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- kvv -t'v5; T-twir
Notice of Sale of Chattel. Under Execu.
lion I
State of Oklahoma. County of Deav-
Notice Is hcrt lor jjlvcn. that In pursuance of a
writ of execution Issuri out of th Clerk's ofllce of
the District Court In and for eaver County State
ofOklahoma on tire l'h day of October. 1921. In
an action wherein Chas. Molter wu plaintiff and
-commanding me tolTy upon property belong-lna
to aald defendants 0. L. Cross and Mary M Cross
audlclent to aatUfy a Judgment rendered In aald
action In f.vorof Ch. M.lUr rln.t 0. L. Cro..
and Mary M.Cross for the sum of 1124.04. with
J69.33 costs with Interest thereon at 10 per cent
thedateofJudenMh. 10h day of Decern.
iber USD I have levied upon certain personal
Xtirty belong-in? to said 0. L. Cross and Mary
.Croa.not.xemptfrom sale under execution.
": I
The undivided one-third Interest of Mary M.Cross
In the landlord's one-third .han of i .
- .. . v -- --- i
.ninviiiwiMinin aaiacrcu ana puea on.
acres of broomcorn. In nine ricks.
C3 acres of kaflr and malt In 18 ricks.
7 acres cane hay fn shock all grown on and
now located on the Northwest Quarter of Section J'"J5reJ ynidf of excavation In
9HT..IK..H n. -.. t? r. "on embankment and four hundred yards
28 TwpB North Range 22. E.C.M. envercounty clay surfacing-.
Oklahoma now therefore notice Is hereby given ' (5) Embankments on new State
rtkst In pursuance of theVnmmands of said writ I il05?J0.m i Kn"n w -?mnr.ro1. 5lv
goffer forsslsandsel. for cash to the highest &?'8rxi!l&tATlF'to&:
IbkJdasv said property or so much thereof a will mlrfsloner's District No. 2 approxl-
satisfy the said Judgment and cost on the 28th ' matl? three thousand yards embank-
jirNiniW ii .. - . u j 1 mont borroweit. six hundred yards ox-
.dayofNorember192l.at2p.m.of said day. at cavntlon In embankment and seven
theabove described place itbelng the J.D.SIpes hundred and fifty yards clay surfac-
.arm sis miles west and two mile south of For. .
gan.ln said County and State.
.Witness my hand this 17th day of November. 1921.
Sheriff of Beaver County
11-17 11-24 21 By J. 0. Karnes
Undor Sheriff.
Notice of Time of Hearing on' Petition
for Partition and .Appointment of
In the County Court In and for Beaver County
State of Oklahoma.
No. 532.
IntheMatterof the Estate . Naggle Alma '
' i
Yeatman Deceased.
Notice of Time of Hearing on Potltion for Parti-
tion ancfAppolntment oi Commissioners
Notice Is hereby given. That Emma Brlmmage
.has Hied in this court. In tho above entitled pro-
ceeding her petition praying for partition of said
estate to-wlt:
The North Half of the Southwest Quarterof Sec-
tion Twenty-Six Township One North of
Range Twenty-One East of tho Cimarron Meri-
dian .among the parties entitled thereto and for the
appointment of commissioners to make partition.
And further notice is given that Monday the
12th day of December 1921 at 10 o'clock a- m.. of
said day at tho Court Itoom of said Court. In the
'Town of Beaver County of Ueaver State of Okla-
'bocoa has been Axed by the court aa the time and
place for the hearing of aaid petition when and
where all peraons Interested in said estate may
.appearand bo heard on the matter of the grant-
ing of said petition.
Dated November 12. 1921.
II. D. MUi:si;. (Jounty JudBc
Attest JKSSIH Ki:iTH.
Court Clerk.
11-17 U-2 3t By Jessie Mae Fickel. Deputy
notici: Ktiii I'uni.iCATio.v
Iu tho District Court of heaver Coun-
ty State of Oklahoma.
