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uthrie Daily Leader
Former Statement Concern-
ing Japanese Boats
Transport Was Surrounded
by Eight Torpedo Boats
or Vessels Carrying
Torpedo Tubes. -
(By Associated Press )
London. Oct. 29 Profound satisfac-
tion ocr the fact that an arrangement
has heen reached and the entire cor-
talnty that tho result of the commis-
sion of inquiry will bo 10 discredit Ad-
miral Rojetavunsky's atatomunts ro
carding hc presence of torjiodo boats
among tho fuhlng fleet masks the com-
mont.s of London afternoon newspa-
pers universally. Tho Westminster
Gazette nays tho Russian admiral onnart his TlngJtor" udvocntes run tho
only inako guod his enso by producing
the alleged Japanese torpedo boats. I
Nnthinc Is vnt I'on.iltQlv decided as
to tho compusltloii of the intornntloti-j
sil commU'lon No American has yet j
been suggested.
Vigo Soaln Oct. 2.1 Tho Russian
nquadron Is still In porL Admiral Ho-
Jestensky said to an Associated Press
today upon the main wlrjUiW PARKER WILL BE
to the identity .of tho Jnpaneso tor-j-
pedo boats said to have been aeon JiLlilul JiD
among tho Hull fishing fleet and rolter-
atlng that he had seen two torpedo1
l)oats and heard the noise of firing of ' Democrats Will Carry Every
torpedoes I
"Prince Koretelll an officer on the
battleship Emperor Alexander III. told
me that tho transport Areaduur was
ju! rounded by eight torpedo boota or
easels cairytng torpedo tubes."
St. Petersburg Oct 20 The state-
inent is positively made this afternoon
though It is impossible to confirm it '
that the emjicror has received a tele- (
gram from Admiral Itojestveasky wy-
Imj thnt In view of the Hull Woldont
lie.nskail to bo reiievou ot iub cam-
inand. ' ' J
w Associated Press Summary.
New Vork (ilenoral Oftloes Asocln.-:Bji
tad ProsH) Oot." 29.l)atnllR
of Ui
t Drltnln
agreemonc oi jtuasm ana urvni unium
on a mode of tho settlement of ques-
tlons out ot the firing on
l.'rltisli torawlere by the Itussinn sec-
ond Pacific squadron were supplied by j
Premier Unlfour in a speech delivered
oefore the national union of crnserva-'
tive clubs at Southampton last eight.
The aarmtainment of the facts for
submission to a commission formed
under the rules of the Hague peace '
conference v. ill be through the cor-
oner'.) Inquest at Hull an Investigation
of the British lioard of trade and the
examination of officers of the Russian
ships which fired on the fisherman.
In his speeeli Mr Balfour ridiculed Jones poi.s at length on the curs.s ofi'"1 decoratlonr: the rharmtng reeep-
the official explanaUon of Admiral negro officialism and domination and'110" Hanford's ent.-ta1nment: delight-
Itojestvensky hut praised the spirit in ' of the work of the rlngters and the ' ful Me- an i beautiful twnners which
which the Tlusslan emperor's govern-j machine gang in forcing the nomlna-ilhtv Prepaid and presented to this
rnent had wet the crisis In both Rus- tlon of men who do not represent the tPderntlon and for all the other
slu aad Great Urltaln the prevailing best interests U the county and dli-
fotllng Is of relief that there no looser triot. Judre W 11 Herotl spoke re
seems to lie danger ot war between
the nations.
Fort Smith and Western Road
Huge Business.
Tho following Fort Smith and West
em rnllrrrtid oniululs were in Guthrie
last night iu a special oar: J. J. Ma-'
honoy general manager; M. X Grovefl
trainmaster: Chris Schrler puperin
tondont of briditf and building and E.
It. Llghtcnp BUfarintendent of the
Sar. BoU Coal oompapy. A9dording to
their report the For'Smlth arid West-
ern Is doing more business tran it can
handle with Its present equipment
Bob Taylor Here
Makes Some Pertinent Re-
marks onConditionsWhich
are Ruining Guthrie.
Bob Tarior. of love letter fame and
ex-governor of Tennessee was In
'Julhrle this morning for a few hours'
enroute from Stillwater where he
lectured last night to Edmond. whero
fce. will lecture torlght.
Mr. Taylor said ho had keen consid-
erable of Guthrie and that ho had
made up 'n mind that :t 1b a boautt-
I ul city. lie lug only ono objection to
Guthrie an 1 Logan county and were Tt
not that some people would not catch
on It would be unnecessary to mention
hero what that objection is.
