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F. b. Davidson H-Lieut. U. S.
Army Washington 1). C circ U. S.
Tension Oflice writes:
"To mylnlnd there Is no remedy
for catarrh comparable to Per una.
It not only strikes at the root of the
malady built tones and strengthens
the system In a truly wonderful
way. That has been Its history In
my case. I cheerfully and unhesi-
tatingly recommend it to those
aftlictcd as I have been."' F. S.
If you do not derive nromnt and satis
factory results fiom the use of Peruna
write at once to Dr. IJartman giving a
full statement of yoUr case and he will
be pleased to give you his valuable ad-
rice gratis.
Address Dr. S. 15. Hartman Tiesidcnt
of The Tlartman Sanitarium Colum-
bus Ohio.
The purnoso of n paw Is to cut
It flhnulri cut easily cut cleanly
and cut with every movement.
I prefer an AJklns b;i. Its blade-
Is ''Sllvor Bicel" recopnlzcd tlie
world over as tlio finest cruiclblo
steol ever made hi ancient or modern
times It is linrd close grained and
tough. It holds u sharp cutting cdo
longer than any other feiiw. Its
hlado tapers perfectly from thick to
thin from hindlo to tip. Thus it
makes leeway for Itself runs easily
hnd does not hucklo. Its temper is
nerfect. When liont liv a crooked
thrust it Rprlncs into shapo without kinking.
ThoAtklnsbawcuts nnd docs it best of any.
Vfo nvtkunll types and sizes cf saws but only
one erode tho host.
Atkins Sawi Corn Knles Perfection l'loor
Scrapers etc aro sold b all good hurdnaro
dealers. Cataloguo on request.
Largest Saw Manufacturers in tbe World.
Factory and Executive Office Indianapolis Indiana.
BRANCHES- New York Chlcatco Mlnnenpoll
l'ortlaud. (OrrRon) H attic. Ban rnuirl!co
ilcnipiUF AUAiliA anu lorouto (uuiaua;.
Accept no Subditute Iruut oa the Atlint Brand
h Vfc
Ji -Wt
Positive Comparative Superlative.
"I have used one of your Tlsh Brand
Slickers for five years and now want
a new one also one for a friend. I
would not be without one for twice tho
cost. They are just as far ahead of a
common coot an a common ono It
ahead of nothing."
(.Nimo on ap)Uiat!on )
Be sure you don't got ono of the com-
mon klnd-thls Is tho ffiWErta
mark of excellence.
Makers of Wot Weather Clothing & Hate
Good Reason Advanced to Piove Truth
of Old Saying Mr. Leo's Hair Re-
ctorer Cause of Much Surprise to
Colonel Bluegrass.
Wanted to Be Correct.
A careful obituary writer desiring
10 no exact says:
"II may have been 10 o'clock whon
ho crossed tho river but wo wore not
certain about It astho clock had been
losing time and tho only watch In tho
house was suffering Irom n broken
mainspring." Atlanta Constitution.
Very Vociferous.
"I'm surprised at your beating that
dog" exclaimed old Mr. Goodley. "You
should havo somo pity for dumb anl-
ma'ls." "So I have" retorted Jenkins; "but
if you had to listen to this fellow at
night as I do you'd know ho wasn't
Worried About His Health.
Church How's jour friend lat-
bush? jGotham Oh tho poor fellow Is very
much worried about his health.
"Why Is ho sick?"
"Not yet but tho girl has just left
him and his wife is going to try cook
Must Do as the Others Do.
Howell You don't seom very happy
over your promotion to bo cashier of
your bank.
Powell Well you sec I have nl-
wajs been an honest man but I sup-
poso I must Hvo up to tho tradition
Beethoven Appreciated.
Sho (at tho conceit) Oh I jusl
dote on Beethoven.
He Do you?
She Yes indeed Beethoven's mu-
sic is so delicate so refined so soul
ful it doesn't interfcro with tho con-
versation at all. Now Yoik Weekly.
Only for Her.
