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-it -- r--v'-
Record of Twelve' Months Will Be
Momenteui to Future Generations.
Clash Thsre Hit Ovarshsdowad Othar
fvsnta Olsaetsra Both on Land
and 8a Have Batn Many-
Minor Ineldtnta Plaead
on Record.
This hai proved ono of tho great
years of history for It hoa seen tlio
outbreak of the long-dreaded World
War. School children a thousand
years from now will remember 1914
aa they do '1492 and 177C. Following
la a record of some of the prominent
events of the year especially the first
ave months of tho groat conflict:
Jan. L John Llnd arrives In Vera Crux
o observe Mexican chaos for l'ri-sljent
Jan. . Tvo thousand Mexican refugees
from battle of OJInaga flee Into Die Uni-
ted Bt'ites.
Jan. I. Sleamahip Oklahoma breaks In
two a mllra from Banily Hook; S: die.
Jan. i Kurd Molur company announces
Its workmen shall have at leatt t a week
Jaa. (.-United States navul force of
Vera Crux strengthened.
Jan. . Villa capture OJInaita.
Jan. II. Mexican rehela take Torron.
Jan. 30. Rteamshlp Monroe rammed and
sunk by Steamship N'nnlucket off Cheas-
peak bay 13 drown.
Feb. I. Castillo. Mexican bandit wrecks
passenger train In burnlnir tunnel near
Madera; 17 Americans ttnd U Mexicans
Feb. lO.-EnrllKjuako through New York
Feb ll.-Meut. Arthur U. Cook. U. B.
navy wounded by bullet In Vera Crux
Feb. 17-Vllla kills W. 8. Benton Scotch
March 12. Jco. Westlnshouse Inventor
f the alrhrake dies.
March H. Gaston Calmette. editor ot
the Klsaro sot dead by Mme. Calllaux.
Wife ot French minister of finance.
March 8. War Minister Seely of Britain
April l House of Representative re
peals the Panama canal tolls bUL
April 2. One hundred and aereatr killed
when storm overtake ywfoiir11i-.d teal-
era on the Ice.
April t-Twerre Finl Reserve ba)t
districts announced-
April l Secretary Daile'j bars stros
drink from C 3. cat-
April M. Free ca ef V S. cary cajer
the stars and -strip are locked us by
Huerta aetata Is TsjsjIco.
April tt Fbtir rrrrrteg. dmjertrs c!
Herman Roaeat&aJ. are executed.
April 11. President WUaoa cniert estlre
Atlantic Aeet to Vera Crux to forte an
.apology for the Taesico ttralt to tfce
American flag.
April It President WEcn seed ulti-
matum to Huerta.
April ll Huert. refused to salute C S.
April U. President asks cosgrtes's rr-
mlsslon to use armed forcee ef the Uni-
ted 8tates against Hum. Hoti aa-
'aents; senate debates.
April n-1 Admiral Fletcher's marlse
aelxe Vera Crux: 17 Americana asd about
'SCO Mexicans killed.
April a. Carranxa says Vers. Crux
selxure Is unjustified.
April 25. A. B. C Powers offer media-
Itlon to V. 8. and Huerta.
April . InduiVrUI war In Colcrtdo
'mines. About men women
'and children die In all
April 30. Admiral Fletcher turns Vera
'Crvs over to Qmeral Fuasion.
May L Several hundred die In earth-
quake near Mt. Aetna Slctly.
May 11. Half million pay tribute to
Vera Crux dead In New Totk.
May 1L First commercial cargo goes
through Panama canal.
May & Charle Becker for second time
found guilty of murder ot Herman ilosen-
that. May 17. Herman D. Duryea's Darbar II
wlna the Derby.
May H One thousand and thirty-two
drowned when the Empress of Ireland
hit by Rtorstad sinks near Hltnouikl. St.
Lawrence river.
June 11. Benste haa to repeal Panama
canal toll bill CO to S.
