The Guthrie Daily Leader. (Guthrie, Okla.), Vol. 20, No. 96, Ed. 1, Saturday, September 27, 1902 Page: 1 of 12

If Weather Pereeasfc-tTonlght and Sunday fair; coldor tonight with frost In exposed place
jthrie Daily Leader
VuLUME 20.
inpnpiWn pilau Tm$ftn i fcusrtst rijiTin iiT MKa"'J f wwriijjr 4p
Crime Runs Riot in
New York
Strong Odor of Burning
Flesh Leads to Discovery
Of Murder
(3y Associated Press.)
New York SepL 27. The hoadlosa
and nude body of a man was found
today at No. 38 West Twenty-ninth
street lu a building occupied by a
Chinese restaurant six arrosw have
been made. Tits fioad was found In a
furnace. Blo"- s all over tho place.
Close by uur n pile of lumber
Thomas Tobln . waltier was found
feigning sleep. There was a Are n
the furnace wh'ch the police say
was extinguished with a few palls of
water Then with a long bar thoy
pulled tho charred head of a man out.
Tobln is under arrest on a serious
Tho upper part of tho building Is a
cheap hotel known as tho Empire.
Hero four men and ono woman waro
arrested as wltnoBses. It Is said that
u bu t of clothos a vest with a mack-
intosh and a shoo wero found In tho
Bloodstains wero found In tho collar
which leads to tho belief that tho
murder was committed thoro and tho
body taken to tho furnace to dostroy
it The odor of burning flesh was
perceptible. It Is isald a block away.
The dead man is said to havo boon a
patron of tho place
Went Home and Found Her
With Another Man
So He Shot!
(By Associated Press.)
New York Sept. 27- Harry Rose a
theatrical stage manager shot and
billed his wire today. Ho want to a
polleo station told of tho crime and
was placed under arrest. The police
ay Rose walKed Into the station
house this morning and laid his re
volver down on tho dosk. He Bald
he had put four bullets Into his wife's
body He asserted ho had gono homo
from his dutlea as stage manager a1
the darrick theater and found his wife
with a man
Rose admitted the crime wag the
result of Jealousy. He had been mar
iio..l fourteen years.
Thret days ago" ha Bald "I came
home aud found a rnnn with my wife.
It wa0 the first time 1 had even sus-
pected her in all our married life.
This man U a rich man" he went'
n She admitted to me this morn'
inn that she loved him and had oeas-
fil to love me. Now I am square."
Rot-e is held without ball.
Mr A Webb of this city has
made a tangements to start a newspa-
per In the new towa of Morrison In
Noble county on the line of the Ar-
kansas Valley and Western railroad
18 miles east of Parry to be called the
Morrison Heraid. Mr Webb Is an ex-
perienced newspaper man and an old
Kentucky Democrat. He will Issuo
Ills flrit paper Oct 3d.
Assailant a Prominent Rep-
ublican Politician of
Caddo County
A spodlal from Armdarko says:
While waiting for a train here this
evening Delogato Flynn was assault
od on tho depot platform by J. II.
Cleveland a brothor of County Com-
missioner Cleveland a Republican of
Mountain V ow becauho of an old
quarrel resulting from sonio action of
Fljrun's before tho Intorlor dopart-
mont. Sheriff Po'ntcr of Lawton took
up the light for Flynn and beat Clovo-
land severely Clovoland has a wldo
Influence In this and Kiowa counties
and will havo a decided influence dur
ing the campaign.
The fight camo out of a heated (lis-
ctus'ion at tho depot. Cloveland is
under arrest.
Is Pinned Down by the Wreckage of
His Own Engine.
By Associated Prem.I
Rawlins Wyo. Sopt 27. At least
four and perhapB several othor por-
son3 were killed by a freight wreck
In tho Union Pacific yards at this
placo shortly after 1 o'clock. Engln
cor Palnoo Is still under his engine.
Tho engineer is pinned down by the
end of tho tank resting on his legs
and for several hours he was consci-
ous and carried on conversation with
mohmbcro of tho rescuing party but
finally ho was ovorcomo by heat from
tho engine and burning cars abquu
him. Several tramps wore aboard tho
train and as nono has boon Boon about
the wrockago It is feared thoy wero
elthor killed outright or burned to
death. Half a dozpn car wont burn-
Are Waiting Until St. Louis Grand
Jury Makes Final Report.
