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The Strange
Case of
m i
CHAPTER XI. Continued.
"Ah so you can stand nlono senor-
4tu; that Is well. Step In here nheail
ot we nnd follow the lantern there
lis nothing to fear."
Sho hesitated anil the smile on tho
lexicon's lips changed Into a cruel
"Shall I mnko you again?"
"No sonor."
'Then you will do as 1 bid."
"Yes senorf I cannot resist."
The passage was clean nnd dry and
jbeemed to lead directly back Into the
cliff. Tho faint light revealed tho side
walls and low roof and the girl again
partlnlly mistress of lieraelf recog-
jnlzcd the nature of tlie rock to bo llme-
etone. Her view was limited to tho slight
fndtus Illumined by tho lantern nnd
vcn within Uint stnnll area her own
shadow and thoso of the threo men
jlielped render everything Indistinct.
JTlicy had turned n sharp corner and
advanced n few feet beyond "when the
ronn with tho lantern stopped sudden-
ly and held It up to permit the light to
stream full on tho exposed wall to the
right Another of these odd silts In tho
bock was visible here nnd the girl was
blc to perceive more clearly Its naturo
beyond question It wns nn artificial
opening leading Into a spaco on the
farther sldo of tho wall. Cateras push-
ed past tho girl his body Intorfcrlns
with her view nnd bent down fum-
bllng"nlong the rock surface.
"Ilold tho light closer" ho command-
ed. "Aye that's It- 'TIs some trick
to find tho thing Ah I now I hnvo It."
It seemed HVo n bit of wood so je-
sembllng tho color of tho rock as to
be practically Imperceptible to the eye
In that dim light a bit of wood which
slid back to reveal n henvy Iron bolt
shot firm)? Into the stone. Thls the
Mexican forced back and an opening
yawned In tho sldo wnll tho rays ot
jtho lantern revealing tho Interior of a
black cave. Cateras stepped within.
"Bring tho woman" ho commanded
shortly "and you Mcrodez see first
to tho light"
Bllva thrust her forward his grip
no light one while tho other struck a
Match and applied It to tho wick of n
lamp occupying a bracket beside the
idoorway. A this caught the full In-
terior wns revealed beneath tho sickly
glow a celMlke place nlthough of a
jfalr size unfurnished except for n
rude bench and one three-legged stool
the floor of stone nnd tho sides nnd
roof apparently of tho snmo solid struc-
ture. It wns gloomy bare horrible
In Its dreariness a veritable grnve.
Tho girl covered her face with her
hands nppnlled nt tho sight unnerved
t tho thought of being left nlono In
such 11 place. Cateras saw Uio move-
ment and laughed gazing about care-
lessly. "Somo boudoir scnorltn" he said
meaningly. "Well wo will see what
ian bo done for you later l'orhaps
a few hours In such a holo mny work
a miracle. When I como ngnln ypu
"Some Boudoir Senorlta"
I Meaningly.
Ho Said
111 bo glad td see oven me. Til leave
ou to think It over; then I'll come
back for nn answer. Until then senor-
lta adlos."
! The fellow lifted his hat and step-
ped back Into tho passage his manner
Insolent Sho remained motionless
contempt In her eyes but In truth
hopeless nnd crushed. Sllva closed tho
door silently although her ears caught
the click of the bolt when It was shot
No sound of retreating footsteps
reached her through the thick wall.
Tho stillness of her prison seemed
to strike her llkeji blow. For a mo-
ment tfhe stood staring nt tho bare
wall her lips parted her limbs trcra-
tyllng from the reaction of. excitement;
then sho stepped forward and felt
along tho smooth surfneo ot rock.
Tho door fitted so closely she could
not even dctcrmlno Its exact outlines.
Unfiled her glance wandered about
the cell seeking vnlnly for any sign
of weakness nnd then giving wny ut-
terly to her despair tho girl flung her-
self on tho bench covering her eyes
to shut out thoso hideous surroundings.
