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Buy the Ingredients from Any Drug.
gist In Your Town and Shake
Them In a Bottle to
Mix This.
A well-known authority on Rheu-
matism gives tho readers of a largo
New York dally paper tho following
valuablo yet simple and harmless
prescription which any ono can easily
prepare at home:
Fluid Extract Dandelion one-half
ounce; compound Kargon ono ounce;
Compound Syrup Sarsaparilla three
Mix by shaking well in a bottle and
take a tcasjioonful after each meal
and at bedtime.
He states that tho Ingredients cajj
be obtained from any good proscrip-
tion pharmacy at small cost and be-
ing a vcgetablo extraction are harm-
less to take.
This pleasant mixture If taken reg-
ularly for a few days Is said to over-
come almost any case of Rheumatism.
The pain and swelling if any dimin-
Ishes with each dose until permanent
results arc obtained and without in-
juring tho stomach. Whllo there are
many so-called Rheumatism remedies
patent medicines etc. some of which
do give relief few really give perma-
nent results and the above will no
doubt be greatly appreciated by many
sufferers hero nt this time.
Inquiry at the drug stores of even
tho small towns elicits tho information
that these drugs arc harmless and can
bt; bought separately or tho druggists
will mix tho prescription if asked to.
One Western Idea That Is Popular
with Eastern Maidens.
She was a. Japanese college student
little and thin but very graceful in
her Paris gown.
"Tho kiss" she said blushing faint-
ly "was unknown in Japan CO years
ngo. Now among tho aristocracy it
Is becoming quite renowned.
"Yet It comes as a great shock at
first. It Is so different you know
from anything in a Japanese girl's ex-
perience. I havo known maidens who
fainted at a first kiss that was per-
haps too warmly tendered! Yet these
very maids became afterward ardent
advocates of the new western em-
brace. "Frankly I like tho kiss myself. Its
stimulus and tho feeling as of red
satlu when mouth touches mouth
with a warm soft shock yes frank-
ly I like tho kiss and I find it ex-
tremely difficult to deny an eager
yqung man so innocent and so delight-
llgutful an embrace.
In Torments with Terrible Sores on
Face and Body Tore at Flesh
Cured by Cutlcura.
"My little son when about a year
and a half old began to havo sores
tcmo out on his face. They began to
come on his arms then on other parts
of his body and then ono camo on his
chest -worse than tho others. At tho
end of about a year and a half of suf-
fering ho grew so bad I had to tie his
hands in cloths at night to keep him
from scratching the sores and tearing
tho flesh. Ho got to bo a mere skele-
ton nnd was hardly able to walk. 1
sent to tho drug store and got a cako
of Cutlcura Soap and a box of Cutlcura
Ointment and at tho end of about two
months tho sores were all well. He
has never had any sores of any kind
since and oily for tho Cutlcura Rem-
edies my precious child would havo
died from these terrible sores. I used
only one cako of Soap and about three
boxes of Ointment. Mrs. Egbert Shel-
don Jt. F. D. No. 1 Woodvillo Conn.
April 22 1905."
Wan Whose Memory Was Bad.
For more than an hour a witness
for the defense had dodged questions.
His faulty memory was particularly
exasperating for the counsel for tho
plaintiff who was seeking to recall
to tho witness' recollection an event
of four of Ave years previous. Event-
ually tho man remembered "some-
thing about it."
"Ah" continued the lawyer for tho
plaintiff "what dd you think of it
at tho time?"
"Really" said the witness speak-
ing before tho lawyer for tho defense
had time to interpose objection "it
was so long ago I can't recall exactly
what I thought of it."
"Well" shouted the cross-cxamln-or
excitedly "if you can't recall tell
us what you think now you thought
Not a Hit as an Improvlser.
"Did you ever hear anybody Impro-
vise?" ho asked.
"No" said she and he sat down to
tho piano and impiovlsed for about au
hour and a half. At tho end of that
time ho turned around his face full
of expression nnd said to her:
"What do you think of it?"
"Lovely!" she exclaimed. "Beauti-
ful! I never heard anything like it!"
But this is what sho said to the hall-
boy when he was gone:
"If that long lank lunatic who im-
provises asks for mo again you tell
him I am out."
Problems Concerning Wealth.
Its easy to understand why so fow
of U3 havo money. Thoso who know
bow to make it don't know how to
keop it and thoso who can keop it
can't get it and that's tho only reason
why they can't keep it
Copyright 1907: by Byron -Williams.
