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" X 'f-Jfit
a r MV:
ntoitt4aH- aw
. UrfMHi.Kiiama 5
Three Days' Program Inter-
spersed With Sports of
The following progro'nnio has brn
arranged for tho threo days nonv-
lion of tbe Oklahoma Livo Sock ns
-oociatlon at Oklahoma City February
10 11 anil 12:
Tuesday Feb. 10.
0 30 A. M.
Music by Military Band.
10 A M.
Convention Called to Order
Address of Welcome Hon. C.
Jones Mayor. and Hon. S. C. Hayman.
President Chamber of Commerce Ok-
lahoma City.
Responso by the President of the As-
sociation Abner T Wilson Kiowa
Business Session.
Appointment of tho following:
Quarantine Committeo.
Legislative Committeo.
Constitution and By Laws.
Reports of Officers.
Election of Officers.
x . . . .
No afternoon session; attend special
livo stock sales:
visit the city and get
7 ' 30 P. M.
Music by Cornet Sand at Conven-
tion Hall.
8 on p. m.
Prayer Rev
Vocal Music
Tho Livo Stock Census Hon. Lo
Grando Powers
Washington D. C.
Reading Miss
Chief Statistician
Eatollo O. Burlw.
"Wichita Kansas.
Music by Cornet Band.
"Oklahoma Cattlo Raisers" Hon.
Thomas B. Forgufcon Govornor of
Vocal Music.
"Tho Livo Stock Industry of Okla-J
noma fast and Present" W. is.
Campbell Winchester Okla.
Music by Cornet Band.
"Tho Stockman and tho Statu or
Oklahoma" Col. J. W. Johnson Okla-
homa City.
Reading "Tho Spanish Pony" Mlse
Estello Burko (By special request.)
"America" by tho nudlenco lod by
Cornot Bands.
Wednesday Feb. 11.
8:30 A. M.
Music by Cornot Band.
9:00 A. M.
"Tho Tick and How tho Small Stock-
Boon May Bo Rid of Thoin" Secretary
.35. E. BeomtNossom of tho Live Stock
Sanitary Board of Oklahoma. '
"Splenetic or Tick Fovor and tho
Federal Quarantino Lino In Oklaho-
ma." Col. A. R. Bpzz. Agent Bureau
of Animal Industry In tho United
Five Mlnuto Discussions and Quos-
'tlons by Members of tho Association.
"Dipping and Its Results" Prof. G.
M Mooro Kansas City Mo.
No Afternoon Session. Speaial Sales
of Flno Cattlo. Trading and Loaslng.
Jlronk Riding at Park.
All Members of tho Association will
lie the Guests of Oklahoma City at J
Opera House. Tickets free to Mom-i
.hers admission to others at usual
Thursday Feb. 12.
8:30 A. M.
Music by Cornet Band.
9:00 4. M.
"Board of Agriculture and Its Rela-
tion to Live Stook" Hon. Ewers White.
Shawnee Okla.
Reminiscences of a Cow Puncher"
Hon. B S. McGuiro Congressman-elect
from Oklahoma.
"What's What; Among Cattloraen"
Col. L. A. Allen Kansas City Mo.
"What Caused tho Increase at St.
.Joseph" M. B. Irwin Traffic Manager
8t. Joo Stock Yards Co.
"Cattlo Raising and Feeding in the
Osago and other Indian Reservations"
B. D. Soldanl Ponca City.
"Tho Commission Man and the
lihlpper." O. M. Walden President
ILive Stock Exchange Kansas City Mo.
"Below Quarantine" O. W.
nro overcome by Ljdia V. IMnlc-
ham's Vegetable ( oinpound.
Slihs Menard cured after doc-
tors failed to help her.
"Juydia 13. Plnkliiun's Vege-
table Compound cured mo iiftor
doctors had failed and I want
other girls to know about it. Dur-
ing monstruntion I suffored most
intonso pain low in tho abdomon
and in my limbs. At othor timos I
had a heavy depressed fooling
which mado my work: seem twico
as harfnnd I grew pale and thin. for tIie ""lenient of the trouble ex-
m mn.iininn tiin.dnntnp cmvn inn ureases himself as gratified at the
did not do mo one bit of good and
I was thoroughly discouraged. Tho
doctor wanted mo to stop work but
of course I could not do that 1
finally began to tako Lydla 13.
Plnkhnm's Vegetable Compound
and folt hotter after taking tho first
bottlo and after taking six bottles
I was entirely cured and am now
in perfect health and I am so grate-
ful for it." Miss Georqib Menard.