(By Associated Press.
St. Louis mo. Sept. 27 Neither
Broker Campboll nor his cashier Win.
V. Reed for whom subpoenas wore
Issued yesterday had been found by
tho authorities up to tho timo of the
meotlng of tho grand Jury which is
holding its last session today prior to
l'uance of Its final report Monday.
Y subpoena was Issued today sum
moning J. P. Newell who Is In charge
of the office to appear before tho
grand Jury this afternoon.
Aged Financier Has Stroke of Conges-
tion of Brain.
By Associated jfress.
Put In Bay Ohio Sept. 27. -The
condition of Jay Cpoke tho aged fin-
ancier who was stricken with conges-
tion of the brain a few days ago Is
much worse today. Ho is constantly
dtjJirio'ja and another stroke Is fear-
ed. Thoro Is little hope of recovery.
By Associated Press.
Washington D. C Sept. 27. Presi-
dent Roosevelt's condition continues
satisfactory to his physicians.
Tne man or woman whose digestion
i3 pet feet and whose stomach per-
trus Its every function Is never sick.
4txtot cleanses purifies and sweetens
&e stomach and cuies positively and
permanently all stomach troubles. In-
gestion and dyspoppia. It is the
sosulerful reconstructive tnle that
a making so many sick people wall
ind weak people strong by conveying
to their bodies all of the nourishment
f tho food thoy eat Rev. J. II Hoi-
Iwiay of Holladay Miss. writes:
Kodol has cured me. I consider it
the beat romody X ever used for dys-
pepsia and stomach trouble!. I was
given up by pbyslolans. Kodol saved
my life. Toko It after meals.
J. N. Wallace.
Hybrid Sheet Passes Into
the Hands of School
Land Lessees
As predicted by the Leader the
State Register a weekly paper pub-
lished In this ilty has changed hand.
FalMng '.o obtain any eatisfactlon
fiom Democrats aud Populists Pub-
lisher Trotter disponed of tho paper
The purchasers are H. S. Cunning-
ham and John Goloblo. The pur-cha-o
price was $1000 down and $2-
500 payablo In flvo years. Goloblo
wfll edit' the paper and Cunningham
look after the buslnoss end.
Judgo Cunningham says the papor
will bo rojuvonnted. It will bo Inde-
pendent and assumo tho .role of es-
pecial organ of the ahool land
Improvnient Association To
Be Formed For -flood
A number of gentlemen are forming
an association for the sneourngomont
ot factor' ea hero and thoy havo adopt-
ed a plan that has boon succoseful
wherever It has been tried
land near tha city and have it platted
and reeorVo a "Mtlon of IC for fao-
The plan Is to take a large tract of
torios and sell the remainder to In-
vestors at a price that will be In tho.
reach of an elnssesT4 The payments
will be made in small Installments.
The factories will be given free sites'
and from the profits on the land sales
the association will buy stock in the
companies that will build the factor-
ies. By this plan the association expects
to accumulate a fund of about $100000
that will be invested in the capital of
tho several institutions that they ex-
pect to locate. This plan has been
the only successful one used In city
building elsewhere oxcapt the sub-
scription plan and the projectors
horo are very confident that thoy will
succeed in making the association a
strong factor in the upbuilding of the
interests of the city.
Tho details of tho organization aro
not perfected yet but will bo In a few
days when tho subscription sale of
the lot3 wilt be commenced. One of
the gentlemen who will put luto the
plan a largo tract of land that he has
In a fine location near railways said
thjs morning: "I am going to put
my property into the plan though I
know (hat I could realize. more from
It at private sale at some future time
and I am going to put some money
Into the association bosldos. It 1$ a
sure thing "that If w want this olty
to get to the front we must have man
ufaetorles and we are going to get
them. This plan has btijlt a number
of cities and with our great field we
caa build fine here that will b the
metropolis of the southwest."
Thanks to All.
Mr. and Mrs. S. &. Bates sr. take
this means of extending to one and
all who so cheerfully kindly and
abiy. rendered them their assistance
during the recent illness death and
burial of their little daughter their
heartfelt thanks for and appreciation
of the many tJndnessej shown thsm
Words fail to express our gratitude.
S. R. Bates sr. and Family.
It you are not already fixed get
year ticket early for the theater Mon-
day night for you are going to see
one of the best productions that will
b seen here tsls season for 10s 20e
and 30c.
