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It you don't fjct the bluest ana best
It's your own fault. Dellnnco Starch
Is for enle everywhere and there Is
positively nothing to equal it In qual-
ity or quantity.
Record for Railway Crowding.
Twenty-flvo persons rccer.tlytrav-
eled In a slnglo currlaso in tho Lon-
don Tilbury and South End railroad.
Ono of tho most Interesting otMbtta
amonff tho many of all kinds at tho Loulsl.
ana l'urchaso Exposition In Gt. LoUis Is
that of tho 'Winchester Ucpeattng Anns
Company of Hew Haven Conn manu-
facturers of repeating rlflc3 and Bhotiruna
and all kinds of ammunition. Tho exhibit
Tvaa in readiness and was evened on tho
first day of tho fair a fact that clearly
illustrates tho enterprise and up-to-dato
mctuousot 1110 company uohind it. It is
tho aim of tho Winchester Hcpoatlng Arm3
Conipahy to show at their exhibit tho high
.development which thoy havo reached in
tho malting of guns and ammunition and
ono needs only to seo tho exhibit to rcallio
how near to icrfoctIci that development
has come. There can bo seen tho now auto-
matic repeating riilo ull kinds of shotguns
tho modern smokolcss powder shotgun
shells and rlflo cartildgcs; In fact every
thing that can Interest tho dovotocs of
hunting nnd trap end targot shooting.
Don't fall to ceo tho exhibit at tho Manu-
facturers and Fish and G.imo Buildings.
It's w ell worth your while.
Keynote to Success.
Be what nature lntnnrlnri vm tr.r
nnd you will succeed. Be anything
else nnd falluro Is certain.
Tho Deflarco Starch Co. will give
25 ladles a round trip ticket to the
St Louis Exposition to fivo ladles in
each of tho following states: Illinois
Iowa Nebraska Kansas and Mis-
souri who will send la tho largest
number of trade marks cut from a
ten-cent lC-ounco packngo of Defi-
ance cold water laundry starch. This
laeans from your own homo any-
where In tho abovo named states.
These trade marks must bo mailed
to and received by tho Defiance
Starch Co. Omaha Nebr. before Sep-
tember 1st 11'04. October nnd Novem-
ber will bo tho best iroatlia to visit
tho Exposition. Itemombor that Defi-
ance is the only starch put up 16 oz.
(a full pound) to tho package. You
get one-third more starch for the
same money than of any other kind
and Defiance never sticks to tho Iron.
Tho tickets to tho Exposition will be
Bent by registered mall September
6th. Starch for sale by all dealers.
Peculiar Species of Bean.
A certain species of bean In China
and Japan grows a yard longj hitorts
to Introduce It Into this country Live
UtflUctal 'Ithl
rYhompsoR'a Eye Wator
ora ajrea ue
uuiuinxKiu ui i.
AtkrourdealerlortliaMifRcldTanxa'ii Float Valres
lb taWo taatcptna ill tbd -ay aroiQi If your dealer
ran onuppiJJUU wnw ua.RI.inir
liU name &darc.a3 and we will
cdu you sample.
Bcttlrr Ura.a Kfz. Go.
Utuiaa Xeuu.
wnn'l 111 tirrHlc. freeze nnr apot clothPi. VJ
Com 10c. and equals 2yc. worth of anjr other bluing
bora ia dlnlntj roon.slceplnff-t-ooiu and place vrbrre
V&rtV3 omt Clenn neat
VjOHT f'TvlIorVfl! and 'l not unllnr
Injure anyiiilnff.
Try them osce and
you wtli neTr bo
wltlioutthfrm If not
Xtrtbrdoalrn ueut
lit HOI n f03.RS.
1(9 IVXclb AvM.
ErwkOn . T.
ilPrut'(ier Bill Sir.
TUO. C-mitUHnTIM. ildkoc. k.
Eltlv In the momlnc. Jiri- at
night or whenever us:d Djfiance
Starch will be found always the
same always the best.
Insfct en having it the most for
your money.
Satisfaction or money back
guaranteed. It b manufactured
under the latest improved condi-
tions. It is up-to date. It is the
best. We give no premiums.