Oil I was so liappy before Lovo came
As say and ns frco
As an ecstasy
nut Love camo along with a lilt and a
And beckoned mo gaily to Join her ptay.
I ran to her sldo and I took lier hand
And we wcro ns gay
As a summer's day.
Ho. truant we sped with the blue over-
head. As Joyous as ever were hearts I know.
Oh I was so happy when Iove was
Hut Lovo stole away
At tho closo of day
And loft mo nlono with a. heart of stone-
Aionc In a world that is dull and cold.
1 cannot go back to the care-freo days
As gay and ns free
As an ecstasy
Kre i.ovo came along with a lilting song
And beckoned mo gaily to Join her playl
Oh Love hasto thee back by tho way
thou sped
And como to mo hero
With a lover's cheer
Tho world Is as stono to a heart nlono
When Lovo has made entry and llown
Splinters of Thounht.
A good lively ram can make a lot
of tioublo for two lovers sitting on a
Tho manufacturer believes In tho
biblical mandate that admonishes
every man to give ten per cent of his
worldly goods to tho poor inventor.
Tho average author never cdid take
kindly to tho idea of dying to become
Tho city papers aro advising tho
public that rcnt3 will increase in
price next spring. This Is quite as
honored an observance as tho yearly
notice that the peach crop has been
A friend of mine tell? of a friend
of his who thought "carte-blancho"
meant a little white cart.
Tell everybody about your Joys but
keep your troubles to yourself.
A man never realizes how fast tho
world wags along until ho is confront-
ed onco more with that last" winter's
Sometimes a little bit of a woman
can start an awful big story.
"Tho difference between a man who
is a gentleman and a man who Is not"
says a philosopher "Is something like
tho difference between poetry and
prose." And tho difference between
a gentleman and a "gent" Is much
the same as tho difference between
some poetry so called and tho real
Tho woman who is so set against
low-necked dresses sho wouldn't
think of wearing one probnbly has a
wen on her neck.
The wolf never comes to the back
There Is always truth enough to
go 'round without stretching it.
Marriages are made In heaven but
there Is always a garden exit leading
down to the divorce court.
A man mlglit as well give himself
his own money as to play poker with
his son-In-lawl
The Storm's Ravages.
The following descriptive article
recently appeared in tho Loup City
(Neb.) Standard Gauge:
Kor ten days we havo been non-enjoying
a period of old sol3 condensed
boiled down and concentrated forldness
every day the -mercury soared and from
11 a m to 6 p m It lolled around about
tho century mark an extended period of
such cntence heat 'prestages storm and
the order of such storms aro surely elo-
trlcal and possibly cyclonic. Wo were
expecting It for according to tho Inter-
nal fitness of tilings it must and did
come. Early In tho afternoon a nucles
of small but angry looking clouds could
be seen forming In tho south west soon
tho entire south west became one black
portentous scroll. As tho monster ad-
vanced It Increased in slzo and formld-
ableness. It changed from black to a
coppery hue and With Its serpentine
roses of green and gray plainly foretold
us that electricity liall and wind was In
the air on the wings of a tornado it ad-
vanced nnd It seemed that all the bat-
teries of heavens heavest artillery had
concentrated and untimbered Just over
our heads. Tho bombardment was on
and for a fw minutes were pelted with
hall faned with an 80 tutlo wind blind-
ed and deafened by flash after flash
of lightning that hurled each thunder
bolt as it seemed In advanco of Its
Hash it was au fully sublime. It was
grand. It was tho worst storm that has
visited Sherman Co. since the June
storm of a number of years ago when
a portion of Ashton was wrecked and
a child was drowned in a submerged
cellar at Loup City. After tho rain and
hall had partlaly abated we left tho hay
field and when we got out of tho canon
some of the damages that tho lightning
had done could be seen hay and grain
stacks were on flro In several places.