637 E. 152nd St Now York City.
$6000 forftlt If original of aboo letttr proolng
ntnulntne$a cannot 6a productd.
Iydia E. Plnbham's Vegetable
Comnoni cures female ills when
u other means liavo failed.
Matthews Secretary and Treasurer
Pi. Worth Stock Yards Co.
"Neargtoy Markets" Col. W R. Di-
lany. Manager Union Stock Yards Co.
Wichita Kos.
Reports of Committees and Adop-
tion of Samo.
Appointmont and Confirmation of
Executlvo Committoo for ensuing year.
Solectlon of placo for holding noxt
Annual Convention by vpto of mom-
bero only.
Final adjournment of Convention
for 1903.
Music by Cornet Band.
No Afternoon Session. Special Sales
of Registered Cattle.
Groat Roping
vjonieai ai rnrjc
8:30 P. M.
Annual Cattlemen's Ball.
"Wise Woman."
"A Wiso Woman" tho attraction to
bo prosonted at tho Brooks' Is a puro
clean comedy with none of the "horse
play" about It that so many autho-s
Indulge In to make pooplo laugh. The
plot bears ovldenco of exceptional
skill in construction. The drnmat'a
points are humorous in the eztreme
and ontall no end of laughable hi Illa-
tions. A very capable company hoad-
od by Mario Lamour and Frederic
Murphy glvo tho comody nn oxcollor.t
Thoro Is wit humor pathos philo-
sophy and truth to bo found In Homy
Guy Carloton's romantic drama "Tho
Lion's Mouth" which is announced for
Thursday. Fobruary 5th at Brooks'
thoator with Mr. Charles D. Horman
as tho star supported by tho famous
Wardo company. The play Is wrltton
In blank verso and tho thoughts are
framed In tho most exquisite and
rythmic English.
Ono of tho goma of tho dlaloguo is
a soliloquy on doath whloh reads thus:
"What's to die but to ascend a atalr-
caso home;
Life Love Loss. Three faltering
From cradle to tho grave; throe steps
and then
Like HtUcwtlrod children in tho lap
Of our groat mother sleep."
"Uncle Josh Spruceby."
Dave B. Lewis' big production
"Pnclo Josh Spruceby" will be pre-
sented at the Brooks' for one night.
February 8th. The production has
been received with much favor and
the press of the New England cities
now being plnyeL.aro giving the pluy
and people very flattering notices. As
one critic says you get "your monoy'a
worth." A first olass company of acU
ing pooplo novel special scenery and
mechanical offects now specialties and
a splendid orchestra of twelve solo-
ists are somo of tho foatures that go
to make tho production the big suc-
cess that it Is. The big parado given
at noon attracts largo crowds.
An unconfirmed rumor is abroad at
Shawnee that an Oklahoma City ed-
itor has purchased tho plant of a de-
funct Shawnee newspaper and that he
will soon start a morning dally.
o o
Washington. D. C Fob 8 But d
short month is loft of this session of
oongrpiw Though there has been
wrnii1 dela) oroBlfn'( by the fight
mcr the statehood bill there Is still
piitity of time for congress to get
thiottgh with all necessary leglsla-
tic m The appropriation bills are well
.t'laui-od Two trust control mea
on on i' emanating from the Little-
fl. id committee In the house and tit
othi'i In the senate having been at-
t ached by Senator Hanna to the new
department of -commerce bill are now
readv for action That one of them'
will got through now seems probable
and while they are not as comprehen-
slr as had been hoped still they will
greatly promote the public service.
The reciprocity treaties and the
Panama canal treaty can be easily dis-
posed of within the limit of this ses-
sion provided the embargo withdrawn
by Senator Quay is not renewed.
The United States Minister Bowen
who represents Venezuela In the ne
gotiations with the Ifiuropean Powers
probable Immediate lifting of the
blockade. Since the drastic measures
of Germany in bombarding Veneaue-
Ian forts without cause aroused so
much indignation in this country Gerf
many by threatening to expose tho
diplomatic correspondence betweon (
that country and England has com-
pelled the latter country to admit that
England and not Germany made the
first move to secure united action In
coercing Venozuolr.
The only stumbling block in the
way of the acceptance by Germany
and England of the proposals made by
Mr. Bowen in behalf of Venezuela '.
the fact that all creditors of the South
American republic are to share equal-
ly in the 30 per cent of customs rev-
enue of certain ports pledged as a
guarantee. The allies Insist that their
claims should be preferred.
