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lufAor of "Cnppy Ricka"
CHAPTER XVI Continued.
Tins Poundstone returned your
ir?" lie queried.
"Why yes Wlmt mnkes jou nsk?"
"Oil I (mil a suspicion lie might
Toil see I railed lilm tip nml suggest-
ed It; somehow Ills lionor In peculiar-
ly susccptlhlu to suggestions from int.'
"llryco Cnrdlgnn" she declared
"you're n sly rnxnil that's whnt you
nro. I shan't toll you niiothcr thins."
"I hopo you hnil n stenographer nt
tho dictograph when the innynr nml
ynnr uncle conked up their little deal.
Tlint wns thoughtful of you Shirley.
It wns n Imlly cluh to hnvo up your
pleeve nt tho flnnl showdown for with
It you enn make Unklcdunk liehnve
himself nnd force Hint compromise
you spoke of. Seriously how over I
don't wnnt jou to uio It Shirley. Wo
must nvold n scnndal hy nil menus;
nml praise lie I don't need your cluh
t(t Lent .your uncle's bfalns out. I'm
taking his club nwny from him to use
for tlmt purpose."
"Henlly I hellovo you'ro linppy to-
dny." "Hnppy? I should tell n mnnl If
tho streets of .Seipioln were paved
with eggs I -vnuld wnlk them nil dny
without making nn omelette."
"It must he nice to feel so hnppy.
after so ninny months of tho. blues."
"Indeed It Is Shirley. You sec until
rery recently I was very inucli wor-
ried ns to jour nttltudo toward me. I
couldn't hellevo you'd so fnr forget
yourself as to love mo In spite of
everything so I never took tho trouble
to nsk you. And now I don't have to
nsk you. I know! And I'll lie around
tto sec you nfter I got thnt crossing In 1"
"You'ro perfectly horrid" she
blazed nnd hung up without tho for-
mality of saying good-by.
Shortly nfter Shirley's departure
from his office llryco hud n visit from
lluck Osllvy. The latter wore a neatly
pressed suit of Shepherd plnld with
n white carnntlon In his In pel and he
wns apparently tho most light-hearted
young man In Humboldt county. Ho
struck nn nttltudo nml demanded:
"lloss what do you think of my now
"You lunatic I Don't you know red
blonds' should never went" light shades?
You'ro dressed llko n negro minstrel."
"Well I feel ns happy ns nn end-
man. And by tho. way you'ro nil
chirked up yourself. Who's been licit.
Irtg y'ott t3 tho" elixir of life? Vhen
wo ported Inst night you were" forty
fathoms .deep In tho Plough of do-
spond." v
"No less n divinity thnn Miss Shir-
ley Sunnier 1 Shu called this morning
to explain that last night's llnsco was
none of her making and Quito Inno-
cently she Imparted the Information
tliat old lighted out for
Srtn. -Francisco nt ono o'clock this
morning. Wherefore I laugh. Te-liol
"Threo long loud rnii'ous cheers for
Uncle. He's gone to rush n restrain-
ing order through tho United States
Threo Long Loud Raucous Cheers
for Uncle."
Slstrlpt court. Wonder why he didn't
wire his attorney to ntteml to tho
mutter for Mm."
"He has tho crossing blocked nnd
Inasmuch ns tho mayor feeds out of
Pennington's hand tho Colonel Is ijulto
contldcn't that sold crossing will re-
main blocked. Atf for tho restraining
order well If ono wnnts n thing well
done one should do It oneself."
"All that doesn't explain your
cheerful attitude though."
"Oh but It does. I've told you
about old Duncan McTnvlsh. Molra's
father haven't I?" Ogllvy nodded nnd
liryce continued: "When I tired the
old scoundrel for boozing. It almost
broko his heart; he had to leavo Hum-
boldt where over) body knew him so
ho wandered down Into Mendocino
.county and got a Job sticking (umber
to the drying ynrd'cf the Wllllts Lum
ber company Ho's been tlicro two
months now nnd I nm Informed by
his employer thnt old Mac hasn't tak-
en n drink In all that time. And
what's more ho Isn't going to tnko
one ngnln."
