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A ; Mft I0 J!r rHy J
am toy m tm in tana Uk h
Mte u4 K rfo t hwtutot to rmm
orr it totm&mt 4irtaa.
An KtOUtk & ka vtUj a
&ofti7 t"Jt- V!ihpi I rao
(too fro Uw rratte era
7"fc trtajwry dprti. It 1 Jd
Jx kboat to bare- r-w rf2;& prepared
for tfc ifcVi Cr-cct pfe- and h
ore w J4 tutnrrj rnt coin
df fulL! tfc iJfcBlspwi tboald
Jrim o a not to mvmhte ia any
$jcrw tfc &':ku on tb nrw fi--
Each aecyJfnK Kt!ratJm f bl
r tfcao lb Ja4t. That J -wby w
o not burn ltebs nor own tUtren.
And vft rfo many Ihlncn wbJch onr
ihiUtrn' cblMrra will think criminal
ae llly. Our ymminn bars wrcr
intlrMlcm ot Hrfnj; In a better tlrno
tbaa bar -n.
If the Chlr.Ko police hare cap-
InrH th Iar of thft Black Hand In
that cltr. tboy haro done an excellent
work. It Is aald that tbla man baa
rlren Information coneornlnjc bla fel-
low. He ym arreatd In the act of
laklnic money from an Italian pbyal-
clan who bad toeri threatened by the
A looker-on In Venice Illlnol not
Italy might well bo MrurUed that
the rectint upanklng of three boy In
that peaceful villain hould be o
elaborately treated by tho metropoli-
tan pre Tlrno wo when thin wa
n almoft dally obcrranco In awry
home In the land that bnnoted young
barbnrlnna at piny. "Tho old order
A rnltroud pot In It aubtirlmn
car warning n;nlnnt "dlncrnhnrklnK
from tho car In the tormlnnl ynrdH."
Thl B tho frenchman oborvod. In
rnot well; but rnlKlit ll not lio worth
while to Join with It an admonition
to tho caniloM uhurbnnlto to cenwo
dlNombarklriK on the port nldii of tho
train nl ntntlon whoro tho platform
lie to dUrlioann
Tho connt artillery coinpnnlo at
fort Washington Md clnlm tho
world' record In mortnr firing having
hit n target moving ot tho rate of five
mile an hour rdx tliucn In ten nhntn
at a distance of from 4000 to 0000
yard and tho ton shot woro fired In
Ion than G' nilnutoH With mark-
rnatiHhlp reduced to an exact nclcnco
tho lovluthau L'Attloihlpn will havo to
bo wary.
An American company In to bo
formod to capltallzo an expedition to
rtrnrch In tho ocean for tho hidden
trranuron of Capt Kldd. A n hlder
that piratical gentleman In ntlll hold-
ing the record Ilo would ho worth
his wflght In hi own gold at thin day
when other lilddon troamiron are be-
ing dragged to tight by prohen Inves-
tigation nnd othur form of "trust-
busting." How culpably Ignorant of tho early
lilstorr of our country tho children nro
lining kept In freshly lllimtratod by
noma examination paper Illod nt a re-
cent colk'Ko examination In which It
wn Mated that Don. Orant nnd Ad-
miral Knrragut commanded In tho
Tlrltlnh army and navy during tho rev-
olution Apparently good work will
bo found for every poit In detailing
comrade to liiMpcot the duties of the
children In tho hcIiooU
The Now York tax1cabThavlng bo
come cnlablMied tho Inovltnhln rumilt
follow that their proprietor nro foul-
ing niouiul for thn lilghet charge
that tho trallla will hear Thin In no
iiHiial an to crouto llttlo uiirprlso; hut
thn puhllo would like for once to neo
how It hooiiih o encounter u puhllo
nervlco novelty that I conducted on
tho effotn notion of (Uncovering thn
lowodt price that will ylold bigger
profits by multiplying tho trnlllc.
Tnxlcnlm have Increased their raten
In Now York hut tho old reliable
irosHtown homo enrs utlll Jolt nlung
for n nickel.
