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Look Mother! If tongue is
coated give "California
Syrup of jmqs."
Children love this "fruit laxative"
and nothing elso cleanses tho teuder
Btomach liver and bowels so nicely.
A child simply will not Btop playing
to ompty tho bowels and tho result Is
they become .tightly clogged with
waste liver gets sluggish stomach
sours then your llttlo ono becomes
croBs half-slcic feverish don't cat.
sleep or net naturally breath Is bad
system full of cold has bo re throat
stomach-ache or diarrhoea. I.lsteu
Mother! See If tongue is coated then
give a tcaspoonful of "California
Syrup of Pigs" nnd In a few hours all
tho constipated waste Bour bile and
undigested food passes out of the sys-
tem and you have a well child again.
Millions of mothers gtvo "California
Syrup of Figs" becnuso It Is perfectly
harmless; children love It and It nev-
er falls to act on tho stomach liver
and bowels.
Ask at tho storo for a CO-cent bottlo
of "California Syrup of Figs" which
has full directions for babies children
of all ages and for grown-ups plainly
printed on tho bottle. Adv. .
Attitude of the Believer.
I feel that goodness and truth and
righteousness aro realities eternal
realities and that they cannot bo ab-
stractions or vapors floating in a spir-
itual atmosphere but that they ncccs
sadly Imply a living personal will a
good loving righteous God in whose
hands wo are perfectly safe and who
Is guiding us by unfailing wisdom.
Thomas Ershlne.
Keep Your Locks Youthful Dark
Glossy and Thick With Garden
Sage and Sulphur.
When you darken your hair with
Sage Tea and Sulphur no ono can
tell because It's dono so naturally so
evenly. Proparlng this mixture
though at homo Is mussy and trouble-
eomo. For 50' cents you can buy at
any drug store tho ready-to-use tonla
called "Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur
Hair nemedy." You Just dampen a
Bpongo or Eoft brush with It and
draw this through your hair taking
one small strand at a time. I)y morn-
ing all gray hair disappears and after
another application or two your hair
becomes beautifully darkened glossy
and luxuriant. You will also dis-
cover dandruff Is gone ahd hair has
stopped falling.
Gray faded hair though no dis-
grace is a sign of old age and as we
all desire a youthful and attractive ap-
pearance get busy at once with Wy-
eth's Sage and Sulphur and look years
younger. Adr.
Prosperous Appearance.
"Somo men live for their stomachs."
"That's true but tho man with nn
unusually largo abdomen has a pros-
perous look withal and If he can drape
a heavy watch chain across It the Illu-
sion Is complete."
Eat Less Meat If Kidneys Hurt or You
Have Backache or Bladder Misery
Meat Forms Uric Acid.
No man or woman who eats meat
regularly can make a mistake by flush-
ing tho kidneys occasionally says a
well-known authority. Meat forms
uric acid which clogs tho kidney pores
bo theyslugglahly Alter or strain only
part of the wasto and poisons from
tho blood then you get sick. Nenrly
all rheumatism headaches liver trou-
ble nervousness constipation dizzi-
ness sleeplessness bladder disorders
como from sluggish kidneys.
Tho moment you feel a dull ache In
tho kidncyB or your back hurts or If
the urlco Is cloudy offensive full of
sediment. Irregular of passage or 'at-
tended by a sensation of scalding "get
about four ounces of Jad Salts from
any rollable pharmacy and take a
tablcspoonful In a glass of water be-
fore breakfast for a few days and your
kidneys will then act fine. This fa-
mous salts Is made fromtho acid of
grapes and lemon Juice combined with
llthla and Iiub been used for genera-
tions to flush clogged kidneys and
Btlmulato them to activity also to neu-
tralize tho acids In urina so It no
lenger causes Irritation thus ending
bladder disorders.
Jad Salts is inexpensive and cannot
Injure; makes a delightful efferves-
cent llthla-water drink which all reg-
ular meat eaters should tako now and
then to keep tho kidneys clean and
tho blood pure thereby avoiding se-
rious kidney complications. Adr
A Tip.
"How can I keep my hair from fall
lng out?"
"Don't do anything that annoys It."
Important to Mothers
Examlno carefully every bottle ol
CASTOIUA rt safo and sure remedy for
infants and children and see that It
Bears tho
In Use For Over 30 Years
Children Cry for Fletcher's Caatoria
Wise Is tho chap 'who uses hit
stumbling blocks as stepping stones to
(Conducted by the National Womsn'i
0 Christian Temperance Union.)
Tho American Grocer enumerates
soma of the benefits which might ac-
cruo to tho citizens of this country If
tho annual drink bill $1724007519
were turned Into lcgltlmato channels
"It would pay Interest and sinking
fund on the amount neces.'ory to buy
comfortablo homes for nearly nlno
million families.