"How tin you know?"
"Itecnuse I mnke It my business to
llnd out. Mac was the finest woods-
boss this county ner knew; hence you
do not assume thnt I would lose the
old scoundrel without making n light
for him do you? Why lluck he's
been on the Cardigan pay roll thirty
years nnd I only fired him In order
to reform him. Well last week I sent
ono of Mac's old friends down to
Wllllts purposely to cnll on him and
Invite him out 'for n tlmo;' but Mnc
wouldn't drink with him. No sir he
couldn't bo tempted. On the contrary
ho told tho tempter that I had prom-
ised to give him back Ids Job If ho re-
mained on the wnter wngon for one
year; ho was resolved to win back his
Job nnd his self-respect."
"1 know whnt your plan Is" OrIIv"
Interrupted. "Listen now to fnthcr'fl
words of wisdom. Didn't you hear mo
(ell thnt girl and her vlllnlnous nvun-
cular relative last night that I had an-
other nee up my kimono?"
Ilrjco nodded i
"That was not brng old dear. I had
tho nee and this morning I plnyed It
wherefore In my heart there Is that
pe.ico that passeth 'understanding
particularly slnco I hnve Just had n
telegram Informing mo thnt my nee
took tho odd trick.
"You will-recall that from the very
Instant wo decided to cut In thnt Jump-
crossing we commenced to plan
agnlnst Interference by Pennington; In
consequence we kept or tried to keep
our decision n secret. However there
existed nt nil times tho possibility thnt
Pennington might discover our benevo-
lent Intentions nnd block us with his
only weapon a restraining order Is-
sued by the -Judge of the United States
district court.
"Now ono of the most delightful
things I know about a court Is that It
Is open to nil men seeking Justice or
Injustlco disguised ns Justice. Also
thero Is n wise old saw to tho effect
that battles tye won by the fellow who
gels there first with the most men The
sltuntlon from tho stillft was absurdly
simple. If Pennington got to tho dis-
trict court first we were lost I"
"You menu you got there first?" ox-
ctnlnied Ilryce.
"I did Tiy Hie very simple method
of peering to get there llrst In ense
pnythlng slipped. Something did slip
Inst night I However I wai ready;
so nil I hail to do wns. .press the but-
ton for as Omnr Khayyam remarked:
'What shall It avail n man If he buy-
eth n" padlock for bis stable; nfter his
fnvorlte stallion hath been lifted?' Sev-
eral days ago my boy I wrote n long
letter to our attorney In San Francisco
explaining every detnU of our predion-
ment ; the Instnnt I received that tem-
porary franchise from the city council
I mailed ircj-rtlllcif copy of It to our
ittnniby nlso. Then lp anticipation
of our discovery by Pennington I In-
structed tl'e nttorney to prepare tho
complaint nnd petition for n restrain-
ing order ngalnst Seth Penplngton et
nl nnd stand by to rush to the Judge
with It the Instant he henrd from me I
"Welh.nbnut the time old Penning-
ton started for Snn Francisco this
morning I had our attorney out of bed
ond on the long-dlstntico telephone; nt
nine oVIW'k this morning ho nppenred
In the United States district court; at
nine-flftoon the Judge signed n restrain-
ing order forbidding our enemies to
interfere with us In the exercise of n
right legally granted "us by the city of
Sequoia nnd at nine-thirty n deputy
United States marshal started In nn
automobile fo? Sequoia ln tho over-
land route Uewlll nrrlvu late tomor-
row nlgit mid on Sunday we will get
thnt locomotive out of our way aild In-
stall our crossing"
"And Pennington"
"Ah the poor Pennington I Mon
pnuvre Sethi" lluck sighed comical-
ly. "Ho will lib Just twenty-four hours
"You old lie-fox I" llryco murmured
"You wicked wicked mnnl"
lluck Ogllvy lifted his lapel nnd
pnlffi-d luxuriously nt his white enrnn-
it?n the while a thin little smile
plitj'd around the corners of bis hu-
morom mouth. "Ah" lie murmured
presently "life's pretty fcwect Isn't
Kvcnts followed ench other with re-
freshing rapidity. While the crew of
tho big locomotive on the crossing
busied themselves getting up steam
Sexton and Jules Ilondenu tolled nt
the loading of the dlscnrded boiler nnd
heavy castings aboard two Hat cars.
