The Daily Oklahoma State Capital. (Guthrie, Okla.), Vol. 5, No. 257, Ed. 1, Thursday, February 22, 1894 Page: 4 of 4

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The State Capital
i.J " II- - .-'S
8y tho Stato CipltaiPrloJinr; Co.
Fannie Hill's
DURLEsauE on
tiii. wondei.ful
Livingston Family of Acrohats
live In number Equal to the
Orr at Echaffor Family.
MlloMluettn. tlio wonderful
female Sandow.
Die I Preuclt dancers.
Mile Nana ml Mile Celrste
champion high kickers.
Mnrrv Armstrong.
U'lorii Mitchell.
Scats on Sale at
What Ho Ton VfantT
tSjjnii nUrnlil
Do 7011 want a HltuattoM
IXj'ou want to bur an'thlnf!
IJ you waul llnaroera or I.oil-erif
IM jdii want an "llrlp" aiala or faalat
ID Jim want Piipllaf
Do ouranln 1'artr.erf
IHi Jim want Servants Clerka or Mechanlraf
Doyo.t want to Hent a (loom lloua orHtoraT
Do ) nil want til IIiij or Hell a Iloraa Wagon
r any klml of a Vrlilrlr?
Do you want to Hell or Ilenl our Uoaae
OfTlce Hlore Lot or Karmt
Hair Jim boat or Found anthlnrl
Do roil want to Hell our (Jood-WIII and Fll
llarioii Heconit Hand ol an alad
that you wlnh to Hell or Kirhanitet
llarr ml (looila to Hell u( an kind?
If ao. Till CiriTJL will publlau a tbraelln
ad?ertleinent 121 worda) une tlma for lOcenta
breotlinea forte renla una wrek for M tents
A want In Tilt Htjti CjriTJl. naiar talla to
brlug quick return.
WANTKD-OrirniilierH or solleltors male
or feinnl.- lor tho Kutmnnl lteaere An-aix-IMIn-.l
In Oklahoma terrltor.- address or
cnllimM I.SIiiu; t- n.-inl iiK.-nt (luthrlr O
T. Office v. Uh ll.rru.l A W'l.luirr
IOK KENT Thu two (rout offlces om
Louu liulldlnu. Kunulrc at Btiti Can-
fit. oilier.
Attorney Henry Asp went to Arkat.
sasClty toiluy.
Judge Chits llrown left tills after
noon for I'reiluulit Kansas on L-gul
Mra Oeorgo A Motcalf gives a very
fashionnblu whist party tomorrow
County Commissioner It. I.. Williams
Is over lro.11 I. til. Hit guts to
hi brotlur. live mill's wont of lii-re.
Attorney Fred M. Elkln'. lettirned
from Okliiioiui ( ity toil a v where he
hud been on legal buslntss
Jeweler l' i Murrnv and I. E. Cor-
nell thu iniitiilollti pluyer. started to.
tley tor Terry where they expect to do
some. (ood work before returning
11. l Whitman wits tut from Oklaho-
ma City yesterday getting In corpora
tlon papers fo- The OUIahoman Print-
ing company which Is reorganizing
with Sotit Small. .1 M. llrogon Whit
M Ornnt W J iiiiult nnd T. II. Mor-
ris us stockholders Small will be
editor Sam Lane managing editor
Oruut btt'lness malinger and Whitman
city editor. Mr. Whitman suys 85.000
has been paid In ami an entire print
lug plant wil bo put In. Small's wife
is In Oklahoma City mid Sam nays he Is
now there to stay
Early Itlsers Early llUcr.i Early
Uliers the famous little pills for con-
stipation sick headache dyspepsia mid
nervousness. 1' II. I.lllle.
(Llrrillir H.l.lroH Appoint it H.u.eawr
ti the Amlllnr nl lln l.-rtlt.iry llrlurw
tln Illlld' I 11iHlr1l.
(ioveriiur Itonf-ow yehterday ap-
lioliiled He E I. 1 amroii. of El lie no
us territorial Mipi'iliitemleut of school
and ex-iilllcUi auditnr In place of Iter.
J II 1'arker. '1 ho appoliitmeut was
made by tho Kmriiinroii eharK'es sub
mitted lust sprliifr by the attorney-
eneral on which ehures lie saw lit
to iKiioie at the time tint has now
chunked his mind n Kanlliitf
lie has aifreed that a statement of
facts i-hall be siititultted tothosupreme
court at its March teim which will
prol&blj meet Momlay. The (fovernor
states that he madf the new appoint-
ment purely to test the question once
for till through the supremo ourt
The neu upp 1 11 tee called on Hev
I'arltcr tmluy and the tuo had a pleas
ant talk tntrelher There are no d i ill -eultlfs
between those to tf'ntlemen
und both arr- wlllinif to libido by the
strict conUriui on uf the law
DeWltfs Witch Usel Salve clcaness
purities ami heals It was made for
that purpose I sell for bums cuts
bruises chuppcl hands soret of all
itescrlptioiu 111 1 If ton have piles use
It for them -1' II I.lllle
S Wholesale Price Coupon No. 41 .
i Cut out this coupon Send It with
8nier anil rcml.tifco to our New
vk lib r mill Mm r order will be
Jfllled at wliiilcsalw nrUes. J
OrcrlUJOU nucluid W'orka loSaltct from a
m i f tuiacurn IHiiM aail(;iitMlourtc5
Highest Honors World's Fair.