June S.-H. II. Claflln Co. and allied
concerns throughout tho United States
June 28. Salem. Man. Hid waste by
fire zO(W homeless.
June U. Archduks Frsncls Terdlnand
June 30. Mrs. Ijoulse Ilalley msterlous-
ly shot In tht office of Dr. Kdtvln Carman
at Frteport. L. I.
July IS. Oeneral Huerta resigns as pre
Ident of Mexico to Francisco Carbajal.
July H. General Huerta resigns and
leavea Mexico City for Europe.
July a. Austria sends an ultimatum to
July 27. Sit ivdward Orsy propoiea in
'International conference.
July a. Austria and Germany decline
Jlr Edward drey'a proposal) Austria de-
clares war on Bervla.
July II. The kaiser demands that Kus-
ala suspend mobilisation within twelve
tiours; Ilusala orders general mobilisation.
Aug 1. Germany declares war on Hua-
sta; French cabinet orders general mobil-
isation. Aug. t Oerman forces enter Lux em-
OffiM OlrU Carulnly Had tha Janitor
In a "ttato af Mind" for a
Mart Whlla.
Wfcata t3M Jaattor poppa lata taa
alavalor far aaa at kla mamy 4aUy
tflMa to ajsattar taartka atovator
aaa kalM fetes!
"Bay Jack tfcay wait yoa owa la
Maak'a aOea. Ttara'a m Uder 4owa
tiara ttay want to iaka away."
frttrfr''l-Q'b ft "i;
rnirir: flermnny arhlrvstra ultimatum n
tlelKlum demanding free passage fur her
Aug. I lindane! eeiiits ultlmntum to
Heiiin ilemnndlng umiiislineil iiliscrvnncc
of IldRlnn ticutriillty Uennaiiy rcji-cts
iilllinnliiiiii Gorman (mops begin nttiick
tin l.ltKe Prrsldrnt Wilson Imuca procla-
mation of neutrality.
Aug. t. England nnnnunrca qxlstrnce of
slata of war nllh Girmnny: 1'rcsUU'iit
Wlleon tenders his good cfflces to the
warring nations.
Aug. (.Austria declares wnr on Itussla
Aug. 7. Grrmnrn elite I.legci French
Invmle southern Alsace.
Auk. I. -Italy reaffirms neutrality
French occupy Muillmuncn.
Aug 10. Franco proclaims a state of
war with Austria.
Aug. II Knatnnd declares war on Aus-
tlio. Auk 13. President Corbajnl leaves Mex-
ico city.
Aug IS Atistrtans enter Rervla; Japan
cmli ulllmatutn to Grrmnny.
Aug 17. British pxpedlllonary force
camptetrs Its landing In Franco; Belgian
capital rcmoted from BrusxcUi lieglnnlnK
of n fle days' Imtlla In lyorralne emllii
In repulse of French ncron frontier with
heavy loes; lirKlnnlng nf live days' liattln
between Perlans and Austrlans on tho
Jadar ending In Austrian rout
Aug S0.Oermnns enter Bnnscle; Bel-
gian nrmy retreat on Antwerp.
Aug. 13. Germans begin attack on
Mons; Austria announces victory over
ltunslnris at Krasnlk.
Aug. 21 Germans enter Namur; British
begin retreat from Mons; Zeppelin drupe
bombs Into Antwerp.
Aug ft. Austria declares war on Japan;
Muelhausen evacuated by the French.
Aug W. Non-partisan French cabinet
organised; Germans take I-ongwy.
Aug M Brlinh fleet slnka five German
warships off llclogolaml.
Aug 27. I-omaln burned by Germans;
Japaaefe blockade Tslnc Tao.
Aug 29 -German rapture lJFere; rtu-
slant defeated In three dat' tiattlo near
Aug. JO. Germam occupy Amiens.