Whun Mr. Taylor. was Informed that
thero are two nesroes on the Guthrie
school board two In tho city council
a county cleric sovontecn in other of
ficial position? ho opened his eyes ln.nnvnS ono lnt0 l.ho nl"o yorttordny
surprlfo. He declared it would novor
hels tbo county and city to have such
a condition and that tho white people
ought to put an Immediate end to such
a utnte of aCulrs.
Governor Taylor said that there la
but ono klnu of government and thnt
i is white man's government If the
white people intend to let the negro
affairs of this government they had
'UBl w(-" ''vu out nnu give up i-y
"'' ' ljU1'- " srent territory and ti
rent cy
Claims Victory
Doubtful State According
to Urey Woodson.
(By Associated Press.)
New York Ort. M. Urey Woodson.
i cvr-uir ui me nnuouai committee
who 4id he apeak'ng for the commit
i todpy predicted the overwhelming
electtun of P.iruer. He predicted tlvat
ail the doubtful states will be Demo-
erotic mm nboitoiye Uafcea caJleil Ite-
rhibllce.nwln' he asd'W iiQOTiftU- He
t ays the Democrats will carry
v N'ew
I. Indl-i1h
rwKc New Jersey Connecticut
aua Maryland West Virginia Idaho
Colorado Utah nid Nayada. Illinois
;.l Ohio haays nra dMiU'ntl anil he
Ohio htiJiays nra
is ovea liopafulTaf arcytnS QoIUOrnla or w convention and to Uie lltofcry
Maryland he suys Is' 'certilbly asoar1 for the rry Inilldfng for re-
lisryiaiui. ne iys is certnmly as
Democratic as ICenluoky nntl West Vlr- f
ginia it as sure as Maryland
... . .. -
Big Meetings Held by Democrats List '
Another rodslnp rally of ihe tax
payers who believe In unite supre
macy was held at Charter Oak ocnool
housp in Springer township last nlht.
The schoitl huuse wa; filed. Mr
Ilathbone. as chairman iutrod iced U. ucci-ps ot his Jir-sl'.;i of the fede-a-I.M.
Jcnes as the first speal-er. Mr I tion oan ''' aunl-tited for the bt-autl
garding the high rate of taxation and
extravagance and referred to the fact
that the remedy can only come by the
election of tho white rr.eira nominees
to j fne) iiart M jiphy. Ed 1 rapp and
K. A. De'.ritk the latter tbo Demo
cratic candidate for register of deeds.
also spoke and pledged Uie voters that !
if they wre honored by election that
ihey would apimlnt none but white
men as deputies
Ageli and Respected
Methoaltt Minister.
Wife of
Mrs Shepherd wife of the lle J
M. Shepherd auperanuater mln-
Terrific Explosion
(By Associated Picas.)
Tlnld?d. Colo. Oct. 9. The coro-
ner after siting the scene or the ex-
plosion of the irlno at Terolo renter
lay Mid t.V.iv:
"The ropt.rt that sixty men were In
the mine at the time of the eplosln
Is untrue I believe (here are tweuty-
'ne men entombed and Hint all are
da id. Tb.-. mine Is burning and nmix-
bodles muy bo cremated thus making
It Impossible U leant the exact num-
oar or victims. All but iwn of
victims were Slavs and Mexico nr.
Trinidad Colo.. Oct. M. The moat
terrific explosion In the History of
con! mlulnc In Cnlnmiin nomirrmi ni
nine number 3 of the Rocky Mountain J1"? n nvr the camp for a quarter Of
Fuel and Iron company at Torolo four'a 'B- In fa It ralnetl took broken
miles duo west ot Trinidad yefctorday ' UlT Kr" nrt all kinds of debris for
aflornoon and tho number of dead Is'U'b' a minute and many people were
variously estimated belweon thirty and "Upred by uouig struck with these
sixty men. Thj number reported uh le1!eB.
