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Fancy Groceries and Meats
Fresh Fish and Oysters
Vegetables Fruit Celery
Orders Dclltered Promptly
Bring in your Butter and Eggs
Cash for Hides and Furs
Will Buy Your Fat Stock
Heaver Okla.
MtreJt lit A I . tl.
Hoo. Itoard of County CotsmtMion-
rti mr.t 1.1 regular sfisioA all mtrnbrt
f resent T V detain chairman.
Kisrd adjorfHi Vn meet at t Vftoek
a m . Mara 3d ll
Tuesday Ma rii 2d. Itoard m!l
portoant (o adjournment all meeibsn
'la motion the olsim of J A. Ward
nveh was aliened to the amount of
$ ' be reconsidered for the reason
t' 9 claimant fi entitled to only ISO per
cent of claim. Motion carried
The claim of M.O TChomsji for27flft
f-jr job work laid ortrfrom last session
Was taken up and at motion the'clalm
was allowed to thu amount of I9 7.
M:lon carried.
The petition fr closing a road be-
tween unction line twenty-three und
f "irtcaii. UmnshrjtOne ranjje 26 E 0.
M . and In H-u thereof one mll of
rood vlfflily rod a north
f x a I d lrif beginning at a
I int on Jj'jit a iitlon fourteen and
e Kb'y rwJv iiortU of tin n corner ol
sertion . I H. IVJ. running west one
inde latd over f rom latt meeting irus
considered and on motion the petition
wu granted.
Oa motion tli certificate of error of
It. U Dunlo( be rejected Motion
On motion tlii certificate of error of
C K. Grures erroneous assessment on
personal property was found by Hoard
to bo too high and the valuation of
nme be placed one-half tint nstesied
On motion Hip Hoard adjourned to
incut nt 7:00 p. m.
Hoard rant m pursuant lo adjourn-
incnl On motion the billoning reports were
approved s
V O DcUraw Oourt Olerlt.
1' I' l'ryInnor County Treasurer
II V FVIlow County Superintendent
II M Hullnk Cnuntr Clerk
Johniln M Jnnri County Sheriff.
J V l.ulia. V township Trensuror
WO Creed 0 V township Clerk
' J Dictrlek.Nnbalwi township Clerk
C It Dale Nabisco township Treasurer
On motion the following warrant
wore ordered canceled : To Krnnklin
I Iteed nm' Co for payment of Tax
Hale certificates Not. 1(W KM suit) ol
I'tffl Motion carried.
On motion the resignation of C. I'
dates township trustee of Grand Val-
ley be accepted. Motion carried
On motion th reorlof .Johnnie M
Jones be accepted. Mothiu carried
On motion the Hoiiril ndjourned to
meet at 8 ii'itlnek n in. Wednesday.
Mutch 3d IMfi 8n. m. fhmrd met In
pursuant to luljoiiriiment ull mumbers
On motion the following bonds were
npprovul :
Oenrfto Sohneliler trustee Pleasant
V lew township
M I llntliuock trustee Logan town-
ship &$t&E&&S&Zi
YoutlifuJ impressions fire lasting especially
if tliey arc torcibly applied like mother's slipper
used to 1)0.
Tench tlio children that HiivltiK is n Iiity they owe
to UicmnolvcH Old no comes to nil but it's often hard
to multo youth realise it. Kurly formed habits are lusb-
iiiK ones. Tho child taught to realize tho full value of a
dollar is hotter ecj nipped than tho one whoio head U
stulTed with knowledge of a dozen dead liniRuaKos Our
hank will help your children to save. Ojwn an account
for them.
I "NATIONAL" R.ibber Filler i
l''ill your unto i-hsIiikh with NATIONAL IllTBUKR
VllAAZU. SavoM your cuhIukh ellmlilatOH inner tubon
does away with ptini turcH blow oiiIh rim cuts und tho
jiuinp. "Always Keady Tnltes -vwity Worry See
Ilcncr Ol.lnhomn iU ii ii IMUWIUUUUMUWIWK i
wfsssisssEsssssssssssstssissssssassssssisssssissi lllllsillllllllllllla-
J D Morrow Itoad Overseer Pist SV 1
On motion the pHUofi of Al Herf-
dlek whereby the citizens and neigh-
bors sk for the elo'ing of Keetios lio-
one mile between setift 30 and 17.
township 3. range 23. E C M .and in
in Hen thereof open road forty rod
north beginning at a point east en sec-
tion Hoe and ran wt one mile acro
station 17-3-23 ROM was granted.