We sell 16 ounces of the best
starch made for 10 cents. Other
bands are 12 ounces for 10 cents
.with a tin whistle.
Manufactured by
Omaha Neb.
Cottage City
World's Fair
St. Louis
Whon Answering Advertisement!
Kindly Mention This Paper.
CURES catai-h of the stomach.
f V
it n OMiQssi?M.M
mm cunsomimm
Man Should bo Vegetarian.
Man's structure compared rlth
that of other animal Icdlcatei that
irulta nnd esculent vejfetahloa nro Ma
natural food. Th mau-llVe uf.c-Jiyr
exclusively upon frjtu nuts and
gloen loato3.
Itr-icrtanft to MoJbcra.
Krttilno etrtfcllr eriy bctile cf CASTORIA
0 safe tud tn-c xtmtiy fee Is ntaU ona children
mi Ko tli&t It
In U3 Tor Orcr 30 Yca-.
Tts 1UH Yoa llsvo Alw.j. Bou-ht.
Prefer to R s' Lives.
Only ono person In five uecs the
tunnel built In London for crossing
tho 9Teet near tho Bank or England.
Tho others prercr to take their chan-
ces among the horso3 nnd other ve-
hicles. IIundrtd3 of doa!r? any the extra
quantity and superior quality of De-
llnnco Htnrch le fast taking place of
all other brands. Othe-ra say they can-
not sell any other starch.
Flcat'ng Thaatsr the Latest.
A flcntlng theater with restaurant
refreshment bus and seals for 2.000
persons la being bu'lt In Amsterdam.
It will bo towed up by the Rhine and
Itiillcn operas rerforjied In It at rlvcr-
Bldo towns.
I aa suro PHo's Cure for CoaMimptlon Rated
ray life thrco years a;ro. -Mrs. Tnos. Hoi-dins
Kaplc Street Norwich N. Y. Feb. IT IKS).
Police to Reseus cf Dog.
Somo malicious person threw a dog
worth about $25 into a disused coal
pit 120 feet deep at Sparrow's Forgo
Wednesburv. Er eland. It won rrn.
cued by tho police who lowered a bas
ket to the animal.
Would Gamble With Major.
On being sentencc-1 to seven davs'
hurd labor at tho workhouse for being
drunk a LoweetoCt (England) man
tooit n com rrom his pocket ami of-
fered to toss the mayor whether It
should bo fourteen days or nothing.
Ribbon for Life Savers.
Tho ribbon of the Trench Legion or
Honor was recently bestowed by Ad-
miral Duperro on a sailor who in
connection with the lifeboat service
had saved 348 lives In thirty-five
The well earned reputation nnd Increas-
ing popularity of the IaswIh" "SMiigla
Hinder" straight 5c cigar U duo to the
tna'utnlaDd high riunlity and appreciation
of tho smoker. Lewis' Factory l'coria I1L
Equalization of Railroads.
If tho world's railroads were equal-
ly distributed over the eaarth's sur-
faco no ono would be more than seven
miles fiom some lino.
Storekeepers report that the extra
quantity together with tho superior
quality of DqUanco Star'h makes It
next -to Impossible to sell any other
Man's Highest Virtue.
Man's highest virtue Is nlwava ns
much as possible to rule external cir
cumstances and as littlo as possible
to let himself bo ruled by thcra.
Thl Will Intcrost Mothers.
Jlothor Gray's Sweet Powders for Chil-
dren used by Motner Gray u uursu !u
Chlldron's Homo New York Curo Fovcr-
I&hncBS Bad Stomach Teething Disorders
move and regulato tho bowels and destroy
Wo-ias. Sold by all Druggists 25c. Samplo
FIIEC Address A. S. Olicsted Lelloy.N.Y.
Advocates Frugal Dinner.
Dr. Robertson Wallace says that a
little soup .a morsel of meat and veg-
etables or a plcco of fish a sweet
and a bit of cheese Is dlnnor enough
to keep a man in health.
