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-nsy n -rt- f -m r-r -A
trr A I ft .' ts-tfu
I I ay ill jt I J i
VV" 'Vv
i m '
-tr .i
mmui 1.1 '. l s.t r
- . r I
Watermelon- are plentiful tlicsc day
LBds and home for sale fee; .
Tannohlll & llocfe.
. A brother of W.
Texas U in ibo city
0. Field from
lions are getting too numerous to
Wcllii .Mcicair I roll. Motcalf 0. T.
Ih in tlio city
Mr.Htirford nnd wife of near (Mr1
visited our city n few days lust week.
SV.T'Lawrencf departed for (Jordell
OI;la. Krldny morning.
A.L. Hobertri.of Colrf was In tho
County scat this Wk o;i business
M rs.John Itatcinnn of Coin was In the
city rJatunUyi
The town sefcins very lonely without
the Normal students and thu young
men look very forlorn.
Kdd Md'herson and wife returned
front IV hi on Kansas Inst Wcdtie-day.
They reiort n very plrasiinl trip
J.J. Thompson aud grand daughter
Mbs Mario A mold were down lrotu
Orand Valley last week.
. .
W.I.Uuutwell ol' the t'oiu neighbor-
hood's transacting business in town
. Mm. Brffe Mile's came up Sunday
evening for a short visit with her
Mrs. Kllcn Maple went down In
Jtiverside thu Jlrs't of thu week to visit
her on FrutiV
Craig Druthers ut Liberal Kansas
re iu the lumber business to stay aud
they are waking -tuning prices.
Will Burner who Inn been freight-
ing for Mndisun la tending for Jus.
Uluii. Win. i'lil'mer U driving Mndl-
toii teaniri.
A bouo'ciug tcu pouud buy wa. bnru
to Mr. and Aim. J A. Uitii last Fri-
day night.
Now t a (;uud iiiiiu lu iniuk about
winter atock abuda. Sie Craig Llrotb- Liberal. JCainm lur lumber.
Careou Uiotlii-rd the i'butorapberb
will IcuVa licivcr' ucxt Monday. Uel
your photoi vr'ltiio yu'i can.
All parties' itiueoicd lu iuc aro ru-
tjiiKded 10 tettlc up u'i 1 h iVo to have
b-juio uioue).
I'. II. Audenoa.
A. 0. Thuuma u having a nicio hod
bouae erected uu hia iUiui. A. N.
Hogaelt U duiug.the work.
Mtsaca Cainu uud Ulcuu Sullivan of
uyuiun U. T. visited with Jennie
Qjiun the fir; of ibu week.
& reuiuuctra.uue baa bceu filed aguitm
tliu renewal ol 0. (L lleddiek'a bjIoou
The Linlty (ia'll vrns crowded with
dancer a tiuturduy tvuiiinir but the
U'Wlbel waa o wurui there waa tio p'leaa
nra ht daucinjif.
Miaa Fafeoio .Cotton of Versuillc
Ivy. arrivedru Heaver last Friday for
several weeks visit with Mr. uud Mra.
John 8av'axc.
Joho Liuiistor uaj opeued bis
ef abop aod is now ready lor buniucj.n.
. When needing work dono in hia lino
give liiui a call.
U. C Ivcnis aud wife aud Mra. Geo.
Winter went out to Clear Creek last
Monday on a pluming ix peditiun. they
' camped over nibt returniug next day
It ia not from pride thut Art Tliotcits
carriea hi bead o high. 'Tin a boil on
(the b pf lifs neck and it is muting
hia lifa tnhicrablo about now.
ii . i.
. jVVbeB ypu area man working one
r day ( iu-' the wctlc' and knifing tbe bal
.' ' ""ace.dont call bim lazy. It would be
aSofd geme'el to any bo reictublea the
telephone lino.
Tbe lomeste'ad filings nt Hb.ivcr are
InerapMUg rapidly.. It rencmbloa Ye
olden tltaei'to ace a .atring o( prarjo
aehoouera patting through town at all
Fours of ihfl day.
llvury Nichola U hirvxMing an efgb
ty acre field of broom corn which prob.i
bly eicela any oilier field in the county
Tbo biuh ii'aiure from tweuljffnur
to iMriy iuclica in hni:tb.