A pure Grape Cieam of Tartir Powder. Free
'10m Anirnonii Alum or any other adulterant.
Mm Con. 1 111; In mill iliilna; (tut .tcenrilliiK
In Tin Ir llrarila.
Deputy United States Marshal Pulse
brought Charley Kltcr In from the
()sa(fo country jcsUrday and com-
mlted him to thu federal Jai Ho Is
charged with asslstlii( l)r O'Neal to
escape from olllcers O'Xeal as ar-
rested it few days ago and lodged In
the federal Jail on the charge of horse
stealing. O'.S'eul was arraiiiKed befoie
the United States c" mmisslimer es-
terday and was biiunil oer Deputy
ShcrllT Powell arrived today from
Eureka Ivan ll'Neal in wanted In
dreenwond coiiuly Knu . on a ilmii
of cattle stealing and areuaidof "."ill
was olTered for his arrest
I. E. Lawrence who was taken to
KliiKllsher a few days iitfo to answer
to the chiii'i(c of robbing the pnstullice
at Dover. O. T over a year ii(o was
brought back yesterday and reeoin-
milted to the federal J11II. his ease hat-
Ili( beou postponed.
(Ieor(e Derr has been removed from
the federal to the county Jail.
Deputy I'nlted .states Marshal
llyiials cuiMc in with a batch of twelve
prisoners yesterday
Tom tiill alias llaiuiy. from K
county was released yesterday.
h. II. .simrKs of Perry for earreiuir
dirk knife has been released.
Perry Puckett wits brought over
from kingfisher yesterday by Deputy
Marshal S. S. Nix charged with as
sault and battery He tiled a S'.'no
uouil ami wits released today.
It not only relieves; It does more It
cures. We refer to One Minnie Cough
Cure. Suitable for all ages all condi-
tions at all times.--P II. I.lllle.
He Auiinillirr Aa a (Hinllitnle lor roller
In this Issue will be found thu an-
nouncement of Judge C W (loodrlch
for polici- Judge. Thu Judge has tilled
this position for two yeurs past In an
hoimrab e and ereditible manner
There wore charges of wrong lie
uslti'd that a commltti e be appointed by
thec'iimll to luvestigatu 1 1st hooks
Col Suviler democrat waiuhalrman of
that cominiltec They f. tin: ..'utrge
Omidrluh's reports straight lo a ec t
und completely rindlcaied him from
tlu charges against him Thu Judge
has secured for (iutlwie ue of the
handsomest and 111 st substantial
structure the Onodilch block He is
mi old settler and a llrst cbiss citizen
in every way. Ho bos many friends
an t will make a strong race
It's just ns easy to try One Minute
Cougli Cure as anything else. It's
raster to cure a cold or cough with It.
Let jour next purchase for u cough be
Ono Minute Cough Cure. Ilctt-r medl
elnuj better result; butter trv 1L IMt.
A Start (or the (trsniiliutlon il m Can.rr.
Cation In 4 Hit li r It-.
Mr. Twamley has received the fol-
lowing letter tu reference to organ!.-
Ing u Unitarian church in tiutlirW.
Oklahoma Cirt. O. T I'eb. si.
Dear Mr. Twamley Your kind favor
was ilulv rii.lviil. hut mil mifcu ..n..l
Immediately because we were prepar-
ing for our dedleutloli seniles which
occurred last night lte. T II. I'or-
bush of Chlcugo olllclatlng. in which
our little chapel was dedicated to
truth and humanity. As soon us you
ri! tiri.iiiit it Imi-in.. I ...111 ... .in.. ...!
start the good work at (luthrle ami If
mere snail oe iniiiealioiis or Interest I
can give you after thomlildleof April
a Sunday service once in two weeks
ut least trust that yon may lie suc-
cessful In your endeatots mid a good
society organized in your city Our
work here litis mili'mun mil. Ilitl.
ehr.pel ami our .Sunday etening ser-
tlce has been removed' to the opera
house. Hoping that everything will
mote on prosperously I mil onrs.
(' II. lloiiKlls.
Mr. Twamley recognMng thu fact
that Iter lingers is a Knight Templar
has decided to Idyll the reverend
gentleman to speak to a lltithrle audi-
ence at an early day. and will request
the speaker to take for his htiltjeet
"Masonry and the Church " This Is a
subject that should not only lie of deep
Interest to Masons but also to the
many who make outcry against seeiet
societies and Mr Twamley hopes to
see the elforts of Mr lingers rewarded
by a laige and appreciative audience.
i:irilriu-r ul mi h-l)liiiitliiu.