Bert. 1. St. Petersburg to be known
henteforth us l'etruKrud by Imperial de-
cree. Kept. 2 Germans advance pentrates to
Crell about 30 lullis front Paris and
swings eautnard French center between
Verdun nlul lit Itna driven bnck; teut of
French government removed to Bordeaux.
Hrpt. s. Itusslans occupy 1 intern.
Sept. .Battle lieglns south of tho
Mnrne and east of Paris In which the
German right wing Is tuihed back fol-
lowed by a general rttreut.
Sept. 7. Maubeuge ta'en by the Ger-
mans. Sept. 10. The kaiser protests to Presi-
dent VHon against utt; ot ilum-iium bul
lets and civilian rxretnes by the allies.
Sept It German retreat halts on the
Sept 1C Belgian commission rrotests
to President Wilson against German
Sept. 17 Austrian armies effect Junc-
tion and hold line of San River against
Sept 20. Germans bombard Reims and
Injure the famous cathedral
Sept 21 German submarine sinks Brit-
ish .-ni'je rs Abouktr. Cresey and llogue In
the North tea. Russians capture Jaroslav
ana invest PrxemysL
Sept 24.-Britlxa troops from India land
at Marseilles
Spt 2S. Germans berln siege of Ant-
werp RuMlan patrols penetrate Carpa-
thian passes into Hunx-ary
Sept 2J Germans deliver l"rc attacks
arcafrl Noyon Frereh prtss forward
frcm Tool and Verdun.
Spt 3CL Grran warshlrs bombard
Japanese position before Klsuchau.
Oct. t Heavy fighting near Arras be-
Ocv t Ed ef week's battle at Aurus-
t3wr ta which the Germans are defeated
asd forced ost of Russian territory.
Oct 3-4. Russians occupy towns In
Hangs ry
Oct. I Germsa attacks of Lssilrr.r re-
pulsed. Belgian gorernment removed
frca Antwerp to Osteed.
Oct 7 Bombardment of Antwerp be-
gins. British submarine sinks German de-
stroyer Japanese seise Caroline Islands.
Oct. t Zpptlca bombard Antwerp.
Oct. I. Antwerp occupied by the Ger
Oct. Ml French win cavalry engagement
around Haxetrouck
Oct II German advance In Toland ap-
proaches the Vistula and threatens War-
taw Austrian counter-offensive In Gallcta
Oct It A Boer commander In the Cape
province mutinies tii martial !sv Is de-
clared throughout the South African
Oct It Belgian government transferred
from Ostend to Havre.
Oct II Allies occupy Tpret. battle be-
gins on the Vistula
Oct It Ostend occupied by the Ger-
mans. Oct It. British erulter Hawke sunk by
German tubmsrtne
Oct. 17. Japanese cruiser Takachtmo
sunk by torpedo In Klauchau bay
Oct It Belrlan army effects Junction
with allied left battle on from Channel
coast to Lille
Oct 20 English gunboats participate In
battle at Nleuport on Belgian coast.
Oct 21 Ten days' battle before Warsaw
ends In German defeat .
Oct 26. After a week of furious fighting
German assaults on allied line from Nleu-
port to Ypres slacken
Oct 27 South African sedition spreads
General DWet In revolt Russians pur-
sue retreating Germans and reoccupy
Loll and Radum.
Oct 2t Berlin admits retreat from
Warsaw and Ivangorod. German cruiser
Emden enters harbor of Penang and tor-
pedoet Russian cruiser and French do-
si royer
Oct 2 Turkey begins war on Russia
by naval attacks on Odea Novorotsvsk
and Theodosla In the Crimea
Oct. 30 -Colonel Marlti. rebel leader In
Cape Province beaten and driven out of
the colony.
Nov. t A tiuadron of five Oerman
cruisers. Including the Gnelsenau and
Schamhorst defeated a British squadron
off Coronet on the coast of Chile; Turks
bombarj EebastopoL
Nov 3 German squadron makes a raid
to British coast near Yarmouth.