R M and J C.(Jarlrn.t of Emporia
KaLaoare olferiog for alo twipiy-five
brad olcauid. Tbiy will be tuld at pub
Up auction at Ueaver on tb tweotv-
ifftli.Io.t. Uolln A Urjwn Liberal Katnaa and
Tyrone Uklabuwi carry a cutupiatc
w nfTtryjiijpf' nnllr found iu a
k. r
'fyT'Wli . -
An ontbulnatic ciond witn9Mod tbo
ball pjimc Hiilurdny nf.crtnon between
the I'ullnn Crei-k and Heaver nineind
'"rootcra" were plentilul for. both aides
(n tba two former guinea it'wna any
body g:itno from start lo finish Heaver
winning both by only one tcnie lint
Haturdny afirr 1 a acmnd Inning whon
the score stood I'ul'.ou 7 licaver i the
Hearer brlya got a grip on their lata
and pounded the hall ail over the field
winning tbo game by a score of 111 to
20 in favor j)f Denver.
A finn bnby boy wan born lo Mr- and
Mrs. J. 0. Miles at the White Hnii.c
Hotel Titcxil.iy night. Mother and .nn
doing nicely.
A.Ti.Vungtdaon of Custer pronchrd to
an nppecliitive aiiilliMicd hist Krldny
night A.L.nnd dnughtor cniun up to
attend the teiichers examination.
II. H. Lonfboiirrow Deputy fTninty
Attorney is in Giiymon.this vfrrk.m-
trnding tho iHiniinnry hearing of the
territory v Will Tlpcnler.
MIsii'R Lizxlo nnd Helen Ocnrgo rc-
turnnl home from their visit to rela-
tives In I. T Frldny evenlnir. They
jmssed through Heaver on their way
M. K. Illbba nnd fnmily nro rn'stl-
eatlniT tn the country tlnwdav They
intend movliiT out lo Klinwontl In the
near future. Their houe In tnvn ln
been purehased by John W Savngo nnd
will soon be occupied by him.
Our buines policy in. "Live nnd lei
live." If you do no! bnllevo It. the
next tiino ynu ore in Liberal l"ini
or Tyrone Oklahoma call on Ko'ln .t
Hrown at tlio lumber yard and axk for
pricea on anything you want.
fllft nnd Tndil ren-itred the roof on
the Li nicy store building Inst v.vel.-.
The hull out the tnr paper it" o lb"
roof leaked badlv. Mr. Webb bad
some goods dnmnged during the recent
DkAtii ANonr kntruhtiik iiomb ot'
ii t. liARch or nvh. mh.XiinMA.
It 14 with sorrow vu iiumiunso the
deniLio of Mrs. ILL. Hitlur wlinsc
dc.itli rejulted from the nvrrturuing of
u bujigy by a cyclone while returning
from thin Cily about Ibreo weikn ngo.
tt. vrns not thought nt tho limo (tint
either Mr. or Mm linker were serious-
ly burtliut as it Ims proven miicc. she
sii'tiiiocd injuries thnl proved faliil. she
died Aug 1(l"therciii.iiiii were interred
In the cemetery at Meade Kantta.
Militia II Lord wnn bontnt l)it
J'aiMiufleld Mnlnn. Feb 21st 1840:
wiik linirrled lo Dnniol L. Hakrr Aug.
IGth 18i'2 tmd withjier hil.bind tuov
id Jo Illinois then Heaver County in
1B8G where thry bin c resided until the
time ol ber dentil.. Mrs. linker tin
Iml with tbo Baptist Church when 18
veuia of ago and has lfed a consistani
ehrl.ttiuti lil'o ever ainci'. Slio wns c
devoted wife nnd mother nndn kind
neighbor i)waya ready IU sncrifico her-
self lor others Hlie Ic.ives a loving
hutbund two grown children nnd n
host id Irieiub to. mourn her death
which iigrm especially find oecuring ns
it did on the -lUiul anniversary of ncr
ivedding day. The llernld extends
hcjrtfvtl i-yuipiiihir to tho bereaved.
Mr- nnd Mra. J. W. Rivngo received
their household effects last werb. and
are now nt borne to Ibeir friend b
rrahlence recently purchased f M K
K. A. Peckhnm tells us thai his wile
has greatly Improved in licnHh since
she went to Knid. lie soys lio is i'et-
ting homesick aud will perhaps soon
eotno home.
Hon. T. 1' Hraulwnod lvis beon np-
pnintfld -by Governor Fer'ftwon an n
leleaalo to Ibo eleventh Njiiiunn' Trri-
mition Congress to be held at Ogdrn
TJ'.ah. 18 itx.