Athletes and men who take ordinary
outdoor exercise such as walking
running bleiole riding. Jumping
swimming tennis etc uro olten the
sublects of acute troubles The ex-
perience of an ex-chsmplon walker
will be of inti-ri'st to nil vl.. ......
umleted. Harry llrooks writes
No 3.1 East lUlh st New York
Anrll i. m-lll Xllmorniii. Llnlnhintii.
relative to the met Its of dillereut plus
ters naing oeen urouglil to my atten
tlon I take this oppurttuitly to state
that 1 havuUM'd Alii.ii.l;' lir..ii I'inu
ters for over twenty years mid pref r
mriii in any inner nillil I would
furthermore suite that 1 was very sUW
with catarrh-of the kidneys ami at-
tribute my recovery entirely to All-
cock's Porous Plasters "
llaadarlia anil lnillritlon
Can bt-otrred. If you don't bellctfe. It
try IJeggs Uttlo (HantPllUr Sold
and warranted brml'druggUts.
Dr. Peoples tho dontltt.
tJrlojr In yonr Portfolio avupoM
Dr. People- for l.t fvotk IrHfoat
Chicken pie every day at Mr. Ilom-
bargers. Qothauer A. Douglai the cabinet
makers corner 1'lfth mid West Okla-
homa avenue.
Vantuu Twentv-llve boarder nt
the O. K. Dining 'Hall. Meals first
clas. Hoard reasonable 8 ' tier week.
Second ami Harrison avenue.
Murray .t Williams' great jewelry
srle Is attracting the people Ourgreat
bargains can not be duplicated In (Ik-
iiihomit Everybody Is taking advan-
tage of them.
Mrs Jordan iliiwsuia it Y M. C A
room HarrUoii avenue
Save yourcoumm. you caiinol ulToril
lo miss this grand Portfolio.
I'or Salu-100 ticres of land all well
fenced; 100 acres bottom: 00 ncrea
broke. This laud can be had nt it bar-
gain by enquiring of J. W. Dally pro-
prietor Hotel Dally
There will be a grand eiiterlalnmcnt
given by the lauksou school tonight at
the M. E church conn r of Perkins
ami llroad. Admission free.
Oothatier t Douglas have a big run
on saloon and butcher lie boxes See
them before eontrai'tlug elsewhere.
We me not exactly giving goods
away but very near II. (lur Imiyiilns
cannot he compared with inn wheie in
our vast Oklahoma Ml iiiiav .1 Wll.-
I.l mh ii Ouluhoma avenue.
Dr l'arrlugton homeopathic physl-
clan und surgeon olllce over Speugel's
furnltuie store. 1st and Oklahoma.
To tr.tde for Outhrle p.operty.
ill Klllggold tleorgla. I.lght-looiil
himse. one block from eouit lioiisu
three ami one-half net es land j.
quire ut No 7 In ' Harrison Hit'.
Moui.i Is vei-v seiirei. lint not
.ione is irij siiine. oni not so
much so but that people ate taking
adiautage of our great sale Co..... In
and t'Mimli.e our goods. We do not
inn )iiit iif iii v . oitwitn lunnitl '
show iriuuls -Mi mii -' Wn.i.i v '
H. Smith asksTiu. sr.vir Capii m.
lo knv llilil In. iIiii.h not tvlkli Liu iiiiii ii
to sii'iinl uh n iMiiiiiiluti. fin in..iiiii..r f
the school board but earnestly s
the r. election of the pivbont eiicumb-
en . . S. Lyon (
Everything In the Emmie Hill Co Is
n'l new ami nil to date. The season's
most brilliant novelty." See them i
they will surprise ou. The rciu'iiim
si'iisutlon. i pedigreed draft
stallions ulso good brood marcs with
foal for sale at Stiipleton's lliery
nam. ran ami sou tl.elii It
The best kind of horses always for
salo mid for livery hire. Si vs. In'
.. -.... .. . .V . 7. i
gic mill iioiiuie rigs. m. uoiiieu tflo'
formerly Tucker's stalile.
Coupon No 0 Is now running. Hack
numbiTs can be had at this olllce.
All republican caudldutes sliould
bear In mind that their names must
bo handed In to thu ehulimauof tho
city central committee by U o clock
ni.xl Monday.
Now's the time to send In vct;rsi:V i. to Tip Daily m ti. Capital
The Ol.lhoma Advertising &. Dls-
trlbntlng Agency will do von good if
you have clrctib-rs you wnut VlUtrlb-
tiled In or oui of town. Thev dUtrlb -
uto circulars all mcr Oklahoma at
Ilox'l1" 8I PCr tl"U':""1- Allll'ss
The l'minli' Hill lllg llnrlrsque Co
presents bitter novelties more hand -
some iiioii-h oeniiiiiii: costumes miu
reiiue.i sp.-.-imties tuati a score of onll -
li try spectacular productions. Opera
house I'ebruarv 2.1
It's utl the smu-.u Might cold eon-
rested liino-s or ...v..r mi'l. (I...-
Minute Cough Cure banishes th.'in.
