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Don't overfeed the stock.
Sheep demand clean water.
Don't overload your horses.
Farming I a business proposition.
Don't simply keep cows
cows keep you.
Make the
Alfalfa Insures larger
the crops that follow.
yields from
Notlco which hens nro most active
They aro tho best layers.
Sometimes It Is a good plan to leave
tho stubblo to catch. tho biiow.
Only 25 per cent of tho land nroa'of
tho United States Is Improved farm
Cut alfalfa or clover hay aro good
green feeds for henB at this tlmo of
tho year.'
A'load of corn Is moro cheaply trans-
ported when converted Into animal
Tho man who neglects to water tho
poultry docs not deserve any profits
from them.
Olvo bens good enre and It goes
without saying thnt they will play fair
and keep on laying.
Don't keep a horso going nftcr It be-
gins to show signs of exhaustion. You
will save time by resting a bit
It It hard to chooso between poor
ventilation In a barn and too much
air. Hotter find tho golden mean.
Dairymen can well give a little con-
rlderntlon to several of tho types of
milking machines now on tho market
Early pullotn nnd young hens up to
two years of age aro tho kind from
which' to get a liberal supply of eggs
In winter.
To reallto how you aro coming out
you must know what feed Is costing
you as well as how much butter fat
tho cows are giving.
The best way to mend straps on
common fnrnvwork harness is to rivet
with coppor rlvetB. They nover rot.
nn'd bold better thnn wax-ends.
Experiments nnd Investigations have
proved that tho milking qualities of a
row depend almost as much on her
slro's mother as on her own dam.
Unless tho relation between protein
and carbohydrates In the ratio Is
about right either one or tho other will
not be used at Its fullest advantage.
According to a report recently Is-
sued tho total value of our agricul-
tural products In 1913 wilt be J5.000-
000.000 or $296000000 more than
An American patent has been grant-
ed to an Englishman for a process for
preserving eggs by dipping them first
In gelatine and thon In a solution of
amyl acetate.
Washing and drying a cow's udder
beforo milking has been found to keep
about 90 per cent of tho tilth out of
the milk that usually gets In when an
open pall Is used
Cover crops aro used for tho pur-
pose of preventing tho soil from wash-
ing during tho hard rains of winter
nnd spring na well as for the addi-
tion of fiber to the boII.
Two acres of cornstalks placed In
tho silo aro worth In feeding about tho
same as flvo acres of stalks rut and
fed ns fodder. This shows bow the
corn crop may bo utilized
A tractor for farm machinery that
is driven with reins Is a novelty two
reins doing the steering and n third
controlling the motor while n fourth
may be used on the brako It desired
Tho manure spreader and the alio
aro two things that point the farmer
towards a better bank account and
It Is not going to be so very long be-
fore we will add to this the milking
A post that Is well set may last long-
er than one which has been made
smaller by sharpening so as to drive
It easily but It Is seldom as solid as
the driven post. When the soil Is
water soaked the set pot Is more eas-
ily leaned by stock pushing on the
Sweet clover Is a great soil builder
it Is n great feed and It is a great crop
b"ut It Is only a few years since sweet
clover wsb looked upon as the rankest
sort of a weed to be guarded against
and fought under every circumstance.
v3iiJ5c -z. tz aCVe-"
l)uy a mnnuro sprrnaet.
Olvo the cnlf ground oats.
Sow alfalfa lato In tho spring.
Hun tho cream separator smoothly.
Litter should
Keep records
you'ro "at"
ror tho feeding
nnd know where
Light nnd puro nlr prevent dlscaso
and promoto productiveness.
When you havo chosen a
for slzo and vigor by selection and
Tho farmer that farms with his
mind as well as his hands is generally
Tho collar Is a good place to store
flower roots In wlntor provided It Is
a dry one.
Winter eggs mako poultry profitable.