What should sho do? Whnt could sho
do? What possibility of hope lay In
her own endeavors? From what
source could sho expect any outside
After thoso first moments of com-
plete despair there camo greater calm-
ness In which her mind began to grap-
ple with tho situation. Theso outlaws
would never dnro to take her life.
There was no occnslon for them to re-
sort to so desperate n deed. And
why should Lacy desire to take her
llfo? Most assuredly ho did not or
tho act would have been already accom-
plished. The very fact of her hav-
ing been transported such n distance
was sufllclent evidence of his purpose.
Tho conspirators merely suspected her
mission lnHnskell; they were nfrnld
sho knew more of their plnns than she
rcnlly did. The telegram stolen by
Miss La Hue had convinced the lead-
ers that she might prove dangerous If
left nt large nnd they determined to
hold her helpless until (helrschemo
had been worked out and they were
safely beyond pursuit. That was un-
doubtedly the one object of her capture.
Lacy had no knowledge that Mcndoz's
band wns at tho rendezvous; ho sup-
posed them to bo on n cattle raid to
tho south with only n man or two of
his own left as guard over Cavendish.
Cnvendlsh I Her mind grasped clear-
ly now the fact thnt tho rann was not
dead. It had not been his body found
In tho Wnldron apartments but thnt
of somo other mnn substituted for
purposes of crime. Cavendish himself
had been lured westward waylaid In
some mnnner nnd made prisoner as
sho nnd Wcstcott had suspected.
Through the co-operation of Lacy
he had been brought to this desert
den where ho could be held Indefinite-
ly with no chance of discovery killed
If necessary. Sho had heard of such
places ns this rend of them yet never
before had sho realized tho possibility
of their real existence. It nil seemed
more llko a delirium of fever than
an actual fact She rubbcdher eyes
gazing about on tho rock wnlls senre-
ly sure sho was actually nwnke. Why
one might rldo ncross tho desert nnd
pass by within n hundred yards of Its
rim nnd never even be nwaro of tho
existence of this sunken valley. Yet
these men mu-it hnvo made use of it
for years ns n place to hldo stolen
cattle and Into which to retreat when
ever pursuit beenme dangerous.
Thoso huts without wero not new-
ly built nnd this underground cavern
had been extended nnd changed by no
small labor. Whnt deeds of violence
must hnvo hnppcncd licis; whnt
scenes of unbridled debauchery this
desert rendezvous must hnvo wit-
nessed. She shuddered at the thought
comprehending thnt these cells lmd
never been chiselled without a pur-
pose nnd thnt sho wns utterly help-
less In the hands of n bnud of thieves
and cutthroats to whom murder
mennt llttlo enough If It.only served
their ends. Mendcz no doubt was
brute nnd monster yet It wns Juan
Cateras tvhom sho really ' feared ho
wns cruel slimy seeking to fclde his
hntcfulncss behind that hldeotn smile;
and ho had already chosen her for
his victim. Who would savo her
Mendoz? Lncy? Sho did not know;
nnd somehow neither of these was tho
namo which arose to her lips almost
In tho form of prayer; tho namo sho
whispered with n faint throb of hope
In Its uttornnco Jim Wcstcott
Tho big miner was nil sho had to
rely upon; ho had been In her mind
nil through the long rldo; ho nroso
before her again now nnd she wel-
comed tho memory with n conscious
throb of "expectation. Thoso peoplo
back there could not conceal for long
her absencj from him; If ho lived ho
would surely Beck her again.
Her womanly Instinct had read tho
message In tho man's oyes; sho was
of Interest to him ho cared; It was
no mere ordlnnry friendliness which
would bring him bnck; no I not even
their mutual connection with tho enso
of Frederick Cnvendlsh. "Her eyes
brightened nnd n flush of color crept
Into her checks. She believed In him
In his courage ho had appealed to
her ns a man.
