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" WHIP 'Mir
o o
One of Ike notable events of the
wtek was the reception siv by Mrs
F K Brooke and Mrs F. B Luraa t
' I. bishop's house.
The hostesses were aaalmed by Mrs
H E Ap Mrs C. M Ban Mrs A
I? Nicholas. Mrs I II Havigno-sl
Mrs R. W Ramsay Mrs. Fran i .V
rick. Mrs K A Douglas Mi .1 .T
Boles Mrs Chas Setoi. Mrs Join.
lavage of Beaver Tltv M.-s Crrb
Sarrhet. Mis Edgar Po.t Mr .1
S McKay. Miss Brooke. Ml . JUbel
Herring of Kansas Cltj. Miss Maud
Painter. Miss Fannie Tyler Miss Amy
Miss Carrie Williams rendered two
delightful solos one being the ever-
popular ' Violets." by Ellen Wright
Mrs Chan Cunningham played two
beautiful select ions on the harp.
Coffee nnd cheeeeetraws ver serv-
ed in. the library by Mrs. Boles and
Mrs Detriek assisted by Mrs. Savage
fend Mra Powers Chocolate and lady
flneera were served In the hall by Mr
Douglas assisted by MUs Tyler and
Mr McKay Sirs. Havlgliorst assist-
ed by Misses Brooko. Herring and
Painter presided over 'he dining
room In which dollclous rofroshntents
wore sorved consisting of Neopolltan
lco. nut cake dovll'a food salted al-
monds and bon-bons.
The parlors wore decorated
locust blossoms carnatlona and
paragus fern tho dining room In
spirea and forn.
Misses Anna Bodonhelmor and
Mabel Painter were the gnosts of hon-
or Wednesday at a six odook tea and
hospitable homo on East Logan.
Tho chair at each ond of the eiabo-
rate tabio. occupied by tho gueau ot
honor woro decorated with white
tosos. while tho dining room was a
bower of beauty and presented a most
charming sight in Ita colors of pink
and white streamers carnations brld-
al wreaths and hearts with tinted fairy
lamps all combining In a most en
chanting und lovely view. Tho place
cards woro In tho shape of hearts and
attached to pink carnations
Mrs. Cottlngham assisted Airs
Beadles in entertaining the foil .wing
invited guests: I
Misses Anna Bmlenhelmer. Mabel
Painter Maude Painter Mabel nine
Mr. Sula I.eavltt Lena Hunter. Sadie
Paine. Jessie Paine Myrtle Black.
Blockle Jamison Adele Keeler Flor-'
tn?e Adler. Edith Grffsel Helen Green.
Mrs. L N Beadles' was tho hostess
m Monday at a one o'clock luncheon
t .tmpllmentary to Mrs Linlnsohn of
Chicago who has been the guest of
Mrs. I. B. Levy the post few weeks.
!t was n most charming affair being
a "symphony in white and pink. Prom
the chandelier to the fojr corners of
the tablo were streamers of ferns nnd
Pink ribbons while midway between
iut vuijiu unu cunnuuuer was ausponu-
-J an opalosoont globe flllad with
owrwijinu pinK carnations .no tame
was rich In Its appoIntraenU of puln
laco cut glass and silver. Tall vaa
holding carnations center Mere cf
splroa with candlolabra and
ninn iairy inmpa compioui n t Uy
. .. . ........ i
rr btio scene.
The "n.onu cnrrlod out ho ro ir
scheme as near as possible. The p-nce
cards being creatlopb of pink npuchas. Cunningham. Thursday after- mendation of her talent. Hor selec- o'clock It was pouring down and con-
white to which was attaahod p dainty noon. ThQ prlz08 wore V0I Mrs. .tion "Signing the Pledge was appre- tinued to rain steadily and seavil)
little pinto. j Ira Longakor first prize a hand paint- clatod by all. all-night and at thla hour 9 o'clock
After luncheon the guests played ed china plate; Mrs. Bantam(jonsola- Mra. SMoeea pinned white ribbon m. It Is still raining with no Indi-
grain market and tho puts and calls (u0n prlzp a oitf glass toOtJi plekbwa on the honorary members and oatlona of abating. There was little
PMeentod a lively and realistic gcone. holder Rrefroabraents were served as'reeelved one new member In the un- wind and the dry and mellow condl
Mrs. .Beadles wag assisted by Mtw follows. 1or. A three-course lunch was served tton of the sround received the niols-
Anpa Bwlenhelmer and Mis Blocklf ( Craatn Chicken Patties tn the dining wm consisting of turs as fast as It fell. Wheat waa
JanilBon. The guest Included Frut gala4 Cheees Straws chleken sandwiches pickles coffee osodlng rain In some localities wrose
Mr. Lewinsohn of Chicago. Mrs. C ctoffee Jce cream cake and fruit. than others but it came In Ume to
A)--Barnes. Mrs W. S Spencer MrS.I Ice f!rm Rtrnviliarrl I Th W C. T IT nf Waa n.itl.Ha mnva ttia nmn fWim Karlnna Hiiniir.l
L. E Kimball Mrs. Beck of Sallda Col
Mas Vau Vorhees. JJrs. Carlin Mrs
i?Ynk JDale Mrs. T. J. Lowo Mrs. R.
