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The Territorial Advocate
suiltelkd 1S87
The Bearer riorali;
EstablinheJ 1895.
The Largest Circulation
of any NiTptpr In the
VOL. 3.
NO. 7.
'. vMIMrT1
r r rf
President McKinlej's Cablact.
Secretary of State John Sherman of
Secretary or the Treasury Lyman J
Gage of Illinois.
Secretary of War R. A. Alger of
Attorney General Joseph McKenna
f California.
Postmaster General James A. Grry
of Maryland.
ecrctary of the Navy John D. Long
-rf Masiachusctts. -. i &5r?
Secretary of the Interior C. JI. Bliss
of New York. ' '
.Secretary of Agriculture James WiU
coo of Iowa.
Congress convened
Monday in extra
A normal fcIiooI h to be established
at Alva 0. T in the near future.
Hon. J. Y. Callahan is iu Washington
assuming hw duties at the capital.
Kansas City claims an increase of 25-
600 people during the past year.
Fifty two different newspapers of the
Territory are backing Flynn for
Seven of the eight members of the
JIcKtnley cabinet haye whiskers. What
wore could the populists ask? Ex.
Thomas B. Kecd was renominated for
speaker of the house by acclamation
March 13.
Sirs. Henry Ward Becchcr died at
Stamford Coun. March 9 aged 81
It is estimated that the total cost of
McKinloy's inauguration was about
Hereafter all taxes must be paid in
cash no warrants of any kind being re-
ceivable forsaine.
The bill abolishing the office of town
ship assessor and creating that of county
assessor has become a law.
Work has begun on the large battle
flhip Wisconsin at San Francisco Cat
The contract price for buildiog it is
Kansas City is to have a thorough re-
organization of her police department.
All members of that force who have been
rejecting gambling will be discharged.
The African Methodists of Spring
field 111. will build a church in memory
of Lincoln. It will be named the
Lincoln Memorial Church and will cost
bout $80000.
KxCongre&sman Dick Blue who has
represented the citizens of Kansas as
eogressraanatUrgo for the past two
years has returned to his home in
Pleasanton Kansas and will resume his
ordinary duties at home.
Hon. W. J. Bryau spoke to about 10-
O00 pcoplo at Little Bock Ark. last
week on the issues of thelato campaign
which he considers far from being
A wild contemporary declares that the
McKinley inauguration cost a quarter
of a billion dollars. It cost tho country
considerably more than that by not tak-
ing plaec two years sooner. K. C.
Tho editor of the Noble County Sen-
tinel who has recently returned from an
extended trip through the Wichita
mountains states that gold and silver
has been found there in paying quan-
tities and already several hundred mines
have been located and staked.
There is to bo a colored agricultural
normal Iocatod at Langston City Logan
caunty O. T. Its the only city in tho
United States inhabited exclusively by
negroes. The buildiag is to bo built by
tho Territory and will cost about 85000.
Five regents will control the institution
threo wbites and two blacks. The in
etitution will gefa part of the federal ap-
propriation for territorial agricultural
The Pennsylvania the largest freight
eteamcr in the world is now on her re
turn trip of her maiden voyage to tbo
port of New York. The total height
from keel to the Lost deck is 72 feet;
length 600 ft. The promenade deck is
over 40 feet above the water. In ad-
. iition to its cargo capacity it can carry
nearly 1500 passengers. It takes 80
(ous of coal per day to run her( -Tke
cniocu ?ro 5500 boree power
An exchange sajs: ''Did you ever
sit down all by your lonesome and look
yourself squaro in the face to discover
just what kind of a fellow you are? Try
it but don't prolong the interview to
any great length of time because you
might becotno disgusted and refuse to
have anything more to do with yourself"
Mr. George representative from this
district did the right thing at the right
time in introducing and securing the
adoption in both houses of a concurrent
resolution asking Congress to- 'give to
Oklahoma for use as a soldiers' home
Camp Supply military reservatien and
The big strike at the mines in Lead
villc Colorado which was declared June
19 189G is over. At the beginning of
the strike the miners union claimed
about 2.200 members and at the end
' ft
only 1100 were' present. The miners
were getting $2.60 a day and struck for
$3.00. A compromise was made be-
tween the miners' union and mine
The average man takes five and a
half pounds of food and drink each day
amounting to one ton of solid and liquid
nourishment annually. In seventy years
he cats and drinks one thousand times
his own weight. Ladies' Home
-1 4 ....
