September
12. 1009.
This affidavit was. made willlngl)
and voluntarily. By comparing the
name with tho original articles printed
In the Knld Hngle. Tho Pally Oklaho-
man and tho Dally Loader It will bo
seen that It contains a complete denial
of' all of the sensational things charged
therein. The Homo sorurwl a com-
' idete transcript of all of the papers
and proceedings in the case and held a
meeting if tho board at tho Homo In
the town of Cannon unon August 1&
1908 at which meeting every mourner
of tho boaid was present. Prior to this
mooting overy person In the state oi
olsowhero that (lie board could imagine
was in possession ot Information that
had any bearing upon the mntlor undor
j '
acts ftentjyyet prompt-
ly on tlio bowels cleanses
1 le system ejf actually
assists one in overcoming
habitual constipation
permanently. To got its
leneficial ejects buy
the genuine.
h anuJacWedbythe
9ou trtrwH fiwcci5T0'tf-vmu
WirHssWMHsgKniTsro3sisMWWMBwisMflK iWEBnHMRvVvMf2BiMEVvH
Investlgntlcn had been'-d to
appear before tire boaid nt that time
nid plnrc. Tho hoard carefully read
all of tin testimony offered In the trial
of Ihe case at Knld. also tho various ar
tides that had been printed In tho
press of the stnto anil elsewhere. Tho
board also oxnmincd the following wit-
nesses: Mrs. Kullertou Ksta Pyeatt
miiHtr teacher. Carmen. OUla ; Jonn
Rolf deputy sheriff. Carmen Okla.;
Nrr.i Wilson resident of tfjo Moiii
Carmen Okla.; W. L. Bell guardlnn of
the Wilson clii'.dren in the Home. Wy-
noku Oklu.; W. Wilder county r.ttor
noy of Alfalfa county Cherokee Okla..
Helen St. Clair assistant matron of
homo Carmen Okln.; Ksta Pvcatt res-
Idont of the Home Cannon Okla.: Nor
vail Wilson resident or thu Heme
Carmen Okla.; Mary V St Clair ma-
tron ot tho Homo Carmen Okla.; 1
M. St. Clair superintendent of tho
Home Carmen Okla.
Each and overy ono of tho wllnosois
si nmonoil and examined suited that
tli. had neither seen or hoard anv-
tfnlnjj rrlativo to t'ao couduct and man-
vgouiei i ot two Homo that could bo
justly ir.'tclsod and tltat itoey hid no
-nc-wiad.- of any other persons that
Acero postesEOxl of any such Informa-
tion and that they had nover heard
any othor pornonc crltlolso tho conduct
and management of tho Homo in any
Your board Is ot tho opinion that a
very largo portion of tfno testimony
given at Knld In tho trial of the Smith
habeas corpus proceedings 1b false.
Also that that portion of It reflecting
upon tho conduct and manugomont of
fcbo Homo Is false bevond any question
In ralrui - 'o the daily press we will
'nte that ho tostlmcny an si" wnl
abo"o referred to was of such u -curo
that It would In a vory large degree
Justify tho printing of tho artlclos that
appeared but not In sudh a highly sen
sational manner as fftoy wore mado
use of.
Your board fully and completely ox-
onoratos Brothor and Sister St. Clair
tho guiwrintenilpnt and matrcn of the
Homo in ovorj' particular and of every-
thing charged and say without any
hositntion whatever that In their opin-
ion there g not one particle of truth
In all of Urn matters charged.
Your board atao commend Urothor
and Sister St. Clair for tho faithful
performance of sorvlcew rondorod ap-
prove of thplr manugomont of tho af-
fair v-ounuctod with the Homo whon
taken an a whole and recommend them
to tho brotherhood and sisterhood ub
pun oils well fitted for the positions
thoy hnvo been called upon to fill.
Sulimlteed Jn 1'rolndshlp J.010 and
Kdlth M. Roberuun chairman Now
hlrk Okla.
J. S. Itomluo lcc-ohnlrinnn Oak-
wood Okla.
G. W. Bruco souretnry Guthrie
A. T. Whltworth Carmen. Okla.
Katio McWothy Gitthrlo. Okla.
Oklahoma Odd Fellow Homo Hoard.
O J. JS "X1 0 K. X JSu .
