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The Beaver Herald. (Beaver, Okla. Terr.), Vol. 1, No. 25, Ed. 1, Thursday, July 11, 1895 Page: 2 of 4

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W r
rifff Wmmumiim
OHicial County Paper.
JAVi mill DOLLY WllH.'HT
Lilitor.H ami I'roprlrtors.
Hcuvcr O. T .July 1st lstt.
Thol? ard of County ComrnlMlom-rs nie.t In
jr.-golnr session nt p o'clock a mwlth Howard
and H.rdill present Pulmar. nbseiit.
The following oJUclnl bonds wcrj approved:
A A Vsntassoll Trcis. 1-ognn Twp.
KnCoflcy " Henton "
XlceSaiiilorson Cleric kotnc "
I) N" Overton Ho ul Overseer Kokomn Twp.
WIIHhodcs " " Garland twpdlstnol.
Tho resignation ofTW James Justice of the
jvcace lor llnrdea'y lownslilii was nccsptcd.
The resignation o! Jerry Itynn n constable
nr Cleveland township was accepted and A W
Jlurrows was nppolutod to 1111 llio vacancy.
Tho riuest orCmo and Duma tohave their
19m.Kstnnt roJuced was rcjoeteil for tlio reason
jtfaKt tliollarJoft'o(omiiililoiicM have no
Jurlsillct'O'i In tlio matter at thin time.
On mp lion of Illnlrall a duplicate county
wuirtnt wa ordered to bo Hsticd to Frank
11 (Illicit In piers of warrant no 2""02. Tlio
nb vcduillciitels ImmiihI upou tlio affidavit of
JYimlc i:. (lllln t Hint llni original warrant was
nils lured lent or stolen and bad not been
ttauslerml uyhlui to any other person. Tbe
1'ler.c and Treasurer were lustrnctcd to rati-
eel WKTmnt no. 230! on tbe records of their'
.Upon the request of;? Cimd A N Howe tho
Clerk was Instructed to change tlio brand re-
corded In Ihs name of A N Hono to Hone
The following bdls were nllowod :
y I) Hotly For taicgram ond postage $ 10 M
" " attending Jail Vi 00
" " lets In ca& Ty vs Mitchell 1 SO
" "summoning witnesses be-
Joro (frand Jury May term lsttt 27 00
1 ' fur serving venire for Jury
for Probate com t July term 1S)1
" for (tt( In ciwoTr v Abratns
" ' for attending ProbttuccuiJ
4 days May term
" lor Hand cull's tad blankets
" far summouln' Urnud Jury
for Mny 1 teiiu l)!sl court
" for summoning Fitlt Jury
jlor May 1SH term Hist court
tor attending DUt court May
jl'itO torm
II I Huber assessing
2(1 &.
0 (
11 CO
Ul II)
9 10 oj
ao co
I'lemml Vluvr Tp. 8 .10 OO
0 W Ault assessing Logun tp JW 00
ft. A HssLcll forasess-
1m KlmffoodTp
C M Httunpor ascsslni;
.Optima Tp
21 00 1 1 00
40 00
Taylor Inati at'esTKOnteTp
J I) Vllllannnilii
.Clovoland Tp
i: V rriiitxniiesslui;
Kokmno rp.
4: o
Id 00 32 CO
.10 CO 20 00
KrRiiU Potts a scv1"?
Kmnk Polls lor IntcrprO'
iterl day
W (! Uaplo os'cislvs Hard'
CM Waters nuEOsliiB
JQ rand Valley Tp
A 0 Roberts assessing
.Oarlnd Tp
Wm llulltnatcsiiltiK
lientoci Tp
Jud VunHvery nesilns
V'nli JlustiHl a s:ttlng
If A 1'eckliBm for trip tp
Mnulo with toloyam
N A I'ockhxm for trip t
Texas after witness In cast
1 y ts Cox
111 OO 4J0)
J oo
Jii o
tt po
44 tp
2 00
10 0(1
30 OO
22 00
II oo so oo
I a oo vs oo
40 00
is oo
8 00
lo oo
"Th Hoard adjourned until one o'clock P M.
Tlio Hoard met at one o'clock p n th all
jnenbers -piescnt.
The bill of PI) Hcaly for senlng notlrc on
.Coin Ilirdsiill In wolf scalp ciso m refused to
lii-rlir Tho following bills Mero id)owed:
J H I.tnUy fur legal blanks fur-
fished Proaio JudgooilICo
C M B.ivok for Milt ot c'othes
tor burial or T Y Klni?
Trcasuror school pll S3 foru"or
(School h lor HUt Court
8 .Si 00
1(1 M
19 40
2 0O
Pom Mwnrcls work on Jail and Ct room 7 75
Mary K Hanks for citrine lor tintano
lilldO months
rtall O'Donald I.lth Co for sujipllea
A 8 Dlckmn S day serrloj oti
Ijoard toacheri examiners
A C Huberts butt lea as Toad viewer
J IleremH for service as chsln carrier
I M Uewlus for senJcu as vlcwtr
Joo Whltaker " "
W O Cochran forgcitlce as Co
Cnnnulsdonfr 1SH
h M l.ur on for work on Jail
lien Harnett for Btrvlcucloik of
election Nov 1M'1
SO 00
o oo
0 10
.1 oo
.1 oo
3 00
1 00
40 00
ii oo
Ktnto Capital 1'rlntliiB Co for bal.
(no 00 on tux rolls rejected.
Hall (J'Donnld I.lth Co eiipplloa ull'd 11 7'.