V. II. I.lllle. j
'I liny It III IIh.cii Uouil I line lit I 111- Vlitur
f I'l. il it .i .
mo i.rc.iicu parauc.i tnc streets to-.
a . t ... .
ay lii full uniform. Thev will give a
. : . .
brilliant ball and banquet this even
. ... '
lug at the Ictor build tig hall.
I. IVullrrs (lli.rri. r I'. .
Wii.lliir linn r.u
Highest teinpiralure 30 degrees;
l.iwest Inst night l.t pyron nbove. '
niuviist iifll.lny-l air niiil warmer.
lul.i- snlli .-.
All City of tltttlirle sellout warrants
registered on or before May II l'('
will now be paid. Interest will eense i
on all such warrants from this date.
E M lUuroilli.
Treasurer j
l-Millot laollril
Only see the nice line of doilies Just !
reeuited; also a line of kid gloves In
black and colors at Mi Saunders
ra '
Mra. Hums calls the ladles' ntlontl
to her elegant now Parisian book
Ladles take advantage if the dull
moiiius mitt ni-ing your line gingliamal
ami cambrics and get designs. At the
Springer hotel building corner Oklft I
homa and Division.
. . . . .. . i
s llilplni-.
Mumping dune- at ltamsay's l out-
pletu otitllt of new designs Small pat-
terns ie. Large patterns loe Initials.
1 pairs Hie Mumping i in i oiilridats
All purchasers of rih will get
stamping done free i-o-n 1 rnliiy
1. l lis it tin 1I lis
Olii-prue i ash House
tlllli Qulctl)
Ptrminintl) Rnloinl.
an I ill il-o train of ell.
Ir uj... nn.scir latrr
rti-r.H tba rriultt of
lMiltlnn tt Iho Uulr.
Slnipl.- nintrtlmtlhoila.
Immeolai linprovtrnent
fern y llurelinpOMlble.
tun rrfrrewri Ikwlr
riplanailun ana pruott
PUrTAlO fl.Y.
jTTj (Jill HtMid. AuTxlWiij
MM SSt Coot h Srrt. Taata Good. t?l
Eltitl;r )-lTdlsnr. . M
Sjnm Dlllrterit Mm of DIlT.rrnt Partle
Illtcuullinl'naillillliy ul nn luile.
liendrnt Tlrb.l. I'll'
At thecall of the secretary Ed llall2larn;eSt and lllCeSt lllie
a oltlzcna' meeting was held in the
district court room last evening to ills
cuss the propriety of placing in the
Held a clllens' city ticket. Imlepend
ent of either political party. The
meeting wns free for anybody to talk
that wanted to but of course those
who talked were such with a few ex-
ceptions as were In favor of the move-
ment J. E. Keuley was made chair-
man of tho meeting Thu gentlemen
that gavu their views In favor of u citi-
zens' ticket were: A. J. Speiigul. T. J
Hart Horace Speetl Oco. tlruy J. S
Lyons S. D Decker Col. Shlppv. W.
il . . '
ii. -iiyii-. iiieyuigtieo to tnc princi-
ple that while nolltlcal lines were
good In all other elections they were
not so In municipal alfuirs. In fnct
the gentlemen went Into detail state-
ments that they were In fat or of
drawing political lines from county
elections up to presld. nihil. They did
it on the grounds that municipal gov
ernmeuts should lie nut simply for the
... I .1 ..... ..
good of the people but the question
is. are not national oms to be run for
the same and a much larger number
lofthem 'r(.y .-.leil the faults and
so ll.-l..! .ro0kel..s
t. civ c.rl ( ts .tv to
.' .. "
bow that In city airalrsonly men
slioul.l be selected lirespeetlre of pnrt.X :
bill the present liatinnal mismanage-
' ment or alTalrs and here and there a
I dishonest man In Us employ such as
i ; .Mom. ! sMueford in the em-
l i i a
I'-'V1' '"v llrt' v'"l seem lo mrke
the same things necessary. If these
gentlemen argue that better men can
be chosen by mi independent selection
of party then the idea will apply all
al(. the Hues. In such a case then.
when mi olllclal tlots wtongno parti
wm ( r.sonsiit. fr is wrong.
.. ...... ... .
'were some things said list even
'ng that hit thu very men who uttered
them In duo time It will lie shown
them In duo time It will lie shown
"onic Mien can bo drawn from
within party organization that will be
drawn outside. Considering that a
" "i
miii is holiest taking him out of the
democratic ur republican tiartlesand
..u-etlng hint on an Independent ticket
; '. . .
will liiitclimiirplilin nut fur tin lu.lliir.
