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Tee Guthrie Daily Leader
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Hundred a Day
Slayer of Four
Street Railway Franchise
Informally Discussed
ies Were Intended for
Statments Show Existence
of Fleet of Eighty Junks
Organized to Run
(By Associated Tress )
Toklo. Oct. C Tim Port Arthur
b'ockadlng fleet has captured a Junk
liden with provisions as It wan en-
deavoring to enter the narbor. State-
ments or the crow Indicate the exist-
ence of a fleet of eighty junto orgat.-
ied to run iho blockade from tho vi-
cinity of Tsing Tan.
Chee Poo Oct. C The Rrltlsh
steamer Chenan hoarmg tho usual
blank-shots was hove to- by a Japnit0 hall designated njsrUho nnknowi)noney nn'l that in the second plnco
nes pruisor wnicii nrea ncrosa "or
bow. Atter tho steamer's cargo was
examined sne was allowed to proceed.
St. Petersburg Oct 6. Thondtnlr-
alily has -lot received nny confirma-
tion of the sea fglu reported by a
London news agency last night to have
occurred yesterday off Port Arthur.
St. Petersburg. Oct. G.A Chee Foo
dispatch declares that the Japanese
squadron must have been damaged I
during the great storm which has been1
ragirig in tho Yellow sea.
Republican Machinists Meet With
Fiasco at Meridian.
The Republican tax-flxora advertls-
ed a big ' oponing campaign" meet-
lng at Meridian for yeste'rday. For
ten days the meeting was advertised.
Ctappelt the local attorney was billed
as the headllner. The 4opener" was
a idcantlc frost But 55 people yrere
present. Of these 20 wero white.
T..rti Mtrfintr tilked on national Is-
dies Choppel tried to defend tho
vobberyi Jobbery corruption nnd graft-'
tng or Logan county jnances uuu uc
-rrrt-.Vni and 'made a dltmal failure
Chappell la a trifle too new in Okla-
liomn to tell old tnxoayers about coun-
tv affairs. Chappell's speech was
doubtless prepared by Greer in tne The act on is ior juuBiijem. o mm.--Capital
ofiico. jit was.a tlssuei ot( edness Lawrence and Hustori'repro-
falsehoods andso flimsy that even sent the plaintiff and George V. Buck-
Capt. Seeley would not discuna It. ner. repreFe.t's tho appellant.
In quoting different county levies!
. . .
ChappoU doll! eralely rrpvaricated.
y Is not 30
JIo wild the Noble county
inille; It Is only 1-' mills
In Pawnee county the levy
ullls but 11 mills only
should study up.
is in For Repairs
' V r
Alleged to Have Killed a
Sheriff and Wanted tbr
Montana Murder.
(By Associated Pieis.l
St. Paul Minn- Oct. C. Mhb ui-
posed to bo John Smith wh te al-
leged to have killed ihe ant-rill of St-
Croix county thii mon'ha ago and
who is wanted in Montana for murder
has beea captured 'and cnn(ln lu i
hosuUai at Mendota Minn He is t
physical wreck from evpoure.
Mr. and Mrs. Ned F Cneadle and
daugbtor and Jllss Byrd Blackwell aro
In SL Louis attending the World's
fair . - a i s
Pathetic Story of Decrease
in Veteran's Ranks Told
by Statistics.
By Associated Pttsm.1
Washington D. C Oct. C The.
quarterly statement of tiio pension
bureau woa given out by Commission-
er Ware. It shows that the veterans
of tho Civil war are dying at the re-
markable rato ot 100 a day from sun-
rio to sunrise.