Don't delay arranging for the comfort
of tho hens.
fly putting a pinch of soda to ordi-
nary cream It will whip as thick as
whipping crenm.
A $10 forgo nnd nn nnvll with a fow
other tools will more than pay their
cost tho first year.
Tho cow stablo Is a poor placo for
hot air especially tho kind thnt arises
from an Ill-kept temper
Irrigation tins been practiced tn
Spain nearly a century the first canal
having been begun In 1814.
Don't try to sell n skinny horso.
Fat on a horso brings n higher price
than on any othor farm anlmnl.
Hall may knock down tho wheat
and chinch bugs tnko tho corn but
tho cream chock comes every month.
Got n thoroughbred buttor-brcd bull
calf now if you havo none and grow
him well to begin to Improve your
Let the sunshine and fresh air
como Into tho hen houso through the
windows Instead of through cracks In
tho siding.
Plenty of grit nnd plenty of pure
water aro JUBt as essential to egg
production bb good houses and tho
right kind of food.
The poultry raiser should have a
bone cutter. The cost prlco Ib reason-
able and ono will more than pay for
Itself tho first year.
lloth sexes In geese are feathered
exactly alike which makes It dlmcult
to distinguish ganders from geese.
especially when young.
The seed corn should bo stored
where there will bo little danger of
frost This Is especially true until
the cars aro entirely dried out
It doesn't look as though tho mar-
kets could be overstocked with dairy
products. Milk nnd butter prices nro
staying up well. In the cities at least
Tho rich butter fat cows can be
mndo more numerous only by careful
breeding. If you mate rucb butter fat
stock only tho Improvement will bs
Eggs at 26 to 30 cents a dozon make
an expensive cure for scours In calves.
Tho better plan is to keep a quantity
of dried blood meal on hand for this
Next to nlfslfa thore Is roughage
grown on tho farm that will compare
with clover hay. Of courae the
brighter and cleaner It Is tho bettor
tor tho stock.
Milk is n food not a beverage. It is
usually looked upon as a drink only.
but tho truth Is It Is n food supplying
tho need of practically ovcry form of
human necessity.
If any now mnlee aro to bo bought
this Beason It 1b a good plan to got
them now while thoso who nro veiling
have moro to select from. As a rule.
too prices nro low.
In drying off your cow don't dismiss
her rinnllv till you find that she Is
truly dry. Any milk or thick mnttrry
stuff left In the udder la likely to pro-
duce dlscaso later on.
The farmer who arranges his work
so as to bo busy all tho year nround
and to keep his men busy all the year
around Is tho man that gets the larg-
est profit and has tho least trouble
with help.
Dairying compels a farmer to di-
versify and to adopt a rotation in
crops and there Is nothing that the
average farm needs more unless It Is
fertility nnd the dairy business pro-
vides that too.
It Is a recognized fact that animal
food must be given during the winter
months to get a satisfactory egg yield
and keep the fowls In a healthy con-
dition and whllo It may be supplied
In other ways green bono Is tho most
Observe the methods of others In
j making money but work out jour own
1 Individual problem In the dairy. There
ore no two persons with exactly the
same conditions and facilities. Uso
tho experience of others to guide you
but still do your own driving.
Much Advice Given by Theoretical
Writers Not Worthy of Consid-
eration on Average Farm
The advlco commonly given In poul-
try papers would rcqulro one to oxer-
clso nearly as much pains In tho
cleaning of a chicken houso as in the
cleaning of a kitchen. Such advlco
may be suitable for tbo city poultry
fanciers but some of It is out of place
when given to tho farmer. Poultry
raising the samo as any other farm
work must pay for the labor put into
It and this will not bo tho caso If at'
tempt Is mado to follow all tho sug-
gestions of the theoretical poultry
The caso with which tho premises
may bo kept reasonably frco from Ut-
ter nnd filth Is a largely a matter of
convenient arrangoment. Tho handi-
est plan from this viewpoint is the
colony Bystem. In this tho houses
nro moved to new locations as tho
ground becomes soiled. If the chicken
house Is a stationary structure It
should bo built away from other
buildings scrap-piles fence corners
etc. oo that tho ground can bo fre-
quently freshened by plowing and
sowing In oats ryo or rape. The
ground should be well sloped so that
the water draining from tho eurfaco
may wash away much of the filth
that on level ground would nccumu-
lato. Cleanliness Indoors can be
simplified by propor arrangement
First the houso must be dry. Poultry
droppings when dry are not n source
of danger If kept out of the feed.
