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BEAVER : : : : OKLA.
Italians on Emigration.
Emigration nnd Its rosllts Is a llvo
topic of convorsntlon among nil clnssos
nf society In Italy. I havo witnessed
tnnny a liot discussion In tlio town
secretary's offlco when I was gleaning
statistics. ScvornI men always fol-
lowed tlio stranger Into tlio olllco nnd
stood by Interested listeners until np-
pealed to for tliolr opinions. I wns
surprised to discover liow well posted
nlno out of every ten nrc with defi-
nite woll-thought-out convictions fa-
vorublo or unfavorable to tlio move-
ment according to their social position.
A southern landlord In tho province of
Mollso told me with brlstllnR mus-
tacho and keen Hashing eyes wrltrs
Antonio Mnngano In Charities nnd tho
Commons thnt every year ho Is find-
ing It more difficult to securo laborers
to raise Ills wheat nnd ho is compelled
to pay such ns nro nvallablo thrco
times as much ns ho over did before. I
turned to Plctro n brawny workman
who stood listening nnd smiling to
himself with his hands in his pockets.
'Well nnd whnt do you think of this
emigration to America?" 1 asked. Ho
straightened Involuntarily tho hands
.nnio out of his pockets to nsslt his
rapid geatlculntory Italian. "Ah!
S.tnor emigration 13 ono great hlcss-
liif; to our country. What would all
;ueso pooplo do bore excopt to llvo
more wretchedly if that wero possi-
ble whilo tho latlfoudlsti (landown-
ers) nro fattening upon their life-
blood! Tho fact is If It hadn't been
for emigration we must havo ended
by eating ono nnothor tip. Onco thcro
was no money in this town. Now wo
nil havo a llttlo nnd wo poor contndln!
don't havo to go to tho padrone and
bog a loan and pay him CO per cent on
It. Xol No! No ono can doubt that
emigration is a great blessing."
Forest Destruction.
When tho cutting up of tho public
domain began a century ago tho lands
so cut as well as largo parts of the
original statos contained tho most
abundant formats then standing in tho
tcraporato zone. To illustrato what
tbulr destruction has been and how
needless It Is only necessary to con-
sider the pine forests auout tho Great
Lakes. Thcro wero in that region 60
years ago says J. L. Mathews In tho
Atlantic upward of 350000000000
board feet of whlto plno lumber stand-
ing In almost continuous fcrests over
northern Michigan northern Wlscon-
Kin and a good half of Minnesota.
Tho cutting of this timber began In a
email-way a few million foot a year.
Oradually this Increased until It
cached two threo nnd even four bil-
lion and then swept upward with a
rush to aggrogato nearly S.000000.000
In a year. Then as "tho forests gavo
out It droppod until today It Is less
than 3000000.000 feet a year at which
rato tho end Is fast approaching.
Diseases Barriers to Full Work.
Slack work nnd Inefficient industry
corao In more casos from chronic dis-
ease than most realize. Incipient con-
sumption keeps many from full work.
Thero arc in this city at least 10000
ndults doing part work because of tu-
berculosis. Taking tho various chronic
and proventablo diseases and thero
nro somo 50000 adults In n city of the
slzo of Philadelphia whoso work Is
poor from lack of health. This Is prof-
Itnblo neither to employed employer
nor tho community says tho Phlladol-
phla I'rcss. When tho sleeping sick-
Mass has left Africa malarial fever
wiped out by destroying mosquitoes in
tho tropics sprue and other Intestinal
maladies In cast tropical Asia tho
hookworm In tho south nnd elsowhcre
and consumption over all zones torn-
pornto and torrid tho Industrial col-
elency of mnn will bo Increased over
tho world on a scale which will ad-
vanco both comfort and wages tho
btnndnrd of llfo and tho return of
Thero Is a possibility that Great
Britain may havo another "llttlo war"
on ltts hands though tho seriousness of
tho situation is yet to bo disclosed.
Tho eruption of a hordo of Afghan
tribesmen into India through tho his-
toric Khyber pass has a threatening
appearance but If tho movement Is
meroly that of Irresponsible natives
looking for troublo tho probability is
they will find what they seek when
they como in contact with tho British
forces. Tho attitude of tho ameer of
Afghanistan seems to bo somewhat In
doubt nnd until ho shows bis hand
.the exact character of tho movemont
cannot bo determined.
