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IT" 7Z
Jn a fecial Wai
My Liff Will Ne'er Be Satisfied.
O T-aalwio. my heart doth ywn
For a '-! from tuee so fair;
There' .1 i" In rue nth hwtn.
And Miu art within its lire.
Unlet 'on ecrrest to mv fide
Mr i'fp will ne'er be ntiifkl.
Those cruel wooers who betray
And ever linger 'rwiml th-
Those furtive tnnke 1 Jlevcrs ay
Do ruin my heart within me
And unlrss from tlietn 1)1011 rlost Kllde
My lif" will no'er l- satisfied.
Tho spurious lover who rarest theo
And Ixivv dow p. In a faithless me!n
To thv 'ourg fctm ne'er nlir to Mem
Nor In tlielr love pure and serene
Ami If In them thou dost r on Ode
My ll'e will ne'er ho satisfied.
If thy heait another lost crave
And If tbou wllliit not love me.
TeU ype thou wilt vUlt my grave
And klM the tomb above me-
And thn. thotrr'n In the srnve I bide
My will true be snilsfled.
Th& oiur-ntlonal Inclination of Cluth
rie's olubs is deserving of mountains
of praise-
Tho women of this dtv have th
j'ronsr blea In rernrd to establishing
n boys' reforIllator.
A girl with her furs on leol:n Impjiy
Mnv winter continue long and Guth-
rie's slrls rrow happier.
A.Wichljti nows'inr-Ar ;.inn who at-
teLdeil one of Guthrie's dnnces made
the remark that no city enn excol this
one for fino balls and pretty nttlre.
Tho Ifanpy Hoppors gave a trost
tuccecst't'l dnnco last Thursday night.
Nearly tho cntlro membership of tho
club waa prosont nnd nil hud a de-
lightful tllilO.
The Shakespeare Club.
When Mrs. O. It 1'et.nn. pivrM'M.'..
cnllod tho Shnlcaspenre Hub 10 order!
at this wcck'H meeting there wnB a
goodly slml attendance and all were
looking hnppy with the thoughts of tho
lesson that they were alwnt to rev-low.
Tho fctuUy of "Measure lor ivusure"
was talk ip. F-r the last few meet-
ings tho flub ha been reviewing this
book nnf they find it a profitable
For Miss Alice Woods.
A lilslr live ptuty wn given at the
homo ot Judge Ueorso S. Groon
Kast Sprlnper nvenuo last Wodtiea-
riay night in honor of Mlsa Allcrf
Woods of Kingston Ohio wlio Ib in
Ihe city visiting hor brother Charloa
Woods. Tho party was strictly for
Klrls and hevon tables were But for
thoiu. Refreshments wore hnd at n
late bocr nut. nil left with tho soui-
antent uf feelings for tho guest o
honor and tho host esses.
Tho Acorn Club.
An intsrosUn? mooting of tho Aconi
cluh was held last Thu'sday afternoon
at th" Curuoalo library and u largo
number of ladles were In attendance
The program was an elaborate ono
and everv jmn of It was responded tu
with n vivacity th... was beeomlns:.
Mrs brooks aa not present ut sh
sent her paper rn and U was read by
Mrs. W. W. ftiicks. The proararn was
as follows-
r.oll Ca'l "French Discoverers."
Paper 'The HujcwinoUi and tlu-
Mory of 9t. HurtholooioW Mrs llnlpb
P:i er "Pan and Henry of Navarre"
THE VALUE OF CHARCOAL. 1 Wednesday afternoon at 1:30 o'cloct
at the home tf the briile'B parents
Few People Know How Useful It Is Mr. and Mm. J. G. Mnseey nt -i.
Nortb Division sir? Rev. Mr Itosp
of tl.e First Metht 1st church ii
lornicd the ccretnort and the mo
rlu"e wss witnessed It a few fib-mN
and relatives. The bride and irfKim
lef after the wedding foi Gal 1 n
In Preserving Health and Beauty.