iiiiMiiinK ns bevantoen niinors nnu wnich was for all the world HUo a vol-
fo'hr company moni Many moro mln.(cnlc eruption there was great et-
ors aro ktiown to have gone Into the oltfcuml. Women meninnil children
mine nnu tne numher or dead may ruelietl to tho moulU ot thfi tunuel and
never bo known ad-tho mine Is burn. ' woften wliLse huslmnds 'were In tho
lug and In all llkolllipod the bodies will mlet had to Ihj brought nwny by mln-
be crematO'l. er to keep them from being killed by
Company doctors wtwo sent from all niiidly fumes coming from tfle mouth
along the lino as wall as other avail- of tho tunnel"
able f jlclnns. Tito United States'
gove i . stock Inspoctor. F J. Fore-' Later Omp-Miy -uncials don there
man w it TorJo wlien Ihe evnle ii-n ww more that iwonly-otie men In tho
occurred Ho returned here InM nlgh' ntn at the time of the explosion but
nud gives the following account of th miners too-iy tstintat? the number of
nffnlr uilssimr a 9iviviv)i
Cordial Resolutions
Prior to final adjournment Mie con-
vention ot tho Territorial Woman's
Clubs Federation adoptodthc "follow-
Ipg resolutions.
Whereas We the members nj' the
federated clubs ul Oklanoma and In territories In convention assem-
bled mindful of lh manifold courte-
sies exteudc! us during our sojourn in
ibis leautif'd city ot Guthrie and yet enjnvlni; the hospitality ot
this people desire by these resolu
tions to show our appreciation of th
.sanit;. Therefore
"eoeu. mat. ihu eeatraunn .or
wen's clubs of Oklahoma and In-
Itesohed That thu Federation of
an terrtHr5iJPfif'l1'1ti54t' t0l0"t''t rcg-ots that wo learned of the
If"fc ftrtefliky 'fof of .regitlat) of mir' territorial president.
hoir neeuUful temple to tJie official
orei oi me LiitiMian cniirw ler uio
8e of tlelr ohucl1 " a nieetlng plo
option of delegatae and gueU.
ption of delegate and gueeu.
Hesolveti Thnt a special vote ot
i hanks be extended to the governor of
Oklahoma mayor of Guthrie and Mr.
Oreer for ihelr cordial greeting and
8lM'rl favors shown to this fedcra-
ResoWf-d That the sincere thank of
this federaMon le ex'ended to ihe ritl-
".i.'n'i of Outhrie for their gracious !ios-luialliy-
to Mrs llarnes and the othr
i.ulli-s f)f this city to hcs pnlnstaU
Its and un'iilrj: t-IToits much of the
istor of the Metrodtst church did veral yriirs .She died very sudden-
this -nomlng at 1 30 at her home on ly this inornlhg hen the physicians
I Bat Clevo'and after a lingering ill-
nesj of several ycais. She was '
vesrs oil and hed lived In Outline
jbh ncr family since the early days
I She was a valuable assistant to h'n
nuthand in his ministerial labors and
"I)" pr.ved a v.-od. true affection
at nother. airs. Shepherd was tne
moilier of seven children all of whopi
are living
Tley are Mrs S. Warner
and Mrs Walter Craven ot Guthrie.
Mrs J S RUnpled of Burton. Kas
Mra. K. T Ilerrett or Hut-blrwn.
Km Mrs it T Davis. Albert Kas
C. P. Uwd.Wtd of Springfield Mo. auc" '
' T " .
R. C. ShepiPiTi of Lns Angeles Oal.
. M J
Mra ShepatM hal suffered from en-
jlarge - ncnt of the heart and aithma for
Colorado Mine
Strry of Eye-witness.
"t was standing not more thau 30u
vatWs from the mouth of the tunnel
wlin the explosion occurred. The ex-
plosion was preceded by n low rumb-
llli sound resembling an earthquake
which made the earth tremble and
startled the whole community.
'7 looked toward the mln and out
of the mouth nf the tunnel and out of
thai two nir alinfts- came a great vol-
ume cf smoke and dust which rant in-
tied for nenrlv a mlniit nf f .i.
twO air shafts each of which is
seea foot In diameter timbers that
wofe Ailly from two to thrmt freot in
'u)Hter wwe shot into the air and
brvken Into Sl'lllltnrs. nnntm
Ilmmodlatoiy afler the oxnloalon.
by Federation
courtesies shown.
r Peeolved. Thul we extend a voto of
thanks in Mrn Lewis who by- hor
presence nud able words of oounselee
usplied tho club women ot this fed-
eration and also to Miss Gresrgs for
her euoouragemunt and presence.