Village trustees of South Orange X.
.1. contemplato an ordlnnnco forbid-
ding dogs cnts nnd roosters to disturb
the peace between 10 p. m. nnd G a m.
In Now Jersey this method of reform-
ing unturo by ordinance is deemed su-
perior to Mr. Uurbank's tedious graft-
lug processes.
Do you want something now to
iunrrelovor? if It takes a clock six
hcconda to strike six how long will It
Oiko tho' clock to strlko 12? Tho an-
swer Is not so obvious as It looks.
Klhe Modem Trolley pjgjgj ' -M
Naturally thero Is only ono person
for whom I am qualified to speak but
o far as ho Is concerned ho Infinite-
ly prefers to walk rathor than to
itand which latter all said and done
la about all that riding amounts to
nowndays. That does not alter tlio
'act however that with tlio comlns
of automobiles nnd rapid transit of
)no kind or nnothor Shnnk's Maro Is
jolng out of fashion together with
other cqulnes. Modem society Is
ivcll-nlgh as shy of using Its logs as it
o of talking about them; nnd pros-
jntly If wo go on at this rate theso
nlthcrto useful appendagos will havo
become boforo wo know It merely
rudimentary and our arms abnormally
developed and strengthened ns n re-
sult of hanging on strnps as arc thoso
of our alleged ancestors tho anthro-
poid npe as a result of hanging on
branciios. I uso tho word "alleged"
advisedly. Surely thero Is llttlo
enough to bo proud of In tho contem-
plation of the nverago family troe
wlthcMt chasing back somo millions of
years for tho purpose of populating it
with tho unsympathetic and avowedly
plain-featured chlmpnnzeo! Wo may
havo descended from tho branches 1
but from tho nnthropold ape? Perish
tho thought! i
Admitting the need of public con- j
VJ UIJVV3 llll.ll UUU in .UlllfJllv;u W
motor ataxia contlnuo to flourish Is
not to admit tho need of their mani-
fold lnconvonloncos. For It is mani
fest thnt wo aro working out the prob-
lem of transit by tlio process of mul-
tiplication of tho public to bo pro-
vided for and of addition If not sub-
traction of tho accommodations. That
Is no kind of arithmetic. Already
rapid transit is walking with a limp.
Sooner or later It will bo going around
on ono log. E plurlbus unum It a
very noblo sentiment. Tho snmo can-
not bo said of plures In uno particu-
larly if tho lino be a public conveyance.
Wo Americans aro notoriously good-
naturcd and long-suffering but there
la such n thing as carrying good na-
ture to tho extreme. At present It la
pertinent to Inqulro whether wo nro
prepared to stand anything nnd every-
thing from tho companies who pre-
tend to transport us in comfort from
ono place to another. Apparently we
aro; and tho mightier tlio company
and tho more modern tho conveyance
tho raoro wo stand. Tho which Is no
mero ldlo flguro of speech.
But let us lay bitterness aside. For
to recommend a moro consistent and
constant uso of our legs does not of
necessity mean that wo should be
eternally kicking. Let us on the
contrary strlvo to seo wherein lie?
tho compensation for tho discomfort
attendant upon tho intlmato proxim-
ity of unlimited numbers of our fellow-men.
This will most certnlnly not
jirovo to bo a mero wild gooso chase.
Whntover It may bo In tho way cf
Injustice n discomfort nnd nn impo-
sition your crowded trolley Is a fer-
tile field for tho study of human na-
ture. Primarily It teaches you that
whntover your lack of beauty mn:.
It cannot compare with that of oikon-.
If it la truo hat beauty is only skl.i
deep It is plain that beauty like
tho eel has becomo used to being
skinned. Tho operation has been per-
formed with consummato efficacy and
dispatch upon tho fnces of an over-
whelming majority of thoso whom one
meets In tho average trolley. This
Is undenlnMy true but nono tho less
uncharitable. After all they can't
help It tho poor things! Uut then
after all ono can't help being unchar-
itable It's moro comfortable than
tho other thing. Charity you know
fluffcreth nil things. That's a pretty
hard load on tho shoulders of charity!
