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The Guthrie Daily Leader.
Papal Secretary Poses as a Master
of Political Intrigue
IBr Associated ?tm.
Rome July 24. Tho nearer tho con-
'Clave approaches two distinct tendon-
cios are shown In tho sacrod collego.
These two tendencies spring from the
personality of Cardinal Ham poll a as
tho great r.trugglo continues to bo in
Ihls favor .ut against him. If Rampolla
finds In tho first ballot ho has a con
rsldorablo -number of votes ho will try
again. If he has few votos and ono of
his opponents has many ho will re-
nounce hi? chan co and ho and all his
friends win support first. Cardinal
Cotti with whom ho now has como
to somo such agreoinent and attempt
to raise Gotti to tho supromo offlco
with Rampolla as an ally. This would
mean the maintenance of Lao'c policy
on exactly the same -linos and en-
trusted to the samo men. Dut Gotti
inspires great distrust because as he
belongs to religious orders ho would
render tho sitimion of tho papacy ox-
tremoly d'fflcuit at the present mo-
ment considering the conditions pre-
vailing In Franco Spain and tho
Phili jplne.4 It seems thorefore al-
most sure that if at tho first ballot It
is probablo that Gottl can bo success-
ful this toctlon of tho sacred collogo
will decide on Cardinal Dl Piotro one
of Rampoha's most faithful followors.
Rampolla being a Sicilian can count
on the two Sicilian cardinals.
For political reasons all tho Span-
'Ish cardirals aro favorable to Ram-
polla. besides a dozen Italians thus
-making a toal 6f 25. But to bo elect-
ed popo it Is necessary to got alto-
gether over 40 votos as of tho present
-62 cardinals not more than two or
threo will be absent from tho conclave
The antl-linmpolla tendency has more
prominent candidates such as Cardi-
nals Oreglla Vannutolli Satollt and
AgllardI which wfll cause difficulty in
arriving at an agreement on any ono
of them.
It is already foreshadowed that
should tho success of their opponents
bo probablo this group will center all
their votes on Cardinal Capccolatro
archbishop of Capta.
Conditions of the Will.
Aftor tin will of Leo XIII. had been
opened it was tho Intention of tho
cardinals to maintain tha strictest se-
crecy concerning 1U contonts but it
was loarnod that it comprises thirty-
nix sheets in tho handwriting of tho
late pope except additions evidently
made in his later years when tho popo
found considerable difficulty In writ-
ing owing to tho trembling of his
band which was so pronounced before
his death that ho was obl'god to hold
his right handw 1th his loft when ho
mado hU signature. The oarller por-
tions of the testament Include the
recommendation which tho testator ad-
wressed to his executors Cardinals
Rampolla Moncennl and Crotonl on
tho best way to continue tho religious
impulse g.ton to the church as well
as tho po'icy followed by the Holy
See during later years. Tho document
then onunu rates all tho property which
Leo possessed and provides that It
shall all go to his successor for tho
benefit of tho rhuroh Including oven
tho presents which might perhaps bo
considered personal rather than gifts
to tho pp; tiff as such. The monoy
which tho pepoo loft is In a closed
safe in bis bedroom hto koyfe having
been given to different persons men-
tioned In tho will.
To tho members of his family tho
popo left a present for oaoh to be
chosen from the valuable objects In
Tils apartin-nt and similar gifts woro
bequeathe' to his doctors. All the
lund purchased and buildings erected
for ln8tItui'ons personally founded by
Loo aro put In the name of the Holy
See to a old possible claims from
TOlatlveB. as the pope probably re-
membered that somo time after tho
death of Pius IX. tho tatter's nephews
Instituted a Buit against the church
claiming 15000 francs as heir por-
tlon of tho estate. Tho will ends by
providing ths.' his remains shall bo
buriod in tho basilica of St. John
L&teran in tho tomb which ho had al
roady chown.
Conrlavo Opens July 31.