Ily utilizing the steel derrick on tho
company's wrecking car this task was
completed by noon and nfter luncheon
tho mogul backed up the main lino
past the switch Into the Lngunn
(Jrnmlo yards; whereupon the switch
engine kicked the two tint cars and the
wrecking car out of the ynrd nnd down
to the crossing where tho obstructions
were promptly unloaded. Tho police
watched the operation with alert Inter
Copjrlcbt by Ptttr II. Kjne
est but foreborc to Interfere In this
hlgh-hnnded closing of a public thor-
opghfare. To Sexton's annoyance nnd secret
opprclicnsion llryco Cardigan and
lluck Ogllvy promptly nppcared on tho
scene both ery cheerful and lnlsh
with expert ndtlco as to the I'est
method of expediting the Job In hand.
To Uryce's sprprlse Jules Itondenu ap-
peared to take secret enjoyment of
this vood-nnlured dialling of the Ln-
gunn Ormido manager. Occasionally
he eyed llryco curiously but without
nnlmus nml presently ho Unshed thu
latter u lightning wink ns If to sny:
"What n fool Sexton Is to oppose
you 1"
"Well Itondenu" Ilryce hnlled tho
woods-boss cheerfully "I see you have
quite rococrod from thnt working
over I gave you some time ngo. No
hard feelings I trust. I shouldn't enre
to hne thnt Job to do over uguln.
You'ro n tough one."
"Ily gnr sho don' pay for hnve hard
feelings wiz you m'slcur" Itondenu
answered bluntly. "Wo hnvo one fine
light but" he shrugged "I don' wnnt
some more" "He nppronched llryco
and lowered his olcc. "For one month
"Wen I Cut Your Been Trees M'sleur
. I Feel Like. Hell."
I nm no good a.11 'e "m. Wo don'
light some more m'slcur. And I have
feel ashnme' for dose Illnck Minorca
fejlcr. Always wiz him eot Is zo knife
or zo club and now eet Is ze rifle.
Cochunl Wen I fight. 1 light wiz whnt
Ic lion DIeu gje me."
"You appear to have n cprtnln code
nfter". nil" liryce laughed. "I nm In-
clined to ilko you for It. You'ro sporty
In your wny you tremeiidous scoun-
drel 1" - -
"Jlobbeso" Itondenu suggested hope-
fully "M'stoilr likes me for woods
"Why what's the mntter with Pen-
nington?. Is he tired of you?"
The color mounted slowly to the
woods bully's swarthy cheek. "Made
moNelle Summnlr he's tell mo pretty
soon he's Jgoln' be boss of Lngunn
Grande nn stop nil thees light. An'
w'en Mademoiselle he Is In tho saddle
good-be Jules Itondenu. Thees coun-
try I llko him. I feel sad M'sleur
to"loue dose beeg trees." He paused
looking rather wistfully nt Ilryce. "I
nm line woods-boss1 for somebody" ho
suggested hopefully.
"You think Miss Sumner dislikes
jou then ltondeiiu?"
"I don' theenk. I know." Ho sigh-
ed ; his huge body seemed to droop.
"I nm out uPzeo good luclc now" ho
murnnred bitterly. "HTcrrbody sho
hate Jules Itondenu." Again he
sighed. "Dose beeg trees I 7n QuAiec
we have none. In zee woe.1s M'sleur
I feel here I" And ho Inlrt his great
calloused hairy baud oer his heart.
"W'eu I cut your beeg trees M'sleur
I feel llko hell."
"That Infernal gorllln of a man Is
a poet" lluck Ogllvy declared. "I'd
think twice before I let him get out
of tho country Ilryce."
"'Whose salt ho ents bis song bo
sings' " quoth liryce. "I forgive you
ltondeau nnd when I need a woods-
boss like you. I'll send for you."
