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nd Sliced Dried Beef
Ruth contain less H-ut produdaf
ptoptrfei than heiry meats.
Try them lot summer liachoM
ajkd ptaue tidbits.
Libby Meill Libby
taaist em Utyn' at
jour (tocr(
If t7t t4i(M' tj e"3tiieft'i"r fc
w.-a i ot u :. 1J i f f ibr
JOCf r4ya V l x . y it tr m
k-J nU) (Uuiice 1: rtettc in 1 5
ului ill ri Itiit uf- ca kiuioe. Una ui (r ta.t
Tnoi4-ol ts4 UrMt'i gun
e '(a t- '.jn la Tf in.
it kff hdf Book frrr
WnwIwfrM tAlri pitiittdiUrff-SkWra
piOiTt llnr MacUi. ' Lwf n U f
Field for HIm.
"You lnii t get much expression Into
jour portrait".
'Then jim think t en ti t make r llv-
Ing Ht art?"
"I don t say llinl You'i li" Just the
man In design king" queens iiii'I
knaves fur plujlng ranln" Louisville
Courier Journal
Important to Mother
Eiamlna carefully etary bottla ot
CASTOKIA.asafe and aura remedy for
tafaats and children and aea that It
Daara the
In TJse for Over 30 Yeara.
Children Cry for Flctcher'i Caitoria
Juat Once.
"Van Hklim Ik mi uuful iIkIiIuiiiI 1
don't auppOMe lie Iiiih ever been Liumn
to kIvc ii en( in ilmrlly '
"till )en lie In l e enve a
phiKKi'il nlrkel to ii btlml mini oure but
only after be hml nnnle perfedly aurn
that be couldn't piinh It on uujiine
There la No Art In Taking Medicine.
Jiiat.follow directloni on nrnry Ik1-
tie of "Plantation" Chill Tonic and
eee how ii'ilckly tboan dreadful chilli
will Irare you It learfi thn lifer In
healthy condition and yet contain! no
Calomel. I'rlco GOc Adr.
He Got It.
"I'leiine iniilber full I tintc it plicn '
Of niki'T'
"No rreilillc."
"JilM li teeny Utile pleee?"
"Sit I'reiMIe You riinmit lne liny
rake lit nil "
"f'rin 1 lime n rooky itien?"
"No "
"Aw plenie .Init one little rooky "
"No I'reilily You bne JiihI hud
your luncheon it ml jnii ciin't HiNnlbly
be iiiuiKry an huoii Hum nwny nml
play mid iton't bother me nuy mure"
"Don't you like to Iiiim people np-
preilnte your rooUIni; niullierV'
Nervous Women
M Sun Riliel in
McrvouaneM la ona of the moat
certain eigne of dernnifcment or
Weakneaa of the female nnrann
R Do you get "fidgety" or upaet
M when thlnga go wrong? Do you
often feel aa If your ncrrca were
when thlnga uo wrong? Do you fe
on edge? Are
you uvnreaaed and
irritable? You should go right to
ine root or. uie trouble and bud
ply a tonic that
will rentore vour
feminine or
ana to their normal
condition. Rtclla-Vltno hai been
godsend to thousand! of nervoui.
worn-out. diecouraired women. It
II guarantocd to help you. You
r w-r
to heln
need riak nothing liuy a bottle
from your dealer and if you aro
not benefited he will give you
your money baric iia
Dttlc at
your uenreat dealer'!.
CtCtettJmlTlM. I
W. N. U. Oklahoma CIW. No. 3S-.1III.
lit lyljim
Welt-Graded and Drained Earth Road
When Dragjed Regularly li
Quite Satisfactory.