Iteaw tb lha Y" Vai nm
Special to Dhily Lender.
Klngfishor Okla. Aug. 20. What
has become of Ben Wildman the Klus-
flsher draymau who tecontly camei
into his own In the shnpo of four mil-
lions left by an uncle In California?
Tho youngoBt daughter of Wildman lb
in caro of the police matron at Wich-
ita and tho matron wants the child to
bo takon caro or out or the million
fiut Wildman can't be located.
Tombstone Ariz. Aug. 20. Anoth
er sensational feature developed in
the Wardwell leper case today when
It was loarned that Mrs. Wardwell
Uie quarantined lipor. had esoaied
from her quarters ond her where-
abouU are unknown.
Developments Indicate that the
woman escaped about mlditlght laut
ii It-lit nnit Is niirmosad to have bnnrd-
ed a Southern Pacific train for Cal
Havlna Fun With 'Em.
Newklrk and Blackwell as villages
are all right but a "county llko Kay
needs a city llko Ponc.i for a capital.
Ptmca City Courier
Itidlatinpolis luil. Aug. 20. Arrang
ments are practically complete for the
notification of John W. Kern Demo-
cratic vice president nominee horo
August 25. Chairman Jaokson of tho
State Central commlttoo who has
rtiargo of tho arrangements announ-
ces that overy thing Is In readiness
and that all that la now necessary Is
tho appoarauce of tho notification
committee. W. J. Bryan presidential
nomlnoo who la to make an nddross
will arrive Monday and a public ro-
ception will be tendered him on tho
mi.rtiliiir ot tho 26th. Mr. Kom has
finished his spoech which Is to consist
of loss than thrco thousand wordn. He
will leave hor0 following tho notifica-
tion ceremonies for Fountain City
InU. whoru he Is schodulod to spoalc
on tho night of Aur. 26.
Northwestern Normal Scholl.
Tho fall term or tho Northwostorn
State Normnl school will 'opon Mon-
day September 7th. In addition to
tho rogular Htorary work courseB
will bo offered In oratory voice cul-
turo piano violin wind instruments
art manual training book-keeping
typewriting shorthand domeetlo scl
onco and agriculture all ot which aro
froo to tho students. Not ono cont
of tuition Is charged for anything
taught In tho Institution.
The summer term Just closed was lt in the history ot tho school
1590 stiidouts having boon enrolled as
against 9G last year. For HlUBtratod
catalog am) any further Information
Ava Oklahoma.
-Democratic nominees for roproBon
tnltvos. This docw nut lucliiilo tho
notorial candidate:
J. V. Fnulkuur Kiowa County.
J. 10. Torroll Klown County.
Logan HnwkliiB Kay county.
Q. T. JL'town Kay.
Preuttas Prlco Omigo.
W. V. Qilmor. Cfirtor.
John IU Whayno Carter.
M. Turner. Mttrray.
T. F. llnrtmun Noble.
Charlen II. J'owell Major.
li. V. Lowto Ueckhatn.
Wlllam J. Ptirsotw woods.
S. O. A till by .Itickson.
C. 15. Castle Wagoner.
Teaguo Ray. 1-ogan.
11. iS. Dor wli IOgan.
Waller H. Mnthaws. Logan.
.1. W. Durst Harper.
Frank L- Cftel. Cimarron.
H. It King. Tillman.
Charles IiurkB .Oklahoma scml.
Kd. I Dunn Oklahoma first.
1. M. Putjmm.Qklahomn first.
J A. Murtewoll. Oklahoma at large.
IC. J. Btirlo Toxas.
I. W. Hart Woodward.
J. J. Savage Greer second district
John H. MoCalla Love
G L. Wilson. Groor first district
Elmer V. Jo&se EIIIb.
II. O. Tctior Dowey.
Josoph L Paschal Rogor Mills.
Ben T. Williams Pushmataha.
W. G. HJancWd. MoClaln.
C. M. Anderson MoCurtaln.
S. W. Hutohln. Cleveland.
Whedoj I Stone Crook.
Frank L. flfaymos Tulsa.
Milton 0. Copo. Canadian.
J. S aejl Caddo.
Joe Smith Caddp.
VnV HuddJcton Pontoloc.
Honry Iretdn Grady
H- U Olovej. Graay
K- L- HolcliWss DhiWo.