Nov. J -Republican landslide In United
Statea elections.
Nov. I -German cruiser Tork strikes
mine In Jsde Bay and sinks heavy fight.
Ing around Ypres.
Nov. (.England and France declare
war on Turkey; Dardanelles forts bom-
barded; Russians reoccupy Jaroslav
"A whatr asked tha Janitor.
"An adder they got an adder down
tkara they want moved out Tao lrU
can't handle It"
"An' what do yon think I want troa-
Ma wltk aa adder fort" he demanded.
"Wall I don't know. Toa batter go
owa aat tad oat"
Bo dawn they went and with ayaa
papptag from kla head and aaaatlng no
art of trouble tba Janitor walked Into
tha oaea and naked "D'yon folks want
Taa we gat an adiar kara wa want
- v
Nov 6. Talng Tao surrender!)
lu tho '
Nov 7 German light cruder (Icier In-
terns In Honolulu Aiislrlans nimrl nd-
Mince In Bervla; Russians reach Pltschcn
In Hllesla ami enter East Prussia
Nov. . Carrnnxn lleis from Mexico
Nov. 10. Tlio Ernilon defeated and
forced nshoro at North Keeling Island In
Bay of Ucngul by Australian irulaur Sid-
ney Nov. 11. Germans capture Dlxinudo
German suhmarliiu sinks British uunbout
Niger off Deal.
Nov It Russians occupy Johanntshurg
In East Prusslu; Russians ilefuuted at
Nov 13 Fighting renewed at Nlcuport.
Nov. 15. Russians defeated ot l.tpnn nnd
ICulnci; lmt tin In Flanders attains climax
with charge uf the Prussian Guard
against Ypres; Imtllo In Flanders attains
climax Willi rliurKf uf the Prussian Guard
against Ypres.
Nov. I6.-TI10 Bhelkh.ul-lslam at Con-
stantlnnple proclaims a Holy War against
the nllles British hniisn nf commons votos
a war loan nf "i'S.OU.ono pounds.
Nov. 17. Berlin announce Austrian vic-
tory over Servians nt Vnljovn.
Nov. I lYcnrh rapture Tracy. IcVil;
Naval battle In Black sen. In which Turks
and Russtiun both claim victory.
Nov. 19 llntiso nf commons votes a new
nrmy of I.UO.Ooo men; moro than 1100000
men already under nrms exclusive nf tor-
rllorlals Germans pierce Russian center
sou Hi of I-oili.
Nov. 22. Russians surround two Oer-
man corps south of l.oili.
Nov. 26. British battleship Bulwark de-
stroyed by explosion In tho Meilway river
Germans break through Russian circle
near Ldx.
Nov. 24 American nrmy evacuates Vera
Nov. . Russians fall In nssault on
Darkehmen In East Prussia
Nov. 30. Artillery fighting renewed
nong tho Yser.
Dec. 1 Oerman Relclistng votes new
credit of five billion marks Russian oc-
cupy Plotsk on the Vistula King George
visits the nrmy In Plunders French cap-
ture Chatenu of Vermelles.
lVc. t .Mistrlans take Belgrade by
storm Germany claims Russian
prisoners since November 11 General Do
Wet captured.
Dec t London war offlco nnnnunces
Itndlng nf Australians nnd Neve Zenlan-
dcrs In Egypt. Italian premier In parlia
ment finds no reasons for n clmngt' of
policy; Servians turn on Austrian In
three davs' battlo which ends III a nota-
ble Servian victory.
Dec. C Germnns occupy lynlx.
Dec 7 French nttn.k to tho north of
Nancy repulsed.
Dec. s. The German squadron under
tlenr Admiral Von Spee Is attacked In tho
South Atlantic on the Falkland Islinds
by a British licet under Admlril Slurdee
nnd the crulers Schamhorst Onelsenau.