& Rnnisay. Ms Cottlngham Mrs. J.
Hlosoh Mrs. O. A. Hughes Mrs. J. W.
Tnike Mrs. J. H Harlghorat Mrs. W.
M Grimes. Mrs A O C Blerer. Mrs.
McLaln Mrs. I. B. Levy Mrs. T. B.
Ferguson Mrs Van Duyn.
The Buchre club met Friday artsr-
noon at the home of Mrs J H Harlg
horst. The guests of the club were: Mandolin club was exceptionally Dae. ball AH members u.u io be urea-
Mrs B S McQuire of Pawnee. Mrs. Several out of town visitors were ent
Deitrick. Mrs. P. S. Bard Mrs. J. B. P11" and enjoyed the evening's en-
Ball. The prises were won by Mrs. tertainment ' A Revelation.
Carl Havighorst a hand painted oup ' " ' ' If you will make Inquiry It will be
and saucer; Mrs L. B Kimball the The ladles of the W. C T. the a revelation to you how many sue
lone hand prise a souvenir spoon and
Mrs. E. O. Barker the consolation
prize a oup and saucer. Tho oljib will
be entortalnod at the home or Mrs.
Cal Orner next week.
Tho Acorn club met at tho home of
Mrs. J. E. Ball on East Noble avenue
Thursday afternoon. The following
programme was rendered:
Roll CallResponses from some
event In the life of Rembrandt.
There was a hurry call for
very sick woman -was brought in on
There was a hasty examination and
on tUo opcratmg tablo to undergo
The above is nn nepurnf nnrniint of on iimiflpiit which oceurod
woman in nuestion had wariiinera
sensation low down in her left side. She had no one to advise her
Tvas too lato for anything to savo her life.
Women should remember that if they do not
bles they should be willing to tell them to a
y to advise and help them. Again we state that
troubles they should be willing to tell them to a
ready to advise and help them. Again we state that
M1a n - .1 nAH3lAM.!ll.. 3-
nccivanuw inuciuiuuy given lu every uue wnu asis tm it.. nuuia MT"" iaof
The following letters prove beyond question that Lydia E. Pinknam s
Vegetable Compound has the power to cure and does cure thousands of cases
of inflammation of the ovaries womb and all other derangements of the
female organism.
Aawnov c.-. nn 0mnm.u. onr-nArrrov
l'"Wi UXAUOU11
HUU vl 1
1 iSffiiW?5m
Stitpc to the medicine that you know is Best. Write to Mrs. rinklmm for advice.
" Da Mtis PivRHAit : I wish to express my gratitude for the restored health and liapplnoss Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vege tablo Compound has brought Into my life.
"I had buiiered for three years
trouble was until tho doctor pronounced It inflammation of the ovaries arid proposed au operation.
" I felt so weak and sick that I felt sure I could not survive the ordeal and so I told him that I would not
undergo it. The following week I read an advertisement in the paper of your Vegetable Compound In such an
emergency and so I decided to try it. Great was my joy to find that I actually Improved after taking two bottles
uo I kept taking it for ten weeks and at the end of that time I was cured. 1 had gained eighteen pounds
and was in excellent health and am now.
" You surely deserve great success and you have my very beat wishes." Miss Alicb Bailbv 50 Aortti
Boulevard Atlanta Ga. Treasurer St. Francis Benevolent Assoeintion. p
$5000.00 $&JliVlt" thwUI prta" "" orlg'nal """ SfSSS'
Paper Homo Life and Early Train
in. Mrg j j n0iGq
I Paper His Mature Life and Works
jtra. p. jj. Lucas.
A musical programme waa also ren
.derod. Llsht refreshments were oerv
Th Grain Market al:b was pleasant-
. lv entertained at the home of Mrs.
cake .
The club meets net Thursday vUUi
Mrs. Deltrlck.