I). i:. McIIugh and i:d Hniltli. Plaintiffs
vs. Nil. 2882
I. It. Wade a widower Cllzaljcth it.
Chapman ami Chnpninn her.
hiiHbnnd; C. M. Smith and .Mrs. C
M Smith his wife; II. II. ISarjice
nnd II. H. Matklns Defendants
Said defendants E It. Wade. Eliza-
beth It. Chapman nnd Chapman
her hUHbaml; (' M Smith and Mrs.
O. M Smith his wife; It. 1. Ilarnes
nnd II. II Matklns will take notice
that said plaintiffs K E. McIIugh
nnd Ed Smith did on the 8th day of
November 1921 file their petition
In the District Court In and for llenv-
er County State of Oklahoma atailimt
the na lil defendants. and that thu
'said defendants must answer said
vetltlnn on or before the 22nd day of
December 1921 or said petition will
bo taken us true nnd a Judgment
rendered In said nctlnn nirnlnst the
salt! defendants U. It. wade and
Elisabeth E. Chapman and chap-
man her husband for the sum of
$2292.50 upon a certain promissory
note executed by said E. It. Wnde to
E. E. McIIuirh nnd Ed Smith on the
"th day of Decembor 1920 with In-
terest thereon at tho rate nf'l'J per
cent per annum from iho 7th dny of
November 1921 and for costs of suit.
Including 1200 00 attorney's fees and
for further judgment rendered In said
.nctlou aualnst snld defendants for
tho foreclosure or a certain mortcaso
secured by said promissory note of ev-
-en date therewith upon the following
described real estate lyliur nnd situ-
ated In the County of Heaver and
State of Oklahoma towlt:
East one-half (Mi) of section nine-
teen (19) township five (S) ranee
twenty (20) adludRlnK that default
lias bocn made ln said morteaKe nnd
that plnntlffs have a Hen upon said
premises subject to prior lncum-
"brances of J7.050.00 to tho amount for
which JudRniont will he taken as
afuresnlil ntul orderliiir said premises
to. bo sold with appraisement subject
tto prior iitcuinurauccH o( ?tuou.ju iiiui
the proceeds applied to the payment
of taxes due If any the costs of
the suit and the amount duo plnln-
tiffs nnd forevor barrinu and foro-
doHlriK snld defendants from all right
title estnte Interest and property and
equity of redemption In and to said
premises or nny part thereof.
'. Cou.t Clerk
Seal ' Uopuly.
.Qrliistcad & CoHiirove.
Attorneys for Plaintiffs.
11-10 ll-2r 3t .
: Know All Men by These Presents;
tii whereas at re-sale held In tho n(ilco of the
County Trcssurer of Beaver County Oklahoma.
nn Mn.emlier it. 1920. lots 7-8 and 9 In Block 78
In tho Town of Heaver Hsaver County Oklaho-
n. Vero offered for salo at public auenon and
there being no person offering to bid thcroonj the
County Treasurer did then and there bid off and
buy In tho name of I)caer County.'Oklahoma. all
of the abovo described real cstato for the amount
of Ucs penalty and costs due thereon aggrcgat-
Inir tho sum of J3.7S.
Now Therefore Notice Is hereby given that I
T. M. Cowan County Treasurer of said llenrer
County Oklahoma liavisod the above described
lots 7 8. and . In Block 78 ln tho Town of Ilea-
er. us aforesaid to W. 11. Barker for tho sura of
$8.1.53 cash In hand and that I will on Monday
December B. 1W1 epp'v tn the Hoard of County
Commissioners ""ViA'r I .unty.Oklahoma for
un onler appmrtng said sale so made and will
them and there apply for tt further order diiect-
Ing the Chairman of eaidjloanl oi tounty Mm.-
mlsslonerstueaccuteaooodior aueve uwonw.
real estate to ald purchaser. W. II. Barker.
Dated nt Heaver Oklahoma Ne ember 81921.
nnimtv Treasurer o Heaver
t-17 11-21 2t County. Oklahoma. j
Mi-rici. to iiimii:ut
. . . rrrT" . '
rrivu diiih win ue received uy me i
"hcSZMoTiSSxA' ?l J
o clock Noon November SSth 1921
nf tho rtttnm nt h -.... -... .
