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The Hoard mot in regular snuaioii on
the nth day of January 1011 All
Commissioners and Clerk present. A.
A Haskell Chairman
On motion A. A. Haskell was ro-
olected chairman for tho ensuing year.
On motion the time for pay inn the
first half of tho taxes was extended to
the first day of February. On motion
tho Hoard adjourned to meet at
I o'clock p m.
The Commissioners met nt 1 o'clock
p. m pursuant to adjournment. All
member and Clerk present. Tho fol
lowing proceedings were had.
On motion the following County
Ofrlocri' reports were approved :
O F I'ruott Clerk ol District Court
C C DeUraw Clerk of County Court.
1 l Krynlnger Treasurer.
Geo 11 Wiight County Clerk.
II 0 Fellow County Superintendent.
Mau Fiokel Stenographer.
H M Dulick Iloglster of Deeds.
Johnnie M Jones Sheriff.
On motion the bond of J F Robins
for lost warrant was approved and the
Clerk was instructed to issue duplicate
On motion the bond of Ora May a
Trustee of Ilalko township was approv.
On motion the reports of W L Det-
wilerand J I Teagarden as Justice of
the l'eace for District No. 1 and No. 7
were approved.
On motion tho Clerk was instructed
to correctjthe school tax levy placed on
the tax roll for 1013 in DUtrict No. G.
There having been n levy of 4 mills er-
roneously placed on tho tax rolli
On motion tho following certificates
of error were allowed:
Sum. No
For 1013
W A Overton t
G T Hums
C F Gates
T E Harford
I N KdwardB for 1012
I N Edwards for 1013
lfl 00
7 30
7 00
11 22
32 03
30 30
For 1013.
S W Boshford
1720 50
1114 00
0 81
11 00
1B0O 00
102 '0
L H Dubois
Ben Wright
Henry Hutton
G II Ragsdalo
T 1 Braidwood
W B Barker for 1011
Alton Hopke for 1013
G W Sawyer for 1012
12 10
2 15
23 72
On motion the following certificates
wore rejected :
Amos Bush in tho sum of $11.00 on
eertilicate of error No. 37 for 1013.
M O Thomas in tin? sum of $8 82 on
certificate or error No. 33. for 1013.
On motion the Depositor bond for
the. IvHnhoe State Bank was approved.
On motion tho Board adjourned to
meet at 0 :00 o'clock a. m
January 0 1014.
The Board met at 0:00 a. m. pursu-
ant to adjournment all members and
clerk present. The following proceed-
ings were had :
On motion tho following rebates were
allowed :
Robert Moore $2 40
G W Dubois 4 40
M 8 Sturgeon 52 00
J E Wilson 7 23
J A Barker S 24
M O Thomas 15 82
S K Low 10 01
Raw Reid '. 138
B W Tedder 2 11
George Webb 5 30
M Haskell 0 00
On motion the following bills were
nllowed on the Supply fund:
Samuel Dodsworth 15 assessment rolls
t 00 00
J A Marvel coal purchased ... 210 70
Geo D Barnard ono groas pens 1 23
Sam'. Dodsworth one desk. . . 23 03
Warden Printing Company tax
pale certillcateu for County
Treasurer 48 73
Sam'l. Dodsworth assessment
sheets 8 M. 4 tax rolls 133 15
Warden Frlnting Company
DUtrict warrant register
Warden 1'rinting Company
District ledger.
Opo D Barnard general supplies
MoCormlc-Mnthers Company
supplies for County Superin-
tendent .
Western Bank Supply Company
book rack for Clerk County
Western Bank Supply Company
general supplies
15 00
15 00
11 45
31 00
4 00
8 38
M O Thomas stationary and
jobprintlng 27 45
J F llonderson hauling coal
37R05 pounds
Ca-oporative Publishing Com-
pany general supplies
On motion the following billi
allowed on tho Contingent fund
W H Thomas material for
Uoute and glass for windows
30 21
17 CO
$20 40
II O Follow express
Hnd box rent U 55
II M BulicK. exnreis and postage 0 40
A E Pitman auto hlro by Coun-
ty Attorney in Kavenscraf tease IU 20
J B Norton work on closets 17 50
M O Thomas legal publication . 20 23
Goo II Wright express freight
and stamps 13 02
O F Pruett stamps 6 00
O O DcGraw. expense 4 0
Johnuio M Jones stamps and
phone $ 0 75
W W Murray board for prison-
ers 20 00
Mrs. Susie Jones board for Mrs.