Two very 'nlm; fa.i prewnt
IhejjjMrltea to timvt "bo hate no'-e-J
our country roads thm eo The
first fa'-t is that prir drainage n
vi'atly cw osry In order to have a
riimntir good rsad The M-er.nd
Iff i tbat a ll craod and drained
tar'li rjd wbwi drarged regularly
. il1 give on a pamahli sixl fairly gol
i'.; : ii-fj uoJr abnormal weather
'r li- otm Soum- of the bnt road we
I me iHUMH over thin soti hex-b--n
riDijj dirt roadj ri nrlnff lK
Cmk tr-ti'it. Htuwnt UiHirt roed
biii' soto- ocr tbli M-umn'luiri'
lii -iifjTlr madf cmti-N road'
Hi ' hnTf (-n Iwd aitDfily l-4-aiif
ill it I: of draitM'H'o. Tlie uolHj-iilal
l.rifj'ijilo of road bsildltis. aftr all li
aid airf d"Of. H to hi prad our road"
lii'I iiroilde draluai; that tti- at-r
ran f-t away
Sfbtltocnt In tb" tniddlf Wtt
m--uis to bf Kradually M-ttllug down to
n iiik(i I list K'tiri roadu are a n-
iwit; and not a luxury ltulldlns
r'jaiji for au(oiolilH own'-m now
mt-fini 1- .lldliiK roada for funm-rn and
not for ity t-otf aloop. The farm
trtor bi J thH farm truilc of llic fu-
ture ill furtbt-r lIntlbaUl tbf lm
trtatir- of Kood rountry roada Th
only 'lil uk Hint muit be InilMwJ on la
but roadu niut b- made of tlin i-st
manrlalu at band and the uork must
be ilofif uridr tbn ruMTiHlnn of tbof
y.U undi-mtaud road makliif. Tblt
fcu'rirrlMon naturally udd to tbf tout.
Another Iblru' that inun be understood
In that maintenance of the road year
after year prompt attention being paid
to repnir. Ih Jut an ne-eip.Bry an tbe
tlrat romttruction
We pruJlrt that snoil-roail bullduii;
will continue to be one of the mont
popular aubjerut for dlwunilon for the
next few JeilM. The projxioiil feerul
uld for roud bulldliiK protlillne "
W)tXl to be Mxnt durlnc the next
fire yi-am when n nlmllnr aura Ik ralwd
by the Iim-iiI community meann that u
tintlorinl ayitem of roadu la to lieeome
mm -f. ' '
v; a.. ?! -
&A tt
People Living In the Towmhlp
Through Which Thli Road Rum Do
Not Care for Engineering Advice.
a reality The HtnteH llkeuhe lire be-
romltiK more liberal In MpendliiK money
for IiIkIiuioi. I'rotn mi iiKrlnilturul
leuHilnt the moKt ileslrnble help to
the koih! road proiiiKnnilii Juxt now
muit come friiin the InilMcluiil fiirmer
when lie renlltei tliul tood roiidx urn
n neceHHlty In the proper ilew-lnpment
of the country. The r'lirmcr
dravel la Mixed With Heivy Road Oil
Which Acta aa Binder Uae a
Concrete Mixer.
The model II Hellenic of protcctlllK
roud diirfncei with Hprnjeil oil linn ib-
! eloped u new method of patching
i holm. Ornvcl Ih mixed with n heuvy
road oil which iu'Ih an n binder. TIiIh
In prepared In iidmice mid carted to
the place where thu patching Ih to bo
done. I."hh crimd Ih neeiled than when
It Ih lined dry becuuHii the hole need
lie filled only level mid tumped while
with tbe ordinary method the patching
Kruvel must be heaped above the nor-
mal iiirfuce of the ninil Where patch-
Iur on n largo hciiIii Ih to lie done a
concrete mixed can be iihciI to preparo
the mixture. I'opulnr Mechanic!
Loie Money on "Doardera."
Home funiKTH would be better off If
they Hold their cown and bouuht milk
mid butler. Yet they don't renllzn
Hint they are IohIiir real money on
every "hoarder" In their bcriln. Tent
each cow.
Using Sky aa Shed.
