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NO 20
At Present Time Young Man Is Much In
The Public Eye of a Busy City.
F. C. Tracy the Local Agent Receives Many Inquiries Regard-
ing Mr. Cooper and His Medicine.
Since bis announcement last week
that he had Hecurcd the local agency
for the famo'is Cooper Remedies Mr.
F. C. Traoey has been besieged With
inquiries regarding the celebrated Mr.
Cooper and the work ho is now doine
in Chicago. In response to the ex-
pressed desire of many persons for more
news regarding this remarkable young
man and his medicine the following is
taken from a recent issue of the Chi-
cago Journal:
Still more cases are heard from and
the continued stream of humanity
poured into the Public Drug Co. 150
State Street yesterday in search for
the remarkable new discovery of med-
icine. The demand for these remedies
Beems to grow larger each day. Thous-
ands of Chicagoans who have suffered
for years with chronic stomach trouble'
catarrh and rheumatism are .being
made happy every day by the uso'of
this peculiar remedy sold by Mr. Coop-
er. An hour or so spent at the Cooper
headquarters would convince the most
skeptical person that this new treat-
ment is something entirely different
from' any thing elso ever Bold. As
usual Mr. Cooper was busy all day re-
ceiving kind words and thanks from
the hundreds who had been entirely
cured by this simple preparation.
Mr. John Schwirtzen living at 303
Fifth avenue hod the following to say:
"I have had rheumatism for Bcveral
years sick at che stomach felt- tired
and dull most of the time. I have tried
everything I have ever heard of in the
way of medicine and found practically
no relief. I was advised to try Coop-
er's New medicine. I did so and the
result is I am relieved of rheumatism
gpw tmm? fmsm? emm
Subscribn for the Herald.
One School Section For Sale.
A full linu of Drugs and fancy articles
also paints and oils.
Ilowren Hall is out of school this
week on account of sickness.
Moody Barrett is seriously ill of
. typhoid' pneumonia. Mrs. Gerda Eis
is nursing him.
P. H. Looney of Riverside has sold
his farm to W- A. Overton of Elm-
wood and will seok a location further
W.M.Stewerta professional tinner
has been employed at the Beaver Hard-
ware Store and is prepared to look after
that line exclusively.
Pure drugs and chemicals. Fresh
stock e?ery few days. Prescriptions
carefully compounded'
Tub Gem Phakhaot.
Sam Wil'hour of Wichita was here
the tirst of week visiting his brother
W. H. Both gentlemen had been at
the bedBlde of their sick brother Peter
the past week.
Don't be sulky but come in and E:e
our lino of Sulky plows also New Yan-
kee gang's now in stock.
The Carter Tracy Hdw. Co.
A good girl who desires to worb for
her board and atteid school may find
a good chance by seeing Mrs W. II.
Thomas Beaver Okla.
Lost A Strawberry roan horse
'weight about 000 or 1000 pounds un-
branded broke has wire cut on hind
foot. Strayed away October 10th.
Liberal reward to finder. Notify this
olHce. or J C. Rasler. R. F. D. No 2
Lorena Okia. 10 2a 10-31 2
Farms in Washington Benton Se-
bastian and Scott Co Ark. To trade
for land in Beaver Co Okla.
Geo Austin
IC-31 11-21 3iv Tyrone- Okla.
my stomach does not bother menny
and I have a good appetite can eat
anything I want. I am fcejing better
than I have for years. I want to say
right here this is the greatest medicine
I ever heard of You may use my
name for I want others who are
troubled in the same way to bis relieved
as I have been."
Another caller was Mr. W. B. Stew-
art 109 West Madison Street who said :
"I have had- stomach trouble for
years and any one who is afflicted in
this way knows what an awful dis-
tressed feeling it causes. Many a time
I have fdlt that I would give most any
price to be cured. It was by accident
that I heard of this man Cooper's rem-
edies. I immediately made up my
mind to buy a treatment of him. I
(have been using it about two weeks arid
it is impossible to toll how much good
it has done me. I feel altogether dif-
ferent; I have more life and energy
than I have had for years This med-
icine crtainly does stimulate and
strengthen the whole system. TJie
tired feeling and weak condition of the
stomach hus entirely passed away. I
feel well again."