Btatb or Onio Citt or Tomoo I
Fn.tNK J. Cursv mo' ctn that he l ecntor
pitriLer of tLo firm cf I'. J CuiNrv & Co. dln
!utlue la Ibo (lir Ibledts Cuunly anil 8Uie
afuteoalit. and that mid r.tro n 111 fay l!w turn of
O.NK HUSUltl-U I)OI.LAIIb Ir each nd cry
cm of Cataxhii tbui cxliic b curcJ by ibo tie ut
HAIL'. CIB-. rnAXK j cnEJ5ET
Swcra to befors mc and nitacrlld la ny prce-6-jce
ttila Cih iit.Tut Dect!. bcr A. IilJ
.-La. a. W. ULEASOX
) EL f XorAnr 1'cni.ic.
rialfTcatanh Curo li taken Internally ond tela
dliccilyou tre bioyd and iiutoua turfocea tf ibo
ayiteai. faeud tor teatlnunlala free.
Y J. I I1ESEV & CO Toledo. O
Rolrtbyill Dmzelt T5c
1 ake llall'a Vauilly l'llla for constipation.
When somo peoplo tell tho truth It
Is only for tho purpose of creating
Is It Not Worth While
It you travel on business or pleasure
to get the bfst service for the lowest
rates? Ask tho Erie Railroad Com-
rany 555 Railway Exchange Chicago
for full lnfoimatlon. Booklets freo de-
scribing Summer Tours and tho Beau-
tlful Chautauqua Lake Region; also
Cambridge Springs.
Tho lobster lays 42.000 eggs a year
Go to tho lobster thou hen consider
her ways nnd get busy.
Don't you Know that Defiance Starch
besides being nbsolutely superior to
any other. Is put up 16 ounces In pack-
age and sells at same price as 12-
ounce packages cf other kinds?
School For Theatrical Critics.
A school for theatrical critics Is to
bo onened in Paris. The students
aro to attend dross rehearsals and
wrlto them up for practice.
Leprosy Among Fish Eaters.
Statistics are quoted showing that
while in India the average occurrence
of leprosy Is three of four cases per
10000 of population In the island of
Mlnlcoy In the Indlau ocean whoso
Inhabitants are devoted to
rises to 150. and nt Kallgoan a tlsh-
curlng center. It amounts to 500.
Harper's Weekly.
furnlahad cotU-Cl and Coiy "Ir.W'ty. 3r
tbui noUl MtommoiatiOEa Ona block from 01i St. " JJ
SSI MdDAtaiiSSer-itMUful iw of Oa roand d IU Ind
iUunuuUau. St.00 par day and up. Addreaa
M IRCgAKra COTTAOK CO.. liU Wlnna Art Bt IMla.
SI4 to 317 Junction Bid.. Kansas City. Mo.
VtlHa- KK ill HfiwM 212-Mf t M '" '1' MDltuiitllUi
(MtMiaHatN-iatOlTM.bMNMM Ultilll tlWcmia. Oltht latauidi earif If
WaM Mattf. hh fill' ml till tirid-i Itrslla Ullr iinai H iipllcitk.
i CQ71S aYllal ill (lit IHUS. kJ
Out Lnfi trrup. Taaiea Coon. ItO Rl
In tltce. Sold of draaYlata. wv
Slnco somo of cur very rich men
havo taken to public dlscourso upon
nil sorts of matters their utterances
havo somewhat diminished their repu-
tation for Infallible wisdom. It has
boon discovered that a man may pos-
sess great wealth and still fall of
complcto mastery of tho science of
government or tho principles of po-
litical economy. Nny It Is evident
that such a man may not even provo
a reliable guide to tho Inquirer who
seeks for tho road to wealth.
Ono of tho most didactic of our
vivacious millionaires has recently de-
clared that riches aro within the
reach ot every man who wishes to be
rich. He asserts that there are but
two requisites for tho acquisition of
wealth moderate intclilgenco and un-
limited industry. Given these ho dc-
claiu. timt-uiij man can get rich.
Which Is of course entirely false
and misleading even though it comes
from a gentleman who has piled up
great wealth and Is now engaged In
piling up free libi dries. Everyone
knows that Intclilgenco and Industry
are not tho sole essentials to tho ac-
quisition of riches. Every ono knows
of men highly Intelligent and thor-
oughly Industrious who can scarcely
rnako a living.