. . . "T . ' " --..
If he is not he Is tho same In any situ
E. P. McCabe being called told Rome
plain facts respecting the situation.
n . i.. i . . . .
c nun uui. in luturui taiuiig tilings
entirely from the hands nf the people
ami placing them In tho hands of the
few select.
Jariies Dooloy was called but said
Hint he could not talk as hu had un-
frllrltPlv drot.ned into n detiincrntln '
orlnn c 0 "ro"I " l" to a dtmocrallc
-'nTentl..ii the day before.
1 Tom Hart made an especially good I
speech In favor of an Independent!
ticket and the meeting adjourned to j
. - r.
meet in a general conveniinn on the
' nth of March
iiurus are aosonueiy painless wiiuu
tiewiit s iteti llazel salve is promptly
applied. This statement Is true. A
perfect remedy for skin discuses.
chapped haiiilsand lips and never falls
to cure piles -I-. II. I.lllle.
Ii) siiHprl) siiiuhrlnua hihI Sn'iicioim
Mira WUa MIII llrllxlit Hit- Iti.l.l.
The ministers of this city did not do
their full duty last Sunday when they
. .
I... ............ ...... .. ..W...UVU. U.iKl -i
..i . .
'ously attractive troupe of female
i . m ..
. beauties w 111 plav In the opera house
. . .. .
In this cltv tomorrow night Such is i
the fact I-'rom ull accounts thev
ts III be by far the most fascinating set
I .. II. . I.. ...!. . .!.. I
ul looiugin urimis miu mis ever conn hundred miles of thlsum"u..;BrV! )r ""Bl irr""K'':
Cna "f tt' word' s-'-' ' tbe oui.g
m" rt' r-v l"K to rais " 1arr"1 wh
'lT..K ...
! hair pulled out. so they will tie ellgl-
' b'.-lo l'o to the show us none but Is are given front seats
Ifvoawant to but If you desire to
sto'p. get a bottlo of lleggs' Cherry
Cough Syrup. It will stop your cougli
In live minutes Sold ind" warranted
by all druggists.
I. II i. rnlllliul Miu bill. ?
Editor staik Capiiai: Is our lire
I 11. ...... I....... ..
..r.iir..i.. -in u n.iii.ii:ui iciiiiit-. ii
would i r. m as If the woulil-bc ehlof
tleorge W Taylor Is endeavoring to
-.... ti... .i......ei......i ... o... i.h i
nilutli's He had better go slow for
the people. Irrespective of partv. w ill
t Maud such work. Cii'i.ix.
The Outhrle Huir Dressing and
Toilet llaaiir oiler the ladles special '
indiueuieiits All hinds of style of
hair dressing and u special face treat-
ment Tho prices will be us follows-
Drtsslng huir :r cents
shampooing . ... 31 cents
Cutting bangs n cents!
1 single faee treatment. . . J5 cents
or Si per month for treatment every
I day. Headquarters I in Oklahoma I
avenue Mus. Hour. Mclli:vxoi i.s
Shelf And 0
. .AND.
113 Harrison Ave...
Suits to Order1
At 20 per cent lower'
j PCCS tlinn till' OUlCr.
'nlnnn 111 tnu'n Tliol
f frnnflq lh tjploot
205 Oklahoma Ave
i . .
Iiitcicallim r.rnlr llflil ill llin tVcat
I Unlink' Sclinnlt.
Tho follow Ingprcgram was rendered
i by thu pupils of the West Guthrie
schools at tho wcsl sldu Congrega
tional church: rowr
jll (.tiiml)'anint Ml llymea' Sakoola
Soul-. Amrrleir All the Hrhoola
('lmriii'trT id W'(tlilnton" lnrn Kdvnnla
Krelliiilon Uncli
Hri'ltnlUiii .In k .!.... .
...T. .... '.I I Villi 111111
mm "I'msr of tin- Voilon" Mra. Kjiiu.K.hiMjl
.W"'M'K S.r.' .'lii... ... s
"''' Uciilnn Hoj Tntlur
liiiMmn' IIoXm.A
i"...' M.SWS.Ut.l.S
' M. ni.rlul K.r.-I4 J1p. liiiiiiSStfh.H.I
I lli-ilinilnn Willie rnilil
I Ili-Hii.t ...i Vi... M
""": h """""" l '-; . yM
."""il i.imi kt-i
' M tn Mnir of Muni UiikU
llirdlrlsdum Ml. Ilyriiev si.hi.i
j """f.ViVi'a'.'.Jivn U rNof Mr.. ..kl.n.l
! "'""' : ' "'"'"' Mo.. i.ii''..hs.i
K-.t mini
lliirrt- Ht'uiU'hHHip
i ii r 1 1 .tnnrri. n
( Imrllc
Oils li'kli-
Oil irii-rlt
1.1 llt' I'.irkrr
' Ill-Cillltloll
i HrWimioii
' "I'liirternOriviiini CniouiiV
I himilt ..Wll;;Wll .. ":..' Tn " S1"K"
"' -fh"-'l
I'niiihliii nml l.uiiKii-llo SfliiiuNiii Hit
I u. i:. i.ur. h s.miiii.
i .11 n . .1
1 hu following was rendered at Hie
franklin and Longfellow school at
i the M. E .South church
Honi -' (li-orui" IVnsliliiaTtau" 11 bcliools
Ki'i'ltiitloii - t IioIch nf trn Iia"
JfiMi. J.ih.Kou iirll TIioiiih Will Mnikisliil.