Mr Cooper said in speaking of the
matter: "It usually takes from three
to five weeks for people to feel the ef-
fects of medicines in such cases. I
will have hundreds during the remain-
der of my siay in this city call and
thank me for what the medicine has
done for them in cases of catarrh stom-
ach trouble rheumatism and nervous-
ness. I am always glad to Bhake hards
with persons who have been' restored
to good health. If there is anything
that we should appreciate in this life
it is good health."
T. J. Hughes of Logan paid the
Herald a call Monday. Mr. Hughes is
just recovering from a two months ill-
ness caused by over exertion in pulling
broom corn.
It will be noticed that F. Laughrin's
local "Horses for sale" does not ap-
pear this week. Frank says advertis-
ing pays. He lias disposed of all the
stock except some fine work mutes
which are f till for sale.
A. H. Boogie father of Mrs. L. L
Long and C. A. Allen came in from
Alva last week. Tney made the trip
overland. Mr. Allen reports the family
as well. Miss Myrtle is teaching school
in Woods county.
S D and Elmer Barnes father and
brother of David Bavucs who is seri-
ously ill at the White House of typhoid
fever arrived this week to attend the
bednido of their sick relative. At this
time Mr. Barnes is just hovering be-
tween life and death.
R. II. Hamilton came in from Kansas
City last week on a visit to old friends
and to settle up some business matters.
Mr. Hamilton i& enjoying the best of
health and says he enjoys his homo in
the city. His many friend were glad
to see him again.
A railroad meeting will be held at
th Hibbs school house on Wednesday
November 0 at 7:30 p. m. The plan
for the construction of the Beaver Val-
ley & Northwestern railroad will be
presenten and discussed. A number
of people from Beaver will bo present
All arc invited to attend.
Mrs Sturdevant of tho North Flat
suffered a painful dislocation of the
.shoulder on Wednesday of tho last
week. Tho accident occured in rather
an odd manner. Mrs Sturdevant was
throwing at the chic-kens and wrenched
her arm in such a manner as to dislocate
it. Dr. Long attended tho injury and
no serious results are anticipated.
Paint! Paint! Paint!
Why don't you paint your house?
Wo have u full stock of all kinds of
paint. The Gem Pharmacy
Beaver Public School Report.
Report of Beaver School District No
22 Tor month ending Oct. 25 1007
Total enrollment
Average dally attendance
No enrolled Males 15
" Females 11
Tota; 2(1
Average daily attendance 22
No. neither tardy nor absent... . 0
Those receiving monthly certificates
wore: Iris Stone Maudio Hester
Mlaneh Stedman Edith Miles Orville
Quiiiu and Clyde Kratzer.
Walter E. Fickel Teacher.
No. of puoils enrolled 30
Average daily attendance.. 28
No. of tardy marks 14
4th Crade: Esther Kile Mary Mc-
Cord Harold Loofbourrow Iis Brock
Nellie Meese Vera Willhour Reola
Oth Grade: Bryan Shelton Hugh
0th Grade: Dollie Rock. Geo. Kile
Charles Miles Lexie Shelton Forrest
Yates Rich Leonard.
Essie Rock Tiiackston Teacher.
No. of pupils enrolled 52
Average daily attendance 40
No of tardy marks .'.... 14
Those neither absent nor tardy:
First Year: Loda lHoyd Belle Floyd
Gale Hodge May Clothier Davy Kile
Leafilc McFarland Roy McKillips Lola
Meese Mary Niles Frankie Pcckham
Lois Quiiiti Mildred Stedman Mamie
Shelton Marie Tackett.
Second Year: Frankie McKillips
Nellie Meese Fred Northcross.
Third Grade: Lueilc Hodge Naomi
Niles Harry Pcckham Orvetta Quinn
Clarence Tackett.