It Is truo that Intelligence and In-
dustry are qualities favorable to tho
attainment of wealth but It Is not
truo that the possession of those
qualities even in tho highest degree
constitute any assurance of riches.
Thj money-making faculty is a
thing apart from other natural endow-
ments. An Ignorant illiterate man
who possesses It will get rich and
Intellectual genius without It will re-
main poor all his life. Like a girt for
music it can be cultivated but It can-
not bo acquired.
Tho sayings of our loquacious mil-
lionaires like Ibo aphorisms In tho
copybooks will not always bear analy-
sis. In tho present Instance the fal-
sity of tho proposition is evident to
everybody since a vast majority of
tho people though thoy aro Intelligent
ami hard working never acjuiro to
much as a modest competence let'
nlono wealth. Chicago Itecord-Hcr-ald.
Medical colleges arc responsible for
tho hordo of failure's who parailfl as
doctors and do what they can to men-
aco the public health. Some of tho
medical schools are get-rlch-qulck
schemes taking every applicant who
comes along with tho reaulslto fees.
They spoil hundreds of good farmers
mechanics shoemakers and black-
smiths Issue sheepskins and leave tho
medical proressjon to strugglo with
the reproach. Every decent doctor
should Join him and pursue tho fak-
ers grafters and moral pervertcrs un-
til It Is mado too warm for them to
contlnuo In the profession. A med-
ical diploma ought to be beyond pur-
chase by anyone not fltted In every
way for tho responsibilities of a phy-
sician. Sioux City Tribune.
Many newspapers huvc Berio'isly re-
produced a telegram which Bppctrod
In a Paris Journal announcing that
tho Emperor Nicholas had presented
hl3 prlvato fortune nracunt'ng to
eighty millions sterling (SCO.GOQ.OCO)
to tho Russian government tor war
purposes. It was added that tk b hujo
sum stands to the credit of tho omper-
or In a bank of a country not friendly
to Russia. Eighty millions would bo a
pretty sort of a sum to bo held nt
call by any bank; but tho whole story
Is a romance and so aro all tho other
talcs about tho emperor's dealings
with his civil list. Tho fact Is that
tho emperor of Russia has no civil
list and ho draws nt hjs discretion on
tho Imperial treasury every roublo
of which Is supposed to bo his prop-
erty and absolutely at his disposal.
London World.
It Is not tho least but ono or the
greatest advantages of higher educa-
tion that tho woman of to-day does
know herself much better than did her
mother or grandmother and with that
self knowledge comes a better under-
standing of her relations to tho world
about her. Tho college girl of to-day
Is healthier stronger sanor more In-
dependent more rcsoluto nnd moro
useful than were tho social butterflies
or tho household drudges of her
grandmother's time. In tho experi-
mental "stages of this new develop-
ment there may have been danger but
tho education or tho body aB well as
tho mind Is now looked after In all our
girls' colleges Indeed much better
than In colleges for tho other sex.
Boston Transcript.
There Is a savor of philosophy and a
dash of originality In the venerable
Bishop Huntington's dlocespn nddress
particularly wheu in spiaklng of
amusements he sajsf "When we sec
how many persons make a labor or
their amusement how can we help
wondering whether they would not
better And amusement in their labor?"
The beloved old churchman has struck
tho nail on tho head there has struck
It a blow which lights up tho dai-ker
reccs3e3 or ths human mind with the
fire of everlasting truth. -Utlca N. Y.
A lawyer has no right to do any-
thing as a lawyer which ho would
scorn to do as a man and a citizen.
Ills obligation to the court and to tho
public Is and must bo paramount to
his obligation to Lis client. Unless
this is recognized tho lawyers would
be the most dangerous class In ;ho
cotamunlty IndiRnapolIa New 8.