On motion the following Mils were
allowed on the Snnply fuad :
I C dtidth Urn's Co. typewriter rlb-
8 SO
Go-Operatire Hub. Co. supplies
Court Clerk supplies V5 li
The Xews-Olspateh supplies
County Clerk R
The Nw'S-Dispaleh sMppHei.
County Clerk 8 0?
The Kews-IHspateh supplies
County offlafals 20 13
The Jiews-nispateh. supplies.
County ofilelals 32 08
The News-Dispatch supplies
Court Clerk SO 28
The News-Dlspatoh supplies
County Treasurer... 02 ft!
The Kews-DIpntch supplies '
ShoniT and County Clerk 10 00
Tho News-Dispatch snppllts.
County Clerk 18 00
W II Robertson suppllos. mat-
resses etc. ....... MR 07
On motion the following bills were
allowed on Continent fund:
W W Murray hauling water for lljtht
plant . . $ 3 -'H
H W Tedder pursuing fuutire 18 00
Johnnlo M Johes telephone calls
from Sheriir ofllce . . . 7 63
.fuhnnie M Jones for boarding
prisoners .. ft I 00
Mrs Susie J Jones car hire t.ik-
ina County Sherill and County
Attorney 110 miles 0 in cents 10 00
Hnj Harnvs shoe work rIbss for
Oourt House 27 87
0 K Twvford expense to For;can
Justice trial ... 2 2D
(I M llullck. expense stamps
and telf'Hiii inessaKe 0 8
John A Hpolin expense express
8lnte reports ... 1 25
It M Jaoksnn demonstration do-
nuUi'ii mm
Heater Laundry for jail.... 8 18
O K Bwecpint' Co suceplnK
comtmund o 00
J B Norton closet work . 15 00
II C fellow telephono and tel
exraph .. ... 07
J W Hell priutinKlPKhlpubllca
tlan.eto 72 1ft
II D Trunx 2 oil heaters .... 7 M)
J W Hell lepal publicHtioil and
Job Hork . . 18 00
l'uul W MkIiI Lumber Company
material and coal for Court
House 3.1
J 11 Molirlde labor cpurt iTouse 21 .'
I' P Ko linger trntiiportatlon to
Alva and return In answer to
mnnilamus petition of M. O
Thniiim .. . 11 32
On motion the Hoard adjourned mi
til I o'clock p. in.
Board csxt is pssrsoant to adjotjrn-
tot all aeesstrr present
0t nsotioo 2K- following Mils were
alhrwrsl tm the I'oor anl Iniase ac-
cent: Bnle MeVietr.-iaomiry. Mrs Fehr
4 76
DeaTer Mereantshr Onsnpany
aieralsandlse for Mrs Pehr.... MM
R MeFtradr he rent tor
Mrs. Fer for JaMtary and
February ... . 12 CO
Mrs Stella Hrown. 9 qstarts ftf
silk .... 2 00
II 11 Hamilton auto Ml e. Health
oSWr to TWi saiallpisx oaie 7 80
Gray Mercantile Company tser-
dsansli-. Ellen WkiukeV. . 8 CO
Paul W I-lght LnmherOotnpaoy
ooal for g. Wood son . 8 to
C I. Roger tint Mrn. Gilpin
and I B. iTbite and report
Slats- Board 22(i
B F FooMs m-rhH4ie I. U
White and Mrs llernsan. 27 00
Malhis A oo merebandiV tor
Eli Iylon 20 58
Robert Aodvrton. wnseitfees in
Janes AixUrMM insanity ease 8 h
On motion lb- eltlm No. 9A2 for re-
fand on advance money to Sheriff for
arresting prisoner whre warrant was
outstanding was rejected..