To come back to our fellow-trolley-ers
plnco nux dames! Tho ladles-
bless 'em nro not to bo Judged by ap-
pearances. Woro they we should
arrive at tho conclusion that not ono
In fifty of thoso who board a trolley has
tho most remoto conception of whoro
sho la going or how to get there.
They scrnmblo on with nn eagerness
which seems to Btiggest that this par-
ticular car Is tho last which will
over pnss nnd when they havo re-
covered broath (I am merely a mnn;
I cnunot know how this Is dono In
the caso of n woman but It seems to
bo accomplished by turning her voll
up across her uoso) they appeal to
tho conductor:
"Doen this car go to Asterisk
"Yes madam."
"Oh pshaw! Pleaso lot mo off at
tho next .corner!"
They depart with an air of wronged
lnnoconco leaving their fellow.passon-
gors consumed with curiosity to "know
whether their object In getting on was
to bo taken somewhere as a surprise
an object at onco dofeatcd by learn-
ing the nnino of their destination.
Such ovldcnco of Instability Is fatal to
contemplated matrimony and somo ono
Is always contomplatlng matrimony
even In a trolley. Tho latter has
confirmed more bachelorn than tho
buppcscdly sago advice of Punch.
Provided sho romnlns tho fair pn$-
scngor has to consider tho question
of nnnoxlng a scat for n trolley with
a seat already available Is a trolley
unworthy of tho name. Tho woman
of experleuco makes n rapid survey of
tho field. At onco to bp eliminated
irom ucr ramuiaucu aro me Italian
smB rfeT"!
laborer the fat man with a newspa-
per nnd tho Irish woman's child Tho
first wouldn't If ho could tho ucond
couldn't If ho would nnd tho mother
of tho third has something for which
sho has not paid. All threo aro sat-
isfied. They hnvo no fuithor ambi-
tion; nnd It Is tho class without ambi-
tion which Is not apt to rise or cuuso
to rise
Thcro remains tho nwkwnrd youth
with Ill-fitting clothes senrchlng n
well-worn Euclid with nenr-slghtcd
eyes. It Is hnrdcr to glvo up Euclid
than hla sent but ho docs both with
a sigh. Ho Is never so near-sighted
that ho cannot seo a woman standing.
Thero remains also tho mnn escort-
lug nnothor woman. Ho yields his
place promptly. Ho docs not daro to
retain It. And this Is tho only In-
stance In which ono woman has cause
to bo grateful for what another wom-
an will think!
Falling thoso thcro remain yet
others. Tho white-haired gentleman
with nn old-fashioned nlr; the em-
ploye of tho road who has no right to
io thero at all; tho well-brought-up
llttlo boy; and tho nervous old lady
vho Is looking or her shoulder to
ao If sho hns passed her street nnd
.it liable to get off at any moment. All
'Does This Car Go to Asterisk
theso nro possibilities If not probabil-
ities; but If it Is to be by deliberate
sacrifice and not mero chance thnt
our lady gets her seat she must bo
protty or white-haired or burdened
with n baby. Otherwise she stands
not tho ghost of a show.
Apropos of tho fair sex how extraor-
dinarily hard it is to find! Even in
connection with tho remote geld fields
of the Klondike tho fnct that a pocket
has been discovered calls for oxtendod
notlco In tho dally press! Hut a
woman's pocket is an old old joke
and too truo to bo good.
One wondors nevertheless whether
they ever read tho alleged comic jdur-
nals. It Is in the highest degree im-
probable that they do. Else how
wore It possible for them to continue
year nfter year getting on and off
backwards' searching desperately for
heir pockets and clamoring for tho
-;ivtlogo of paying each other's faf
things which every observant eye Is
watching for and which happen ns
inevitably ns sunrise Theso pe-
culiarities form a solid foundation for
the Jests reared upon them nnd a
solid foundntlon is precisely what
most Jokes lack. Tho mother-in-law
tho young wife's biscuit tho Impos-
sible janitor tho sleeping policeman
tho dime novel of tho messenger boy
etc. etc. ad Infinitum have to a great
extent passed out of the world of
reality as material for Jesting. What-
ever thoy may havo been now at
least thoy aro dead laughed to death
and tho scrlba who has recourse to
them Is frankly a distorter of fact.