Nearly everybody knows that char
coal is the tafst snd mist efflelem
disinfec am and purinor in natur.-
but few realize Its value when taken
into the h'imnn system for the sane Texas. They will n!so T.sit Kw r
cloanjiim purpose
harcoal is a remtvly that the raon1
you take of ii the better It It no .1
drug at all. but simply absorbs tli
gases and Impu-ities always presimt
In the stomach and intestines ana car
an and oMier southern plin -n
foro returning and will be at bv
10 tbir 1 lends nfter December U 'n
the Hlrxel luilldlna: where they hav
taken a suite of -onms. Tlie bride f:id
jrrconi are Iwth well known In the
city and their wedding comes ns a
rles them out of the svsfun.
"harcoal sweetens the breath. an-r pleasant surprise to their mar.
smoking drinking or after eatii.s? irfends here.
1 nnlnnn nnri irfher odorous vesretabb k
irrpare.1 ly Mn 8. K. Brooke read ! ltharcoa effectually clears and lm West Guthrie W. C. T. U.
.v Vr V W. flucks I proves the complexion. whiten- West Guthrie W. C. T. U. Will meet
P.t) "Morality of the rrencn I tnw teeh ard further acts as a natuti) rucs'Jav afternoon Dec. 0. with Mrs.
Mrs A C lllxon. jni eminently safe cathartic 1. u Parlcet- 1G13 West Noble avenue
Ii aiinorbs the Injurious gases which The 'cspnus to roll call will bo qtto-
collea :n tin. stonach and IkikpIh tntiona froui Frnncea B. Wlllnrd or
It dlalnftTts the mouth and throat what others heve snid nboirt Miss
from the poison of catarrh. Wlllard. 'Hie bi-monthly reports of
All druarclsts sell charcoal in one deimrtmont snnsrintendants will ho
were- Mesxlanies ner.anson. Herod. fonn or anctber uut nrorRUly tito best Rive nt this nieeUng. Thb following
Cooper James. Buck Miller Os-1 cnBrcoB amt the mml ror tie mGBey nroiiam has been nrmnsed:
is in Stuart's Thnrccal LKMEOflffes-1 Sniiir
Campbell and Baxter. Mrs. Brl-'gs v ar comjHsc'l of the nest pow-! Ononlnir Rxorclses. "What tlm V.
c .-ed Willow charcoal nnd other n. p. ft imi ninnniioiu.i Trnratn
Mrs. Ja-.iOT acted as secretary pio jiarmIe38 antiseptics m tablet form hands" by Mrs. McDern.ond.
or rather in the form of large' Mtisle. '
pleasnut tastln:j losenges the oliar Tho president dt-slree to commt-nc
coal liolng mlxeil with honey. jic. meotinKS at 2-30 In the future. -
The daily use of theso i070iiBOir will ( jiiero may b( plentyr tlmo for Hi
Min tell in a much rmprovnd condl- program. A cordial Invitation Is ex
tlcn of (ho general health bettor com- tended to ull who are interested I-
plexlon. 3wceter bronth nnd pltr-r tlilst work to be present.
blood and the beauty of It Is that .
no possible harm can result from their Revolution Imminent
continued use' but on the eontrarv.j A fure 8jgn nt aPnronchlng revcll
i IB' SB
if pFEP3
c - ifll'l l
The Excelsior Club.