Heaver Count for the construction of
ho followlnit Improvements and will
!.at(!"'U'd "' 0C V' M' 0t tho """
til I.lnliankincntx mr rtrl.lco. it' 26 1921 and tho approaches
baiikment and one thousand five
hundred ynrdM of embankment liorv
K?rlU'niMil"-.1 8ecL0n .' f lh.'
gimlet No. V Commissioner'
(2) Embankments over culverts and
!n hoJi08 ln .tle" ' J nnd K. Sec
.fe.nerMrTc? W.' JSogiK
to profile consisting of approximate-
!y four hundred yards of excavation
yoTcS'km'e'n! bwed.0""""1
(J) Kour Miles machine frradlne on
Mlle" H. I J and K Section 26.
&!.n.t.?.Jt"!!l Sy.tem In Commissioner's
uiauivi o I
Is) EmDI
Emhnnlfmonli til nnnrAint... tn
Bridge No. 25 1921. on Mile A. Sec-
tion II State lload System In Com-
mlssloner's District No. 2. comprising
aptirOXlmatelv ttn .hnimniwl flva hlln.
tired yards of embankment borrowed
16) Three miles mnehlnn frrnilttin nn
I Miles V Q. II of Section 2J. State
Hoad System In Commissioners DIs-
. trlct No. 2.
I (7) Fifteen miles machine eradlntr
I on Miles D E. F O II and I.
Section 37 I and J. Section 36 A
1 D C. D. E. F. and a. Section 39 of
the State ltonil System In Commis-
sioner's District No. 1
(8) Thlrty-Bcven miles machine
Igrndlnir on Miles A U C. and D.
Section 1 A Section 14 E F. U. And
II Section 2. A IJ. C. D E. F. O.
II mid 1 Section C of the State lload
System In Commissioner's District
No. 3
(9) Improving Court House yard and
rrrnunitu nee inline fn lilnnu 11ml
specifications wall sidewalk
a . Ai.r n In .. I.. a flit I..
specifications wall sidewalk stens.
execvatlon In street fill In vnrd.
(10) An 80 foot low water emergency
brldgo on Clear Creek In Mile J Sec-
tion 20 State lload System between
Sections 13 Twp. 2 N.. Itango 11 K.
C. M nnd 18 18. Twp. 2 N.. Hange
24 E. C. M. In Commissioner's Dis-
trict No. 2 four twenty foot spans.
Plans for the foregomg may be ex-
amined nnd figured at the office of
the county clerk.
Illds must be Itemised on a unit
price basis on proposal forms fur-
nished by tho county engineer of
Heaver County and must set forth
clearly all Bimllar experience the
bidder hnn had In constructing work
of like nature ou.U no bids will be
considered 'which do not comply with
the foregoing.
All bids must bo accompanied by
certified check or bidders bond In the
amount of tun per cent of the
amount of the bid made out to the
Hoard of County Commissioners of
Beaver County.
Tho successful bidder will be re-
quired to entor Into contract and fur-
nish bond within ten days of tho
award of the contract. A surety
company bond In the full amount of
tho contract prlc;e will be required
for a construction bond also for a
statutory bond also for nn Indemnity
bond mnklng In nil thrcj times the
full amount of the contract price.
Tho right Is reserved by tho Hoard
on the advice of the Englnanr to In-
crease or decrease any or nil of the
quantities herein quoted up to fifty
per cent of their amount.
Jt Is the Intention of tho Hoard
to award this work to the lowest and
best bidders v. holly or In part but
tho right is reserved to waive all
technicalities nnd to reject any or nil
County Clerk
Copy ll-17-H-25-2t
No. 1497
Slate of Oklahoma Beaver County SS.
Notice Is hereby given that In pursuance of an
order of salo issued out of 'the District Court of
Beaver County. Oklahoma on the 23th day of Oc-
tober 1921 in an action u herein John A. Stcmcn
was plaintlfTand Jesse P. Mounts. Mable Mounts
and A. J. Dickson were defendants directed to
me. tho undersigned sheriff of ltcaver County
commanding mo to levy uion and sell without ap-
praisement the following described property:
West Half of the Southwest (Juarter of Section
Ten (10); and tho North Half of the Northwest
Quarter of Section Fifteen (15). 1b. Township
Four (4) North llange Twenty Eight (28). E.