This may bo accomplished by pro-
viding dropping boards under tho
roosts. Tho droppings In tho poultry
bouse should be removed often enough
to prevent foul odors. It is beBt to
clean It every day. Dry earth .gath-
ered In the fall and stored In bins Is
an excellent cleansing agent to uso
on tho dropping board of the chicken
bouse. Drinking vessels should bo
rinsed out when refilled and not al-
lowed to accumulate a coat of slime.
Many poultry writers glvo Innumer-
able diseases and lists of remedies
concerning which the averago farm
poultryman needs no knowledge
whatever. There Is very llttlo defi-
nitely known on the subject of poul-
try diseases. Poultry ailments are
assignable to one of the three follow-
ing caurea or a combination of these:
First hereditary or Inborn weakness;
second unfavorable conditions of food
surroundings etc.; third germs or
animal parasites.
A great many chickens die within
tho shell or during tho growing pro-
cess there being no assignable rea-
A Prize Winner.
son save that of Inherited weakness.
For this class of troubles the only
remedy Is to breed from tho better
The prevention of tho second class
of ailments comes under tho general
head of "Feeding." A chicken wheth-
er young or old to thrive well must
hnvo exercise clean wator grit a va
riety of grain food green or succu
lent food and casein or meat foods
The food requirements of a laying
hen are very llko those required by
n growing chicken. Yarded or shut-in
hens should be oupplicd with moro
llrao than tho food contains however
to provide for the egg shell. Crushed
oyster shell Is much used for thla
The third class of ailments belongs
to the group of contagious diseases.
These contagious diseases may bo
grouped Into tho general classes:
First those highly contagious; sec-
ond those contracted by fowls that
are in a weakened condition. Chicken
cholera U representative of the first
class. This Is spread by droppings
and dead blrdB and through feed
and water. To stamp out the disease
kilt and burn all sick chickens and
disinfect tbo premises frequently and
thoroughly with a spray made of one-
half gallon carbolic acid one-halt gal-
lon of phenol and 20 gallons of water.
Corrosive sublimate one part in 2000
parts of water should be used In the
drinking water.
Where the Money Is.
Wo' may all of us get tho samo prlco
for eggs but we don't all of us get
tbo same price for the feed that goes
to make the eggs. And that's where
the money Is or Isn't
Dairy Type Is Spare and Angular With
Soft Pliable Hide and Covered
With Soft Smooth Hair.
(By J. If. nUNDBEN rrofeaaor of
Dairy Husbandry University of Ne-
braska.) A comparison of tho beef and dairy
types of animal Is perhaps the most
effective way of showing what are tho
distinct dairy characteristics. Tho
beef Is generally henvy and sluggish
while the dairy animal Is sparo nnd an-
gular and refined with a soft and pita-
bio hide well covered wltb smooth soft
hair. The head Is lean and a llttlo
No "Scrubs' In This Group.
longer than that of tho beef typo. Tho
neck Is long and lean Joining to the
body rather abruptly. Tho withers
aro sharp with the spinal column
prominent and the barrel long and ca-
pacious Indicating good feeding capa-
city. The ribs are sprung down and
outward and wide spaced the heart
and loin girth large and the tall Ana
with a heavy switch. The form of the"
dairy cow Is frequently spoken of as
tho "triple wedge" form. First she
shows Increased depth of body to-
wards the rear when viewed from ono
side. Secondly she widens gradually
from the breast to the points of the
hips. Thirdly looking down on the
back the form widens gradually down-
ward llko a wedge. The udder Is
well developed and even quartered; la
soft and pliable but not flabby when
emptied. Tho milk veins are large
and tortuous and enter the abdominal
wall In two or more large milk veins.