"Ah" said Mrs. Oldcastle as tho
hostess poured her a cup of tea "my
Fidus Achates!"
"Yes I know It was. I always kcop
a llttlo of it in tho houso specially for
you although Josiah wants his strong
enough to burn a holo In a blanket."
So They Say.
Gorald Thcio's a fool born ovorj
Geraldlne Well it isn't good for
man to bo alone.
Particulars Needed.
"Dear Madam" wrote "Distressed
Correspondent" to tho ljeauty editor
"do you know of anything that will
cure warts?"
"That depends" wrote tho beauty
editor In lesponso. "What ails your
Mrs. Roagan was a Nervous Wreck
But Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
Brought Sound Health.
Bcfoio I began to tako Dr. "Williams'
Pink Pills" said Mrs. Mniy Rengan
of No. 8 Kilburn sheet Fnll River
Mass. recently " I was in nnd out of
bed all tho time but now I stay up all
day nil my own work.
"I was badly run down from over-
woi k. Ono dny noises began in my head
nnd almost mado nio crazy. My head
folt as if a tight band had been put
mound it nnd tho pic&uro and tho
sounds nuulg mo so unensy that I oftou
hnd to walk tho floor all night.
" My stomach was in bad shape nnd I
lind smotheiiiig sensations. At such
times my body seemed bloodless my
hands wero liko chalk nnd my faco
tui nod yollow. Tho doctor said I hnd
dyspepsia in tho worst foi in. Thon my
1101 vos gnvo way nnd I was completely
piostintcd. I frequently suffoied fiom
smoUiciing scusntions.
" Tho fust box of Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills that I used quieted my nerves
so that I could got a good night's
sleep which was a new cxpeiionco for
me. Boforo I began to uso them I was
a nervous wieck and trembled at tho
slightest sound. I was so weak that I
had to sit down and rest every few stops
when I went up stairs. Now I can run
up a whole flight at once. Tho smotlu r-
ing sensations have gono and tho noises
in my head havo stopped ontirely. My
appearance has greatly improved for
friends who weie alarmed on my ac-
count bofoie now say: 'How well you
mo looking P My husband spent ovor a
hundred dollars on treatmont for mo that
Was WOltllless. but a fnw lmws nf Tip
Williams' Pink Pills brought mo sound
Sold by all druggists or sent post-
paid on receipt of prico 60 cents per
box six boxes for $2 60 by the Dr. Wil-
liams Mediciuo Co. Schenectady V. Y.
A Canny Guid Wife
A very oung Parliamentary candi-
date for a Scots borough visiting a
shogmakof and his wife took tho lib-
erty of kissing tho "guld wifo" and
slipping a couple of sovereigns into
her hand. Ho was for a moment not
sure what effect would bo produced.
Then tho "guid wife" slowly smiled
upon him as sho slipped tho gold Into
her pocket. "Gin yo liko yo may kiss
my dochter too!" sho said.
Wonderful Change In a Night In a
Month Face Was Clear as Ever
Another Cure by Cuticura.
"I had eczema on tho fnco for five
months during which time I was In
tho caro of physicians. My faco was
so disfigured I could not go out and It
was going from bad to worse. A
friend recommended Cuticura. Tho
first night after I washoi my faco
with Cuticura Soap nnd lined Cuticura
Ointment and Resolvent it changed
wonderfully. From that day I was
ablo to go out and in a month tha
treatment had removed all scales and
scabs and my faco was as clear as
ever. (Signod) T. J. Soth 317 Stagg
Sticet Brooklyn N. Y."
Fashions aro always devised to
cover up thinness and mako fat
women look liko freaks or to hldo
avoirdupois and mako tho thin ones
as plump as tho edge of a caso knife.
Every houselceoDer should know
that if they will buy Defiance Cold
Water Starch for laundry use they
will sae not only time because it
never sticks to tho iron but because
each package contains 16 oz. one fulJ
pound whllo all other Cold Water
Btarches aro put up In -pound pack-
ages and tho prico is tho same 10
cunts. Then again because Defiance
Btarch Is free from all injurious chem-
icals. If your giocer tries to sell you
a 12-oz. package it is because he hag
a stock on hand which he wisher to
disposo of beforo he puts In Defiance.