Mae'Mafle Teacher.
For Trade or Sale .
We have an overstock of Men's and
Boy's Suits Overcoats Sweaters. Work
Clothes Hats Caps' about $5000.00
worth. We are selling cheap at retail
but would like to trade about $500.00
to $2000.00 worth to storo keepers or
largo consumers for LiV2 Stock
cattle Horses or Hogs. We also have
One Pair Computing Scales cost $00 Oq
New for sale or trade.
Wo would like you to call and look
at our Btock of Dry Goods Clothing
Hats Cap" and can save you money
for Cash. Mrs. & Ciiah. II. Tyler.
McConnel at Madison's Old Stand.
The Business The Post Office
Does .
Two weeks ago a special order was in
efiect requiring the postmasters all over
the United States from tho city offices
to the lowliest country crossroads office
to count every piece of mail originating
from their ollico for the week of October
13th to 10th. The following is the re
cord for the Beavor post office: 142
letters 125 postal cards 087 newspapers
253 miscellaneous pieces makintra total
of 2787 pieces mailed at the Beavor
office for one week.
Wanted T-octll representative for
Beaver and vicinity to look
after renewals and increase subscrip-
tion list of a prominent monthly maga
I Jf UUUU vJvr vuiituj v4 xmi I'JCUII
Address Publisher. Box 50. Station O.
Ncyv York 10-31 11-7 2w
C. II. Earl of Ivanhoe O T. says
that corn crop in that part of tho terri-
tory is better than in any part of Kan-
sas that ho traveled over in coming to
this market. Tlio season was just right
all tho way through" said Mr Earl.
"Tho crops wo raised wore a surprise to
everybody. Tho whole country is full
of forage feed. One of my neighbor
has 200 acres in alfalfa and ho cut 3
big crops from it. That means a whole
lot of good feed. alfalfa is gaining
in acreago around there very fast.
There the crops ofkaflir corn and cane
were largo also. Tho corn crop is the
best I believe that we ever raised.
There was aNlargor acreago and tho
yield is better A good many hogs
have sprung up over the country and
they will bo fed and brought (to tho
Kansas City market. The great abund-
ance of forage feed as well as of com
is going to induce some farmers to do
ome cattle feeding. Wo will not go
into" it extensively but several small
lots will bo ftd around over tlie country
which in the aggregate will make a good
showing for a new country It i.srtho
first attempt but I believo it will be
kept up." Drovers Telogram(K. 0.)
Subscribe for THE HEKALD.
zine on i. Biwuijr uiiu uuiiuuisaiuii uusih
Experience desirable but not iif-cessa
Monday October 28 1907 Governor
Frantz laid before the President of the
United States a certified copy of the Con-
stitution of Oklahoma in conformity to
the terms of the Enabling Act.
The President regards the Constitu-
tion as within the terms of the Enabling
Act and signified his intention of signing
the document.
The Proclamation will be signed and
Oklahoma and Indian Territories will be
come one grand btate of Oklahoma
November 16th 1907.
Picnic "Wet" Affair. '
The picnic last week was a "wot" af-
fair in tho fullest seuo of the word.
Of course the management was not to
blame for tho "wot" produced by tho
elements in a three days rain and wo
are also Informed that they wore no
more-ul fault for the other variety of
"wot" which was dispensed quite free-
ly. At any rate it is too bad tho
weather interfered for plans had been
made for general good time and tho
attendance would have boon large. It's
too late nbiv to make amends but next
year early wo shall expect the boys to
give us another chanco for as good a
ThingsDoingTo"doot-leggers "
Owning to somebody soiling "booze"
to his yojjqgon Bruce causing him to
becomcSfSfritycaled A. F. Rockbccamb
rightiously indignant last week and
preceded to apply n"pcruader" to the
said young sou until he divulged
the namo of Otto Lohstroh from whom
ho claimed ho procured the liquor.
Mr. Rock accordingly caused the ar-
rest ef Lohstroh who was subsequently
arraignedbefore Judge Meese and plead
not guilty. He gave bond for his ap-
pearance for preliminary hearing Nov-
ember 4th Monday.