Statu Capital Pilntliii; Co for
1 pair le B Irons alloMtnl 12 2i
J II Iinvlgliorst Dlt Clerk fees all'd 8(1 10
T It Maphel K'lvlng notlcd "f
.viewing of road ISO
FI) Ilealy for fees in Connelly caso reject-
eil. PI) Ilealy for fees la Jjudd and I.yinun caso
laid over.
It h Collins feosas Clerk Hist Ct
May h-Ol term nll'd
CarterTraeyforauriilles for county
jOOlcivt t repair for Court liouo
J II Koscvelt for services i
Oiand juror May
8!)5 (crm 1)1)1
$ 20 B5
.Court S 8 00
.0 W Hess . . io 00
Je Leo ." i) 00
p Y lilJtlJge 4' Jl 00
JV H Green " 7" 25
J N fl ray 00
IJhas Dechp -" 7 oo
II Hughes " 22 CO
J W Thompson o. 00
W 8 Mock " 8 00
IV M KJ wards " 12 00
John Iieeb9 g (X)
J I Steele 10 00
PA Hitch " jo co
JohnThtclfcelJ V 13 00
M F Hastitigi .'o
TA I'cckhnm Bailiff (j 00
A N Howe a 00
W W ' crkiosi for service m
l'elil juror May
rS95 term Dial
Court p 50
D N Overjon " 'g 50
II U-Mlller i) 00
p W pavh) ' a 00
J 11 Sutherland ' II 00
W II Puelt "' jo 00
Ceo W Jones ; JU 00
Win Uulit V 5 73
'J. Csin ) 0 00
y.mtuf Eliaiou 1 1100
Pbaa I'arker ; 11 00
J l Shawhan uo 50
p M Stamper t' 1 10 50
ypty pivtus ' 20 50
I C A llooth '
10 50
12 00
J II tleisUJ
A W llurrowa
0 D Smith "
A F Clark far prrtiul Juror fee May
J Bill leiindllftCt nlilcli
ivo liceii refused nlloir-
nnco lyU S Marshall
T A iluelinnati "
1) U Kinder K
S3 r.o
i r.o
5 .10
7 00
a to
I so
7 00
7 On
2 SO
1) U Hiker
HEOrmtian m
J M Kcath
A 1! Stinilwion "
S W Scratilon "
a i: wm
A T ll.iker "
Y H Davli '
I. II Savsjja '
J C Stoddard
l'elcr IlyeMon "
J 1 Orlmmer : "
A Palmer '
Uv!il Miller bailiff
TJK'Jwurds service as Tclil Juror
May ISO term Ui-t .
t!t which bin besn re-
fuse 1 allovraiiio by
U S Marshall
I! W Webb
I) (X)
J 8 00
.: 50
2 00
5 00
2 00
8 00
a oo
S 00
7 00
7 00
20 00
18 00
(I 00
7 50
5 50
5 00
(i 00
fi 50
1 50
5 50
8 50
G Oo
4 oo
5 Go
5 5o
11 oo
IS oo
17 oo
2 oo
2 So
2 (lo
8 oo
2 oo
2 to
Trunk Spurgton "
llat.'l AppWgite "
A 1) Hess
J CIMlltamson "
Andrew Hnnson
Fred Tainlor "
W T Wnlden "
Henry Miller '
C I' Neill "
II 0 Ilarbeo '
Wm Ilouser "
J II I'orlerfielJ '
Hohl'Moore "
J W Thompann "
J It Williams
John Mcflulre "
A W Unty "
Wm Cabler "
II I'. Dickson "
Casper Uedemrr "
(I W Parker "
W M EJwnrda "
J V Thompson Tnlesraan
S T Campbell "
II K lllnuchnnl service as Co (jupt
Postage and I) dayj service on Uoird
Teachers examiners
V V Ilealy for boarding prisoucrs
113 oo
70 oo
The following brnnds were allowed:
T V Jumcs horse brand V on left thigh
calllo brand V nn left sisc.
'. Cain horse brand WA connected on left
shou'dcr. Cattle brand . on led elouKier
side nnd hip.
W V Qniiin horto brand cross Y on left
shot hlcr cattle brand cro.s V on left eiJo
or hip.
J J & J W Thompson horso brand TS con-
nected on left hip. Cattle brand TS con
ncctod ou left hip.
Chas hone brand L ou left shoulder;
cattle bmud C on right hip ntid L on right
II. 11. Hlnko & Sons horse brand Jews
harp nnywhere on auimal rattle brand
Jews harp anywhere on iinlival
D. C. F.dwards horse brand cross J on
loft thigh; cattle brand cross J anywhere on
Wm. Ilrown A Hon liorso brand )1 nn right
hip; Ciittlo brand V3 iinywlioiu on tlio animal.
Thofi'llowlngblllH for bounties on wolf scalps
itnbcri Mcl'arland
Newton PUkett
1)' C. Davis
i:. T. Prlntz
Arthur Qulnn
ClinsU Mlllir
G M (liitdncr
W O Mlllir
AA llasknll
J.ymitn Savan
I II. HuHived
C O Taniiclilll
C A ltoolli
N. P. McCoid
7. Cain
llenrv Krokcr
(1 THImous
W Jf Donaldson
Ivan II rli anil
I'd H Couti'K
O U Armtroug
11 llanlln
1 coyolo scalp Ml
1 " BO
1 " .
1 " 60
3 " 1 50
a 2 so
4 " 2 00
1 ttay .1 00
7 " A S coyote 2.1 fiO
3 ioj olo scalps 1 M
fi "
2 '
8 "
3 '
H "
I "
II "
1 '
fi '
a grays
8 '
1 "
1 '
3 "
1 tsr.iy
1 ei-oto
SW "
2 grays
1 coyote
2 .')