The I'xtruMiKiint farmer who tmes
blue aky to ahed IiIh niacldiiery Ih In
the murket fur lirlcUmtH to Moiir tils
JiIowb and for numeroUH repnlin to
auppty thu plncca of tluine thut have
ruited out.
ji&yjk- 'ix- sn;-Lid
Mir-I.T-T' WEi-Vi
a.'aTwT .- . T 'r
LHiAhflk "'. aiiiiiiHflkr
T- y-tj-- aafT W- BBBBBBBaWeWMBwrL'
iiVal v ' i we-kaaeaalvaaaBBrLi .aBBBB?r' .nal
Steer Infeittd
Astlitant Secretary of Agriculture.
Two hundrxl and flfty-tbre tbou
and wjuare mile i .rfvioul a lot of
territory A'itody '-an fee that by
Jum loollnc at the fisure. dm nobody
ean realize Jnt how bit im-i a tretrh
of country maj be till he ha bad
Mimetbiny to do with utinz from
Hueh an area a ult-baek-and bold tlcbt
citizen lit the rattle tick The folk
Dipping Infested Cattle.
In the department nf nj-rlrul'ure who
hate eritdlcnteil the itforenld tick
from thut much terrltorj to be pre-clm-
'jthk i.iunre mile bae n ery
full reullriitlon of lt extent Other
people can only make a utiib at rinllr-
Iiik how Mk It Ih. tbroiiKh Mime iiith
comiiiirlnui" us Unbe-
lt la nearly us Me in Texan
It Ih more Hum four time uk bl; an
It Ih 1.1 tlineH nn blc n Swllerland
It In bU'cer than tin- whole l.ermun
empire In Kurope with Deiitnnrk Itel-
Florida and Texas Lead in Pro-
duction of Crop.
Convenience Care and Judgment
Should Enter Into Preparation of
Product for Market Exclude
All Leaky Fruit.
Commeri lul tomato KroHliic In the
noiiI lit-rii Htatex Ik nliiHj-t exclurtly
coiillned to tin priMliictlon of toiuatoeH
nt a M'ltxoti when I hey miimt be
grown In the North except In ijrcen.
hoiiHcH On till account the cummer-
clnl production of hilt erop Ik rehtrlit-
ed to iireim where there Ik erj little
If any freerlnc iIiiiIiik the winter
montliK riorldii nml Texas liud In
tbe production of till crop
Where toiiiatoen lire exteunhely
Kniwn for shipment to the .North ion-
eiileme care and Jllilirment hIioiiIiI
enter lulu the ireiiiratliiii of the prod-
i net for the market. It Ik iiIwii)h ml-
vNable mid lihinill iieci-SMir In iiKfiirt
and Krade the frultn as the) come
from the Meld before plailnt: them In
tbe KhlppliiK lioxex If this work call
be done In a shed located on the rail'
wa) oer whli li the fruits are to be
triitiHporleil ho much tbe hotter but
If It In i.ecehMar) to liunl the tomutoca
aome diKlunce for Khlpmeut then the
packlnt; Kheil kIioiiIiI be located at thu
moKt convenient mid iiuchkIIiIc point
for both luirM".tlii' and Fhlppltii;. The
Hiiine iirecaiitlous In haiiilllni- the
frill 1 1- hIioiiIiI be oliHcncd In the South
as In the North.
The friillK an they come from the
Iiicb kIioiiIiI Piikh the M'rntlnj of ex-
perienced norterH and KrailerK so Hint
toiuatoeH of a certain Mrc anil decree
of ripeness will reach the mime nhl-
pi ilk' en ho. All leaky fruits should be
' excluded and the Mollis If mi) are
' found attached to the fruits should
be removed. I'xperlonce has shown
that frultn are less likely to be broken
and lenk upon urrlwil at their iIch-
dilution If nil stems me removed than
when till feature Is noKlected.