Students of American Hfo think
that thoy detect a distinct tendency to
revert to nature. Tho first effort is
of course to acqulro a qompotonco;
tho second to amass a fortune but
the third is to own n country placo
and to bo able to spend all but tho
winter months out In tho opon away
rrom tho crowded dusty city. Wheth-
er this bo nn effect of Inheritance a
harking back to tho form whonco all
city dwellero nt ono time or another
eprang. or not It isnn Interesting
ract. Health Is hotter lire Is longer
nnd happier ir nil the- tlmo thnt can
be spared from tho exactions of ousl-
cess be spent In tho open nlr whero
tho breathing spacer to large tho air
pure the sunlight clear warm nnd full
of com Tort.
It Is satisfactory to note that public
opinion Is being aroused on tho sub-
ject or tho wanton destruction of
shade trees by tho servants of tele-
phone telegraph and electric light
companies who nro sent out to string
wirp3 nnd who carry the Implements
with which to make short work of a
tree which they deem In tho way of
their operations. Such outrages aro
usually committed when thoso nblo
and willing to protect treos are away
from home. Protests from women
count for very little nnd tears for
even less. Agatnst subsequent suits
for damages tho companies aro well
fortlllcd. If a valuable trco Is onco
spoiled what Its owner can recover by
u suit at taw would not troublo any
one. Chtcngo Chronicle.
Tho extent of damnga dono by In-
sects which prey on tho agricultural
Interests or tho United States Is but
littlo appreciated. Twelve bugs ac-
cording to rcllablo statistics do an
estimated damage to rarm products of
?3G3000000 per annum. Tho chinch
bug heads tho list with $100000000
a year; grasshopper $90000000; Hes-
sian fly (a reminder of tho revolution
Mnce the mercenaries hired by King
Georgo brought Its eggs over in tho
straw for their horse3) 150000000;
cotton worm and boll worm (cotton)
$25000000 npleco; cotton boll weevil
$20000000; San Joso scale grain wee-
vil apple worm and army worm S10
000000 npleco; potato bug SS.000000
and cabbago worm 13000000. Al-
bany N. Y. Argus.
"No personal accounts largo or
smnll wanted hero; wo do business
only with largo corporations." This
was tho reply tho president of ono of
tho $25000000 Wall street banks gavo
to an Inquirer a3 to tho minimum de-
posit that institution would accept.
It was a notification that this was dis-
tinctly a "wholesale bank." Such
an answe. would not have been made
Ave years ago. But this U a now ago.
The billion-dollar trust and tho $2G-
000000 bank nro to Wall street what
wireless telegraphy Is to electricity
wonders. Tho vast demands of mod-
ern Industry cHon requiring tho nego-
tiation or tx loan or 5000000 upon a
Tew hours' notice with frequent calls
for stupendous accommodation rrom
transcontinental railroads or syndi-
cates financing foreign government
bond Issues havo called into being
theto now banks verltablo Incarna-
tions or power holding Indeed tho
safety and happiness of a peoplo in
their hands. Saturday evening Post.
That was a wise old clergyman who
urged his brethren not to ndmlt young
men to tho ministry unless they were
evidently more broad-minded and en-
thusiastic In their faith than their
elders. "Wo must allow" ho bald
"for the inevitable shrinkage." Tho
same allowanco Is necessary In every
life for the sure closing In of the real
upon tho Ideal: f youth and tho un-
avoidable narrowing of hopo and aim
that must como with middle ago. Tho
more Idealism we start with the moro
stoutly we defend It against tho
shocks It Is certain to reeclve tho
more Joyous life will turn out to bo
ns wo go on living. The dreariness
of tho middle-aged viow of life springs
largely rrom the ract that Its ideals
are so shrunken as to bo no longer
a source or vitality of renewal says
Harper's Bazar. As long as wo bo-
llovo in life and in love and In friend-
ship and In heroism and In other
Ideal possibilities life is worth living
and wo are strong to tnko our part
in it. Living for ideals Is happy and
courageous living. Living without
them Is "tho dull gray life and apa-
thetic end."
Tho movement In Germany to open
the doors of tho universities to wom-
en has failed In its chief purpose
but it has led to something. Girls
aro to bo admitted to the classical
schools preparatory to the university
as an experiment but there Is a posi-
tive opposition on the part of tho gov-
ernment to a classical training for
women. Instead and "to maintain
the Ideal position of German women
In the home" tho Instruction of girls
In tho high Echecls Is to be better
adapted to domestic requirements.