2 .'()
1 10
1 00
1 oi
1 ft
7 OO
2 o
II 00
2 .7)
2 SO
:i 00
io 00
0 00
a so
1 OJ
Jnko Hedlmer
KN htioug
J M Hrowu
Perry Unto
u.i: Hullt
H M 0rrtrcet
lliiirj Clark
Win (Jonn;e
Mnrkii Kosher '
Henry Kllu 2 "
Thn boird sdjourucd till 7 o'clock n
July 2.
Tlio board mclnt2 o'clock a. n. luly2nll
uiemteia ircgmit Howuid In the chair
Minutes of July I wira mid und approved
at rend.
The county clerk's ict'ort of fees for tlio
(jsarler Hiding Juno 30 was approved.
Amount of 'ics nx shown by said report
8H73. Tim clalniK nftlio county clerk for
Milary truuscitblug ooiuuilFsloncrs jirocecd-
Inc ad "iMiiKMMlp ntlldnvl's was ullowui
after deductlu; fei a lor Auarter. Aniouiitul-
lowed 151 30.
The bill of Djka Hulllngrr county clt-rk
for i'J 1.77 odaiued In contingent fund was
allowed nnd an order drawn on t&ld fupd for
tho same.
The bill or P. D. Ilealy for fees Ii ease or
HouvirCo. jt MnuldlngJt Letts was iillojvcd.
Amount r.'J.fi5.
The nlll of J. It. I.lnley forMippllf-s was al-
lowed and 1111 order drawinneoiitlngint fund
fnrniuitj. Amount 2siC5.
Tlio following bills were allowed!
V. I). Ilealy fees In wolf scalp cac l 00
J. K. Unley 'Jdayainicubd Iienllh 0 00
Tho transcript of tarter Tracy probate
Judse of witness fees In )iabeas corpus pro-
eeitlluES In cako ofTy of Okla. vs. I.enni-d
Kskew was retusid and shertrt fees refused to
shell IT.
The transcript ofT. V James as acting cor.
oner on Inquot held on body iifiv- H. Heed
wasullowed us follows:
T. W. Jame" Justice fees 0 55
" clerk " 2 Ki
Johu Glenn jwltfipi " J Co
Johu llutchlnsou." 1 Oil
Clint. Mcilaln " " 3 20
Gilbert ' " ' 1 00
Cbas Stamper j ')
It II M'tgomery ' "
I N-Stamper Juror fees I
W. DCrune 1
1 V. P. Calvert 1
Warron Kmii J
J.O&U'nburg 1
Tlio Trarjicrlpt ofT. v. Jamei J. 1'.
j tif t In 0 tee of Tj . vj J ikew w as rele cd
bsckloldmforcorrectloii. ;
Th bill or It ii. .Montgomery lor nxccutuiK
oiders In case of Ty vs. Kskcw waa
allowed Amount SIM
The bill of A Orovs for boarding Jurors
wasallnued Amount Ml oo.
Illll of Mrs Ilealy Tor making affidavits ta
field notes was allowed Amount SIM.
The board adjourned (III ono o'clock p. ni.
The board met at one o'clock p. m All
mcmboiB present.
Tlio fee report ol K.I) Henly was approved.
Tho stock brand oflliriianl Leintinit was iip-
proved im follows: Hotso brand lril on left
shoulder. Calllo br ttid V on left sble and
on left hip.
Tho fee report of cx-ofTlcIo register of deeds
was improved roruatterndliic '85
Tho bill Wright County attorney
was taken up and $IM nllonol on same.
Amount of claim 9111
The Hoard proceeded t o settle with the Coun-
ty 1 reasurer and It found be bad paid out
during the last quarter tlio following amomitc
for wbkh lis was given credit.
$ S 02
20 72
1 20
23 10
1 (52
1 5(1
0 ?J
io eo
31 87-
2 00
1 00
81 17
15 00
10 05
"2 12
2D 17
5 2 12
70 37
I 45
21 70
2 11
22 53
1 50
10 77
0 03
2 00
2 00
1 00
CO 01
1 53
I' paymtnts on county warrants:
No. Atn'l. No. Am't.
2181 $ 10 1 2301 fi 11 47
2103 5 fl.'i 2177 2 45
2431 1 83 2)05 1 10
2507 2 80 2531 3 30
2C02 5 8!) 2711) 0 28
2730 01 2711 1 80
2S05 S 07 2002 2 81
2033 2 ill 2971 M
4 83
District School Orders paid:
No. Am'l. No. Am't.
2 5 45 til 3 $ 75 80
4 17 81 5 70 00
0 80 82 7 20 00
8 70 42 9 32 23
11 07 00 12 31 10
13 21 80 II 77 00
15 03 83 17 28 82
10 40 75 20 21 71
32 28 70 25 35 00
27 35 00 30 12 99
31 13 15 33 41 CO
30 100 CO 37 20 00
30 70 5(1 41 47 07
43 0 93 45 22 73
4(1 25 50
Orders paid on municipal tp. futxja $ 191.27
" echool " C0.03
" Beaver City " 13.32
" contingent " 51 21
" judgment " SO.OS
" J I) Smith Monographer fees 55.S0
Cash remitted Territorial Treasurer 911.57
Poll fund receipts uaucelod IOJ 180.00
Orders paid on poll funds 39 85
Moved by Hirdsiill IhaltliolreuHiircr'sscinl-
annual report 1m approved. Million second
by Howard. Volu nn motion Hlrdsnll aye
Howard ayo Putnian no for tbe rcaiou that
bo objected to p.iylnu stenographer fees.
Motion carrlod.