Cubans Confident.
Tho Cubans General Rodriguez Rfcjs
are fighting only for independence. They
want no reform no autonomy nothing
short of independence and any offer of
autonomy from Spain should be con
sidered with distrust.
The insurgents in the province of
Havana aro constantly on the move
raiding towns and retreating without less
to themselves. Globe-Democrat.
Tbo bill railroaded through both
houses of the legislature to prohibit the
removal of a governor's apointecs during
the time for which they were appointed
except for malfeasance caused great re
joicing among Oklahoma democrats gen
erally but this joy was short lived for
on the 12th instant Governor Bonfrow
vetoed tho bill. The veto message read:
"I believe that the chief executive ef
this territory should have unrestricted
power in seleetinit his confidential ad-
users although that privilege was de
nied me at tho time I aturaed the duties
of my office."
The governor in this case expresses
good business senso and souid political
President McKinley'a inaagural ad
dress is not a flowery production by any
means but it baa more good sound sense
in it for it length of any publio docu-
ment emanating from any occupant oi
the White houso since the days of Abra
ham Lincoln. Mr. McKinley has his
ideas about what the country needs and
tells them in a way that all may under
stand. He has the courage of his con
victions and docs not hesitate to call an
extra session of congress to carry them
into effect. "Tho paramount duty of
coDgreif is to stop deficiencies by tbc re
storation of that protective legislation
which has always been the firmest prop
of the treasury" is the keynote of his
policy and ho is right. K. C. Journal
An Up-to-Date Letter.
The following unique letter was writ-
ten by a young man to his lady love
It's a pretty good form to keep so you
can cut it out if you wisb.
"My Dear Misa E
I hereby announce myself as a can-
didate for yvur band and I shall use
all fair and honorable means to secure
the nomination I know that there are
many candidates in tho field and I
hesitated long before entering the race
but now I am in it to stay. My views
on lovo and matrimony havo often been
expressed in your hearing and I need
not repeat them here. You know I
favor the gold standard of love and a
maintenance of that standard after
If you decide to confer upon mo the
honor I speak of pleaso fix a date far a
caucus with your mother. I have no
objection of ber acting as temporary
chairman provided it is clearly under-
stood that I am to be chairman of the
permanent organization. Should the res
suit of the caucus prove satisfactory we
can soon hold the primaries and select
the date and place of the convention. I
havo never believed in long campaigns
so if you decide to honor me I will ask
you to make the mbvcdUob date u early
as poessible. Devoutly yours etc"
The following telegram answered:
"Caucus uDDdoeasary. Nomination
UDSDiuwu!. Coae at oseo aad fix dite
f ratlfieatfon." Ex
Figures show that tho bos who wore
tho blue are fast passing away at tho
rate of 100 a day yet there aro between
850000 and 900000 Union soldiers
alive. Every fifteen minutes of the
twenty four hours tbc final tap sounds
for some one who has worn tho blue
Each year putt under tho sod more old
soldiers than are enlisted in the entire
United Statjs army. Time is carrying
tbcm off fatter in tho 90's than the
bullets did in the CO's. The war lasted
four year to a month. Dunns thoso
four yptrs.QOO men fell in battle on
-the Union side. But now between 35-
' r .. . . f T
000 abd 40000dio in tho courso of
nature each succeeding twelve months.
And for every three Union veterans who
go to fame's eternal camping ground
two confederates are. nnmbcred with the
dead. Noble County Sentinel.
Kfftcts of a Change.