The commission of c&rdlnals entrust-
ed with tho arrangements for the con-
clavo has i resented tho plans which
lnvolvo an expenditure of $12400 and
assures tl at evorythlng will bo In
readiness for tho oponlng of tho con-
clavo July 31. Tho apartmont still oc-
cupied by Cardinal Rampolla will bo
divided into four rooms in order to
accommodate four of the rardlnals din-
ing tho cof lavo. Now that tho pope's
will has been opened the work of re-
moving tiio things In his apartment
which ho bequeathed by tho terms of
tho instrument hns been begun. If
the new j.onMff desires to occupy the
same apn-'tnents only the bed room
furniture will be change!. Following
an ancient custom however the new
pope coul not take possession of the
.old apartment until several months
after his ejection.
Santa Fe Threatened
With Shopmen Strike
(By Associated Press.)
Lajunta Colo. July 24. Gonoral
Manager Mudge of tho Snnta Fo has
ben unsuccessful in sottling tho strike
In the shops here. Ho offered to take
tho men back individually but I ho
proposition was refused. VIco Presi-
dent Wilson of tho Machinists' union
is credited with saying that unless
some settlement is roachod Immedi-
ately all shopmen of the system will
bo ordered out. Tho strikers Insist
thoy shall bo returned in a body. Tho
strike orlt'natod in a demand for a
rogular pay day. The men shipped In
by the company to takp tho strikers'
places ha;e declined to work aftor being-
made acquainted with tho situa-
tion. Important Nayal Affairs
Presented to President
(By Associated Pros)
Washinq'.on D. C July 24. SMr-
tary Moody left today for Oyster Bay
whore ho will have a conference with
the president. Tho socrotary carrios
several important matters to lay bo-
foro tho presldont tho decision of
which will have a far roauhing effect
on naval legislation. Advocates of tho
general Btoff project say the fate of
that measure will be decided at tho
conroronce Secretary Moody will In-
spect a numbor of navy yards and will
also witness tho maneuvors of tho
North At'antlc squadron beforo re
turning to Washington.
Appointment Deferred
Maketh the Heart Sick
The appointment of a fire chief has
been deferred until somo future time
Prior to tn meeting of tho city coun
cil it was stated that Wm. Gruber had
announced to a Idtr friends that he
had withdrawn from tho raco thus
leaving Acting Chief Theo. Barnt-
houso as the only applicant Mr.
Gruber gave no reasons for his with-
drawal it is still persistently rumor-
ed that tp counoll will seek an outr
gkle fireman for the place of fire chief.
(By Associated Press.)
Valparaiso Ind. July 24. The Jury
in the Gwrge W. Swygart will con-
test caso today returned ! yordlot fa-
vorable to ht eplalntlffa and breaking
the will. Swygart was a wealthy citi-
zen of Souih Bend who left a will giv-
ing the bu": of his quarter million dol-
lar estate to his sons. The daughters
Indicate Serious Trouble
for the Mill Brothers
and Others
Sensational features have developed
In tho case of tho torritory ' against
Louis McGUl a doalor in second hand
goods on West Oklahoma avenue who
is charged with huyingjjtolen goods
tho offenso constituting a felony. Tho
caso InvoHos a well known nogro at-
torney and an appolntoo of tho pres-
ent city administration.
Several days ago tho Leader men-
tioned tho arrest of McGIU on tho
charge of purchasing stolon property
and of tho trial in Justice Ovorbays
court. At tho preliminary hearing At-
torney B. I. Sadlor represented tho de-
fendant Evidence was Introduced
that Mc3ll' had hired Harry Champ
and Curtis Adams two negro boys
aged about 13 years to go to tha
Santa Fe cars nnd steal brass and
bring -the stolen goods to McGill for
which lhe were to receive four cents
a pound. 1 he evidence further showed
that McOiil had gone with Uie boys
and pointed out the oars which con
tained tho brass. At the time of the
am-1 of McGill upon complaint of
tho Santa Fe detective no brass was
found In the store although nt the
hearing tt:o evidence showod that Mc-
Gill had purchased brass en five differ-
ont occasions. Curtis Adams who
was subpoenaed by tho torritory fall-
oil to appear at tho preliminary hear-
ing and could not bo found by tho of-
ficers but Harry Champ the other boy
was present. A continuance of tho
hearing was granted at tho request of
tho tcrrittry until Tuesday of hla
week. Young Adams was still absent
and it dceloped that Harvey olloway
a nophew rf Louis McGill had taken
Adams an by In a buggy tho property
of Wosloy McGill dog catcher and
stock marshal of tho city and a bro-
ther of th defendant. The spiriting
away of Adams occurred Monday the
day of tho first hearing. McGill was
bound over to await tho action of the
November term of tho grand Jury on
tho charge of buying stolen property.
