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The Beaver Herald (Beaver, Okla.), Vol. 28, No. 40, Ed. 1, Thursday, March 11, 1915 Page: 1 of 8

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Ihoaa Hi
a Socf
Oldest Oklahoma Newspapor Republican fop Prindlpto
ii 1915.
No. 40
.' MARGARET BRUNER Reader ami Impersonator
MAIZEE BRIDGES Soprano Soloist
CORA HIGG1NS Violinist
Will appear at the Court House Tuesday evening.
March 10th to fill another engagement of the Ly-
. ceum Course. This Company as the name indicates
are all "Stars" in their lines and a splendid enter-
tainment is assured.
Dorv't Fail to Hear Them
J.W. Webb returned
thu eastern markets.
FridAy from
Mrs. W. H. Robertson returned Init
night from Kansas Citj whore she had
been buying new spring millinery and
other stock for her atom.
Contractor 8. 8. 8trong commenced
work Tuesday remodeling the Christ-
ian church. Tlm cupalo has been torn
down and will be replaced by a lower
dome. The Interior of the building
will alto lie repaired.
John Meiling who wag located hero
years ago and conducted a meat mar-
ket wa here thfs week from I.owton
nnd m making arrangements to remain
permanently. For the present ho will
be employed In n chop at Forguu but
he expects to movo his family hero In
'.he near future. '
G II. Ruth met with a severe acci-
dent Sunday night He stepped out
th baek door at bis bakery and short
order establishment and in doing so
tripped and fell striking his neck
against a leg of an up-turned meat
block and cutting an ugly gash. He
came uncomfortably near cutting his
throat. The Iniury was given prompt
attention and is healing rapidly at tills
The construction of good waterworks
and electVio light systems and the scat-
tering of ties along the railroad grade
ought to bo enough in the way of pub-
lic improvement! to suit most inland
towns. These three things are what is
actually happening in Beaver this
week. "It's a long long way to Tip-
perary" and old Beaver has been
trudging along a good many years but
it begins to look like the festive bed-
bug we were going to "git thar Jest
the same."
Monday Night March 15th 1915
At Presbyterian Church
By Presbyterian Sunday School
Eve j body Come.
Livery and Repair Shop
Fully Equipped Work Guaranteed
Gasoline and Oils
Accessories Repairs
"Vhen your car "Goes Dead" come to us.
All kinds of repair work done and we guarantoo
to givo satisfaction or no pay. Bring in your
crippled cars or call us and wo will come out
and fix them.
See Us For Anything In The Auto Line
Beaver Oklahoma
The Eagle a new paper published a'
Forgan by I L Beardsley. reselied
our exrhange (able last week The pa-
per starts out with a good advertising
patronage which ir it continues meats
success for tlio new publisher. One
paper In a town tlm size of either Bea-
vcror Furgan wiluld neeni to bea plen-
ty but Tooker of tlm Forgan Enter-
pnse saw lit to come over to Beaver
and put in n no-called second paper
the Democrat so Beurdsley no doubt
felt that his tonn should keep nbreast
of the county scat in the dlsscmlna-
tlon of nows so he launched the Eigle
Success to you. Brother Beardsley
Let your Eagle scream.
A notice highly complimentary fo
Robt. Clark brother1 of Mrs. J. A.
Eipolin appeared in a tWllkesbnrro
Pennsylvania paper tlio last week.
Mr. Clark is serving ns chorister in a
big revival meeting which Billy Sun-
day is holding in that city and which
is creating wide-spread interest Mr.
Clark was engaged in the big mectlm!
at the time his piotlier naa injured by
a fall which resulted In her death a
few days later. His work as chorister
meant so much to the success of the
meeting that Mr. Clark remained in
wie meeting tiann; mat It Intel ever
been the desire uf his aged Christian
mother that he use hi voice in the ser-
vice of tlm Master and in her last mo-
ments though with a trui mother's
love she wanted to seu hor boy yet Bhe
was supremely happy in the thought
that he was about his Ivtther's business.