That Is to say the ambitious young
women are to bo taught the art and
science of cooking and of household
work generally Tho minister of In-
struction does not poem to be Im-
pressed by the arguments In favcr of
erudite women but ho has a lively
sense of the Importance to tho coun-
try of Eoncral good cooking. Phila-
delphia Record.
Every duty which Is bidden to wait
returns with ssven fresh duties at Hi
L-ck. C. Kiogsloy
A burst of Mur. your ryei and you;
Tha unllht nnrt a eloua or to!
The birds tho brm the vnulne trees
ThP shadows rac'iig o'er tho Iras
And yonl
Money was made to he subservient
lo man. To day matt is subservient to
Tho lovo of money has lost man hon-
or and womnn virtue. It has Instigat-
ed murder and propagated living
deaths. Thero aro no depths so deop
thnt grocd will not sink to their levels
for gain. Let us bowarc then lest
our lovo of Mammon lead us nwny
from our better and truer solves Into
Ignominy cud disgrace
Money enco upon a time made tho
maro go but modern spenders ex-
change it for gasoline.
Every man that has much money
scoffs nt Its vnluo but ho keeps tho
A Now York scientist trnys tho hu-
man body completely returns to dust
and In renewed atom by atom onco
every ear. Thnt accounts for tho di-
vorces. A man uarrlcs an angel and
finds In a year Bho has changed to a
Xantlppo. Cnn anything bo plainer?
According to a Missouri paper a
young man of that vicinity recently
nsked n girl to marry htm. Sho ro-
plied: "I will ask you to wait a few
days for ray answer; but don't you
t.ako any other arrangements until
you see mo again."
If Tlmo were a man would It wait
for woman?
ThlB Is too good to get away and
besides we cannot write all tho Jokes
and run a kltton-brltches factory too:
In New York tho other day somo boys
espied this sign In the window of a
tailor shop:
: Twenty-flvo Dollars Roward :
: Will Bo Paid for any Dam- :
: ago to This Property. :
They promptly broko all tho glass In
Macomb (111.) Bystundor ARus
clan nobleman has married a Chicago
girl whoso pictures look llko ono of
tho Uystander elrls. Every onco In a
whllo somo handsome and worthy
young fellow comes along and takes
ono ot the Bystander girls and goes to
housekeeping with her but wo draw
tho lino on foreign noblemen. If ever
one comes fooling around this offlco wo
will havo tho office boy kick him clear
across the public square.
Mako a kow-tow to Johnny Murphy
the Chicago newsboy. Recently in
Chicago John becamo tho "champeen"
"polpor" seller In "do cntol'o wolld"
hawking 1100 "ttxtrles" ia two and
ono-hulf hours nt tho corner of Stnto
and Madison streets. Ho defeated
"Noodles" tho record breaker of Now
York by almost COO papers. Johnny
Murphy is a product of Chicago's
Nowsboys' Alley. Hail to tho king!
It la needless to eay that this Is
from a Kansas exchango: "Tho Wich-
ita Eagle tells of a tuberculosis
young man who had but ono lung but
who now has three. He married tho
other two. Ono can acqulro almost
any desired quantity or anything by
living In Kansas."
"Why Is a hen uullko an editor?"
asks an exchange. Wo Sivo It up
unless It's because she has wings
Avhllo tho editor has to get along In
his shirt sleeves I What's tho Joko?
It has been said that all tho world
loves a lover but the proor Is misslug.
A wise wire always feeds her hus-
band beforo asking him for mpney.
.. x f8rrAWnni "
1000 Dyspeptics to I Drunkard
In civilized society there are one thousand dyspeptics to one drunkard. This host would be cut of! at
it 1.. -I l. !L! J -x T .: 1- t... .L- f I 11
oacu ii uniy pure cieauiy nuuu&uiug iuou wcic caien. uyajjuijui-s
if absolutely pure clean and contains only the necessary substances that the system demands (k
strength health and 'comfort. Carefully and conscientiously prepared by a physician and chemist I
forty years' experience.