Lruian W. White Cuootaw.
I Alex C. Savage. Jefferson.
Bert Tillouon Nowrtta.
Bob Wallace. Garvin.
J J. Roteneerg Garvin.
A. P. Smitb. Okfuskeo.
Ed By!. Haskell-
Lee R. Smith Delaware.
A. I. Homos Ottawa.
It If Crouch. Cherokee
T L. Rider Adair.
Lou Ivnolaco Lntlmor.
. C. purnctte Washlln
John '. McDullee Marshall.
.luRao 11. Chaslnlu Seminole.
Leslie I . IIosb Comnni'he.
11. M. Jnrrdtt I.tiicoln second dlst.
H. M. Willlnmn Lincoln first dlst.
J. M. nnUirr Johnston.
Ceorgo IC. John Coal.
N. T. Johnston Hughos.
1). M. McQIhunoy Pittsburg.
Wlllnm S. Rogers Pittsburg.
W. Q. Anthony Stephens
William F Snmjilo Hiynn.
Chtirlea P. Smith Atoka.
0. W. Allen Sotjiloyub.
C. C. hlalhlcs. LoFlnro.
Jnmos L. MnthowB Pityno.
A. H Mils Oarlleld second district
Willlnm Murdoch Payneo.
J W. Sain. lUngflohOr.
Dan Hewel) (larileld first district.
C. S. Woftman Rogers.
E. N. UntclIlT Crnlg.
J. W. Smith Grant
A. J. llutts. Alfalfa
W. i uarham Potlawatomlo.
W. S. Carson Pottawatomie.
MIKort Bryan Pottawatomie.
El Reno August 19 1908.
Editor Loader:
An Horn purporting to bo forwarded
to tho Wichita Eaglo from EI Hono
criticises tho speech mado hero by
Governor Haukoll on Saturday laBl.
Tho article does not correctly report
tho souUmcut or Democrats hero con-
cerning tho address. On the contrary
It Is a misrepresentation of that mat-
tor. Thoso who heerd the governor
wero universally pleased most wore
highly dollghtad with tho bold and
fearless manner In which ho bandied
the sovoral subjects he discussed. His
address was not strictly a political
speech. Ho confined his remarks
mainly to stale affairs and his con
nection thorowlth cloarly satisfying
thoso who listened lo him that tho
criticisms which have been aimed at
him by his political enemies were
based on misrepresentations of thu
facts. He charged that such mlsieiv-
rosuntntlous wero malignantly mado
and wore engendered In tho conditions
that his cuomles were disappointed In
being unablo to deceive him In sumo
very Important public matters. Tlio
sentiment engendered by his addross
wus tliat lie Ik honest and absolutely
foarioHS. It there was any unfavor-
able commout it will easily bo traced
to tho frlonds of thoso who folt tho
lash and not to tho candid llstouer
who has no axo to grind. Tho gover-
nor mado muny frlonds by his speech.
Tho incrltn ot the Toxas Wonder
you would novor suffor from kldnoy
hladdor or rheumatic trouble fl bot
tlo two months troatmont Sold by
Wallaco dnig storo call for testi-
mony. I GET
Special to Dally leader.
Anadarko Okla. Aug. 2t. The fall
term of the district court will begin
st Anadarkn August 31 with Juilse
SUllwsII II. Russell of Ardmore on
the beach Judge Frank M. Uallty
having been called to tho oastarn part
or the BtaUi to hold court during the
first two weeks of the regular 'orm
A case of special Interest which will
l tried at this tonn is that of Thom-
as Gibbons who wus semenoad for llfs
for the murder of T. C. Ronfro. Glb-
Iwtis was granted a new trial by tho
supreme court because of curtain In-
struction.? ly?n Uj' Jury by the trial
Judge F. M. Gillette and was brought
buck roosntiy from Uie penitentiary at
. ' " i
John Durmott to Eliza 1). D. Roney
W. D. Lpls 1-23 B. C2 G. P.
Jennie Gillespie to The Christian
church at Croscent W. !). Lot 15 11.
O. A- Lane to William B. Lano W
D.. Lots U46 B. 35 U.OQ Croacent.