Further comment at this timo is un-
necessary. Wo may have something
next week as other developments
along tho same lino are very probable.
Accidentally Shot.
Robert Drake son of M. M. Drake
storekeeper and postmaster at Dombey
Oklahoma was brought to Liberal by
his father Monday to have a surgeon
remove a shot from near one of his
eyes l oung UraUc Jiau been minting
that morning with other young men
and while in the fields one of the boys
sighting a chicken in the direction of
Robert shot at tho fowl. While Rob-
ert was about 75 yards away he saw tho
young man take aim and turned his
face in order to avoid tho shot The
young man was using a shot gun and
several shot hit Robe'rt in the breast
and one of the shot struck him in tho
corner of an eye. Dr. A. L. Knisely
dressed the wound and young Robert
is now in good shape. Liberal News.
County Farmers' Institute.
The second annual meeting of tho
Beaver County Farmers' Institute will
be held at the Now Court Houso at
Beavor on Saturday November 2d.
All fanners should attend. A good
program will bo given that will bo
highly interoning Secretary C. A.
McNnbb and one or more instructors
from the Agricultural & Mechanical
College at Stillwater will lecture on
various subjects. Among the local
farmers who will read papers aro the
Join) Nichols "Wheat Culture."
I. H. Driimmoud "Corn."
W. 11. Humphrey "Dairying."
R. G Duiilop "Dry Farming."
Ami several others. In addition
prizes will be given for tho best stal-
lion jack colt and inulo coll also for
samples of nil kinds of farm products
Bring in your best wimples of wheat
corn oats kafllr corn maize broom
corn cotton sweet potatoes and make
a display that will bhow the people
that Beaver can produce tho greatest
variety of any county in Oklahoma
Leave Mimples with J Bltuichard.
A. D Green T. P. Braidwood
i'res. Sec'y.
Road Rax Receipt.
Books for sale at the Herald offico
Each road district needs these and we
can furnish them as chey.p as can b.o
drocured elsewhere. Simply now on
1 and Bend in your order.
Japanese Tea Party.
The Ladies Guild of the M. E. Church
entertained the Ladies' Circle of the
Presbyterian Church and a number of
invited guests at the charming home
of Judge and Mrs. R. II. Loofbourrow
on Wednesday afternoon from three to
five o'clock at it Japanese Tea Party.
The parlors were tastefully decorated
with Juganeso funs Hags umbrellas
etc. giving it a decidedly Japanese ef-
fect and were darkened and illumina-
ted with red lights. Mesdames Loof-
bourrow Milltr Tracy Long LawsOn
and Will Thomas under whoso direct
tion thu nftcrnoons fete was carried
out wore appropriately attired ju Jap-
anese costume and It would puzzle a
Japanese himself todoteettho fact that
they were of another nijtionojity Their
costumed were strikhg.and 'pleasing;
and now ladies don't get vain but
really they appeared yoiing aijd beau-
tiful anc cjuito indicative of their cog-
nomens: Misses Rose Bud Orange
Blossom Peach Blow Apple Blossom
Pinky Pan and Cherry Blossom Alto-
gether the entire arrangement was
complete and beautiful in every detail
and was unjoyed by a largo number of
Games peculiar to fair Japanese and
music furnished the afternoon enter-
tainment after which a dainty Japan-
ese luncheon was served The out-of-town
guests were: Miss Dorothy Her-
ron of Anadarko Mrs. bbie Abor-
uathy Oklahoma City Mrs. Edwards
Tapley. Miss Dorothy llorron who is
visiting at the home of her aunt Mrs.
Loofbourrow was the guest of honor.
Beaver County Farmers
To be held at the Court House
Beaver City November 2nd
Morning Session.
10:00 Call to order by Pxesident.
Readingmiuutcs of last normal
10:30 "Live stock and its place on thu
western Oklahoma farm." W
L English Director Oklahoma
Experiment Station.