Complaint was thon sworn out against
Holloway charging him with prevent
ing a witnoss from attending court.
: t said that at the trial it ulso
dovolpod that Holloway had not only
taken Adams away but had also at
tempted to takoIIarryChamp threaten
ing him 'tt tho torritory would send
slm to Jal! Champ doclarod at tiio
trial that E. I. Sadler attorney for
McGill had approached lura and had
ndoavored to get him to testify that
he had no' sold brass to McGill and
that ho would got in troublo If h?
should toslity to that effect. Strenuous
efforts aro Hald to have been made by
Sadlor in the cross examination to
make Champ dony any such conversa-
tion but th boy did not vary fronf his
original sit ry. Holloway who is about
15 years o' ago was bound over to
tho grand jury.
This afternoon a warrant was sworn
out for McGill and Holloway charg-
ing them with child rivaling.
Detectives Searching for
Much Wanted Witness
(By Associate Tress.
New York July 24. -Detectives who
have been searching for Ohas. F.
Jones wbo confessed having caused
the death of William Marsh Rico the
Teotas millionaire whose valet ho was
have been searching in vain for the
man. Jones recf'.veti Immunity for be
coming a stato witness against Albert
P. Patrick who was charged with kill-
ing Rice through the instrumentality
of Jones lor the piirposo of securing
Rice's millions. It becomes necessary
to locals Jones In a proceeding con-
nected wl.h Patrick's appeal and no
trace of him can be found.
All those interested In the formation
of a driving park and fair association
for Guthrlo are requested to meet at
the Guthrlo club rooms tonight at 8
o'clock sh8rp-pjr order of C. E.
BHJlngsley. president.
Telephone Lineman's Swift
Death Viewed by Horri-
fied Crowd
R. S. lilard of San Antonio Texas a
lineman "employed .by tho Guthrlo
Telephone company was Instantly
killed ye3'rday .aftornoon by coming
in contact with two electric light wires.
Tho accident which resulted in tho un-
fortunate death was witnessed by a
horrified crowd and the tody romaln
ed suspended In mid air supported by
a braco until takon down by tho flro-
roon. The accident occurred at 5:20
o'clock. Bland was In tho act of
stringing 11 wiro from tho nlley bo-tw-t
Cleveland and Oklahoma avon-
uej and Division and First streets.
He had climbed the polo nt tho Inter
section 01 the alley at Division street
and had fastened tho supporting strap
about his body. While in the act of
reaching down for the rope which
held the wire which he was going to
string he leaned back and his oiothes
wet with inspiration touched the two
electrlo light wires thus ranking a
direct circuit through his entire body.
death rosi King Instantly. The body
fell back and in doing bo broke tho
two wires which a second beforo had
carried 1100 volts through the body
and left Is suspended from tho polo In
mid air.
Tho clothing worn by Bland woro
burned whero tho wlros had como In
contact an.' a huge soar near tho loft
sldo also Miowod whoro tho wlros had
touched tho lifeless body.
Manage- Noblo of tho Telephone
company who was an oyo witnoss to
tho sdono immediately telephoned the
electric llpht company and tho cur-
rent was shut off a few seconds aftor
tho accident occurred. Tho firo de-
partment was also tolophonod and
Acting CMof Barnthouso and Louis
Frith lowered tho body from tho polo.