Thn Individual fruits tire wrapped
In a soft brown or white ten paper
ami packed In two-lnjrr boxen or la
'bbbbbbWIT sbLsbbT tmfm JL
tv BBrBawiA-WfBBBBV aaal
' 01 'TVnaCySfe
tL " iaBBWi iA&' i
tf . aTr.l BBBBBBaac' Sa
With Tickx.
stun and Holland all thrown In.
Scope ef Work.
Tbee figures cl- tn- faint Idea
of the scoim- of the work of the depart-
ment of agriculture In lt rampaltrn
Bceinst thin source of the ile Hwlc
lndutry in the South To get a full
realization of the mncnltuil- of thin
work however one mut know bow Olf-
Hcnlt It ha eerj to poh the rlcht In
the fare of iopular oppo-lllou bal
on a widespread belief that the ar-
enlral bath was poisonous to euttle
and caused milk cows to so dry mu-t
know that It usually taken two or
three eur of preliminary demonstra-
tion work- to persuade a county to
vote for tick eradication and that oc
caslonallj dipping vntn are blown up dynamite by overentbulastIc op-
lionetitx of such new-fatubsj contrap-
tion" Now however the department seems
to have ttie campHUn well in hand
and tbe work of riearlnx territory Is
tolnc forward nmoothl. Over a third
of the territory orlirlimlly quarantined
I as already been release! Htnl popular
sentiment In trending strongly In favor
of pushing tbe fight
The department will demonstrate
the use of the dipping vat anywhere
if theru deems to be siitllclent local in-
erest to encourage the experiment
but It will not begin sjstematlc work
n' eradication In u iuariiiitl'iel area
until tbe count him by a special ref-
erendum election voted In fuvor of
Mi' li n campaign.
Dipping Demonstrations.
The clipping demonstrations often
purtnke of the mture of a barbecue or
plc.le Kverbod goes the skeptical
en well nn tbe hopeful mid the ad-
dresses of the demonstrators are uuiil-
1 delivered before large audiences
After the dipping the steers nml
cow a thut have been through the ur-
seukiil ordeal are put on public ex-
hibition for several ilajs. In order that
thj fearful may be convinced thut the
animals suffer no harm from the bath.
As it result of a few practical dem-
onstrations of this nature the county
generally votes wet iih regards the ar-
nenlciil bath sometimes bj a major-
ity ns large as ten to one.
n six-basket pencil currier. 1'niltn
packed In this vv.n and shipped by
express are sue cesfully carried from
Miami Kla to New York and from
Corpus Christ! Tex. to Chicago.
Kor the long .shipments which are
necessar In order lo place the Florida
and Texns grown tomatoes In the
markets the fruits are picked us soon
iih they have rem bed full development
and show the slightest change In color.
The stage of ripeness nt which frultH
should be picked mid shipped should
be regulated by the mciihoii iih well nn
by tbe demniiiU of the murket for
which the are Intended. InirlriK
cool weather the fruit should be riper
when Kiitheieil than during the warm
season. The most distant shipments
should be tilled from the leiiHt ad-
vanced fruits These features would
appear to be self evident' but they
are worthy of enumeration for they
are Important factorn In gaining thu
highest slice ess
If Foliage of Plant Is Constantly De.
stroyed Death Is Only Mere Mat.
ter of Time.
Perennial weedn of nil kinds must
be ml repeatedly to starve out the
underground route or Hteiiis. If tho
foliage of the plant Ih constantly do-
Htrood the dentil of tbe plant Is only
a mutter of time mid will be caused
directly by root starvation.
Any breaking or cultivation of the
soil In which these plants grow only
serves the purpose of scattering them
unless that cultivation Ih persistent
enough to keep down all growth of
foil II go
Rotation of Crops Is r1ost Effective
Means of Eradication Plow
Up All Thistles.