The dairy type can be found In
many of the breeds but most charac
teristically tn the distinct dairy
breeds. l)y tho dairy breeds are meant
those that have become most noted
for uniformly conforming to tho true
dairy type. They are tho Ilolstelns
Jerseys Guernseys and Ayrshlrcs.
Owing to the careful work of tho
breeders in maintaining tbo purity of
Promising Youngsters.
the breeds and fixing their character-
istics these breeds can In most cases
be counted on to reproduce their dairy
qualities and their ability to produce
butter-fat. In large quantities. It is
largely for this reason that the dairy-
man who desires success to follow hit
efforts should stick close to one of
the dairy breeds.
No Mora Profitable Line of 8tock
Growing Than Raising Good Cows
and Selling to Dairymen.
Any farmer Is snfe In breeding and
raising for sale large milking or but
ter-producing cows. As an industry
tbore Is no moro profltablo lino of
stock growing thnn raising good cows
and Belling them to the dairymen who
are making a specialty of producing
market milk or eolllng their milk to
condensnry plants where they do not
havo the by-product returned to their
farina to reed out 'to the calves that
nro being raised to replace the cows
that aro annually discarded from their
The keeping of more cows for
creameries and cheese factories Is also
encouraging and many men are willing
to pay a good price for well-bred dairy
Keep the Best Cows.
Tho man who comes to your dairy
farm nnd wants to buy the belters
from the best cows Is not always your
best friend. Be careful before you
sell thorn to him. It Is moving back-
wards In tho dairy Industry to let
those go.
Great Benefit to Buyers.
Financially cow testing Is of very
great benefit; young bulls sell for
higher prices' cows sell for double the
old prices when buyers soe records.
Treating Scoural
When common scours appear Imme-
diately reduce the feed one-half.
Feeding Unprofitable Cows.
And still some farmer go on feed-
ing 70-cent corn to unprofitable cows.
Seems Likely That Is Where Imperi-
ous Youth Got His Idea of the
Duties of a Wife.
"You fill the pnlls with satid nnd let
mo tarn them out" suggested six-
yearold Jack to little Doris.
His playmate obediently compiled.
"Now we'll build a castle and you
shall fetch tho water to go round It"
exclaimed Jack.
Dutifully tho little maid struggled
up and down tho bench carrying buck
cts of water.
"Can't you fetch tho water now
Jack" sho suggested "and let me pour
it round?"
"GlrlB can't do thnt properly" on-
swered tho boy. "Let's paddle. Hut I
say Doris do you want to mnrry me
when you grow up?"
"Yes oh yes I" Doris was delighted
at the prospect.
The boy however assumed a bored
air and lazily extended his feet to-
ward her.
"Very well then" he said noncha-
lantly. "If you're going to bo my
iclfc take off ray shoes and stock-
Girls! Try This! Makes Hair Thick
Glossy Fluffy Beautiful No
More Itching Scalp.
Within ten minutes after an appli-
cation of Danderlno you cannot And a
single trace of dandruff or falling hair
and your scalp will not itch but what
will pleaso you most will be after a
few weeks' use when you see new
hair fine and downy at first yes but
really now hair growing all over the
A little Danderlno immediately dou-
bles the beauty of your hair. No dif-
ference bow dull faded brittle and
scraggy. Just moisten a cloth with
Danderine and carefully draw it
through your hair taking ono small
strand at a time. The effect is amaz-
ingyour balr will be light fluffy and
wavy nnd have an appearance of
abundance; an Incomparable luster.
softness and luxuriance.