Tlio bill of t. (1 Wllljamson for salary and
postage was allowed. Amount I51 W
Mcnil.nnmiHl reportof TrciiBiucr 11s follows:
Treasurer's sciui'Utimtal report cudltig
July 1. 1895
To Boiml of Cotmty Commissioners of
HcriYor Couuty OUlahonin Gentlemen:
I hurcliy submit to you tlio balances of
tho various funds ou hand in tho County
Treasury to ditto inclusive:
Tcrrltorlnl Kuud
County "
Ouncrnl School "
Flues aud Kstrnys
lleaycr City Fund
Judgement "
Ilunvur Municipnl Twp
Hluct'raHS "
92 25
40 29
1 203 12
908 10
31 00
30 00
27 00
9 87
15 19
2 43
7 07
21 S5
22 09
12 04
.4 1 25
1 29
ill 07
0 20
7 02
1 67
1 57
2 10
11 72
vl 1 70
. 0 90
10 73
10 17
5 82
IS 20
10 CO
8 01
C4 00
22 Oil
ill 03
1 74
4 27
HO 69
2 53
. 4 01
10 77.
4 03
7 73
3 71
0 78
1 53
1 81
8 87
Grntul Valley
Kokomo " . vtv
I'lcasaiit View '' . -tf ' ' '"
Hor.vcr school' Twp
lliiiituti " '
liluegrnss "
Klumood "
Gurlimd "
Ilurrlsou "
I'olndtiro '
Optiiun "
School District Jjftrl. .
" 4
. j
" ' . CrtV--;'
1; 7
' " ' S
i?&4 h
ja.- V v. jjj
;aK 'ic o.j
' p&$tv ' 'l
T$C 21
0 J
" 41
" 43
" 41
. 40
i I 40
lleavcr Twp! Foil'
Ucnton '" p
liltiogrnss "'
Cleveland "
El ui wood "
Oorlnnd "
Grntid Valley "
llnrdosty "
Harrison '
Kokomo "
17 04
4 01
22 37
19 29
5 01
10 71
12 00
14 09
10 09
8 00
2 09
0 05
14 60
3 57
8 CO
13 05
Tho tcml-aiinunl report of Dyko llalllngcr Co. Clerk was approved as follows:
1ieaMi.ii O. T-. July 1 1Vj
To the Hoard of County Commissioner
Oestlkmex: I submit to yon my sen 1-annuat rerort of tho receipts nnd dlsbnrfeinons
or tlio county Irom Jan. 1st 1903 to Junes') 180i Inclusive nnd also bilanceshoels showing
tho amounts in the county treasury to tlio credit or the several funds or tho county: .
HOI. 1st. Quarter.
Mch. 30 To co. warrants Si7 CI
" l)lst school orders 1 CCS 7J
" Part jiaym't on dlst. schosl
ordtrs CO Srt
" Kchooltwp.trdetB 'M 03
" Mun. twp. orilers 77 ts
" PaM on contingent rund 135 S
" Stenographers fees i) SO
" Hond interest 13UO CO
: Poll tax receipts 530 OO
" r-efunded C lllbbs SO
" Port payment oil dlst sciiool
order No. 20 19 52
Snd. Quarter.
Junc30.Toco warrants cancelled 318 41
' Dlst. school orders ' 1 igi 37
" Twp. " " Cfl 01
" Ptenographersfces 33 80
" HcmittdTcr Trcas. 01157
'.' Poll tax receipts 1B0 00
' " orders paid SO 5
." orders pd. on cont'g't fund M 21
" " " Heaver City IS 32
' Judgment fund 0 os
1 Mun. Twp. orders 101 27
" Hal cash on band 3 Ml 17
$11 372 03
Halanccln treasury belonging to tho several
fluids June SO m.
Tcrrltorlnl fund bal. In trcas.
County "
.linking "
General school '
Normal ''
Fines nnd estrays '
Penalties "
Heaver "
Judgment "
Iteavcr twp school "
Benton " '
lllucgrai'B " ''
Klmwood " "
Garland ' '
Grand V " '
Optima " '
992 25
4 SO
1 203 12
res io
31 OO
30 00
27 00
41 25
I 2(1
31 07
7 02
J 10
1 r.7
II 72
11 70
0 00
10 73
1C 17
3 82
18 '.0
Pnlnduro " "
Hcliool district 110. 1
" 3' '
' - 4
10 .
8 01
111 (10
'ji to
31 113
1 71
4 27
30 CO
4 01
10 DO
-I 0.1
7 71
0 78
1 CO
t 01
1 81
8 87
I 3S
17 01
I 01
22 37
10 24
3 (II
10 71
12 00
11 03
10 00
8 OO
2 00
0 03
3 57
14 30
8 (O
13 03
1 00
13 10
2 4S
21 85
12 CI
1 57
S5 01
" 34 .
" s- ;
87 '"
" Si
" 39
" 40
" 41
" 42
" 43
" 41
" 45 . .
Heaver poll fnnd lS
Ilenton "
Hluosrass "
Cleveland "
Klmwood '
Garland "
Gale "
(Irandvalley " t
llardcsty '
Kokomo ' '
P. View "
Heaver Mun. Tp. Hal ;''"
Hlucgrass " '
Clovclnnd' "
Klmwood "
Garland "
Gate "
(Irandvnllcy "
PlcnMint v. "
Harrlsou school twp. bal. In tr.
Coutlngeut Fund
Also carry a stock of Notions Furnishings etc.
$rCall and examine my goods and get my
pi ices. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Awarded Highest
1 IV""":
The only Pure Cream of Tartar Powder. No Atntnouiu; No Alum.