Suddenly sho .seemed to ronlizo tho
yearning of her own heart her utter
faith In him. He would come ho
must como; even now ho might hnvo
discovered her sudden disappearance
and suspected the cause. He would
never bellovo any lies they might tell
thnt sho had depnrted without n
word without n message ho would
find out tho truth somehow; ho wns
not the kind to Ho down to avoid
danger when It confronted duty ami
besides ho enred. Sho knew this
comprehended without question ; thero
had been no word spoken yet she
Suddenly the glrl'a Blender body.
9 . ..
grow taut nnd her thin wnite uou-
cate hands clutched tho granite wnll
hack of her and Into her gray eyes
crept the light of terror n terror that
was new nnd strange to her n name-
less clutching fear that her varied ex-
periences lu tho city had never
brought her nn Insidious terrlblo
fright for her bodily safety. Her deli-
cate ears strained under thejr spun-
brown covering of hair thero was no
doubt of it; sha heard .footsteps In
tho passage way. Juan Cateras with
his leering lustful smile wns coming
The uncertainty wns of scarcely nn
Instant Tho key turned In the lock
nnd tho door opened. Cateras smil-
ing stepped within calmly closed tho
door behind him "hnd then turned to
greet the lady. She met his bow with
eyes of firm resolve though her heart
"Why do you come senor?" sho
nsked so quietly thnt the man lu sur
prise halted his step forward.
"To keep my word" and his whlto
teeth glenmed In nn effort nt plens-
nntness. "I nm always truthful with
your sex; and I told you I would re-
turn shortly."
"Vet why?" sho Insisted anxious
only to keep him nway as long ns pos-
sible and yet enchain his Interest.
"If I am pr'oner here I nm not your
prisoner. Do you come then to servo
"Can you doubt that scnorltn?"
still endeavoring to retain tho mask
he hnd first assumed. "Becouse cir-
cumstances make mo defy the law n
mere lovo of ndventure no more Is
no reason why I should be devoid of
heart and sympathy." Ho took n step
nearer. "I enro nothing for this Rill
Lncy nothing" nnd ho snapped his
fingers derisively. "Why should I?
Hut Instead I would bo your friend.
Tho scnorltn Is nn American nnd to
her ono of my race mny not nppenl
yet I would prove my devotion with
my life."
"Your devotion smor?"
"Is not tho word expressive? I nm
of a Southern race senorltn nnd wo
di not calculate wo feel. Why then
should I conceal piy eagerness? It Is
lovo which causes mo to thus defy all
nnd offer you freedom."
"Love!" sho lnughed. "Why that Is
Impossible. Surely you only Jest
Tho smile deserted his lips nnd
with n quick unexpected movement
ho grasped her hnnd.
"Jest I YoiT would call- It a Jest. You
will not think so for long. Why whnt
can you do? No; stop shrinking back
irom me. It will be well that you lis-
ten. I come to j'ou with n chnnco of
cscnpo; I will tnko the risk nnd pledge
j-ou my nld. I nlone enn snvo you;
thero Is no other to whom you can
turn. In return I but nsk my re-
wnrd." Sho hesltnted her eyes lifting to his
"You promise mo your asslstanco?"
"Within the hour."
"How? What plnn hnvo you?"
"That I will not tell ; you must trust
me. I nm tho lieutenant of I'ascual
Mcndez" n touch of prldo In his voice.
"And my word nlono will open tho
wny. You will come?"
"Walt ; I must know more. You sny
It Is lovo which prompts your offer
senor. I cannot understand ; nnd even
If this Is true I must bo frank awl
honost In my nnswer I do not return
your love."
"Bnhl That Is nothing. I know
women ; they learn lovo quickly when
tho way opens. I am not so HI to look
at senorlta. A kiss now will seal tho
bargain! I will wnlt tho rest"
"You ask no pledge then of me?"