The fact that certain weeds aro gen-
erally found as serious pests with cer-
tain cultivated crops an dare not gen-
erally serious pests with others sug-
gostH tho most Important of nil ways
of combating the weeds viz. by the
rotation of farm crops.
If the thistles and mullens overran
tho pastures plow them up ttud ww
Don't Lote a Day's Work! If Your Liver Is Sluggish or Bowels
Constipated Take "Dodson's Liver Tone." It's Fine!
Teu're bllloai! Tour Urer It alaf-
glah! You feel lazy dUry and all
knocked out. Your bead li dull your
toarue la coated; breath bad; itomach
our and boelt conitlpated. But don't
take aallTatifif calomel It raikei you
tick you icay loie a day'a work.
Calosel li mercury or qulckJllTer
which causes eecrcila of tbe bonei.
Calomel crashes Into v' like
iynaatte bretklnc It jp li' rhc.i
you feel that fcl nauiea a&U tamp-
inc. If you vast to enjoy the nicest ten
tleit liter and boel cleanilnc you
erer experienced Juit take a spoonful
of harmless Dodson's Llrer Tone. Your
druggist or d-aler sells you a SO cent
bottle of Dodsoa's Llrer Tone under
my trsonal money-back guarantee
Ifejst each spoonful 1I1 clean your
When Hogan Telephoned.
Hognn. the elder was doing useful
work In tbe stables since most of the
younger men In the nearly little mnr-
ket town had enlisted.
Os day he was sent by bin employer
to telephone to a dealer for vnrloun
loads of hay. strnw and oatn. After
many struggles with that terrible In-
strument which in supposed to sate
time he got Into communication with
the dealers nt last.
"I any we're waltln' fcr that last
order for hay straw and oats. We
want It at once. Hay straw and
Hack cams the answer:
"Very good. Hut who's It for I"
"Arr now. Would ye try to be
funny with an ould man what's doing
his bit? It's fer the horses at
coorse." London Hall.
Quickly Soothed and Healed by
Cutlcura. Trial Free.
Bathe with hot water and Cutlcura
Soap. It there Is any Irritation anoint
gently with Cutlcura Ointment on end
ot finger. Refreshing slumber for rest-
less fretful babies usually follows the
use ot these super-creamy emollients.
They are a boon to tired mothers.
Free sample each by mall with Book.
Address postcard Cutlcura DepL L
Boston. Sold everywhere. Adr.
His Regimen.
"IteglmensI Heglmenst" said I'rof.
Hilary McM&sters before the Harvard
Medical school.
"There are too many nonsensical
regimens young gentlemen. I prefer
tbe regimen ot Murk Twain to all such
"Murk had a very strict regimen.
you know. He never smoked hut one
dgnr nt a time nil never smoked
while sleeping.
"He never ate meat except with
his meals nnd he never drank except
at meals and between meals.
"Ills father took a drug store for
a bad debt In Mark's bojliood. nnd
among the stores were nine bnrrcls of
cod liver oil. These lasted Murk seven
years. TS-.o rest of the family hod to
get along with the Ipecac nnd nux
vomica Mark being the pet. He vvas
In fact the first oil trust. He got It
ao on first symptom! use "Renovlne"
and bo cured. Delay and pay the awful
penalty. "Renotlne" Is the heart's
remedy. Price 11.00 and 50c Adr.
"I wns awakened last night by a
peculiar rnpplng Round nnd when I
went downstnlra I found a hurglur
about to walk off with my silver."
"What was Uie rapping sound that
aroused you?"
"My watchdog wan lying tinder the
dining room tuble wagging his tall at
tho burglar."
I If Only.
I President Wilson said ono day dur-
ing his Princeton presidency to un
athlete who hud flunked :
"My hoy It's too bad you do so
wretchedly In Uie lecture room nnd so
well on the gridiron I Ah. my boy
my boy If people only hopped up nnd
cheered us when we quoto Greek tho
sumo ns they do when wo score touch-
downs eh I"
King Qeorge'i Collection.
