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Local Happenings of City and Terri-
tory Briefly Told.
The par'. s their winter garment doff
And turn to summer bowers.
So cut your winter whiskers off
And blossom with the flowers
Chicago News
Enid Is to hare a boiler factory
A 200 pound concentrator is being
Installed at Sheridan
13111" Smith who owns a fine farm
just net of Alva recently discovered
an offectlvo and clioap way to exter-
minate pralrio dogs and has found It
practical at every trial. He saturates
a ball of waste or coarse fibrous ma-
terial with gasoline tumbles It int
the prairie dog hole sets it ot Are
and covers the hole up tight The
fumes from the burning gasoline kilt
every dog within rango
An Oklahoma City paper observes
this- "We tvlll be willing to devote a
column of space to Miss Lttclle Mul-
hall when she consents to go Into the
kltrhen and wash dishes or ltto the
parlor and thump tho piano or make
one of a gay theatre party But as a
broncho bustor from Oklahoma she 1
an much out of place aB her father is
in refined Oklahoma circles. Oklaho-
ma is not taking kindly to tho Mul-
halls' posing as ropresenfatlvo Okla-
homa cltlzons "
A 7 year old boy. who attended the '
school picnic of Blackwell explains
tho cause of a recent rain Tho boys
while at the picnic killed a blacksnake i
and as it was dry enough to alarm
soma of their elders they thought
rnin was needed and adopted an old
conjure trick and placed Mr Rattle-
snake belly up to bring rain Tlrey
lollowed tho formula proscribed and
it did rain so of course there Is no
other explanation for It. tho pharm
worked and tho boys and the black-
snake nro to bo credited with tho rain
Big financiers of tho oast are now
forming a pool to gobble up all tho
coal lands In tho Choctaw nation. If
C Frick the "Iron king" and John
W Gates of Chicago are engineering
tho deal Tho price agreed upon Is
$25 per acre
Oklahoma's new opera house with a
seating capacity of 1.C00 hloh Henry
Ovorholser Is building may be opened
with a performance by tho Metropoli-
tan opera houso orchestra wltlr Nor-
dica and Do Roszko as soloists
Mountain View Progress : A genu-
ine Mexican boll woevll was left at
this offlco Monday by It I. Brown of
Piano who says It Is the first speci-
men he has seen In this vicinity since
seven years ago when u yiry few
wero found.
""ho Abilono gentlomen who own the
nfe. granlto polishing plant aro so en-
thusiastic of their prospects and those
of the town that they aro figuring on
putting in an electric light plant here
says tho Granlto Enterprise. Mr.
Glimpse stated beforo he left that
their polishing plant would probably
havo to run nights in ordor to fill
their orders and they wero seriously
figuring on Installing an oJeotrlc plant
for tholr own uso and added that they
would in all probability ask for a
franchise 'and the right to wire tho
A boarding house woman at El Reno
became deeply Involved In debt at El
Reno and some of her boardors actu-
ally sympathized with her.
A Woods county man lias been ad-
judged Insane He Is always making
flying machines none of which will
.Mayor-Linden of Enid has ordered
tho policemen to stay out of saloons
It will be remembered that he said
he would put the saloons out of busi-
ness 1 i
The Jet well has reached a depth of
200 feet and there is a strong odor of : i
gas; almost as strong as that raised '
by the sewer scandal at Guthrie not
long since Wiculta Eagle
A hotel man of HoldenHIe Is here
today talking with local capitalists re
garding eroding a hotel in South Mc-
Alester He says he has the capital
necessary to ereot and operate a $10-'
0(0 hotej and would like to have the
city either give a site or see that it
can be secured at a reasonable figure
South McAleeter Capital
The Anadarko Democrat announces
a change of management with H L.
King as editor and proprietor
Coalgate is having a building boom i
Fourteen business houses are in
course of erection.
A Prominent St. Louis Specialist Says Duffy's Pure
Malt Whiskey Has Done More for Consump-
tives Than All Other Medicines.