Crnisr Ilrolbprs Liberal Kansas are
dealers in all kinds of bui'derh' ninterl-
nj lumber Jime ccuionl dnnrn ssh
wjndows shingles tar and fell paper
Uov. W. L. Jones n minister nflhe
Christian church of Funis Texas is
in tlio City. Ho will deliver a lecture
at the. Court Hoti'c Saturdnv uhdit
Subject; "I tho Neern bunmn?"
When you need a bill. of Inuibrr or
anything usually carried in n first clnsr
umber yard let Craig llrntbors nt
Liberal. Kansas fiv'iire with von. A
.com) quality or material is nlways car-
ried by them nnd their pruva ire con-
sistent with quality.
10 H0MH3KKK tilts
For 8 (ifiO.OOI will deed sn.r warrnnt
the tilln lo any vacant qusrier seetiou
of land in leaver county.
F 0 Tracy
I'M MePhorson is remodling the
roims in tbo rear of the Dink building
and filling them up for a rcHidrme ho
is also building a atablo nnd buggy
abed on the loin in tlio rear.
Miss Minnio Trcmalno who has been
Visiting J. Jt. Quiun and fnmily the
at fnw wnks i-tarlcd on her return
(rip Monday morning. Sho was nc.cmu
panlcd to tbo ltnilinad by Win. Qiun".
Charley Carlmell in sulTerlng si'vurt-
ly from the effects of poison Ivy.
Charlie cot poisoned ulillo down nt
Cpffoy's grovo lo tho plcnhi Ratuidiij
fipu Ills cntiro brsly is bnilly broken
ont but ho aulfers mostly with Ills feet
which are no nwollon nnd sore he can
hardly got about Wo hopu howi
aooji recover.
Wo forgot to mention In our hist Is-
sue that tho Editor was absent but
supposo anyono could tell that by tho
looks of thu paper Miss Mnuda sends
word sho Is enjoying hnr visit very
uitioli and Ihlnks her trip will provo
At tho close Jof tbo teachers exam-
ination Saturday tbo student pcrpc-
raleJ u plcasaut Itttlo surprise on the
County Supt. They hnd purcluicd a
ocHiitiful gold pen which they presented
lo Miss H.iUr ns n token of their re-
gard and appreciation of tho interest
Mm umiiifesteu' iu I heir welfare.
I'roiT Oosner prestnlcd the pen mak-
ing a very pIciiNingpreseutnlion speech
to ahicti Miss llallcr responded in n
iiiHiiucr that convinced tbo studcuts
that their gift wns iihly npprrcintud.
I'lii'ii eui:u fjrprbe number two; When
a snub utarosu and with n ueut little
speech presented I'rolf. Cosnnr with an
elegant I'oU'iiaiu pun. Tho IVoff. wri
ustoiiUhcn but ciamigcd to es preus
his llunks very eloqiienlly.
beneficial to hen' health tiho In nt pre
Kto '
to start toon for Si; Louis from then
sent at Uruv
Mo bttt I'xpecla
she will gu to Decatur. Ill and oilier
polntieast M'al Ncttio nccptiip'attllctj
ir on ijr rcv'h ."..'..
The ruh to Heaver ooiinty jccnis to
have begot iu e&rnesl there is jcurecly
any lime during the- day thut you can
look out uud out .see from one to a hull
dozuii tovcidd nagiiiH in fight each
coiitwiuitig I'mtii two to six men nil lonfc.
iui! lor locations uud hy-tl o number of
tilings botiig mado lately they are sure
ly finding them.
Kvery ouee iu a while things happen
iu Iviiuses so ns to give the Sunflower
stole n blnek eje. An Irrigation Con-
vention culled a few (lays ago lu Har
den City because recent ruins through
out Hint portion of the statu had been
so heavy as to Interfere ki-rlously with
ruilroiid travel nnd irinl.'c miiuyof the
Country roads impossible. Providence
is ilo respecter of Irrigation enliven
lions. .Santa 1-V(X. 31.) New .Mexican.
The Normal Students entertainment
gi ven at the church Thursday night
was well attended Tho prvgrnmuic
consi-ted of miislo nnd addresses by the
Co Supt. Miss Kiln Uaker nnd t'roffs.
CoMiir nnd( McCuiie. 'liu addresies
ol eieh irero rundcrod it n very pleas
log miiiinor and were well received by
thu buii.nce.