Isaac Johnion to Malen Langston
W. D- Lots 1-2-3-1 II. 4. CrCECCOt
John Mahoney to V .0. Houston et
hi fl. O. Lot. ' J I. 30. Capital Hill
Any of These $1 $1.25 and$1.50
Silks Friday Saturday and Monday
August 21 22 ocrid 24 for
Special lo Dally Loader.
SliKlrr. Okla . Aug. 20.'
-Sam Shoroa
Is dead his son fatally Injured nlulMmiilMm-ii i n nni-l.'nh'r. stronm liv
Doss Leflore and Sid StlcWon boar
ugly wounds as the rosttll of a hnnd-
l -cinnit conflict ni noma ukui. iu
mllos east of horo.
Tho fight wns a bloody one. fought
in n hlackstnltii aliop. tho participants
using blacksmith's tools for weapons.";
Clir.tia i-t titnlr ntt tlin linnil with
a hatchot. Ills son was follud with a'
!:ntn..rklIu'u!o'bd1v wuVal "ho pouMouir-.. ro Wohr.l. IB7
So lm mner n..Ieral Iteporlor. 9.18. Ille.l a declara-
IIBUkU IIUIMIIIur. I .. .r l. .. .hi... i. n....... Alii...
lawsuit tried In Justlco court yostor-
rnA fiiiin it'riM lint faiiir rr n if-iiitv
. rARP-t op intfrert
O O O O O O O OQ u u u u u u
.. .. in.nii. MnrHnnf -
DamaQoi for Illegal" Marrlsne.
In tho aso ot coit vs. uconnor oi
Bl. 10U Now York Supplement 089 ro-
ii-iuuiuui toj -
cently beforo tho mipromo court of"""' "'"" vi"a ""' "" i-"'k-
Now York ti woman who had mar-l
ncil tostntor In good rallh and had SENATORS DOTH PARTIES.
1 l.f ..!. ....!. n 1.. MtiinuU '
11UIHUU 111 Illllll UUfell U 1U1)( II.1.U0..
keeping their luarrlago secret at his
luquest wus alowod to recovor dam-
ages for the Injury causod by marry-
ing hor whllo ho had a wlfo living.
Mistreatment of III Person.
Tho son-in-law of plalntllT was Jani-
tor ot ;n upnrttnont house In tho
basement of which ho rosldod. Whllo
ptaluttIT was there sho wan seized
with erysipelas. Dofondant tho land-
lord learning this told tho Janitor
that If sho woro not removed by nooli
he woul.l call an olltcor and put them
all out. Thereupon plaintiff loft. In
Tuckor V6. Hurt lie Ndrthwestornl
Roportor "22 sho claimed "damagon pood (D); Harpor S. CunniiiBliam
for tho resulting aggravation of hor.(R); George It Morgun (S).
uinlady. Tlio supremo court or Micht- Tlilrt tilth district M. F. Egger-
gan hold tho Janitor was nioroly an in nil (D); Wllborforco Jouoh (it); C.
employo not a tenant; that ho had B. Boylan (S).
no right to entertain n guest obnos Fourtwntli dlHtrlcl W. H. Johnson
loua to dofondant; und that defend- (D); V. M. Colvlllq (Rj; J. C. Burn-
ent vlo'tlod no duty Jn causing hor"" (S).
lomovnl. KJfleonth district Goorgo O Jonn
. I son (D); J. D. BhieldB (S); no Jtopuo-
PraCreUrritult0TuhBat Attorneyr Servce8CSlxleor.h .llstrlcl-Wasl.Ington Sav-
iinitt. niin. tipo (Dl declined to sorvo; E. D.
J ?'!&..?. tt''...w.oro..?n.K.01 Biownlw mi: John A. Galoy (8).
.?...."' .":.. "".. '"'" T1'"'
'if ' "I". ..... ".."'" "'.l"urV
7.rr i -. . . " 'T"
ln rrT"10"!'"181
the payment of attorneys fees and
(he New Jorsoy wmrt of errors mid
opiiils in UttllKy vs. Fidelity und
foposlt tHmpany. 00 Atlantic Report-)
ei 202. hold tlmt not ocorojr could bo wit.iout proof of such contract'
i nd that no liability prose from tho i
Mniple fact of performance of serv-
Ices .as luey were presumwl to bo
i u.ii. . . Z . nrt (t": O'Wgo W. Richardson (it).