"Only your consent to nccompnny
me nnd tho kiss. Beyond thnt I tako
tho gambler's chance. Only you must
sny yes or no; for It will require tlmo
for mo to clenr tho road."
"It must be tonight?"
"Tho sooner the better; they tell mo
Lncy will bo hero himself soon and
after ho aomes tho ono chnnco Is over
with. You will glvo tho kiss?"
"Do not nsk It senor I"
"Oh but I will nye more I'll tnko
It A dozen will do no harm nnd no
scream from thoso lips will be heard.
You may as well bo nlco my beauty"
Sho was against tho wnll helpless
nnd tho grip of his hands wns llko
steel. His breath was on her check;
his eyes burning with lust gazing
straight Into her own. Slowly remorse-
lessly ho bent her head backward un-
til sho feared her neck would snap.
Into her terror-stricken mind leaped
tho sudden conclusion thnt resistance
with this beast was futile; sho must
outwit him with her brains. Suddenly
relaxing herself she slipped to tho
granite floor pn her knees.
"I'lense please" sho begged. "I
glvo In senor I glvo In."
But ns sho spoke her right hand
closed nbout a squaro Jnggod bit of
"So. my pretty" sneered Cateras
"you have learned (tint Juan Cateras
Is not a man to trlflo with. It Is well."
And releasing his grip upon her ho
allowed tho girl to rise.
As she stood thero In tho halt light
her gray eyes flashing her young
Uosomrlslpg nnd falling. 8U3. was a
vaguely defined but alluring figure. So
Junn Cateras thought and ho took n
step nearer his thick red lips curling
with lust eager to claim their rlcji re-
ward. As they camo closer Stelln
Donovnn stiffened.
"Look senor" she whispered "be-
hind youl" "
Tho .Mexican In his eagerness was
off his guard. Ho turned to look nnd
nt that Instant the girl drew bnck her
sturdy army nnd then brought It for-
ward again with nil her lgor. Clukl
She henrd the rock sound ngnlnst her
oppressor's head hoard a low moau
cscnpo his lips nnd saw him sink slow-
ly to tho floor at her feet.
The next Inslnnt sho wns beside him
In terror lest sho hnd killed him; but
a hurried glnnce supplemented by her
fingers which reached for his imlse
Saw Him Sink Slowly to the Floor at
Her Feet
assured her that sho had only stunned
her nssnllnnt With deft hands that
worked speedily In tho darkness sho
unstrapped from nround his wnlst tho
belt with Its thlrty-slx cartridges nnd
revolver then pulled from his pocket
tho keys not only to her cell but sho
Judged to others.
Tho feci of their bronzo coldness In
her hot hands brought n quick message
to her brain; beyond n question of
doubt tho missing Cnvendlsh wns con"
cenled In ono of tho dark dank cells
In tho immediate vicinage If not ac-
tually In this same passage then In
nnother ono perhaps not greatly dis-
tant Benching beneath her cuter skirt
sho Jerked looso her whlto petticoat
nnd then began tearing It into long
strips which sho knotted together.
This done sho bound Juan Cntcrns
hnnd nnd foot and with somo dllU-
culty turned him over on his fuco
after first thrusting Into his half-open
mouth n gng which sho had fashioned
from stray ends of tho providential
Then lenplng to her feet nnd strap-
ping tho ammunition belt nnd revolver
about her wnlst sho stole on tlptoo to
tho doorwny and peered out; tho si-
lent cavernous pnssago was empty.
LIthely llko a young panther sho
slipped out of tho cell nnd began mak-
ing down the passagewuy to a Bpot of
light which Bho Judged to bo Its open-
ing. Sho had scarcely gono ten feet
however before sho stopped short-
somewhere In the dark sho heard a
What was to bo dono? Her temples
throbbed ns tho voices sounded nearer.
