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Muskogee Ci meter.
VT. II. TWINE Editor.
Aftor nix thousand years tho flrsl
henpecked husband linn a champion
A Nuw York minister raises his voice
in behalf of Adam.
Tho exponslvcness of social llfo li;
Washington Is prohahly responsibly
for tho impression that a poor man If
tho cAbinct is in a box.
A man leaped from a four-story
building in Pawtuckct to escape pay-
ing a poll tax of $1. His relative?
will pay his undertaker's bill.
Tho dowager empress of China has
already spent nearly $4000000 on her
own monument but then sho ex
poets to spond a long time under it.
Gen. Andre French minister of
war has been succeeded by a stock
broker. A milliner is pressing his
claims for tho French naval portfolio.
J. Plerpont Morgan bus had his
latest photograph copyrighted to pro-
vent its publication. It isn't stated
that ho does this from motives of mod
Tho relentless Dr. Wiley now an-
nounces that pate do folo gras is
mado of veal. Now settle baek and
wait till lie tells what tho veal i?
made of.
Now York has now a public bath
with accommodations for about 175
persons. Tho population of New York
city according to tho census of 1900
was 3437202.
A New York man writes to Tho Sun
of that city to say that ho knows "a
number of Usonians" who object to
being called Americans. No doubt
they nro "New Yawkehs."
Music may bo a euro for nervous
troubles but in tho caso of composi-
tions llko "Hiawatha" and "Bedclla"
tho opinion will prevail that the reme-
dy is worso than tho disease.
Franco is having tho time of hci
ilfo signing arbitration treaties. She
has got fourteen of them lined up;
pity tho noxt one couldn't bo put Into
uso in her own chamber of deputies
Tho now governor general of Cana-
da thinks that country will in five
years have a population of 40000000.
That would certainly bo carrying tho
anti-raco suicido theory to tho extreme.
Tho secret of a now and powerful
explosive is lost forovor becaueo It ex-
ploded. Mr. Harry Mills tho Inventor
happened to bo near by. Man pro-
poses but heaven disposes of him
and his proposal.
Tho Washington Post tells II. P.
Whitney that "ho could havo hired
ten good oollego professors for what
ho pays his now jockoy." And It would
havo boon worth tho monoy to seo tho
professors rido tho horses.
Janauschek greatest actress of her
lay lived beyond tho yoars of thoso
who admired her and died poor and
almost forgotten. Tho actor and tho
orator should pass with thoir genera-
tion if thoy would dio happy.
Thomas Eaglcton of Now York has
managed to accumulate debts of $119-
000 without any assots in spito of
tho fact that ho can nelthor read nor
wrlto. Thero can bo no doubt of tho
fact that financial geniuses aro bom
and not mado.
A dozen generals and tho students
of a military collego started a revolu-
tion in Brazil but a few policemen
broko tho heads of tho revolutionists
and tho path to glory tho leaders
blazed out for tho students has led
them to tho calaboose.
The Christmas Fellowa.
Gottln' close to Chrlstmns an' you hoar
'cm. every day:
"How long Is It awny
How long Is It away
How long la It away?"
They're- thlnkln' or tho runnln' of tho
reindeer with Hie sleigh
"How long Is It away
Till Christmas?"
Bless 'em little fellows with tho rosy
cheeks of May.
"How long la It away
How long la Itsnwny?"
Thero no sweeter languagd that tho
jim shiny nngels say:
mV.IIow onK s lt ftway
Till Christmas?"
An tho old folks get to thlnkln' with
'arrowed brows an gray;
How long It seems a way-
How long It seems away!"
An thoy aro as llttlo children as for-
thoso they lovo they pray:
"God keep the llttlo fellows
To their Christmas!"
Atlanta Constitution.
Gave Riders a Bath.
An Incident is related of a horse
kind Intelligent and good-natured but
as full of fun as a person might be as
will bo seen by tho joke ho played
upon some boys. They were four of
tho lads and one day they undertook
to ride the horso bareback all at once.