On motion the bill of C F. Twyford
was allowed. phone messace 73 eents
On motion the appointment of F. C
Haworth was tpprovtd as Field Iep-
atv. On motion the eertifieate of error of
U C and C. I Miller was rejected
On motion the eertlfteate of W
Detwiler was allowed property as-
sessed erroneously In Knowle town.
On motion the following certificates
of error were allowed
Jerry A Key. No. 2 $110 72
W II Stafford No. I exemption 1 00 00
JoJin W SasRe No I. 0 SI
Clarence Staples. .. 18 75
M. II church. Heater ... A0 88
James OHne 10 72
C P Fuller valuation 110 DO
Certificate nt It. Horeu for re
bate allowed 10 fi?
On motion the following on Salary
fund were allowed :
II O fellow salary f o r February
County .Superintendent 101. 00
C F Twvford snlary for Febru
ary County Attorney 137 50
I.ynn Moore salarj for Febru
ary County Surveyor 20 00
0 K Drum salaiy for February.
Deputy County Clerk 55 QO
Jessie HioRham salary fur Feb
ruary Deputy Cleik CO 00
P P FrysliiKer nlry for Feb
ruary County Treasurer 120 So
11 O Hrown salary for Febru
ary Deputy County Treasurer 75 00
Stella Hrown salary for Febru
ary Deputy County Treasurer IS OC
Geo Wright salary for Febru
ary County Assessor . 290 Of)
II M Hu'ick salary for Febru-
ary. County Cleik . . 12o He
Frank Sdlioekley salary for
February. Under Sheriff . 76 00
Johnnie Jones salary for
February County Sheriff 137 50
O T Smith salary halance duo
Il'cal joara 10IH-11 n gg
Court Fund.
Johnnie M Jones salary Feb
riMry Jailor 2S 00
John A 9 poll n snlary Febru-
ary County' Judge . 137 oO
W W Murray salary February
Janitor GO (XI
C 0 DeGrniv salary February
Court Clerk 120 HO
I I PImw salary February
Deputy Court Clerk 75 00
On nmllon the following bills were
allowed :
J I Huckmaster visit ftnd examination
Mrs. (). Smith daughter $10 O)
J II Crlswell salary Commis-
sioner February 1015 13 50
W 0 Itutledpe salary Commis-
sioner February 1(115 10 20
T P Mel.nln salary. Commissi-
oner. February 1015 If 30
On motion ClauU T Smith was ap-
pointed by the Hoard of County Com-
missioners to represent Heaver county
Intheaproal by the taxpayers from
tho action of the Hoard of Count)
Commissioners in nwnriliiig the con
tract for County printing to J. W Dell.
Motion carried.
On motion the Hoard ndjourned In
meet the first Monday In April A. 1).
Stale of Oklahoma )
Heaver County. 1
I II M. Ilullflc County Clerk In
and for the County und State afore-
said do hureb) certify that the abutr
and foregoing is a full true and correct
report of the prouctding of the Hoard
of County C'nmmisNionrrsnf said Coun
ty and State had at their Maroh
1(115 session ''ommnnolnft on the First
and ending on the Third day of saiil
In Witness whereof. I have hereunto
set my hand hikI nlllxed invollK'iiil sell
tills third day or March A I). 11)15.
County Clerk
Whenever You Need n flcnernl Tonic
Tnko Univu's
Tho Old Standard Crovo'a Tasteless
chill Tonic la equally valuable as a
ve known ionic proper. ieaofOUI INK
T fWvk' .'"i "r " mi oi"
Uuildu up the Whole byitMU. 50 CCUtS
W. C T. U. NOTES. 1
l Br Mslimi S. Pstws.l
Nit a week hot the dnxologv i ia
order lesbo our appreciation of leg
islation both in ftite and Xatton lo
wa ami Idaho will after Janoary 1st
bare statutory prohibition Mioa'iota
will (hit novnty option and after July
1st lain. Utah will bare tate-rd
Twelt poolie school girl I of Wash
iogten D O presented Secretary of
SMI Bryan with a two and one-half
mil protest from 350.000 children of
the United Sum. fron forty-lire
stales aKainit the war and with a plea
to crowned heads to submit to The
Hecne their trouble The prote-t
came in mils of several thousand
names each and were piaeed on the
desk where pence trcatios hive been
signed then taken to the reception
room and piled high on the tabis and
will become a part of tho odielal
achieves of the stat department Are
Oklahoma ehihlreu's names there?