Krnl Cooli'j Wurrvii IMInli-- Mil of Ih)M
S"iip-"i:ry im is K-nin."
iiri-u.-itiim- inrif u..rn'
....IllCill.VI Cl'.I.NII
S"'"J " Mnt'- u" p " HIB '
. -v
Ilnlliitluu- 'Tao Wriiii-rh'
luKlrumnl si..u. Collin"
'ontr "11 Triir llol s." iMin-Mlnw S.'ImmiI
ItivHntlini "l'nlrlotNiii .. Allvi-iiiith
EirrcUe "Sti rj ul Wu'lilntttiin'
Krnukllii Hfliool
Iticltillau "llcortra Viislilii(toi "
i Sonif "Tiiroili on YHiikre llo.iil'i'
I1H1H OJ i
Hoin ".Man- Vour lloiio' Knu '
LiDjcrHlou h'ohool
CIikIiik oiii
! OrKanlat . Mra II C
Not one mluiuo elapses between the
tuning of One Minute Cough Cure and
.V'''f- ' lmwll"t people tiilo. One
Mmue c Cllre? They 810lll(
They tlo.-E 11. Llllle
.... . ....-
of '
AU1HD Feb 3 2 The government!
rnncc. Italy and Sn.iln have rcnlied
to the notes addressed bv the sultan ol
Morocco. They all advise mi accept-
' nrice of Spain' proposals for thu settle-
' inent of lur Melllla troubles.
I IMIri. t-r I ilr. I lni.ll)
no.:; nl.
The Kansas and Oklahoma fair cir-
cuit has been il.xcd up by thu Oklaho-
ma l'atr association as follows
Chanutc .In no 10 to S3 Inclusive
Morau. Aug. 21 lo 2.
Olrard. Aug Vs to 31.
Erie Sept. -I to T.
Eredoulu Sept. U to 11
Independence Sept. 13 toil
llitlcld Sept. 25 to S3
Wichita Oct to S.
(luthrle Oct. 0 to 13.
Oklohoinu Cltv. Oct. 16 to 10.
El Heiio. Oct ''3 to SO.
There will bo a final meeting at
iiieuts niter which speeu urograms win
ed for tlio eutlio circuit
E J. Wll HI li. Ass Sec
No lieller aid to
No better cure f ir dyspepsia
.mhiiiiil' more leiutoie 101 iniiioiis
. .. .... ..
'.".T. "'.V1 I'on'.tlpatioli than I.eW Itfs
n.lleW.1.rlM' S '
""h ""' "' ''""
rx -xsr. ii o nmri
Ptirnlshes the foil jw lug quotations
for the tluthrlo Market At close of
business Pebruary 9
All lv In. til .-iiniliii. In llil. irn.rbi.1 Ik
being remlllv taken bv our holm-mills
Whcut hard .
Wheat soft ..
Oats.. .
Chickens old
Spring Chickens...
tleese . . .
Cotton baled
Cotton In the Seed
Dealers In
XXxiLxvJL vw
GUTHRIE OKLAHOMA. Tin Shop In Connootlnn
Ifmi f 1 f O t A Vr)
I Ql. OI K. Vt?'
Does a large complete stock of goods attruct you? Were got It. Do
sonuble low prices please you? We name them. Do flrbt-class goods and satisfactions Interest you? Then this Is .tout place. And when In
need of anything ill this Hue cull ou
Headquarters forSaddlerj. and Harness of every descilptlou Itlanttots.
Whips. Kobe Etc.
Tin? un.isi:i) niLis.
liupnrlnnt Iiiforin illmi Inner nilnil I'cu.
Ion nuilirn.