The dance given at Convention had
Monday evening for the benefit of the
new gymnasium in the Carnegie M-
brary was one of tile largest attended
dances alten in the hall durinf this
winters social season rhfc decora-
tlons of the evening wv sBrnatlons
The music furnished by the AoJtan
west side entertained their husband
and honorary members at the homo of
Mrs. 0. W. Ball on Tuesday evening
The house waa brilliantly lighted and
beautifully decorated and at ant early
hour the guests began to arrivo the
reception committee wore Mrs.lluteh-
Inson Mrs. Ball Mra. Moses Mrs.
Davis Mrs. Moses. The president
Mrs. Mosee called the gathering to
order. Miss Blanch Ball favored the
the ambulance of tho City Hospital.
a stretcher she was palo as death and evidently suffering keen agony.
consultation and in less than a quarter of an hour tho poor creature wife
an operation for ovaritis.
ennntrh of her dancrorous condition
. u A . . -. .xan.. .!--. ar nlrt
OiVVJUiLT XiVVyi'l. U. i3UlVULU.u
"Dear Mrs. Pinkuam : I cannot thank you enough for what your Vegetable
Compound has done for me. If It had not been for your wedlcine I think 1 would
have died.
"I will tell you how I suffered. I could hardly walk was unable to sleep or eat.
Menstruation was irregular. At last I had to stay in my bed and flowed so badly that
they sent for a doctor who said I had Inflammation of tho ovaries and must go
through an operation as no medicine could help me but 1 could not do that.
" I rreetvod a little hook of vours. and after roadlntr it I concluded to try Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and I am now a woll woman. I shall pralso
your mcdlcino is long as I llvo and also recommend tho same to any ono suffering as I
was." Mr.s. Minnie Ottoson Otho Iowa. (Juno 9 1001.)
Follow tho record of this medicine and remember that thoso Utousands of
cures of women whoso letters are constantly printed in this paper woro
not broueht about by "something else." but by Lydia B. Piukliniii's
Vegetable Compound tho great Wonntu'u Remedy for Womnn's Ills.
Tlioso women who refuse to accept anything olso are x-ownrdod a
hundred llioiwand times for tliev tn?t whnt tney AVunt a cure. Moral
with terrible pntns at tne ume oi mensiruauon nu unj jiui kuuw iruat ma
gathering with a selection on the piano
which was rendered In a pleasing man-'
ner. Miss Tempe Fields gave a ery Cherokee Shares In the General Down-
Interesting recitation entitled "The . pour and Rejoices.
num-Sollor." Tho recitations by Mrs.
J. W. Ridley and
Miss Fannie Long
appreciated numbers. Miss
.Fannie Long who has won the silver
modal in Guthrie and gold medal In
Oklahoma City needs no creator com.
will meet at the home of Mrs. Meeks
on Tuesday evening of next week All
the members requested to be present
and others invited.
The meeting of the Etude club was
postponed for two weeks en account
oi tue rtus Illness of the president's
The Eagle Lodge will meet 8un!av
evening at 8 o'clock in the K of P
mjmb to kidney or bladder troubles la
art form or another. If the patient
is not beyond medlqai aid Foley's
Kidney Cure will oure. It never dis-
Sold by J. N. Wallace.
Tho Leader has Just made up a
frosh supply of Road Overttjor'a ac-
count books. Thoso books comply
with the new law in very particular.
In the courso of a fow moments a
in New York roc nth" : the TOtinc
in the terrible rutins and burning
and she suffered torture until it
care to tell a doctor their
woman who stands ever
Mrs. Pinkham's advice is
woman who stands ever
Mrs. Pinkham's advice is
5 4- A xl r --- I .Ht1 l rtfr
uv u.i..iv.i
bpeolal to Dally Leader.
Cherokee Okla. May
8. A much
needed rain began to fall In this lo-
oallty about 5:30 p. m. yestortlay. At
first It came In uhowers. but by 9
by drouth which has been overdrawn
la some reports. Everything is Oour-
letting and Uie people rejoice in the
expectancy of a big orop of everything
planted and the prospect for fruit
is flattering. It is estimated that two
and three-fourths inches or water fell
during the night
To Mothers In This Town.
Children who are delicate feverl.
asd cross will get Immediate relief
front Mother a ray's Sweet Powders
for Children. Tbsy cleanse the stom
aek. act on the liver making a sickly
child strong and healthy. A certain
oure fox worms. Sold by all druggists
3(4. Sample FRBB. Address Allen
U Olmsted LeRoy N. Y
A Lesson In Health.
Healthy kidneys filter the impuri-
ties from hte blood and unless thry
do this good health is lmposstlrfj.
I Foley's Kidney Cure makes sound
kidneys and will positively ours all
forma of kidney and bladder dlseast.
It strengthens the whole system.
Sold by J. N. Wallace.