The great nnd Increasing mortality
among the old soldiers of tho war
Brom 18K1 to 18C5 has resulted it is
said In tho filing of many widows'
and minor children's claims. There
arc alsr a large number being tiled
nndor tho famous "order 78" and for
increases. It is e&tjmittod that an
average of 700 new claims are tiled
every working day
Tho mortality among aoldlor pen-
fiionors of all wars and classes last
jcar was 31725 deaths of which 30
071 wero volurteer soldiers In tho
Civil war Commissioner "Ware ostt-
matos that there arc from 160000 to
180 0-10 coWlem of 'ln Civil wnr who
nre not on the pension -rolls These
army." it is. sn 'uuy ua.fuu i ivu
wnr veterans (pensioners and l.onpcn-
slonors) died last year. Those Mo
pension bureau officials say empha-
size the name "disappearing army"
which hir been given to the fighters
of the sixties wjhoso ranks aro holn
t-o ra'pldly thinned by death.
Cotumissloncr Ware estimates that .
tbc death rate nmong pensioners of
nil classes at tho close of tho presont i
year WJn approximate 47000.
Two Cases Heard Totfay Snd Trial
J -
Will l.ytton the negro who Is
charged with having whittled and
1 nnmwl n lirnllmr Tinprn
last Sunday
...... U'. t. X.W...W. ...-
wa"s arraigned before Justice Degroff
this morning placed under a 500
bond and had hjs trial set for next
Monday. Brown and Stewart aro at-
tornoys for Lytton.
George Ertel white was also ar -
rnlgncd before Justice Degroff today.
His caso is set for hearing on October
15 He H charged with stealing a
horse from O. auuer at niuiunu
In the District Court;
The ruso ot uoucnarp vp. uuj.
which Is an appeal f rem the Justice of (
peace court of George DeGroff was
hied In tho district court this morning.
. . . - .- ..e i. l.lnl.t.
After Big Game
Will be Guest of Buffalo Bill
After Campaign Result
is Known
(By Associated PrasU
Cody Wyo Oct. Q.-rtiknt
ItooRcvelt will tnil a r w dare nunt-
inc big ajfttne In this state after the re
ult f Oi ur44)UaI nanigeUti) li
asftitred. He will 1 tho gneet o'
Buffalo BUI. Several Erlt8hjnatt aj
sg will be In the party gol rjody h
now In England with his "Wild Wwt"
show and lias written that he will re-
turn to Amorloa this month nnd wJI
leave for the weet with President
Roosevelt about the middle of No-
vember. He snys thnt h Engll
'number pf the party are frjenda he
nas made wlillo abroad and Uyit eoptn
of there are members of th royal
family They will bunt In rtie lite
Horn mountains and later will visit.
Colorado as the president has prev-
iously announced- . pyjf &.. .
That John Shartol has forfeits V-
000 to the city of Gutbrle as n result
of not executing his part of tho ngroo !
mont Jn lb oUctrlc street rnllwa
proposition thnt the money now be!
longs to the city and should p.o Into
Iho wlary find that Shartel. Martin-
dale or any other promoter has now
Mm nrlvllego of bidding for a fran-
chise that tho city Is now five from
all contracts with Shaitol but iat
Shartol should ba given an oppor-
tunity to build the street nllway.
wero. In a nutshell tho conclusions of
a big mooting or loading tntstnoss men
of Uuthrle at tho city council chamber
Inst night
Mayor Barnes presided over the
meeting and tho majority of tho mom-
bers of tho council were present
Thero weio fully one hundred re pro?
sentntive buslnoAs men present moeli
of whom took a turn at giving their'
vlows ai to whether Guthrie shoulu
pull dowr the $5000 forfeit. Mr.
Shniiel whs at the meeting and told
the people why he hap. been unable up
to the ptosent time to secure th;
capital sufficient to build the streets
railway In Guthile
Chartel Blames Eastern Capitalists.
In tho first place he explained that
owing to olectlau campaign It is mora
difficult than In other yriarfl to gu
times have been hard in a'- parts ot
tho Unlle! States In flnnnclnl circle
boMi of which reasons nave cnued th
monoy of tho emmtrv to. be held ftp.