Hut tho woman In tho public convey-
ance is perennial. She continues to
do tho same convulsive things over
and ovor shamelessly nnd apparently
In profound innocence of tho fact that
sho Is n humorous entity. No evi-
dently sho skips tho jester's column!
Thoso desiring to mnko an clovated
train will find tho following recipe
useful: Take ono trolley car multi-
ply Its capacity by four and Its con-
tents by eight pack tightly and Icavo
to simmer.
Yes It Is tho trolloy all over four
times over with threo unlntelllglblo
youths Instead of ono blentlng tho In-
comprehensible names of ought-to-bo-familiar
localities; and In somo senso
It Is tho declaration of Independence
ns well. For hero "all men aro cre-
ated equal" In sharpness of elbow
and heaviness of footj And "all men
aro endowed with Inalienable rights"
In particular the right to make
ovcry one else consumedly uncomfort-
able In consideration of ti flvo-ccnt
fnrol Hero howover quotation from
Mio immortal document ceases to ho
applicable. Heferenco In this con-
nection to "life liberty and tho pur-
suit of happiness" would be sarcasm
too painful to bo pardonable.
What a comment upon tho Inex-
haustlblo patlenco and forbearance of
humankind this means of transport
compared to which a cattle train Is a
very Pullman vcstlbuled limited for
comfort! "There Is a friend that
Btlckcth closer than a brother" said
wlso old Solomon. Ho was quite
right. Thero Is. It U tho man on
the next strap.
tions Is tho aim of tho man and the corporation."
Dr. Manning Is n pood buslnesr man thoroughly able to handle tho fi-
nances of the wealthiest parish In tho country. Recently an attack was made
on Trinity becauso of tho r.eemlng secretlveness In making public what be-
came of $400000 of its funds Just year. It elicited no reply.
Dr. Manning is 42 years old. Ho was born In England and came to this
country at ton years of age. After graduation from the University of the
South at Sewaneo Tenn. he wns rector of a small Callfornln church for a
year and then spent three-years as a professor of dogmatic theology within
tho walls of his alma mater. Before taking tho rectorahlp of a church at
l.nnsdownc Tenn. ho married Into the wealthy Van Antwerp family.
Soon he was occupying tho plfico of assistant rector to Trinity parish.
Ho had refused tho bishopric if Kentucky somo yeara before. In Novcin
her 1004 ho wns elected bishop of Harrlsburg. Dr. Manning saw tho greater
field or usefulness opening before him In the New York parish and waiving
tho honors of n title chose the $8000 a year assistant rectorship and the
traditional rights of succession to the head of Trinity corporation.
Dr. Manning has few amusements. He belongs to tho University clut
and goes there not often. His homo life Is pleasant and ho Is fond of music
golf and sailboat riding.
their importance
Mr. Birrcli is undoubtedly one of the strongest men in tho present gov-
ernment and when tho late Sir Henry Campbell-Banuerman was sent for by
King Edward to form an administration the first man ho turned to was Mr.
Blrrell. He was given tho department of education because on It would fall
tho work of preparing a bill to undo the work of tho Conservative government
which practically abolished tho -:chool boards rmd set up a system of church
fchools a system which was bitterly fought by tho non-conformists many of
whom went to Jail rather than pay taxes for their support. Mr. Birrcll's bill
passed tho commons but the peers inserted 147 annulments which would
havo destroyed the bill altogether so the commons refused to accept them.