Used in Millions of Homes 40 Years the Standard
Pleasant View
1 05
'?3 131 30
n l i ot
' Jt 6e 1
10 ji
t 91
J9 3
1 1'
llaiitesty "
wiut yv "
School Uhtfi
Hiilnncc In Treasury lo tlclc
inclusive ?3 031 17
J. C. Williamson
Co. Treasurer.
Sworn to before utc this 2d day of
July 1895. Dvkij l'.ALLiNonit
Co. Clerk.
3 031 72
5 4V.-11
-10) OO
rcro 01
r. 00
1805. First (Juatter
Jan. 1 HyO-.I. I-oorboiirrow
Mch. 31 TnxcodHOteil
" Liquor llconM) Teo
" Istscml-aniiuulnpp
' I'lnei
Oo. warrants from I) IlaUlnucr 1 CO
Juno 3d.
Taxes Col. 2nd quarter
N'ormnl Fund
1707 41
irjj 00
4 00
fll 372 rs
July J ISO.) Uy Hal.
$3 031 17
32 80
10 SO
1 01
Huirulo Township School
Gate "
Hardesly "
Plenssnt View
School Dlst. No 32
$30 IS
The following bills were allowed:
W I Drummond 6 tint's w k on court room ?I3 00
Ed PccWham 14 "
J II KlnRle H
Hed Allmau ai "
J T Scott 1 "
State Capital Prtg Co tax rolls ad
Sheriff's day books
J K Linlcy. for supllos claim J58 50
Lilly Wright printing rroctCiiinES and
legal notices
Lilly Wright stationery for Co ofliccrs
1 00
j 00
3 00
j6 35
33 50
37 Bo
d o legal blanks claim 86 10
allowed 73 10
F J ftlrdsall service as Co Com 3 sessions 35 00
II KG l'utmau " 36 50
Lee Howard ' July sctsion 30 00
A S Dickfcon bal for trntiP crlting field notes
vt Government survey of county 370 50
Hoard adjourned till 7 o'clock p. 111.
Hoard met at 7 p. tn. All members present.
The tnard made the following estimated px-
pensoforlhc ensuing year and the ratoof levy
necessary to rnlso tlio same:
For Salary Fund 3100. Rate 4 3-5 mlllfi.
For Oen.l School Fund 1 3000. Hate s i'a milK.
For Hond nnd Hridco Fund. $150. Knte 1-5 mill.
Tor Court Lipcnsc Fund 83340. Knt0 3 mills.
Tor Poor nnd Insane Fund 8400. Hate 1-3 mill.
For County Supply Fund 9775. Kate 1 mill.
Fur Contingent Fund 1150 Hate 1 i.s mills.
Tor Sinking Fund $4730. Knte 6 mills.
For Territorial Fund levy of 4 3-5 mills mado
by Territorial Hoard was npproved.
35 per cent luldcd for delinquent Uios.
Notice is hereby given that the board of coun
ty commissio nerts will meet on the 3d Friday of
July 1S95 for tho purposo ot making tho levies
set forth In tho foregoing estimate.
Hoard sojourned till 7 o'clock 0 m.. July 3 1895.
Board met at 7 o'clock a. m. July 3 1895. All
members present.
Hill of Mm T C McAtce for washing for prison
era was allowed. Amount $3.00
The Clerk was on motion of Futmnu ordered to
obtain a book and as fiscal agent of the county
keep a record of all orders for supplies in said
book and that notice bo hereby given to county
officers ami nil persons whomtocver thnt no bill
for supplies against tho county mil bo allowed by
the county commissioners unless the same bo
furnished upon 11 written order fiom tho county
clerk. Motion carried.
Moved by Birdsall eccunded by Howard thnt
II H G Putman ami tho county clerk bo employed
to check up the accounts of Ilx-Treasurcr VT H
Stanley. Motion carried.
Hoard adjourned to meet the 18th day of July
1 895 to consider the miner ot issuing refunding
bonds for tho outstanding wairunt indebtedness.
Attest: DVKK nAU.iNi.ra
County Clerk
Teriitoryof Oklahoma 1 1
l)eaer County J E
1 hereby certify tho foregoing to be 11 correct
transcript of the business transacted by the koard
of county commissioners at the regular session
held July 1st ad und 3d 1845.
l)yi;n Bvllincex.
County Clerk.
Ssavsr OlkSa.
Honors - World's Fair.
-k Bam. MB a
MjamilllSWI'l'l Itf II III
xonci: von itm.kutioh.
uTs. iANi ot:at.
VoonWAitii(l. T.
MV27tll.. I03.
Notice Is hereby given ttint the following
named settler has filed notice of his Intention
to make flnal'i
that said proi
'priKif insnpperi af hlsrlalm.Hinl
nr will I mnde btrore Carter
in in.iMnf llrnvorCo . O.
iracy rronnie jmigi
Heater. O.T. on lrJuly H-vl riiomas J.
.Imly II K No. 1(1'. ror the ii X . nmt
1 '3.' ' 'ir..M.-. ..n ..
Ho names tho followlne wltnessei to proro
hlHcoothiuous residence upon nud cullUa
tton of said laud viz:
Judson VanKvrey Kranfc J Hlnlsnll of
Custer O T San'uel H Wells John F.
Htauley ofllluogmss O T
Any person rho desires tn protest against
UIB allowance Ol SUCH pro'". " """-:
ttSXi&VW&um; l?; iikuL
whv tir.ii nrrv.r. imniil mil be nllowed. will
lie Klvcilntiopportunliy at tho above inoif
tloncil time nnd place to cioss cxamlno the
witnesses or said olaitnnnt nnd to oiler evl-
dentin rebuttal ol that submitted by claim-
ant. Wilsox m. Hammock
20-23 Heglster.
xoncu roit puiimcatiom.
