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Reports Trow Urn big annual sale
of Poland Chinas by M A. Shulcr
& Son of near dray Friday of
last week are to the effect Hint
everything sold '.tell. The Shuler
Polands am well known In this
part ol tap state and these big ar-
liual sales always attract buyers
from far and near.
Yos Tuesday was a humdinger
the worst of tho season hot windy
nnd dusty a typical county fair
day however. Heaver Is hoping to
out-wit tho weather man and by
hold tho fair a little later escape
tho windy dirty dayt.- that usually
prevail the latter end of September.
Here's hopln.
.Mrs. Joslo Shaddon and her moth-
er who recently catno from Cashlon
to mako her homo with her daugh-
ter were Heaver visitors from near
Illvcrslde Tuesday Whllo hero Mrs.
Shaddcn placed her namo on tho
Herald's big book and will receive
this paper regularly this coming
1j. W. Lusk presented tho Her-
ald forco with a fine .watermelon
Tuesday. Mr. Lusk raised a world
of melons this year and if all ro
like tho splendid specimen left nt
thU office they aro certainly
luscious Melons aro extremely
good this season.
Mr. and Mrs. O. F. l'ruott and
little Oliver Jr. and Levy l'ruott
of Elmwood returned Saturday
from a visit with Mr. Prjtotfs par-
ents In Missouri and with other
relntlves. They report plcusttiil
weather nnd good roads for the
most part.
Chns. lllnlclo nnd family returned
Monday from a visit at Wichita
AVInfleld and other Kansas points.
Ho reports bad roads and mud the
greater pait of the time. Says ho
prefers Heaver county snnd to Kan-
sas mud.
Mis. D. 11. Kinder of near Kolco-
mo has been mnrketlng some won-
derful tomatoes hero tho past few
weeks. Mrs. Kinder has produced
worlds pf them and they "ara of
eoxcellent flavor.
E. n. Williamson of l.orena was
n county sent visitor Friday. While
here he called at this office anil
ordered The Herald sent to Ills' address.
Many neopln have gotten th
wrong understanding about the In-
crease In lallroad faro ratac I'
you are buying a ticket from here
to Hutchinson there is no change
In tho cost of the ticket unless you
buy Pullmnn rates. On all Pull-
man fares there Is an additional
cost. In the form of a fifty por cent
surchnige. This will mnko your
Pullman fare cost you Just ono-hatf
again as much as It did previous' to
August 2(i. If you arc buying a
ticket nnd you don't necessarily
have to have u Pullmnn tho cost of
your trip will be just tho same as It
was In tho past. The real tip Is the
fact thai It is better policy when
going to Kansas City to buy your
ticket to Knnsai City Kansas and
then ride across to the Missouri
side on the trolley Hy this little
method you will save nil the addi-
tional cost of your ticket but t If
you are buying your ticket to some
point in Missouri the Increase
catches you. This Is something" for
you to study and get as much in-
formation as you powlbly can about
It for In thu long run it will savo
you n lot of money. A good many
had taken the wrong conception
of tho matter nnd were of the opin-
ion that if (hoi went from hero to
Prntt they would have to pay 111?
Increased rates Hy studying this
you will naturally take n llttlo
brighter view of lift- and agree
that sonvo good can be found in the
very worst of things. Liberal Kan-
sas News.
Mr. and Mts. W. 0. Strnnalhnu
drovo over to Liberal Kansas Sun-
day wfiero Mrs. Stranathan will re-
main for u time.
0. J. Loofbotirrow Is repot tu.l as
being seriously ill. Mrs O. J.
Loofbotirrow Is also ulto 111 suffer-
ing severely with her limb which
was injuicd some time ago.
The Arroyo Camp Flro girls on-
Joyed a liberal patronage nt their
food sale which they conducted
nt the Carter Tracy Hardwnrc Store
Saturday aftornoon.
Miss Mnry Halbort of Gate was
here Thursday of last week on busl-t
liess. Sho left $2.00 at this office
for a yeor'c Herald whllo In (own.
Mrs. J. L. llobbltt of the Couch
nclghboihood shopped hero Mon-dny.
SEAL & SEAL Proprietors
nd Door El ( Fosloffico
Deaver OkUhomt
Bmlko Okla.
