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Ultboit Bl "citif
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Oldest OKlaHoma Newspaper. Established 18S6.
No. 9
!- ' ' i i
Easy To Advise
Gaming and Tube
1 wi fc- W
a B f H H WC55"sr"
i rior-vJ on
A 'A
It is often so much easier to advise some one
h(.w to spend his money than it is to spend your
You know what the other fellow ought to
spend but with you it's different. Now any ad-
i in 1 i 4U1..
vice we may nave uj oner
.... .. .ii 1
nneai an uur auvice wnuv uiuuk iu-ji- uhdi
enondtner mnnAT. hnfc rather in savinc it. Any $$
body can spend money but it taues a wise one ujj- j
save it. There is nothinir like openinc an account '3
at a reliable bank to assist you in saving.
Add to the account regularly and you will be
surprised how easy it will grow. Start now no
matter how small."
Farm for Sale!
Four miles from Beaver Oklahoma.
For price and particulars see
J. E. PROVOST Beaver Okla.
County Red Cross headquarters
made" .another big shipment of
finished garments sent In by the va-
rious branches this week. Included
in the shipment were: 480 triangu-
lar bandages; 1951 hospital gar-
ments. This makes 25 boxes which
have been sent out by the Beaver
county chapter since its organization
and the total ot finished garments is
as follows: Hospital ' garments
6310 surgical dressings 2365 knit-
ted garments 001. Of the knitted
garments many were socks and
wrlstletB which went as pairs but
were counted as' one. Had each
single article been counted the knit
ted goods would have gone over the
thousand mark.. Wo feel that this is
a splendid record and one ot which
" Beaver county women have reason to
be proud. It shows that our Red
Cross workers arc not slackers and
that they realize they do not have to
"do something big" although the vsry
thing they havo done is big or go to
Franco In order to serve their coun-
try and aid in the light against the
Hun. Do you realize that Beaver
county Is heading the list in the
southwest In Red CrosB work? It Is
a fact. We should and do feel
proud ot those who. have made this
record possible.
W. . HBCHOt PremMeni K. M. MMPLE Vtce-fraaUpnt
Fergan Bklahama
Prepared to Extend Every Courtesy Consistent witjk
Sound Banking. Deposits Guaranteed.
O. M. CMFKV Gambler
I have the best farm
loan proposition in Bea-
ver county. Get my
terms before closing
any loan : : : :
. . . .... i ( . r . '. v . .
. ' -f '.. ' ' .' t vAA
H. Jfc LAWS0N Beaver Okla.
win uuiw uiuug n v-i
. i .u it.. rTP'.'-Ai
.-. . f. V WU 'J ''2t&&V!fQ
' premiums are Being orrerea by tne
Beaver County Freo Fair which will
be held September 17 18 19 1918
'for exhibits of ned Cross work.
Prizes of $25.00 first $15.00 second
and $10.00 third are being offered
fdr the best display of Red Cross
work consisting ot 3 suits ot pa-
jamas 3 bed shirts and 3 pairs of
bed socks by any Beaver county Red
Cross organization. The Junior Red
Cross is also offered prizes ot $10.00
first $5.00 second and S2.G0 third
for the best display of work by any
Junior Red Cross Auxiliary of the
county. Additional prizes qf $5.00
and $2.60 for knit wool BWoater and
$5.00 and $2.50 for hand-made
American flag are also offered. Red
Cross workers should avail them-
selves ot this opportunity." It will
not only give them a chance to dis-
play thcir-work. but also a chance to
add $25.1)0 $15.00 or $10.00 to
their funds. We trust every Red
Cross organization In Beaver county
will compete tor these prizes 'and
! that a record showing will be. made
at the fair.
County Superintendent O. T.
Ayers is visiting relatlpes In Illinois
being called there last week by the
IllneEs ot his fathor.
CEO. IV. CMFkV Maul. C-shfer
.-- -.?'
- wC uTL iuii.JmT-t i
On next Tuesday August 6 1918
will bo held the. primary election for
the nomination of state and county
officers. The Republican party must
poll about 28000 votes in Oklahoma
on that day to entitle It to a state
The state officials are sending out
no Socialist ballots to tbo soldier
boys so they can cast none Many
Socialists have registered as Repub-
licans and many others will not vote
at the primary because ot a feeling
ot disloyalty In some quarters
against the Socialist party as a
rmrty. and other reasons so that It Is
almost certain a sufficient number of
Socialist votes will not be polled n't
the primary to entitle that party to
a state ticket this fall. If the So-
cialists get no state ticket they will
bo so provoked at the Democratic
party that all of them will vote the
Republican ticket In November.