Union church services wero held at
the Christian church Sunday evening
Rev. Lewis paUnrof the M E. church
had chargo of the servico. He gave a
lecture an Sheldon's great work '"In
His Stepi" using his stereopticoti to
Illustrate his talk. Mies Edna Twecdie
also assisted in the service by reading
the latter part of the lecture. Special
music for the occasion was rendered
by the orchestra ; the Ladies' quartette
composed of Mesdames W G Strati-
athan W. T Qulnn A. G. Thomas
and Miss Naomi Niles; and vocal solo
by Mrs. W. T. Qulnn and Mrs A G
Thomas. Union services will bo held
at the Presbyterian church next Sun-
day evening These union' services
are being held in preparation for the
union revival services which will be
commenced Sunday night March Slst
nt tho Court House under the direction
of the Gospel Team Union prayrr
meetings are also being hold.
Five carloads of railroad ties arrived
In Forgau Monday and arc being scat-
tered along tho right of way of the
Beaver railroad. We understand that
this is the first installment of fifty car-
loads which are being shipped at the
rateof II o cars a week and that thu
railroad company expect to "fonco"
their right of way with ties In an en-
deavor to put in posts strong enough
to prevent freighters from tearing down
the fences unci UMng tho grade as a
w.igon road. We wero also informed
that in order to make n "fence" sulll-
uiently strong to hold these freighters
out the company have ordered out
several hundred tons of IK) pound rail-
road rails and expect to use these rails
Instead of barb wiro.
They will probably depart from the
customary mode of building fences and
will lay the ties and steel along the
center of the grnde. Of course it is
foolish to presume Hint a real train of
"klvored kars" will steaming
down that "fonce" In tho near future.
We'd advise freighters to stay nil tho
grade at nny rate. You never can
tell what ono of thoso "critters" might
do. liven Forgan's beloved W. F. it
N. W. might get a good stnrt in coin-
ing down the grade into that burg and
fail to more than' hesitate until the
brakes wero set on thu south side of
the river
As further evidence of the fulth ol
resident of Beaver in the success of
our ritilroad project contracts have
been let for two new cement buildings
and two others art) being definitely
The Hkrald received a modest (?)
request the past week and that from n
uou-subjcriber to publish n lengUiy
article ripping n certain individual up
tho back and proclaim to tho world nt
large that "So-and-So" Is n liar and a
scoundrel because of a purely personal
grievance batneeu the two parties and
which difference was of no particular
interest or concord to anyone except
tlm aggrieved n n it "So-and-So"
CJiiutlng the Supply Republican "We
refused for the same reason that we
never molest a skunk We have troub-
les or our own "
The IIerh.ii is always ready and
willing to diwote Its space to any mat-
ter of generul interest to its rendu is
but if wo were to attempt to give space
to the airing of personal grievances
and would publish all the mean things
that we are requested to publish from
time to time about thn country the
peoule the business concerns and in-
dividuals wo wouldn't have space left
for anything else. We couldn't tell
the outside world about tho wonderful
development of Henyer county or the
splendid prospects for another bumper
crop during 1015. Wo would even
have to elinilm.tR nny meiitlurPof-tlie
fine waterworks and electric light sya-
tems which are being installed in Bea-
ver at the present time and there
would be no space left In which to tell
the peoplo nbout the arrival ol material
for the building of Beaver's new rail-
road and of actual construction work
being resumed.
Bo long ai the grievances sought to
be aired through the columns of the
Hkrm.h are not of general importance
we shall refuse to give them space.
As a general thing those who make re-
quests for such publications are not
even subscribers to this paper and do
not contribute to its moral or financial
support. They are too cowardly to
meet the person face to face and tell
him what thoy think or him but choose
to slay him through the paper and let
the editor take the blame They even
go so far ai to request that their real
namo bo omitted from tho article and
that it be signed "A Reader" "Josh-
ua" or tome other fictitious cognomen.
Pertoni who mako such requests
must think that the editor has no per-
sonal grievances f If wo wonted to thrust
such things upon our readers wn could
probably rip u few people up the back
on our own account but It was never
the idea of tho editor of the Heram)
that our paper should bo used to air
personal affairs. Unless a grievance
we felt was of such a naturo as to be
of interest to the public we did not re-
sort to the columns of our paper to tell
Tom Dick and Harry what we thought
of them. Wo were always too busy
telling the news and boosting for Bea-
ver and Beaver county.