Dobbin gavo no warning of his inten-
tions but walked off apparently al-
most asleep until ho reached a stream
of water Into which ho walked and
laid down emptying all tho four boys
into the water and then turning gal-
loped home.
A Twelfth Night Party
Or tho feast of the star was an old-
en time merry-making which is mod-
ernized for twentieth century children
in tho book of children's parties.
Tho chief featuro of tho twelfth
night revels was tho choosing of tho
king and queen and their court by
means of cards on which pictures were
drawn and colored to represent tho
different characters. Such cards the
hostess provides beforehand and as
tho children arrive each girl draws
one from a tray on which are placed
face downward cards representing the
queen and her ladles. Each boy takes
a card from another tray which con-
tains those for the king and his lords
In waiting. In an adjoining room the
hostess to whom each child in turn is
sent dresses him in tho property or
bit of costume belonging to tho char-
acter which his card bears. It is a
gay littlo court; king and queen with
gold paper crowns jester In partl-cil-
M 't
ored cap and tinkling bells the herald
with trumpet and the lords and ladies
In waiting with their wands tipped
each with a golden star.
Fortunately their dignity is laid
isldo for thoy will not neod it in tho
morry gamo of air ball. Two bright
colored paper balls nro provided for
this gamo also two palm leaf fans tied
with ribbons of the same colors. Two
captains are elected who choose sides
and colors. A goal is arranged at eacl
end of the room by placing two chair
or footstools a yard apart. A chair ii
also placed half way betwoen tho
goals In tho middlo of the room. Each
team takes possession of a goal and
tho ball and fan in Its colors. Two
players at a timo contest ono from
each side. Each stands in front of
his goal fan in hand his paper ball
at his feet. At a signal from tho
hostess who acts as umpire each
child fans his ball toward tho op-
ponent's goal. Tho object is to send
tho ball between the legs of the chair
in the center of tho room and through
tho goal of the opposing team. The
players are not allowed to touch tho
ball which is moved by the breeze of
the fan alone. The team that scores
the most is rewarded with a bouquet
of flowers which is divided by the
captain among tho players.
After other jolly games there is a
supper which Includes Individual star-
shaped cakes with a ring baked In
Poor Dragon.
Tho dragon is a very much abused
beast. In every country In the world but
one he is looked upon as a fire-breathing
monster that likes nothing better
fthan to cat all the people in a village
set fire to the houses and take a nap
saving tho tender young babies and
tho pretty little girls for dessert.
Tho ono country in tho world where
this kind of monster is given credit
for his good heart is in China and
that is tho dragon's home so they
ought to know something about him.
Ono day a mere trifle of 2j800 years
ago so the Chinese legends say while
the Emperor Fu-hsi was walking be-
side the river Lo a yellow dragon roso
from tho water and taught him the
art of writing giving him an alphabet
so that the Chineso could record their
history and make out laundry tickets
and for this tho Chinese worship the
dragon to this day. Even the em-
peror's throno is still called "tho drag-
on's seat." Tho dragon which is
shown here was drawn by the Chinese
artist and shows tho fabled monster
rising amid flames from the river Lo
with "tho pearl of mystic powers" be-
tween its claws.
Of courso thero never was a real
dragon. It is only" a mythical beast
the first stories of which probably
aroso from descriptions handed down
from father to son of those ancient
days when the earth was the home of
tho dynosaurians and other terrible
creatures with no less terriblo nnmes.
Concealed Sentences.
Concealed in each one of these is a
sentence that expresses exactly the
samo thing in a much better way.
Transpose the words so that you make
a new and more simple sentence be-
ing careful to use every word that is
in the original sentence:
Vastly different aro' tho ways right
and wrong of saying things.
Try again try if you don't at first
Cheerless over hills of gray that
brief December day rose the sun.
'Everything is worth doing well that
is worth doing.