Arc you going to build II so you
will need lumber bub hhinglcs doors
-s.di linn) cement etc. See (Inlii) it
Drown Liberal Kuiuca and Tyrone
Oklnboina for prices.
Twenty four bomcstiad tilings liavo
hern miidou lleaver.sincu lust Thuisdity
being u follows.
Geo. 11 Mao II. M. Cravlor.i
J'. A Uurnsaii 0. 'A. I'adgetl
W. II. Padgett P. U. Vokloy
J. FFields 1. II. Matthews
K. M. A trsttr. M. A. Miller
S. 1. Woodit J. W. Komi;
(J. A. Wilson It. U. ILitapbrcyg
Sam'l. MeeksH. II Uorllnc
. lno. Lsnc I! J. Uportsmuii
M. W. Lee 0. 0 llrllllmt
J. W. Wood. A It. Mel'liurion
W. V. Holt Win. Horning
SlafSB .-41BBS.'
I M lM
. ' u
r I
1 i "
Onc-IIalf Mile East of Lockwood on the
BxkL feiVME.
SAGTr ilCWU EGG- WAGli'g."
worse mm luoon: raoinc
Speaking and Singing.
Roasf Beeffdr Dinner arid Slipper.
Horse Facing other Amusem'ents
Ball. Game at 3 P IVl
Dancing at Night
Come Everyone and have a good time
the dates--Slii'f EMBER 4th' and 5U1.
5 . . :
Many new settlers have talked of
c'peiiiiienlljm n'ib eiiltni) ju this
county but no huve riot huurd ot any
being plan'li'd this seaioii executing a
small fiiUeh pluulcd by Mr Iteed on
tbo North b'lats. Mr. H'cd flutes thut
ho did not pUt it until May 20"
that 1 1 win 'lauud oil and mi J con-
MdHiig tho diksdvanlgu ul'lulo 0uiit-
iug bu h-n cover teun;n'uy ilurr gruttlli
ri.GRTWOllll A Mil 0 lOt'KIt 1HKS
noon Titr.iu wont) in t tiiijv hoim.o
Kkt'AI'K uui'uui: I'ol'ni'.
Tuesday nighr jiiti nficr tlio into
while the guaid was iib-clit the pri.v
oner v'clvood who bud been lilt ii.
lli'j lorridor escaped ibiotiuh uu open
big in thowcfct end of the jdl building
and going around to tho 1'iout ilooi
ro entered uud after sieuruig a th
nhootiT coiicealcd binuelf lo uwait tin.-
gimrds return.
When the gunrd returned I'.'ert-
woed got tho drop uu him uud niter
compelling him to lebasiiiho prNnner
Co-jpir from thu tell they t lit n lund-
culfcd tl.o guiitd inside the cell Ii eked
him !u and told him to ulny on guarc
and cam Ids wages.
Thu prisoucra alter arming them
K'lveti from tho nrms.convetiiciitly.l)iiig
iu tlio jail 'cuurud horM's frq:n Hoi!;'s
.livery burn mid ise.ped to tbo north
ward 'J hey stopped at Wiu. Wliitnk-
'er's about four miles north of town
and repiesetitiiig themselves to be ulli-
ccrsiilter tl)0 i.e.ipcil piisnncrs boirow
ed a suidlo Iroui liim uud continued
bu north
Au one of ilia whs found thic
murniii!.' near John Ungues it is pri-j
aumed that Flvulwoud plnjed ivtii
with Doguo uud stole his fuvurile
horse ivbiuli ho i inleaiottd to uel i;'
tho time of lii flint encape.
It is the same old tor; ouisidu help
obtaining nieiiiiH to isenpe and nbsei I
gunr.ds pirmlttiug thum m effect it.
Lilir; A mcHug- lioio tlio rtluiill
of Meiidu County juil reeiiwd siiiiui
that thu prist iters were in that oouni)
having bcttu no"i on crooktd vruui.
Tho Oldaliooi.t l)iiiM;rly will opi-u
Soptemder. 16 ' Tuition den to student;
of Oklahoma uud Indian Turrit ry
Catalogues will lo miu lice upon up-
plicaticu Adding UuiveiMiy ui
OKlahuuin Norm hi Ol U'liini
3lr..Slmmoifs nml riiiniiyof the.Nortli
Flats dhtrlei lelt for Kriuk Oklahoma
Friday. Tboy weru accompanied by
3IIsn Minnie Slnnuons who Is return-
ing to her old homo fur a short visit.