Leipzig and Nuernberg are sunk Brltlsn
oocury Bnssorah In Asia Minor
Dec 10. Unofficial reports speak of a
German submarine attack on Dover
Dec 11. Russians claim to have beaten
back thr Grman attacks on arsuttv
Dec. 12. Berlin announces the Russians
lost llACm men nt Lndi Freneh sta'o left
bi of the Yser Is free of Germans Col-
onel Goethals asks two destroyers to pro-
ttct the neW-nllty of tho rannl Zone
Dec. 13 French bombard Metx forts.
Dee. II The Serv Inns having cut an
Austrian army to pieces reoccupy Bel-
grade. Dec 1. British announce the submarine
B-ll dived under five rows of mines and
sank the Turkish battleship Messudlch.
Dc 15. Three thousand U 8. troops
ordered to Mexican border at v aco
where wander bullets killed and woundl
fifty-two persons on tho American side.
General attack by the allies i Flanders
and France.
Dc It Seven Oerman "ulsers shell
Hartlepool. Scarborough I Whitby In
England: nt least nlnety-.iva killed and
on hundred wounded.
Matter of Memory.
It was Whistler's habit to memorize
an effect in nature nnd Mr. T It.
Way. In his recent "Memories" kIvcs
an example of his cleverness at It.
1 shall never forget a lesson be Rave
me one evening. We had left tho
studio when It was quite dusk and
were walking along the road by tho
gardens of the Chelsea hospital when
bo pointed to a group of buildings In
the distance an old public houso at
the corner of tho road with windows
and shops showing golden lights
through the gathering mists of twi-
light. "Look!" ho said.
As he did not seem to have anything
to sketch or mako notes on I took out
notebook and offered it to him.
"No no; bo quiet!" ho said; and
after a long pause ho turned and
walked back a few yards; then with
his back to the scene ho paid:
"Now seo If I have learned It" and
then be gave a description of tho
scene perfect In every detail of ar
rangement and color ns ho might havo
repeated a poem he had learned by
Then wo went on nnd soon thero
came another picture that appealed to
me even moro than the former. 1 trlod
to call his attention to It but ho would
not look at It.
"No no" ho said; "ono thing at a
In a few days I was at the studio
ngnln and theio on tho easel was tho j
picture Youth's Companion.
A chauvinist Is ono who Is absurdly
Jealous of his country's banor or
puffed up with nn exaggerated senso
of national glory. Tho wanli "chnu-
vlnlst" and "chauvinism" are taken
from the name of Nicolas Chauvln a
soldier of Napoleon who was so no-
torious for his exaggerated nnd de-
monstrative devotion to tha Imperial
cause that he was caricatured on tho
stage and his name camo to stand for
all people who work mlscliluf by their
unreasoning Irascible aud vainglor-
ious patriotism.
taken downstairs" said one of the
young lady clerks.
"An adder? How'd he ever get In
thla officer
"O you don't understand. I mean
aa adding machine."
And a weight of responsibility
dropped from the abohldcra of tke
Jaattor Drockton Enterprise.
It II Is anything scandalous the par
pte aot only want to hear about It
bat they are also interested In ths d
I tails. Topcka Capitol.
1 " r n
FUld of Early
Thcro Is no possibility of entirely
eliminating tho Mexican cotton boll
weevil. Various plans have been of-
fered i'.' Ml ot them have been found
far from practical. Even the moat
pronuslng suggestion that of plant-
ing lo cotton for an entlro year-
would hot prove effective ns has been
shown by Dr. W. D. Hunter of tho
United States bureau of entomology;
for tho reasons among others thnt
there Is always Bomo volunteer cotton
upon which tho weevils might feed
nnd somo of them would mnnago to
get through tho season by feeding on
other plants.