Th Oklahoma-Indian Territory Sin-
gle Statehood Executive committee Is
henf called to nwi ' Chamber of
Commerce rooms In .norna City
okla . at 10 o'clock a. tn a ttM ttth
da) of My A. D l'n .. ;'. pur
pose of determining whether an inter
tfi-vitorlal convention he callon in
m-oi at an early day looklne toward
'thp holding of a constitutional con-
vention by ths people of said terrl
miles and further taking such action
a in.' premises m may be In order.
! l"h commercial club or like liust-
m organisation of whatever name lit
iMi'M- territory Is hereby Invited
II I Its president or some other offlr
ii or member of the organization at a
iivini delegate to this meeting to
iinfoi and advise with said executive
' in.iilttee as to what action. If any
' I mi and there shall be ttken by this
uimilttee on the question of calling
in Inter territorial delegate convention
u herein the people of the Twin Terrl
'..nes by their duly elected reprsntA-
iiv. may formally and authoritatively
ieride in the affirmative or In the neg-
ative the question of holding eonali-
i tutional convention a question al-
ready under dlscusslot In both terrl-
jtorles and being very generally con-
sidered by the thinking public.
This the 30th day of April. A. D
W. L. Eagleton C. E. Castle
Secretary. Chairman.
Local Happenings of City and Terri-
tory Briefly Told.
The morning Iralna were wall filled
with Visitors to the oltr toitnr whn urn
... f.. .-Mam.1 (.. i-....... 1. ...l n.n.
Tim small boy wns the first to wel-
come the show this morning
restaurant were crowded to-
The stenographers In the torrltorlnl
offices dony that thoy havo boon rest-
ing this week during tne absence of
tho territorial officials to St. Louis
nnd woro found this morning seated
about tho flro placo In the governor's
office In nn effort to keep wnrm.
The police woro kept busy today
attending to the crowds.
It K. Kelly of Kansas City who
Is Interested In the proposed line to
be built from Qiinnnh Texas to St
Louis wss In the city yesterday and
spent most of the day looking up ter-
minal grounds for his road The line
will be built from Qvianah via Moun-
tain Park Mountain View Id Ileno.
Oklahoma City Okmulgee. Wagoner
and thence to St Louis The capital
for the construction of the lino has
been secured The first survey of the
proposed road was msde on horse-
back about three mouths ago. Mr.
Kelly stated that a corps of surveyors
was now In tn fl.eld working toward
Il Reno and Oklahoma City. The
principal stock of the road Is held by
Kansas City capitalists Times-Journal.
Uono Pains Itching Scabby
Skin uisoasos.
SwellliiK. C nrbundrii I'lmplm. bcrofulu
ftrmanriitlr urnl by UKlng IloUiil. JII.Kxl Jlaln.
Pleuaut 0n i fJf to tutt Thoroughly Uttaijttr JO
ywrj. Cwipfi I'urt iUitattie atfntfin'i.
bfi'tifftheh vfak jHrfny ami wcae ttomacki eurrt
Jytp pa a. he hut f uur J0.M00 irnliffil MitneJ trttt
Jtymmls ucurtt 11 ttili vu L II. U. thai MhiyrJ curat
1 f yam hitr f In itd paIim Intioive.back ftlirl fnti
Jfbitig ft!.'.r Hkin. Illoul IkIi bot or Ihln. Hwullrn
(.Iju.'U Hiwim and Hunt 4 vn llx Skin Muiw 1'nt.lir
li. II.. in h. Mora IktSftl naifiM.orSMteotairtlM
Copprr Culomt SfJaf lSlSllruiwk.n.ur
wrruuM I Itwn oH Mrf part of HMTtnttr. tltUr or ty
U r rsliuiK sot Ifcrtnuv-HM or llolU (ako
Botanic Blood Balm gunrantood
( 1 1 ur rrm llw won Ml Moot (!!' HUMS 'MB I ""
'. un paimC uunti4ai. nd uot HStaS 1L Mi .la
.. : ...Crt. M ul U Ir.ltM wnl tuM lIeMSU W'lUnk v
.kn Uuud pur tuvl rtrb mmiplarejf rUaesiaf lit
1 lXftZZJ'lZfiS
1 h un ttife
Ilia ItliiMiMuitUiii CuiajuiitT.ctonta
m ruMl lr " wtul puUult eou.lM.on ot llw
ill.Mu. B. S. S. aiope UswUng and HiMilii tuSttiig
and catvlilug Acnra ana Palua ; euro KhnuneNaai
Calanii ; Iwau all ftnab. Scale. KruutWaa fttmj
Ulu4ra. loal fcaKtlns Sura of Kcauai tg iKlBMa
fun twallhy bland Mapif to aSavtad narla. i
Cancer Cured r "
Botaato Sl4 HaMa Curaa Cwout of all Kftit
UtipVdrattBX Swalllnsa. Kaiuia; Hum Tumuff SStr
L laata. It U1U 14 Caooer I'utauu and kcaU Ua
or wont aUMK ytrlj. If ja l.r fumjfjitt
ttlH Wart Bwnim Huoot r ' nW Mm
tat mood Jtalm and tw j will Juff.ftur NDm Uarr
dtiaior lata Oaorar. Kinj apBUj8nk.t'
of hum wrad W taking ltotants lifitaR'SiW
1'rlre 81 per lurra buttle lrwr-l or hy
XZxprraa frulta JtotwHlo JIImmI HulHt a
dlrcrtcd on I It HlMMjrarareaMheittlm
right auiintlly la tnken. IT you nra Hl
rnrd (bo purchnao prlro rfllU wfuudrd
Csotatat dlr.ioo for bom oWRhrbb amah Urtll.t.