311m Mlunlu vlllrvlurn to !mr claim
In a fuw inonthi-..
L. Luiseil Iji hitiiintiii); over the
ilektriutioii of qiiartcr mllu drive-
way from llo road to bis re-ldi'iice
Tho hull list ivoek lUom'ly sirlppud
tlio triita uf their lunvta uatt li.ili' ui.t)
ill tbu Ubor lit tins; -ijii'iidjd lu tV
uililraU-u el'thrM Uikooc fur onuplil
All nil d.iy mcetliijatid b.skel dinner
will lei held in ltizVy's grovn oiiTliurs-
lay An.' 'J7" Come everyone ami
orbit; big bisbetsiillol with good .liiugs
ocii' and your hcuris full of luo aud
uiils full of joy and have n good time.
'll (!. Oalway I'.utor.
Tliiilyluo le.iehers took thu e-uinb
nation for eertilleales lift week Thnsu
pasiii; meue!fully were na .tilluur
Flint (1 radii. '
lilBe Kotiyll Lizrie Diinlop C.irrio
SjIIIviiii. .Myrio N. Gnuieit Mis. S.
C. Coiner .SKa Hiker.
Second (Jradc.
Mao .'estmorelaml Lulu Murphy
)iepli!oo . Uiteb M.inlo IbitiUvell;
Cbultio Maple Mar S. Free. II S.
Juiiy Mm' .aertrudo Slm.Tur Miller
Itiee C. A. Dickcrsuii Loren WLitn
ker A L. Vun Ocl-on C. N. Huiiuold
Third Grade.
G'-crgir' Maudo
Sbnfter. Oleau Kullivan Knima l'owiil
Sailio Allbrlght pMutun O.ialjow
Alma Kntmles lues JuJl;Slella Dick
Mmiiig liovvtii uMmn ivicn Mnudo
Hughes Currio illia.-un ltebeccu Kiitk
Tbo lint seven lliitd grnde nnmc
iie of persiuii who pa-aiil wifh Fecund
4tude iiveragc' but not linvim had ex.
peiiuiiec as leathers disiUiilifii'S ihciu
to reeievc m'coml grnde cerlilli-'ates
have been very aueeesHful
I am now urgun'ziiig h'l'ii1
ointilnr pattici .'or July uud
Will g'udl) send you fill!
iiailiciilirs ol special udviinlngcu
I'l'u rales ate low and
iituoiiituodatlous exoulbnl
Th.i bchtC.ilir.irr.ln Hue will bo
iiMd --i'fhi Hanta Kn.
( eoiifi loiilly proiulio u
dillgiful outing
Whyiii go tliU iiimtiir-r mid
enjoy PuctHo Cecan bre?ea
iml siiuwcappi'd rJlrrrep
Mil rouin mo araud L'auymi of
An tiiitisual oppoiluully'
iloli'l llilrs jt
Writ In C. Tj. 8;ugrnvBs TojaVa'
i-irfii irr further prtlnUri tod
m$& WWtMfi&iK
glass; IriAiRssiEss;
i . . .
.. v -i-
' . -):
f-i ?
J r-i
' d
Vf "
ive: me jolir .order for Wind Milltp!
. - i
Pumps Casings Pipe Etc
I can fili your order for
anything ih m line.
s -
i l
'aa M-kZPhsV'V. .V
Can cell you goods for cash
than any one else in town or at the railroad either '
' tiki
W -n-fc-.-M-a.-.(wiaaii " O i IT I
Because he buys for cash and thus gets the
an extra discourt which' time buyers do not
enjoy. Go in and see him the next time
you are in town and get prices.
benefit 'of t
L . ....
.H0C.FII.S' rnrnm: f
FLDun dry cy-: run
fllSKin.. lOQTi
mmm mi
l- .-s
.M .4J
' r r
" S i
i .y
y IM
Uiullful li.vjgt..i.'i Cilijotnli
Is the place to get your bargains in
1 1 S
. ' -
4 j
1 v
Wo alWtaV? q IBocUjo
We treat YoU Jtt
it'MM .
' . v " t.' st
. . C . . .hi. 1 . i
' -TP TD TV.yr; A tl7.f rSS-rV r
' :-r . iVirt.A-v'i; .i-x
- 4. . M . f IMI 'M I' t i . 4 1 - hV. 1 L M 1 .i fyut ." . . "i
: '' 'alBmimtitTJM

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