If our readers or others have any-
thing in the way of news we are glad I
to get it nnd urge you to send It In but
it you want to tell somebody what you
think of him aud air your pergonal
troublos hunt up the Individual and
toll It to his face if ypu've got the
Tell us the NEWS Tell your troub-
les to the police
Wo note I hit some nrrcsti have been
made In tho State for violation of tho
federal law concerning the shooting of
migratory uirus such as ducks gcose
Tho law prohibits the killing of these
birds In tho state from January 1st to
September 1st. Wo trust that all who
read this notice will bear this date for
the closed season in mind and tell
others so that nobody may get into
It Is generally understood that the
law will bo pretty rigidly enforced.
Don't risk shooting these birds out of
Mrs J.E.Terhune passed nway Sun-
day February 28th 1015 at the fam-
ily home near Haiku aftur nn Illness of
only a lew hours duration Death was
due to child-birth. Tho spirit of tho
infant took it light at the time
as that of thn mother. Eight children
together with.tho husband and a num.
her of other relatives uru left to mourn
their 'oss.
Mrs Terhnne is spoken of by those
who knew her ni a kind nnd gentle
woman; one who ministered to her
fiiuiijy'Vitli loving euro and who wi.s
ever ready to do what she could fi r
thoscaboiit her. Her death wM be
keenly felt In the family circle whero
''mother" alone can best miooth out
the rough places and where her love
and caru binds up tho wounds and
makes the dark places bright
"u the bereaved ones thn Herald
desires to extend sincere sympathy and
in doing so we are Joined by all tho
nelghburs nnd friends of the family.
In accordance with an order of Judge
Spohn made somo time since county
court "ill ennvenn Monday March
15th at which time a large number of
il'A2irtiih'duled to be tried. The
lonoHiug it me docket as arranged Dy
Court Clerk DeGrnw. selling fortli the
various c.nea and the dales same have
.; T'r.:. ....
bcu But for trial.
Set for March Ifiili
For violation of prohibitory law.
SUtevsWm McCurdy
State va Wes Olds
Stale vs Oiieur Rogers.
State vs 0 W Coruwoll malicious
State vs Walter Moore larcony.
' Set for March 10th .
For violation of prohibitory law
State vs Walter S Kennedy.
State vs Joe Eblng.
State vs David F. Sturgeon extortion.
Sot for March 17th.
For violation prohibitory law
State vs J. N. Bobbins
State vs W. S. Kennedy
State vs Joe Cain.
Set for March 18th.
For violation of prohibitory law
State vs Dick Underwood
State vs "Chef Johnson.
Sot for March 10th.
Mary Weeden vs S. Woodsou suit for
O. A. Jacobion vs J. C. Muttin. suit
for Judgment.
0. J. Hardin vs Win. Brown appeal
from Judgment in J. P. court.
J L. Vaudoventer vs T. F. Qreen ap-
peal from J. P. court.
Guarantee State Dank vs J. A. How
replevin sdlt.
O. L. Baker vs Chat. Humphrey suit
in replevin.
Set for March '20th.
D. W Maphet appeal
from J.-P. court.
IT M n.oA.I.... ... rn ry lf..l.... -
14 n uiccuuu o A jv. uinHJVt up-
peal from J. P. court.
II. L. Speer vs E. E. Evans and Lucia
Evans suit for Judgment
Colorado Fuel Co. vs Stanley Q. Wiles
Bernardino S. Wiles and Clifton
Cope suit for Judgment.
M. J.Merllees vs A. A. Shuster and
Mrs A. A. Shuifcr sttaouinent for
O.-E. Woods vs Frank Shookley suit
for Judgment'
F J Ray vs Thomas Oravcs and J. L.
Cook appeal from J. P. court.
P T. Ilelbert nnd V J. Holbert vs A.
O. Smith suit in replovln.
Fred Talntor vs .Tesiie Shadden form-
erly Jessie Lineborn and J. J Rader
suit on promissory note.
H. C Gray va John J. Brldwoll T.N.
Harold nnd W. D. Hall suit for
The 0. II. Seeley Medical Co. (a cor-
pnratlon) vs W. J. Mason L. L.