This has brought tho question to
tho stage whoro tho United States is
financially Interested asldo from any
quostlon of the Monroo dootrlno. Ven-
ezuela Is making cortaln rogular pay-
ments to this country on some claims
which had beon already adjudicated.
and this proposed arrangomont would
rosult in tho stoppage of tho payments
until tho proferrod claims so callod
- -of England and Germany woro seti-
tled. France Is also In tho samo poi
tlon as tho United States. It can bo
stated doflnltoly that neither franco
nor oursolvos will allow of those "pre-
ferred" payments.
During tho last days of overy ses
sion many congressman nro active in
their efforts to rush through private
bills. Most of these are more or less
harmless but not Infreuently inno
cent looking measure or amendments
are slipped through at the las' min-
ute which would not stand close In-
vestigation either because of per-
sonal Interest or from ulterior mo-
tives of the promoter.
Tho apparont utterless disroganl by
the sonato sub-committee of the
wishes and lntorests of Hawaii :n
recommending tho oxtonalon of land-
Jobbing is a case In point This and
tho private ditch bill will work Irre
parable damage to the territory and
will afford no compensating advant
ages. Tito (I OB pe rate attempts mak
ing by tho promoters o theao Idoas
to securo tho passage of tho bills be
fore tho arrival of the Hawaiian rop-
rosontatlvo sent lloro to protoet is
alono sufficient to cast suspicion upon
the ontlre report Tho affair demon-
strate the absolute useloeeneeB and
futility of sending at a heavy expense
to the government sereral politicians
on Junketing trips of investigation.
The Lily White' of Alabama have
announced that Hanna Is their choice
for president. Los of office lg a hard
Former Secretary of the Navy Long
is dangerously ill.
Oliver H. P Belmont representa-
tive of the 13th New York dletriot. has
Introduced In tbe house a bill Intend-
ports in American vessels and on
tonnage dues on vessels of American
registry. If enacted such a law would
be of lmmanee benefit. It would re
suit in up-bulldlng the carrying trade
and accomplish what was olalmed for
the ship-subsidy bill. Then too It i
not on Its faco loaded down with
"Jobs" and private deals.
The usual Addloks and antl-Addloks
balloting is progressing cheerfully a'
Dover. Somo day Delaware hopos to
have a representative in tbe United
States senate. This hope has for a
number of years been spelled with a
small b.
Pafe People
whose tissues arc pining for
the strengthening ruid build-
iugcomfortof rich thick blood
should bear iu iniud that
will give them what they need.
That transparent blue skin
or the yellowish dirty pallor
so often seen are very danger-
ous signs.
Blood is life.
Make i with Ozomulsion
. i .i . i
pure coa nver oil wiui gwuticoi
and the hypophosphites of
lime and soda.
Begin to-day. Get it at
vfinr rfrtifrfYi'cl'e
T W k U'Mki.W' we
In order that you may tait the merits
Of Ozomulgion send your name and full
address to
De Peycter Street - - New York
mentioning this paper and a lnrgc snmplc
free bottle will at once bo sent you by
malt prepaid.
- .' '
(1'awnao Dlspatoh.)
The sewers of Guthrie are emitting
a very bad smell so The Leader of
that town says and It Is more offone-
Ivo to the moral sense of tho com
munity than to their olfactories.
There Is much talk of "boodle" In
the air and a mass meeting has been
held at which the protest of the people
was emphatically registered. Some
of the members of the council tried
to explain away the situation lnt
the mass meeting didn't tnke the ex-
planations very pleasantly.
The cities and counties nnd In fact
the wholo territory of Oklahoma seem
to be easy monoy for tho grnflors nnd
boodlors. Thoro Ib probably not a
county In tho territory in which thoro
Is not somo boodlo scnndal or hau
been recontly and as a conaoquonco
tho peoplo nro groaning undor n bur-
don of high laxos to pay for tho grafts
that almost amounts to a confiscation
of tholr proporty.
It might be a dobatablo quostlon
whothor thofio smooth men woro hood-
lors before they came to Oklahoma
or whothor thoro Is something in tho
atmosphere that nourishes tho boodlo
Tale a look at These Railroads
M. K. &. T. Main line to Kansas City branch line to
Oklahoma City Branch line to Guthrie.
Fort Smith & Western main line to Guthrie.
They all come
together at
The new town of Lincoln county that controls the
trade of the rich bottom lands of Bear creekDeep Fork
and Mission creek 40 miles from Oklahoma Citj 25
Guthrie 20 miles from Chandler.
No Rivals. . No Competitors
The trade of
to support a city
tunities for all
Falhs Town Co.