The Moline Line
The Gate Valley Grain & Supply Co
S. S. ELLIOTT Manager Gate Okla.
The Beaver Herald
1AUDE 0. THOMAS. - - Publlthtr.
Entaradattbftpoiitonicest DWTr Oklahoma
a cotid elm mail matter.
Jvurtldlng rates made known upon
application. Prices reasonable
Subscription Price J2.00 a Year
Itepiibllcini Ticket
For Congress
Chns. Swlndnll of Woodward to
complete unexpired term of Dick
T. Morgan.
For County Superintendent
W. L. HUNSON of Heaver
For Sheriff
For County Clerk
C. K. Drum of Heaver
For Commissioner 2d District
Frank II. Drum of Heaver.
For County Assessor
T. L. Ogilvic of Forgan.
For Commissioner 1st District
0. 0. Mcndenhall of Gate.
For County Treasurer
A. P. OWEN of Heaver
(For County Attorney
For County Surveyor
J. K. Quinn of Beaver-
Dcmocnitlc Ticket
For County Trcasuer
CHAS. F. HUGULEY of Beavor.
For County Clerk
Mrs. Heuluh Hall of Heaver
For Sheriff:
II. H. Hritlgcwatcr of Ivanhoc
For County Commissioner 3d District
A. G. Dunicl of Hoyd.
For Commissioner 2d District
S. F. COLEMAN of Elmwood
For County Assessor
J. W. RENFIIOW of Halko.
Mrs. Mary E. Lawrence of Forgan
Mrs. Geo. H. Wright left the past
week for Wichita. Kansas going to
nurse Miss Mary Cates daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Cates who
Is being treated for a poltro and
other troubles. at a hospital there.
Mlsj Mary's condition is reported aH
being serious. Tho many friends
of the faintly hope for her recovery.
County Agent Hnnly attended the
Harper County Fair at Laverne
last week and assisted In the Judg-
ing of livestock.
A Perfect Bread Flour
Always Uniform
Sold by air the Leading Merchants
All Kinds of MILL FEED
Beaver Bhia.
Phono 81
vtsod u to finish hints school.
The Senior cUsa thorougtily aroimed
the nchool Thursday morning In chap-
el by giving a "pep" program whkh
constated of several class songs nnd
yells whlcli proved that quality and
not q.-iuntlty counts. Hurrah for the
I'rof Andrcnn seemt to have some
trouble In prrauadlng some of tho
Juniors nnd Seniors to take Latin
After nn unsuccessful Interview with of tho students he said sor-
rowfully to the last K Te Ilruf (Vou
too llrutua?)
Last N Friday afternoon the boys
basket ball teaim the faculty nnd
several of the students went over to
Fortran to play their high school
A very closo game wax played. In
which our boys lost to Fortran tho
score belnu 3 to : In their favor
However our- boys played a good
fen ine. losing by nnl o score anil
we feel confident thnt.wlth n tittle
mora practice we can defeat Forgan
tii.Mon clans .vfri:
Tlie Henlor class met this year with
seven old nnd no new member.
Class Itoll Clyde Mftes Dale. KJIe
I.nuni Oroendyke Frances I'eckham
l.ola (Hover Kullne Ford Kmmn llen-
lllgll. Ah' soon ns wo had started our
regular class work we orgftulied nur
class for the first term the officers
now (ire i
Hmma Hennlgh President.
Dale Kile vice president.
Hminn Hennlgh class reporter
Miss Lois Quinn was elected C'Ihsh
teacher and advisor of the Henlor
class for tho year
Class Colors Crimson and gold
Clas Cmblem Owl.
Although all of the Seniors are
not regular moit of us arc taking
Physics Psychology. KiikIIsIi I.ltern-
ture and will tako Ungllnh History ns
soon as the books come.
Mr. Hwect Is our Physics teacher
Friday he surprised us by giving a
test to cover the first two weeks
work. As far as has been reported
tho gindes made were good.
Mr. Andrews has been giving lec-
tures In psychology to keep us busy
and prepare ua for a good start when
the books come
The English: I.lteraturo class will
hitvo text books note books nnd Miss
Quinn for n teacher so we are Ret-
ting along Just fine.
Senior class spirit was shown bv
yells Klven In chnpcl Thursday inorn-
The ball vanme at Forgan was at-
tended by all the .Seniors both boys
playing In the team.