At eleven o'clock Saturday night tho
deputy United Stntes marshal arrived
In Sequoia. Upon tho advice of Buck
Ogllvy however; he made no ttempt
nt service that night notwithstanding
the fact that Jules ltondeau nnd his
bullies still gunrded the crossing. At
eight o'clock Sunday morning how-
ever Ilryce Cardigan drote him down
to the crossing. lluck Ogllvy was nl
ready there w Ith his men superintend-
ing erection of a huge derrick close
to the heap qf obstructions placed on
Ltbo crossing. Sexton wns watching
hlra uneasily nnd flushed as Ogllvy
pointed him out to the marshal.
"There's your meat marshal" he
announced. The marshal nppronched
nnd extended toward Sexton n copy
of the restraining ordar The better
struck It nlde and refused to nccept
It whereupon the deputy marshal tnp-
ped him on tho shoulder with It.
"Tag I You'ro out of the game my
friend" ho said pleasantly.
As the document fluttered to Sex-
ton's feet the latter turned to Jules
Itondenu. "I can no longer take
charge here Ilmidoau" he explained.
"I am f oi bidden tp Interfere."
"Jules ltondeau can do ze Job" the
woods-boss replied easily. "Zo law
she hnve not restrain' me. I guess
mebbeso you don' tnfce dose theengs
away eh M'sleur Cardigan. Mjself
I Ink see."
The deputy mnrshnl handed Iton-
denu n paper nt the same time show-
ing his bndge. "You're out too my
friend" he laughed. "Don't be fool-
ish to try to'buck the law. If you do
I shall have to place n nice little pair
of handcuffs on you nnd throw you In
Jnll nml If jou resist nrrest I shall
hnvo to shoot you. I hne ono of
these little restraining orders for
every able-bodied mnn In the Lngunn
Ornnde Lumber company's employ
thnnks to Mr. Ogllvy's foresight; so
It Is useless to try to bent this gnmo
on n technlcnllty."
Sexton who still lingered mndo n
gesture of surrender. "Dismiss your
crew Ilondeau" ho ordered. "We're
whipped to n fraz7le."
A glenm of plenstire not unmixed
with triumph lighted the dnrk ejes of
the Fronch-Cnnndfon. "I tol' M'sleur
Sexton she ennnot fight M'sleur Cnrdl-
gnn nnd win" ho snld simply. "Now
mobbo ho believe that Jules ltondeau
know something."
"Shut up" Sexton ronred petulant-
ly. Itondenu shrugged contemptuous-
ly turned nnd with n sweep of his
great nrm Indlcntcd to Ills men thnt
they were to go; then without n back-
ward glance to see that they followed
the woods boss strode awny In tho
direction of the Lngunn Grande mill.
Arrived nt tho mill olllco. ho entered
look down tho telephone nnd called
up Shirley Sumner.
"Mndemolselle" he said "Jules
Itondenu spenks to you. I have for
you zee good 'news. Ilryce Cardigan
sho puts In tho crossing today. Ono
man of the law she comes from Snn with papers and M'sleur
Sexton sny to me: 'Itondenu we are
whip. Deesmess your men.' So I hnve
deesmess doze men nnd now I dces-
'mess myself. Mebbeso blmeby I go
to work for M'slcur Cardigan. For
Mademoiselle I have no weesii to mnke
trouble to flro me. I queet. I will
not fight dosp dirty fight some more.
Au revolr mademoiselle. I go."
And without further ado he hung
"What's this w lint's this?" Sexton
demanded. "You're going to qultl
Nonsense Ilondenu nonsense 1"
"I will hnvo my time M'sleur" said
Jules Ilondenu. "I go to work for n
mnn. Mebbeso I nm not woods boss
for heem but I work".
"You'll hnvo to wnlt until tho Col-
onel returns Ilondenu."
''1 will hnve my time" snld Jnles
Ilondenu pntlently.
"Then you'll wnlt till pny dny for
JV J'J!!9JU- I'ou know our rules.
Any mnn' wlio quits without notlco
wnjts until the regular pay day for
his' money."