Fehrand two children five days 10 00
P P Fryslngor stamps post
cards and box rent 10 21
Geo W Robison laundry for
Jail 020
L E Wells expense in bringing
prisoner from Knowlcs to Bea-
ver . 5 08
On motion the Board adjourned to
meet at 1 :00 o'clock p. m.
The Board met at 1:00 o'clock p. m.
pursuant to adjournment and the fol-
lowing business was had :
On motion the bill of J. E. Spurrier
for lumber for Heaver bridgo In tho
sum of $25 85 was allowed on the
bridge fund.
On motion the following bills woro
allowed on the Court fund:
O F Pruett salary for Decem-
ber $120 80
O O DeOraw salary for De
Geo II Mealy salary for De
CO 00
137 50
Robert Lee Payne report for
search of State records for
all that had paid special liq-
uor tax
B W Tedder three days as
Court Crier
G A Ilnff to mileage hs Dis-
trict Court Orier
W T Quinn District Clork foe
In Win. Roberts vs. A J Jin-
Kew G W Taylor Justice fees court
Johnnie M Jones expense in
.court of Inquiry at Knowles .
II I) Meese Justice fees
W W Murray salary as Janitor
On motion tho following bills
5 CO
a 00
4 00
3 45
3 CO
50 00
allowed on tho Poor nnd Insane fund:
L L Long one-month treatment of L
B Downer $10 00
n F Foulds merchandise tor
Mrs. Herman 20 00
B F Foulds merchandise for
L B White 15 00
L S Munsoll examination of L
B Downer for insanity
Mnthias t Son merchnndiso for
Minnie Lay ton
Beaver Mercantile Company
merchandise for Mrs. Page
J Y Alexander keeping Mrs.
- Fehrand two children Id days
Alva Roller Mills coal for Mrs
Mable Page . . .
Jesse riprott. keeping tho four
children ut J M Conrad for
W W Murray keeping Mr.
On motion tho following bills
5 00
10 00
5 50
10 00
0 10
10 00
25 00
allowed on the Contingent fund :
Claude T Smith expense for January
8 15 75
Athey Company stripping the
Court House windows . . 160 CO
On motion tho following bills wore
nllowed on the Sinking fund :
J D Niles rebato in tho sum of $10 50
O J Loofbourrow rebato in the
sum of 0 6$
On motion the following bills were
allowed on tho Court fund :
O P Wontwortli acting as Jury Com-
missioner $7 03
H E Slater noting as Jury Com
missioner 8 50
W II Mansfield acting as Jury
Commissioner 0 10
On motion G Streuli was allowed a
certificate of error on the Improve-
ments on Lot 0 Block 80 in Beaver.
On motion the following bills were
allowed on the Salary fund :
Olaudo T Smith salary for December
...-. $137 50
F II Drum salary for Decem-
ber 103 23
II It Padget salary for De-
cember ... 40 50
II O Follow salary for De-
cember and visiting schools 120 00
Loubelle Groat salary ..' De-
cember 60 00
II M Bulick salary for Decem-
ber 120 60
Geo 11 Wright salary for Do-
ctjmber 120 80
Mao Fickcl salary for Decem-
ber 25 00
A A Haskell salary for De.
cember and mileage v .... 38 80
R Hagan salary for December
and mileage 4100
T P McLain salary for Decern.
ber and inlleago 4130
W W Murray salary for De-
cember as Jailor 3100
Johnnie M Jones salary for
December 137 50
F D Kuykcudall salary for
December 75 00
Odoar Gardner salary for De-
cember 25 00
B G Brown salary for Decem-
ber 55 00
T O Braldwood salary for De-
comber 40 00
P P Fryslnger salary for Do
cember 120 80
On motion the bonds of the State
Bank of Commerce of Gato and the
First State Bank of Forgan as County
Depositories wbre approved.
On motion the salary of B. G. Brown
as Deputy County Treasurer was raid
ed to $76.00 per month.
On motion the County Clerk was in-
structed to notify all Justico of the
Peace who have failed to make their
regular quarterly report and settle
ment to appear before the board In per-
son and make a complete report and
settlement with tho County for all.
On motion the Board adjourned to
meet at 8:00 o clock a. m January 7th
The Board met pursuant to adjourn-
ment on tho "tli day of January 1014.
All members and clerk present. The
following proceedings were had :
On motion Johnuio M. Jones was nl-
lowed $50 OO for expenses in regard to
matter of L. A. Loach to be paid out
of the Poor and Insane fund.
On motion the report of Olcrk and
Treasurer of Malko township was ap-
proved. On motion W. W. Murray wa al-
lowed $27 K ex ponto and deputy foes
in caso of Mato vs. Denny.