With Just a few of them living
through tho season and a slnglo fe-
male producing as many as 12500000
progeny In a slnglo year It Is appa
rent that they would soon bo back
again as busy as ever. Tho only prac-
tical plan then Is to seek to control
the pest and keep It down by every
possible means. This Is the plan that
has been adopted by tho United States
bureau of entomology and by tho va-
rious states which must deal directly
with tho problem.
Tho Georgia etato board of ento
mology under the direction of Dr. E.
Leo Worsham has been at work for
years preparing the Georgia cotton
growers against the coming ot tho
boll weevil and based upon the work
which has been done Doctor Hunter
has stated that Georgia Is further ad-
vanced In the matter of protective
measures than any other atate which
has been attacked by the weevil.
In bis bulletin Secretary Worsham
haB pointed out tho various well-
known methods of control. Climate
as he shows has a very direct effect
upon the abundance of the weevil.
Hot dry weather during tho summer
months may kill hundreds of tho lar-
vae; drought may prevent the forma-
tion ot squares and thus give the wee-
vils no place to deposit their eggs.
Excessive cold weather In winter will
kill thousands of them In winter
quarters. Many of them are drowned
also by excessive ralna or overflows
nnd sudden cold snaps destroy them
in large numbers.
Dlrds aro one of tho most Impor
tant natural enemies of the boll wee
vil. There are S3 species which feed
on the adult bug. Among tho most
Important birds attacking them aro
blackbirds meadow larks sparrows
wrens and titmice.
While the foregoing agencies assist
materially In preventing the multipli-
cation ot the weevil they cannot bo
largely depended upon. Known meth-
ods of control must be used by tho
farmer. Poisons are absolutely Inef-
fective becauso tho weevil Is so thor-
oughly protected by living through-
out the most of Its life Inside the cot
ton buds. Cultural methods aro the
only really effective ones. Among tho
most Important methods recommend-
ed In Doctor Worsham's bulletin aro
destroying dead stalks In tho fall;
clean cultivation crop rotation early
planting fertilizing and working
hand-picking ot fallen squares the
planting of early varieties and varie-
ties which do not form top crop In
the late fall which show a tendency to
proliferate which tend to retain the
Infested squares Instead of shedding
them and those which have n hairy
growth on tho stems which impedes
tno progress 01 me weevil.
notation of crops Is not only of ben-
efit to the soil but may result In
placing tho new cotton crop at a point
a considerable distance from where
the weevils hibernate. Thus weakened
by winter many of them will dle'be-
foro reaching the cotton and it will
have a better opportunity to reach
Ita growth beforo being attacked. It
a rapid early growth can be secured
by early planting the cotton will have
made considerable progress before the
weevils get In motion. The stronger
fasts f growth a planter can get early
in tp spring the more be can hope
to is ike. The planting should come
at .h 1 earliest possible rate after the
grout. I Is right. Fertilising and work-
ing tnaan quick strong growth. They
often Btean tha difference between sue-
tesa and failure. Hand-picking of fall-
en squares wblck should be burned
geta rid of asaay ef vtke parasites.
Alabama Georgia and oatk Caro-
lina Doctor Worsbaiu points oat have
a more serious problass than tba otbar
states because early varieties of cot-
tea wblcb are less eabjeet to attack
by tb boll weevil have aaotaer ea
wa ta Usee aUtoa la taa dlseaa
w 1 . I I a.1
Planted Cotton.
known as black root or wilt. Concern-
ing this subject. Doctor Worsham
"Dlack root or wilt In some sections
of tho South Is moro serious than the
boll weevil. It 1b a fungous disease in
tho soil and haa occurred in 81 Geor-
gia counties tt la worse In the low
sandy soils. The state for several
years has mado appropriations to the
department of entomology for fighting
this disease and splendid results have
been obtained.
'Tho dlseaso can bo controlled by
proper rotation and the growing ol
resistant varieties developed by the
department of cnto.nology and United
Statos bureau of plant Industry. As
this dlseaso Is very serious in the
southwestern part ot the state our ef'
forts havo been concentrated on that
section bo qb to get It under control
boforo the weevil becomes a problem.