C. M Beaver CountyOkbhoma.
to satisfy a Judgment and decree of foreclosure In
favor of said plain tiff and agalnat said def enda&ta
obtained and made In said court on the 24th day of
April. 1919 fur the sum of JtOOJM vlth Interest
thereon at 10 per cent from the 1st day of Febru-
ary 1914. $73.60 costs and costs accruing and taxea
with Interest thereon at 10 per remt per annum
from date of judgment and the sum of I40j04) at-
torney's fee 1 will on tho 28th day of November.
1921 at tho hour of 3 p. m of said day. at the east
door of the court house in the eity of Beaver. In
said County and State offer for sale and sell to
the highest bidder for cash tha said property
above described or so much thereof as will satisfy
said judgment with Interest costs attorncy'a fee
and taxea.
Witness my hand this 22tb day of October. 1921.
Sheriff of Denver County
10-27 11-21 6t By J. O. Karnes.
Under Sheriff.
Notice of Shcrili's Sale of Und-Fore
No. 1752.
Stnto of Oklahoma County of Bea-cr 83
Notice is hereby given that In puriuanco of an
Order of Solo issued out of tho District Court of
Heaver County. Oklahoma on tho 17lh day of No.
vember 1921. In an action wherein Itoy Copiwck
was plaintiff and 11. G. Ulngham and Florence E.
'illngham w ere defendants directed to me. tho
undersigned Sheriff of Heaver County command
nB ms to levy upon and sell without appraise
' ratnf.thu following described property:
" Southeast Quarter (SCI) of tho Southeast
Quarter fHE4) of Section Thirty-one t)
Township Thrto (3) North It&go Twenty-six
(26) C. C M. Heaver County Oklahoma
tn satisfy a judgment and decree of foreclosure In
favor of said plalntllf and against said defendants
Obtalnod and nado in said court on the ltth day
of April. IDA) for tty sumol W.wi wltn Interest
thereon at 10 per cent from the ltth day of April
jj. jyj.feO oewts and eojts accruing and $50.00
attorney's fee;
! j wll ti0 Mtn day of Otcembsr. 1921. at the
I hour j oiocic p. m.. f nij day at the east front
j door th Qurt House in the city of Heaver.
nanIdOouaty and State otter forsale and sell to
ti highest bidder for cajh the said property
atuve described so much thereof as will satisfy
j ) judgment and Interest and costs and nttor-
i nn; fw
Witness my band this 21st day of November I
v II. U. Hrldgewntur
Sheriff of Beaver County.
11-11 12-22 5t Uy J. 0. KA11NE3
Undor Sheriff
MAn TUC I infill nti I Mni non
n miu unuuii un Lnnuuunu
- T
.-.....- viw.u w buipiujr nunc ouioiy
Justified Under the Circumstanced
Confronting Them.
Mr. and Mrs Ilrown could not get
a house
"Well" snltl Mrs. Hrowti (she wits
always the one who decided) 'e'II
Imve to Ifvo In nn npnrtraent."
The next tiny they struck It lucky.
A furnished house wus olTercit them
as the owner wnu called itway to an-
other part of the country iu business
They had practically signed an ut;ree
roent for twelve mouths when by a
slip of the tongue their children were
"Children 1" snapped the landlord.
"Nothing doing !"
And he brutnlly pushed Mr. and
Mrs. Drown out of the house.
The next day they hud a similar
piece of luck. Another house hud Its
owner deserting It for tweUe months
nnd they were 6fferfd ll for thut
"Any children?" asked the landlord.
"N-no" faltered the Browns.
And the landlord walked nwuy ap-
parently satisfied. Hut he wits back
tho net day when the Drowns ofil-
daily "moved In" accompanied by n
little old mun with long gray hair
and beard nnd n" little old wimnin with
gray hair bonnet ami shawl.
