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Oklahoma His Sociity
Oldest Oklahoma Nbwsdbdbp Republican for Principle
4i '9' 3. No. 26
Sixty Years ihe Standard
w tit usk w
i Y 7" "r f
VSV i h
fl Cream of Tartar Powder
Made from Grapes
O. F. Twford went to Olazier Texas
Uob't. Dixon made u trip to Alva tho
llrst of the week.
The Presbyterian Sunday School is
arranging for a Xmas program.
Mrs. W. F. Carson Is visiting friends
and relatives in Rpinbeck Iowa.
J. A. Hinks and wife from the south
part of the county sere trading here
Visit the Kazaar you may find Just
what you want to give someone for
A bran new baby girl arrived at the
home of Attorney Claude T. Smith and
wife Wednesday.
Lou Pratt and Will Haskell both of
E'mwood were In the county seat
Monday transacting business.
Mils Mertha Turner ha returned
from a visit with relatives in Texas
during Thanksgiving holidays.
Mrs. L E. Rubb of Lenori N C left
for her home Tuesday after a week's
visit with her sistar Mrs J A Miller.
Sheriff Johnnie M. Jones and Frank
Shockley ni'ido a trip to Uuymon laBt
vroek as witnesses in the Slmms case
Superintendent Folio is kept from
visiting tho schools this week by the
copious rains which gladdens the
Mrs. A. L Henson wife of one of
Heaver county' old time aettlers has
gone to Decatur III. to visit her sis-
ters. She formerly lived there but has
not returned since coming to this
Judge Uob't Loofbourrow of the
Supreme Court and win Halo were
here for Thanksgiving with the Judge's
parents. They returned to Oklahoma
City last week
A Car Load of Turkeys
and Chickens.
December 9th10th 1915
We will pay the following prices
for Turkeys and Chickens delivered
at Forgan Oklahoma:
Younp; Tom Turkeys 11 lbs and over
Hens 7 lbs and ovor ....
Old Tom Turkeys 11 lbs and over
Light and Cull not wanted but will pay
Hens and Springs - - -
Old Roosters
Now is the time to place your Turkeys and
.hickens on the market as this will be the lust car of
pou'try hipped from Forgan until February and the
market looks lots lower.
Phone 45
Mm. Laurence Ilardety of 'Iola.
Kansas an old time resident of Meade
county is visiting nt tho K. M. Kngllsh
Miss Maude TlinmnK and her niece.
Hwlen Murphy were called to Green
Kidge Mo this week liy the Illness of
a nephew.
John W. Taft of Speermore. was In
1 the county seat on business Tuosday.
Hy leaving one $ In this ofllce he Hill
read tho Herald for another year.
Mr. Fellow received word Wednes-
day of tho serious Illness or her brother
V. Stanley of Lapel Iudlnna Her
anxiety whs relieved on Friday evening
by telegram that he was Improved.
Hay Karnes the genial hardware
merchant has purchased a Ford car
from Will Thomas. Whether he wil
be content with climbing curb or will
attempt telephone poles remains to be
That big 220-piece Xmas package of
cards tags seals stickers anil folders
whioh wo are giving away. FREE with
the Hehalii is a dandy. Come in and
aBk to see it See the olTer on another
A lively hop at the K. or P Hall last
Wednesday night last week was well
attended. The exorcise is thought to
bo rciponsihlo for a number of abnor-
mally largo appetites for turkey the
following day.
The Missionary Society mot with
Mrs Will Fields today. Tho "subject
of tho meeting was Medical Missions
and it proved both interHting and
instructive A dainty luncheon was
followed by a social hour.
The W. C. T. U meeting held at the
Christian church Friday night on the
subject of "Anti Narcotic." was very
interesting and hlpfnl. Mrs. Lennie
Thomas thp superintendent Is very
much interested and will hand out liter
aturo on the subject to anyone desiring
the same.
Mrs. George Ileal; as hostees Mon
day evening to ttin members of tho
Five Hundred club and their husbands.