Italy ha got tho Dreadnought!!!
tool A hill hn boon Intioduced in
tho chamber of deputlon calling for
two 20000 ton ImltloxlilpM When they
get two tliuy will feel lonoNoino with-
out four and with four It will bu nlmo.
luloly mxreHiary lo havo lx And vo
tho dreadful complaint contliiute to
Krow uiut fiiHteriHltMlnuatlablo tnonoy'
Hucklng toutack'H upiui tho uatlou.
mnmt pmn. -
linlti Jar (ft '
l Xnlxnnla Should. & of Medium Slz. "Well MalJ Active
Stronz InilHzent arul Tralatd 2y J. H. Hyoes.
A OsciJ Farm
TV- ortaal htnt of tie fcorx" i
wakiunrti tmt t n Daw ad zmfmz
all waUwwt Je ha Ves a lm wo-
Vbm m imam. Jat die early vm when
tttHlzmlkn was oimiAM to tie warm
cllates tke 1mt was a royal alma!.
MmrvfS were td fcy ptim&n and war-
rfcmt In vait nMlKrr. Job tfTe tke
f6t 3enTipJoB of the bore erer
rrlUen a frt of which we jote:
"Hait tfeotj Rlren the bone strength?
Han thoa clothed M neck with tbnn-
iTl Canat tboo make him afraid a
a Kraboppr? The Klory of bis nov
trlbi I terrlbK He pawetb In the
Talley and rejolceth In bis atrenxth.
He mocketb at fear neither tnrneth
at fear neither tnrneth be back from
the sword."
A stndy of the nature and con trac-
tion of bla body shows wJidotn on the
part of the Creator in designing that
the bore nhould be a moit useful
servant to man.
The farm team should cons! of medium-sized
animals well mated active
strong. Intelligent and well trained.
About 1400 pounds Is a handy weight
for a general-purpose farm team. Any
less weight lacks strength and a great-
er weight results In alow awkward
movements Tho team nhould have
a combination of bone and sinew and
muscle developed In a high degree
and so nenrly alike In each animal that
an equal distribution of ntrcngth will
result. This will allow them to stand
severe strain better and longer with-
out damaging either. An unevenly
mated team In any of tho feature 1
a drawback.
Tho physical conntructlon of tho
borso Is so similar to that of mnn that
tho rule pertaining to tho en re of ono
will apply to tho other Tho food glv-
en tho borso must bo pure for tho
stomach of tho horso I very small
considering hi weight nnd tho diges-
tion I rapid to quickly replace loot
energy In work Whllo tho digestion
Ttitinol Connectlntr llotino and
liant Utmcl in Winter.
Btrnnger who travel through Now
Kuglurid notice tho shed and other
outhiilldlngH which connect Iioiiho and
barn. Uunlly tho ham In a nafo IIh-
tancu away but low wood sheds and
utoro room connect tho two. In case
House to Darn Subway.
of llro thorn lu llttlo hope of saving
tho bulldlngu. I'eoplo who go to Now
ICnglaud In Htiiumor wonder why UiIh
connection Ik inudu. Could they live
on tho farms In winter nnd seo thu
groat nnowdrlftH or vlow tho blizzard
(hoy uuuld tiudonttnud. Tho object Ih
lo roach tho barn without going out-
loot. A writer In tho Iturnl Now
Yorker make a Hiiggestlon which ho
Iiiih worked out In thu llttlo picture
hIiowii herewith. Ho ny;
"ThtH repreaent a tunnel under
ground connecting Iioiiho and barn
which could ho iihoiI In winter In
northern latltudeu whero houyy iinow
BtoriiH exist or condition of heavy
wind nnd gale At time going out-
door Ih Very dlnagreoublo eupoclnlly
for a cno whoro women woro ohllgod
to travel butwgeu house and burn aud
V ' ! ') 1.' ' 7.-T-- ' "iJ
C "J"1
tVf hm ! u MMiMi mm aJHaifa art mm
tM II III! tt MU M li H ll
ssjrw -
in the cot 1 tUrr asd oompHeatd
tJsat is te korie hi rapM and staple
feoace osly tke beat of fe4 sbsald bej if yo woM Totd dtae.
Another lmportaftt Item Ss pure wa
(er. Cattle and bog may thrive drink-
ing impure. mn4Ay water bat a borso
will not We Ao not think It best to
water teams jext after corning in from
work especially If the morning work
work was bard. Work boriea should
bare a liberal amount of alt in tbelr
feed every day or to as be sweata so
ranch In labor wblcb results in the
carrying off through perspiration much
of tbe saline elements in tbe body.