A change of administration has been
followed instantly by a change in the
manner of Spanish dealings with Amer-
icans resident in Cuba. Thcro was uo
hectoring tone in the President's inaug-
ural message; neither was there any uncertainty.-
He announced a foreign pol
icy that;was to be friendly to all nations
but thai was to be firmly assertive of all
tho rights of citizens of tho United
Fivo days after the inauguration of
President McKinley Sylvester Scovel
who had lain in a Spanish prison ia
Cuba was released. Thero were two
sides to the Scovel case President
Cleveland had listened to and accepted
the Spanish side President McKinley
espoused the American 6idc. Clcve
land always gave the benefit ofthedoabt
to tbc oppressor and to tho monarch.
Always President McKinley may be ex
pected to resolve the doubt in favor of
the patriot and of the citizen of this re-
public. Inter Ocean.
Greeks Arc Called to Arms.
St. Louis Mo. March 13. D. Jan
nahoulo Greek Consul at St Louis to-
day received a cablegram from tbc Gre-
cian Minister of Foreign Affairs urging
reserves in this country to comply with
the royal order calling to arms the re
serves of 1865 to 1893.
Immediately upon the receipt of this
the Consul issued an appeal to all the
Hellenes in this territory to apply to
him and make arrangements for trans-
portaion to Greece. Simultaneously
with this call to arms tho Consul issued
a notice for a mass meeting of sympa
thizers with Greece (o be held Monday
evening at Exposition Hall.
The Consul says: "This call means
war; of that I have no doubt. Nothing
now can prevent a clash between Grecian
and Turkish arms."
New York March 13. Sixty-thice
Greeks left today for Crete. Three
hundred more are prepared to leave San
Francisco withiB a week and another
party of 100 from Now York is due to
Bail next Thursday. Altogether 700
Greeks are booked to sail by April 1st.
On Sunday last three large expeditions
from the United States landed in Cuba
for the insurgents 250.000 rounds of
ammunition 2000 rifles six rapid-fire
guns threo tons of dynamite 300
machetes and 1000 hand grenades.
The Cubans declare tbey can win in-
dependence in anothor year and will
make no compromise nothing but in
dependence will satisfy them. The
insurgents have been victorious in almost
every engagement lately acd are push
ing the figbting at every point. The
Spanish troops are still murdering women
and children. At Benjucal recently
over thirty women were assaulted and
about 20 small boys wero killed. Wey.
ley has just issued an order stating that
all women who have friends in the army
must be arrested and sent to other points
hoping in this way to distract the insur-
gents. The order has caused hundreds
of outrages and the prisons everywhere
are crowded with women. Gomez is
organizing a large army and it is feared
by the Spanish that ho will attack
Havana Tho Spanish troops are uneasy
and discontented on account of the
scarcity of supplies and some threaten
to leave the Island. The arrears now
due them will exceed 846000000 and
there is not a cent of good money in
their treasury.
A. War Blast From Mexico.
Now comes a blast of war from Mex-
ico. Three Americans from Boston
have made our Mexioan neighbors or
some of them "fighting mad."
These three Bostoniaux Bruce Stone
and Pierce are visiting the neighboring
republic it seems for the purpose of
B.-gotialio;; with tbo Mexican govern
ment tor tho return of sonio flags cap-
tured from our troops during tho war of
The newspaper editors and others
down in the adjoingng country regard
this as an exceedingly impudent and iu
solent performance and they aro all
aflame about it. As dispatch from Gau
dalajara states that they aro using "mosl
incendiary language going so far to dc
mand of the United States at the can
non's mouth iftocceesarya return of all
the territory taken from -Mexico." They
specify California ' Colorado Nevada
Utah Arizona New Mexico and Texas
as the property stolen from Mexico."
It is a trifle cool to ask Mexico for
those trophies. Wo cortainly did take
a great deal of property from that coun-
try at tho time of the war of 1847
though Texas came to us at another
time and not exactly by conquest Con
sideling what wo got by that war wo
can very wtll afford to let Mexico keep
those flags if she wants them.
But there is no need of flying into a
passion about it. Mexico has the flags
and she can dcclino to part with them.
