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V unm.iiruw -niitij"JiKLAmmi W fcOITESORTr WOV KMffErT 25 1503.""
4 r V . S
-r- - --w--:fij
Crovl Union Station
Bound for Old
tSouth McAlest i C.ilt8l t
Union h)o( prwi'iiil an unique
sight ycialmlay WalitiR for the
jjoutli bound Ka'y pi'-Hi-ngpi train
were a.tult KIcIiikmi in.lians and
seven children aH Iwund for Old Mt x
Ico wiite tliy will llv The pare
HUracted no ttmall attention Tli y
were all drcasp an! appeared to h'
in good financial rircums'ances Thr
traveling lan and natrhrli wpi-p tiw
and every man canlr-u a now Win
chpatpr pnrasrd in loathor
The l'rt was In nan; of M '
Htntt'y fM-morly In linn uent to Hip
KlckaiiH and no a re-ddont of
Sliawn"1 Mr Bentley ri sinned lrom
thp Intiait her ice thrif- ypara ago and
took up the scheme of forming a col
uny of Klrkapooi l.i Ol.l Mexico Hp
Hocnred a Ian1 tf-anf from On Mel
'an goviTnmp ' ni' flap uf Cho-
aniicka It la hero that a large num
her of KicKapoos hac renlded for
veora nver having returned tticc
I he war
Sneaking of the colonlzalort scheme
Mr lion t ley said- .
"The Kirkapoo can not live much
longer in Oklahoma. The white man
is crowding him too much. He wants
freedom Tho death rate among the
trlhe Is surprising Twenty-eight
yearn ago the tribe confuted of 412
ppoplo Today there are but 184 Dur-
ing tUs civil war the Kicknpoo fie'
to MnxI'M und alt.iovli thc govern
ment i.m'ii to rutur.i tliam to tho
re8prv3'iin 170 csrap d tho soldiers
an; ri'inaii'd la MonU-r.uma land
Thpae 17. Imvt li.i according toj
UiiMr ov n (antes; and todiy thPlr de-
Hcendan.. ..umber 442 Thin increase
In Zi y"ii i (ompar-nl -vlth the de-cro.s-
i Hi- Oklahoma colony in the
p-ir.e l"u' ii of time Is noteworthy.
"Tho lar.d upon which these In-
diana will reside is a lmaii'lful and
fertile valley through which a rlvor
ofiiura mountain water couries. In
the wood".! mountains same abounds
and the liiH-n with a Winchester can
supply hi. table with hipat the year
"This ml ny I am working up will
bo a peculiar one Thore wll! bo no
itoreu or imalnesu inatl'titlona within
'.() mlla of the Indian town. The
trlbenh. will build their hut In
group nil ' (.III Just enough land to
4.-wt i.;l- la. :es and animals with
grain. They will not tolerate the
The World's Greatest
Skin Soap.
The World's Sweetest
Toilet Soap.
Sals Greater Than lie World's Product
of Oilier Skin Soaps.
Sold Wherever Civilization Has
Millions of the world's best pcoplo
uao Cullcura Soap assisted by Cullcura
Ointment? tho groat skin cure for pre
serving purifying and boautlfylng tho
skin or cleansing the scalp of crusts
scales and daudnuT.and tho stopping of
falling hair for softening whitening
and soothing red rough nud soro hand"
for baby radius Itchlugs and coalings
for nnuoylog Irritations or too free or
offenfelvo perspiration for ulcerative
weaknesses and many sanative anti-
septic tr04es which readily suggett
thomselvw'to women especially moth'
era aa well aa for all the purposes of
the toilet bath and nursery.
Cullcura Soap combines dellcato
mollleut properties derived from Cutl-
cura tho great skin cure with tho pur-
est of cluanslng Ingredients and tho
most rof rotshlng of tlower odours. No
other medicated soap ever compounded
Is U bo compared MltU It for pruaorv
lng. purifying and beautifying tho skin
scalp lialr and hands. No other for-
eign or domestic tolloj soap however
expensive l to bo compared with It for
all the purposes cf the toilet bath and
unrscry. Thus It combines In ono soap
at one price the most effective skin and
coa plosion soap and the purest and
sweetest toilet bath and nursery soap
ever compounucu
1 1& . Cutttr IlMoltMl tai
SETS - TSSiGJSlffifft B;l w.b.a
feri1! SXiSntift&U tut.-
i i iin c t'i.. unit' man fur It Is
' i '!'.irr tn (iit n. clear from the
whit man as pi hsIIj' that prompt
their move.