PalatahU Nutritiaus Easy of DipstiM awl Rudy tt Eat
Dr. Price the creator of
Prtpan.. fay FUU CEREAL FOCI CO. Ftri Mills MTTLE MEEK
The World's Famous
Catarrh Remedy
Should Be in Every
No Thought of Wronjj.
Ills heart was as great ns tho world
but thoro was no room In It to hold
tho memory of a wrong. Emerson.
Do Ycur Fcot Acho and Burn?
Ehnltc Into your shoes Allen's Foot-
Ease a powder for tho fecL It makes
tight or New Shoes feci Knsv. Cures
Swollen Hot Sweating Feet Corns and
Bunions. At nil Druggists nnd Shoo
Stores 2SO Sample sent FREE. Ad-
dress Alien S. Olmsted Lcltoy N. Y.
When n man Is guilty ho talks too
much about his lnnoccnco and gets
Oysters In Japan.
Oyntcrs abound In tho Inland Sea
of Japan. Thoy nro served In tho res-
taurants for five cents a dozen.
Do You Want the Lowest Rates
cither ono-wny or round-trip excursion
to nny point cobI of Chicago or St.
Louis? Ask tho Erlo Railroad Com-
pany 555 Railway Exchango Chicago
for complcto Information. Three fast
trains daily from Chicago and St.
Lou Id through to Now York Boston
Buffalo. Pittsburgh and other eastern
points. Stop-over without chargo nt
Niagara Falls Cambrldgo Springs and
Beautiful Chnutauqua Lake.
A man is In luck If ho doesn't get
turned down whllo waiting for some
thing to turn up.
8?loons for Women.
In some parts of Berlin thqro nro
special saloons for women.
Dealers say thnt as soon an a cus-
tomer trlea Defluuco Starch It la lin;
po? slide o sell them any other cola
water starch. It can bo used cold or.
Tho cucumber la ot tropical origin.
This may explain why It usually hits
peoplo In tho vicinity of the equator
Health and Hope.
Ho who has health has hope and
ho who hns hopo has cvorythlng.
Arabian Proverbs.
uncooked improperly prepared loods.
sfr atMgamPaWaaaaa. aW.
an r M bVHH Ka WB LcbaJaBjH fetLa Lv ' '
K ilBBVBVsMvBuWr tf4HK .bhK Br 9v H la BVL B U dW BLr
I ' It is the purest cleanest starch made. II' ' 1
It is free of injurious chemicals.
II It can be used where ordinarily you would be afraid II a
UW to use starch of any kind. I
II That's Defiance. Your .grocer sells it I I
Dr. Price's Cream Baiting Powder ar
Na Narcotics.
One reason why Perunn has ionnd
ncrmnncnt uso In bo many homes la
thnt It contains no narcotics ot btty kind
Perunn Is perfectly hnrmtcss. It cnn bo
u$cl any length ot tlmo without acquiring
tho drug habit.
Made by
Mfg. Co.
Kiaiaf Cltji
I ! I M m r Wm JBLLEfciaaMBjV
3atCLK ti
Almost a half million ikcres ot tho fertile atvtl
well wntcrol Inndi of tl.o Itosetiud Indian Res-
crraUon. In South Dakota will be thrown opou
'.oiutllemeutby thoOcucrDmentln July. These
andi are best reached by th Chlraco & North-
Western Hallway's direct through Unci from -
Chicago to Bnnrateel H. D. All agents sell
IlckoU Tla this lino. KpocUl low rales.
Rend for a copy of pamhlrt git InR full Inform. '
lion as to dates of opening and how In tecum lee
acres oft and at nominal rot with full descrip-
tion of tho soil climate timber nud mineral
resources towns schools ami churchd oppor-
tunities for business openings railway rate
etc. freo on application.
W. B. KKISKERrt' '
raitensor TrntUo Munaecr
Kirvi CUIOAdt;; 1X1.
W. N. U. WICHITA No. 29 1904.
When Answering Advertisement
Kindly Mention This Pap;r.
uiu iiuuu uy tuu usu ui iuijjuh; r i
:i a
DeUdooa Flavoring bitMlik$
Mil HWn SHHm
4 -j
' il
M "H
' 'i n

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