Jules jidvnnced until he towered di-
rectly over tho manager. "I tol'
M'sleur I would hn'vo my time" ho
.repented once more "Is M'sleur
dent In zo ears?" Ho raised his right
hand much ns n bear raises Its paw;
his blunt lingers worked n little nnd
there wns n smoldering flro In his
dnrk .eyes. '
Without further protest Sexton
opened the safe counted .out the
wages due nnd took Itondenu's-re-celpt.
'Thnnk you Sl'sleur" tho woods
boss growled ns he swept the coin
Into his pocket. "Now I work for
M'sleur Cardigan; so M'sleur I will
hnvo zee switch engine wecjh two
tint enrs nnd zee wrecking car.' Doze
dnm trash on zee crossing M'slcur
Cnrdlgnn does not like 'ami ly gjir I
toko heem away. You onderstnnd
M'slcur? I nm Jules .ltondeau nnd 'I
work for M'sleur Cnrdlgnn. j.n In
M'sleur I" The great )innd' closed
over Sexton's collar. JNot rob pistol
no notfor Jutes lto'mienl.'
Quito ns-enslly1 ns n woman dresses
n lmby he gagged SexfVi with Sex-
ton's own handkerchief !riit him gent-
ly on tlie floor nqd deported locking
the door behind hint yiud taking the
key. At the corner of the building
where the telephone lino entered tho
olllep ho paused .jerked pnee at the
wire nml passed on leaving the brok-
en ends on the ground.
In the rouhdh6ist ho found trie
switch engine" crev on duty waiting
for stenm In tho .boiler.' The with-
drawal of bqtl) Iqcpmotlves brief ns
had been their ubsence .had cnusod
n glut of logs nt the Lngunn Grnndd
landings nnd Sexton wns catching up
with the traffic Tiy sepdlng the switch
engine crew out for one irnlnlond
even though It was Sunday. Tho crew
had been used to receiving orders
from ltondeau and moreover they
wero not nware of his recent action;
henco nt his command they ran tho
swftch engine out of the roundhouse
coupled up the two flat cars and tho
wrecking car nnd bncked down to tho
crossing. Upon nrrlvnl Jules Iton-
denu lenned out of tho cnb window
and hailed Ilryce. "M'sleur" he snld
"do not bozzer to mnke zeo derrick.
I have here zeo wrecking enr nil you
need; pretty soon we lift him off zee
crossing I tell you eh M'sleur Cnrdl
Ilryce stepped over to the switch
engine nnd looked up nt his late en-
emy. "By whose orders Is this train
here?" be queried.
"Mine1' Ilondenu quickly answered.
"M'eleur Sextos 1 iov tla like ona
lectio pig nnd lock her In her ofllca.
I work now for M'sleur."
And ho did. Ho waited not for a
conflrmntlon from his new mnstcr but
proceeded to direct opcfntlons like
tho born driver nnd lender of men
thnt ho wns. With his Intc employ-
er's gear he fastened to tho old cast-
ings nnd the boiler lifted them with
the derrick on the wrecking enr nnd
swung them up nnd nround onto the
flat enrs. Ily the middle of ho nfter-
noon tho crossing wns once more clear.
Then the Cnrdlgnn crew fell upon It
whllo Jules Ilondenu ran the train
bock to tho Lngunn Grande yards dis-
missed his crew returned to tho mill
ofllce nnd released the monager.
"You'll pny through tho nose for
this you scoundrel" Sexton whim-
pered. "I'll fix you you traitor."
"You fcex nothing. Sl'sleur Sexton"
Ilondenu replied Imperturbnbly. "Who
Is witness Jules Ilopdenu tie you up?
Somemidy see you no? I guess you
don' fcex inc. Sncrel I guess you
don' try."
Colonel Pennington's discovery nt
Snn Francisco thnt llryco Cnrdlgnn
hnd stolen his thunder nnd turned the
bolt upon him wns tho hardest blow
Seth Pennington could remember hav-
ing received throughout his thirty-odd
yenrs of give nnd tnke. Ho wns too
old nnd experienced n cnmpnlgner
however to permit n futile rage to
cloud his renson; he prided himself
upon being n foemnn worthy of nny
man's steel".