"It would buy a BUlt of clothes for
every man nnd boy nnd a dress for
every woman and girl In the United
states with enough left over to buy
a pair of shoes for everybody.
"If tho money spent for drink wero
spent for homes tenancy would disap
pear in tho United States within ono
"If It were spent for education every
child In tho country would recelvo a
collcgo education.
"If It wero spent for automobiles
every family In tho country would
own n car boforo 1924.
"If It were spent for religion It
would within less than a decade carry
the Gospel to every living creature.
"If It wero spent for railroads. It
would buy every mllo of railroad In
tho United States In ten years
"If it wero spent for government It
would pay all tho expenses of tho
United States with enough left over
to pay tho bonded debt of all the
states of tho Union."
Experlenco has shown that tho clos-
ing up of tho saloons nnd the outlaw-
ing of the liquor traffic has always
proved a great benefit to every legi-
timate Industry. A chapter In tho
history of Ireland furnishes a graphic
Illustration. During tho years 1809-10
and 1813-14 tho distilleries of Ireland
were stopped on 'account of the fam-
ino on the ground that these distil
leries wasted tho grain that might
otherwise be used by tho people as
food. Tho results were surprising.
Tho consumption of spirits fell off
nearly one-half. On the other hand
there was n tremendous Increase In
the demand for dry goods blankets
cotton goods sugar hardware crock-
ery grocorles and other necessities
thus showing that a year of scarcity
with prohibition Is better than a year
of plenty without It.
Tho medlcnl directors of three great
life Insurance companies estimated
that from 7 to 43 per cent of accU
dents aro duo directly' or Indirectly
to alcohol Seven per cont of the rail-
road accidents 8 per cent of the street
car accidents 10 per cent of those
caused by automobiles 8 per cent of
thoso due to vehicles nnd horses 43
per cent of heat prostration and sun-
stroke 7 per cent of the machinery
accidents 8 per nent of tho accidents
In mines and quarries 13 per cent of
tho drowning nnd 10 per cont of tho
gunshot wounds are brought about
cntlroly or partially by alcohol.
A certain St. Louis brewer has a
number of outos ono of which Is set
npart for the exclusive use of his wlfo.
Mrs. Brewer being a reading nnd nn
observing woman knows something of
tho nature and effects of tho stuff her
husband manufactures and will not
employ a chauffeur who drinks that
or cny other kind of alcoholic liquor.
"Safety first" Is her policy that Is
personal safety. Wo venture to say
that neither husband nor wlfo feel
happy when they permit themsclvos to
think of tho destruction which follows
In tho wake of the browing business.
Liquor Man Where will you get the
money to run tho government If you
cut out the sale of liquor?
Temperance Man The best answer
I know of Is tho notion of the four
great nations which at a time when
every cont that can ho got Is urgently
needed for tho conduct of tho war
finds It more profitable to reduce this
revenue than to run tho risks Inciden-
tal upon tho general use of alcoholic
drinks among tho soldiers nnd as In
nussla tho general public.
What can tho Catholic church dp If
she Is loyal to her professed princi-
ples but ratso her hand in opposition
to tho American saloon and put her-
self clearly on record as Us unswerv-
ing antagonist? Tho Catholic church
renounces her own life and principles
when she ceases to combat with ah
her might Intemperance in its causes
and alliances. The American saloon
Is her mortal foe; between tho church
and tho saloon there can bo no truce.
Archbishop Ireland.
A Trifle 8tlff.
"Mrs. Grlmpus Is seen frequently
here of lato rolling about In her auto-
mobile." "So I have observed. The first time
that machine rolls over a brick It's go-
ing to break her neck." Traits.
"What a long and enlightening lec-
ture your daughter gave at the grad-
uation exercises."
"Yes" replied Mr. Meekton. "It's
the first time I ever realized how much
that girl takes after her mother."
against general weak-
ness can only be estab-
lished and maintained
by keeping the diges-
tion good and liver
and bowels active.
will help wonderfully in
restoring the "inner
man" to a strong and
normal condition.
Wichita Directory
GoodSced! BigCrops!
Be sure and buy the old reliable
Acorn Brand Seeds. Seed Book Free.
Dontlaa WICHITA. KANS. EatabtiiaW 1BB4.