The Kxcelsior club met at the li-
brary on Monday Nov. 28 M-s. Rfc
vanson ( Maiding Members present
borne. Wtlllnms Stocktlnle. Thoburr
bonorwl the club with ber preseMce
tern loll call was answered ny quo
tations rroin Atnericr 1 Poets Soni'
were as follows-
fj I
k Km
all a II U"tt(
Wa propono siring Twclvn Full Quarts of Whlrkcy
FtlEE in exi-tanue tot nothtna but your eooil wtll nnd frlondshlp
but bftoro Biakinu our liberal offer vre deem It ocwisary fcr you
to Btudj tbe followlnif truibful facts
THINIf ARflllT TIJIQ I B"WW hontca Ulk about tl.) tnuM
I1II1IV HUUUI I I1IO i mtw imrnyou to bij rour aroodi rltht Whyl
Rlaiplj beauiee tbey ar not dlatlllerif and irnut parrfiafe from theootnblne.
n trn.t will rrrr be Wlrong r.nuh la Contral Ihe Morlh Oardlna
IlNtlll;. ISb trait will etrr malir B CrllnlB Krmand Tw lrlvi
Tor III; WhUkert OVJ'.ll 1UO V hAIIN Atlll tha oM time dlotlllrn mixja
pure wlilkey here In tbe mountains and tbe earne tnetliods are em played toda 1
Whenltremratenalilnc reed whLlrr North Carollea fblka land oil
tnrlr honor and will not espe-fment. Thor re aatlrHod with tbelr
rrnd fathar'a rroord -their chivalry their proud old anceidr (
veiiprr-e it ni.Ker wmne n iione.i norm corollnn rroplr wno
wonlOi'todulteratelflliey knew how llll'.V AUK TOO llO.NCST
tNnioffrecrulArly Into the bomes or more than ramlllra alloTtr
thr trorld. Do yi know it'a naed dally by frail children Invalid
ladle and diseased. intrerlnRmen for the betterment of their bcaltht
I yon know that pore whlvkeyhonevt whl.key ohl time von aged
whlflcey rtroducetl hero In our own beloved Southland -la the bent
in tne wa. .a! we hare slant here In the Mounuina ot North.
r.llnathe L-arcMt Mall Order Whl.krr llou.e lathe World
PTlna oar an 8 etorr Sre tiroof bulldlnff eoverlng. nnt entln.
i-ltj Ucxk andlutbat eotleait wabare a capiui of IIALFSlllr.
Hy the aid ot ample money we are proud to announce that today
i I ttwrpiun wiiivkft neiu in
M hULey nt the fllowlnr rfsiMiistble tr!rt
vuu turutiivuinr. htiawiiyun j
tbhi MCtton of North Cmro-
we nntro all the urpiun whltker held I
una inc niT6 dfefdiNj to thwrt unre)lW competltor by offerlna
Mmnly talpraau of or 10 Ycr iUA JUtid Md Sweet. Mk
7 DWf ' "S
"I've alius notleeu treat snrH'ess.
Is mixed U with trouble riore 01
And it's the man who docs ihe best.
That gits more hicks than all th'
real "Riley.
'Boys fiylns. hits I'rov in the'r white
winged bii Is.
You can't do that when you are Hying
Thoughts that we think may fall back
But Cod himself can't kill them when
they are said." C'arletnt..
"Stop by step since time begun
1 see tho stoady nln of man."
All communities are cannra liitollec
Is ammunition
Man Js Blmjily -t projectile flung wit
nioro or loss precision.
And tho mure you jam him down 11
he only has tho powder
Why the higher up ho soob and the
jrusi It nmrs the loudt-r.
Ami I ho globe sight of that cannon Is
a woman a:id her station
Is to g-ivij the rash projectile proper
fllRht nnd elevation
To the skv or to the mud It must j
ot her dictation." Ware.
"Not what vve sjlve bit' what we share
For the silt without the River U
Who (rives himself with his almt.
feeds threo
Hlrcsetf his liMiieerlrig neighbor and
Probably Mrs. ner.anson did not ex-
pect to be reported but she uivo tho
following prescription to tho ladies
who had colds nnd we will nns It
lilong Cnpsloum (red popper) and
clnnarar of each one fourth tear-peon-
1 .aw Mi"1" fmUm
10 FUI.I QUAIITS 8S.C0 20 FULL QDAltTS 810.00
40 FtJM QOAIIT8 S30.00. 100 1'UI.I. Ql'AllTS 8S0.OO
XII Cnirrat msi d. Ihlonul la Nilo Baiti with da Hirtt.