As tho H-nler class of M. II. S. we
wish to extend n welcome to all new
student especially the Freshmen nnd
hope that with our help and all
working together we can make this
tho best sihool ear II. II S. ha ev-
er known.
Junior .Vilea
Tlic-Junlor class mot on Sent. Tin.
nml elected the following officers;
Miieri iirown president.'
Hilly Culuell vice president.
I'enrl llcndorsoii secretary and
Gretchen I.awon. reporter.
Hilly Culwcll. yell lender
nlue and Gold class colors.
"Not on the ton but rllmulnir."
class motto
Class Holl Krma Harrngree.
Albert Hrown.
lola Hiatty.
Hilly Cut well.
Hlluii Carson.
Howard Floyd. .
I.ola Fry.
Grace Goctzlnger.
George Goetzlnger.
Abble Hammon.
I'uarl Henderson.
John Leonard. I
Gretchen Lawson.
Murle MeCune.
Harlen Mungrr.
Knrle Maple.
Dcrrel Knilthi
KloKsle Kullens.
Hugh Tliomns.
The Junior and Sophomore boys and
Senior and Freshmen ioy plityed a
game of base ball a week ago last
Friday. The score was 9 to 10 In fav-
or of the Juniors nnd Sophomores.
Uullne Ford. Uvporter
On September 6th tho old school
bell again called us forth from our
homes to begin the work of another
s.-llool jear
After a reunion of old class matelt
a short chapel was called mid teach-
ers for tho coming year Introduced
to tho students as follows Professor
Andrew H. .Superintendent of schools
mid expounder of l.atlu nnd who Is
hulled hy all as a "Jolly good fel-
low;" Sir. Sweot. I1I14I1 school princi-
pal and teacher of Science and Mathe-
matics mid who will coach the boy's
alhlutics. Wo hope his disposition
will be ns appealing as his iiitiuu.
Miss l.nts Quinn. our Hnullsh and
History teacher who was formerly a
Htuueni 01 neaver uign ami wno is
"one of us."
wo feel suro wo lutvn capable In-
structors who will bo Interested In
all school activities.
Very Interesting talks were nuutu
by members of tho Hoard of Uduca-
lion ns wen as. me teaeniirs mm wnn
the nld.of the faculty and the support
of tho vatrons we are going to make
this year'nt Heaver High oho to bo
reiiM luuervii.
Two weckHi of school have nassed.
Most of tho classes have been or
ganised and -veal worlc 'hits begun.
Ve are still minus a teachur but
Mrs. Leonard has kindly consented to
help us out until1- tho services of an-
other Instructor can be secured.
Chapel exorcises aro held every
morning at 10:15 which tlmo Is spent
In singing after v.hlch doVotlonal
reading Is given by Mr. Andrews.
t.ntee. the different elasHes will bo
expected to give programs In chaped.
Mr. Sweet has been giving us snmo
CHeo Club Work In the singing of the
Htnr Spangled Hatincr. We hops to
00 aolo to HinK ail ui uur luiiiunu
anthems without the aid of our song
books. ... .
Some good work Is being dono In
athletics under the supcrxislon of
Mr. Sweet. ... .
The bojs basket bull loam has been
organised and Mike Miles elected
captain ... .
The first base ball game was play-
ed Friday. September 10. between the
Juniors and tho Freshmen and In
which the Juniors were defeated tho
score being IS to 9 in favor of the
Freshmen. .
Another game was played last
Wednesday afternoon between tho
Seiilor-Kreshmen boys and the Sopho-moro-Junlor
boys '.i
The game was very clone resulting
In n score of 10 to 9 in favor of the
Sophomore-Junior Ham.
Quito n number of the high .school
students showed thulr splilt of SP-
pioulatlon last Monday evening i
accepting Itev. Howard's luvltntlou
and attending ehurth. 1
X very lntsretln . seimon Wis
lireoohcil for the beiftfjt of the stu-
Uuits and Jlev. How ant utronRly ad-
Beaver Oklahoma
Will meet all competition in Cream Prices.
Price Now Is 52 Cents
Bring Us Your Produce
Highest prices pud at all times for all kinds of Pioeuce
"That's My
THE planning and building
of your home is of no
interest whatever to your
neighbor but to you it is a.
very important task an"
achievement that you will
want to be able to point to
with pride and say that's MY hornet"
Here is a home that will enable you a
home of which any man could well be proudi It is.of
English type with five rooms though from the outside
it appears much larger.