Washington ladies headed by Mi
Wilson are selling btWueU from While
House Mowers and donations from liar
Mis to the theatre going people this
week to raile money to purchase neces-
sities for the poor of the dis.rict
Secretary Bryan gave a plea for total
abstinence in one of the churches on
Sunday February 2;h and 4'K) young
men took the pledge. "Many men
said they were only moderate drinkers
and that it could do them no harm"
Bryan said "I never saw a drunkard
yet that didn't come from a moderate
drinker." Strong drink does no good
ami causes a needless waste of money
that cuilld be put to good uses and il
sets a bad example before the growing
(To be continued in n-tt issue )
C'jrct Uld Sent Otter Rerae&ts Vcn't Curs.
Tiie wor4 ma tier nf how JonzfttantitaK.
are cured by the wotidttlul. old rtHsMe Dr.
Potter Anther-tic Ileallaz Oil. It relieve
fata and HeaU at the same time. 2KS)c.ll
Joseph IHggerson Sedalla Mo
Mrs. J. C. Hales Heaver
T. .1. Judy. Hurden Kas.
K. It. CoHey Austin Colo. "
J. K. Terhune Haiku
J K Wilson Cushina
l.arry McCabe Beaver
S. A Maurlquand Iliverride by J..P.
D. Mauriquand Homestead
Nan Hi'iiscaiuens
T 0. Drum Logan by Clifford Drum
J. (I. Hall Knglewood Kris
H. W Tedder Gray
Selenco concedes the world's expe-
rience proves that the greatest enemy
to heallih elliulency and clean living it
The first step in the training of eery
athlete Is to stop his liquor if he Is a
Within tho vear the lisp of liquor
has been jirohibited for all time in the
American navy.
Our army soloon the canteen na
abolished fifteen years ago
Ten years ago we began to achieve
prohibition in the Industrie.
In August when war was declared
In Kuropo a war to be drchled by the
survhal of the fittest lighting force
the sale of intoxicants to the troops
was forbidden ny the warring powers
In (lie light of Its own experience
the pronouncements biologists of neu
rologists of criminologists of all path
ological science n duty calls Oklaho-
ma Kansas ami other prohibition
states of the West the duty of lgor
ously championing and vigorously ad
vanoing the cause of national prohibi-
tion In the United States.
Kansas cffer-i tho strongest the most
convincing proof of tho widespread and
far-reaching bonelltB of a saloouleis
state. Its per capita reduction of ex-
penditures for liquor now aggregates
32 million dollars a year Compnr
Kansas' annual expenditure of $1.25
per capita for bquur with $21 tho per
capita average for tlio saloon sUtra.
What other state can show IS coun-
ties that did not send a single criminal
to the penitentiary last year or fi"
counties that did hot send a patient to
the Insane uyluin or 53 counties with
outn prisoner in their jails or 83 coun-
ties without a pauper?
Kansas has the lowest death rote in
the world the lowest percentage of Hi
literacy in the United States largely as
the result of Its thirty jears of prohi-
bition Why not mnku Oklahoma's
record equal that of Kansas?
We have had nation-wide prohibition
in all tho great American industries
for nearlj ten years. National prohi
bitioii Itself should no lunger be dduj-
ed It will not be long In coining if
the Ivuh.h ant OkUnoui people
jjlvo tlii movement tlmlraotlvn leader-
ihiu their vigorous championship and
let the world know the blessings that
have uotne to (hem through prohibi-
tion. The duty Is theirs Arthur Cap
pur in Oklahoma Farm Journal
How To aivoQuTiiIno To Children.
PKIUUMNK I the Irs.lmsik name Rlrrn to an
(inpruvedUulniue ItlealattelcasHriup.rlea.
ant to take au.lttora not ilUluib the stomach.