I J solved That the vote of ibis fed-
ration e extended to tfie pi'-'s of
.ids city and the territory in .raeral.
for the many favots shown in giving
oue nttices of club Iten.fl from time to
I line and to the ladles who have as
Msred in the musical numbers of .he
newuvca Tiini wul e t wub with
Mrr.. Robberts ww gratffuTly acknowl
"dgoUie splendid quallflcatlons of her
uocessor our wyrthy yrwrtdeiit Mrs'
. C. Rcott. ho took nn her tinflnislied
work and carrleil It Uir&urb to eueh a
successful completion
ttosolved. Tlwt we heartily upprov.-
of Hie innvomeiit to secure u. kinder
j .carten Instructor for tho territorial
'luochers aaooiation to he held it
i uthrie In Pecemhpr and that we mo
it'ininend that all clul. meniiwiv iriv
to create an Interest aomng tho nrnuol
boards of lolr jespertUe citi"s and
urns tiward the iMtabllphment of
fioe MndetKartens in connection with
the publi."1 t-rhoeds
Hesol.-c-d. That a copy of thU r.-pon
be spread nron ;lu- n curds of ihe fed
(ration and a copy fiirnifbtil tht- pi."s
for pub! lea ion.
Kespectfully subm .ted
MRU r. H lnTRRiS.
'R.S N. P jrilNSON.
had hopes of ai Improvement in uer I
Him reniams will Im laid to rest
Monday in the l-iwiio ceneterv where
tev. EhdoherJ'H mother is hurled
Funeral servlc win he in charge of
Rev W. H Roso of the first Met bo
dit chu.i-h at home on East Cleie-
Uui Monday morning at 30.
B. v' Kahunt prosecuting attorney
of Serine ewmty. Nebraska and Attor-
ney George A. Taylor of the same
f""1 "re n lhe ett H-lg
dannaltlnna in tin. W T. VmiIi. anao.
. L . . " '-"-' ""
'which has ueen pending In the district
OMrt .. qallni . . tnm
iore tnan a year
... .... w..W .Vl.. Ul
Seen Cotton $3 on
Lint Cotton 8 75
(Furnished by Houghton &
Douglas Cotton Gin Co.)
Whisky Peddlers
I Offenders Given Long
Terms; Others Sent to
Federal Jail.
Deputy Marshals Uaxloi llennelt
and Jackbou came In from Pawnee
county this morning with Hlxtoon pris-
oners nonrly all of whom ioro given
sentencorf by the district court of Paw-
neo county.
Norrls Wntklua was among tho prls-
onora. ito whs Indicted fur ilm nmr.
dor of Joseph Ualgler in tho Osago
county. This murder took place about
two weelt ago. Wntklns ohilms to
have shot Hurler In seir-defonse.
The following prisoners were among
the number malar tuntonce:
Pmuk nud Harry Wilson who were
sentenced t-i the penitentiary for two
years each for horse stealing Otto
Johnson and Henry lllckner were sen
tenced on the une clinrge fnr three
years nnd slv mtitiths respectively
Albert IMoo was sentcncotl four
yenre In tho ponliantlnry for selling
whisky to the ImJIniis. Ohirl Sinlth
40t ono yunr mil Chnrlos t'aitor two
yen on the muhu charge.
Tho following wore stmloncod sixty
days In tho federal Jail and flnod MOO
for peddling vhlaky
Josbo Jnoksdn Robert Shinor John
Armo'.as Jlartln Sandors Joseph
Davidson lony Murtlnoz Pedro Cor-
vautuii John nuscor.-A. Malouey.
Munlrlpal ord Sohool Dlttrlots MaVIng
Permanent laiprovements.
During the last few weeks ihe ter-
iilorlai SMdiior has lieen registering
wine large bonds bcth for city -uid
-chorl district 1'odt.y bondt Noh I
to 10 cjvorlnp school district No ft8
ui Noble couuty. in the :uni i f $C.(iOO
w.s rKl"terei also bond No. I cov-
ering district 92 iu Kiowa ccuruy in
(ho mm of M0
I-arge school buildings are living
erected eiery where and while In suite
parts of Oklahoma Uie districts are
ooiripelled to issuo bonds In other sec-
tions Ihey are able to pay cash far
everything they build.
Oklahoma's coir.mou schofdn are
fast boeomlnp to 1m reoot llzej ar be-
ing the lwst cquippcJ wlueat tonal instl
till long In the country. In the early
lays small anl rickety" sback -vers
put up but now at flfteoA years of ik".
i-arly all of the district p th- l nl-
tor ar ro'-tiiK lenutiful and sub
't.intial slriirtureH public
mIi'hjIh are an honor to "ho coi.ntiv
Rsv. Paiker at Prairie Cr ve.