Thou sluggard go to the ant be
wiso and consider its ways.
Fear makes all of us cowards.
Hit Last Wish Qratlflo
. "No" said the billionaire with
deep conviction In his voice "I would
'consider myself in error Indeed
should I die while I have even a tenth
of the wealth I now possess. It la
my wish to die comparatively poor."
. "Oh you dear old patfa!" exclaimed
his fair and only daughter as sho
embraced him. "The duke proposed
last night and I accepted him. Isn't
that Just your luck?" Judge.
By No Means
"Five dollars" said the medium;
"thanks. Now a spirit wishea to
speak to you; a female spirit; would
you like it materialized?"
"Er can you tell who it is?"
"Certainly! It is your
"Lord no! Here's' another 5..
Home of the Silk Hat. I
The number of silk hats made an-j
nually in the United Kingdom is about
Plso's Curo for Consumption Is an Infallible
medicine for coughs and colds. N."VV. SAliUSL
Ocean a rove N. J. Feb. IV. 1900.
How Gas Consumes Air.
An ordinary gas fight sixteen can-
dle power consumes as much air in an
hour as four men.
Mother Cray's Swest Powders for Chlldrww
Successfully used by Mother Gray nurse
In the Children's Homo in New York cur
Constipation Foverlshness Bad Stomach
Toothing Disorders move and regulate the
Bowels and Destroy Worms. Over 80000 tes-
timonials. At all Druggists 96o. Sample
FKEE. Address A S.Olmstod LeRoy.N. Y.
A girl acknowledges her lack of
beauty when she begins to show more
interest in other things than sho
does in herself. Chicago News.
They Should.
"My honest conviction based upon
my own experience and that of my
friends is that 'Hunt's Cure' will cure
a larger per ceit of skin troubles
especially of an itching variety than
any other remedy. Certainly thoso
afflicted with any form of itch should
try it."
J. O. Monroe
Atchison Kas.
60c per box.
Chinese Dress Colors. !
Any color or harmony of colors
may bo used in the Chinese costume
except solid yellow. That color is re-
served for tho robes of royalty.
White enters not at all into the Chi-
nese dress that is in solid color for
it is Chinese mourning.
Catarrh Cannot Be Cured
with LOCAL APPLICATIONS aa they cannot NHb
the aeatof tbedUeasc. t Catarrh I a blood or coaatt-
tuttoual dlteaie and In order to cure It you mutt take
Interaal reuiedlet. Hair Catarrh Curo It takea In-
ternally and acta directly on tbe blood and anucou
surface. Hall's Catarrh Cure It not a quack medi-
cine. It waa prescribed by one of the beat pbyitclana
In tali country for year and Is a regular prescription.
It r composed of the best tonic known combined
with the best blood purifiers acting directly on the
muooui surface. The perfect combination of the
two Ingredients la what producea such wonderful re-
sult In curing catarah. Send for testimonial free.
... . F. J. CHEN KY CO. Prop. Toledo. O
Bold by DruKBlits price 79c. '
Take Haifa Family Pill for conitlpatloa.
Salaries of Public Officials.
The s'alary of tho mayor of Boston
Is $10000 $2000 moro than is paid
tho governor of Massachusetts. The
mayor of San Francisco receives $6-
000. the amount paid the governor of
Try One Package.
' If "Defiance Starch" does not please
you return it to your dealer. If It
does you get one-third more for the
same money. It will Rive you satis-
faction and will not stick to the iron.
Prisoners Learn Trades.
In the British military prisons the
prisoners practice rifle shooting gym
pasties and signaling and those who
are to be discharged from the army it1
the end of their terms learn a trade
if they have none.
Difficult Road Building.
Thlrty-threo tunnels were blasted
with dynamite in the construction of
the clrcum-Baikal branch of the
Transsiberian railway. The entire
length of the Hue Is only 152 sallea.
Its construction was begum la 11M.

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