WoonwAr.n. o.T.
May 27th loi.
Notice Is hert by given thn' the lolfowlng-
named settler has tlbd notice of his Inten-
tion to nvike linnl proot In upport or hi
claim and that said proorwill b mado lio-
lores. H. W'elr Deputy District Clerk ut Ilonv-
cr O. T. on .Inly 12 l803. vlr.. 'William Wool-
ery for the S w'i of Sec 2 Twp. 3 11 of Itanue
Ilcnnmcs tnc following witnesses to prove
Ids ooiitlouous residence upon and cultivation
ef snldlnnd viz:
lilwnrdK l'Pintz Dnvld N. Overt in. Joseph
Hryson Allen linker a 1 of lleavcr o. T.
Any person who desires tn protest ngnlnst
the nlliiwnnce ofsuch proof or who know s of
any stibstnntlnl mi son. under the law nutl
tho regulations of the Interior Department
why such proof should not he allowed will
bo nlvcn an opportunity nt the above men-
tioned time nnd plnco to cross examine tho
witnesses ofsald claimant nnd tn offer evi-
dence In rebuttal of that submitted by claim-
ant. 'ii.hon M. Hammock
23-25 Hegister.
U. B. LAQOrrjc.
AVoojiWAitn O T
May 27 1893.
Notlco Is hereby glvon that the rollowlng-
named settler has filed notlco or her Inten
tion to make final proor in support or her
lion 10 innKe mini irooi 111 Huppon
claim and that said proof will bo mnda
H. 11. Wlcr Deputy Clerk or the District
at Hpnvnr 0. T. on July 12 ISD3 viz.
m mniiH uciore
District Court
5. viz. Kath-
erlna Kroelter widow or Peter Kreoker lor
the S KK or Sec 211 Twp. In orit 27 E C M
Sho ninics tho following witnesses topr-ivo
licrcontlnuouM r-sldeuce upon and cultiva-
tion of sntd land viz:
O. W Hanks II. D. Stevens Denver ilar-
desty J. I. IjOVi-11 of Ivnnhde O. T.
Any person who desires to protest against
the allowance of such proor or who knows of
any substantial reiiion under the law nnd
tho regulations or the Interior Department
why such proof should not be allowed will
be ulven an opportunity tit tho above men-
tioned time and place to crois rxnmlno the
witnesses nrsald claimant nud to -urer evi-
dence In rebuttal of that submitted oy claim-
ant. Wxuox M. Hammock
2025 Itegistcr.
Notice Tor Publication.
U.H. ijAsnOivicn
Woodwnrd O T.
May 27 lata
Notice Is horeby given that the follow'
lug named settler has Hint notlco of his
Intention to make final prooMn suppoit or his
claim and that said proof will be mado bomro
S. II. Weir Deputy DMrlot Clerk at Heaver
O.T on JiiIyl2tu.lKt3Ylz: Henrv Kroeker
ror thu N 1VA oreo2U Twp 1 u of Hauge 'Jl
K O M .
He uames tho rollowlng witnesses to prove
his continuous reMtlonco uiioiinndcultlvatlon
uf said laud viz;
O. AV. Hunks. IT. tl Slnrnnt nnvllnr.
desty J. 1. 1.ovell orlvantme O. T.
Any person whodeslron to protest agnlnit
the ullowuiici nrsiich prour. or who knows or
any subKtiintlal rensou umierthe law nud
tho roguUtlnun of the Interior Department
vh siieli proofsbould not be allowed will
be clven nil opportunity at tho above men-
tioned time nnd place to cross cxamlno the
witnesses ofsald claimant nnd to offer evi-
dence la rabultal of that submitted by claim-
unt. Wilson M. Hammock
202.5 HegUtcr
V S. Land Ofllce Woodwnid O. T.
Notlco 1b hereby given that the following-
nanitd settlers have filed notice of their In-
tention to make tl-ual proor in support of their
claims and that said proo' will bo madu be-
fmo Carter Tracy Probate Judno In nnd for
Heaver County O. T utHe.iverO. T. on 18th
July ISM viz. Thomas A. Hiichauan II K
No. 20 lor tho KM 8 Elt rjee 11 nnd Uti N KK
&cc 2!l Tp 1 n of H2S K O M .
viz: John HuchauauH KNo. COfor thcAVJiJ
S E h Seo 1 f uud V N Ki Sec KI Tp l.nof
11 23 11 CM.
They name tho rollowlng witnesses to provo
their continuous rcsldeuco upon and cultivat-
ion or said lands viz:
Frank Weutworth or Venus O. T.. Jumea l..
Lovcll Charles Y Hanks Jolm Morlaud of
lvunhoo O T.
Any person who desires to protest against
the allowance ofsuch proof or who knows of
any substantial roason under the law and
the regulations of the Interior Department
why such proof should not be nllowed will
be xlven an opportunity nt the above men-
tioned tlmo and place to cross examine ths
witnesses nrsald claimant and to olfer evl-
demelu rebuttal of that submitted by claim-
ant. W M. Hammock Hegister.
20 25
U. S. Land Office
Woodward O.T.
July 3.1 1803.
Notlco Is hcroby given that tho following
named settlors Imve tiled notice of their 'In
tentlon to mace dual pioof In snppoit of their
claims and 'hat said proofs will be made be-
fore Carter 'I raov Probate Judgo In and for
Heaver county Oklahoma at lleavcr Otis
on Aug. 17. WM vw Joel C. Murphy II K no.
303 roi SEX Sec 4 Twp In of H 23KCM.