OurbottleameawnreSlonnoeaand are mil quarta. Hut nothing
wiuuictw wiiq naveriiAe mn oo-iiee anu enip pinta
wqiiana. lleware orthrm. weareanoldeetabll
la Prmllon to feoplea National llankot Wl
niiu i lountai
Hank In our ctty.
irom wmuiera who Hdvertlne tun boHlee and ahlp pli
mmeuremmna. jiewnre orthem. weareanoldeetabtubedooncem
and refer by permlaalon to feoplea National llankot Wlntton-dalem.
and Piedmont 8aTlng Hank tho Larg-tat tlapllallzed Sat Inga
tvif in priftr.vt cm ship tllhir Rrt. Cera Bourbon p!i flnadr er litorltd.
Aa lone a yau live no other reliable firm anywhere will ever
efrrr pure and whaleeome whUttry at above flaMrea. We wlh to
add KiO.IMin new eaatomera to our IWt before Chrlrtroa andean
I anorti to no noeraL to avoid delay eena
iuiianjounwiinoruerfajiweao noi uip
C. O. V.) and addrera plainly
with yau
Cut tbla out and return
It. If you aend ua a tlo.00
onler we win Include
FltK.K one tull nnart of
wblakey-or If order
amount to we will
aend rili:K tlyee tull
aend Pit KK It full quirt
in Trr iiiei wnivaev.
The Casper Co. Inc. EsttSSa
Offleet aaa WarvkeDara S?S Ca.pir PelMlaf.
Ijirceat and Tweat i'rleed Mall
Order Whlakey llou.e.
OT The above liberal offer made by The
eaeper Co Inc. may not appear again.
We urite eubwrlbera to aend their order
In at once and do not tall to mention thla
paper alitor.
arent benefit. i nnd serlo'is trouble In your system Is
Anuffulo physician In sneiiktus; of nervousness sleeplessness or stomach
the benefit ot charcoal snya "I ad-j tijwote. Flectrlc Bitters will quickly
vise Stuart's Charcoal Ltauigesto all . ii-memlter the troublesome causes. It
patients sufTorlng from sns In 8toir-j-never falls to tone tho stomach regu-
nch and bowels nnd to clear tho con.- late the Kidneys nnd Bowels stimu-
plexion nnd purify tho breath mouth
and throat; I nUo bollevo the liver Ih
Kroatly beitofltod by the dally ubo of
them; they cost but twenty -five cent-
a box at dritR stores and nltliough In
for the play It is more than prob-
able that alter the plnv l emu tod it.
Guthrie 'he cen-pnny will eo to OMn
noma City.
home. Paul P Mae'.e." s'tnone'-
Iiloce In ihe firn which will now In
Macky ti Mackev
A Prlghtened Horse.
Running like mad lown the street
duiiutng tbe occupants or a hundrol
ItchliiK Blind BloedinK or Protrud-
Inst Mlos. Your druggist will refund otlmr nc"l lemts nre every day ocour-
monoy if PAZU OINTMENT fails to It behocves everybody tt
sute you In C to 14 days. 50c.
Simons to IVcvi! Here.
The law firm of Mncsoy & Simons
of Pond Cieeli unc tf- the longest er its soothing effect
standing firms in westoii Oklahomu. stores.
has dissolved partnership In order thtul .
hnvo n reliable Salve lumdy anil
there's none as good ns nucWen's Ar-
nica Snhe Burns Cuts Sores pd-
xema and Piles disappear qulfikly urid-
25c at all drug
Into the Liver and olnriry the blosd.