Seeing smoko rising from a haystack
that tho Grabowskl liad been building
Park and John Paig drove over to assist
In saving tho buy not knowing that any
ono was hurt. Arriving at tho burning
stack they found Frank lying a few
feet from tho stack dead and John the
older brother dojng his best to resascl-
tato his sister with tho help at hand
sho eoon Bhowcd signs of life but not
of conslousness. Tho dead and injured
was then lifted Into a buggy and taken
homo. Wo havo slnco tho girl is in a
fore way to recovery. Much credit is
due to tho manly brother who possessed
tho nervo and fortltudo to enable him to
carty his dead brother to a place of
safety from the burning stack and in tho
midst of rain and hall tho blinding flash
an4 nervo breaking peals of thunder to
erect a supremo effort In Bavlng tho
life of his sister. It was a bad storm It
destroyed Hfo and rrfuch property and
yet whllo out hearts sympathy go out to
the bereaved widow and her family who
aro mourning the loss of a dead son
and brother wo can call It a very g-od
storm It fell or. our sun and parched
crops It repllnlshed our pastures and
has releaved U3 of the hot winds.
7 f MLf IzA'l
.Ml I it -X rr - - - --
kLAb JL-. W
if i SifJ 1 It
II Vfvll
Unablo to Do Even Housework Be-
cause of Kidney Troubles.
Mrs. Margaret Emmerich of Clin-
ton St. Napoleon 0 Gays: "For
fifteen years I was n great sufferer
from kidney trou-
bles. My back pained
mo terribly. Every
turn or move caused
sharp shooting
pains. My eyesight
was poor dark spots
appeared beforo mo
and I bad dizzy
spells. For ten years I could not do
housework nnd for two years did not
get out of tho house. Tho Kidney se-
cretions wcro Irregular and doctors
were not helping mo. Doan's Kidney
Pills brought mo quick relief nnd
finally cured mo. They saved my life."
Sold by all dealers. 50 cents a box.
Foster-Miliburn Co. Buffalo N. Y.
Didn't Need Cyclopedias.
Tho canvasser for a cyclopedia
camo to tho homo of a colonel whoso
record ho had carefully studied be-
fore his vIslL Tho colonel was es-
pecially proud of some of his sons
so tho canvasser began with:
"Thoso are very lino boys of yours
"They are" replied tho colonel.
"I reckon you nro ready to buy any-
thing thoso boys want?"
"I am so" said tho father of tho
fine boys.
"Well then let mo sell you this
cyclopedia. Thcro's nothing will do
your sons so much good."
But the colonel looked at him
ashast. "Why them lads of mino
don't need any cyclopedia. They ride
mules 1"
Laundry work at homo would bo
much moro satisfactory If the right
Starch were used. In order to get tho
desired stiffness it is usually neces-
sary to uso so much starch that tho
beauty and fineness of tho fabric is
hidden behind a paste of varying
thickness which not only destroys tho
appearance but also affects tho wear-
ing quality of tho goods. This trou-
ble can be entirely overcome by using
Defiance Starch as it can bo applied
much moro thinly because of its great-
er strength than other makes.
Cats as Plague Preventive.
An Italian correspondent of tho
North China Dally News writes: "The
newspapers havo latterly been full of
all sorts of suggestions for the stamp-
ing out of plague. For Instance never
kill rats; If you do tho fatal rat flea
may be driven to feed on you. Also
compel each householder to keep
cats. In fact let the cult of tho cat
as It prevailed in ancient Egypt bo re-
vived in India. Plenty of cats no
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
f7 local spplloatlons s thejr cannot reach the dl
eased portion of the ear. There Is only one way to
euro ucaf aejiand that Is by constitutional remedies.
UcafnebS Is .earned by no inflamed condition of lbo
maoom lining Of the Eustachian Tube. When this
tube 1 Inflamed yuu have a rumbllug e.ound or Im-
perfect hearlufr. and when It la entirely cloned. Deaf-
ne Is the Teault and uuless the Inflammation can be
taken out and thla tube restored to In normal condi-
tion hearlDR will be 'destroyed forever; nine cases
out of ten are caused by Catarrh which li nothing
but sin Inflamed condition or the mucous surface-.
We will Ctvd One Hundred Dollars for any case of
Dearnene (caused by catarrh) that cannot be cured
by Uall'cOatarrb Cure. Hum! for circulars free.
I'. J. CUENEV &CO. Toledo. O
Sold by DrupKlsts TSc.
Tate Hall's Family rills for constipation.
StuTCh llko everything else Is &
tng constantly improved tho patent
Starches put on tho market 25 yean
ago aro very different and inferior to
thoso of tho present day. In the lat-
est discovery Defiance Starch all in-
jurious chemicals aro omitted while
the addition of another ingredient. In-
vented by us gives to tho Starch a
strength and smoothness never ap-
proached by other brands.
Wagner as a Curative Agent.