".Many farmors In south Georgia arc
growing tho resistant varieties; they
not only resist black root but aro pro-
lific. They will produco from one tc
two bales per aero whero ordinary cot-
ton cannot be grown. Millions of dol
lnrs havo been saved to the state
through this work.
"The department has propagated va
rletles of cotton that arc wilt resist-
ant and largo quantities of seed have
been distributed throughout the south
western part of tho state to aid farm
era In the eradication of wilt. Thlt
work Is being continued at the proaent
time and overy farmer should eradl
cate disease from his farm before the
boll weevil appears. Briefly it is con-
trolled by rotation with Iton or Drab-
ham peas velvet beans corn or grain
crops and growing of wilt resistant
"When the boll weevil occurs these
two problems must be fought togeth
er. If wilt occurs In your sol) you
must plant an early maturing vnrlcty
that Is wilt resistant on such affected
"In many places the weevil has pro-
duced a condition akin to a panic be-
causo of demoralization of labor and
business generally Dut there Is 11 c
reason for such conditions In Georgia
If the growers will take advantage ol
tho experience ot others.
"Tho farmers In Infested nreas
havo demonstrated that cotton can be
grown successfully under boll weevil
conditions. It will bo at least two of
three years before the weevil coven
enough territory In Georgia to do a
great deal ot damage and still longet
before tho Carolines are attacked. II
tho farmers begin now they can pre-
vent to a large degree the usual de-
moralization and depreciation of land
"I have mado a number of trips to
boll wcovll territory have Investigate
ed tho problem and mado a study of 11
from tho standpoint of what It will
mean to Georgia. A recent trip to
Louisiana and Mississippi convinced
mo more thoroughly than ever that
thore Is no necessity for nnyono to bo-
come discouraged over tho situation
if ho Is willing to fight. Tho man
who doubts that tt can thrive In out
climate and doubts thnt It could evci
do any damage Is tho man who will
Btiffnr most. Tho man thnt makes ur
his mind to llvo nt homo Is thu man
who will suffer least under woovll con
dltlonB. Diversification nnd reduction
in ncrcago aro tho words.
"The boll weevil Is a most serious
pest but If cotton growers and busi-
ness men will tako hold of thn situa-
tion and tako advantago of thn expe-
rience ot those who havo suffered and
recovered there will bo no noccsslty
for alarm. To successfully cono with
the weevil wo must grow moro live
stock and more foodstuffs not so
much to competo with other soctloni
in these articles but to grow what we
need for borne consumption. Tho boll
weevil will undoubtedly revolutionize
our agriculture. We will have to do
better farming than we have ever dono
before and have to give the farm more
active personal supervision. Tho
fanner must make use of tho Infor-
mation obtained from the study ot dif-
ferent types of soils kinds of fertili-
sers for different crops cultural meth-
ods live stock suited for different
sections market situation etc.
"The faraer who ta willing to profit
by the experience of other men will
continue to grow cotton successfully
but be must live at home roust make
hi farm self-suataiatng. Tba seiutloa
of tke boll weevil problem la aa awe
or loaa taaa good famta-.
Gently cleanse your liver anrj
sluggish bowels while
you sleep.
Get a 10-cent box.
Sick headache biliousness dizzi-
ness coated tongue foul taato and foul
breath always traco them to torpid
liver; delayed fermenting food In the
bowels or Bour gassy stomach.
Poisonous matter clogged In tho In-
testines Instead of being cast out
of tho system Is ro-absorbed Into the
blood. When this poison reaches tho
delicate brain tlssuo it cnuses con-
gestion and thnt dull- throbbing sick-
ening headache.
Cascarets Immediately cleanse the
stomach 1 amove tho sour undigested
food and foul gases tako the excess
bile from the liver nnd carry out all
tho constipated waste matter and
poisons In tho bowels.