-Duffv's Pure Molt Whi-Vey
patiuut whom I wusti itiiu I 1 l on 1) r en o aft. rnoon after an nliMmi of about
two months ami remarked that slio as so mm b improved 1 inquired after medicaments
etc nmlflhe stated slio bad beeu uiting nuthmic but koixI food and plenty of Dulty's llire
Malt Wniskey. Her improvement vi ns so marked that 1 w ent directly and purcliabed it for
evsrnl other patients sulTering dimilnrly and
Improvement ami frm personal observation nnl physical fzamfimtiou there was great
liunroveuient in the lunar tissue. Two who bad l-unDceal Consumption fconsumtition of
Improvement iu the lung tissue. Two who
the throat) nro now entirely well. I am employing It extensively now In my practice in
the throat) aro now entirely well l am employing it exw
La Grippe. Pneumonia Bronchitis Anaemia (limnitlon o
luck of assimilation of food etc ; alwnjs in comulescento.
La Grippe Pneumonia Bronchitis Anaemia
Its aeroeableress to tho taxto and stomach
a paua ta for ull diseases WILLIAM 11O0KJ2U VAIL M. D. EL Louis. Mo.
7000 doctors who havo had similar experience to that of Dr Vnil use Duffy's luro
Malt Whiskoy in tliuir familiuo and prcscrllio nnd remninieml it exclusively. It is used in
2000 prominent hospitals throughout tlio United Htutes. A leading doctor of New York
says "Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey U a. form of food already digested."
DUFFY'S PURE MALT WHISKEY cures eonchs colils consumption grip bron-
ahltis pneumonia and nil diseases of tho throat and lungs. It is an absolutely pure gentle
and invigorating stimulant anil tonic builds up tho nerve tissues tones up tho heart
fives powor to tho brain strength nnd ilaMIdty to tho muscles and richness to the blood
t brings into action all tho vital forces: It makes digestion perfect and enables you to
get from tho food you cat tho nourishment it contains. It is invaluable for o erw orked
men delicate women and sickly children it strengthens nnd sustains tho system Is a
Froiuotor of good health and longevity makes tho old young and keeps tho young strong
t contains no fusel oil and Is the only whlskoy recognized by tho Government as a
mcdlcluo. Tills Is a tniarantco.
CAUTION When you oik for Duffy's
genuine. Unscrupulous denluts mindful of
sell you cheap imitations and so-called Mnlt
Demand "Duffy's" and bo suro you got it.
Chemist" on tho label.
Duffv's Puro Malt Whlskov is sold in scaled bottles only: novor lu flask or bulk. It is
told by all druggists and grocers or direct
Duffy Malt Whiskey Co. Rochester N. Y.
Bartlcsvlllo Is considering a glass
manufacturing proposition I
Tho Cherokee land office which was
at Vlnlta was opened at Tahlequah
May 4.
Tho First National hank of Indian-
ola with a capital of $25000 has been
The South McAleeter News has
conn out again for single statehood.
Train wreckers have alroady start-
Jed In on the Orient. Three attempts
are laid at the door of tho quarelllng
towns between Cherokee and Yewod.
The towns of Woods county should
take another grasp on their canning
factories Cleo has announced that she
Is going to move one Into her neigh-
borhood. Federal court Is In session at South
A HUlo Jlfo may be sacrificed to a
sudden attack of croup. If you don't
have Dr. Thomas' Eolectrtc Oil on
hand for the emergency
Co. "A" First Regiment. Ok. N. Oj
Is hereby ordered to meet at the
Armory on Harrison avenue on Tues-
day evening. May 5 1903 at 8 o'clock
for Inspection
By order of
G. E. Dunnlca
Capt Comd'g Co A
r t .t . . a" uum lorwnru to ine nour when she shall
feel the exquisite thrill of motherhood with indescribable dread and
S":... womlan shouId kno that the danger pain and horror
of child-birth can be entirely avoided by the use of ftlothcr's Friend.
fi. KP1ntlflf. immnnf f.. - 1 -i ... .