We believe salt just as essential to
the health and nourishment of the
horse as it is to man.
When spring work begins care must
be taken not to overwork the team in
the start. They should be gradually
worked up to the point where they can
endure a full day's work. Don't think
for a moment that your horse is made
of steel. Corning out of the winter In
a somewhat weakened muscular con-
dition due to Idleness you must not
expect reasonably that you can get a
full amount of work from them. It
you have heavy work use tho fore-
noon for thl and then In the after-
noon do some lighter work for a few
day till the team gets hardened some-
what. When spring work begins then
commence heavy feeding. Grain ra-
tion must be given freely. This In
conjunction with plenty of clean hay
will enable jour team to do its duty.
Never feed duty molded hay. Better
nono at nil. When pasturage can be
had glvo the team freo access to It.
On fair night turn out at pasturo
rather than keep the horses in stall.
When they must be noused from Incle-
ment weather e that they havo lib-
eral bed of clean dry straw on which
to rest. A horso dislikes to Ho down
In n bed of filth nnd will not do bo as
a general thing. Farmers' Kevlcw.
In nddltlon anything could ho handled
between Iioiiho cellar and barn collar
without bringing up nnd down. This
tunnol could bo used in such case or
whero n person objects to having
buildings connected."
. Tho tendency now In to put public
trnfllc underground. Tho great sub-
way In New York Is n success. Tun-
nel nro now being mndo under tho
rivers which flow pant Manhattan Is-
land. Wo hope to boo tho day when
nil railroad trnlnB will bo' put under-
Caro In Breeding Chickens. The
poultry rnlnor In breeding for show
room Hpeclmens nnd In compliance
with tho requirements of tho standard
of perfection nil BpeclmenB possess-
ing disqualification and blemishes
should bo culled out. Undor UiIb
head como such fault as feathered
log on youngators of clean-legged
breed; "ficantlly-fenthord legs on full
feathered typical shopoj defective
head point etc. Ulrda thu defective
should bo segregated and dlnposod of
bfcnuno undoBlrablo for Btock birds;
tho pullet may bo reserved for com-
mercial eggs provided tho breeder
has amplo room othorwlno they too
nnd nottcr Po Bold for that purpoao
to tho commercial breeder.
Don't Foroet the Salt. Common
sonso and many experiments teach
that tho proper way to salt cnttlo Is
to provldo It In Buulclcnt quantity nnd
mako It acccBHlhlo to them nt nil
Union. Halt nhould bo placed at nt
louRt two different point whero tho
cnttlo run nnd they nhould bo al-
lowed to got It whenovor they want It.
An animal will cat no moro than I
ntmolutaly neconsary In this wny.
While if Bnlt In given at Infrequent
IntorvnlB cnttlo nnd particularly fat-
tening Hteor nro apt to eat much
moro than In good for them. 8nlt I
an Important factor In propnrlng cnt-
tlo for market nnd tho iiarno caro
(mould bo given to It iibo a to food-
It) g.
The Ground Squirrel Pest. To rid
tho farm of tho ground squirrel n
good way Ih to dlnnolvo ono ounco of
strychnia milphato and two ounce of
borax In two quart of hot water in a
clowd vohboI utlrnng occnlonally for
20 minute or until completely din-
Holved. Tlioil add nix quart of warm
wntor nnd nprlnklo thin polnoucd so-
lution over ao pounds of rolled or
cruuhed wheat ntlnlng and mixing
thoroughly until it I nil absorbed.
Ilnco n quarter of a loaspoonful of tho
poisoned grnln nonr tho cutranco of
onch occupied burrow or in each run-
way For mlco ono-half ounco of
strychnlno la nufllclont.
m&m Ion
THE first coat la in blue serge; it fastens over In a point to ono side; thj
front then slope away Wblto faced cloth Is used for tho collar cuff
and pocket trimmed at tho edge by black satin-covered button and button-boles
made with black silk cord. Hat of straw trimmed with masses of
small roses and a feather mount.