Mr. Blrrell Is quite a prolific author. His principal works nro "Obiter
DIctu" and "Essays and Addresses" which the London Graphic pronounced
lo bo "terse scholarly humorous nnd suggestive sympathetic and witty." He
Is said to bo thn ono humorous man In tho cabinet. Ho is nn able forceful
pea'.T anil Is In grent demand at elections. In parliament ho Is a fearless
aggressive fighter and ready debater. Like most of tho other members of tho
cabinet he represent! a Scotch constituency and his mother Is a native of the
land of heather.
ambition In view when ho ran for attorney gen
cral. That fight he rc-gaided as only a preliminary canter and so did his
opponeut. Plndnll was beaten and was considered out of tho race so he ran
for tho stato senate and was elected. Tho senato elects Its own presiding of-
ficer who Is exofficlo llentcnnnt govornor and its choico fell on PlndalL.Thus
he reached the otrico of governor through the side door nnd the man who de-
feated him for attorney-general Is now his subordinate and has to take his
orders from the mnn he defeated at the polls. Ho will also bo tho court of
first resort to decldo whethor Pindall or Hamlter is entitled to the office a
question that will bo determined finally by the supreme court.
Pindall Is an active aggressive man of 33 the youngest man who over
sat in tho governor's chair. Had ho not obeyed the call of President Roosevelt
he would havo been occupying tho chnlr yet. Attorney-General Klrby is cer-
tain to decide against him for he is an ally of Hamlter's.
relieved an minister to Washington by Senor
Calderon to .bo minister to London. 1iter he was appointed minister to Ar-
gentina anil afterward to Brazil wlAch was the last diplomatic post held by
h)m before entering the presidential campaign.
Senor Guachalla will be Inducted Into Aucust 6.
Ilov. Dr. W T. Manning newly elected rec-
tor of Trinity Episcopal church New York who
succeeds the Into Dr. Morgan DIx is known as
'The Llttlo Giant of St. Agnes'" nnd draws ft
salary of $25000 a year. Ho has n record of hav-
ing refused two bishoprics.
Prudence nnd roservo aro marked features of
Dr. Manning's face. Ills lips arc thin and ills
jaws bulge at tho 6ldes beneath snllowlsh closo
Bhnven s'.Un which seems to announce that their
master would stand fast by any decision ho had
"Trinity corporation Is ono of mystery and
Dr. Manning Is another" remarked a member of
tho laity. "You seo tho results of both but you
must not Inquire too closely Into their resources
and methods. To do good unobtrusively without
publicity without regnrd to flnnncial considera
Augustine Blrrell chief secretary for Ireland
has been accused by an insane Irishman of hav
ing In conjunction with Lord Aberdeen lord
lieutenant of Ireland stolen tho crown Jewel3 that
are mtsslng from Dublin castle. Realizing the
absurdity of tho charge tho magistrate before
whom the complaint was madi refused to Issue
a warrant. It is unfortunate that such a charge
should have been made by a man of Irish blood
for Mr. Blrrell has" always been a devoted friend
to tho Irish people. Ho has always been an ad
vocato of heme rule .nd has oven sought to
have that prlnclplo extended to Scotland as well
having In view tho establishment of a federation
llko that of the United States or Canada each of
tho states having its own legislature nnd a cen-
tral pnrllament sitting In London to legislate for
tho whole empire a parliament In which tho colo-
nies would have representation In proportion to
Menophon Orestes Pimlall president of tho
state senate became acting governor of Arknnsas
when Gov. John S. Little was taken 111 but when
he went to Washington to attend the convention
for tho conservation of natural resources Allen
H. Hamlter speaker of tho house of representa
tlves succeeded hlra as nctlng governor. Hamlter
vetoed somo of tho bills to which Pindall had
given his assent and called n special session of
tlio legislature to pass measures to which Pindall
Is opposed. Now Pindall hurried back from Wash
lngton to oust his buccossor and revoke tho call
for tho special session. Tho legislature refused tc
heed tho call and tho promised trouble wan
It was n. queer turn of luck that enabled
Pindall to attain tho summit of his ambition the
governor's chnlr through defeat. He had that
Fernando E. Guachalla formerly minister to
Washington from Bolivia who has been electee"
president of that country by a majority of 21000
camo into prominence through his ability ns f
lawyer and his writings on political economy
Several of his text books are used In the law ile
partment of tho university at Lopez.
Ho was a captain In tho government arm
dm Ing tho war of the Pacific after which ho en
tered the diplomatic service First he was sent
to Peru as secretary of legation and then to Chile
In the samo capacity. Later ho was returned to
Peru ns charge d'nffalres and was then elected
to the houso and senate respectively of tho na
tlonal congress. Ho was then appointed minister
of foreign nffalrs from which olflco ho camo to
In the- spring of 1904 Senor GuachaHa was
Hy r up sffi igs
Y ri
Cleanses llin System Effect- '
uotlttDispols Lotus nntlncnuV
aruies duo to Constipation;
Acts naturally acts truly as
a Laxative.