Oct a 25 cent bottle of Knowlton's
Danderine from any store and prove
that your hair Is as pretty and soft
as any that it has been neglected or
Injured by careless treatment that's
all you surely can have beautiful balr
and lots of It if you will Just try a lit-
tle Danderlno. Adv.
Hearty Welcome.
Mrs. Clay telephoned ton friend that
she would come down and spend tho
"Well here I am!" sho exclaimed
cheerily as tho llttlo daughter of tho
hostess opened the door.
"Yes" replied the child; "I'm glad
to see you; and I know mother will be
glad too for this morning when you
phoned sho said that she was thankful
she was going to have the visit over
with." Lipplncott's Magazine.
Astonlahlng Tobacco Itemed? Qnaranleed
to Instantly remuT taaui for claamUa or tobacco
In any furm. or money cheerfully refunded. Hcnd
&&- and receive wonderful remedy by return umll.
Ad4reaa Pm k tm tve. t. mean a .... kit.
It's a flno thing to be a leader but It
Is better to follow a good example
than to set a bad one.
They atop the tickle Dcan'e Mentho-
lated Cough Drops stop coughs by stop-
ping the cause 5c at Drug Stores.
Even when a man has a pull bo
sometimes has to bo pushed.
Actors Imitate-mankind; amateurs
Imitate actors.
AYeiJctabtc Preparation Tor As-
similaling iheFoodnndnegula-
ling Ihe Stomachs and Bowels of
Promotes DigcslionChecrful'
ness and Rest. Contains neither
Opium.Morphine nor Mineral
Not Narc otic
RuyJ; S-d-
AitMUJts 1
4tM it J I
Kin. S..1 . 1
Hnkym Pmttr
ADerfect Remedy forConsllpa
lion . Sour Stonvsch.Diarrhoea
worms .Convulsions .Fcveri sh
ness am) LOSS OF SLEEP
foe Simile Signature of
The CENTAim Company;-
Guaranteed under the Foodamj
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
It's a
to he able to eat
your meals without
tear ot an attactc 01
To bring about this con-
dition you should invig-
orate tbo entire digestive
system by the use of
Sprains Bruises
Stiff Muscles
are quickly relieved by Sloan's
Liniment. Lay It on no rub-
bing. Try it.
AnkU Sprain and DIelocaied Hip.
"lapralned mr ankle andrilalocated
ror lilp by f alliu out of a third atory
wlo-'ow. Went on crutche for four
montha. Then I atarted to um your
liniment areonllnr to directions. I
muat ay It It htlplncrne wonderfully
We will nerer bo without Sloan' Linl
ut Sloan' LI
JoMmMim Law
rnent anymore
Kills Pain
Splendid for Sprain.
" I fell and pratned my arm ft week
Mo and nu In terrible pain. I could
not um my band or arm unUI I applied
your Liniment I ahall nerer ha Trlth-
2 ut a bottle of Sloan' Liniment."".
!. JJ. Sfriagtr tlUaUlK ti. 1.
Fin for StUfaua.
"caftan IJnlment ha dona mora
rood than anything I hare erer tried P
igrauu juihu. i gut uij wb..u
badly that I had to atop work rllht In
the bualcst time of the year. I thoefht
at drat that I would hare to hare my
hand taken off. but 1 rot a bottle of
Soan'a Liniment and cured my band."
Wilum UlinUr Ucnit. AU.
At all DeaUra. 23c
60c and 11.00
Send for Sloan'a
free InotrucUr
book on lioraea
cattle. ho and
poultry. Addict
T 1 of thu paper de-
Keaaers -jaj-js:
Deed in ra column ahoula SnnA upon
baring what they aak lor rclutmg all
i of imtfariona.
W. N. U WICHITA No. 6-1914.
Tor Infanta and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
t2 v M iaar ai
4 Jr n
( X' Use
V" 0it

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