Namyl or II 11.11. rre Vj Wglty Ulud Jlaln.
Otv AtUata . Daaolb yonr liSaSt. Bd M1
tre uiodlwU adrir alto nut in arale.) enraiop.
The worst starvation is
Oxygcu. hunger.
It is a disease wheu your
blocd is deficient in red cor-
puscles. It ends in Consumption and
Its signs are weakness loss
of flesh pale skin transparent
complexion loss of ambition
nnd proneness to " catch cold.'
The only cure is
It is a mediciual emulsion
of cod liver oil containing"
principles which vitalize and
oxygenate the blood and there-
by gives fresh life and energy
to the tissues.
Ozomulsion is the good food
the easy food the universal
food for all who arc sick or in
need of strength. To be had
at all druggists. Try it.
In order that you may test the mavits
of Otomulslon send you name nnd full
De Peyttcr Street - New York
mentioning this paper nnd a largo sample
r"o bottle will at Once bo sent you oy
4ll prepaid.
In the U. S. A. Lcs Anje'e? -i
nia May 21st to June 2d.
For the above occasion wo will sell
drst class round trip tickets (juthno
to Los Angeles or San Francisco an I
return at rato of ? 1600. TtcUts will
bo on ealo May 3d and May 12rU tj
18th Inclusive with Uio final r"urn
limited to July lBtti.
Tickets will bo ood going via m
Touto and roturnlnc anothor Triu
alt limit July 10th. Stop evers ma oo
mnde at any point west of PueY i
eithor going or returning Tn ' a
will bo executed for return pi -.7
at Los Angeles or Han France
the Joint agent for which a fee ir "
cents will be chargeJ. Bn-ig'
locked to any point enrouto either
bolng or rourning. at each stop n-
aa permitted.
A. J. Corklns Agn'
(First published m the Daily I.oilor
Maj 1. 1903.)
Application for Liquor License
Territory of Oklahoma Count- jf
Logan ss.
Notice is hereby given that
Charles Smith
has this day filed In the office or rue
County Clerk In and for said Cnt"
his petition asking that a lleo.i n ')
granted him to sell nt retail maif
spirituous nnd vlnotm liquors on
Lot 1 In block 38. Fourth Wari s
City of Outhrle in suld count an !
If no protest bo filed on or bef)-
May 16 1003
the potltion will bo granted an I
llconso Issued
Witness my hand nnd tho seal of
said County hereto afflsod this
1st day or May 190J
N. J. C. Johnson County ClerV
(First published In Dally Ii1 r
April 27 1903.)
In the District Court of Logan Co in
Oklahoma '"jrritorr.
Case No 4107
Emma Nelson Plaintiff
William Nelson Dpfpinlan'
To William Nelson You arv V-v
by notified that you have been -iiel
In the above named court Tln'
plaintiff Bled her petition " - '
court on the 23ili day of April i
asking that a rtrrree of dhur '.
granted ber Ci'ist ynu on ')
grounds of druaketim"4 also Hi -
of vile asd opprobr.i ig lam; i i -well
a atpaitklng un I licaMiiK ' i
f(:niliioaiit IToii an- fur' '
fled that yo'i mill' en wer '
lion In SaUl &hor m i-e of qi': .
or before ih- (.nh dn of Jtn ;i
or aald letltirn will b- taken a true
arid Ju3;ment rendered as prai f.r
anil coatH of his .'i:n
Tiiomsj 8 Jones
A'l'ir-i for Plainrlff
cleric mriot Court.
By C. I&'fgrjsWDid. Doputy

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