Bun down systems benefit particular
ly and nil the usual attending pchee Percy Simons the Jut Icr member of
vanish under Itr searching and thor- t' firm may glva all hla attention tn
outth effectiveneos. Electric Bilters is -11 position of nttorney general of
some sense a patent preparation yotjonly 50o and that Is returned if ji( Oklahoma. It is understood Simens
I bolleve I got more and bettor char- don't give perfect satisfaction. Ouar-Il'l make Guthrie his permanort
coal In Stuart's Charcoal Lozenges .ontood by nil druggists
than in any
coal tablets.
of the ordinary char-
an J valiantly vanquished tho empty
kogs. The Bnllnil of N'nthnn Hale was
rend Then followed a few sketches
from Irvliu. Ono being from iho Le
gocd of aloopy Hol.ow. Planning too
"whan and how" of the coming Excel
slor lnagniino held the nttontlon of
tlie club for about a half hour. The
periodical will be exclusive In 'ts cir-
culation but the excellent reputa;?'1-.
of Its contributors is a guarantee thai
ha Edition Do Luxe will bo In groat
demand. The time being limited Mrs
Campbell preferred to postpone the
xoadlng ot hor paper until the next
meeting Mrs. Thoburn agreed to tell
at the noxt mooting something n:ifnt
"John Wooltnan's Journal and tbe
Variety of Interest ss shown in the
current tonics. One sr.oke of tho
fulln a oup of hot water. Gargle every Koroan nHjth0( Q treaUng n (Ua.
eases Thoy plnngo Into tho affected
M White1 contractor will build cis-
terns nt forty five cents per barrel or
100 barrels ctpaclty and up. All kinds
of mason work. See me at Santa Fo
Houso. Prompt attention given.
A ar'na a. ! YTVck mc nnd t3-i iirac urill h cnlrl nf-
A' aana ear eiamr -Wl a Aa a9 UIIU A .V.UIWS w uuiu t
$ -' a-awa- irmantroutV. Gallery Sat. Dec. )0 '04.
.Macbeth Campanv Will Hold Its First - . . c.
." . 100 Mchlnes tn tianflsome HcmlBti oat trames at mc each worth Soc.
V 100 Large handsome hardwood oval and lui'iare frames the very lateat at 49c
V worth Ii.
iii- i M Eaet metal frames in fancr iscoliered Lidoxltitied patterns elegant
v llJ fi maa preseutti -19c toWc worth up io 03
h la A 53 ISxSO assorted frames all new patterns at 11.88 vvortli up to 18.00.
Only 300 will be sold ?nd
Ono Day Only
Sunday evening at 7:30 those
oro to take nnrt if Mtnbotn wnicn is ty
to be enacted at the Mat-onlc temple J4
soon will meet at the Masonic hnll V
16 Jilnutos. Mrs A. M. Uennctt vvna
ol'Wtod to membership. Mrs. James
rvnd In Mrs. Hart's absence a ssluc-
tlon dosorlhn tho oarly American
literature. Noah Webster snld: "Lot
us Bole the profeont moment nnd es-
tablish a national language ns woll as
a nntlonnl government. Mrs. Buck
road "fhe Battle of the Kegs" ar.
nmuslng poem founded on an Incident
In the Revolution. The patriots set
a lot of kegs atloat to annoy tho l'r
part a blunt needle hoping to let out
the ovil iiplrits. Death often results
from blond polnonlng. Missionaries
arc worklug; against the custom.
Tho Illness ot Gen. Lew Wallnco
was spoken of -with rogroL One wish-
ed that Guthrie Instead ot El Reno
had secured the Oklahoma building
Many nice things were 'aid of tlie
Hubbard Jpclure The report in the
Sunday morning Capital was regretted
""I1 TiiaB HjMWMIil '
ss ' ro xmm
SdssI -- mpmL
jvrrffitJtt&i. s . i'ZMAm
jZffluitfi&if. vSSM filWSi-5
AS&Qimnzlk! af5S5i
AP' -y3c?t?!JTlT!CSSPKfajSy m
"When your child is ill you
dislike to make it take bad
tasting medicine. Hence it is
well to know that Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral is very
pleasant. But it is a
medicine a strong
Time and time again we have published the
formula of this cough medicine in the principal
Medical Journals of this country and Europe
and have mailed it to nearly every physician in
the United States.
