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1 BB
Apples for Export
Tho question of wlint Is tho host
package and method of packing for
exporting apples Is ono often brought
up for discussion says William A.
Taylor. So largo a proportion of tho
npplo exports from tho east to tho
Rocky Mountains Is now handled In
hands that the trade both at homo
and abroad Is accustomed to that
packago and appears exceedingly
loath to change. Experimental inves-
tigation of tho mattor by tho Depart-
ment of Agriculture by a scries of
experimental shipments to Uio princi-
pal European markets has shown nt-
tlo advantago for cither thus fiir
whore ordinary "No. 1" fruit of uni-
form quality was packed without tier-
ing in both styles of package. It ap-
pears more- than probablo that for
many years to como tho barrel on ac-
count of Its relatively lower cost ease
of packing and its ability to endure
rough handling In transit will con-
tinue the standard export package for
ordinary grades of fruit. It may pos-
sibly give way to tho box in certain
markots for high grado or lender
varieties carefully sized and picked
and forwarded in solid carloads under
special provision to reduco the injury
caused by rough handling to a mini-
mum. Third More careful handling in
Inking on and discharging cargo.
Wlillo thcro has been marked Improve-
ment In this respect thcro is still
need for improvement. Tho only pres-
ent remedy appears to be tho watch-
fulness and ofllcloncy of tho forward-
ing agont at the point of export and
of tho receiver at tho foreign port.
This Is especially important with fruit
in boxes.
Fourth Improvement of steamship
servico through bettor ventilation of
holds and increnso of refrigerated
spaco availablo for fruits. This is
especially important for early fall and
Into spring shipments when tho car-
rying quality of fruit is lower than
during tho main shipping season. No
rofrlgoratod spneo is availablo to
French ports and fruits and Imports
to Franco through other countries arc
Huhjoct to a surtax of 10 per cent In
addition to tho regular duty.
Fifth Tho exportation of fruit of
higher avorago quality as regards free-
dom from blemishes duo to Insects
and fungi. Whilo In years of scarcity
In foreign countries fruit of low grado
may possibly not tho shipper enough
to pay him for his trouble overy pack-
ngo.of such fruit sent abroad lowors
tho roputntion of tho American pack
and nffords lovorago for those- ele-
ments In foreign countries which do-
slro for various reasons to oxcludo
American fruits from their markets.
Tho shipment of fresh fruit infosted
with San Joso scalo from any Amer-
ican port to any forolgn country pro-
hibiting entry of such fruit Is a direct
blow at tho wclfaro of our fruit indus-
try and if persisted in is certain to
rosult in harm to tho Industry as a
In viow of tho growing Importance
of this matter tho practicability of
providing for somo form of Inspection
of fruits intended for oxport appears
worthy of serious consideration by
American fruit growers and shippers.
One of tho most Important things
brought out by sclontlflc investigation
Is tho truth that all things vary ac-
cording to conditions. An agricultural
process that is propor in ono part of
tho country is worthless In another.
Fixed rules of procoduro aro limited
in tho rango of country to which thoy
Groat principles aro groat principles
always. Tho details of farm opera-
tions vary but tho general principles
apply ovcrywhore. Real sclontlflc
knov3dgo acquired in ono section is
good in another section of country.
Rockefeller's Wealth
A Wall street banker who Is satd
to bo the head of one of tho largest
financial Institutions of Now York is
credited with tho statement that tho
forluno of John D. Rockefeller will
in a few years amount to ? 1000000-
j00. There are many csUmates cur-
rent of Mr. Rockefeller's wealth es-
timates ranging all tho way from
$100000000 up to several times tint
nmount but tho Wall street authority
adds that all estimates of the Rocke-
feller fortune have been too low.
Years ago Mr. Gladstone was one of
the guests at a dinner in England
whom the oldest member of tho Van-
derbllt family was also present. Some-
body whispered to the English pre-
mier that the rich American had one
hundred million dollars and Mr. Glad-
stone commented after looking curi-
ously a Mr. Vandcrbllt: "Then I
ihoulo" say that he constitutes a peril
to the American republic."
"How's Your Cough?"
"If j on are still coughing your life
away wo desire to tell you once more
lest you forgot1 that Simmons'
Cough Syrup will cure you and do it
quickly. It gives you rest peace and
Tho world generally gives Its ad-
miration not to the man who docs
what nobody else ever attempts to do
but to tho man who does best what
multitudes do well. Lord Macaulay.
"Dr. I)itll Knmlji I'lxvorlto Remedy
ati1 til) I'.fel I Intel tlkcla nnil kidney illtwinm."
LV 2cnixtur Albert JVrrltl 1'trk rime N. . el u boltlo.
Wo wish we could work all day as
fast as we can dress In a cold room
in tho morning.
Talking- machines Victor and Edi-
son arc the best; cash or payments SI
weekly. Write to-day JENKINS' MUSIC
CO. KANSAS CITY MO. :iO000 records in
stock Mention this paper.
Thcro Is a general Impression that
a certain young and pretty Atchison
?irl is using something yellow on her
Inclst on Getting It.