There aro about 50000 Socialist
votes In Oklahoma and If 30000 or
35000 of them vote the Republican
ticket as they will wo can elect a
Republican governor and tnll set of
Republican officials this fall and
ahnlfo Innso thn nollllcnKleeches and
It would not only be a disgrace
but a calamity to the state Hr us not
to poll enough votes to entitle the Re-
publican party to a state ticket this
fall. So let every Republican talk
to every other Republican about' It
and soo that a full vote is polled at
tho primary and the best timber se-
lected as tho candidates.
One ot the most Important offices
the people in northwestern Oklahoma
are required to select ror is mat oi
Judeo ot the District Court. Mr.
Arthur G. Sutton of Alva Okla.
seems to be In tho lead in this part
of the district tor that office. He did
not himself personally clrculnte a
petition In his home town and per-
sonally solicit written endorsements.
Most business men from the nature
of things will from a business stand-
point sign nearly any petition pre-
sented them. If time and spaco per-
mitted Mr. Sutton could obtain the
written endorsement of thrco-
tourths the voters of his home
county but he would not circulate
a petition for an endorsement or
publish thOBO ot Democrats and So-
cialists and the Democratic party Is
not trying to nominate him oh tho
Republican ticket at the primary to
have an easy mark to knock down at
the general election in November.
His friends persuaded him to get Into
the race. The Farmers Co-operative
Association and Farmers Federation
ot Alva and the Republican organ-
ization of his home county havo an
nounced his candidacy. John Dato
mun ot Knowlcs; W. J. Lehman ot
LaKemp; Henry Nichols of Forgan;
A. A. Haskell ot Elm wood J. W.
Messersmlth of Florls; T. H. Mc-
Call of Beaver; 'F. II. Drum of
Beaver; F. C. Sweet of LaKemp; B.
R. Lake of Sunset; R. Q. Dunlap.
ot Clear Lake; Dexter Gllger of
Sunset; R. M. Rizley 6f Elmwood
and A. II. Montgomery' of Ivanhoc
all farmers of Boavcr. county have
Investigated the qualifications and
standing of Mr. Sutton and unani-
mously endorse and recontmend' him
to the people of the district as the
one best qualified and salted for the
office. And the Republican organiza-
tion ot Texas .county has also Inves-
tigated and endorsed Mr. Sutton for
the position and say 'of him as fol-
lows: Mr. Sutton is a matt of the
highest Integrity and Is universally
respected In the community to which
he resides. As a lawyer he 'stands
at the head ot the bar ot the district
and is rated as one ot the able law-
yers of the state. He Is possessed ot
a judicial temperament and we are
satisfied will hue to the line and ad-
minister the affairs of the offlco Im-
partially and without fear or favor
and wlthout.unpecessary delay. With
these qualifications we submit that
Mr. Sutton Is the man tor the Re-
publicans of the district to eater the
fight with; and that he will make the
people of ibis district a Judicial of-
ficer ot whom we may 'Justly be
We might secure" the names of
three-fourths the voters of the dis-
trict and append hereto but time and
space forbid and we ask ypu to. ac-
cept our investigation ot Mm-"
These recommendations aro from
people at home whom wo all know
and not from Democrats and So
cialists for the purpose ot nominat-
ing a straw candidate who can easily
be defeated at the general election.
Mr.' Sutton is 46 years of age
Just In tho prime of life and will give
ui 'court and Is the man all can unite
on and he can be elected. A vote
for him will be a service to your
country. Vote for him August 5
1918. He wliriead us to victory.
To tho Beaver Herald:
The readers of The Herald will be
sor'rji "to learn of the recent death of
Adelfccrt D. Hess formerly one ot
Beaver county s old settlers and nl
waysa loyal patron of The Herald.
Mr. Hess was taken sick on Satur
day July 13th and was taken to the
Methodist hospital at Hutchinson
tor an operation for appendicitis
Tuesday July ICth and died Tues-
day July 23d. He suffered Intensely
during his short Illness. The funeral
was held from tho Johnson funeral
parlors. The Presbyterian minister
gave comforting and helpful talk
to the many relatives and friends
after .Which the body was laid away
town July. 2Cth.