Tlien it camo homo to her why not try
ono of tho other cells? Suiting action
to tho thought sho stepped quietly
from the niche In tho wall moved
noiselessly nlong Its surface nnd came
at length to nnother dungeon similar
to tho ono sho had occupied xcopt
that It had no window In Its oaken
door. Fumbling with tho bunch of
keys sho took tho first one nround
which her fingers fell nnd thrust It
hurriedly Into tho lock. Shp strug-
gled with It turning It first to tho
left nnd then to tho right Tho foot-
steps were sounding nearer nnd near-
er every minute tho' voices wero grow-
ing louder.
Frantic sho gnvo tha key a final des-
perate twist nnd ns a sigh of relief
escaped her lips tho door swung open.
Slipping through tho aperture sho
closed It softly after her and panting
from excitement nnd her exertions
turned nnd faced tho recesses of her
It was black pitch-black except for
n long ray of light thnt struggled In be-
tween tho heavy door nnd Its casing
but as Stella Donovan stood thero In
tho gloom sho wad awnro thnt sho was
not tho only occupant of the coll. Sho
crouched back gripped In tho hands of
another fear but tho next moment her
nlnrm was lessened somowhnt by tho
sound of n soft well-modulated voice.
J ".Whg'a that?" It said faintly .
By Randall Parrish
Author or"
" Tht DtcU't Own "
"My Lady of the North." Etc.
Copyright t7 Randall Parrlah
Then followed the repeated scratch-
ing ot n wet match n llanio ot yellow
light which wns immediately carried
to n short tnllow candle nnd In tho
uurn of Its sickly llamo Stella Dono-
van saw tho face of a man with long
unkempt board nnd feverish eyes that nt her us though sho wero an
As her eyes became moro accus-
tomed to tho light sho saw thnt tho
stranger was'a mnn of approximately
thirty of good robust health. Ills hair
was sandy of color nnd thin nnd his
hqnrd which wns of tho snmo hue hnd
evidently gono uutrlmmcd for days
perhnps weeks; yet for nil of his un-
kempt npponrnnco for all tho strange-
ness of his prespneo there ho wns n
gentleman thnt wns plain. And ns
she scrutinized him Miss Donovnn
thought sho beheld n mild similarity In
tho contour of tho man's head tho
shape of his face the lines of his body
to tho mnn who several weeks be-
fore she had seen lying dead upon tho
floor of his rooms In tho Wnldron
"My God l1' ho cried In n high voice
"I I thought I wns seeing things. You
nre really n woman and alive?" .
Miss Donovan hesitated n moment
beforo sho hnsworod wondorlng
whether to tell him of her narrow es-
ct.po. This sho decided to do.
"Alive but only by luck" sho snld
In n friendly voice nnd then recounted
tho Insults of Cntcrns her strugglo
with-him nnd enpturo of his cnrtrldgo
belt nnd revolver and how finally sho
hnd left him bound nnd gagged In tho
ndjolntng cell. The man listened nt-
tcntlvelyr though his mind ' seemed
slow to grnsp details.
"But" ho Insisted unnhlo to clear
his brnln "why nro you hero? Surely
you aro not ono of this gang of out
"I nm n prisoner. Thnt Is truo of-
you also Is It not?"
"Yes. I I am n prisoner nlthough
I do not In thc'lcnst know why. When
did you come?" .
"Not moro thnn two hours ago. Two
men brought mo across tho desert from
"I do not know how I enme. I wns
on tho plntform of nn observation car
tho last I remember" his uttornnco
slow ns though his mind struggled
with n vague memory "talking with n
gcntlomnn whom I hnd met on tho
train. There thero must havo been
an nccldcnt I think for I never know
nnythlng moro until I woke up here."
"Do you recall tho nnmo of tho
mnn you wero conversing wjth on tho
observntlon en?"
Ho pressed his hnnd ngnlnst his fore-
head n wrlnklo appearing straight bo-
tween his eyes.
