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I I "IT ill
ma Beaver Herald
HAUBE 0. THOMAS - - Pubiithor.
EnnxJatthepoitoaiit Itaater Oklahoma
lecfind elan mull mattor.
Advertising rates made known upon
application. Prlcr-a rcnsonablr.
Subscription Price $1.00 n Year
Official Directory
T)it. Judge
Oo. Treasurer
On Clerk and
Co. Judge
Oo. Stlpt.
Court Clerk
Oo. Atty.
Com. lit nut.
Com. 2d Dint.
Com sa nut.
W. 0. Crow
P. P. Fryslnger.
ex-ofllcio Renlntnr nt
II. M. Hullek
John A. Spohn
H. O. Fellow.
J M Jones.
O. C. DeQraw.
0. F. Twyforel
Lynn Monro
Geo. II. Wright
J. Il.Oriswcll Gate.
V. 0. ItutMpe
Tho. Mel.alu Gray.
Railroad Time Tabic.
1) passenger arrires
21 local nrrlvea...
4 passenger leaven.
22. local leaven
0:10 p. m
3-15 p. m
0:15 a. in
Connections at Woodward
(Suing East Going West
1 10 a. m lli25p. in.
I. 18 p in. 4:10n. in.
Connections nt Elk City
Going Eist Going West
3 20i. m. 12: 20 p. m.
3:01 p.m. lU-lOn. m.
Spring's a-comlu Mister.
She's n-buttin up the lea;
Bkeetln's gltten skacor
An splnuln's gittan nice.
Yer snow man's melted Manda
Long ago an' gone
With his specks Manda
Had klndor pasted on
Tnu geese's a tlyln over
In a noisy raue.
A orowdln one another
Fur a llyin plaoe.
The llihlii time's a comin
With rlpplns on the orick;
The bumbles 'mence to hunimln
la the medder Dick.
The skylurk's a callln
Fur his little mate;
An the rain's a tallln
Somewhat more o'late.
The daisies is a pcopin
Through the tauglsd grass;
An the vines a crecpin
In the medder pars.
So git yer nggies Charley
An knuckle down to taw
No fudgin an no parly
Fur "len-dub" la the law
An git yer stilts m'laddy
An mount 'em from the fence;
An be as big as daddy
E'coptln havlu tensu.
Jfst nil the puddles straddle
An stalk Vm like a crane;
An make the kids skedaddle
A rnnipiii in the rnin.
Fur Spring has busted Winter
An put him nut o'blz ;
He comes In like a sprinter
An with n whiz.
H. 0 Fki.low Reaver Okla.
Rheumatism Yields Quickly
to Sloan's.
You can't prevent an nttaokof Rheu-
matism from coming on but you can
stop It almost immediately Sloin's
Liniment gently applied to tho sore
Joint or muscle penetrates in a few
minutes to the inllamed spot that
cause the pain it soothes the hot
tender suollen feeling and lu a very
short timo brings a relief that is al-
most unbelievable until you experi-
ence It. Get a bottle of Sloan's Lini
ment fnr2ftf of any Drugaistand have'
It in the house -against Colds Sore
and Swollen Joints Lumbago Sciatica
nnd like ailment?. Your money back
If not satisfied but It does give almost
Instant relief.
olTcrintf for salo nt an attractive price. Would
consider a trado for other stock.
Beaver Oklahoma
ST- r
r J " . " aWsmV-gC X I
" x jMHsm X I
CORRESPONDENTS. TAKE NOTICE Kindly mall your News Letters
so they will rach this office NOT LATER than Tudsday of each week-En.
Sophia Clatter
Havtn't wo bften having a fine week
of snow rain and mud and isn't ll
fine for the wheat and Isn't It put
ting the ground In line shape for spring
crop though?
W. E. Sheriard passed away at his
home two miles east of Sophia Sun
day the 20th and was laid to rest in
the South Flat cemetery. Monday
morning at 10 o'clock the procession
started to the church and owing to the
henry condition of the roads did not
reach the church until afternoon
Quite a few who gathered at th
church thought there had beon a mis-
understanding and had gone before
they arrived which accounted for tho
crowd not belnn larger tlmn it was
Mr Sheperd lingered since the 10th
of September with cancer of tho stom-
ach Il leaves n wife one son und a
daughter to mourn the lo of a hu-
band nnd father May God bless and
sustain them In thulr sorrow and inny
they be as ready an was he to answer
the call when It Is given. Wo extend
our deepest sympathies to them in this
their dark hour of trials.