Mr Hcos was born near Uttca
N. Y. January 24 1855. He Is sur-
vived by his wife Mrs. S. J. Hess
and two sons by n former marriage.
Harry C. Hess of Uif scow Mont. nnu
Mcrrltt C. Hess who is living on the
homo near his father; also three
brothers Beverly W. Hess of Pal-
aclos. Texas; Daniel W Hess of
Hufhlnson. Kon.; J. Charles Hess
of Watervllle. Wash. and three sis
ters Mrs. J. W. Comes cast of town:
Mrs. William Stewart of Council
Grove. Kan. Mrs. Bello LuBk of Bos
ton Mass. ana nve granucnuuren.
On account of a broken arm and
other serious bruises Harry was not
able to be with his father during his
last Illness and death.
The funeral was largely attended
as Mr. Hess had a wide circle of
friends and acquaintances here Mr.
Hess was a former ranchman of.
Beaver county living in the east end
of the county on the Kiowa river
where he owned a fine cattle ranch.
His wife was a true helpmate in his
home and in his business taking a
great Interest In bis work at all times
and a constant companion- to the
On July 19th a crowd ot friends
young and old gathered at the home
of Mr. Salzmann in the Blue Mound
neighborhood in honor ot Fred Salz-
man and Tom Ledbetter who were
leaving in the draft of the 22nd Inst.
Tom an Alabama boyt has been
among us only a year but has made
many friends while here. Fred came
here with his parents from Chicago
fourteen years ago and grow to man-
hood among us
Everyone who "knows him is his
friend and all feel that hs going' is
a distinct loss to this coomuntty but
he is Bure to render exceptional serv-
ice to his country.
Much sympathy was felt for Mr.
Saliman who Is giving bis last son
(Charley the second son) being In
the draft from Montana and Is across
the "watern" by now leavlnp Miss
Lena and Mr. Sclzmann alone In bis
old age.
J. A. Hopkins of Gate was here
Friday raising funds among the
stockholders of the Gate Valley Oil
company and others to re-bulld the
derrick which was blown down at
the oil well near Gate a few weeks
ago. Mr. Hopkins feels confident
that the drillers were in the oil sand
when the derrick was demolished
and Is anxious to get the rig up and
go on down. He was driving a dandy
Reo roadster which he recently pur-
chased to replace his Super-six. which
was destroyed In the Gate fire.
Little Miss Eula Norton was oper-
ated upon Sunday for appendicitis
by Drs. Levi and Munsell. At this
tlmo her condition Is reported as
being favorable. Mrs. Norton and
Eula Just returned from a visit to
Arkansas Friday of last week. Eula
was not well while gone and upon
her return was again attacked and
the operation was found necessary
At present we are well stocked
with all sizes ql Casing and Inner Tubes
bat. on account of war corftions we
may be out of some sizes soon and un-
able to get them.
Buy Nowl
LONG 3 LAWSON Ford Garage. Beaver
R. S. Hammon formerly of Madi-
son now of Beaver being connected
with Crossley Brothers In the gar-
age is announcing this week as a
candidate for Justice: of tho peace ot
Beaver district.
Mr. Hammon has served 17 years
ris Justice- and has madq a special
study of and understands the law.
He feels that hu Is qualified to con-
duct tho offlco with Justice to all and
asks your support at the coming
Contributions' for the Sammies .to
Contributions for the Sammies .to- the aatlomal administration' n DW.V
co.tund .have "falleaoff the pasty torj.AHaCtk'.aJ'.yoir
'weeks.MWlftiPaheaterf-DoiTtfcV61olt iryom " awiHMi
quit tho habit or are so busy chasing
tho Bocho that they haven't time to
smoke? Lqt's not forget that in
spite ot the fuct that tho boys over
thero are making a wonderful rec-
ord that they still need and appreci-
ate these llltlo gifts froiy. home.