"I've tried to remember thnt" ho
ndmltted regretfully "but It doesn't
quite como to mo."
"Wns It Benton?"
"Yes. Why how strnngo I Of course
ho wns F.dwnrd Benton ot New York.
IIo told mo ho wns n broker. Why
how did you know?"
"It Is not so Btrnnge" sho said nt
last "for your disappearance Is Indi
rectly tho occnslon of my being hero
nlso. I bellovo I can oven call you by
name. You aro Mr. Cavendish?"
"Yes" ho ndmltted his hands grlpJ
ping tho bnck of tho bench nervously
tils eyes filled with nmnzement "But
but 1 do not know you."
"For tho best of reasons" sho an-
swered smiting ndvnnclng nnd ex-
tending her hand "because wo havo
never met before. I am Stella Dono-
vnn n newspaper woman. Your
strango dlsappcaranco about a month
ngo aroused considerable Interest and
I chanced to bo detailed on tho case.
My Investigations led mo to visit Has-
kell where unfortunately my mission
became known to thoso who wero re-
sponsible for your Imprisonment hero.
So to keep mo quiet I wns also ab-
ducted and brought to this place."
"You you mean It was not an nccl-
dcnt that I wns brought hero pur-
posely?" "Knctly; you were trailed from
New York by n gang of thieves having
confederates In this country. I am un-
nhlo to glvo you nil tho details; but
this man Beaton whom you met on tho
train Is n notorious gunman and
gambler. His being on tho snmo train
with you was a pnrt of a wcll.lald
plan nnd I havo no doubt but what ho
deliberately slugged you whllo you
two wore alono on tho observation
"But but" ho stammered "what
was his object? Why did thoso people
schemo to get mo?"
"As I told you Mr. Cnvendlsh I do
not know nil tho details but I think
these men ono of whom Is n lawyer-
planned to gain possession of your for-
tune possibly by means of n forged
will ; and In order to accomplish this
It was necessary to get you out of tho
way. If either of us can ecnpo from
this ill a co wo shall bo In tlmo to foil
them completely."
Hli Gift
"Did old man Flint glvo you any
thtlng for your society for tho poor?"
"Oh yes; ho gnvo roe a smile ol
approval. That Uq-wn't cent up
thins.' " '-
(& 1910 Wttrn Nvpater Union )
Jlinmlo liked Nan; which Is not to
sny that ho loved Nnn. This might
hnvo happened hnd It not been for tho
coming of the ono girl. Thero Is nl-
was n "ono girl" nnd after Jim had
met his the others were mere human
beings. But oen If ho had loved
Nan she was kept so very busy with
dozens of' other friendly young men
nnd hnlf-dozcns of dunrly-frlcndly
girls thnt sho might not hnvo been
nhlo to bother with htm nt nil. "Kvery-
body" loved Nnn sho was everybody's
friend so constantly concerned with
their nffnlrs us sho Ingeniously snld
thnt sho "hndn't tlmo to think of her
own." You could tell Nnn nil your
perplexities nnd sho would listen with
n renlly "I do feel so for you" ex-
pression Instead of gnzlng abstracted-
ly nhend whllo jou were speaking. And (
Nan would feel for you to tho extent
of earnestly studying wnys out ot '
your dlfllculty. So when Jltn encoun-.
tered tho most serious difficulty of his
life In Violet's disfavor he went nt I
once .deep In tho depths of hjs disap-
pointment to Nnn.
"Well?" snld Nan.
HI Vlnlnt H Un Avnlmlnrl "Slin'fl flB
good ns broken our engagement he-
enuso of n fool snap-shot which n mu-
tunl friend wns kind enough to pass
along to her."
"Snld snap-shot. I tnko It" Nan snld
slowly "being yourself and?"
"Yes" Jlmmlo nodded '.'nnd n girl.