A Cascaret to-night will Btiroly
straighten you out by morning. They
work whllo you alnop a 10-ccnt box
from your druggist means your head
clear stomach awect and your liver
and bowels regular tor months. Adv.
His Frame of Mind.
Tho horsu hnd run away and was
tnngled tip In tho wlro fenco nt tho
sldo of tlio muddy road. Us half-witted
owner had kicked and sworn nnd
tried to lift tho animal until ho was
out of sorts and covered with mud
A wcil-Kroumed man camo nlang
took lit tlio situation nnd suggested:
"Spring tlio fenco bnck then ho can
gfit his feet free."
Tho owner ot tho horno did as ho
was told. "Now glvo him n cut with
tin; vvMn nml ho'll get up himself."
This the owner did. Then he looked
nt tlio horHO up nml rendy for travel
looked nt himself covered with mud
nnd looki'd ut the tmmnculnto gentle-
man In the rond. Wrath filled his
"Well" ho crumbled "thnnk you
Just ns much ns If you'd helped me."
Save Your Hair! Get a 25 Cent Bottle
of Oanderine Right Now Also
Stops Itching Scalp.
Thin brittle colorless nnd scraggy
hair Is muto evidence ot a neglected
scalp; of dandruff that awful scurf.
Thcro Is nothing so destructive to
tho hair as dandruff. It robs tho hair
of Its luster Its strongth and Its very
llfo; eventually producing a feverish
nes3 nnd Itching of tho scalp which
if not remedied causes tho hair roots
to shrink loosen and dlo then tho
hair falls out fast. A llttlo Danderine
tonight now any tlnuj will surely
eavo your hair.
Got a 2D cent bottlo of ICnowlton'e
Dnudcrlno from nny store and after
tho first application your hulr wilt
tako on that life luster and luxuriance-
which Is so beautiful. It will becomo
wavy and fluffy and havo tho appoar-
anco of abundance; an Incomparable
gloss' and softness but what wilt
plcasa you most wilt bo after Just a
few woeks' uso when you will actual-
ly seo a lot of fine downy hair now
hair growing all over tho scalp. Adv.
Mark of 100 for "Sammy."
"Sammy" April tho amall boy who
supplies President Wilson with news-
paperp called on Secretary Tumulty
and asked him what he thought ot
Mr. Wilson's menfagu to coiiktcps.
Mr. Tumulty Immediately launched
Into n laudatory dlccuhHlou of the sub-
ject. When ho had talked a fow min
utes ho paused and nuked: "Hut why
do you utk Sitiumy7"
"I tiavu to wrlto a composition on
It In school tomorrow" replied tho
boy "nnd 1 thought I would como to
lieudqumtcrH for the Information."
By Dally Use of Cutlcuia Soap and
Ointment. Trial Froe.
Y011 may rely on theso fragrant
riiipurrrpauiy- emollients to care for
jourHHu fi-nlp hnlr and hands. Noth-
Ini! huttur to rlciir tho rikirt ot plmplns
lildlchi'K rcilm-fH .nd roughness th
sculp of dandruff nnd Itching and tho
hands of (.happing nnd sorenesi1.
Kaniplo each free by mall with 32-e.
Kklu llouk. Address postcard Cutlcurv
Dept.Y.lloston. Hold everywhere. Adv.
Few 8urvlvors Left.
"I wonder why thero are so many
mnro borrowers thnn lenders In thla
world T"
"Tho explanation' Is most simple
my tlnnr fellow. Fully 80 per cent ara
born borrowers and always remain
such and tio few who start In as lend-
ers arc soon driven into tha ether
Its Kind.
"Wbat'a call money V
"What you pay telephone
with." Iialtlmore American.
Most particular women use Bad Cross
all Illue. American mads. Bare to pUase.
At all Rood grocers. Adv.
Pidltpnitu la sill rlsht if a cerUlf
I extent but soma people overdo It.

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