Will Trade Wichita Residence
Klertrlo and cu l.ctiu. hot wtK-r hratlnc uilfm
X nMims large banii IncatM 1127 N. Tiia At.
Hanllr wurtl.VO.ttw. Will trad on bail t .
f(ii". woll Lmb(m1 K a Dunn fur mi brrfrralfilfa land.
atrd KftDkan fftrrajprefer alfalfa land.
If yon ar cumin ti Wichita to I1t hfrn'e youi
chanc torel ifckpleDUIdtouieoa a trad e.lMMse writ
J.W. Peck 031 N. Emporia Wichita Kansas
Full line Accessories. Odd Radiators.
Wind Shields Axles etc. THE JONES
AUTO EXCHANGE 114 116 118
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Com. oats wheat cotton meal
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feed tons or carlct. tell us.
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1 1 P-TOtr dealer or sent
dv parcel post
where we have
no dealer. Finest bread made.
Salv for Croup
urns Bpriilhs
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ache Hay Fern Catarrh Kore Throat. Wore
Eye luntct lllton Jpoiton Vtns Teuder
Feet Ferer UIIhKts Sharing. At Drug
Stores or tent postpaid 25 cent.
Castings of any size or any metal Auto
welding and repairing. Work guaranteed.
James C. Smith Hide Company
904 Eatt Douglas Ave. Wichita Kans.
Orrjwn especially for the Southwtit. Poultry aup-
pllea. Wilt it or call for catalogue and prices.
At all points
Sick People
jLOPEZWill cure you of
Ktieumatism catarrti Jicze-
ma Scrofula Wood Poison In all its
forms Kidney Stomach and Liver
troubles. Write today for f reo book-
let on all Blood and Skin diseases
'VTIchltB.Knnsa. or HotNiirlnir. Ark.
813 K. Iwxlu an 1?.
BH. w. ton n
HI Collection.
Wlfo John tho bill collector's at
tho door.
Hubby Tell him to tako that pile
on my desk. l'enn State Froth.
Always me Red Crons Hall Illue. Delights
tho Uundiess. At all good grocers. Adv.
Great; thoughts seldom come In very
big packages.
And many a chap talks llko a wise
man and acts like a fool.
If Yours la fluttering sr
Ok kf" IP W tfw
GIrlsl Try Thlsl Makes Hair Thick
Glossy Fluffy Beautlful-r-No
Moro Itching Scalp.
Within ten minutes after nn appli-
cation of Danderlne you cannot find a
slnglo traco of dandruff or falling hair
nnd your scalp will not itch but what
will plcaso you most will bo after a
fow weeks' use when you bco now
hair flno nnd downy at first yes but
really now hair growing all over tho
I A llttlo Dandcrlno Immediately dou-
bles tho beauty of your hair. No dlf-
' fereuco how dull faded brittle and
scraggy just moisten n cloth with
J Danderlne nnd carefully draw It
I through your hair taking ono small
' strand at a tlmo. Tho effect Is amai-
lng your hair will bo light fluffy and
wavy and havo nn appearance of
abundance; nn Incomparable luster
softness nnd luxurlanco.
Get a 25 cent bottlo of Knowlton's
Dandcrlno from nhy storo and provo
that your hair Is as pretty and soft
as any that It has been neglected or
Injured by careless treatment that's
all you surely can havo beautiful hair
and lots of It If you will Just try a lit-
tle Dandcrlno. Adv.
But Mr. Jones Was Not Quite the
Model Citizen the Statement
Seemed to Make Out.
Referring to tho promptness of somo
people In settling their accounts Sena-
tor William Alden Smith of Michigan
recalled a llttlo Incident nbout a party
named Jones.
A fow dnys beforo Christmas Mr.
Jones was talking with his neighbor
Drown when the subject of Inter
changing presents entered Into tho
"Do you mean to say" declared
Drown In response to a stntoment
mado by Jones "that nil of your
Christmas presents are paid for?"
"Why. yes" was tho easy rejoinder
of Jones "I settled for tho laBt of
them yesterday."
"You aro nothing short of n won-
der!" enviously returned Drown. "I
haven't oven begun to buy mine yet."
"Neither havo I" nnswered Jones
with a look of enlightenment. "I wns
referring to last Christmas." Pitts-
burgh Chronicle-Telegraph.
Crowning Achievement.
"Was tho Inventor of tho destroyer
"They knighted him."
"And tho Inventor of tho destroyer-
destroyer?" "Ho was created a baron."
"Ilut tho destroyer-destroyer-destroyer's
Inventor what was dono for
"Ho wns made nn cnrl."