AIo James II Mn-nhy II K no 310 forSIJ of
N V H' and N; J W 4 r-ue3 Twp 1 u It 2S
They name tho following witnesses to prove
their cutitinaous residence upon and ealtlvut-
lonor said laud" viz:
Wllllnm M O (Inbbert. of Cilne Okla. Joel
C Murphy. Jme II Murphv. AUry H (inbbert
or Ute O T FreiJ O Tracy or Heaver O T.
Any person who desires to protest ngnlnrt
the Rllonnnce or such proof or who knows of
any substantial reason under tho Inw aud
the legul.itlnns of the Interior Department
why sucSi proor should aot be allowed will
be Kivcn an opportunity nt tho above men-
tioned time and placn to cross examine the
wltnesioi ofsald claimant and to offer evi-
dence lu rsbutUl of that submltUd by claim-
ant. Wilson M. Hammock
2S-:io Register.
V . 8. Lnr.d Ofllce Woodward. O T.
July 3d 1&3
Notice Is hereby given that the following-
naiiietlsettleis haie filed notice of Ihelr In-
tention to make limit pioofln support of. their
clalm and that said pr ifs will be uiadn bo-
fore Car. er fTocy Probate Jndgo In and for
Heaver county Oklilio-im at Heaver Okla
onAug 17 1H viz: WIH'sm M (! (iabbcrt
for II K no. aw ror EH 8 w S uud W 8 K H
8eo 83 Twp. 1 u or It Slil'SI
Also Mary K Gabbert ror II E no. U'Jd for Lota
3 aud I and S I N W Sec I Twp. 1 ii Itauge 2o
They nme the fillowlng witnesses to provo
their continuous residence upuu and cultivat-
ion of said laud viz:
James 11 Murphy Joel C Murphy of (late
Ouia.Jjhn McUntrn William I(Uabbcrt
of (Hue Okla n-ed O Tnu-y of Heaver Ok'a
Any person who desires to protest against
the allowance oriudt proof or who knows ol
any substantial niuoo under the law nntl
ttw regulations of the Interior Dopnrfmc nt.
why such proor should not be nllowrd will
boulveiianopportunliy at the above men-
tioned time and ptiiceto crov examliH tbe
wltncoes of s.ild claimant and to offer evl-
demelo rebuttal ol that submitted by claim
V M. IUmhock
Ji5-3U Hegister.
!! ihiiiiiismb s ir ttititi 1 1 ''
Iisnd Office nt Woodward O.T JnnuSI 189J
No'len Is hereby given that tho following
named actttir Imiitlcil notleo oflinr Intention
lomakellnal proolln stippoit of her claim
nnd that smM prihjf will bo madu before
CnrtnrTrscy Probati'.ludgeof H-vereoiinly
ul HeavHi O. T on Auvii'l l. 1W5 Mr
Corn wllcoeko:r mr tlioSWJJ SKJ( mid KH
NWH nnd34WK NWHSeclO 1pCn lUiiti.
8 K C M
She names the follow Ing wltti''a"es to pnvo
I crc tiiiuoustasldeneuuinin and ciilthntli.n
snlt lllm
!. domes Martin .N.J. Hhod-. Hyers
Any person who desires tn protest against
the iillowiince of such proof or who knows of
nuy subslniilliil reason under the Inw nnd
the reictilatlnns of the Interior Department
why such proof should not be allowed wilt
bo kIvcii an opportunity nt tho above men-
tioned time nnd place to crots cxamlno the rlnimnnt. ...! Io nirnr L
do"- la rebntu. of that submitted by Calm.
W. M. HAumock Hegister.
U. P. Lakd Orricz
Wooilward O T. Juno 20 ifinv.
Notlee Is hereby given tliat tho rollowlng
named settlor has filed notlco orhls Intention
to make flual proor In support or his claim ami
that said proor will bo made before Carter
J racy Probatn.Indgo of lleavcr Co at Heaver
O T. on Auirast 2 1WJ3 viz: pnbert P
Smith for the Kii NKJf Sec 23. nnd Vfli NWJf
fceo2l Twp On Itauge 25 E C3I.
He names thn following witnesses to provo
his continuous residence upon and cnlthatlon
or said land viz:
Thomas Jrilmnon ThomasMnrtln John W.
Spurgeon li.l M Maeaey all or Nye. O. t!
Any person wjio desires to protest against
the nllownnce ofsuch proof or who kliifws of
any suustniiiiat rensou unucr the law and
the regulations of the Interior Department
why such proor should not lie allowed will
beiilvcnnnoppoituiiliy at tho above men-
tioned time and place to cross examine the
wltiiessc'snrsuld claimant and U ofTer ovi-
itcnco In rebuttal of that submitted by claim-
.nt. 211 23 W. 51. Hamvock Hcgisier.
U. B. Land Office
Woodwnid O. T.
Mny 27th 15
Notice Is hereby given that tho following'
named settlers iia o llled notlco or their In ten-
tlon to make ilnal proor In support of tlieh
claims nnd Hint said proof will be made be-
fore Carter Tracy Probsio Judge In and ror
Heaver County OT. nt Deafer O.T. nn
nrJnly lsftT viz: Joseph Unshwn II E no. 211
ror tlitt S EV S Wit Bee 7 and Lots I nud 2 and
E.1' N WK Seo 18. Tp 4 n of 1128 E O M.
viz: James D. Innls HE no. 127 for the
N W)J or See 1(1 Tp 5 nor 1128 U C M.
viz: Alexander Hrown II K no. .101 for the
N KK nnd Sif S KM and SE)(S WJJ See 21
Tpl.Nof 1127 EOM.