Some Krocers say they don't keep
)ellance Starch. This In because the
have a stock on hand of other brands
containing only 12 oz in a package
which they won't be able to sell first
because Defiance contains 16 oz. for
the same money.
Do you want 1G or.. Instead of 12 oa.
for same money? Then buy Deflanco
Starch. Requires no cooUlnff.
The decline of literature Indicates
tho decllno of the nation. Tho two
keep pace In their downward ten-
dency. Goethe.
08cto. 10x20 Bust Crayon OOcts. Henri your
photo iMKl'.isctrt mnl wo will uriko i ldx'-M Hunt Criiyon.
Bouthwcitorn Artists' Association Dallas Texas
Anal ion's literature is always iho
biography of Its humanity. Robert
Lord Lytton.
llillkon Dollar Or'in-
Nnen the John A. Sniper S'e-d Co. of
Ln t'rossc Wis. introduced this remark
nblo nri)Ks thtec years iiro little did they
dream it would be the most tnllced of grass
in America the biggest quick hay pro-
ducer on earth but this has come to pass.
fcDnn n rimM
Agricultural Editors wrote about it
Agr. College ProfcwnrH lectured nbcut it
Apr. Institute Orators talked about it
wliilc in tho farm home by the quiet fire-
Fide iii the corner grocery in the villngo
post-oflicc at the creamery nt the depot
in fact wherever fanners gathered Salzer's
Million Dollar GraHH that marvelous grans
pood for 5 to 14 tons hay per acre nnu
lots of pnsturo besides jsalways a thcino
worthy of the farmer's voice.
Then comes Hroinus Jncimis than which
there is no better grass or better perma-
nent hay producer on earth. Grows wher-
ever soil is found. Then the farmer talks
about Salzer's Teosintc which produces
100 slocks from one kernel of seed 11 ft.
high in 100 days rich in nutrition and
greedily eaten by cattle hogs etc. and is
good for 80 tons of green food per acre.
Victoria Rape the luxuriant food for
hogs and bhecp which can bo ntown at
25c a ton and Spelt at 20c a lni. both
jjrent food for sheep hogs and cattle n'so
come in for their Bhnrc in the discussion.
and this notice to John A. Pjlzcr Seed
Co. La Crosse Wis. for their big catalog
und many farm eced samples. V. N. b.J
bors increase with health or decrease with illness or mal-
nutrition. Tho best tonic for increasing the red blood cor-
puscles and building up healthy tissue is no doubt Doctor
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. This medicine has been
on the market for over a third of a century and numbers
its cures by the thousand.
A tonic made up largely of alcohol
will shrink the corpuscles of tho
blood and mnkc them weaker for
resistance. A cod liver oil makes
the stomach groan because it is irri-
tating. What is needed is an alter-
ative extract made of roots and
licrbs without the uso of alcohol
that will assist the stomach in as-
similating or taking up from tho
food such elements as arc required
for the blood also an alterntive that
will assist tho activity of tho liver
ana cause ix to inrow on me poisons
in the blood. When we have accom-
plished this we have put tho 6ystetn in
a fortified condition so Btrong that it
can repel tho germs of disease which
we find everywhere in the street-cars
the shops tho factories tho bedrooms
wherever many people congregate or
where sunlight and good air does not
Accept no substitute for " Golden
Medical Discovery." - There is nothing
"just as good" for diseases of tho
stomach blood and lungs.
Dlt. n. V. PicnoE. Buffalo. N. Y.:
near Sir Your "Golden Medical Discov-
ery" Is n. sick man's friend. For thu past
seven years my health gradually failed. I
lo3t my oDDOtlte became- nervous and debili-
tated very despondent and unablo to Bleep.
No mcdlclno helped mo until I tried Doctor
Plcrco's Golden Medical Discovery. It put
now llfo Into my veins and incroased vitality
until I could onco more on Joy llfo and attend
to my business. Elffht bottles affected a cotn-
ploto euro and gladly do I recommend it.
Very sincerely yours
Gno. N. TtnwEH
2208 California St Denver Cola
Ex. Financial Secretary International
Brotherhood of Tcamstora
The bible of the body is tho name
given to Dr. Pierce's Common Benso
Medical Adviser of which over two
million copies have been sold. Send
21 cents in one-cent stamps for this
1000-page book in paper covers or 31
stamps for tho cloth-bound. AddrcBS
Dr. B. V. Pierce Buffalo N. Y.
the inventor in map-
ping out the prob-
lems of the future gives
first place to tho necessity
of fighting the bacteria which give us
our diseases. Noxt to tho actual bacte-
ria of disease the mosquitos and flies
aro the most dangerous enemies of
man. Tho mosquito with its bite in-
jects into our veins malaria yellow
fever and other fatal troubles. The
fly with spongy feet collects tho invis-
ible germs of diseases spreads them
over our food and poisons us with ty-
phoid cholera nnd other plagues of the
human race.