The weather bureau predicts frost
Curtis Saturday SopL 20.
Butte Custer county Friday
Sept IC.
Custer City Saturday Sept.
S7 S p. m.
Arapaho Saturday SepL 17
Seger Washita county Mon-
day Sept. 3D 1 p. m.
Mt. View Washita count'
rally Monday night Sept. SO.
Harrison Kiowa county
Tuesday SepL 30 3 p. m.
Lone Wolf Kiowa county
Tuesday nlghf Sept. 30.
Ft. Cobb Caddo county
Wednesday Oct. 1 11 a. m
Blnger Caddo county Wed-
nesday OcL 1 2:30 p. m.
Sterling Comanoho county
Thursday OcL 2 2 p. m.
Lawton Comancho county
Friday OcL 3 2 p. m.
Hulon Comancho county Fri-
day Oct. 3 2 p. m.
i Waltors Comanche county.
'rlday night Oot. 3.
Picnic near Hastings Comnn-
the county Satllrday OcL 4.
Waurlka Comancho county
Saturday night Oct. 4.
Mooro Cloveland county
Monday Oct. (1 1 p.m.
Lexington Cleveland county
Monday night Qcl 6.
Noble Clovelnndco cunty
Tuesday Oct. 7 10 a. m.
Ponver ClovfeJand c ounty
Tuesday Ooh 7 2 p. m.
Norman Cleveland county
Tuesday night' Oot. 7.
Judgo T. P. Goro will accom-
any Mr. Cross front Soger to
Hon. Howard K. Elder Perkins Fri-
day Sept". 20.
Judgo W. S. Whltllnghlll Dover
Friday afternoon Sept. 20.
Hon. C. B. Amos I.oxlngton Mon-
day night Oct. C.
Hon. C. B. Ames Norman Tuesday
nlajst. Oct. 7.
Only One Laborer Slightly
Hurt in Collapse of
Big Building
(By Assusiatou IVors.)
Washington D. C Sopt. 27 Tho
front portion of the nine story offlco
building under constitution for Henry
IS. Wlllard on Fourteenth street op
posito tho New Wlllard hotel collaps-
ed shortly after 8 o'clock this morn-'
lug and a large crowd of people pass-
ing on their wayio business had a'
miraculous ecapu from death or In-
Jury. Tho accident was caused by
ovorweightlng two Iron column sup-
ports for the front wall. Stones
weighing 800 and 1.000 pounds being
piled as a sill coping on tho sixth
floor and part of the Iron frame work
fell to the .ground. Only one laborer
was slightly hurt.
The Jam and fruit sale conducted
at the home of Mrs. C. C. KneUtoy
rosier day afternoon was a financial
Miosae far 1 1 exerts of the fomloit
expefltaUon of the promoters. $0.10
being the net financial gain that will
accrue to th Carnegie library fund
". . -. "a '. : ".".
Sit 20 1902
' "I do not care who Is elected
delegate io congress I will get
m you jta'ehood next winter. I
" promised you I would do It tml I "
am going to make my word good. "
Latest Reports From the
Most Recent Volcanic
(By Associated I'ress.)
London Sept S7. A dispatch from
Rome after confirming reports that
Stromholl had beon In full eruption
for some time says:
sTIie night scone was grand but
terrifying. Ijivn streamed down tho
mountnln sides soaward whilst hugo
boulders wero hurlod from tho crater
to a great height falling Into tho sua
fully two miles and a half from tho
shore. Tho director of the observa-
tory at Mount Aotna Bays thsro ha
boon no earthquake In Sicily but that
probably thoro has boon Bomo sub-
marine eruption betweon Stromholl
nnd S!cll Ono hundred and fifty
corpses havo been rocovored at Modi
Capitol National Issues Letter to Its
As stated lu the Lender last even-
ing tho Capital National bank will
koep opon on Saturday ovunlngs bo-
giuning tonight'. Tho following lot-
tor wnj sont out today:
DeT Sir: In vlow of the fact that
all buslnoss houses in this city hoop
opon until late on Saturday ovonlngs
nnd realizing tho Inconvonlonco of
cashing cheoks and also tho risk of
carrying over Sunday largo sums of
money tho offlcors of tho Capitol Na-
tional bank havo docldod for tbo con-
venience of tho gonornl public to kcop
our savlng3 department opon on Sat-
urdays until 10 p. in. nnd wo will bo
prepared to transact nil branches of
banking through this dapartmonL
We most oordlally solicit your busi
ness nnd hope our efforts to serve
you will be appreciated.