Liability ol Vender of Unwholesome' Twen'y-Slsth district W. M- Prank-
f00d . tlin (D); W. It Surrogg (It).
In Farrol vs. Manhattan Market Cw Twenty-Soventh district Choesle
M Northeastern Reporter. -ISI It nii')tcliitoih (D; Harry Beolor (It)
jrarod that plaintiff purchased n TwoiUy Eighth district U. H. Wii It-
chicken at a bargain counter and on taker (On J- H. Cloonan (K).
eating a rortlon of It sufferwd rrom Thnti. lb i 'strict K. M. i aiidrum
ptomaine poisoning. The determining (D); no Republican
fpctor nt the caso wns a rjuostloi i-tf Thlrty-s&cond district J. E. Long
ovldonce at- to whether the dofller was (D); John JI. Gunn (R).
iftpons tile ror uUln'-if s choi f tlwl ' '
fo--i i.i- l;'ier she m.i.j i hr -.hoi:)
liii.t tdlniioe on it Ti.ol NEW CA8ES IN DI8TRICT COURT
supremo Judlolal court of Massaoliu-! "
ftu IwM that the burdon of proor on Fannlo Whlto vs. Win. F. Power
this proposition was on plnlntlfT and . -anaSos 16000.00.
tost sho had failed to sustain jt. John Dtoro pow Co v' ir' M-
I Johnson as Adm. with will snticzol
Prefcrerce of Bankrupt StockbroKov
A broker having plodgod stocks
beomIn Insolvent redeemed curtain
of them i-nd turned them over to the
customer for whom thoy woro pur-
chased On the ground that this
transaction constituted p. preference
the trus e in bankruptcy brought no-
tion for their recovery alleging that
as the t'oker was under no obliga-
tion to dellvor particular certificates
to the customer the relation ot dobtor
and creditor rather than of pledgee
nnd pledgor existed at the time
Intolvoncy. Tho United States Su Outwears two ordinary soles. Rob-
premo court In niclmrdaon . Sltaw lnon's
28 Supr-ntp Sourt Reporter Dt2 held
that tho real character of tho broker
vuh or common-law pledgee anil.'
tho certificates ot Htock being merely
tokens of ownership. It wan Immater-
ial that ho wus not compelled to re-
turn any designated ones to his cus-
tc mor.
Obstruction of Stream by Lonn'no Op-
The supreme Judicial court of Malno
In binnit vs. Aroostok Lumber com-
pany 0.8 Atlantic Reporter r27 held
that although defendant logging com
pnny had monopolized the commercial
ning it with floating logs plalntltl
WUH tnnort 1(B fm. ncc0H8 to
his stimmrr cottage .ur! that naviga-
tion for tho purposo ot mtro ploasure
is nip much wl'hln tho irnt .Ion of
t li. In v n j n i.un fnt .ntiiiirlii1 mi'.
' '
lion of liiti.iitlon to become n citizen
' 0s' ''J1 fnlla ? comploto Iho
Igress In 1900 passed an net providing
)io ml.allzod not eM Umn two nor
i mo' tln' sovcii years after declara-
. ii.. ..
tl l..t. .. .. . 1.MH...1 t... .1. rr..ll
. tntos dlBlrcl court h0( (Jmt no
staluto bolng ono of limitation should
rnain..riivn nnM
.;.-":;" ";."r": r.""i
find. Iho net would not bar tho right
.... .. ...
Tho comploto list of senators noml-
pptcil by all parties by districts fol-
lows: Second cHutrlot K. L. Mitchell (D);
no Republican.
Fomth district II. J. Oonlon (D);
Wobstor Smith (S); no Itopubtlcan.
Sixth district J. J. Wllluma (D);
I.hfo Kuowloa (n).
Eighth district P. J. Gouldlng (D) ;
W. P. LUhtfoot til).
Ninth illstrlcl J. Mark Worton
(i; Earnest li. Chapman (It)
TVnth district J. Q. Nowoll (D)
J. R. Scoit (R); Goorgo A. Mooro (8).
Twelfth district James A. Kirk-
Soventecnth district - J. Elmer
1 bonuls (in no llopubllcnit.