Materials required: 2 yards serge 46 Inches wide yard wblto faco
cloth 3 dozen buttons 2 yards cord.
Here Is a coat for fawn face-cloth; it has a semi-fitting front and a tight
back; tabs are cut on tbe front back and sleeves trimmed with buttons a id
cords; all the seams are wrapped and the collar Is of velvet. Hat of stretcl id
Latin trimmed with roses and a feature mount
Materials required: 1 yard cloth 46 Inches wide VA dozen button J4
yard velvet 3 yards lining.
The third Is of tweed bonnd with satin. Tbe coat fastcna Invisibly down
center of front and is trimmed with buttons and cords In Bets of threes tno
sleeve Is trimmed In the same way and is bound with satin. Hat of straw
trimmed with silk and a feather mount
Materials required: IVi yard 48 inches wide 1 yard satin 15 buttons 3
yards lining.
Designed to Be Made Up In Rouge
Pink and In Seml-Prlncess
Rouge pink linen is selected for this
amart scml-princess style. A plain
panel continues from shoulders to hem
of skirt and has a wrapped scam at
each side giving tho effect of a tuck;
one tuck Is made on either Bide to fit
on tho bodice nnd other tucka con-
tlnuo to the end of sleeve; three moro
tuck of different widths trim tho foot
of skirt commencing on each sldo of
panel. Tucked lnwn Ih used for tho
yoke which Is edged with braid n gal-loon-walat-bnnd
Is taken as far as pan-
el and on tho right sldo of It a ribbon
I attached finished at tho end by n
Hat of coarso straw to match trim-
med with chiffon roses and a feather.
Materials required: Nino yards linen
86 Inches wide fpur yards brnld ono-
half yard galloon for walat-bolt three-
quarters yard rjbbon ono taaacl one-
half yard tucked lawn
Jewelry In Daylight.
Practically no Jowolry 1b worn pure-
ly for ornament during tho day.
Tho small gold safety pin and long
barpln for securing tho stock ns woll
oh tho bolt bucklo sorvo usoful pur-
pones. Thoy ahould bo plain and un-
obtrusive To 8avo Stocking.
Girls will not bo half so apt to
dHtico hole In their delicate ellk stock-
lnga If only they will have sllppors
powdered lusldo. This simple opera-
tion permit tho silk nnd shoo to rub
togothqr with decidedly less friction
and the wear la thus not ao great.
PfflsDnfiapini ;
Without Intelligent Application
Housework Means Drudgery and
General Unhapplness.
A a recipe for a happy home then
Is nono better than brain and good
housekeeping. Tho more a woman
knows tho moro easily she achieves.
Housework undirected by brains splli
Tho housewife with brains knoirt
tho valuo ot system of dlrcgardlng
traditions It they mean a waste oJ
higher powers of making life mere
simple If following the fashion means
cramped nerves and strained purse.
Tho brain shows tho futility of
scrubbing stitching and dusting as
nome maKing qualities; whllo tno
other half will never let culture run
rampant whllo stockings are tin
darned and meals are holtcr skeltel.
A woman was onco asked to define
her Ideal housekeeping. "It is that"
Bho said "whero the woman keeps
tho houso and not tho house tho wom-
an." Houses having a wny of not only
"keeping" tho woman but binding her
with chains lmposslblo to break un-
less brains form moro than half the
mixture used in that house's running.
Almost overy gown has a different
colored shoulder scarf.
It Is now qulto tho fad to have
lingerie embroidered In pink and blue
according to fancy.
A waist that closes in tho bnck Is
always pretty with tucks extending
to yolk depth In front.
PaBsementcrlo drop trimmings are
now to bo found In nil tho modioli
colors and In pearl Jot crystal nnu
metallic effects.
There la no moro satisfactory ip
rangoment for n yoko than tho Bepar-
ato gulmpo tied down with ribbons at
tho waist line.
A long chain Intended to bo twlr.t-
ed around tho neck n second and third
tlmols ornnaionted with roso coral
oblongB effectively matched.
Not girdles of wldo soft mesh ate
embroidered in rlbboualno (a lustrloiis
fabric) nnd fringed with It. Thuj
como In nil of tho fashlonablo coloru.