Mr. Shnitrl read a letter from an
eastern capitalist stating that he would
Jot him have the money or rather
tnndo a pr.vulso to that effect Tim
writor cf Mto letter was known by sev-
oral of tho busljr.oss men present and
thoy agreed that the communication
must be all right.
Air. Shartol added that ho know the
city line tho best of him am'. lie prae
tlcnlly admittod that hie $6 000 was
fnrfoltod when ho did not como up to
his oontrnct Put. he went on to ox-
plain it was not his fault that ho hau
not dxcouted hi part of the ugroo-
ment. it was utterly Impossible for
him io get the capital. He suld how
ovor; that he sMlt had faith and ho
lioved that In the course of a little
wh lie ho would be able to get tho
necessary money nnd Oiat ho would
I then go on with the proposition.
lFegin Favor Giving Another Chance.
o It. Fegan wwi among the first ot
Hip citizens to talk and ho felt that
Mr. Shartel ought to be given a rea
sonnbld chance but his opinion was
j.hal any other man to be given
Jlie privilege of coming Into Outhrlo
and nulla n street ran wnyi jw
yvirifield Smith's Pointed Remarks
winfleld Smith said that ha wlaho.i
t0 te1 the nudIcnc2 l)OW tne lag. &
tho poople felt about the matter. Ho
said that Guthrio people wore under
Undo Sam Tala Is a trlcH Lhave
my constitution ! . .
1 'ij- VW 'J-"."V. ' ' I
f Dun- wttu i sra. V A J
V Fvr you J I W JL
f r) i I ski
the Impression that some sort of a
cheme was being worked to hoodwink
the city out of that $6000 and that
i .1 i. .. .- . . .
vvn uiuugu u nan uecn lonetieu mat
U wnB to bo diverted baok lo John
shartel through somo hook or crook.
Slflt also said that the concensus ot
P&ilon in the city was tlmt tin money
ouht to be taken down and put to
fomo use.
Coyle Chimes In With Barker.
W. H. toyle gave hm views In
hurt talk f.norlug tho oplntor. ex
fprdMod by Pognn that Shartol aiictild
pie given a chance tie said lie knew
uinil bellovoJ tlmt it wns me genorol
Impression thnt Shartol had fnrfe'.e
Hl& 16000 but he did not believe thai
ill was right to fnko that money awnj
iJroin tho man who put II up ami then
toot give him another ctuince vhon
hard luck had stated him In iho face
'in trying to socuie the necessary cap-
Likewise LMIIe and Barnes.
If. II. Llllle was another who fav
ored giving Hinrtol an opportunity to
do sntnothing. His Idea was thnt
Shartol wart In earnest or elso Iw
would not have placed ?5000 with the
city of Gufhrlo ne a forfeiture thnt he
would do certain UiIukh.
Oovornor Harnoi was In ftivor ot
ghlng the money to Mnrttndnlo oi
anyone olse who would come lo Until
rlo nud build an electric railway.
Horner Is Stringing n Capitalist.
C. G. Horner said that he favored
giving Shni'tel one more chnnee nt
buildlnc the railway bur added t li
bad on tho string a mm. In I'tmnsvl
vania who U anxious to como lieic
nud construct tint lino. Hut ho salr
that' Slmrlel monnt buf:nee In . hlf
eetlmnlkm and that the oily council
should no' tuko down tho monoy tin
til thov see whethor or not lie can
rniso tho capital when no ban Hit
propot upi'Oi'tnuit' to xoctire tho same
Levy Anxious for Street Railway.
Ikp Lovy mnde a short ami pulnte
talk -favoring the plan anvornted b
the preceding speakers. He said the
Guthrie should have a Uret railroad
by all mians and thnt ho would do all
within his power to help tho uuy get
one. He sold that It it was the bo
policy to glvo Mt. Shartel a little long-
er time to get tho funds that It was
all right and a good scheme but that
in bin opinion. In tho meantime if any-
one else desired to come In and secure
a franchise he should be gieu tho
same consideration as" Shartol
Asp Hlr.'ts at Court Proceedings.