High score was mado by Mrs. Will
Fields and Mr. Hrnidwnnd A two
course luncheon followed cards. Tho
club will be entertained by Mrs. John
Fulton next week
The two bands of Hearer gavo a Joint
concert nt the Court House on the eve
of Thanksgiving. The opening num-
bers were played by tho "grown-up"
baud and tho latter half of the pro-
grum wa rendered by tho juvenbe
or "kid" band. This was tho first
public appearance of the boys and
their instruments and to say they
mado good i putting it midly
The fact that the boy were able to
appear and produce harmonious souude
only a few liours altera turkey dinner
shows a high degreu of self denial on
their pari.
We are proud of "our bands" as are
all tho townspeople and feel that they
deserve unlimited praist and encour-
agement for their untiring efforts.
12c per lb
12c per lb
lie per lb
5c per lb
flc per lb
lo per lb
Forgan Oklahoma
I Plnn'r Dnrwl Title I
Thu Hook Shower for the t'ublla Li-
brary of tlm Heaver W. O. T U. held
at the Court House on tho evening of
tho 2Sth. was a complete success. The
Band discoursed beautiful music which
wis appreciated by all. Uaptain Nile
earnestly invoked the blessing of God
upon the effort of tho Union and read
II Timothy third chapter.
Prof. A. T. White prefaced his read-
ing from Milton "on books" with ap-
propriate remarks. Tho Male Quar-
tette was enthusiastically encored
after singing a beautiful song and re-
sponded with a lilting selection Pr.
Long Superintendent Fellow Wm.
(Juli n Rev. Shaw Mrs. Ford and Miss
Maude Thomas gave helplul and on-
courageing thoughts on maintaining a
a public library.
The Q. A. It. have kindly tendered
their building in which to place the
library. Tho members of the W. 0.
T. U. will at stated hours on certain
days bo tbero to loan books and ro-
ceive them after being read A list of
the books and regulations for their
use will be placed in the room.
We hereby express our gratitude to
the good people of Heaver their
rriends and publishing houses for the
generous supply (seventy-two hi num-
ber but of untold value ) given on our
llrst elTurt belleveiug that many more
will catch tli upirit of giving and add
to the list until we have a large libra-
ry of which the people of Beaver will
be proud and muuirest their pride by
keeping the road warm on the days of
Tho members of tho 0. A. It. are In-
vited to be present aid take part in
tho next program on thesubjeotof
'I'eaco." Koll call will be responded
to with items of war news or quota-
tions on war peace and arbitration.
Date is the 3d Friday December
19th 3 p. in at the Presbyterian
church. The public is cordially invited
to attend.
Mrs Lai'umhin Dep't. Supt.
Mux. Mkmnha ti. Fkllow Pre.
Prof. A. T. White has rmiiii to make
his homo with bis nephew il 0. Fol
low" tlCitTnulcouied'tu Heaver by the
Fit His Case Exactly.
"When father was sick about six
years ago he road an advertisement of
Chamberlain's Tablets in the papers
that lit his case exactly" writes Mitt
Margaret Campbell of Ft Smith Ark.
'He purchased a box of them and ho
has not been sick since. My sister had
stomach trouble and was also benefited
by them." For salo by all dealers.
Tho Marthas will conduct a Christ-
mas Rjzaarnu tho 13th of December at
which time they will havo on sale. Tea
Jackets plain and fancy aprom and
caps cushions handkerchie's dolls
and many other useful and attractive
articles suitab'o for presents.
Your patronage solicited
Rain More Rain.
During the Interval between Friday
night and Wednesday morning 1 48
Inches of rain fell. The total rainfall
for November is 2.18 inches. This is
an unusually largo amount for this
section as was the moisture for the two
previous months.
During November there has been
only tlireo nights with a temperature
below the freezing point. This has
truly beon a wonderful fall for the
growth of whoat and crop prospects for
next yoar are brilliant
To Prevent Illood Poisoning
apply at once the wonderful old reliable DR.
zlcal ilreulue Hint telle et pain and heala at
Ilia same time. Not n liniment. 25c 50c. J 1.00.