"Ono moro question If you please
what reward If any fell to tho author
of tho book which proves that war Is
a biological necessity?"
"Ho wns created a duke."
"A duke!"
"Yes. Wo aro a cultivated nation
and but for his grace's work wo should
nover havo luid tho face to make use
of the Inventions of tho others."
Not Guilty.
May was taken down South to visit
her relations. For tho II rut tlmo In
her young life she wns thrown In con-
tact with llttlo darkles. Her admira-
tion and awe was great. Meeting a
little negro boy one day sho screwed
up courago to ask him his namo.
"I Is dun called David" said the
"Oh!" exclaimed Mny her face
lighting up with surprise nnd pleas-
ure "are you the David that killed
Tho llttlo black boy gave n fright-
ened glance around nnd beginning to
whlmpor ho shrieked: "Naw I nln't
nebhor tcched him"
Not an Original Remark.
"Ah my dearest Angelina!" ex-
claimed Ferdle. as ho slowly settled
to his knees at the feet of his ndored
ono after having Imprinted a kiss
upon her rubj lips "a kUa from you
Is Indeed n tnsto of henven on earth."
Placing her gentle hand upon his
contracted brow she remnrked In a
low soulful tone of volco: "llahl Can't
you say something original? Forty
different young men havo got off that
Fame Btoreotyped remark."
Quite Probable.
Teacher Tho passive verb Johnny
expresses tho nature of receiving an.
action. For Instance "Johnny Is
spanked." Now tell mo what does
Johnny do?
Student (with Imagination) John-
ny hollers.
His Status.
"Young Swift thinks ho's a legal
"Well ho Is a legal light weight."
It Is easy for a shiftless man to tell
what wonderful things ho would do
If ho only bad a million plunks.
Tho hoart of a pretty girl may be as
chilly as a dog's noso.
weak us REfiOVINE." Mad by
Although Canada's real start In na-
tional development as pointed out by
tho llulfnlo Commercial camo slow-
ly and late as compared with that of
tho United States It Is now well un-
der way nnd very booh thoro will bo
n marvelous expansion In agriculture
mining nnd manufacturing.
Tho paper nbovo mentioned snyB
that "heretofore tho development of
Canada llko that of tho United States
has been westward but unltku this
country tho Dominion has a great
territory to tho North which has been
regarded as all but uninhabitable but
In which recent research has proven
thoro aro possibilities of develop-
ment almost Inconceivable.'1 After
making complimentary refcrenco to
tho resources of tho country tributary
to tho Hudson liny which will bo
opened up when tho railroad now un-
der construction Is completed tho
Commercial further Bays "thoro nro
thoso living today who will see our
neighbor on tho north n great nnd
powerful nntlon nnd n not Insignifi-
cant Industrial nnd commercial rival
of tho United States. Tho war may
retard but It cannot destroy Canada's
future And In this expansion no ono
will moro hcnrtlly rejoice than tho
people of tho United States because
tho prosperity of tho Dominion Is
hound to Increase our own."
Herein Is tho spirit that dominates
tho Dominion Government when It
extends an invitation to Americans to
nsstst In developing tho resources that
Canada possesses whether they bo
mineral forest Industrial commercial
or ngrlculturo. Hoth countries will
benellt and tho United States will bo
a gainer by having as a neighbor a
country whoso resources nro as great
and varied as nro thoso of Canada.
In comparing tho United States
along with other nations of tho world
In producing nnd Importing food-
stuffs tho Agricultural Outlook pub-
lished by the United States depart-
ment of ngrlculturo says:
Tho United States In recent years
has been as largo an Importer of food-
stuffs as exporter; thcrcforo sho can
not bo classed ns a surplus producer i
of foodstuffs. This Is contrary to pop-
ular Impression It Is truo that she
Is nn exporter of certain articles but
sho Is an equally large Importer of
other articles. In this classltlcntlon
tea and cofloo aro Included with food-
stutfs. In cdlblo grains tho produc-
tion is 23 per cent moro than tho
amount retained; tho production of
meats Is six p'r cent' moro Hint
Is exports of meat equal six per cent
of that retained in tho United States
for consumption; tho production of
dairy products Is 20 per cent moro
than consumed; tho production of
poultry Is just about equal to con-
sumption; of vegetables ono per cent
An Investigation Into tho produc
tion Imports nnd exports of food prod-
ucts of various countries Indicates
that England produces about G3 per
cent of her food requirements nnd
imports (net) about 47 per cent; Del-
glum produces G7 per cent and Im-
ports 43 per cont; Germany produces
88 per cent and Imports 12 per cont;
Franco produces 92 per cent and Im-
ports eight per cent; Austria-Hungary
produces 98 per cent nnd Imports two
per cent; Ilussla produces 110 per
cent of her requirements and exports
nn equivalent of about 10 per cent;
Canada produces 23 per cent moro
than she consumes; Argentina pro-
duces 48 per cent more than Bho con-
sumes; tho United States produces
practically no moro than sho con-
sumes (I. o. exports nnd Imports of
foodstuffs almost balance).