We aro not going to send an army down
there and try to take them by force.
They are not worth tho life of one man.
As for demanding all the territory we
took from Mexico that is a very serious
business. Our wrathful neighbor! must
bear in mind that a great many people
now occupy that territory who are not
Mexicans but who if they were at
tached to the neighboring republic
would be likely to insist in taking a more
active part in the government of that
country than would be agreeable to the
natives of the present domain. '
No brethren wo cannot entertaia the
proposition to part with so much ground
and so many people even though they
are a little crazy just now on the subject
of silver; no not even at the cannon's
mouth. Chicago Chronicle.
The Cornstalk. '
Edward Atkinson of Boston tells of
the new uses to which cornstalks may bo
put. The pith or cellulose can be used
for naval purposes while the stalk after
the pith is removed is made into the
most valuable food for stock. Cellulose
has been used for tho backing of armor
plate in ships and for tho protection of
such parts as cannot be covered with
heavy armor. Heretofore its expense
has been a serious obstacle to a very
extsnsive use of cellulose but the patents
for the utilization of cornstalks will bring
it into moro general use. A cellulose
belt threo feet in thickness will furnish
as much protection ns six inches thick-
ness of steel so that 100 tons of cellu
lose will furnish a ship as much pro-
tection as 1000 tons of armor. At the
samo time the cellulose-protected craft
cannot bo sunk. K. C. Journal.
Rlpans Tabules: for sour stomach.
Itipans Tabules: pleasant laxative.
Rlpans Tabules cure liver troubles.
tmam mm.
tot taf arautioa and trr Haaebeok write t
PMMt burma tot aortas' pa
WtJtrt Mteat token outky o
ha pahUa ay a notita arfaa ttt
imn m iat.. m wiibwIi iw iuh.
hiu m Amines
. lm hMuflBfc bflfoM
rieutific American
Lamat etttnlaUaa of asr ariaatlB
vert. Spleadiaty IUbmmJ.
torn iBMia m win
reari SuMtx aioai
Lt -L. 'i. . 2.. . .. ....kl.
earl SUMlx anoarthi. AddTCM MVV
saw toi
Tb Onw Great SUutdard Authority
Fo rrttf Hoa. I. J. llrewrr
JiuUc V. B. Duprvtaa Court.
of lb. I'. . OTt Print
nfflM. lh U. H. I
Court all tha bkii Ku-
J llll III fccUoOlUKjU.
r sut 8urtrinutlM (
tl Kclioot.. olln(i Itttl-
rtenu antn:herli!tukiori
aiinct uiu at niuuber.
la lb. bctiKrf.M. ftn4 to i
Um UatUtr. jKUr r..
fcitoiul mn nU fit-
it la caiy to (In4 tha word wanttd.
It la easy to oacartoln tha pronunciation.
It Israjjr to trace tUe erowth o( a nor J.
It Is csjy to learn what a word rjcurin.
Tha dhtnain VHntrM.llerultl KrfVJIf
p iiimra imtniAtloiui jjjcuoiw.j miiir-n j
..rL T .".-"- -.7-"Z .7T.r." ... ;..L l .
via u &jBdimo n urxmtj on .T.riitiiK iiimwiiiiv :
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tPT.etriuoWr. aurl 1tri(Vn. rnut if U.i.
apt!. IIUm ptrfwl m pnroiD eguitaca .cnoMr.
Uprjunnaiilu-I. 111.
WSpcInua luzcl nt on application 10
O. C. MKKK1AM CO. llibllabcre.
tiortnaneia. Mas. u.a
Itipans Tabulea euro dizziness.
Rlpans Tabules: gentle cathartic.
Rlpans Tabuke: one l va relief.
4 Scientific Aawica
I D'aLm btmam mill.
i niijsiefciall i ii
I I aaMaaBaWaaalaaaaaBwaiBy- A jfX
11 PBHwSHiiiHP
The DOgt !
amOKing rODaCCOrylaCJOl
..... .