New cloak gowns which mny bo
worn ns nn outdoor garment or aB a
princess robo como In broadcloth In
black navy blue violet and smoke
Mouth Wash.
An xc-cllont mouth-wash may liii
mndo by mixing ono ounco of carbon-
ato of soda with ono pint of watir.
Dottlo for use. After cleaning the
teeth as usual rlnso with a llttlo ol
this liquid. It has a fine preservative
effect on tho teeth and cleanses the
tonguo and gums.
. -
Return to Quaint Curl.
Among tho folk fashions borrow od
from Poland 1b that curloua one ot the
dangling curls at tho aldea of the
faco. Bomo of tho daring woraon in
Paris aro trying tho llttlo curia which
fnll over the temples nnd account fol
the stray locks about tho oar.
Alt Who
Would Enjoy
rKwl Jienllli with U !!inK must un-
iknlnwiUUi tnriyiUulitinv(Am hs
m'(luii of right living with all tbe term
fmplle. With jifojor knowledge of what
It k-t eaoh hour of recreation of cnor-
incnl of contemplation and of effort may
U inntl'i to contribute to living aright.
'Jlien the uo of medicine may be i-temv-(l
with to advantage but under or- .
dJnnry condition In tn&ny iratarxci a j
f Imple wholesome remedy may tx: iavala- r
able if taken at tlio proper time and the
71lfomla Fig Byrup Co. holds that it i
allko iiniwrtant to pretent tbe lubject.
truthfully and to supply the one irfect
laxative to thow dewring it.
Conwqurntly the Comjxiny' Syrup of
Figs and Kllxir of Senna gives general
atwfactlon. To get it beneficial effect
buy tho genuine manufactured by the
California Fig Syrup Co. only and for tale
by all leading druggist.
-' MtwTaJW
jos mi m mi mj mr
Food 1
Contains double the
Nutriment and None of
the Injurious Bacteria
go often found in So-
called Fresh or Raw
The use of Ubky's
Insures Pure Rich
Wholesome Healthful
Milk that is Superiorin
Flavor and Economical
in Cost.
Ubky's Evmmormimil
Milk is the Purest
Freshest High - grade
Milk Obtained from Se-
lected Carefully Fed
Cows. It is pasteurized
and then Evaporated
(the water taken out)
filled into Bright New
Tins. Sterilized and SmI-
f cd Air Tight until You
Need It.
and till your
ft tends how
good it it.
Ubby McNeill
& Ubby
Western Canada
Another 60.000 ipU
tiers from the United
States. New dis-
tricts opened for set-
tlement. 320 acres
of land to each set
I In. un r. .
homestead and 160 at $300 per acre.
A vast rich country and a contented jiros-
perouj people." Extract from nrrtttonJtmct
cf a Aathmal EMttr. uMcu Htit to H'titern
Canada m Augutl ipoS. uat an imtiratien.
Many have paid the entire cost of their
farms and had a balance of from $10.00 to
$20.00 per ncre as a result of one crop.
Spring wheat winter wheat oats barley
flax nnd peas are the principal crops while
the wild grasses bring to perfection the
best cattle that have ever been cold on
the Chicago market.
Splendid climate schools and churches
In all localities. Railways touch most ol
the settled districts and prices for produce
are always good. Lands may also be pur-
chased from railway and land companies.
For pamphlett mapg nnd Information re-
tnH fi wy raiea apply to Suptrln
ih li . ii" '' umwo tnnoup
.... iwiuni banuaian uovernment Ac
. 5 CBiwrnsn
125 W. Uinta Sired. Kin'ut City. Mlitout.
Positively cured by
tbeso Llttlo Pills.
! .. They also relieve Dl-
-aPMrTLE '""SfroinDyBpopBla.In.
I BWSJ IWrft uiECBiionnna too Hearty
I V C.K Eating- A perfect rem-
I H D I I O eaY tor Dl"lncss Nail-
I n ri.llOa sen Drowsiness Bad.
laBa. Bl Tnstelu tho Mouth Coat-
IHbbIBH ed Tongue Pain In the
L .' iHlde TOIiriD LIVEK.
Tuey regulate the DoweU. Purely Vegetable.
Genuine Must Bear
Fac-Siraile Signature
"""" ysrtriu mot iuu nii mimm
s" Jtg

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