If after n thorough trial we find that
the public does not need the facili-
ties we reserve the right to discon-
tinue at any time with proper notice
Yours very respectfully
G. A. Nelson
What- Merten Has Done
For Logan County;
Edgar Jones' Work
Discussing the two candidates for
the legislature Edgar Jones and W.
II. Morten Greor In his otate Capital
Says: "Morten I such a man tho
people need in their law making
body." . . . "Onthrle owes muoh
of her proud position today to tho
self sacrificing efforts of Merten."
Let' see. Met ten did oomo
to Guthrie early. In fact. It is said he
was a particularly earlyj bird llkw
Oroer and other sooners who gobbled
fya townsite up before legal occu
pants arrived) Bach spring and fall
election since then has seen Merten
a candidate for office with varying
Hiitcejis He was Qulhrle'- rrprescn
tatlvfl In the Flint legislature He was
unable to do anything for h- nmn
then as the Capital removal lull a
pasd right over his fi-clil ifroi'n
aud Guth.te only navcd Hie aiiml
through Governor Hi-l. 'h i nt
veto Merlon aided In no beneficial
legislation during that first tession
and could not even keep the capital
at Outhrte Then he was appointed
postmaster Kveryone here knows
why he was summarily removed
Then he ran far various city and ward
offices sometimes elected often da
fated; finally he landed In the legit
Isture again and here is what hi did
for Outhrle during that sesslo-i . Hn
(Continued on page 8 J
Chase Nonunion
Men Home
Furthor Acts of the Mob
Prevented a Company
of Soldiers
(By Associated Press )
Shenandoah Pa Sepr 27 A mob
of seveenl hundred people at Centralla
totmy Intercepted men who had been
gains; to work at Mount Carmel by
trolley. Tito men all returned to their
homes. A "(tie later n Lehigh Valley
pnesenger train pulled Into the sta-
tion and n mob crowded Into the care
looking for non-union men. A fow
men waiting nt tlio Btntlou for a train
to tako them to work nt Packor No 2
colliery wore chased homo.
About midnight last night it was ro
ported to Gonerat Gobin that strikers
had hold up a coal train that was be-
ing tnkon away from Potts colliery at
locust Dale and drovo off the engl
oer anil crow 'today uonorai quwrn
sont a company of Infantry to twT col-
liery undor command of theprovost
marshal and with soldlors to protect
It tho train was taken away without
Reports Concerting Another Ch.Mess
Boxer Uprising
(By Associated Press.)
Washlnpton D. C Sept 27. Rear
Admiral Robley D Evans necond In
command of the Asiatic station and
shortly to assume supreme command
of the United BtaUM naval forces in
the east has been sent tip the Great
Yatigtse river to investigate nnd ro-
port upon the situation In the prov-
inces of China which according to ro-ce-1
advices from United 8tates Min-
ister Conger nro about to become tho
scone of nnother boxpr uprising
.1 fwt'U .
Local Happenings of City and Terr I.
'tory-Briefly Told
Tho Pemooratlc county oenirol
committee Is In session at headqnar
tors this aftornojjn.
Lloyd W. Robinson of Oklahoma
City J. a CahlwsII of Weatherford
and ydyyfcijjfkh of Weatherford
wens fl1!aySommh3lonea notaries
Sheriff Wiley Haiti cam in from
Pawnee this morning with W. L
Kouchfo charged with steal! )g horstR
The prisoner Is held In thp fadf al
Jail. Haines thinks he has located
th) homo which were n'otcii Auk
Q A fa i i tei a walnut log dsl'r
of Bridgeport was before the unool
land dcnaitiixnf today trvuiK to sr
raniM for th- dlhpocltlon of walnut
logs and e'lmipu eaiiturei i agents
of the drar n- it
Report a to the production of
oeachett as compared with a full crop
in important (teach growing Mate.
range from 10 per cent In HIluoW to
!) In Oklahoma Ii all but eight or
the siate hav tg two mlllio.i treos
and upwards in 1890. a production ex-
ceeding the ttm year average Is prob-
able. In all the state In which the
production of grapes U of mo e than
local Importance the conditiiw la
jual to or above the ten year W-ago.

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