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The Beaver Herald. (Beaver, Okla. Terr.), Vol. 18, No. 34, Ed. 1, Thursday, February 9, 1905 Page: 1 of 4

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Twpiinww 4rfa"Nr
p."- o
- H- k- V.
.-C& ".vV 3C-C:
NO 34 -
t jS
r flK
By- "
I "
& -i:
V -
Will Entertain on
'vMtiuar Wight
At the K. of P. Hall.
The features of the evening will be.- a Valentine Post Office
Department and Weighing Contest.
Everybody is requested to participate In this fcaturo as it is open to all. If
you want to sond jour friend a valentine inail it "Postage Duo" with the Roy
al Neighbors. You can mail as many as 70U wish and to anybody you wish.
Tlio person receiving the valentine pays the postage Which on letters will be 6
cents and packages 10 cents. Valentines may be mailed any time Friday the
17th at the Hall
Royal Supper!
Everybody coino and bring your Aunts Uncles and Cousins and have one of
the beet times of your lives.
A CoiMllaJ IiiTltatloa to All.
l-.JHlUi.l I-IU. 1 ..UJII-.
House1 to -
t? :m i: fm v.m vm:? mmwit(piw?ys.mimx uww&im
xAWJkm"MiM-Mm.9JMm;t' s.
Also carry Wagons Buggies and
Farming; Implements in carload
lots. 6r?!y' -exclusive Hard-
ware house in Beaver.
"y y.5r fgjjf- V ".Tg teJf'.iJ'y -m xf jrje-x x yic; oiryga
After Feb. 10th.
We will sell for Cash Only.
This is a protection to all
both Merchant and ECusto-
mcr and will give better sat-
isfaction avoid long accounts
and bad debts by so doing.
Please Don't Ask
re Li
Btajarjgt:fDfc-iwtcutffayfaisSxai3jJittaaMfcP3sg.jaii ililaS tra
SELZ Lien? Be
The bestshoe-on the Market for School purposes.
Is also a stylish shoe fit for all occasions. They are
Positively. Guaranteed and if found defective you get
yew money ba-.k or a new pair. Remember they are
- the Celebrated Seiz make: All sizes.
Ours is ihe most complete line of- Shoes m town-
Shoes to suit and prices to suii all
"Tl6- Only HcluiVe en' pUr-
nifjinti f)tore. t)tocl Up-
i .io-l)ate and (Complete.
Feb. 11 IS05.
e County.
jt- rfv "
k? &&& S W &!&
I T0(jl NES. 1
3 r?
3"& &&&X& 2&!& &&&
Crude oil tt Bulielc and Slodratn's.
Ed Gardner msde trip to Pronto
Saturday returning the sums dsjr.
Will Stafford is spending this week
in Guymon.
Buliek tod Stedman
of crude oil on hasd.
have a supply
Luolt7 is the man
in cows this winter.
who dctleth not
I. S. Drummood baa been quite
the greater part of the week.
The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
F. H. Anderson has been quite sick.
Thursday the 2nd was ground hog
day. No shadows were soon in this
neck o' the woods.
Albort Potter carries a full
feed. Banner Feed store of
line of
Everett Tall man of Lewis Kansas
is hero on a visit to relatives and may
decide to lotate.
County Attornoy Loofbourrow made
a business trip to Guymon tbis week.
He went by the way of Liberal.
We hear numerous cowpliiuts o
frozen ears fee and ;ioses. Jack
Frost is no resprctor of persona.
If you can't sport a ' fine cold these
days you are a poor ezcuso indeed.
Pleste pass the cough syrup.
Wanted By Albert Potter Meade
(Canaia. 2000 butheli of eunit nerid.
twill pay hirhest market price.
Mrs. Casper Redcmer came down
from Meade Tuesday and will visit far
a time with relative! is this vicinity.
J. T. Lucas hat been somewhat in-
disposed this week but is now improv-
ed Several eases of lagrippe are reported
C. A. Allen waa among the victims
last week.
Don't fail to
attend the Royal
Neighbor entertainment
the 17ih.
at tbe Hall
William Whitejs among those who
win reaa tuo ueraia the coming
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs.
0. E Bell last wesk. Dr. Munsell was
the attending physician. '
Wanted By Albert Potter Meade
Kansas 2000 bushels of cauo seed.
Will pay highest market price.
W. R. Wright came in tho first of
the week and subscribed for the Her
aid seeding it to bit mother who resides
in lows.
FOR SALE- Two good 4-year old
Wtiite tace Bull.
Beaver O. T.
Silas F. Strong of Indian Territory
is here on a visit to his brother-in-law
J. M. Redman and family. He will
probaly locate and remain permanently
n. in. Mocananu ana family are
occupying their city residence during
the cold weather so as to send their son
Hugh to school.
F. 0. Tracy and A. G. Thomas went
to Liberal Monday to receive a car-
load of farming implements for Car
ter Tracy.