On the Board adjourned to
meet on the first Monday in February
A. A. IUbeill
Attest; Chairman.
Geo. H. Wmonr
County Clerk.
i.Geo. II. Wright County Clerk in
ami for Beaver County Oklahoma do
ht-reby certify that the abovoand fore-
going is a true and correct report of
(he proceedings of tho Commissioners
at their meeting on the 5th Oth and 7th
dnys of January 1014
seal Gko H. Wright
County Clerk
Call for State Convention to
be Held at Tulsa Okla-
homa February 12
Oklahoma City Jon. 3 1011.
To the Voters of The State of Oklaho
ma Greeting:
The election of November 1014 will
be ono of the most important over held
in this State. Citizens evorywhero
realize that a radical change of Gov
ernment is necessary in order to pre
vent the bankruptcy of this State and
in order to restore prosperity to Its
people. In order to make thotr will
effective the people must organize.
Political parties being indispenslblc
under a republican form of govern-
ment no good citizen should hesitate to
profess party allegiance. Howover
thinking men will refuto to no longer
follow their party when It ceases to
stand for tho best interests of them
selves nnd their neighbors.
The Republican voters of the State
of Oklahoma feel that there should bo
a political change. As tho first step
to bring this nbout certain pre-
liminary conventions will bo held
as hereinafter set out. Wo desire the
co-operation of citizens who liayo here-
tofore been Identified with other par-
ties. Therefore we invite to partici-
pation in these primaries and conven-
tions regardless of past parly affilia-
tion all good citizens who ure disposed
to co-operate with us in securing the
election of officials who will give us
honest economical and compotcnt gov-
In pursuance of this and by authori-
ty of the Statu Committee a Republi-
can State Convention is hereby called
to be held at Tulsa Oklahoma on
February 12 1014 ot two P. M. for tho
purpose of electing a State Committeo
and the officers thereof and also for the
purpose of adopting suitable resolu-
tions. Said State Convention will nlso lako
action on the question ot readjusting
the representation in National Conven-
tions as submitted by the National
Committee for notion by Republican
State Conventions of the various states.
The number ot delegates to which
each County will be entitled at said
State Convention shall be the same as
at the last State Convention held in
1012 to-wit:
Adair .. .4
Alfalfa .. 0
Beaver 7
Ueckbam 4
Blaino 8
Custer 8
Delaware 3
Dewey 0
Ellis 7
Garfield 15
Qarvln 0
Grady 7
Gratit 0
Qreer 4
Harmon 2
Harper. 1
Haskell 0
Hughes '. .. 7
Ilryan ....
Caddo ..
. 7
.. fi
Cimarron . . .2
Cleveland 5
Coal 4
Comanche.. ..8
Jackson 8
Jefferson 3
Johnston 3
Cotton 4
Craig (V
Creek 0
Latimer. .....3
LeFlore 0
Lincoln.... ..18
Logan 10
Love 2
McOlaln 4
McCurtain 0
Mcintosh 0
Major 7
Marshall . . .2
Mayes 6
Murray 3
Muskogee 18
Noble 7
Kay 14
Kingfisher 11
Kiowa 8
Ottawa 0
Pawnee 8
Payne 10
Pittsburg.. . .14
Pontotoo 4
Pottowatomie .13
Pushmataha . 2
Roger Mills
Rogers ..... . . 0
Seminole.... 0
Sequoyah. . . .'10
Stephens 4
Texas 7
Tillman 1
Tul.a 11
Wagoner . .11
Washington . 8
Washita . 6
Woods 8
Nowata 5
Okfuskeo 4
Oklahoma .... 27
Okmulgee 0
Osage 8
Woodward .... 8
Tho new State Committee will meet
immediately after the adjournment of
said State Convention.
In every precinct tho present com-
mitteeman shall call the meeting to
order. If he should bo absent the
meeting shall bo called to order by
Dome person to be mutually agreed up
on by thoso present.
Every County Convention elial! be
called to order by the chairman of the
County Committee and the State Con-
vention will be called to order by the
chairman ot tho Stnte Committee
Each such chairman will preside until
tho Convention has elected its own
Every primary or caucus nnd every
County Convention as well as tho
State Convention shall elect its own
presiding officer as the first business
after tho meeting shall have been call-
ed to order.
Annum H Gkissler
Geo. IJ. Dodsox State Chairman.
Secretary Ropubliaan State Com-
A Republican County Convention is
hereby called to meet at the Court
House in Beaver Oklahoma on Fob-
ruary 7 1014 at 2 o'clock P. M. for
the purpose of electing seven delegates
to the State Convention to be held at
Tulsa Oklahoma on February 13 1014.