Vernon Lee has told somewhere tho
story of tho marvelous effects of Wag-
ner on a headache. One docs after a
time succumb to what is a kind of
hypnotism; tho sound seems almost to
clear the air or at least to lull ono
Into .a kind of dream in which only tho
sense of hearing exists.
Bush Over Burled Treasure.
Tbero is a tradition in Germany
that It was customary in tho Middle
Ages to put an elderberry plant over
burled treasure. A farmer at Oels-
dorf while plowing closo to such a
bush unearthed a vessel containing
2300 silver coins of the eleventh cen-
tury. TVrlth a smooth Iron and Defiance)
Starch you can launder your sUIil-
waist just as well at home as the
steam laundry can; it will havo tho
proper stiffness and finish there will
bo less wear and tear of tho goods
iud it will be a positive pleasure to
use a Starch that docs not stick to the
To Stop Flow of Blood.
To stop tho flow of blood bind tho
wound with cobwebs and brown sugar
pressed on like lint or with fine dust
of tea. When tho blood ceases to flow
apply laudanum.
Lewis' Single Binder straight Cc. Many
etnokcM prefer them to 10c cigars. Your
dealer or Lewis' Factory Teoria 111.
Ono wise counsel is better than tho
strength of many. Euripides.
Clear white clothes are a sign that the
housekeeper uses Red Cross Ball Blue.
Large 2 oz. package 5 cents.
There is a placo and means
every man alive. Shakespeare.
ln 11 1 1 1 lil 1 Iv m A sJi irl 1 1 ThsJ WJm i I hi Pill
Surely Time for Hubby to Do a Live-
ly Sidestep.
Mrs. Wilson's husband was often
obliged to go tf Now York on busi-
ness and frequently did not reach his
homo until tho arrival of tho midnight
train. Mrs. Wilson had been In tho
habit of sleeping peacefully at theso
times without fear but a number of
burglaries In the neighborhood during
ono of her husband's trips to Now
York had disturbed her calm.
On tho night of his roturn Mr. Wil-
son was stealing carefully up tho
front stairs ns was his wont on such
occasions so that his wife would not
bo wakened when ho heard hor voice
high and strnlucd:
"I don't know whether you nro my
husband or a burglar" came tho ex-
cited tones "but I am going to bo on
tho safe sldo nnd shoot so if you aro
Henry you'd better get out of tho
way." Youth's Companion.
Important to Mothers.
Escmlno carefully crery bottlo of CASTOHIA
n safe nnd r-uro remedy for Infants and children
nnd ceo that It
Bcnrs tho
Signature of
In Ueo For Over SO Years.
Tlio Kind You Havo Always Bought
Fictitious Imprecision.
"I cannot help thinking of tho won-
derful thought displayed In your
daughter's commencement essay Inst
June." "Yes" answered Mr. Cumrox
"judging from that essay you would
think sho was as much interested In
'Tho Subscrvlonco of Individual Am-
bition to Eternal Destiny' as sho is
in lco cream soda. But sho isn't."
By following tho directions which
aro plainly prlnte-I on each packago of
I Deflanco Starch Men's Collars and
Cuffs can bo mado just as stiff as dc-
1 sired with either gloss or domestic
finish. Try It 10 oz. for 10c sold by
all good grocers.
Peculiar Ice Cave.
A summer attraction In Colobrook
N. H. is tho "ico cavo" in Dixvillo
notch. This cavo is formed by a fis-
sure In tho ledgo of tho mountain
that fills with snow in winter and Is
protected from tho sun's rays at all
If so use Red Cross Ball Blue. It will make
them white as snow. 2 oz. package C cents.
After pleasant scratching comes un-
pleasant smarting. Danish.
Lewis' Single Binder straight Cc cigar
made of rich mellow tobacco. Your deal-
er or Lewis Factory l'coria 111.
Wherever we meet misery wo owo
pity. Dry den.
Positively cured by
these Little Plllu.
They ntso relieve Dis-
tress from Dyspepsia In
digestion and Too Hearty
Eating. A perfect rem-
edy for DUilneHs Nau
110. DrowslneaB Dad
Taste in tho Mouth Coat
d Tongue Tain in ths
They regulate the llowels. Purely Vegetable.
Genuine Must Bear
Fac-Simile Signature
lllu. 'oiiudi tnd other
lur. .hide. root..te. Wa
charge no comtul.ilon
W stand express chsrrcs
on shipment. of fur
amoautlug (o S10 or more.