You see. It wns Just nftor I hnd met
Violet nnd sho hnd every reason to
believe that I thought her tho only
girl which I did. And she enred
enough to drop all tho other fellows.
I hnppened to go out to Fredericks'
on tho lnke shore for over Sunday
you know Dan Fredericks? 1m lured
me out for tho fishing. And at their
bungalow wns n girl from Knnsns
City. Sho was n Utile coquette nnd
had been having n mighty dull tlmo
with only Dnn's folks for company
but sho wanted to Impress tho girls
back .homo otherwise and havo certain
tnles of fnr conquests circulated
nround nmong her Kansas City admir-
ers. So It entered her rnttlc-braln
to get Dan I to have our pictures token
with her separately.
"I see" said Nnn. "And Violet Is
seriously nngry?"
"Sho says" Jlmmlo replied ns If
repenting n lesson "that she could not
conceive of herself pictured In thnt po-
sition under nny circumstances. So
sho enn't mnko nllowanco for me."
Nan gnvo Jim's despondent head a
sisterly pat
"Quit worrying boy" sho comfort-
ed "nnd go homo to. sleep."
Sleep however wns fnr from Jim's
pillow nnd when upon tho next
dny nnd tho next ho pnssed Violet
on her vcrnndn nnd was vouchsafed
but n cool bow his dcspnlr becamo f
almost suicidal. Tho letters of ab-
ject longing received from her no re-
ply. Nnn too hnd fnlled him ho
fenred when upon his homewnrd wny
ono evening ho saw nmong tho guests
nt n gnrden party on her lawn Vio-
let herself In compnny with Nan's
dnshlng brother. Thereafter Jlmmlo
decided to cnncenl his henrt acho and
nvold both girls. During tho week;
of nvoldnnco ho actually grew pfilo
of cheek and dull of eye and It was
Nan herself who wns obliged at last
to seek him out Her cheery faco
showed for n moment through Jlra'a
half open ofllco door ns ho bent
dejectedly over his desk. "Can't
como In" Nnn explained. "Just stop-
ped to lenvo a message or rath-
er to glvo you a bit of advice. I'd
go past Violet's I10U8O on my way
homo tonight If I were you Jlmmlo"
sho went on hastily "nnd I would
walk very slowly."
"Violet has not spoken to me" ho
nnswered with dignity "since tho
night wo parted."
"Sho will now" Nan replied nnd
wns gono. Jim didn't wnlt until
closing tlmo; ho grabbed his hat from
Its nail and started Vloletward. From
n distance ho viewed her upon tho
veranda. Could it bo posslblo that
sho was expecting or hoping for his
chnnco pnsslng?
"Jlmmlo Oh I plenso como here"
sho begged and whon wondering but
ongRr ho nscended tho veranda steps
Violet nglow with embarrassment nnd
npology Inld beforo him n llttlo pho-
tograph. "Of course" she said "you havo seen
this hateful thing. Nnn told mo
that sho did not know whether her
brother had showed It to you or not
but undoubtedly ho would; ho loves
n Joke."
Jim examined the tremblingly ot-
tered picture. It was Violet Boated
upon n garden bench on Nnn's lawn.
Her head rested upon tho shoulder of
Nnn's brother his nnn entwined
nbout her.
"Nnn snapped tho thing" Violet
tearfully explained. "I rcnlly couldn't1
help It. Jlmmle. Thero was I on
tho bench nt Nnn's lawn pnrty when
her brother dropped beside me nnd ho
just Jnmmed my Ifend against his
shoulder ns Nnn aimed tho camera
I hata Nun's brother. Ami Oh Jlm-
mlo I hopo you understand. And
I'vo been thinking maybe It was that
wny with your" Violet choked
"your picture nnd thnt other girl.
Mnyho you didn't plnn It cither Jlm-
mlo." Violet nestled closer.
"It was horrid of Nan to do It" sho
Jim grinned.
"Nan U all right" ho answered

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