Wasiiinotos IVb "!Z Ooneral In-
structious concerning enforcoment of
ruvlsed rul.-s for executing jienslou
vouchers have bn-n sent to the varloiu
pension tigonts '1 he mot Important
chan es arc embraced in the following
rtrst The e.riinat mint Ix cilillilt-J to
ilia mailalntt at I lie cuilon ot "atu
vouclir 1 hl l..ll lite llrst etlili-iite of a
lnaliMr 111" niltr Wlrfn tlir rrttlfltito
rannnt f eiliirnii-a to the nwriilraH-. lbs
v uehcr way u ontir cxecutisl uimn tin ehl
liltloii of i iwrinli in-o&trlr lnuisl br Urn eoui-
mlaaloner of ponsldii
VcooJ I'itiiiIU toeifrcuw ouclir In Hie
abwnci' of Cfrllflralt-s ni Isineil b) the
cnmililMlontr ou upttllcstluti ot the piilonrr
husliuld t uinlir oitli ai.U fully suit) to the
s of tlir voninilailonor th fact eon-
iiuciimI wIlU his or lur limbllltr to exhibit tlio
Whfn tli) iH'iialoiur sVn tli tinwlicr tin-
nrtinralia of lh ulMrer li'ture whom the
toui'hrr l emrutrd ur In hu pre(iir It I
sUiih! Hliall In sunU'lvnt utleal hut lin lliojr
siKn It hi nrirk ih" tuuelier mml be attmled
br th Ignilurei ot two wlttimen
In tht'lr on n prniH-r IiuikIss rl ltiK Hut
la ivrrr ci the slen.ilnr ot the
pentloncr lo euch rfcelpl uttuih-.l to tlm
vouihr mut b nllMleJ brat blast unr wit-m-
In proper lunilurltlrK Ii slull U- eoni-
wlT.l for Ibe nrflrrr bf fore whom th touehrr
Uexeculeil to sttvst ih l -nturi of th pen
skitiT When purtnvitt is nuiU lolh -nhin
er In tArnn n.-Mlur Hi" M-nlon uireiii uor hut
elertt iulnavl bv him hi" npnrsr a u Milne-
In either Hi loiivlier or theiliiplle.ite
viitonle (irmil I uitii.H.
TolT.Ki Kali Teh st! The grand
council of the Kausi. uiiishUs held u
session In Itepresentatitc hall veslcr
I day mid elected tho following olllcers
ror the ensuing vein .mou iiiiisirious
grand nuiaier W II Mle. of 0s
luirue; deputy iiiastor. Dr ('.
May. of Hutchison: principal con
doctor of work A A larualimi
of Concordia: grand treastner P. J.
1'ieellnif. of Leaietiw rili: gnind r."
cor.lcr D llyliigtou. of LMiemvorth;
grnn.lcaptaliiof tho gui'-.l. I E Davis
of Atchison; g and conductor of coun-
cil A. II Council of Hi-nil: grand
slewar.l; A II Wellington and grand
sentinel I'rlU Magcrs of Luaicuworth.
r.t.irtl. I ln Wrati-rn I'.tat tu itir.
W.sinvorov l'cb. 'J! fourth il.iM
xstmistcrs were appointed to-day us
In Kamas At Knclil SJivlck countr. It
ran) llrown M-e John Oiiust rtiiiovuil at
Ollvat 0a couatv. Jirlui MilClvtj. ilct
Minnie MilCelrt-i rinotl
tn Mlssourl-Al Amorose Onrk coumr. J
In OUIahonn-At Cuoclo CI I v. Oklahoma
count; P.nnk Cos. Tie. Sorali Mjh tv-
movtJ ri.i.u ...11... i i.h..
In lb InJIiii termor; A. l''"eraburi
C.inllr. initio. ia. Ton. Feb 2i The senate
In executive session jcslcrduy. tuude
public thu following continuations.
lU-liuruI tho luuJ urn c James II Clark
at Ironlon Mo
Itecelvi-M .f public uj.incjt-Jamej Hut
at Toiwka ICan Wlillain Juhn-on. at Ucoa
xllle. Mi.
lVvmaiters Mitviiirl Pranli A Dnneri
at M iron Course c OrchatJ .i Poplar il 08
Luther C AJuat Aurora
Mctv.irt ii I'upiilUt.
Washixotox l'cb. iw Populists an
rejoicing in the fact that Senator Sluw-
art ha formall.t I enounced republican.
Inn and gone Into their camp The
national executltu minmtttee of the
piople's parly is to Ismic an address to
the coil nt IV mid Suiator Stewart pre-
sided ocr the caucus of the IKiptlllsti
In congress hel-oii the matter.
lit- llnr.e.iior in u M.i.rni
The superstition that associates tho
horseshoe w Uh good luck Is verj old.
It Is hitlil to pretall not .ml tiuioi.e-
Engllsli-spcnking people but In all
races of Europe and Asia Antinuar
Inns nro undecided whether it origin
has to do with the materia) from which
tho horseshoe is made or with It.
shape. Sum- writer ou thi-. -.ibje.-t
luivu surmised thai the In.-U.t iiuuluh-s
i ..
iittrl nileil to the lr...s.i..... ......!..
rveil from Its fmieied resiMnblan.-e to
H halo pictured nlimit He h.-mU of
wiluts. hut this eonneetloii is l.lghlv
llliprolmble. as Ills known Ihut tho
'"IH'i'stitloii certainly t hi-ls
HeHo ..7ti.c lt.-Hiil
A notublenlleof revolutioiinrv times
discovered jit l.mienster. Pti a few-
' llaVS Uiril is the Del I nml .nn.. .. ........