Tho body was placed In a blanket and
carried to tho offlco of Drs. Molvln and
Smith vho pronounced llfo extinct.
Thf$rolath of the dead man woro
at onco telegraphed.
Llnoman Bland had boon In tho em
ploy of the Guthrlo Tolophono com-
pany only a few days boglnning work
Tuesday morning. Pror to that time
ho had been employed by the Katy
railroad In tho stringing or wires along
Its right of way and waB also a form-
or Western Union lineman. With
Foreman I'nvanagh of tho Telephone
company he hod workod In Texas and
had had r.evoral years experience.
While a tesJdont of San Antonio he
was omployod by tho San Antonio
Light company. He carried jotters 01
recommoni'ntlon and was considered
a good employe. Ho was 2C years old.
Tho bod of Bland will bo shipped
to his homo In San Antonio this even-
ing. Aged Negress Crushed
Under Wheels of Engine
Mrs. Mary Jackson an aged nogress
was run over and killed this morning
by a Santa Fo engine whloh was on
its way to the round bouso. Tho ac
cident occurred near the bridge in tho
aouth yards at 6 o'clock. Mrs. Jackson
was picking up coal from tho right of
way and probably In a moment of con-
fusion stopped In front of the engine
and was killed Instantly. The body
was horribly mangled by tho wheels'.
The remains wero carefully plakw up
and taken to the Patterson undertak
ing establishment and prepared lor
Alts. Jackson had been a resident
of Oothrie since September 1881 and
was well known among the colored
People of the city. She resided at the
homo of Mrs. Martha GsrnetL 1314
East Perkins avenue until last Mon-
day wheu sho left there and went to
the residence of Mrs. Stubbs. near the
Santa Fe track.
Tho funeral was held this afternoon
at tho Cathollo chureh of whloh she
was a men.ber. A niece. Llzzlo Thomp-
son of this city was the only relative
of the deceased at the funeral.
Fell Into Threshing Machine and
Literally Ground to Pieces
Now roachod hero this aftornoon to
tho effect that a boy employed aa a
farm hand north of the Cimarron rlvor
was ground to dnath yesterday In a
threshing machine. As near aa can bo
loarnod tho boy is bellcvod to be
Jamea Edwards son of a Logan coun-
ty farmer. The dotalls of tho horri-
bio accident aro moagro.
Young Edwards it Is reported was
standing nar tho feodor o' tho thresh-
or when tho onglno started U10 bolts
which operate the mnchlno. Tho vi-
brations of tho mnchlno throw tho boy
County Commissioner Kaylor'!
Considerable speculation has been
aroused oer a curront roport that
County Ctmmlsslonor W. H. Kaylor
had sent li. his resignation as com
missioner to Governor Ferguson the
resignation to tnko affevt tho 1st of
August. Governor Ferguson being out
of tho clt tho roport ns to Mr. Kay-
lor's resignation could not be posi-
tively vorlfiod but thoro Is good au-
thority for tho statement that tho ro-
port Is entirely correct Tho ostou-
slblo reason for tho resignation is the
alleged ill-health qf Mrj. Kaylor In
consequonfo of which Mr. Kaylor do-will havo tho nerve to put a kink Into
sires to removo to Beggs. I. T. whoro .the numorous schoraos engineered by
ho has a storo conductod by his son. I Jackson and -Hadgocock at tho ex
Whllo this Is tho reason sot forth ta'pense of tho taxpayer.
Choctaw to Resume Active
Work With a Vim
Tho Choctaw will rosurao work hero
with vim and vigor. Tho following
tologram n olvod by B. C. Vinson from
F. E. Wathon Is solf-oxplanatory:
Halloyvllle I. T.. July 21.