Wrlle (or (. prlre Hits.
SO IK .1. M.I. SL.SU Leal..
Color mora poods brlchter and Tatter colors than any
any garment without ripping apart.
Mr. Malaprop Just Home from Rome.
A regular Mr. Malaprop recently
camo homo from his first visit to Eu-
rope. Ho grew enthusiastic about
"It was fine" ho declared "to go
Into them churches over thero and
seo tho old tombs clgarrophagusses
they call 'em. And then tho Six-
teen chapel Is great and as for tho
Vaccination whero tho popo lives
But his stock of compliments glTe
out when ho got to tho subject of
"1 always refused them pennies"
he said "because you see I didn't
want to set a bad prestige!"
cause of thOBO uglyi grizzly gray hairs. UsMLA
The Farmer's
95000 Acres in the "Gartfan Spot of tho World
Now Being Opened Up to the
Dr. Chas. F. Simmons Ranch Just South of San Antonio on
tho Market.
You will never get another chanco llko this: $210 paynblo $10
n month without interest buys two lots and a farm of from 10 acres
for truck and fruit raising to a GtOncro farm in balmy south Tox&s
whero tho peoplo nro prosperous happy and contented.
Whcro tho flowers bloom ton months In tho year.
Whero tho farmcrB and gardcncrB whoso seasons novcr cnoV
cat home-grown Juno vegetables In January and bask in mld-wlntor'a
balmy air and glorious sunshine.
Whero tho lnnd yle'd is enormous and tho prices romuncratlvo.
Whero something can bo plautcd and harvested ovory month in
tho year.
Whcro tho cllmato Is so mild that tho Northern farmer horo
Bavo practically all his fuel bills and thrco-fourth tho cost of
clothing his family In tho North.
Whcro tho country la advancing and property values rapidly In-
creasing. Whcro all stock without any feed fatten winter and Bumincr.
on tho natlvo grasses and brush.
Whcro tho samo land yields tho sub3tant!alB of tho tomporat-
tho luxuries of tho tropic zones.
Whero tho fnrmcr docs not havo to work hard six montliB in
tho year to ralso feed to keep his stock from dying during tho win-
ter ns they do In tho North and NorthwesL
Whcro thero nro no aristocrats and peoplo do not.havo to work
hnrd to havo plenty nnd go In tho best society.
Whero tho natives work less nnd havo moro to Bhow for what
they do than in any country In tho United States.
Whero houses barns and foucca can bo built for loss than halt
tho cost In tho North.
Whcro sunstrokes nnd heat prostrations aro unknown.
Whoro sufferers from Asthma Bronchitis Catarrh Hay Forer
nnd Throat Troubles find relief.
Whore surrounded by fruits and vesotnblco which rtwon every
month In tho year tho living la better aud lesa oxponslvo than la
tho NoTlh.
Whero tho water is pure soft and plentiful.
Whcro tho taxes aro so" low that tho amount Is novor missed.
Whcro Public nnd Prlvato Schools and Churches of all denom-
inations aro plentiful.
Whcro poaco plenty and good will provnll.
Whcro It is so healthy that thero aro fow phyBiciana and moat
of them to mako a living supplement tholr incoino from othor bus-
iness. Write today for full particulars and beautiful views of tho ranch..
215 Alamo Plaza
Whenever n sore rclusc3 to heal it ia because the blood l3"not"puro ancf
healthy as it should be but i3 infected with poisonou3 germs or some old'
blood taint which has corrupted nnd polluted the circulation. Those Jnost
usually afflicted with old sores arc persons who have rcan.hcd or passed hud-
dle life. The vitality of the blood and strength of thc.systcm. have naturally
begun to decline and the poisonous versus which have accumulated because
of a sluggish and inactive condition of the system or some hereditary taint-
which has hitherto been held in chech now force an outlet on the face arins
legs or other part of the body. The place grows red and angry festers pd
cats into the surrounding tissue until it becomes a chronic and stubbrai
ulcer fed and kept open by the impurities with which the blood i3 saturated
Nothing is more trying and disagreeable than a stubborn non-healing sorc:-
The very fact that it resists ordinary remedies and treatments i3 good rejlsa
for suspicion; the same germ-producing cancerous ulcers is. back ofcVery
old sore and especially i3 thi3 true if the trouble ia an inherited jyje.