11:00 "Dairying in Beaver county."
W. H. Humphrey Beaver.
11:15 Discusbiun.
11:30 "Stock Fowl vs. Horse Sense"
0. A.McNabb Sec'y.
12:00 Ad journnient.
Afternoon Session.
1. :00-" Wheat Oulturu" John Nichols.
1:30 "Broom Corn Importance of
seed selection thorough ui'lliva
tion and proper marketing."
W. L. Knglish Director Okla-
homa Experiment station.
2;00 Corn Growing in Western Okla-
homa. I. S Driiiumond.
2:20 "Dry Fanning." R. G. Diinlap.
2:40 "Hoo Farininu" J. AV. Goode.
3:00 "The need and value of Institute
work in Heaver county." C A
McNabb Sec'y Board of Agri-
culture. 3 :30 General discussion of farm topics.
4:30 Election of olllcors for ensuing
Anson 1). Grkkn T. P. BravuNvood
President. Sec'y.
No Hunting Allowed
I positively forbid hunting on my
preinises Trespassers will bo prose-
cuted R.
Beaver Okla
The Money Panic.
Retribution Is overtaking Wall Stroet
stock jobbers speculators and railroad
wreckers and for tho past ten days New
York has had a panic similar to that of
1803. The east is scrambling for tho
money of the country and interest
rates in Now York have gono as high
as eight per cent a mouth
With such exhorhitant rated offered
the money of the country which is
now in the west would have been
shipped to the easl by the tens Of mill-
ions of dollars thereby raising tho in-
terest rates of tho west depreciating
the prices of our products and tempo-
rarily at least causing hard times.
To nit'ot this contingency and prh-
vent tho panic from spreading outsldo
of New York practically every bank in
tho United States by concerted action
last Monday locked tho actual cash
within their vaults oven refusing to
pay out a dollar in currency over their
In KansiiB City the banks limited the
amount to $100 paying any customer
not to exceed $100 In currency. In
Wichita thu banks limit tho amount
to $6.00. Wo understand tho Meado
banks are allowing a small amount' to
pass over tholr counters.
At Beavor tho Bank of Beavor City
is paying their own cttslomors not tu
exceed 25.00. The First Statu Bank Is
not paying out any currency but is
taking care of all customers with-gilt-edge
paper. Cashier Judy has taken
this action on account of other banks-
to which tho First statu Bank is allied
taking similar action.
Cashier Laughrin Bpoaklng of. tho
situation said that the Bank of Beaver
Oily has an nhtiudancu of currency on
liaud and that wore wi on it railroad
whero there would bo an opportunity
to ship tho currency away .ho would
follow the example or the other banks;
but that befng an inland town and
our people understanding tiio situation
there was no reason why ho should nbt
accommodate his customers by paying
out such amount of 'currency as was
actually needed in the transaction of
local business whero it was evident
that the money would not. leave this -vlcinty
' '
Tin) nctiou oT'all banks inay.not1'asfc
during the week and of .a certainty
will not last lo exceeU ten days. Thuro
is nothing in the situation to warrant
uneasiness of the people of thu. west
because our people and our banks aro
in nourishing condition and their ac-
tion guarantees to tho west that wo
will remain so.
Brother Passes Away .
W. II. Willhour received tho sad
news of the death of his brother Petor
who died of cancer atSpeermore"Mon-
day. Mr. Willeour and wife went
down to attend tho funeral Tuesday.
They together with other relations
have the sincere sympathy of all.
Mammoth Turnips.
R. J. Brewer may "have tho pup" for
producing tho biggest turnips yet ex-
hibited in Beaver. Hobrought in.three
Saturday which weighed well no uso
to tell how much or how largo thoy
measured. Wo valuo our reputation
for truth and voracity but suffice to
suy thoy were immense and of lino
Watch for Announcement.
The Ladies' Aid Society of tho PrcB-
bytorian Church are planning a mag-
nificent afiair for Thanksgiving. Tho
full particulars of tho affair will appear
later. Watch for announcement.
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