Klghtoonth district Harry A. Alton
"-: Wlll'am Hutchinson (R); James
ijigdo.i (8)
' 'miJ1i n..riniii i wv.nn
(n. w gheplierd (11)'
Tofl.h district--Jesse M. Hatch-
tlt (1)). Charles T. Gibson (R); Ed
causo (8)
''iid district -H. F. Iluret
(D). Knink Warren (Rj; Wlllllam D.
Haymnn (S)-
Twenl v.Thlrd illmrlet W. I. Sltew-
ot osto ot Chas Flltsch deceased
ii7uwjiy uu j.'iuiiiiao'jrjr jxuiu.
St Mula and San Francisco It. R.
Cc vs. Missouri Kansas and Toxas
It R. Co. and It E. Lozier Supt of
State Agency replevin and damages
19 60.00.
Arkansas Lumber Co. vs. Capitol
Canning Co. John T. Brickner and D.
M. Tlbbots asslgnoo of Cinnln.; Co..
foredosuro mechanical lion on lots S
9101.1. B. 20 O. P. 792 50.
o't Beys' Imperishable Sole Shoes 52.50.
M Pains Can-
cer Seal? sun
Many people suffer from Blood
Poison and don't know It Read
smpton-s. Easily cured by B. B. B.
It you have nehes nnd pains ic
boncn. back or Joints. Itching. Scabby
Skin blood fcoli hot or thin; Swollou
Glands Rislnga nnd Bumps on the
kln Soro Throat or wjuth falling
hair Pimples or offonslvo eruptions
CnncorouB Sores Lumps or Sores on
Lips Fuco or any part of tho body.
Rash or Skin aro run down or ner-
vous Ulcers on any part of the bedr
7arbuncIos or Bolls. TAKE BOTANIC
TEED to euro oven tho worst and
most deep-seated case's. B. B. B-
drlvcs all poisonous matter from the
rich blood directly to the skin sur-
ra co. In this way Sores Eruptions
Pimples and evory ovldonco ot Blood
Poison nro aulcklv healed and cured.
completely changing tho entire body
mto a cloan healthy condition. Thou-
sands of cured by B. B. B. after
all othor treatment failed.
with shoulder pains hawking or
spitting heiidache caracho oven old
stubborn cases ot piles aro quickly
oui'od by Botanic Blood Balm (B. B.
D.) because these troubles como from
Blood Polron. B. B. B. purifies and
enriches tho blood. You fcol that
life's worth living from tho very first
doso. if you havo either Rheumatism
or Catarrh Just try B. B. B. and you
will got woll suroly and quickly.
Watory blisters open .itching sores ot
all kinds all leavo after treatment
with B B. B. becauso thneo troubles
aro caused by Blood Poison whllo
B. B. B. kills tho polBon makes tho
blood pure and rich and heats tho
sores nnd -stops tho Itching forever.
it pleasant and Bafo to tnko; composed
of pure Botnnlo lngrodlonts SAMPLE
BENT FRED by writing Blood Balsa
Co.. Atlanta Ga. SOLD BY DRUG-
GISTS or sent by express. Jl PER
LARGE BOTTLE wltjt comploto di-
rections tor homo euro. Sold In
Q'lthrle Okla by F. B. LlllleV Drug
Store. Call or write.
Call For Lo-jan County
Democratic) Central Committee
All mumbors of tho Logan county
Democratic Central Comniltlco aro
lieroiiy requested lo nttond a com-
nilttno meeting ut city ball Guthrio
on Saturday A 23 at 2 o'clock p.
m for the purposo ot reorganizing
the commute and also to select
twenty-two delegates to attend statu
ratification convention at Tulsa Sep-
tember 1st. airj to transact shy other
business UU may properly como be-
fore r-ommlttee for action.
Chiirman of Committee.
Twenty per cent discount on all Ox-
fords. Robinson's.
g Boarding school excius- J
" ively for girls and young m
R ladiea Geo. C lones Prcg.
Chas. J. Wal. ice Director S
a MuBic. Rev .1 B Hawkins Z
ii Vice Pre- .. d Field Mgr. g
c-a-i'H-r-sK'K-: iv. iii-;-arsrc-i-:-ai
Transfer and Baggage
Line General
Dray age
Prompt attention given to
all calls
fcandCor. JstandpK-f
IC-v I

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