With this Information beforo tho
reader It Is not n illfflcult matter to
direct attention to the fact that Can-
ada stands In a pre-eminent position
In tho matter of grain und cattlp pro-
duction nnd with a largo territory
yut unoccupied she "will always main-
tain It. Advertisement.
Prudent Woman.
"I thought you said wo wero going
to Bhnre everything equally after wo
got married" said tho husband of n
rich woman.
"That was merely your own sugges-
Hon" she answered calmly. "I have
derided to retain tho balance ot power
Until I find out what division you aro
going to make of Iovr and affection."
A Limited Journey.
Ed Ho seems to be wandering in
his mfnd.
Fred Well ho can't stray faV
Jloit particular women uc Ited Cross
Hall lllue. Amcricun made. Sure to please.
At ull good grocers. Adv.
You never can toll. Many n man
who writes pretty punk lovo letters
makes a mighty good husband.
Van VleeMtlantfUljL
Quickly Yielded To Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable
n thousand time lor we wonaenui
good Lydia E. fluK-
iham's VoRotabl
Compound boa dona
for mo. I Buffered
very much from a
ifcmalo trouble x
bod bearing down
pains was Irregular
and nt times could
hardly walk across
tho room x waa'
unnblo to do my(
housework or attend to my bnby I war
80 weak. Lydia E. Pinkham's Veeetablo
Compound did mo ft world of good and
now I nm strong nnd healthy can do my
work nnd tend my baby. I advise all
suffering women to tako It and get
well ns I did. "-Mrs. Fannic Cooper
R.F.D. Bridcoton N.J.
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com-
pound mado from native roots and
herbs contains no narcotic or harmful
drugs and to-day holds tho record of
being tho most successful remedy foe
femnlo ills wo know of and thousands
of voluntary testimonials on file in tha
Plnkham laboratory at Lynn Mass.
seem to provo this tact.
For thirty years it has been tho stand-
ard remedy for female Ills and has re-
stored tho health of thousands of women
who havo been troubled with such ail-
ments as displacements inflammation
ulceration tumors irregularities etc
If you want apodal advlco
write to Lydia 13. Flnklirtm Med-
icine Co. (confidential) Lynn
Mass. Your letter will bo opened
rend nnd answered by a woman
and bold lu strict confidence.
Vanishes Forever
Prompt Relief Permanent Curt?
fall. Purely veKcta'
bio act surely
out gently on
uic liver.
Stop after
dinner distress-cure
improve the complexion brighten the eyes.
Genuine must bear Signature
X tollrl prcparttlua of mrrll.
Jl.lp. UnhJiiAtilndrnlC
Fa n .tn.Jn (?nljMR(l
wi. ana iwn wuwii
Probably Not
"This scientific article says that
chocolate Is great tor relieving fa
tlgue" commented Mr. Wohmant.
"It ought to be line for the Boldlers
In Europe." suggested his wife "but I
supposo tho poor follows can't always
mobilize where there U a Boda foun-
tain." For the treatment of colds wire throat
etc. Dean's McnthohU-d Cough Drops givs
sure relief -5c at all koo1 Druggists.
Somo men are healthy because no
self-respecting germ would go near
For a
Balsam of Myrrh
For Galls Viro
Cuts Lameness
Strains Bunches
Thrush Old Sores
Nail Wounds Foot Rot
Fistula Bleeding Etc Etc
Made Since 1846. Ml
Prico 25c 50o and $1.03
WANTFn wnrrrrotn owner of ol frm
W lli I lu for sale Heu.l drwrfpilon una
nrice.S.rth.ur. IuImm lfMfU.ft.ll.lMal.l2UM.
CS Xfb C1"l P"")rPr limn telling nw
fJ J -JMJ article jkutnu uet rtcb; Wir-
UcnUrs free. Klckoli A Co Box us. li.llj.. itx.
W. N. U. WICHITA NO. 7-1915.
iphl. Twin. Prtc Sl.00
mm mi
Ml -st M
! aLwS-CNtff
.ssssVll AQTFRS
WlR pills.
r 01

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