Don't let us get so enamored with
tho wonderful things they aro doing
over there that we forget to "carry
on" over there. Smoke up for the
To All Red Cross Workers:
I am surprised upon .my return
home to find how many chapters
have been Worried over an article
which .appeared in tho Literary .Di-
gest last w'eck entitled "Why. not (o
Knit." and I am more than sur
prised I am amazed; that many -of
them have been Influenced by that
article to disregard Red cross in
This Is an excellent opportunity
tor chapters to have all' their' workers
understand that orders come only
from Red Cross headquarters and
that no' newspaper or iriagazlne pub-
licity or nny articles written by in-
dividuals or statements made by In-
dividuals whether In army servlco
or in government service or "scien-
tific experts" shall In any way
change rho action of a Red Cross
chapter. Remember WE ARE ALL
SOLDIERS In tho great big army
that Is holding the second line ot
defense here' at home four thousand
mlleH behind tho front lines. We
are under the same obligation to
obey the order of our leaders as aro
tho boys wo havo hciU to Franco to
hold the first line bf defense. There-
fore follow your Instructions from
headquarters until those Instructions
are changed. If anything arises
which causes you to think there
should be a change write lo head-
quarters and And out but DO NOT
STOP WORK and do. not change
your operations.
Manager Southwestern Division.
Mrs. M. C Greeu and Scotty left
last week for Carrollton Mo. on a
visit to Mrs. Qreen's parents.
Oily Oneal of Ivanhoe was a
county seat vli.itor last week.
insurance - Real Estate
Bavr Oklahoma
Various parts of the county have
been visited by local showers the past
week. Beaver got a good shewer
early Tuesday morning which re-
freshed everything and cooled oC
tho atmosphere for a time'.
Of Beaver tor Democratic slafcs i
committeeman. He is a life-low
j-ueuiucnti nquwa poiiuci irom A a .
1 ami kn n& Knitnt. tn u. tk ..
.. . "w ... qv w .vv tmt
Beaver .'county has. Us righU
tor. at all Ae state meetings. Dt"t
..v..w..w .a m .liviia amjpjFWl frvft .
crAt.that is i unquestionable.
. rc
Moonshlne Red Cross Auxiliary
will give an ice cream social and a -patrlotlc
program at Moonshine
schoohouse. Friday nlght;"August 2d.
for the benefit ot the Red Cross. The
District Council ot Defense will
meet at tho same time. All' are '.-
urged to attend. y'
R. OI Dunlop hardware dealer.
Caleyvllle wa.3 a county scat visiter
Monday i " -
Those present at the workroom.
Tuesday July 23d. and Friday July
2Cth were:
July 23d: Mrs. V. W. Hayde.
Mrs; Nona Ford Mrs. S. V. Barr.
Ima Ford M Lizzie Couch Mrs.
J. O. Wlgton. Mrs. Ida Smith. Mrs.
Fred Shopard. Mrs. Grant Couch-
Mrs. Ella Wallace. Mrs. H. Hordes.
Mrs. J. C. Bobbltt Gulta Wright.
Mrs. Agnes' Ratzlaffv Mrs. Oeorge
July 2Cth: Mrs. Gertie Kennedy.
Mrs.- Nona Ford Ima Ford' Mn.
S. W. Dildlne Mrs. H. Borden' Mrs.
Charles E.'Hart Mrs. E. W. CI ret.
Miss Loin Langley Earnestls'
Skinner Laura Skinner. Visitor.
Mrs E. B. Holland.
The following ladles wero preiumC
Thurml.ty at tho tied JCruna newinr
rooms: McHdamcxJ M. Turner A. A.IIsut-
Icell Fred rialn. Barah Illosser Jan.
Klnn.Jt. M IlUlay C. A. HloxBer. B. T.
ItavlM .Ino. Hlbbn. B. W. iratchell and
K. A. KllU.
Friday .luly. 25th Mesdamea. B-raJ-IllutHor.
Jhk. Vltui Mr; Turner J no.
Illlil. 3. L!. T DavlB. Krcd Plain und C.
A. lllOKHtr
Garments finlnhed: pajama milt If.
sweater 3 aockit 10 pairs.
Hawing machines furnlHlied by Mrn.
A. A. UaHkell Mrs. Earl T. Davis -aft
Mrs. Harah monger.-
Soldiers' Tobacco Find
A. W. Brock Elmwood I .
Mrs. Jennie Booth. Logan .
Mrs. C. M. Qumra Logan .2E.
A. u. MacArmur Heaver.
A. N. Hogsett Beavor !.
Previously reported .97.76;
Total f!0W
n i
mm a
II $'
If O
: I ' -?J
& f . .iV'i

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