King George of England la making a
collection which may some day provo
rcry valuable. It Is a complete act of
tho trench periodicals thnt are being
Issued for private circulation by tho
men ot the various fronts. Many of
tncra are extremely curious.
Aunt Why didn't you scream when
he kissed you?
Niece no threatened me.
Aunt Threatened you?
Niece Yea; ho said If I did he'd
never kiss me again.
"Poor Mr. Grimes nest door It laid
up with rheumatism."
"Thnt so? I thought It w funny I
hadn't heard that darned old player
piano of his for tbe last three or four
The government of India wlU ex-
tend Its wireless system until every
army post haa station In the charge
f a trained ofllcer
sluggish liver better than a dose of
nasty calomel and that It won't make
you tick.
Dodson's Liter Tone Is real llrer
medicine. You'll know It next morn-
ing because you will waste up feeling
fine your liter will be working your
headache and dirtiness gone your
stomach will be sweet and your boela
regular. You will feel like working:
you'll be cheerful full of tlgor anal
Dodson's Liter Tone Is entirely
tegetable therefore harmless and can-
not salltate Give It to your children!
Millions of people are using Dodson's
Liter Tone Instead of dangerous cal-
omel now Tour druggist will tell you
that the sale of calomel la almost
stopped entirely here Adt.
Natural Surmise.
"Dear mc: What Is that awful
noise? Is It a new freak auto horn?"
"No I think It Is Clarlse Cus. ley's
new sport skirt."
"Feraenica is the wonder worker for all
femxie diiordert Price i oo and joe Adt.
German Lieutenant Tells of Engage-
ment In Which French Aviators
Lost Their Live.
"One afternoon a French flyer ap-
peared." says a German lieutenant.
"It circled over Douaumont nnd then
rose high above the clouds. For n long
time It seemed to be just hanging lu
the air. And then from our side there
arose a buzzing n fierce sharp buz-
zing and It made straight like a bee
line for the little French flyer. It
went through the clouds and disap-
peared. No tiling could be seen. Tbi
clouds covered all. Five minutes of
suspense passed and then a shot f.
after thnt a ronrlng. Wo waited
breathlessly and then two little black
spots were seen breaking through tha
clouds. Tiny little spots and these
spots were tbe two French nvlatorn.
They grew bigger as they fell. A mo-
ment after the men came the tlumlng
machine. It came down roaring and
crashing. Its wings were jet on fire
and the red white and blue wf the
trl-colors looked like a revolving
American barber pole. Everything
crushed to the earth a hopeless man-
gled mass Again a spot broke through
the clouds. It en me swift and straight
without any spectacular showing. It
vvas lioc-lko returning home."
Farm Lands Increase In Value.
The value of farm lands of the Unit-
ed States Is estimated nt $l5..Vi per
acre us compured with S-I0.S5 a year
ago $40.31 two years ago J3S.10 threa
jeurs ago und $.'!0.S3 four yeurs ugo.
Tho census reported tho value of
farm lands In 1010 ns $3'-V10 and In
1000 ns $10.57 per acre.
In recent jenrs the value of farm
lands has been Increuslng at the rate
of about C per cent a year or approxi-
mately $'.! per aero per year. The ex-
ceptional Increuse of tho past jour
may bo cxplulncd partly by the reac-
tion In the southern cotton states fol-
lowing n temporary depression last
year und partly by the stimulus given
by the war to prices particularly of
One of Life' i Mysteries.
"Singular thing. Isn't It?"
"That people who are different from
us seem to be satisfied with them
selves." Boston Kvcnlng Transcript.
Gets Attention
First because of its
wonderfully delicious
Then again be-
cause it is ready to
eat fresh and crisp
from the package.
But the big "get at-
tention" quality is its
abundance of well-
balanced easily di-
gestible nourishment.
For sound health
every table should
have its daily ration
of Grape-Nuts
"There's a RcAion"

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