is-w - . ii i:r'
assists nature in its sublime
work. By its aid thousands
of women have passed this
great crisis in perfect safety
and without pain. Sold at $r.oo per
bottle by druggists. Our book of priceless
value to all women sent free. Address
was Introduced to mo through n consumptive
in a short tlmetliej all exprenwd deckled
bad linngeal Consumption (consumption of
(Inanition or Marasmus) starvation from
of all pronto and condition makes it almost
Puro Mnlt Whiskey bo suro you got tho
tho excellence of this prejwration will try to
Whiskey substitutes which nro put on tha
It is the only absolutely puro malt w lilskey
at $1.00 a bottle. Medical booklet sent free
Wer Rii'nniiH with M.rii. i a
In Blowing Safes.
(By Associated Press.)
York Neb. May $. Three men be-
lieved to bo the authors of several
bank robberies In this state wore cai
tured here last night In their pos-
session were found dynamite nltro
glycerine and fusoa. The men refused
to give their names.
By a Persistent Cough but Perma-
nently Cured 'by Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy.
Mr H. P. Burbago a student at law
in Greenville S C had been troubled
for four or flvo years with a contin-
uous cough which ho says "greatly
alarmed me. causing mo to fear that I
'.was in tho first stage of consumption."
Mr. Burbago having seen Chamber-
lain's Cough Remedy advertised con-
cluded to try It Now road what ho
says of It. "I soon felt remarkable
change and after using two bottles of
the twenty-five cent alse was perma-
nently cured." Sold by the Eagle
urug store.
Charminsr and ui. ..'
Charming and Inexpensive sets are'o a.v0 nu . '. '-...
made of American lawn with trim-
-- r . .
mlngs of point d'esprlt footing The
lawn is of extra fineness and. al-
.though such sets are not always madeUrav io- k-mui riiv tav an si
u ubhu . nrs .j oiiiors u me
tnw1&la ttWA anniil1 klkKAM Al.A UM
1if hnn.l n aa a t. a .!. Ii it..
r "'" """' vmmou imi it
good enough for anybody.
Is the joy of the household for wfthont
it no happiness can be complete. How
sweet the picture of mother apd babe
angels smile at and commond the
thoughts and asoiratinna nf tl mtt..
bending over tho cradle. The ordeal through
v Inch the expectant mother must pass how-
ever is so full of danger and suffering that
din IaaUk f... I A. I .
v " iwuyiiciia nuu renuers
y wmen tougheas and renders
Child says "Don't Cry. Mamma'
While the Surgeon Ampu
tates Her Leg.
New York May "Don't err.
mamma I'm all right and I'm not
going m die." Mid Augusta Kuehnc.
6 yearn old bravely striving to koci
back thf team An ambulance sur-'
geon wan xsmlnlng her right leg
which had bean fearfully crushed by
the wheel of a trolls- car
Mrs Ktiobne -was naar sobbing hys-1
terlealU and bagging two policemen .
to let hi-r assist tho surgeon Her '
daughter s brave words calmed her
Augusta was run over yesterday at
Noll street and Flushing avenue. Wll-!
Ilamsburg She was standing at the
curb radv to catch a bean lag from '
a plamate The toy went over her
hoad and on the Street car track Au-
gusta ran arter It with a Joyous shout
She dil not aeo a car npptvshlng
swiftly William Brany t'e motor-'
man wax caught unawares by the
child s quick flight. She uas knocked
down b the fender and the wheels
had crushed her leg before the oar
could be stopped.
"Am I hurted?" she ueked those
first to reachli or Then sho caught
sight of her Injury and tho mon
nround her wore nonplussed whon sho
said calmly:
"Please won't you send for A doctor
and have him sow my log on again?"
Some of Augusta's playmates hast-
ened to her homo at No. 127 Ooorgo
street ana told Mrs. Kuehno of tho
accident Dr. Pobe came from the
Gorman hospital and found tho log re-
quired Immediate amputation. Augus-
ta was carried Into a drug store noar
The fortitude of the child nmaxed
tho surgeon When he had prepared
Augusta for the amhulanco Mrs '
ICuehne begged permission to accomp-
any her to the hospital. This was
granted and until Augusta's strongth
failed asho tried to comfort her
It was said at tho hospital last night
that Augusta would probably not sur-
vle tho shock.