Tin Sheet Iron and Copper work dono promptly. Call and see us before
yu buy.
The Pioneer Stable of Liberal. Good lligs plenty of feed First Claw
Special Accommodations for Freighters.
UEO. (JKHLAClI rreMilent.
"Tranact a eneral tBantyrig buine.
Interest paid on time deposits.
CoRKEsro.NDENTs: National l'ark Bank New York; National Bank of Com
mcrcc Kansas City; Canadian Valley Bank Canadian Texas.
: Herald
We do
Job Printing.
Kbi J
W 5S5?'ar7N JSjJv r-
V S$T vjy '
W to a physician and reveal secrets
W Nine-tcuUlsol women's troublescau be cureUwlliioutpuyBiciaua-aiu. w
S -xnrx jxtes of o ajevdxjx y
V is a rcmedythat stops the drain on the s stem. It stops the pains that drofj f
W ami pull at the organs of womanhood. It makes them strong and well. It VJ
r a iiiahi aia-n fr l t mr nini'inn in dm iiaiin v. ru r n ica uuli
To Be
Given Away
this year in valuable
articles to smokers of
Yon will find one coupon in-
side tncli i-oiincc bag nod two
.............. i. ..i.i- . .
u i. iniiiiiiin !- rarn aaainni
Imtr. Iltivahac mullhernannia.
: " .
mil ce liow to get your share.
& SON.
LiBBHAL s:j.isrs-A.s.
- Oucenot
When vou ace a "cood-lookint:" V
woman you nearly always see a Vjf
healthy woman. Jleauty ia really r
health. It is the attractiveness of f
face and form that comes naturally W
vrhenweaknessatidpalnare absent ff.
Sickness and pain drive attractive- f
uess awav. W
It is difficult to make women be- f
Heve their torturca can lie cured at f
Home. I ne popular ueuei is tuai yj
they ranst suler on and on or go &
that he ott;ht not to know. f
ry r
Filing Final Praofaad Ceaf-it ftfc
tooay tikea Wet lb m
i"roU.e .twigs.
leave - tjfcltiitfcl

mnww-rr nraktr
Attorney at Lati
Will fttiKt in all tha Ceirt:
Beavif; Oklahoma.-
Atttrnty at Uw;
pacta atttnHoa gtvan to tha irtimimi
legal doeamanU.
OScaob Dongla AvaDBC.
Beaver Oklahoma"
Attornkts at Law.
Will praetlt In all tbeeouiliof the Coaety
and Territory
Beaer Oklabomi
Hcliitio Physician
Calls promptly attended eubar day or nig u'
Beaver OklahtHM.'
George Drawatradt
beavkr o. T.
Ratiifaetlon Uaaranteed.
l'rlcca HcaOiit)le.
Comfortable chairs and room iMHrp raV
con oxporicnoed workaiea poi
lu prises. CM1 at my tUft
west ride Douglas avewt1
vthea wantiag aay
thiag is dj
Manuraeturer of Ladlasand hta ftaa
Boots t)ket
Repairing a Specialty'
Give Me a tat);
Beaver Ok'lahoiriaV
wwwa .
ajmlaaly aiaartala. fraay whether an IdtobUob la
a akatok ui aaaartatiaa Bay.
jWUIIItf liaj lyUMaWlliajall PIIIU
kUutabrotk Mwa 4 Oo nwlt
Wa hAvti ft TThtngf omcm.t u
kvoK o fAtwartw saat boo. 4raal
MUNN 90..v.
Ml Araadwaty.Maw TwU
Two Fott' One.
Send for free samplo and judge thereby.'
Both one ycaf for ohiy
The Koquirer is a 9co1ubb" p'sge'
paper iaeaed each1 Thursday.
Largest is size cheapest is iricr1
iost reliable in uews; all large type'
plaia prist good white paper. If oar'
readers' want another live paper kka
Enquirer Is that paper.
Vll or atuu urucrH 17 lue nKKArD.
tjiiiife. M VRAM .
r? (1
1 1

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