Carl Nelson who has been sppudlng
a few week visiting friends and rela-
tives in eastern OklalioniM returnd
homo Inn t Saturday.
Miss Ten tile and John Kilpatrlck
closed their schools last Friday
The Laidlcs' Aid will meet with Mrs
Whitlow next Thursday in an all-day
session and oompleto arrangements for
their oyster supper which they eon-
tomplata giving at the home of Mrs
Jenkins next Friday evening Maroh
nth. Everybody come and bring their
appetites und pocket book and best
Clarence and Allen Williams are at-
tending Plain View school since their
school is out.
Glen Thomas who was absent the
past eight days on account of slakness
Is In school again.
Wo hear rumors of wedding bells
again In our neighborhood soon
Jammle Adams has rented his farm
to Mr. Killpatrlck and will hold a sale
some time this month anil about tho
Hrst of April will go with his family to
spend the ensuing year lu Missouri.
We will bet he will be glad to get back
to old Roaver again
We see by the Wlohita Heaoon that
there is (0 000 awaiting J. Tuxhorn of
near Beaver City in the Dank nt
Hutchinson and detentives are search-
ing for him. It will bo romembered
that he suddenly dlsnppeartd from his
home on tho night of November 22 or
there-a-bout nnd hasn't been heard
of since.
Mr and Mrs. Armstrong were La-
Kemn similiters Thursday and called
at Mrs. Thomas' to see tho sick.
Jammle Adams purchased a team of
mules of Joe Cllieli to drive through to
A Sluggish Liver Needs At-
tention. Let your Liver get torpid and you
are lu for n spoil of misery. Every
body gets nn nttnek now nnd then
Thousands of people keep their Livers
aative and healthy by using Dr. King's
Now Life Pill Fine for the Stomach
too. Stop the Dizziness Constipation
Hilinusnevs and Indigestion. Clt-nr the
blood. Only 25c at your Druggist.
Clear Latfe
Mr. and Mrs. R (5 Dunlop took' din-
ner with W. E Dunn and family Sun-
day. '
Walter and Leightnn Eyer returned
Friday from Hillings nnd Helena where
they have been vtilting relatives.
Mrs. Adair commenced holding a
series of meetings at the Hlbbs school
house Sunday.
Lute Drum has been
trie pat week but Is
on the sick list
better at this
Will Dunlop and n Ife also Hays Cole-
man and family spent Sunday with
Mr. and Mrs. Cljdo Coleman.
Steve nnd Hob Nicholson made
business trip to Kuowles Thursday.
O. 0. Klepper met with a painful ao
eident last week by getting kicked In
the face by one of his horses.
Win Dunn and Norman Simpson
butahored n couple of hogs Friday.
Mr. nnd Mrs Chnrlev Castel will
live on tho Pickott ranch the following
Charles Baggerly made a flying trip
to Heaver Saturday.
Mrs. O C. Kleppor Is staying at her
brother's home nt Speermore taking
care of the children while Mr. nnd Mrs.
Malnne have taken their little sou to
the hospitnl to be operated upon.
Mr and Mrs Charley Casteel nnd
Mr. Pickett spent Sunday with .Mr.
Eyer and family.
lsaic Haggerly and wife have moved
to their new home on the Medlock
Skyi.Aiik. '
Whooping Cough.
Well eorjono knows the cllout of
Pine Forests on Coughs. Dr. Hell's
Pine-Tar-IIoney is a remedy which
brings quick relief for Whooping
Couh loosens the mucous soothes the
lining of the throat and lungs and
makes the coughing spells less severe
A family with growing children should
not be nitliuut it. Keep It handy for
nil Coughs and Colds. 2.ij. nt your
litcctrlc Bitters a Spring Tonic.
We are still having some cold wenlh-
Little Doylo .Carter who has been
quite siuk with pneumonia Is greatly
Mrs John Webb and Mrs. Culwell
of Heaver attended the funeral of
Mrs. John Wlltun Sunduy.
Ilomnr Wilmnth who has been laid
up with rheumatism for tho past
month Is nble to bu up and around
Maurice Gafford of Clear Lake In
rented the Joe Hartley farm mid ex-
pect to move there in the near future.
A brother of Hen Ward's came in
the past week He expects to farm
hero this year.
Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Jones Mr. and
Mrs Murray nnd II. M. Hulick. of
Heaver attended Mrs. John Wilson's
funeral Sunduy.
Mr. nnd Mrs. J. I.. Wilson nnd son
Uonton and wife of dishing arrived
hero the latter part of tho week in re'-H
spnnse to n message of the death of
Mrs. John Wilson.
Mrs. A. M. Wilmoth visited her sis-
ter Mrs. Hrnoks Monday
Your Child's Cough is a Call
for Help.
Don't put nlT treating your ChlllV
Cough It not only sup their strength
but often lends to more serious ail-
ments. Why risk? You don't have to
Dr King's Now Discovery is Jmt the
remedy your child needs It Is made
with soothing healing and antiseptic
balsams Will quickly check tho Cold
and southo your Child's Cough tinny
No odds how bad ihe Cough or lion
long standing Dr King's New Discov-
ery will sinp ll It's guaranleed .lust
get a bottle from your Druggitt and
try it
Itlue Ornss Notes
J. H CrWsuell county commission-
er from this district spent last week
at the county seat in attenJaneo lipnn
the regular meeting of the Hoard of
Mrs Thornberry is among tho iium-
ber nflllctiMl tth thomuiupt So far
this Is the first case knonu in this com-
munity this season.
Miss Vera Hrcan wholihs been quite
sink the past week is reported much
Through the courtesy of the York-
Key Lumber Co. of Woodward tho
students of the Hlue Grass school have
been provided with new rulers. These
were sent to the teacher Mis Lan-
caster and are hlghlr.V'apnreciated by
Mr and Mrs Frink
Madison were called to
Null rn near
Laverne Sat-
urdy by the Illness of their daughter
Miss Cordelia who is confined to her
room with mumps
Henry Horen who recently nlnved
to the Appelgel farm near Madison
will move to the place recently occu-
pied by Mr Jeffrey the Appelget prop
erty having been purchased by A Mc-
Guirc Mi Fera Crlswell little daughter
of Mr. and tlrs. Oscar Criswcll has
been threatened with pneumonia but
is reported improving.
Sunday morning March 14th will be
tho last service of this conferencoyear.
The annual conference convenes that
week at Dodge City Knnas.
The young people met Friday even-
ing March iith. nt tint homo of Alfred
Petty. After sonu practice the or-
chestra furnished ennui music which
was thoroughly enjoyed.
Mr. and Mrs. I. E. Stevens were
guests of their daughtes Mrs. Tom
Brcau this week.
Mr. and Mrs Aldn Elmore of nenr
Ivanhoe were guests of the family of
their broMicr Chns. Adams this week
The sale at Romle drown' held
FrlJav. was well attended. Mr Ilrowu
will leave soon for Arkansas whero
with his family he will make his home.
Tho Ladies' Aid socie'ty of the Fair-
view 51 E. church served dinner nt the
Brown sale and realised a neat sum.
"There's nothing new under the
son" has become a proverb but this
wan disproved in a recent Issue of tills
m iral guide when the luminary King
Sol was referred to ns King Solomon.
The marriage of 5Iiss Mollis Teter
and Mr. Wm Speer win solemnized at
the 51. E. parsonugc Tuesday Marcli
2nd. nt 1 o'clock by the Rev Charles
Ilojes. The bride is the eldest daugh
ter of Mr and Mrs Pierce Teter anil is
one of the most popular joung ladies
of tills community while tho groom
who has speot l he year in Montana Is
n former resident of n neighboring
community and is well and favorably
known. The beat wishes of a host of
friends will follow them to their new
The young people planned a sere
nade on their newly married friends
but the elements caused a change In
the program.
Sand Is being hauled for the new- 51
E. church at Fairview and work will
begin on (ho foundation as souti as the
weather moderates.
Several Improvements nro under way
in this community.
The past weeks whilo it lias been too
muddy or snowy to work Iihb been
spent by sume of the farmers in uuild
ing fence and making other repairs.
The snow nnd other moisture has
brought smiles to tho farmers' fnces
that won't uumo oh.
I. E. Stevens has acquired the prop-
erty owned by (5. W Potty and will
move it to his farm and build nn addi-
tioiithcreto. Mr. Steven? has one of
the prettiest locations and witli hip
placo already set out to trees and
shrubs will soon have ono of the cozl
est homes in this community.
Work will begin on the new cement
bridgo as soon as the weather will per
Chns. Adams and family were the
guests of his parents Sunday.