A precinct meeting is hereby called
to meot in caoh election precinct in
Beaver County on Saturday January
31 101 i at 3 o'clock p. in. for the
purpofo ot electing delegates to the
County Convention and for the further
purpose of electing a member of the
County Central Committee.
Each precinct is entited to the fol
lowing representation.
Elmwood No 1
Gate No 1 ...
Gate No 2
Blue grass No 1.
Uluegraes No 2.
Logan No 1
Logan No 2 ...
Benton No 1.
Benton No 2
Beaver No . 1
Elm wood No 2
Elmwood No 3
ilalko No 1 .
Bolko No 2.
Kokomo No 1.
Kokomo No 2
Floris Nol
Floris No 2 .
Pleasant View
Q. Valley No 1
Beaver No 2 4
Grand Valley No 2 1
The County Convention shall elect a
member of the Statu Committee and
also elect a member of the Congres-
sional Committeo
Jons V. Savaok
County Chairman.
Thohas P. Braidwooo
Heaver Oklahoma January 12. 1014.
A Correction.
Sophia Okla. Jan. 0 1014.
Editor BsAvsn IIkrami.
Beaver Okla.
Dear Madam:
Having noticed an article in the
Herald of January 1 101 1 in the Clear
Lake items in which notice was given
of a debate between Bro. B. B. Brink
and Bro. D. F. Sturgeon to commonce
January 10 1014 which stntoinoul
shows that the writer does not under-
stand tho conditions of tho debate If
any conditions were submitted
Bro. Sturgeon will agree with Bro
Brink in that we aro in living the dis-
pensation ot the Gospel and tho Mo-
saic law was done away and wiped out
forover more Bro. Sturgeon will
teach you if ho Is a Seventh Day Ad-
ventlst. That outside tho merits of
Christ and His atoning blood there is
no life to any beyond the gravo. Al
though they keep the one law or two
of them a thousand years. There Is
evidently a sad mistake as to what
Elder D F. Sturgeon teaches. Come
and hear him.
H. E. Babtuolombw.
(The above letter was requested for
publication in our last Issue but reach-
ed this olllce too late. We give it this
week however and trust that it will
sorve its purpose oven though delayed .
To Curo a Cold In Ono Day
Tike LAXATIVItDROMO Quinine. It .tor tin
Couch and Headache and trorki oil the Cold.
DnicgUts refund money 11 It (ills to cure.
U. W GROVE'S denature on each box. 2Jc
Sunset Sittings.
Henry Douglas was sent to Knowles
as a delegate) by the Broom Corn
Growers Association at Sunset.
Henry Ludlum Logan Kerns and
Fred MeKlnzle have completed a new
house in Sunset for Mr Little
Jim Woods are tho proud parents of
a One baby girl.
Quite a crowd from Sunset attended
tho Literary at North Fork last Friday
Word has been received from Mies
Cressle Hoover that she has mado no
Improvement at this writing.
The Literary at Sunset is well at-
tended Saturday nights.
Miss Hazel Neal has enjoyed a two
weeks vacation with homo folks.
Mr. Ludlum's family were guests of
Henry Drum's last Sunday.
Tlico. Neal's left Wednesday over-
land for their claim In Colorado
Several farmers went to Knowles
the II ret of tho week to get coal.
To Prevent ulocd Poisoning
apply at once the vrondtrfut old tellable DR
ileal dreitlng- tbat rellevca pain and beala at
lac suae Umt. Hot a liniment. UcSOctLOu
LaKcmp OKlahoma
Confectionery and Lunch Goods
I have Just opened up for business 'with a now clean
stock of fresh
Candies Fruits
C. -....: :..
Livciy lumg in me Dtuuriy uuie
Will appreciate your patronage.
Short Order Bakery
Wc cater to your needs in Good Things to Eat
and Drink. Our stock is complete and choicc-
WCan also supply your ICE needs.
Scaedrett k Fuest
Iiliei i9 llinti
I respectfully solicit your
tee to please
For Dates and Terms
at My Expense.
We Will Welcome You
You will uovor et a
into our bank whether
BORROW money. Come in.
you. Wo will also welcome y
-'Aii.-vtr uutv uuni
All Deposits in
Banlc Guaranty
Groceries Cigars- JL
;l r-i... I : fc
i i.
'High $ Auctioneer
business and tvlll cuaraii-
and satisfy you.
Write mc or Phone 'No. 61
FROWN when.
eposit or
you want
Janlf are Guaranteed by the
5ftheStalo of Oklahoma.

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