II. K. Asp probably stirred up thlugn
more than any other man nt the meet-
ing. Ho mado tho tmprosslon that
ho was attorney for Shartol In tho
matter and thntrif tho city council
did not glvo Shartel another chnnco
thero was recourse In tho courts
(Continued on page CJ
nevr tried before and it may wreck
Wore .'Good Clothes Carried
No Weapons and Seem-
ingly Not III.
(By Awc4utod Pres.)
Columbus Ky.. .Oct. C Chnrloe
Geltrell. vliu t) it And hilled four por-
sone ut OOrtc i Landing. Mo. Sun-
day ntRlit. white. It k. nllei?l. he wne
In a nt of delirium entitled by rover
irrivod horn nt da light and surrend-
ered to Meyor J S Davie Goitroll
Mated Im had omnnlttcd n crime but
claims to know nothing nbot how it
was done. A sllghtb nolo look wae
Uio onl In Itcatlou of recent eloknee.
An attempt to Interview aeitrell
wa ontirely futllch ho refusing nb-
tolululy to glvo nny notount rxf the
shooting nnd how ho nad spent the
time from then until he surrendered
Geltrell objected to being taken back
to MlMbiirl without a requisition
Sunday's wholesale snooting at
O'Brlen'f Lauding has brought tho
number of killed In the Icoe rnmp
there up to nlno.
Geltrell wns wIMtout anus when tn-
htm In ouslody hero nnd was weorlnjr
sootl olothee. This seeing to refute
th first etatoment. thnt n ononped In
nlk'ht dro9ot ahoolose and hntiee. nn-l
with two plstoU.
Santa Fe Trains
Fastbouud Truffle F r o in
Western Points tit a Com-
plete Standstill.
I By Associated Prwss.l
Ardmore I. Tn Cnt. C. ovdml
through trains on ho Santn Fo from
California are Mod up hero tumble
to reach tho mnln Hue on account
of the Canadian river Hood. Sever-
al hundred oast bound ptiMongors
who wore detourcd via Oult Mnoa on
account of Hoods lu Now Mexico en-
countered the same trouble hero.
Lexington Okln. Oct. G. The Iho
inon wlio wont down wttn tho brldgo
over tho Canadian river bctweou this
city and Puree! Monday night nud
thought to have been drowned wore
heard from today at Purcell. Nono of
Ihe men woro Injured nltlioiii all
had a miraculous escape from a wa-
tery graze. When the bridge broke
loose tbo men wero on it. It was
oaugltt lu the swift current and car-
ried a considerable distance away but
by the frantic effort or tne men who
Mtougnt thoy woro doomed to death
the structure was steered around to
one wide of the rivr ana loumx'
against Mia stock yards fences south
of Purcell It wae neatly 10 o'clock
at mylu and It wan several hours be-
fore thev eouid make their way iwck
lo Purcell Alt wires both telegraph
au1 telephone are down In and around
Itircell. aud tut attempt lias been made
to get Into cciiimiiiitcatlot tllh the
Slace until Mils oventnir whfti a man
weet acne in a boat. It i not
known until Mien that th- ltu-u wero
Aid Will Known SocUty Young
Lidles A ere Thrown Out
By th9 breaklnK of ite ;ujto axh-
while returitlRft from the ratex at tti.-
Pennnt Driving park. yuxterdH)
enm-. the occuiwnu of tui- iiigiE
Miss loot Coyls MUa NtUie lid ward
and Mta IMlth Ortaaell wenr throua
to M: - ground Mlee Coyie'i aaklv
a siriiued and her cotnj an ion
. re fllghfy bruised
deed Cotton $3 CO
Lint Cotton 9 CO
(TttrHirhwl t' Houghtn fc
n 'ik-ihu Otton Gin fjo.)