Tha Quinine That Does Dot Affect Tho Head
ltrrmise of its tnnlc nttil laxalivr rffrct. I.A.VA
TIVH I1ROMO OtMNINUIa lictltrtlisn ordinary
Quinine nnd doca not cauae uervmitncag nor
rinufttc in hrnd Kemembfr the full name find
took lor the ticualure of 1!. W. CKOVH. 25c
Well hero I come again after some
few weeks absence. .
Jim Couch came borne from a visit
in eastern Oklahoma.
Mrs Charley Sexton Is reported on
the sick list.
Wheat looks lino in this neighbor
Henry Law nnd family spont Friday
nt the home of Frank Langley
Miss Quita Wright moved back to
her farm Inst week from eastern Okla
liomu nud ii Is uuedless to say wo were
all glad to havo her w itli us again
Arthur and i'nila Hobbitt have been
having quite n siege with chickenpox
Grant Couch surprised quite n few
by bringing home a wife last biuuday
Little Glen Ford spent Thursday
uight with LeRoy Langley.
Mrs. Kirton and Mrs. Wallace were
calling on Mrs. A. Myers one evening
last week
Miss Delia Drown visited Mrs. Hnrr
Saturday nnd Sunday
Blate of Ohio City or Toledo. I ..
l.uraa County. I B
Frank J. Cheney mnlo nnth Hint bo Is
senior partner of the drm nr V J. Cheney
ft Co. lining ImiiIhohb In thn City ot To-
IjhIo. County nnd Btatu nfori-salil. and
that ulil nrm will pny llio Hum or ONK
HUNOniCn nOM.AHH for eacli and ev-
ery ras of Cntnrrli lliat ennnnt Iwi ruro5
! theuaoor IIAI.I.'HCATMlllirctHIC
Sworn to heforo ma nnd subscribed lu
my presence this 6lli tUy of Dif-emlx-i.
A. I) use.
(Seal) A. XV. Gt.nAKON.
.. Notnry Public
Ilnlra C.itnrrh Corn Is taken lntenvHy
nnd nets dlrecllv uprn tlif bl Hd nnd rr-
rons of tlio system Send . .
tf'fiMinonlnb free
F J CHKMFr & CO Toledo O
Fold bv all IlruRfrtsts r
Tftka Hall rurally foil IV r conitl.nat.v
I e
IN' 1
Cleanses the Liver of Bile
Sweetens the Breath
Purifies the Bowels
Corrects Dizziness
Restores Energy and Cheerful Spirits
Price 50 cents
it J
Sold by F C TRACY
Majority of Friends Thought Mr.
"Hughes Would Die But
One Helped Him Co
Pomcroylon Ky. In Interesting nd-
vlccs from this place Mr. A. J. Hughes
writes as follows : "I was down wild
stomach trouble for five (5) years and
would have sick headache so bad nt
times that I thought surely I would die.
1 tried different treatments but they
did not seem to do mc any good.
I got so bad I could not cat or sleep
and all my friends except one thought I
would die. He advised me to try
Tbediord' Black-Draught and quit
; Dr. A. M. MORROW Surgeon in charge. r
Of Chicago
Negotiators for Farm Loans .
6 per cent Interest 5 or 10
Years. Straight 2 1-2 per cent
Commission. Call or write.
Our PIw.n is New and Good
Wagons and Buggies
We have just unloaded a car each
of WEBER wagons and ANCHOR
buggies. The Weber wagon is the
only wagon manufactured of materi-
al especially seasoned and selected
for the Southwest trade and is
equipped with at least
$20.00 WortH of Extras
not found- on other makes and the
price is no higher. We need not
comment on the Anchor buggies.
Everybody knows that if it is an
ANCHOR its good. Should you need
a Wagon or Bug'gy let us show you
our line and prices.
i sTfW
sl A
Denver Oklahoma
taking other medicines. I decided (
take his advice although I did not liars
any confidence In it.
I have now been taking Black-Draugbg
(or three months and it lias cured me
haven't had those awful sick headaclies
since I began using It.
I am so thankful for what Blacfe
Draught has done for mc."
Tlicdlord's Black-Draught has beta
found a very valuable medicine for do
rangements of the stomach and liver. N
Is composed of pure vegetable herb
contains no dangerous ingredients and
acts gently yet surely. It can be freely
used by young and old and should ha
kept in every family chest.
Get a package today.
Only a quarter. im

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