On Tuesdny he returned to Sequoln.
Sexton related to him In detnll the-
events which had transpired since his
departure but elicited nothing more
than n noncommittal grunt.
"There Is one more matter sir which
will doubtless be of Interest to yqu"
Sexton continued apologetically. "Miss
Sumner called mo on the telephone
yesterday nnd Instructed me formally
to notify the board of directors of the
Lagunn Grande company of a speclnl
meeting of the board to be held hero
nt two o'clock this nfternoon. In view
of the Impossibility of communicating
with vou whllo you were en route I
conformed to her wishes. Our by-lnws
as you know stipulate that no meet-
ing of the board shall bo called with
out formnl written notice to ench di-
rector mailed twenty-four hours previ-
ously." "Whnt the devil do you moan Sex-
ton by conforming to her wishes?
Miss Sumner Is not a director of this
company." I'cnnlngton'M voice wns
hnrsh nnd trembled npprehrtislvely.
"Miss Sumner controls forty per
cent of the Lngunn Grande stock sir.
I took thnt Into consideration."
"You lie!" Pennington nil lt
screnmed. "You took Into considera-
tion your Job ns secretary nnd general
mnnngcr. Damnation 1"
He rose nnd commenced pnclng up
nnd down his ofllce. Suddenly he
paused. Sexton still stood beside his
desk watching him respectfully.1 "You
fool I" ho snarled. "Get out of here
nnd leave me alone."
Sexton departed promptly glnnclng
nt his wntch ns he did so. It lncked
five minutes of two. He passed Shir-
ley Sumner In the general ofllce .
"Shirley" Pennlnftoft began in a
honrso volco ns she entered his office
"whnt Is tho meaning of this direct-
ors' meeting "you hnve requested?"
"lie sented Uncle Seth" the girl
answered quietly. "If 'you will only be
quiet nnd reasonable perhaps we can
dlfpensc with this directors' meeting
which appears to frighten you so."
Ho sat down promptly n look of re-
lief on his fnce.
"I scnrcely know how to begin Uncle
Seth;" Shirley commenced sndly. "It
"I Cannot Trust You to Manag My
Financial Affairs In the Future."
hurts mo terribly to bo forced to hurt
you but there doesn't appear to be
nny other wny out of It. I cannot trust
you to manage my financial affairs In
the future this for a number of rea-
sons the principal one being "
"Young Cardigan" he interrupted U
a low voice
Charlea V Had Faith In Women.
Tho famous emperor Charles V wh
was accounted one of the ablest rul-
ers of his time had such confident
In tho ability of women tp govern that
ho appointed three successively as re-
gents of the Netherlands.
Cremation In Japan.
Cremation establishments under th
control of tho government are to b
found la all the cUel ejtlea X J
There Are Things Which Money
Cannot Purchase.
Man Who Made That Attertlon Prove
Hli Cae Thouoh Many Have
Lono Held a. Contrary Opinion .
Sayi an Exchange. I
A group of men wero discussing
over the luncheon tnble. tho purchns-
Ing power of monej. Ono of them
cspec tally wnxed eloquent upon tho-
subject "There Is nothing money will
not buy" he snld positively. One man.
took exception to this statement.
"Money will not buy health" bo as-
serted. "Wrong I" snld the first. "There Is.
many a poor mon or woman wh& It
they had money to pny for proper
trentment would quickly regain their
hcnlth. In mnny Instances money wilt
buy health:"
"Happiness then"
"Wrong ngnln. In rnro Instances
money will not buy hnpplncss but In
tho majority of enses jes. Tho pos-
session of money means tlmo for rest
recreation study travel many-
things nil of which give hnpplncss.
I'll tell you" lennlng ncross tho tnblo
enrncstly "write down If you cmv
find them four things that money will
not renlly buy nnd for ench one I will
give you n thousand dollars."