Th"lr Utvl in OkKhoma nix m'lpr
.-ist .if Shawn' arc IcaseJ ou Th'1
rental average. tl(H) pT year for an
avragp farm connlsnng of 8" acres
This fund will support the Inilan and
furnNh all Die luxuries ho desires
"Tho govprnment has for year been
making an nppropiiallon of $8.
Olid lor the Klikapoos This fund In
dlsbiirstil by an Indian agent for ap
ricultural iraplpments. stock and wear-
ing apparel The Indians will refuse
to ac-epi 'hU appropriation and bare
told the Indian ag-nt to inform tho
0 d rnl civprnmnnt that they no long-
rr .ie irp In- guardlanthip or his M
Tli- Kickapnori hip ruled by wo-
I'inii ihlii. Hi" only woman chief
km n in .ilstory Hpr name is Wapm
hid She Is forty years old. The
1 was Inherited Wapahoko Is al-
ipjd) In Mexico an. I her advice to the
tiibciniin in '.'Mow In ha:s been ac
ceptpd by all .' " twcl who are
utill on ihe Oklnhntra reservation but
will h xm join i In Mexico
The exodus of the Kickapoos ha i
Iw en fought sti into i-ly !y ihe India'i
agent He h i"; liad m" arrested i
nii'iil er of times Only yesteidm ..
Shawnee I wss ntrest" for R!u' mi;
the Indian to defrcud the i'n' 1
StattM givernment This unusual
chntge was based on the clali. that
tho Indiana accompanying me to Mi x
Ico were icmir. lng property glen
them by the United States."
Whut Is the marriage ceremony
among the Mckapoos? was akeil oi
Mr Bcntle.
"These Indians hae a very peenhar
marriage custom." replied Mr Bent-
ley "They simply select their v. tves
and if tho selection Is mutual 'hey
reside together as man and wife and
nnthing is nai ; There l.i no scandals
anionj; thoae people HtiBbatiit and
vi(s are true lo each o'her and Hip
quiet undcutandlnt; is considered n.s
iarri ! a- our marriage "ows There
ire f -w acts lua' can he termed crim
rial jiuung tMs tiial! band of Indians.
Murder m scmoia heard of nl death
is tiio penalty for the crime Robbery
fvn each other I foreign to- hem AH
heir potions could be pllexl ";'
get her in a stroet and no one voulJ
li!nk of taking anothers property.
Worship the Sun.
'Their religion Is tho snm b Co-
lumbus found among the Indiana
when he first landed In America.
They biliove that there are two spirits
the great good spirit and the bad
iplrit After leath the wicked Is sup-
posed to fall a victim to tho bad spirit.
The religious worship is carried on
every day. It consists of dances and
ilnglng and beating of tom-toms.
rhey are very delicate regarding .heir
belief and seldom take a jtranger in
to their confidence and explain their
version of the Holy Spirit."
The Good Gray Old Humorist Con-
tributes an Unique Feature
to a Newspaper Ad-
versary Number.
Mark Twain has gone to Italy with
his wife who the doctors ny has a
ohaace of recovering her health in
tiat climate. Before he sailed he
wrote to a reporter of tho St. Loitis
Post-DlBpntch a note ot verification on
a sU'rv ot ills last visit to Hannibal.
Mo. his birthplace and a few good-
by words to Ins oil M'ssou.-i friends
The note Is a touch of pathos to u
sfory full of humor and wll be printed
with the story ln tne tweutyflfth
birthday nuiuber of the Post-Dispatch
which Is to be Issued Sunday. Dec. 13.
Blla Wheeler Wilcox has wrtttej
a poem especially for this silver an-
niversary number. Minnie Maddern-
Fiske the greatest American actress
has written of St. Loul as she knew
band fought for the north and Jim.
Jefferson Davis whose husband led
the south are linked by interesting
Archbishop Uyan. who was formerly
a Bt Louis bishop auJ now rules the
piovlnce of Philadelphia; Archbishop
liar y who goei from St Louis to
govern the Catholic church tn Manila ;
(leu Frederick I) Orant who was
burn in a little bouse ln St Umla
Bishop Daniel g TO l tie of Missouri;
Samuel flomperj who heads the
American Federation cf Labor; Joha
Mitchell the head of the Coal Mtners'
union and probable suoeeseor to Sec-
retary Oortelyou la the department of
eommerco and many other famous
men and women are contributors.
One ot the novelties the Post-Dls
patch will include la this number Is
an airship view ot the Louisiana Pur
chase exposition wbloh is rapidly
nearlng completion. This oompre-
(hanslve picture will bo printed ln ten
eolors and will occupy a double page.