Quite a loss among livestock is
reported sinoo the prolonged cold weath
er. These oold cloudy days are bard
on cattle.
J. R. Thomas finished filling his ice
house last week. The last freexe
made the best ice that has ever been
produced here.
A daughter was born to Mr. and
Mrs. Sternburg of Pronto Friday
night February 3rd Mrs. Sicrnburg
is stopping at the White House hotel
in this city.
Wellington Humes can testify that
Jack Frost hss been at work the past
week. While helping a fellow trav
eler to cross the Canadian river recent-
ly Mr. Humes bad his ha ads and ears
painfully frozen.
Rev. R. J. Brewer Cap!. J. D.
Niles and Rev. J. H. Callaway com-
menced a series of revival services at
the churob Sunday night. vThe meet-
ings will stntinue indefinitely. It is to
be hoped that the meetings msy bo
Isrgely attended and that much good
may be accomplished.
R. A. B. TULL.
Iavs)r OlfJa
The bill admitting Oklahoma and
Indian Territory aa ono state with a
provision for prohibition for twenty.
one years passed the Senato Tuesday
Crude oil at Bnlick k Stcdman's.
Albert Potter carries a full line of
feed. Banner Feed stora of Meade
B. F. Boyes is again in charge of
the Beavcr-Eoglawood mail line after a
few day's lay off. John Lamaater car-
ried the mail during the formers ab-
sence Tho snowfall has increased the put
week. At present the ground is oov-
erod to a depth of about 5 Inches. For
our part we have had about all tbe
snow wo care for for one titno and will
take a little warmer weather.
F. C. Tracy is unloading lumber this
week for a fifty foot extension to his
store building. When this is com-
pleted be will have one of the largest
buildings in Beaver and intends en.
tirely refitting his drug store
Charles Buliek is looking after Bob
MoFarland's ranoh at. present. He
moved bis wife out to the ranch this
week. Mrs. Buiiok hss been visiting
for several week with H. M. Buliek
aud wifo at this plane.
Sheriff Naylor want tip to Guymon
Monday having in charge J. W.
Gould who bad his preliminary hear
ing at that place Tuesday. Mr. Gould
was charged with obtaining taonoy un-
der false pretenses.
Coal is boiig snatched up these dsys
like gold nuggets. The supply in
Beaver is limited and the railroad
points are not supplied an well as they
should be to meet' the demand. The
winter weather being so extended it
was bard to estimate I he amount neo.
essary to supply the trade.
Tbe Bauk of Beaver is undergoing
complete re-orgaciiatioo. Cashier
Ed. McPherson is bere and with his
father Col. A. L. MoPherson who is
still oonfioed to bU room by illness is
making plans for re-opening the bank
without loss to any ono. Woodward
Nows ''-
James Crabtree of El Dorado. Kan
sas is in this vicinity at present mak-
ing improvements on his claim. II i8
sister Miss Erma who was a general
favorite among Beaver pooplo during
her stay berois with him at El Dorado
also two younger sisters. They are
all attending school at that placo.
We are torry this week to lesrn of
tho carious illness of Mrs W. II. Pitts
of Englewood. Mrs. Pitts has been
dangerously ill for some time of
uocumonia bat is now somewhat re
covered. Mis. Pitts will be remem-
bered by Beaver friends as Miss Lillie
Over. We hope to bear of her com-
plete recovery soon.
John Loveless started to Gnymon
Monday after W. A. Naylor's house
hold effects. Mr. Naylor and family
will occupy tbe Paul Roberts property
in Beaver. We are glad to weloomo
such families to our city. We recog
nize in Mr. Naylor an efficient official
and one who will perform his duties in
accordance to law and without fear or
A dinner party was given Mrs. J. D.
Miles Wednesday at tbe homo of her
daughter Mrs. A. G. Thomas in hon
or of the former's birthday anniversary.
Those present were J. D. Niles and
wife J. W. Webb and wife II. D.
Mecse and wife and J R Thotftas and
wife. A pleasant time was enjoyed
and all heartily wished Mrs Niles many
happy returns of the day.
J. J. Sternburg of Pronto made a
flying trip to Beaver Saturday to see
bis new daughter that came (o spread
sunshine in their home. The mother
and little one are at tbe White House
hotel and are doing nicely under the
skilled care of Mrs. Squires who
is a most competent nurie. Mr. S. re
turned to Pronto Tuesday where he
will perhaps remain at least a few
hours before returning to see if tbe
baby can say "Papa" yet.
The Enid Beaver Guymon & West
ern Railroad company with its prin-
cipal place of business at Guymon Ok.
and a capital stock fixed at 5 million
dollars was chsrtered this wet-k to
build a line from Enid through Gar
field Woods Woodward and Beaver
counties to Dtwson N. M. Its direct-
ors aro R B. Quioo J. II. Langston
T. 0 James J. 0. Williamson Guy
won; T. P. Braidwood Geonre 11
Healy J. E. Grorge Beaver; W. I.