i..". ' ... -."""
i OOOK '" ' "en. suuivnn miule
record of his march in the summer of
I.T'i from New York to U loiiiliiir. nnd
s'ffi I'j "P th'' susqupluiiina vnllc.t He wns 'n pursuit of the lories nml Indians
i'i nnd. r Ilrant nml i apt. Ilutler. lo
"" . n''lM!! hvl'"''J tlu" '"'Hwiercs at I'nrtv I
" $- "'l Wyniuintr Thlse.xpedltlon'
l"i..lln the breaking up of the Mx Nit
2 (K1T!9 0"V '"l0 Uoolt u-ns '01 Mimillg
j 5e3 aiil so"ll PWr Hint Imd belonged to i apt.
!'!" '.VoOfa'siBO Me.ter who was lion Sullivan's m-doily
I 75 07 " "5 llinteamimlgit
.'..'.'." ' itifil 'I'be wedding ol th gr.iu 1 .In. f
.... ..I.T5 0 ''.00 I "esse and Princes I. tn.-la Mei.'u nf
" a I Nixo-Cobtirif-llntlui. has been Hnall-.
H( :. arrange 1 for April M ai ( olutrn It
I. fff .0 will t ike pine In th- pre-. n.v of p.m.
. . .'. "ilngo 00 1 prior Wllliain ami (Jtieeii utorlu In
I.'" thti palace uh.ipul
aild DivisiOIl St
dllUJJlVIOlUU sjt
Somo l-olntor It Will Pay Everybody
In Oklahoma to Rntd.
Hi. n Hie I nil in lug ami llm)
VWiele tun fun Supl ViiiirnirA
l.llll. ..I i:er)tlilnu lla-
iiurril hr .tlnrtala
Here Ha-
Vol legal cap
for iihilt-.tct papor.
I'or carbon paper.
I'or niiiiiuscrlpt cover
for a Hall's safe any l.o.
('or all typewriter supplier
I'or laud blanks of all kind
l-'or towushli records and blanks
i'or Morgun's M initial (f.U cunts)
l-'or congress tie envolopoti nil slzo
l-'or reversible document envelopes.
For Huttito- of Oklahoma 87.SO cash.
I'or a druggist's poison record S2.00).
Por t'alveiiS Settler's (lultle (50 cts)
r.i li ad peiii'ils or puns by tho gross
i'orludlos calling cards fancy or plain.
I'or i ubber bands rulers orasers uto
I'orsihool district rocords and sup.
Por Haliier'hSuhool Laud Manual (Ji)
I'or school district bonds (lltho.
Por a notarial record (ii.oo) and pro
test blanks
l-'or Inks mucilage or anything In the
stationery lino.
I'or any kind of a book from 10 c.nta
to pur quire.
Por paper fasteners. Hat or round
head by tho gross.
Por letter (lies letter copying booU
and letter presses.
Por the oldest largest and best dally
paper in Oklahoma 50 cents per
Por any of the louo forms of Oklahoma
legal blanks all ept In stock
ready for you on call.
Por n cheap mcrcliant'a ledger cash
book or Journal (onnvass or
Tor seals Hnd rubber stamp four'.
pound sni S8 6u tire pound seal
I or an attorney's pocket dooket (St 00)
Uautifuii. bound and u now and
uii.-x.-.-Uiil frn
tor funey Wedding Stationery und
Hall nnd Party lnvltatloni unit
Programme A lttr9 stook to so
leet front
. lor Hanker Drnfi. lilwonnL Coriltl
I . "' 1JM!0il. uertlU
cati- und t ..lU-utiiiu Iletsters kept
in stoeU. Inwsi and bust forms
twoqttir ($ .-all eaill).
lor Mciliitfraplirr's Uuiv books i
slaea from 'J cents onoh lo SI no
each: u court form ilnoly In-
dexed and unextiollod In eonven-
lenee Por abstract blanks standard form
S3 o per loo special form fot
abstractor onl on heavy Ilneu
ledger paper J" on pPr Iqo special
figures on largo lots
Pur our third annual catalogue and
eoilip'eti. price list i Jn-1 .
write the
MaII i tin u Uj.
Outhrle 0k.
irioi ioh tnuii the Miitutr of OkUihwnn
iiiiiilT.M o tu nnd you trill yet it vol
umr lu thtflrtt eifirtti. lhe ) con-
Mill out l3.V juvjit. li jirliiful on the
lnt H'tmulii" 'Hun. I UiuK jsiptr tnUirue
cluir Im.c ii nuMfrl In lipoonip'n aiul
txiiiiplliifliiii und tmiutlfiilli liound lit
Vie lu it tnw ih(fi 1'onr m.riirv ulWio if
It If Incomplfi'e. ' iiipc the coiryrloM
and errliult-e idle of the voliunr.
-1-- -t.

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