Santa Fe Brass Band Has Commenced
Its Joourney.
A A. Weiss city passongor agent
for tho Santa Fo at Cincinnati and
the Coronado Tont City band loft
Kansas City last Thursday evening on
tho special train In which they are to
tour the west. The baud will give a
'concert at each stop on the routo
which will be followed by one of Mr
WelBB' lectures on California The
train which Is composed of a tourist
sleeper and a oornbiuatlpn baggage
and smoking car passed through To-
peka at 12 o'clock Thursday night on
the way to Texas where Mr Weiss
and tho band will open the season
Tho Santa Fe Is endeavoring to get
tho people to go to California this
summer and this is the latest lid vert Is-
Ing scheme gotten up by the passen-
ger department The officials think
that It will bring good resutu. i A.
Wols3 who is to conduct the locturos
Is well versod on California affairs
Ho will uee ns his principal topic tho
Coronado Tant City which is said to
be tho main attraction Jn California.
His locturos will bo illustrated with
storeoptlcon views. Mr. Weiss was
In Tppoka last Wcdnosdoy and made
final arrangements for his tour.
The party gave Its first entertain-
ment at Dallas Texas on May 1 and
Is now working towards the north.
They will end their tour If California
inma fimo in innft Ti. fi! (4
the complete schedule of the train
Dallas May 2 Fort Worth May 4
fjnlnaavllla Mqv K- ALl.l.r... nitv I
.' o
May 7 Guthrie May 8 Perry May
. . .... ..... ... .....
j Aiiuuiiw -uy iy
u'.v 1- w.mnMn Ara vi nu-J.
vaie May 14 Glranl May 16 Chan
..t-to. i ' ii L io n.....
Leavenworth Maj 22 Atchison. May
2'1 St Joeeph May 26 I opoka. May
2B. Kmporte May 27 Wichita May
128 Hutchinson May 29 Oieai IKd
I May 30 Denver June 1 Colorado
. bprlngg Junf 2 Pueblo June J Trln
'i'lad June 4 Las Vegas Jui.e 5
Santa Fe June Albuquerqut .lun'
Too drtt a Risk
in almost every neighborhood wimu
one has died from an attack of colic
or cholera morbus oftin before med-
icine could be procured or a physician
summoned A reliable remedy for
these diseases should be kept at hand
I'he rtak la too great for anyone to ( and oroes will get immediate relief . shake into yuf shoes Allen's Foot-
take Cbamberlaln'H Collr Cholera from Mother Gray's Sweet Powders r;4. j j.wder It cures Cdnu
and Diarrhoea Remedy has undoubted for Children They cleanse the stonj BjlI l I'atumi. Smarting llot Swot
! saved the lives of more people and ach. act on the liver making a afekly'ien feet. At all Druggists g4 8 ho J
relieved more pain and suffering than child strong and healthy. A certain j tore; 2e.
any other medicine In use It can al- cure for worms Sold by all druggists
ways be depended upon For sale by 2S- Sample FRKB Address Allen vnl a mn-" n u'.ointant niis-
the Eagle drug store s Olmsted LeRoy NY 'iai . - r. . r t -. ( h l n'i g.
hi .i"j
A'cfclable Preparation for As
slmilallng lUcFoodnndRcdula
ling ihcStoinachs and Bowls of
Promotes Digestion Cheerful
ncssandRest Contains neither
Opiiim.Morpluue norMuieral
flxyx afOUUrSWlTLmCllKR
ftmXin Serti'
htttryrrm rlmr
Apcriccl Remedy forConsupa
lion Sour Stomach Diarrhoea
Worms .Convulsions .Feverish
ncss nnd Loss qf Sleep.