Theynainotho rollowlng witnesses to provo
tbcir cout.ntious residence upon nnd cultivat-
ion of said land viz:
Alevnndnr Hrown. James I). Innls Joseph
(Iiishwa James ('. Urosham or (lato O T.
Fred C. Tracy of Heaver o. T.
Any person who dcslros to protest against
tho allowance or such proor cr who knows of
any substantial reason under tITe. law nnd
the regulations or thn Interior Department
why such proor should not be allowed will
be nlvcn an opportunity at the above men-
tioned II mo and plnco to cross examine tho
Tfltncse ofsald cliimnut and to offer ovl-
deuce lu rebuttal of that submitted by claim-
ant. Wilson M. Hammock
U. S. Land Office Woodward Q. T.
Juno 1st 1801.
Notice Is hereby ghen thnt tho following
named settler has ilk it notice of Ills intention to
make llnhl proor In support or Ids claim and
that said proof will be made before Carter
1 racy Probate Judge of Heaver county U. T.
at i enver. (: T. on July lblli lbtti. lz:
.c!'.1..Hmi1 ll 5no- Kl for the S'i S WJi and
tpTO 11 2Vc1!M."m s K or s Kii s" "
Ho names the following witnesses to provo
Ills coutluuons residence upon and cnlthatlon
or said lanu viz:
John E Over. John McGovcrn William Gab-
bort Jacob Miles of Clme O. T.
Any person wbodnslroN to protect nealnst
a ivl' ?"C.e. f"1(;1 1roof' or who k"5w
fi.i!"f!fl.lintl"lri'"''0l under the iw and
the regulations or tho Interior Dspiirtment
hl'l vin1ifroof s!oul1a "ot he lloV"l wui
tionld iinpi0r.liny nt 1e "hove men-
tioned time awl Plnoo to cross examine tha
witnesses orsald claimant and lo S '
deuce in rebuttal of that submitted by olalui.
W. M. Hammock register
Land Office at Woodward O. T. Juno 11 1 P95.
Notlco Is hereby given that the following
named eel tiers have 11'ed notice of their In-
tention to make Hunt proof m support of their
claims and Hint said proof will bo made before
Career Tracy Probate J iidgeot Heaver county
O.T ai HeavirO. T. on July 27 lbil'i. viz:
Kllsha II Long forth W BWJf Kco 1.1 and
hV.y 8E!f Sec 1 1 nnd NWJ .WJf Bec21 Twp.
Vlz:Genrgow Ting for the WK 8E5f nnd
KJf SW'li Sec 2.1 T p. ii n Kungo 20 E C M .
They name the following witnesses to provo
their continuous residence upon und culti-
vation of said land viz:
Ansel Grove Lewis I" Shaw lleavcr O.T
JcviePerklne Win. S.Soulhcrs.Honiuu O.T.
Any person ho desires to protest ngatuat
Ui nllownnce ofsuch proof or who knows of
my substantial reiikou under tlio low aud
.he leulMtlons or the Interior Department
B-liy such proof should nut be allowed will
d nlvoti an opportune' at the above meu
llontd time nnd place to rro.-ci examine the
witnesses ofsald and to offer evi
luncoln robiiitul of that submitted by claim-
inU 2227 HAMMOt'xH(glktor.
V S. Land OrvicB.
WootiWAltn O. T.
. .1 Juno 3rd. ISB3.
Notlco is hereby glTcn that tlio following
named settler h-s Ulcdnotlcu of his Intent-
ion to make final proof In support of Ida
lalni and that said proor will be made before
S. H. Wlcr Deputy District Clirk at Heaver.
O. T on July 20th ls'J3 viz: Frank M.
English II KNo ..12 lor thn bE X NE hi and
Ni: 4 he K sec la Twp I ii K22 ntid it a and
NE 8V X S..C7 Twp I n H 2 KG JI
Ho name the following wltnoseN to rroyo
his ooiitiuunus rtl deutvupou anil (iitlwitiou
or said laud viz:
'toben .Ovcrslreet Itobcit JIoKnrlan
William Wooluiy John E. Geoigo uflHavor
o r.
Anypeison who desire tn protest against
the ullowKticp ofsuch proof or who knnwsbl
any suliotiuitlnl reason under the law nntl
Hhi rvguhillon of Ihelnleilor linpiirlmeul.
vihy such pnnif should pot be allowed will
beV'lvnnaii opportunliy nt the above men-
tioned limn and place to cross examine tho
wltncsoes ofsiild olaiinunl. and to offer evl.
demo In rebuttal ol Umt submitted by claim-
nut. W SI. HaMmock
21 -CO
Sheriff's Sale.
Territory of Oklahoma 1
County of Heaver. J
Hy Tlrtno orTa Warrants ami Tax Lists
No. 0 uud 10 for year 1WI3 and Inw
lu m by the County Tressurer or Heav-
er csuutv Oklahoma Teirltoiy 1 have levied
upon nnd taken tho following deseribol per-
ianal property ot IScuJ (Iholstou which I will
sell nt public uuctlon to the hlybe-il bidder
for cash In hutid nt H19 Stodduul
placo on tho Kiowa. one nulu
west orLockwood In said county on tho First
day 01 Juiy 1113 bet cn the luura of 10 A SI
and -I I Jf viz 1
1W0 blshels of wheut or as much as will bo
necessary tn satisfy the above Tax Warrant
and costs and accurlng costs on same.
Dated this 17th day of Juuo ima.
. . F. D. Hkaw 8herltr.
22-23 A. N. Howe Deputy.
(.HKtS WHrkt Sit flF IlllS. in
Best Cuugh Syrup. Taitu (last 1'to t
luumo. Miia or ngglsts.
. - - - vjv T
. TT1W !L."Tiianm. -

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