"Washes salves nor indeed anything'cloc applied directly to the sore "cam
fcrffiMiBtttgip "& itiS e sore with caustic plasters or th
was a email pimpio at lirst but 16 surgeon's knife make a lasting cure. It
In every way until I tocamn every particle of the diseased ilcslt werer
alarmed about it nnd consulted taken away another sore would come be-
eovoral DhvBlclana. Thoy nil i f . . . n
treated mo b-.t tho uora continued cause the trouble 13 in the blood nnd tho
to Brow worse xnawu. u. a. aa- BLOUU UANNUT Ut. CUT AWAYm.
Vortlsed nnd oommoncod its u-o JJJ .. mw.k
nnd"noruuSntfiwhiiolva3 The cure must come by a thorough clc4P-
otioct of a. B. s. nnd thero has not a remedy for sores and ulcers of every kind.
s?l:?iMarit.Cf th BOr "laC0 is a ""equalled blood purifier one; tliat OWJSH goes
Wout TJnlon. Ohio.
f gy& 53
Then the sore begins to heal new flesh is formed all pain and inflammation
leaves the place scabs over and when S. S. S. has purified the blood net
sore is permanently cured. S. S. S. is for sale at all first clas3 drug storisi
Write for our special book on sores and ulcers and any other medical udvice.
you desire. We make no charge for the book or advice.
' thine advertised In
Its columns should Insist upon having
what they ask for refusing all substi-
tute or imitations.
To learn Telrertpbr. Wnts J. O. TIOIIE car of
toau 1. IUU.y. Arwa C.ty. k.o.
wc.?i2l!..h?An--(J.hJrdJe .7e 'Oepackice colors all fibers. Thei do In cold water better than anrother die. You can dra
WntolorlfBoboolUet-HowloOje Bleach and Mix Colon. MOHIiOE OflUO OO. Qutnoy Wlnom
$3.00 & $3.50 SHOES
49i7 nnn I To any ono who can
piijrjuiw fDouBlaa dooo not malio S soil
t9gnHgSott jmoro Men's S3 A S3. SO aiooa
trutsvtfexM than any other manufacturer.
THU RKASON W. L. Douglas shoes aro worn by moro peoplo
In nil walks of life than any othor make Is because of their
excellent etylo. easy-flttlng and superior wearing qualities.
U'ho selection of tho leathers and other materials for each part
of the shoo and every detail of the making Is looked after by
the most cotnpletcoranlz.itlon of superintendents foreiiienunil
skilled shoemukers who rccelvo the highest wnges paid in tho
buuo luuuiiry unit vrnoso worKmaiisnip cannot
j 1 1 couiu i iko yon into my inrge lactones nt isrockton. Jlass.
and show you how carefully W. TL Douglas shoes aro made you
would then understand why they hold tholr shape fit hettor
wear lonscr and are ol greater value than any other mulct.
X .$ SG.OO Gilt Etlno Shooa cannot ho oquaIIoU at any nrlco.
UAUTJUW I J lie genmno Havo w. U Uouglas name umi price stamped on bottom. TaUa
No hulmtltute. Ask your dealer for W. I.. Douglas shoes. If he cannot supply you send
direct to factory. Shoos sent oi cry whero by inalL Catalog freo W.LDcucl... Brockton. Mats.
any permanent good ; neither will rempv-
uirtxuy mm uic circulation unit
promptly cleanses it of all poisons and
taints. It gets down to the very bottom of. '
the trouble and forces out every trace of im-
purity and makes a complete and lasting-
cure. S. S. S. changes the quality of the
blood so that instead of feeding1 tho diseased
parts with impuriticd it nourishes thet
irritated inflamed flesh with healthy blood.
Clcanstt (Ad bnotlflM tha salt
I'romoU growth.
Naver rll to Jtestor. Oraar
lUlr to lta Toothful Colon
Curaa snip dlnuu hair ttUtxM
Oe.aoHljDOU Dnjglrts '
njrr THty for ulI. m th. Iowmi prfcws br
r. -r
. ..... w. .
! lth J ThOBipSOn' E WatBf
"vTIj. u. wichita no. 42 1907.
OF .
lie excouou.
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The Beaver Herald. (Beaver, Okla.), Vol. 21, No. 26, Ed. 1, Thursday, December 12, 1907, newspaper, December 12, 1907; Beaver, Oklahoma. ( accessed April 22, 2021), The Gateway to Oklahoma History,; crediting Oklahoma Historical Society.

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