Bunker and D. W. Bush suit for
The Roberts Dry Goods Co (a corpo-
ration) vs B. G Bingham appeal
from J P court.
Beaver Hardware
Brief mention was made Inst week of
the deuth of Mrs. John Wilson which
occurred on the train whon accom-
panied by her hiisuind and two
little children the tick women was be-
ing taken to El Paso Texas In the
hope of benefitting her health.
Mrs. Wilson did not anpear to bo In
any more serious condition than usual
and her death wa sudden nnd unex-
pected. "She did not complnln of feel-
ing any worse but inorely laid her head
oack on the pillow olosed her eyes
her lip quivered flight ly nnd without
a struggle her spirit took Its ll.ght as
peacefully as ir she had Just fallen
The remains were removed from the
train at the next station nnd prepared
for shipment being brought back on
th next train to Libe'ral Kansas and
from that point tho casket was brought
over In an auto to Beaver and nut to
tho home of relatives south of town
Interment wus mado In Buseh Chapel
cemetery Sunday
Mrs. Wilson was a young woman
well loved by all hor friends nnd neigh-
bors and her untimely demise Is sin-
cerely regretted by a large circlo of
acquaintances and relatives who knew
her best and over found bar n kind
and gontlu woman ready to share tlio
burdens of those about her or extend
the helping hand in time of need. The
community in nhloh she lived will feel
her loss and the home In which slut
ministered with such loving care has
bnen forever blighted by this visit of
the Grim Reaper A husband nnd two
little girls ure left in their lonolineis
to mourn the loss or a faithful wire aud
a devoted mother
The Hhuald Joins with the large
number or friends of tho family both
In Beaver and th surrounding coiai-
try In extending sympathy to those in
Sharks In Scottish Waters.
A shoal of sharks for boiiio days
has invaded tho Firth of Forth and
ono of tho Dunbar Una fishing fleet re-
ports that a largo stretch of fishing
gear consisting particularly of linos
has been carried nway. Whllo haul-
ing tho remaining portions several
sharks wero observed to hovr about.
Are you going to need a new Loan
or are you going to increase the one
you have? I have a good proposition
which it will pay you to investigate.
Either write or call at my office in
H. N. LAWSON 5s.
TofgSM iit
VlArBriBiH M m m
(:WM Ha
Tvrrn 'MFhfTteJ
& Furniture Company
T'. arrival at Forgan Monday of five
"'"'d8 ' railroad ties for the Beaver
railroad seepn to have caused resi-
dents of that burg to have seventeen
conniption Ills ir wo are to believe tho
reports that are current. Everybody
was calling everybody else a liar and
saying ' I thought you assurred me
(leaver's railroad was dead when you
persuaded mo to Invest In Forgan?"
Too bad fellows! In futtiro when you
want to know nbout Beaver's business
suppoao you try consulting Beaver cit-
izens. If wishing a thing dead or
working tooth and toe-nail to kill It
could accomplish anything Beaver's
railroad would hovo been dead long
ago so far ns Forgan was concerned.
Wo can't blame them so much for that
for It Is pretty evident that either the
railroad or Forgan que must die but
you can put It down in your note book
whenever a citizen of Forgan or any-
ono else tells you that Beaver's rail-
road is dead he Is talking through hli
hat. That railroad Is just about the
Hvesl thing ovor right now. At any
rate. it Is a pretty lively corpse.
Plies Cured In 6 to 14 Days
Voor dnicaist will refund money If PAZO
OINTMKNT (alls to euro any tut ot Itching
The first application elves Base as4 Kelt. 50c.
Dr II. II. Wynne speciollst of the
oyoand ear or Oklahoma City who
was to be here Gray LaKemp and
Ivanhoe was compelled to derer his
visit on account or the weather and
will bo In Beaver county about the last
week in April. 3-11 It
I wish to thank the many friends
and neighbors who kindly assisted dur-
ing the sickness nnd after the death ot
my wife. Your kindness will ever be
gratefully remembered. '
J. E. TsnuuNE
Balko Okla.
Pasture for Horses and Alules
I havu the Glnter pasture and will
pasture horses and mules at 40 cents
per head por month. Plenty of grass
water aud salt furnished.
O A. Blobsrr
3-U 8-20 Omos Kim wood Okla

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