Fancy Fixings for Christmas
Tho genius who invented the "fanny
fixings" for Christmas gifts filled a
long foil want. The Christmas teal
and stamps pretty gift cards and tanoy
tags and labels appeal to all and add
materially to tho value of any gift.
.Such emblems of the Christmas season
when nought In the stores cost consid-
erable but we are glad to oiler our
subscribers an opportunity to get tht.m
for practically nothing. We havo ob-
tained a number of such packages
containing each 220 pieces which we
are offering to our subscribers and in
addition a year's subscription to The
Weekly Inter-Ocean and Farmer the
greatest metropolitan weekly und
Farm and Home the best agricultural
paper. 1 tie three panels and the
Christmas package can be obtained for
only ?1 'Jo. bee our announcement on
another page for fuller details of this
great olTor. As our supply of Christ-
mas packages is limited it will be veil
worth your while to give this offer your
prompt attention.
Publications for Women.
Following its policy to aid farmrrs'
Ihousowlvei the department of agriaul-
ttiro has recently issued a list or rree
publications which apply particularly
to women's work. This list Is furn-
ished free on application to thu editor
and chief of thu division of publica-
tions. ' United States dopartmont of
ngriculture Washington DO as are
the bulletins which ltdoscrlhes.
Tho bulletins are divided into over
olio hundred special classes there be-
ing sometimes as many at a dotun
ptinphlots for a subject.
rhero is one class of bulletins deal-
ing with dairying while others spec-
ially concern butler cheese cream
and milk.
Bulletins on the tubjeat "Drugs"
re entitled:
Uarmfulness of headache mixtures.
Habit-forming agents; tholr Indis-
criminate sale and usu a menace to
the public welfare
There is a set of bulletins dealing
with bees a sot dealing with birds and
another set dealing with such house-
hilld itis'ois a the ant and the Ilea
Guinea pigs rabbits and rats also havo
eaol u oulletin devoted to them.
Firm conveniences in general have
one set or bulletins to describe them
and farmers' institutes another. Hints
on how to preiaru foods covHr a wide
range of subjects including apples
banana Hour bread cereal breakfast
foods clams coffee substitutes and
corn. There are twelve bulletins do-
voted to canning and preserving while
the tireless cooker it the subject of a
sepnrato bulletin.
Fruits and (lowers eaoh receive their
merited share of attention. Annual
flowering plants directions for making
window gardens china asters garden
sweet peas peonies and ro slug am
subjects treated in thelloriuuliure set;
while tho blueberry grape melons
the mulberry tho raspberry the rosellc
and tho strawberry make up the fruit
culture et or publications. Vegetable
culture includes bulletins on aspara
gus celery cucumber mushrooms
okra rhubarb and tomato.
The housewife who wishes to know
about helpful organizations for bojs
mid girls stieb as thu corn poultry and
canning olubs may learn atiout them
by sending for the list of patnplels
Included under the heading "Agricul-
tural olubs."
Trees school gardens roads paints
and whitewashes Industrial alcohol
and water are samples of the wide
range of subjeots or these publications
which the department will send free to
tho farm woman on application.
Because of the limited supply appli-
cants aro urgently requested to ask
only for those bulletins in which they
are particularly interested Tho de-
partment oannot undertake to supply
oomrilete jets nor may tho applicant
ask for more than one copy of any pub
lication for herself.
In applying for these publications
llrst send for tho list and then iudi
cate from this the name of the berries
and sorial number of tho bulletins or
circulars that aro desired
Boaver Schools Scoro High.
According to the schedule arranged
by the A. A M College Beavor tohools
grades 05 points outof a possible 100.