Streets Are Thronged With
Hurrying Crowds
Highways Filled With In.
numerable C a r ts a n d
Pjeknuiles and Battle
'" May be Impending.
(By Associated Press)
Mukden Oct. C.SoinethIng uiuih
ual Is In tho wind. A grpat bustlo l
now nctlconble. The streets an
thronged wIUi hurrying crowd nud
Ininimontble oarta and pnek mules.
Mukden. Oct. C. Main forcoa of
both nrniles remain rjulol but scouta
aro nctlve. Tuesday coitiack do-
tnchmeitt hud a short but Sharp btush
with somo JapanoBo dragoonn near
Ycntnl mti.Ofl. The Jnpaneso lost four
men killed anil Iwo captured. Then
tlio lied
Toklo. Ort. C. - It Is reliably report
od tlmt the HusbIriih lately occupied
Frankla Tun Shi. Shin T&o nnd Hit
nil to tho soutl.wost of Muktlon. Thoy
nre eonstructlng numerous dofonsos
I hum are ton troop trains arriving at
Miiliddn dally from Tie IJng Thcr-a.-o
ofiiinncrt that tho troops aro pre
purinif tit go Into winter qunrtors
Claim to Hive Found Kurokl.
8t Petersburg. Oct. C Inforniftion
wna recwlvml which doyiiltely locate?
Gon. Kuro'M'a onny according to
whlih ho liss not appreciably changed
his position along tho lino from Uen
siltii to Bon Tula Putze. Gon. Nodzu
still occupies tho Yontnl hills and Gen
Oku Is to tho wost of iho railroad
Tho rtiisslan out posts are as fa; south
n tho Shakhe river floou mile
' from Muk-len. Flnld iMnrshal Oyum
I ft loportod to bo with the fourth army.
I which seems to bo a mmilt affair not
' much over a brigade-
Kalicr Gounds Pope on Arbitration
Rome Oct fi.-It is itimored tha'
the Gorif.nn emperor bus nsked the
' popo whether he would accept If he
wero asked to arbitrate between Run
' sla and Japan What tho answer of
the pope wns tho rumor does not say
It la nsHcrtod that Chancellor Von
Buolow Is coming to Borne apparently
to rottirn Prnmlor Glolotil's visit but
In reality to see tho nope.
Bandits Against Russtars.
London Oct. C A dispatch to the
Morning Poet from Mukden say the'
about 1WM cotidjhied Japanese an t
JilnriennrlHti bandits nre active on tl.
ItuaalHU right Hank ani (went
miles south or Sin Mln Tiny Th
naudLs have been formed into rrgular
trojp. Th -i! are outpont fights dnll)
Ab.indo" Mobilization at Musoow.
-ordon Oct. f. TUe Moscow cor
respondent of the Standard ys that
thf lnt tidd tiioblllratlon of troops n
the Mow 'i ills' ritt ha txen aband-
oned for ihe present Tti.mor xplalns
lb aliuaM'm tn a manner that if
verv damaKitist ti ihf fpuiatk.u of the
Inhai ttai'U lor Uvali.'
Skirmish at Pooh Tina Sing.
Toklo Oct. 6 A dispetci! from IJ'
Yang atatMM Mint there .- ..i a sWlrwUI-
SuniUy at I'aoh Yani. The ItuiMtlaiM
lost thlry men and the Jirnre nouc
Report All is Well at Tort Arthur
London t AcroidkiiK U' th"
f'h K cm apondfiit of the Tel
KTaiil tin- l.i tt ChiiK.w- rorttrs say
that nil in -u at Pt'it Arthtii. Hi.'
Japan befor- lnban an- trylrg I
mount Heavy run umn-r i dead!'
Rueslan Pre.
J A O-erli'
unable to 'e a'
te stckiK-ss
lustiri of ieaee l
its piift A duty awing

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