Satisfied that there were no children
the landlord withdrew.
Inside thn house It was only the
work of a minute for Mrs. Drown to
remove the gray wigs bonnet shawl
etc. from little yilllc und Alice
Wise Provision of Nature.
Jtid Tunklns sn'.vs n man who never
makes a mistake has to die fearfully
.young to avoid spoiling his recotd.
WANTED Good 8econd-hnnd Dug.
gy. See A. G. Thomas Heaver
Oklahoma. U-2 tf
Remember your piano is more than n
piece of furniture in its mechanism it
is delicate in its case and receives more
injury thru lack of care than excessive
use therefore all piano manufacturers
urge that their pianos be tuned often.
They say Too Muck Stress Cannot Be
Placed Upon the Necessity of Regular
and Expert Tuning. I will be in your
city about December 1st and all those
wishing their pianos or players tuned
revoiced or action and tone regulated
please leave your order with Mrs. W.G.
Stranathan teacher of piano. All work
guaranteed strictly flrst-clas.
K. M. GAKST N A. P. T.
Piano Technician and Tuner.
11-17 11-21 2t oj
"Done by Mrs. Del I. Jndd at
Singer Sewing Machlno Shop. Will
tveavo carpets rugs curtain sofa
pillow tops etc. Wo wilt order
your warp. Call phone 130 or 117.
Beaver Oklahoma. 10-27 11-Zt 4t
City Health OlTtccr Gntc Okla.
Asat. Surgeon U.S. Public Health Service'
Call answered any where promptly. Phono 2.C
Beaver. Oklahoma
ThottPV IlruUSKwd. ThoC Braid woo.ll
Prompt. Accurate and Reliable
Do a General Abstract Buainei a
Calls answered promply
by automobile to all parts of
the county
Come to me for Glasses
Plenty of tnoituy to loan on farms
Ibwent rates quick money and
prompt Inspection!!.
1 1 repreount thoNuwton State Bank
& Trim Oo. Newton Illinois.
Wrlto nrcttll on u;e if you want a
form loan.
First door North of Court House
Fifteen Years in Live Stock
Will Handle Your Sale Paper
Beaver Oklahoma
"J e
Duke Vernon's
Kind Act
Copyright II!. Wtstsrn Newspaper Union.
"I !ll neer trust a friend itRntnl"
It wits a bruml and hitter dcclurn.
tlon for n mint younc ninhltlnna In
love with life and nil Its pleasiuit
promises and rownrds to come; yot
at tlint supreme moment of disappoint-
ment and Ids') Lane I'erclval meant
ecry word he spoke.
He stood In the room where he and
Duke Vernon had spent many hone-
fill happy hour during the past year.
They-Jind been like brothers. Each
had come to the city from a country
home to carve way to fortune. To
one of them Lane I'erclval had come
as well the Klnry of youth love deep
tranquil abiding. Even In that the
faithful Vernon seemed to share hit
Joy and take Myra Little tn his heart's
thouiclits as a cherished sister.
And now this! An opened disor-
dered drawer In the bureau nn over-
turned tin box with Its strong lock
broken and empty. Two days before
It had contained $400 the savings of
two years. I'erclval had Rot leave of
ahuptice for a dny to escort Myra to a
town forty miles away wh?re she was
to spend a week ultlt an old school
friend mid he had rc.urneij to find
Duke Vernon falthlos.
"He has taken It nil" muttered Tor-
clvnl dark browed nnd his heitrt for
the moment wn filled with cruel hate.
That nlcht he wrote alt the truth
to Myrn with a heavy heart telling
her Hint he must begin all over ngaln
and they must wait.
"I jniess It Is my fate to meet with
disappointment In my friend" 1m
wrote Myrn. "Next time I shall mnke
you my banker nnd shut out from
my life every bit of human lou. ex-
cept fnr you."
"A telegrnm sir" nnnounced
messenger hoy. Just ni I'erclval was
scaling up this letter.
In wonder Lane I'crrlval rend
brief message. It wns dated nt a
point In Michigan nnd It was signed
Duke Vernon. It rnnt
"Better thnn I left you word. We
ft.Tve made It."