The next dny nt luncheon tho ono-
who was challenged hnnded the btlicr
n slip of paper. After rending It the-
mnn without n qulbblo hnruled his-
friend four $1000 bills.- This Is whnt
wns written on the pnper:
1. A Bnby's Smile A bnby's smllo-
enn never bo purchased by offering It
money. To the soul thnt has so lately
come from the place of tho unborn
the means of exchnnge of this world.1
offers no nppcnl. A mother's kiss a
father's" caress n flower n bright-colored
toy mny win n bnby's smile but
you ennnot bnrgnln for thnt smile with
2. Youth 'When It Hns Gone "Tho
mill will never grind with the water
that hns pnssed." The flush of youth
tho luster of the eyes of n boy in his
teens tho carefree happiness of tho-
mnlden. when tho yenrs hnve brought
mnturlty enn neer come ngnln. Ponco-
dc Leon In his quest for the spring or
cternnl youth renllzed thnt fnct Ho-
knew thnt youth once gone could
never bo bought again. Sloney will
not plirchnso Its return even If heaped-
In piles of millions nnd the spring for
which the knight so diligently senrched"'
to Insure ngalnsr tho ravages of tlmo-
was never discovered.
3. Tho Love of n Good Vpman
Love like n bnby's smile ennnot bo-
bought with gold. Mnny n wonnin hns-
slmulated lovefor a dowry with n
husband thrown In nnd practiced tho-
deception Successfully for yenrs but
true love of the kind which lnsts
eternnlly ennnot be purchased. Tho-
love of a pure woman Is held by her
qs the most sacred gift which she eaa
Jjestow. It Is not to bo bought with
gold or silver or precous stones. It
Is glten freely to the man she loves.
4. Hntrnnce Into Heaven There ls-
nn old saying thnt "shrouds hnve no-
pockets." Money which will purchnso-
neariy everything In this world enn-
n)t Jue taken to the next nnd used ns-
n means' of entrance Into lienven. Tho-
keeper of the portals of the henvenly
city Is not susceptible to n bribe.
There nt least money hns no value.
Frank Dorranco lloplcy In Dearborn.
Independent. '
Breaking It Gently.
A fondness for backing an occasional
winner wns one of Hill's weaknesses -.
that his selection didn't nlways coma-
home first couldn't be blamed on hlra.
After n certain race ho got homo
rather lafcr than usual to bo met nt
the door by h'ls w Ife her fnce distort-
ed with rnge. Ho knew tho signs and
sunk Into n chair content to wait till
the clouds had rolled by. When nt
last she had to pause for wnnt of
breath ho remarked causually:
"I say Nell ye likes to 'ear 'o peo-
ple winnln' lots o' money don't yer?"
Vlslqns of new lints nnd even a
dress flouted before her dazzled eyes
so tho woman forced a srallo to her
lips nnd replied:
"That I do. Tell mo nil nbnrt It."
"Well" bo said ns sho nestled closo
to him "a bookmnker's been nn' gorn
nn' won nil mo wnges this week."
Answers London.
Movie Everywhere Triumphant
Mexico wo rend In current dis-
patches has decided to lift tho heavy
censorship from the movies nnd to fos-
ter tho enterprlso In every wny. There
seems to be no stopping tho trium-
phant march of the movlo stars says
tho Philadelphia Record. Not long
ago wo read that Devonshire house
tho famous rendezvous of tho wblga
In London had fallen before tho
cinema. Tho Alhnmhrn nnd tho Em-
pire fnmous music hnlls. nro to go
too. Englnnd and tho continent ap-
pear to bo ns wild for tho screen as
we nro here. All doors are opening
to It Not long ngo tho conservntlvo
Vatican sanctioned tho picturing of
nn Important religious function. Great
aro the movies I
Collie's Heart Touched.
A collie dog four years old owned
by Omnr Cunnlnghnm of Fnrm!nr-
ton Me. Is a most Inveternto foo
of woodchuckB furious In tho work of
digging nnd annlbllntton but she-
enrao home tho other dny cnrefully
carrying In her mouth n baby wood-
chuck which tho has since cared for
as tenderly ns if It were ono ot her
own puppies. j

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