Beit fbi-Met Amnion and Child-
ren -Voiing and Ola.
lo et r Beneficial Ejfccts
Always uuyjlic Genuine jvltico -
has mc jull name of tnc torn- v
byuhom it u tnonufncturcil. printed on the
jront cfpM'ry nackiirte.
one iizo only rcjjular price 50f.'Wllu.
Eccentricities of Genius.
"Genius Is freakish. It Is claimed
that the brilliant Dr. Johnson used to
touch every post In his pathway."
"I know one of them geniuses."
"And does ho touch every post ha
comes across?"
"No; he touches every friend ho
comes across or everlastingly trlei
to." Louisville Courier-Journal.
Important to Mothors.
Examluo carefully every bottlo of
CASTOUIA a safe and sure remedy for
Infants and children and seo that It
uears mo yr7jf ? . st-
Signature oiUiz&tt&ZUtl'
In Use For Ovor l Yeara.
The Kind You Havo Always Bought
Spikes In It.
Tommy Uott Huh It's all right fot
you to laugh when 1 get spanked but
your ma doesn't uso a barrel stave.
Eddie Fye Well it's Just as bad.
She uses pa's shoe and ho's a baao-
tyUl player.
WRITE AT ONCE to Dr. Chas. F.
Simmons San Antonio Texas for in-
formation how to buy from 10 to C0
acres and 2 town lot3 of the best land
in South Texas for $210 payable $10
per month.
A Logical Conclusion.
"Mr. Pursington says ho believes
man should pay as ho goes."
"Judging from tho way ho' gets In
debt ho mii3t be accustomed to trav-
eling backward." Washington Star.
Chns. F. Simmons of San Antonio
Texas for information about his fine
South Texas farm lands that he la sell-
Ing in lots from 10 to C40 acres for
$210. Including two town lots on pay-
ments of $10 per month.
Ancient City of Thebei.
The city of Thobcs had a hundred
gates and could send out at each gate
10000 fighting men and 200 chariots
In all 1000000 men and 2000 charlotm.
know tho virgin lands of Texas aro
going fast? From 10 to 640 acres and
2 town lots of my 35000 acre tract for
$210. payablo $10 monthly. Dr. Chas.
F. Simmons San Antonio" Texas.
The Highest Reward.
Thopralses of men. and all that
gold can give nro not worthy to bo
named against right living and calm
contcntn3t. Tuppor.
It Cures While You Walk.
Allen's Foot-Knse is a certain cure for
hot Mvcatmg. callous and swollen aching
flivn?t fini ettlw!...!.. 11! ..- nniLr. ii?J
Addicts Allen S. Olmsted. Le Hoy N. Y.
A Good Cook.
"Is your wlfo a good cook?"
"I should say so. Sho knows eight
different ways of disguising coltf
amb." Detroit Frco Press.
i-v ... iIW'IlUl'TIIKSYSTi:M.
Mm T-m?1!? Standard lUlOVErt TASTKLKS.1
imi.l. roMU. u know wbal you uto taklnit
Ut. loruiuU li nlalnly rrlDUnl on errrr botlli
jtiowlun It U lmpTr yulnlnn and Iron In a lauVlcH
totm. and iIiouioh effectual lorm. Yot Brown
VtropleaadcUlldruo. iCc. n
Sot the allowance against tho loss
and thou shalt find no loss great:
he loses llttlo or nothing that reserves
himself. Quarlea.
Ute Red Cross Ball Blue nnd keep them
white &s snow. All grocers 5c a package. -
The winner Is ho who gives hlra-
self to his work body and mlnd-
Chas. Buxton.
Mra. Wllltlnw. Snnthlnn Um.
For children ttr ihtnir ode n tba uuroi reducia b
BtmniaUou.alUriplucuriwliilcoUu. KcabotU
After pleasuro follows pain and
after pain follows virtue. W. J.
d X-

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