So it follows that when your doctor orders it
for coughs colds bronchitis or consumption
he knows precisely what he is giving.
Physicians recommend their families to keep
it on hand.
Mads by tha J. C Ay.r Oo . Lowall JXa.
Alaa BaaofMturata er
AYER'S nun. VlGOR-Fot tbe hair JkYBK'S PIltS-For coaitlptttea.
AVER'S SARSAPAKUXA-Fer tH bleed. AVER'S AGUE CURB -For aulxrU 464 gt.
X7x O irvn f .llrtlin nx.Amfi nn.l mil ' i If4
. . va A frame free with every order tor one ot our new Carbotvpe pictures at M.00 ?
all necessary arrangements for the A onaranteed toheeouai toany W ooi.icturemadc V
producti'in cf the play. g Now ' the tmo to l1 toT Tour ohrtatmas Photo. w
At thla mooting the date wilt be set tI-lv:rI3ra
aawaaaawaa.aa.aaai ----'n-i-----a --- o- . mm i... . aaaa
Ish who. thinking the kep.s contal.iel'ag tho gon(?ra) 80ntlrn0nt of the audi
icnciiuiiit rtiiirnmiiB iwi-o.i-.iy i-u.. . m n 1)n mmolnHv Snmr
wi - ' -'
thought tbe gospel of work did not ap
peal t the reporter. A resolution was
pasel to extend to the- Carlisle du
thanks f. r giving to Guthrie an Intel
lee'nnl treat. Mrs Jai.iee called at
Hnti"ti to a lecture to be given at the
Me'hodlMt church on Dec. 7 ty Rev.
.iich f Wl-hita Tleket 25 cents.
since the ruling tbst whoever (alls
i bring a "current event" shall trra
tbt club to bon bens no one has
fulled in that part of the rrotfrflrr. It is ey seldom Indeed that aa
Excelsior falls whatever the duty.
Aljouri-ed to meet with Mrs. Han
finj Bast Harrison on Deo. 6 at 2:
P in. prompt. The profranis nre
Ion.: fcr the two hours assigned and
most Excelsiors are busy housewlvea
I and anxious to get home by 3 o'clock
Program for Oaf. B:
Roll Call Quotations from rhanjo
Lewis and Clark Expedition Mr.
Ufe and Habits of Jefferson Mrs.
Important evens in .leferaon's ait-
Mu-Tsrine Reviews.
Current Events.
tzemple of Economy
US W. Harrison.
Uemple of Economy
fanta Cla-a Headqt.t.cirterff
W. Harrison Ave.
Special Announcement!
PredeHrk Dlxoa Stallbrd and
Dee. 5th and 6th
I will sell the Famous Imported Dolls manufactured by
J. D. Kestner of Germany and known as the hest in "the
buortd at
"Regular Wholesale Price
EVen Freight not Considered.
Remember the dates of my
First Great Special Sales.
If any one in Logan County has a better grade
of Dolls than I carry I will forfeit $100.
Subscribed &nd sworn to before me a.NotaLry Public in and for Lofjo.n
qounty. Oklahoma Territory by Geo H. King proprietor of this New York
Temple of Economy who is personally known to me tnd under oath states
thivt on the respective dates Deq. 5th and 6th. 1904. he will sell his import-
ed J D. Kestner Dolls &t absolutely regular Wholesale Prices freight not
considered ARTHUR. A. BEYER.. Notary Public.
Mv Commission Expires Dec. Oth. lUOS. Logan County Okla
Miss Mftrj Belle Massty werv nar.le'yr --';-
s gssas

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