Facsimile Signature of
exact copy or wrapper
FriftlC Dnlci'er In i
A L Cockrum lie 1'ietl ltil
The Bank
A Directors A 1 Cockrutn. C II Thompson V V Dolcatcr U McOulre ni 6
) Wm S. Stiles A
Capital $100000
HftTOUS-Kr" kD !e
n F l.n j it rottlnnliam
It urt "Sohlbprii
A Jf Rdwara of 6t
One vbo tb e)e t&elr defects tbeir ruti o I Uu'aUl
The eye defect question Is of more importance than is usual!
thought. We assert and stand ready to prove that more ner
vous ills aro caused by defective refraction of the eyes than
from all other causes combined. The remedy Remove the
cause by properly fitted glasses. This Is our specialty Bat
isfaction guaranteed Consult us about your eyes.
Dr. R. Homrighous
Room 1 over Dank of Ittd. Ter. Guthrie. Optlialmologlat
Mall Route Abandoned. I
The Marshall Tribune has the fol-
lowing to say of the abandonment of
a mall route: The ovorlaud mall
route from Marshall to Orlando consod
to operate May l. This route was
established tho fall of 1S80 been In
operation continuously nnd has had
many thrilling adventures of which
wo have not space to deaqrlbe. The
mall has been carried by several dif-
ferent nnrtlaa In tlilx tmr anno nt
1 ' ' -'"v" "
I time but has proved ceneraltr very
satisfactory to the people and IU
ceasing although to be huppliod b
!a mo modem way gild to be In har-
i ... . - ......
raony with the development of the
roonJf wlth te J1opnieat
"" Hmost 10 be rerettd
i A Farmer Straightened Out.
"A Inn living on a farm near here
I"""" "' a n""'1 u"p "' i-owpiei"'7
HttiKtkl tin fll l.uin.otl. T U... J
i A A m In n nix. t 1 . ... 1 .
-"-""" "'' """ hhui i uuu-
ea nim a D"uli' or unberuin s l'alw
Balm a'"' "l'1 l1"1 ' uso if fwl an(l
" UVL -tu-.ii.-u ul.t u dp noeu
not p out tor If" sajs f P
Itavj.-r of Faituns Mills N V
few dayj later he walked info Hit
ion as strath' an a strln an I mn U
1 ia' a dollar saying git m utioih-
' i lottl. of CbanilK'rliiln I'iin lialni.
I ant li in the hous. a'. I i '.n... fur
t . imM m. " ror hi the j asi
drug store
To Mothers In This Tewn.
Children who are delicate feverish
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
THI etNTUH HMNT. Nil iom oirr.
U l)
I( l'a
i u I i mi
of Commerce
J. W ruuitv.
V sidea
ij fd
National Bank
Surplus $10001)
Seav. A "
r II eier J W I'erry cb.'
L j F
. bwlng in
o. ii rii.soN
At Caahlrr
Nearly All the Grading Is Completed
to Ada.
Ada. I. T.. Mav C Tnn Oklahoma
Coalgato branch of the Kuty Is bolng
puahotl to completion Nearly all tlio
grading Is completed Mr ween this l'y
mii coalgate and the work on tho
bridges will soon begin It Is expert
.. . . ... .
. eu aur win aave rrain service on inn
to Toxas b 8tiii mbef 1 It la
rumoK-d thai Wfrl will iin Iteglu on
ait? At Ilium brail' t' nh li '
Mr Jooih Poiuinvlll' iif BtlllwatHr
Minn after having sp-i' ove . hi
with the nt doi)r( tor s nmwh
trouble w''hout rt!lef wi advise) by
bis druggUt Mr Aloi Richard '
try a box ! ChaaberlalnV Stomari
. . .
tnrt i.u.r 1 .biet He did so and Is
R we!i tft K lnbld with I i
digestion la I tai . In the muth lark
of aplM . r R lt.ol Kiy() hit
tblU a -i ai
t( m ar t
gU( por sr tt
(u e..; (j a
K M i ha
ii ate certain
'I with the r
t i p'.r bix 1
ure and dir tor
o ji I q
home B'iMdiag oomiiHiiv
Okla to taU. eff.i ' Ma i2 ml
Are You Using Allen's Foot-Ease?

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