Children lake It siul never know It Is Quinine.
Also especially adapted lo adults who cannot
InueoidinstrOuliilne Doea not nauaente nor
fus nervouineaa uorrliiiina in the lipid Try
7''zrcit&Vr a
nains I'KURJUMt is Llowalu bottle W ceuU.
State Mutual Insurance Company
J. 0. JUDD Agent
Beaver - Oklahoma
Candy Fruits Nuts
Cigars and Tobacco
Opposite HERALD Offlco
A Union Revival meeting will fie
held in the Court House at Heaver
Oklahoma lieglnning Sunday evening
Mitch 21. lftir. William M. Hunyau"
a noted evangelist of Hatdwin Kansas
will conduct the meeting. The (JoMpel
Team of this city have arranged for the
meeting and they atk for the prayers
and help of all good people of Heaver
and surrounding oountrv.
So that we may be fully organized
and ready for active service when the
evangelist arrive ! following named
committees nave been aopoluted:
Executlce Committee J o h n A
rfpohn chairman G. H. Wright. I.
Moore W. F. Carson and Prof- II. O
Publicity Commltlee-J. W Wobh
chairman O.F Pruett Frank Laugh-
rin and John Caylor
Finance Committee W. T. Qulnn
chairman. Dr. J A. Miller I W. Moore
and Dr I I. Long.
Muet Committee II M. Bullok
chairman all in town who sing are ex-
pected to help him.
Prayer Committee II. C. Fellow
chairman J. R. Quinn Mrs. Nora
Qulnn. P P. Frysinger Mrs. P. I.
I homas MIs Edna Tweedie Mr. Fox
Mrs. John Caylor Mrs. II. O Fellow
H.I) Mee.e. Mrs W F Carson Mr
Frank Laughrln Mrs Dr Long Mrs
J. K.Snnim Mrs. Johnnie Jones and
Mrs.T. L Floyd.
Kntertalnment Committee Dr I.
L Long chairman H. O. Taylor Mrs.
Ada Quinn Mrs H P "Russell J D
Niles and J. A. .Miller.
'J-2C a-1 2t
Wichita Falls
Winter" Tourist rates to points in
Texas Florida Louisiana Georgia
and New Mexico.
Corpus Christ Texas $33.25
Galveston Texas $29. 20
Low Rates to Other Points
Retuan Limit May 1st 1915
For detailed information writo
Forgan Olda. Wichita Falls Texas.
Bxjilding Material
Good Old Colorado Coal
You can find just what you
want it our yard and our prices
are right too. Come in and
see us
Yours for Business
E. D. HUMPHREY Local MnnuRcr
RUSH Prop.
Deavor Oltln
Here's a Guaranteed Way
o Getting Well.
Manvn fino look-
.-fhjR woman already
'castB a hag's
shadow becnueo
BhoteEick end neg-
lects herself.
ToKicn ara
learning. Already
thouoands aul
thousands hnvo
found tho way to
relief and restored
trood looks and
healthful condition.
For two fjencration3 Dr. Thachcr ha3
licon h JpSnjr tho women of tho South to
their hcritago of health and beauty.
Ili3 remarkable remedy SieUa-vitae
a purely vcgclablo and perfectly harm-
less compound is tho perfected work of
olifotimoandi3 tho gift of a great
phynician lo his people.
blclla-VitacU a woman's tonic It
corrects k regularities and relieves con-
tUJons peculiar to women. It builds
them up. It improves appetite
aids digestion creates rich red blood
quiets nerves and cleara up tho com-
plexion. Don't bo blue nervous sick or run
down don't get ugly. Get a lotUo of
Stella-Vttae from your dealer. Ho
knows about it and ho will givo your
money back if you'll try a bottlo and
find it doesn't benefit you.
Do you want to get well and btay
well to eat well sleep soundly to havo
a good appetite clear skin and strong
body? Tiien begin today with a bottlo
of SleUa Xltae the guaranteed to bene-'
fit remedy. You'd bo amazed at tho im-
provement you will feel. Your dealt:
sells it in ?1 bottle. Thachcr Medicine
Cn.. nt. Omttacooua Teun.

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