Downstairs are three rooms living room dining
room and kitchen. Upstairs there( are two large bed-
rooms each with a roomy closet adjoining. The bath
room is conveniently located and as it is directly over
the kitchen the same plumbing is permitted for both
This is .a Trowbridge & Ackerman home being
designed bv those noted New York architects. And
this is but one of 200 home designs from which you can make your selection..
Other equally beautiful homes of four different architectural types Colonial
English Western and Southern and ranging.' in size from three to eight rooms
are shown in portfolios. '
You should have one of these portfolios to help you in the planning ani
(election of your new home. And if you wish we will obtain one for you.
Turn your home building dreams into' realities and start action immcdUUtjr.
Co your new home.
Our Posts Are Here.
Sophomore .otrw
Theie are eighteen enrolled In our
elans of 1920. Their nams are as
Kloyd Hancock.
Ivan Law son.
Olllebclle Floyd. '
Aurta Ward.
Mary Henderson.
Hnrley Holcomb.
Mabel Humphrey.
I'aul Glover.
I.uella Vanllelt.'irg. X
Kdward Hmtth.
l.ula Davis.
Walt Moore.
tlutli XesKiier.
Klla Klndrlek. t '-
Haael Overstreet.
Lionel Ollbert.
Kaye Thompson. .
Hiith Klndrick.
All were Freshmen of B. 11. S. taut
year with the exception of Miss Klla
iCendrlck who attended school In
Louisiana and Kdward Smith who at-
tend school In California. Also Lionel
Ollbert who attended nt Ixirena. We
ar glad to have them a SophomoreB
this year .
Wo had a class meeting Thursday
and elected our officers. They "are:
1'resldc.nt. I.uella VanHellurg.
Vice president. Mary Henderson.
Secretary nnd treasurer Mabel
Class reporter. Kutli Kendrlck.
Veil leader. Klod Hancock.
Assistant yell leader Lionel tlll-
Class Colors lurplc and Clold.
Oiais Motto Venlmu Vidimus.
Vlllmus. . 1
Class Flowers (Irecn and pink car-
nations. -
Thrt Knnhomorn class of this year
limy not bo tho largest class but Jt1
watcn us1 e win tnj ni "
honor roll.
Prekhiiinn .Notes
Tho F 'snnian class was organized
Septcnihc the Hth and the following
orricere lecteu:
I.oyd Hancock president.
Klla Cook vice president.
Uladys Ford secretary and treas-
urer. Laura Henson class reporter.
Dale I'eckham yell leader.
The class colors have not yet been
decldod upon.
Tho following members enrolled In
the Freshman elans'
John Hill.
Laura Henson.
Murrell Allman.
Noio. Hoover. I
Molta Davis. "i
itxurl Oregory. i
Thomas ratrlok. "
Uoy llrooks. '
UalPh Mathls. '
Luclle. Egbert.
Orwin Wright .- f
Leonard Ooetslnge
Vlncta llarnes.
Ouy Quinn. R;
Heola McKllllps.
Klla COOK.
Oladys Ford
Ooal Thomas.
lAyd Hancock. - - .
Curt Cllft. r
Hugh Spohn.
Herald illbbs. '
Limine Trncy. I
i:thel Bridges.
Icle Hughloy.
Mamaret Ilruer.
Dale Peckham.
lirnest Carson.
Kay MceHe.
We elected Mrs. Leonard as our
class teacher
A bnso ball game was played a
week ago last Friday between tho
Freshmen boys nd the Junior boys
the score Lclnu- V to i; In favor of
I We recoived ijulte a compliment
from Mr. sweet wnen ne loin us o
had a number ono "A" AlgeUra class.
Quite n number of tho Frouhman
drove over to Forgan Friday evening
to tho base ball game between the
Fortran hlsh school bojs and. the.
Doawi lilgli school boya.
Light (jrain k II-
i I
. CoQcl
J. B. Couch Mgr.
Phone 161
Beaver Oklahoma
Market and Grocery
Brooks & Gregory Props.
Come to Us for your
We have a line that will please you and
The Price is Right
' Next Door to K. of P. Bldg.
Boaver Oltla.
.' .i
. " J8
i '

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