IN v. 1. 1 Psiki-r addrt-ssoil u miod
-iid audience at the Prulrlo f.nno
school hoie Wdncs:ay night In the
Interest of the Democratic in nilnoe.i
He discussed a' lonifth tne Istues cf
ihe campHli;!! refiTiln? briefly to the
candidacy f e:ich of the white nomi-
nees nnd urged heir election. Ills re-
marks wcio well received and he m
frequently interrupted by hat.d .lup-1
f"r' 4D lpleise.
Was Drugged and Robbed in Kansas
City Mo.
Kansas City Me Oct. 2 Mrs
Jessie Anderson of Muskogee I T..
while in a room at SU niutf street.
was trussed and robbed of 174i. The
man and woman with her were ar-
rested but were released after return-
nit 1SM Mra. Andoreon eM to
Kansas Ciy several weehg ao from
0klaUon.a for medlegl treatment and
for econofl.y llvel in Uie north end
Bhe had for etjht years worked as
eook In railroad gamps and the ?17
reprojent her. savings
School Bond Interest No.
on the Books
Further Startling Develop-
men is Made Publiclin Re-
port Submitted by
Gov. Hailey.
(Dy Associated Press.)
Topeka Kas. Oct. I'D Oovemor
Hailey leday gnvo Out a longthy report
fi-om Stnto Aoeo'iutant ltowott allow-
ing addltlpnnl shortages In tho state
treasury ngfiiegntltig thirty-one thou-
sand dollars and covering school fund
transaction i concerning Prntt. Trow
le). Nenintia uirl o'her counties. Itow-
etl draws no ocr rluslona from his find
Ings. He simply records the fnct Uiat
certain bio ks o' fun 'h iw purchaneil
on certain d:is ly (he school fund
rommlssloiPis and thnt certain Inter
est laymen t wire nuii'o on thoiu
IkiiuIs which are ml accounted for o-i
the oooks rf iho state iteasuroi. vJio
largest shrrtages are In duwley coun-
Commander Young Talked With Prs
Ident Concerning Condition
In Panama
Washington D. C Oct. 2!) Com-
mander Luclen Young. United Stato
navy paid his reepocts to tho presf-
(lunCyeelonlny and talke.1 to him con
corning conditions on the lathinuH ot
Panama where for lUc nonths h
was stationed n Colon as an ofTlw on
tha Monti; unrrr Comn unler Youmj
ias ihe .innate f ihe lnhmu Is not
unheoMhtiil He will sail -loxt Tues-
day foi Viirinma wher" he will coir
niand the (.'iinlout lleiiuliiMoa of th
Sim th A'l.intli squudion
Were Arretted In Kansas City
Illegal Registration.
Kansas City Mc Oct i-j - Warrant
were Issued for flftv nenriiea by tho
county prosecutor todav charging them
with illegal registration Tlio pennltv
for Hie orlue Is from two to five yetun
In Ihe perMtontlnry. It vai- slated n
the prosecutor's office totileht that
warrant f r :'50 more in roos. chaii?
ed wllh the same often-c would bo
listed timn-row. It It .ilhaed 'hai
tho ntrr-eh have iieen conv-tei' f
thefts 11 th' past and :n nudei ife-
law cull:) ot a fckn foi i. nihteilm'.
Will B: Continued
Through Oklahoma
Wiehita Kas. Oct I'x lhe Ro. I
Islind toad has foi..- f tnen ami
eveial the smith and wln Hie 'il'
is coiuiilete.i Uiat roud will huvo
of the .M-K- riad'ie.N In h- cuutr
Thi ball ist train rca lie.i '.Victiha
Jyetordav afK-rifioii havim; lialla''t
the track fiu Iferlngion to Wloh.i.i
I Crshed rKk about a fo..t tin k Is I
lug put i lio road atwl n hit e for. .v
U follow it v up lhe work ti m puttin :
the finibhi: rjuche on the orU li
la said the work will cintinoe soii'li
throuli ( I 1 1 ho. na. ami prt nblv to
Fort W.rt I
The nr-v- nuwagem.-nr i.r nio R... k
Island 1 ii e to b-il!ast On entire b
tfcm that i rot nlreadv lallislel and
will make th Rock Nlainl an .lea
read if ail plans are ran k i .nit.
Mlsi Carson Receives Sad News
Mis Alma O-irwm rcevrd a mes
sage yod today announcing the death
ot her sister MUs Ni-Viile Carson or
Broadhoail yr She had been III for
jigreral wonWs.

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