What word made what? In bo-
wlTderment Lane I'erclval 'songht vnln-
ly fa read tho riddle.
ne slept n little towards- morning.
He arose dull nnd oppressed and
hnthcrril. Thert- wns a knoeSr at the
"Come In." he directed.
"It's me" nniiounrcd the man who
cleaned the halts nnd washed the win-
dows and kept the place generally In
order. "I-found n letter nnd a chectt
I guess It K In the court Just nmv.
I'm not much of tt scholar but I spelled
nut vmir nnnie."
"Mv name?" repented I'erclval
"There they nrr." and the man
handed I'erclvpl n sheet of paper and
n rheclc.
The Inttor wni made nut for $-100
nnd signed by the missing Vernon.
The 'etter bore the Initials of the
same signature and run:
"Dear Lane:
"I have a hurry rait for funds ready
e-ash Urgent. A big thins. I linve
tnken your money and leave you
check. Kx)oct great news."
Stnwlv tho truth began to dawn on
the startled iVrclvnt.
There was another summons nt the
door of his humble room the next eve-
ning. He flung the door open widely. Then
be drew buck. The open hnnny fnce
the bluff hearty tone of his friend re-
turned were a reproach that made
him shrink from the extended hand.
"I enn't do It. Dnke." he said. "I
hnve wronged you."
"Wronged me?" rang out tho cheery
tones of Vernon. "When? Hnw?"
;i believed yotr had stolen my mon-
ey." "I'd hnve done It If there hnd been
no other way!" cried Dttkn Vernon.
"I've made It. Nh more scraping nnd
saving nnd creeping along. Look
He drew forth nnd flaunted before
the ejesnf his bewildered friend a cer
tified check.
"Ten thousand dollar" I" were the
words that dn7.'.W tho .eyes of tho
astonished Perclvnt.
"See win It's made out to."
"Duke Vernon and Rupert I'orrlvnlj
my brother!"
"Ye the ne'er-do-well the wild
rover the poor fellow you lost fnlth
In. Hut I hnd faith. lit- was nl good
only Impulsive nnd ensllv Influenced.
He lost votir monnv and his In nn nut
and out swindle fiut that wns educa.l
tlon. I didn't tell you. hut for a year
I have been stoking him off nnd on.
up In the copper mining district as n
partner. Yon wouldn't see him a
year ngo when he called here." snltl
X Vernnn. "He's mnde good won't you
see him now?" '
"Yes" snld I.nno Pnrclva! humbly
"and nsk you both to forgltt" n tnnn
who needs to liegln the study of human
nnture all over agnln to mnke himself
wortbv of being called friend and
Anr Vernon went out and brought
the wanderer hack with blm. It did
not take long even after Ms nblect
confessions for D"ke and Rupert to
cheer up their repentant companion.
And they spent tl nt evening In plan-1
nlns what a lot t) $10000. received
I for n claim that 'ie S100 had enmo
Just In time to se'ure. would do for
three young nmhl' nn fellows und the
bonny girl who i ed not now wait
longer for Lane's" tnrt In life.
BIG JO Lumber!..
W. S.MORGAN Man. ser
It Will Py You to
Before Yovi Biy
Complete Stock of
Biiililine Material
Butter Lard Pickles Cheese
Cash Paid for Hides and Ftirs
City Market
Light drain tl Hill-
ing Company
J. B. Couch Mgr.
Phone 161
n -. i
e Ur
Home Lumber 6
. . B. A. JONES lflgr.
E. E. BOGUE Prop.
uood Liean oeu?
? . r p
-ix j.Jfe'tv4V-''Jr
Phone 2t
Beaver Oklahoma
if-iT . fi . i
Supply Comp.&ny j
OkluhoiniL i
-. uciadprvtce
.. u ' tm: i
?4 .
rat Sir
I VLD')l
1 M ' "
r&Pf luT i
1 i1w . .if t.
. !
. t
. B
r ' a
; ' I
1 ft
. :
rt l
WE ' v
FB ilk i

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