B. C. Vlnirn Guthrlo. Okla.
Alleged Illegal Judgments
Will be Investigated
Alderman McBrlno at the mooting
of the cltt council last ovonlng pre-
sented the following resolution which
was unanimously adopted:
Whorea It has been rumorod and
roportod that some of the Judgments
heretofore rendered against tho oity
of Guthrie havn been obtained Illegal-
ly and fraudulently; now therefore he
Rosolvel by the mayor and council
of tho city of Guthrlo that a commit-
teo of two raembors of tho council be
appointed by tho mayor to act In con-
Junction with the mayor and the city
attorney to Investigate tho mattor of
said Judgments and tho manner and
motbod of obtaining tho same with
power 'o pot and to omploy assistant
counsel if it be deemed necoseary to
assist the city attorney in taking
proper proceedings to defeat and an-
nul such of said JoudgmauU as may be
fbund to be Illegal or fraudulent.
Mayor Barnes announced as mem-
bers of the committee ths appointment
of Alderrofcn McBrlne and Alderman
The rvKlullon will cause the inves-
U)Uon of ths following
the amounu named Including accrued
A. If. Walte f ldf.ll
Frank Dale 387.40
Roy V. Hoffman 809.46
Edward Casey 9196
A. S. Wejhelmer 64 28
S. M. Decker 230.3S
H. Collar 83.40
M. Lutner west iw.
M. Lumpkin 68 .39
John De Eols 314.17
H. O. Schilling 30.60
off his. baianco and Into tho fooler
where tho body passed through tho en-
tire machlno bolng ground Into a thou-
sand ptec'js before tho engine could
bo stopped Tho sight was a sicken-
ing one to tho crow of tho threshing
Tho inner part of tho thresher was
spattered with blood and tho crushed
bones of tho boy woro found scattered
throughout tha entlro machlno.
Farmer Cox. who Hvos In that sec-
tion of th county was in the city to
day and rcportod tho tragedy.
Reported Resignation
the allege I leslgnntlon. the politicians
who have leon observing matters at
the court house are of the ooinlon
1 -
that Mr. Kaylor was tired of bolng
rlmply tin bump on Jackson and
Hedgecock'b log and nt the samo timo
being hcM responsible for suspicious
bridge contracts In the making of
which he vns not even consulted
In this connection It might bo nddod
that a strong pressure will bo brought
to bear upon Governor Ferguson to
appoint In Mr.. Kaylor's place n repre
sentative business man of Guthrlo who
Roberts' outfit will lonvo today for
Guthrie. Notify Cassldy Bakor and
American Steel and Wire company to
rosumo wcrk as soon as possible re-
loading material for track laying and
bridge. lUd all bridge men you can
F. E. WatMn.
P. C. Joyje 12 28
C. F. KisPischmldt 105 40
R. S. ReP'es 388 80
W. Q. Miller 108 80
W. B. Aluxey 48 50
W. H. Pnllls 102 43
T. H. TetK lit 138.09
T. IC Johnson 77 GO
F. B. Lllllo 24.7C
II. D. ToJd 77 60
Murdock Bros 400 18
James II. Bullon 488.03
J. N. Wallace 88.88
Mrs. Edwaid Meisnor 05 62
Fannls M. Stone 34 r7
Chas. M. Trowa 844 70
A. J. Spongel 66 40
J. E. Ball 640 HO
J. N. Coulrer 86 43
Frank II. Oreor 1760 01
T. F. McKennon estate 4234.20
Youthful Desperadoes
Swing off in Kentucky
fBy Associated lress.)
Lexington Ky. July 24 ?laud
O'Brien ased 18 and Karl Whitney
aged 19 boys In years and whose fares
indicate nothing of the criminal woro
banged here at 8 o'clock this morning
for the murder of A 1). Cblnn on the
! morning 0 Oct. 12 1002 O'Brien and
WUItiwy e itered the luune of Mr
' Chlnn a wpalthy merchant and an ox
J Confederate to4dlr and with revoiv em
. in hand demanded that the old gt-ntli
man prodi ce hln monoy. A htrugg o
followed and Chlnn was mortally
wounded. Tho biys were captured &
. few days litter near here but owing to
( rumors of lynching were removed to
ixwtavme for sare Keeping.
The erro. of one momunt becomes
tho sorrow of a whole lifetime.

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