Drnmraood Enul and J C. Gleicotj
ter Now York. K 0 Star
Word Roaobos us Monday of tho
Death "Whloh Oocurod at Kan-
sas City on January 30.
The Herald is shocked and grieved
this week to learn of the death of Mrs.
J. E Over which occuiod at Kansas
City on Monday January SO and was
due to heart failuro and kidney trouble.
The writer has been unablo to ascer-
tain the particulars in tho case but we
ere informed that the deceased went to
Kansas City a short time ago to receive
medical treatment but her oaso was
pronounced hopeless and life was oily
prolongod a short time after her ar-
rival there.
Tho remains wore brought to Cline
the home of the departed and interr-
ment was made in tbe cemetery at
that placo Saturday- Fobruary 4th
1905 at 2 p. m.
The late Mrs Over has been a res.
idcot of this county ior many yean
having come hero in tbe early days
when the Indains were still in the
land. Sbo has resided at or near tho
present home at Cllue for the past
twenty years and is personally known
to most of tho people of tho eastern
half of tbe county. Her husband J.
E. Over owns a large ranch and is one
of the wealthiest men in tbe county .
It as tbe good fortune of the Her
aid editor to be a personal friend of
the deceased and family ana it is with
the deepest regret that we learn of the
untimely demise. Knowing the place
sho filled as wifo and mother in her
home we can realize tho anguish and
sorrow that has been caused by the
removal of that best and deurest friend
How true is the asiertion that "In
the midst of life we are in death."
Just at the titno when our loved oner
are a comfort and delight bow often
they are called away leaving durknesa
and gloom where once theso was the
hope of such a bright and happy day.
We of tbe earth eannot realise why
these things must be so and yet we
know that Uod is just. We oaBnot
question his judgment. With this
knowledge however tbe sting of death
is not healed. We love our friends
and even though we know they are' lo a
better world we sorrow for thea 'and
long to see once more their facer in the
old familiar places. '
The Herald speaks for all who knew
tbe deoeased and her family in extend-
ing sincere sympathy to tho sorrowing
ones. No words can console tho bro-
ken in heart let us hope that consola-
tion may come from a higher power.
)ikd Mr. Bercadino 8. Oror
wife of J. E. Over of Cline 0. T. died
at tho homo of her Mr
Wiles ii Kaasas City on Monday Jan-
uary 30 1905 aftor a long and painful
illness and was buried at Cline or
Saturday Febiuary 4th. Mrs Over
was born in France April 11. 1864 and
henee was 40 yean 9 months and 19
dayd old at her death. She leaves her
husband four children two grastd
children ber father two brothers and
two sisters besides a host of friends to
mourn her loss. Being a Catholic
funeral services were held in Kaosa
City by a Catholic Father. Also at
the request of Mr Over Rev. A. Con-
net conducted services at the home im
uiadiately before burial. The deoeased
said in her last sickness that she bad
made her peaco with God. She had
exoellent traits of cbaruoter among
these her largebearted hospitality and
her uniform kindness to the sick. The
bereaved relations have tho sympathy
of their many friend. A Feiend.
The Western Publisher for February
contained a lengthy wrileup of tho
Enid Eagle of which W. I. Druru-
inond is eiitor. "Pete" is making
rapid strides to success beisg 00 n nee ted
with one of the best papers in Okla-
homa. Vo can remember when he
used to be foreman editor business
mansger compositor and "Devil" in
tbe Herald ofRoe and yet find time to
blow some mighty good tunes 00 the
Baritone with the Boaver Cornet band
and run foot races and play base-ball
as a side iwue. As long as "Pete is
connected with the Eagle it will scream
on forever.
Miss Kmiui Johuson who has a fine
farm on Six Mile is here this week
to make final proof on her claim. Mis
Ida Hummel who usually makes tbe
trip with her was unable to come at
this time owing to her poor health
We are sorry to koow of Miss Hum.
mel's illness and hope she may entire-
ly recover soon
1 Want Wfjier.
Glavdic Maxsvisid "The Barber."
Good clean shave Sharp rascrs Coin
fortablo chairs Neat shop
we will
By so doing we -can sell much cheaper as it
will do away with long time accounts" and
bad debts. The advantage is yours.
Yours for business
But I still have some Goods' left and
they are
Yours for. Trade .
SI i"
In the Dry Goods
establishment. I carry
stock of my nnnns. nr.nTir
SHOES '" BeaTer-
J. W.
d. H.
We make a specialty of fitting glasses and can fit your eyes aatlsfatterHy
o r your money back an also execute any work in tbe Jewelry liae. Briag ' "
your work. You'll find us where you see the Big Watek sifsi.
Our house is one of the best ia
blcs supplied with the BEST and rates
sell or
for Sale.'
f "il- v
line may be found at mj
themost complete
1 ol handle
town and iret class i every
iesfei "H
reasoaabls. Every omftssf t ni.
ii awwff - Ti 1
. a-
-grtsr. -.

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