From a nowspaper maker's stanlpolnt
gft J fT the Cigar with the H
I j0ffi&WtfkJ3r Band that s&ys H
m That's the same to-day to-morrow forever. m
fi 5c here there everywhere. K
S The Largest Selling Brand of Cigars in the World. 9
Tbc B&nd Is the Smoker's Protection. 9j
ibis riouLle pnge in colors io a distinct
i.'tumph and tins but few procedents.
The difficulty In prln'ing so Urge a
picture even on the be3t modern
newspaper presses are so gra as to
leter most publishers from making
.he effort vven whon tne 8UhJect de
m.njft such trtueni The Post-IMs-
mands such treatment. The Post-Dls
patch has successfully surtrnunted all
these difficulties and In aJdltlon will
print la this beautiful e itlon of Sun
day Dec. 13 16 single pages In col
ors a feat wholly unprecedented In
western journalism.
Editor Hearst Says He Has No Other
William Randolph Hearst. In a let-
ter to W. D. Cardwell. Weathorfard.
expresses himself thus in connection
recent Qf H
ftrly ln thp tcrrUorl08:
"I beg to say that gome misappre-
hension V to my attitude on tho
a ntrhood queatjun rolatlve to Okla-
homa and Indian territory sooms to
exist. Permit mo to make my posi-
tion clear. The object of the expodl
lion was not o Impross any particular
plan of our own unon the territories.
but to leant tiie deslros of the people
and to express those doslros in a bill
t4i bo Introduced In congross and toj
be able to work for statehood Intolll
fran'tv nftor tmvlnt snon tn nanntn
lf fhe terrltoHps anJ learMd lher .
act wishes. Consequently if tho peo-
ple of Oklahoma and Indian torrltoiy
want the two territories admitted as
one statu. It should be and will be my
effort to secure their admission in
this form."
Even after he has tried picking a
wife a man is fool enough to try to
pick winner... In a horse race.
Every Catarrh sufferer dreads the
breath of the "ice-king" this miserable disease is fanned into life and all
the disgusttnff syuipioins return. The nostrils are stopped up and the
i throat can e kept clear of mucous secretions only by continual hawking
and spitting. Catarrh is a nuisance
and source of annoyance not only
to the one who has it but everybody
else. The thick yellow discharge
from the head produces a feeling of
personal defilement and the odor of
the breath is almost intolerable.
The catarrhal poison brings on
stomach troubles and affects the Kid-
neys and Bladder.' It attacks the
80ft bones and tissues ot the head
.and throat causing total or partial
! deafness the loss of smell and giv-
ing to the voice a rasping nasal
1 twang. No part o the body Is secure
from its ravages. Catarrh makes
you sick all over for it is a dis-
ease of the blood and circulates all
through the system and for this
reason sprays wasbsr inl'alera
fiowders and salves have proven
The way to cure Catarrh thor-
oughly and permanently is to cleanse
the blood of the unhealthy secretions
that keep the membranes of the body
inflamed and nothing does this so
' surely and promptly as S. S. S. As
lontr as the blood is noisoned with
Catarrhal matter the discharge of mucus and other disgusting symptoms
of the miserable disease will continue. S. S S. goes to the fountain source
I of the trouble and purifies and enriches
lsaT saTV isLw Keen
blood-tainting and stubborn disease.
yf vy uemana
Man Who Disappeared From Ravin I.
T. With $6000 Is Under
i'peelal to Dally Leader.
A.Jmere I. T. Nov. 24. R. E. Neal
president of the llank of Rnvia who
was reported to have taken 35.000 of
the bank's funds last evening was
captured earTy this morning aboard a
southbound St. Louts & San Francisco
freight train in Madlll by United
Slates officers. It Is believed he was
making nn effort to cross the Texas
line by daylight. He was taken to
Tishomingo where his preliminary ex-
amination will be held tomorrow. Up-
on searching Neal the officers found
cash to the amount of $366.77. and an
envelope containing notes indorsed to
him to the amount of $770.75. It is
not known what he "Id with the bal-
ance of the $5000. Neal asser sthat
all of the money was his own except
$300 ami he hnd $300 coming from an
Oklahoma City bank to replace that
amount. This Is the Rocond affair of
the kind within tho past few weeks.
The action of Klrby I'urdom ir resident
ot the Bank ot tn Chickasaw nation
a' Tishomingo was similar.
Cold Comfort Frm Doctors.
. Doilors say noura'gla is not dang-
prous. This Is poor consolation to a
Buftorer who fools as If his face were
pierced with hot needles and torn
wltli a thousand pairs of pincers A
word ot advice to him: stay indoors
and uso Perry Davis' Palnklllei The
lilessoj freedom from pain which fol
lows this treatment cannot be told
Thoro Is but one Painklllor Porry
Cole Younsor. It is said
como to Guthrie to locate
coraine of winter for with the first
VVaUonTlllB.P. July 13 I0O3.