Fallis Oklahoma.
References First National Bank Fort Smith Ark.
Union "National BankChandler Oklru
m'.orobe and puts it in a more flourish
ing condition here than elsewhere In I
the country.
it may bo that tho 'crisis" In the
disease has Just now beeen reachet'
In various parts of the territory and
so the conditions are more noticeable
than they have been although the
patient may really be in better health
Thrre are thousands of honest. !
honorable men In Oklahoma who with T. 10:80 p m same day Oklahoma
to see this beautiful country in a pros Olty 2:40 a. m. Wednesday El hone
perotis condition and who ire dolni? 3:40 a m arriving Bl Paso Texas
their utmost to make It a desirable hursday morning Los AngoteB FiL
country to live in The exposures of day morning and San PranolBco Sat.
rottenness that have been made In urday morning.
the past have been brought about bv The Portland Oregon car leave
their effort to Improve the future. Memphis every Thursday on tho samo
Oklahoma. In whole and in parts has schedule arriving Denver 7:30 Satur.
been pretty well milked but our Held j day morning Ogden Sunday morning-
are rich and productive so that we no Toriland Monday morning.
'cn ?tand high taxes and our people
dwwrve wl mvo . rtnM
tlons in time Then Oklahoma will
h a better place to live
New Feature In the School Site
If friends of the Edmond Normal
school suaceed In their plans the leg-
islature will not be without n public
building fight Although the fact I
known only to n few persons In Okla-
homa a hill has passed tho United
States senate authorising tho con
struction of a normal school building
at Norman and It Is alleged that the
bill will pnsa the lower house of con-
greets this week.
Speolal legislation wan necessary to
escape the congressional prohibition
tho' tho present legislature should
not even consider any measure for
tho erection of a public building In Ok-
lahoma. The legislature of 1001 was
! practically a failure because of the
' turmoil that arose over tho lntroduc-
tlon of numerous bills for the erection
of public buildings. Should the bill
in congress become a law tho under-
standing is that Edmond wi?' nsk the
loglslatttro for an appropriation of
$100000 for now buildings. If Intro-
duced tho bill will moot with vigorous
opposition not only from persons who
think tho approp'rlatlon ufanocossary
but from porsons who foil that no con-
gresionnl oxcoption should bo mndo
for Edmond and that if tho bars aro
lot down for ono institution tho prlv-
Ilogos should bo extanded to nil.
Fatal kldnoy nnd bladdor troubles
can always bo prevented by tho 11B0
j of Foley's Kldnoy Cure
J. N. Wallnco.
the country surrounding" is sufficient
of 3000 people. Ground floor oppor-
branches of business. For particulars
New Through Car Lines From Mem.
phla to the Paclflo Coast
Tho "Roek'JIfcnd System" Choc
taw Oklahoma Trad Gulf it. R . have
established tourist sleeping ear llno3
to California and Portland Oregon.
The California ear leaves Mmpais
every Tuwday at 9:00 a. m. Little
Rook 1:15 p m. South MoAlester. I
Live Stock Convention.
I Thv ninth annual convention of tho
Oklahoma Live Stock association of
which Abner T Wilson or Klown.
Kansas Is president and Wm. E. Bol-
ton of Woodward Okla is secretary.
Will be held at Oklahoma City on Feb-
ruary 10 11 and 12 nnd promises o
be the largest attended nnd most In-
teresting In its history.
This association has grown from ti
small beginning to a poworful and in-
fluential organisation; onch succeed-
ing year tho membership has grown.
the attendance at Its conventions and
interest In its deliberations and pleas
tires have Increased to such nn extent
it Is conservatively ostlmatod thit
80000 members nnd visitors will be
present nt tho coming meeting
The pooplo of Oklahoma City aro
making preparations to accommodate
nnd ontortaln on above basis and pre
paring an elaborato program for en-
tertainment consisting of flno theat-
rical attractions n grand ball races
chases cattlo roping and bronco rid-
ing contests for which valuable prizes
will bo offored. "Bosslo" (Mlas Lucilo
Mulhall) tho only lady ropor In the
world will tnko part In thoso contosts.
Tho railroads havo mndo unusually
low ratos ovor all linos from points
In Texas Indian territory Kar.Baa and
Oklahoma with ono faro rato from
othor points. Soo your local railroad
Personally conducted wtokly oxemr.
slon cars leavo Memphis every Tims.
day for California via tho ChocVair
Rock Island SyBtem and So. Pac. Ry.
and for Portland Oregon every
I Thursday via Choctaw Union "'
I Route.

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