Sooax or Bkavrr Schools
1. Buildings and grounds (passible
20 ) Location ; topography develop-
ment -I
Play Grounds; size features 4
Out Houses; location condition RJ
Fuel ; kind accessibility houses 2
Building ; size foundation repair
paint 0
Total 10K
3 Hy genie Features (possible 2.')
Heat and ventilation lii
Light i
Water; availability purity
Seats ; tiro condition placement i
Cleanliness 0
Total 23
3. Equipment (possible 16)
Teacher's desk ; table cases maps
globe 2J
Blackboards; kind amount height IK
Library ; dictionaries display 'i
Primary and vocational equipment 4
Art decoration muslo 2
Total 12 1-2
i. Regimen (possible 20)
Courses records programs exorcises 3
Sestions; length enrollment atten-
dance 6
Time; Industry goodwill order
play C
Vocational practlcumt projects ser-
vices 4
Organized literaries clubs etc 3
Total JO
S. Teachers (possible 20)
Education ; training experience 4
Charicter j oriclnallty civility 4
Teaching efficiency 4
Professional activity 4
(f '' St..
lA MwaflLUflHLl
.3 Amiiiiinilioii
vis rvif
Salary 4 1
Total " 20
T.ital points poslble. 100 I
Grade of Beavor schools. 03.
Beaver Graded ischool Box
The Graded School Is planning on
having a Box Social at the Ilieb School
auditorium ou Vriday night Devtiti-
her 12 inil.
The approximate cnt of our nlav
ground HpparatiH U ftll.00. At the
presont we have raised only about
152 00 pf this amount leaving us about
IS 00 short. We nlso would like to
make much needed improveme.nts in
our building such as shsIi curtains for
all the rooms and pictures for our
walls Itemember we spend over one-
lialf of our day in theso rooms and wi'
would like to have them as pleasant
and home-like as possible
V e appreciate very much the loyal
supportmf the patrons and eltizus of
Heaver n all former enterprlsea and
we thank you one and all Whatever
differences we may havu religously and
p illtlcally concerning siihonl affair we
are all tin common ground lvich one
h is rights to enjoy and duties to per-
form Wo aro going to have about an hour
pf llvIy musical program before tint
buxos will be sold.
Mothers help your daughters to pre-
pare boxes and don't think that you
c.innnt tiring a box because wo want
you to.'
Fathers holp your sons to earn llfty
or sevejity-llve cents to buy one of the
luxes. Don't give it to them but ti II
them lib n- to earn it and their suppers
will taste the better for having earned
their own money.
Whrn Friday comes "put otfyoiirold
gray bonnet" and como along to
school and let's have a good old-fashioned
time. Be boys and girls among
tit and we'll assure you a good time.
Everybody welcome
M. C. Omtrs Prin.
How to Bankrupt the Doctors.
A prominent New York phvslciau
says ' If It vmiiu not for the thin stock-
ings and thin solid shoes worn by wo-
men tho doctors would probably be
bankrupt." When you contract u cold
do not wait for It to develop Into pneu
monia but treat It at once. Chamber-
Iain's Cough Itemcdy is Intended es-
pecially for coughs mid colds and hits'
won a wido reputation by Us cures of'
these diseases It U mostelTeoMial and
Is pleasant and safe to take For sale
by all dealers.
Implements Vehicles
Well Supplies
We are prepared to supply all
your wants in our line. Brand new
stock. We treat you right and will
appreciate your trade.
Beaver OKla.
'Christum Church Services.
Chrl-tiiin Church Services Sunday
December 7. IDIH
Bible Sel.ool at 10:00 o'clock a. m.
Morning nerxice at II :ffl o'clock.
Christian Kndeavur at 7:00 p. m.
KvenlngServlce at 8:00 o'clock p m.
A cordial Invitation Is extended to
Ii. L. Siuw. Pastor.
Presbyterian Sunday School.
Kyeryjiiiiiiliiy .at 10:00 o'ctuok a. in.
All arVconirally Invited tn attend
and will be heartily welcomed.
W. F. (Uiikon Supt.
n.a.1 ii...iiiintinV
TheW O.T. O. Public Library has
been established at the G. A. K. Hall
and will be opened to the publta fat.
unlay December Olh J1U3 and each
succeeding Saturday at tho hours from
2. 00 o'clock to 4.00 o'clock p in at
which limn you may select or return
books borrowed Anyone having mag-
azines to donate for piiblio use will
please leave at library with tho com-
mittee In charge.
$1250 to $35.00
Large New Line to
Select From
We Tan Your Hides
I)us Spot on 2nd Slrort
Liberal ' Kansas
m (M

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