I have naed B. S. 8. for Catarrh of the
Inner ear and have found it an excel-
lent remedy for asms. X bad bee a
troubled with this dliaass for yearn
and tried msnr thing's In sn effort to
Bet relief but nothing: did ma any
rood until 1 besan S. 8
. cj.
I had a dUohtrge from inyear and mr
bearlnar wti o badly affected that I
ooald not hear the tick of a. dock:. X wait
ln bad ahap whan I began your med-
loine. B. 8 S. baa done away with tho
dLohararo and my hearins baa been
vronderfnlly Improved; no much ao
that I can now carry on a conversation
ln an ordinary tone whoroua a year
aro thle w Impossible. . . .
Your medicine baa done me a world of
rood and I do not hesitate to clve It the
credit It detrvos. -
Kraba Ind. Tor. Aucr. 1 1003.
About thirteen years ago X naed jrouj
remedy for Uatarrh. I had been troubled
with It for about nine yoars but since
takinir B. B. 8. have never been worried
with it. I feel able to reoommend a. 8 8.
aa a sure cure for Catarrh. '
T. MttLWEa
tha blood and so invigorates and tones np
the system that catching cold and con-
-ratintr Pntnrrh Is not fio likelv to occur.
the blood in order and winter's coming1
brings .none of the discomforts of Catarrh.
Write us particulars of your case and
let our tjhvsicians heln vou tret rid of this
We make no charge whatever for
Of winter. Novels tho timo vo buy
. ' vVbur COAL. Any kind you wa.nt. y
Rhone 6
Grain Provisions
Cotton and Stocks.
All orders placed through ma'.n office Kansas City and mail
confirmations sent to customers. '
U. S. Government Bonds a Specialty
Reforcurcii: All Kansas Cltr Banks and Commercial Am idee
Telephone 70. y. B. Appleman. Mgr.
outline urancli Ulllcc ill)
25 $20
Tickets on sale dMly Se))tember 15 to Movemoer 30 in
clusivo. Outhrle to Los ngeles aeci San Francisco at
rate of $25. Also to northwest points including Portland
Tacoma and Seattle at rate of ?29.15.
T. E. PURDY Agent
Seattle Wash. $29.15
Portland Oreg. 29.15
Tacoma Wash. 29.35
And all other points in the northwest
Via Santa Fe
o Tickets on sale daily up to
o Choice of routes.
U Otgcow0 OOOCjOOOCLO ooooooooooooooo q
1 1 We Sell These i
t a You want tho best. you ready 01
v H for it this season? H P?
t f)gj&s H We ara PrerTed ss never before (o meet mur H enllv&t
f egtXfi H TT40U in vehicles end harneu. There s Dotb- mn llV'(X
nlll Dnnn Iff.?! ptB init superior " vhat we are showlne lo tale Hl? xSllxhr
Will SOOn Y fiftjA u5?f5 style and service. A hlute honesty in make PgfSi Bf
jijwaa.i SaSffl n' material. You will agreo mbt.n wo tell you SpiKS 'ffiK?B4
AlKfcSai VE CARRY. fEVrti
ft y. rk 'ja B vrw ro matter wnatymi want it its oira"3or KiHrtVi SHHiTc
I CW'jjMfrSSjfiTifodwai somethifg t! at ruus tn wb'cls. w'v i (rSjfJ-iSL; "fftfei
nr-sn. m 4'WW?5 cot it or will ijuickly cut It- aBTtMJlTft.jK5?
"A M H IWlor ixlial Ccmolnaodficurewithns. Everybody knows JwlVyJui vil. "HT 1
SiM fkl Wr V?t tbsrlaco. HllU) XJi
rf n f H j. s. lyon. m v
' iWv Guthrie O. T. fi v r&
' fr lESm V.S. The Stndebaker namerlate on a vehicle Blfejac-y U
A -Jf433Pim ii its guarantee. Don't Jorjet this. (SH&y'i
tP - in- naWIMtJP"''
Tickets on Sele Nov. 28. 29 30-
Return Limit Dec. 7tb.
For full particulars call on' or
T B.
8 Oklahoma City Not 26. $
Terrible Sweede ys Cow'boys
RrpSnl frnlti 1.tvo fiiilhrip virt Sl.tnf J? 0-9rt n m
95 cectsifor the round trip. Everybody gp For further
Information call on or address v . T E. $$y Agt.
St - . l - ; ' V ' .. 'iN $
wtaNrf n
Olflce and Yards
424 West Oklahoma Ave.
W. Okla w b Stan
and includlrtr November 30.
T. E. PURDY Agent.

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