The blood which flows through our
veins and nrtories Bhould contain
healthy red blood corpuscles which arc
capable of warding off the nttack of
tho disease germs if thoy get into the
Dr. Pierce tho eminent physician of
Buffalo N. Y. says "if each person
will consider his system as an nrmy of
moil which he controls as a general and
will see to its proper provisioning and
that it has plenty of ammunition in the
shape of good red blood he will bo
able to overcome the enemy in tho
shape of tho germs of disease." Ev-
ery healthy person has fivo million red
blood cells or corpuscles to every square
millimeter of blood. The number of red
blood corpuscles in the average human
being is so great that it is almost in-
comprehensible. However their num-
p ... ...i- -... . . . ... .n T-rrrrirraai
XV. I.. Duiitrliiff f'.i.HO (.linos tiro (tin creutoit nollrrn in llm
3 world lu'citimoor tin!" excellent xtylo on.v (lilliiic and hii;(-
a rim ivunrlii'i fitinlllivt. They iirv Jiutt uikmI iih thnc that
G eii-i IVom .. Ot tn$i7.00. 'I'Iim only llllei'viicr In tlm pilcr.
I V. Ia. llotjirliiK aline cimt moro to make hold their
hh tpe 'letter wear longer iiinliireiii icrexuer vniiie in. in any
iitlwi".vt.t..'.Ct Nlion mi the market (-litv. 1 . K. Iloiiulao itmu-.
j mi'.eiM Ihelr v line liy mnmitliuc Itln irlen on tho
1 hollo ii oreach shoe. J.oolt lor it. Take no mtWalltnte. W.I..
H Siil:i"3 t.rt MhoemirciMild throng i til- oivii rrttrllidnre in
i tlieirliieljinldH'nnii.lliy Uoodo.iU'roiery.vheri;. t
turwlivrv von )Jey.!i.I"oiiBlainliooM arc within. your reach.
"For t'lf'mt thrrryeart I hare imin WLI)iiohii!l.Vihnn'i'l fvi ' (net
on at ("ill (ml Ittitr ihnn mil iAi Ihnl I " htl.i 'J w ' f n ."
t'h it. .. I'arrflty Asit. I'athter fl.e Capital .S'utiomtl Hunt In limxip i'h ml.
Boys wear TV. L. Douftlaa $2.50 and $2.00 shoos bocauso tiny fit
botter hold thoir chapo and woar loujor than otusr mains.
H'. A. l)o nil I m ijf Comn-t Col'tlin n h (tnms. Cnrjnct
Call M considered to be the final ; ient len'liff prmlueeit.
imstcoi.ok irvm.rrs wtM.xor iskashy
W. I IIoukUu Iiis tSio larnejt n'aoo mall r.nlor Imslics In tho world.
No iroulilu to K't tit liy mull. 2ri oxtra tr.fiy (1-Uvfiy. If jou ilPR're
hirtlur lufonn.ulon write for IllvUraleit lii'aiogue 0 Spnnp .Vt.
RiWl J!
Every woman who marries faces
the question of tho kind of a houso
she will make and decides it.
Much valuable in formation free about
band instruments; write for the new cata-
logue to-day. JENKINS' MUSIC HOUSE
Literal tiro is tho fruit of thinkim;
souls. Carlylc.
CITC prmnnontlycnrMl. Nnfltflornorvnu'nrp-nrtr
rl I O llnd day's who or l)r. Kllno' Great Ncrvo lie-tor
or. Kond for FllKIS S3. OO trlnl hotttn nnd trcativo.
i)iu U. II. Ltd. 931 &Kh Strict l'UllaUoliUua l'e
About every protensien thcro Is an
air of avoiding to pretend.
A larsoS-oz. piicknco Hod Crcm Hull Hhio only
6 cents. Tho Kusi Cotnpnny South Ilcml Inil.
About a big display of temper thcro
always is a flavor of being ill-used.
You Pay 10o.
lor Cigars
Jslot so Good.
F. P. LEWIS Pcerlarlflj
"Do You Itch"
"The cup of human misery Is never .
quito full until somo form of itching
skin disease is added. Then it over-
flows. Hunt's Cure is a specific for
any itching trouhlo over known. Ono
application relieves. Ono hox is guar-
anteed to cure any ono case."
Tho popular notion of an easy joh
is doing just as you feel like.
i; -& lm ry &r rifftv?
If Wtlillfa R H I .Mn
Jk rdiiB
a.v" ;
All Upto-Date Housekeepers
use Definnco Cold Water Starch be-
cause It Is better and i oz. more of It
tor same money.
Evir Grown.
linttirnnrl nnnnrn
low In prlco. leper pkt
nnrl 1111 nncfnnM VI....
I IllStlYltPfl (nf -
nrlntod Honf. emrir vn...
inR8 of every vnrlety. Arrest
L IOLGf flXtmnkrra nfcmilu nnn
sorts nrnsntnfi fivn uriti. '..
AnlnN D.vmnMk.A 1 . bA Na
gjg? Per lb. Other seed equally low. 40
-w. j " nttu unincr und uoaier nnu
i fill riKtnnipru cnttcflnl xt -.i
iE1 seed. Send yours nnd neighbor's nanp3
R. H. SKUMWAY. Rockford. Ills.
W. N. U. Oklahoma City No. 9 1905
SYRUP cures coughs and colds.

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