Ho knows that Defiance Starch has
printed on every package In large let-
ters and figures "16 o.s." Demand De-
fiance and sav3 much time and money
and tho annoyance of the iron stick
Ins. Defiance uevcr sticks.
Tremendous pressure is being put
on Governor Douglas of Massachus-
etts to wear out a pair of ?3.(i0 shoos
by running again. Tho governor
says ho will not but ho is said (o bo
much moved by tho unanimity of tho
Ho Smiled Twice.
There Is a man living in tho Bra7os
Bottoms of whom it Is said ho only
smiled twico In his life ono when
his mother-in-law died tho other when
Cheatham's Chill Tonic cured his
It will cure any one's ague or any
other form of malaria. Ono hottio
guaranteed to do it.
Better Indigo Yields
Accoidlng to a consular report from
Simln India efforts aro being mado
to snc the Indigo giowois fiom tho
German manufactuiers of aitlliclal In-
digo. Lord Cuion uigrd tho Indian
Indigo farmcis to find ways of getting
more coloilng matter from their hai-
vests by Introducing scientific meth-
ods of selecting and caring for tho
plants. It was also suggested that a
factory for propaiing tho coloring
matter would pay hotter than monoy
expended on the farms. AH tho Indigo
plants could bo collected at such a
factory and thoro treated in such a
way as to socuro tho best icsults. A
combination of both plans it is
thought would bo host and might tc-
sult In India maintaining its position
in tho world's markets.
The World's Standard
600000 In Use.
Ten Times
All Others Combined
PV L f
in $10.- iuOow
Emy Yur of Uti
ow in .
"nitty Bittinf 8ntUN )
ui $6.- sir Cow-)
... - A
far in -j f
Imltsttag ttMritirt. .
Bud tor nr Cidfr . '
Canal & Kandmph 81 i 74 Cortland! Piroat.
or. im n.nNmn nn wvl iimnn
Your Real Estate or Business
Aa Maltrr Mlcr Loralcd.
I'roertl n and liiiliirr
or All LIikIm fiO'.it iilrkl
forraali limit mrt of tho
I'lilteclHtntiH Don't wall.
Arlt today iliHrrllilni?
what you hnto to Mill nnil
Rlvo mull prlo on mitiip.
If You Wont to Buy
a liuMnoBK or property of
any kind anywlirrn. Cell
im what you want nnd
lioroyounntlt AVmaii
All your rrtilrcinniH do
It promptly nnd aavo you
t.inv Him luuuuy.
A. P. TONE WILSON Jr. RtsJ Estate Specialist
413 Kansas Avenue Topeka Kaataa.
troubled with ill nniiv
their sex usod as a doucho it marvelouslyinc-
... .uv.vufcuir wtoiioca kiiis disease norms
stops discharges heals inflammation and local
soreness euros leucorrhcca and nasal catarrh
Paxtinc i is in powder form to be dissolved in pure
water and is far moro cleansing healing germicidal
nd economical tlun liquid antiseptics for all
For salr at druggists 60 cento a box.
Trial Box and Book of laatmctloni Pre.
Mc . Paxton Company Boston Maat.;
soft hands nnd jlowlnf? shin is tho rlRhts of
c cry woman. You cm utnu theso by using
Clever Invention which every plrl nnd woman
wants Develops tho form; fills hollow pluces:
rcmocs wrinkles tan and freckles. Agents
wanted. Full instructions and sample 25c.
Writo to day. Lyons Mfo. Co. 333 Day St. Pekln III.
W.N.U. Oklahoma City No. 37 1fl05
H caRLa.WHtKL All tlJt TAILS. Q
Beet CouKh Syrup. Tastes Oood. tJso Hi
In tlnio. Bold by dniHulsu. IH

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