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The Store at Gleaa Raafcad aad Five
Head of Horacs Stoira
Friday NUM.
MOST Complete Line of GROCERIES
in the City are commanding the at-
tention of the public and are found
at the
Grocery which has moved to more
commodious quarters first door east
of Spragins' Hardware Co.
Dealer in Everything Good
The store of Little & Jackson
and postoffire at Glenn were
robled Friday night and five
head of horses at Springer
stolen. This information was
brought in early Saturday
morning to Judge (iihlons who
immediately dispatched Depu
ties Reynold ami Chancellor to
th scene of the crime. They
returned last night without
having gained any tangible
trace of the thieves further than
that they were two in numlicr
and went in a westerly dilu-
tion. The amount of goods
stolen could not l estimated
but it is said they packed them-
selves pretty well equal to their
freighting capacity. Nothing
was stolen from the iostomYe.
The horses lelonged to par-
ties who were attending a pro-
tracted meeting at Springer.
They took horses and saddles.
Two of the horses returned yes-
terday with their tails
Stock of Dry Goods.
Will repair your Fine Watches.
Will remount your Diamonds.
Will lepair your broken .Jewelry.
Will tit your eyes eorieetly.
Will repair vnur Clock.
Will repair your Type Writer.
Will repair your Sewing MiH-hiiies.
Will do your ISn graving nieely.
sell you Goods Lower than the Lowest.
AND 'SEC wirw.
4 vp
I Will
from I
24 Pnlnrvinri P. I nn V ...Drugstore...
..Mi UUISIildi! Ci Ljiiii o Opposite Postoffice.ivlsllw
C. F VanDenberg
Lumber Sash Blinds Doors
LatH Shingles Etc.
Ardmore - Ind. Ter.
Sulphur Bath House
Is well arranged for the reception of loth ladies :i gentlemen. Hot
and cold baths at all seasonable hours. Owing to the scarcity of money
a course of twenty-one baths will be given for S-'.oO or six for $1.00.
These figures will only prevail for the season of IS'.ifi.
J. VV. HARPER Proprietor.
your groceries
Burglary Near Town.
A liuin by the name of Holt
living about four miles east of
town came in Saturday mid in-
formed Marshal Stowe that his
house had been burglarized.
With him was a man who lives
near Oakland whoso premises
had suffered u like fate.the nir1t
previous. They had a iositive
clue as to the peretrator of the
crimes. They traced him this
far lut here they lost him as
completely as though the earth
hail swallowed him up Holt
jlostusljot gun and some pro-;
while the other gentle-
. . I
man contriouiou a g m m i
bundle of clothing.
Attend church Unlay
! Sunday might le too late.
Rev. Godfrey's Work.
Rev. (iodfreV reports U highly Prawlnent Goer aad Comn CaatM
successful termination of meet-! wm ir the K-rtr
ings at Wilson and McMillan" Ardmoreite.
great interest leing manifested ;
at loth places. Bro Godfrey! Torn Su.Math the so-icty lead-
will l.-eiriu u meting ut Nnisirr of j.otT ti. ritv.
this week in which he trusts;
he will 1m as successful ns he!
was last year.
received at
The Bankrupt Store has purchased the H. F.
Jones stock of Dryi.Goods and Shoes at 40
Cents on the Dollar and will close them out at
the'lowest prices ever heard of in Ardmore.
ai .
8 oz. Due!; 7 cents per yard.
New goods just
Brady Brothers.
Birthday Party.
(Jeorg' the 4-year-old son
Judge .1. C. Iil.lM.ns left yes-
itenlav afternoon for a short vis
it to his home ait Paris.
Mrs. Anna Moneysnuth
l)r. .1. L. Wol went to Wil-;
son yesterday afternoon undi
will preach there today also to-1
night which will inaugurate a
protnicted meeting at thi-.t'
landlord Tolsoii went t. Sid
phur Springs yestenlay to join
Mrs. Tolson and Miss Allen
who have loeii there several
lays. Mr. Tolson will pnhnbly
return today.
TM Hmm af Jadae a
Mra. Arthur Walcatt Sceae af
Mrrrlaacat Friday lgt.
A party rornpOM-d of tbe elite of
the city a.enitled at the handsome
n-sUh-nre of Mr. and Mm. Arthnr on Friday evening in
hoiioi of Mics Mnttie Waleott
and Ilattie Ilail.v. The evening
John Fitzhugh of the Velma hra int in tramc. mnic. and
; turned yesterday from an .OII!mmity was in tj ity yes-f jotful vouthful. hilarity.
Make SUITS from $17.00 up; TROUSERS $4.03 and lip IM
" We have a stock of WOOLENS on hand and we are prepared to irct out
Goods r m hrt iiotiff. SAMPLE IIOOM .indTAI LOIU M ; PAItLoKS up
stairs in J'onnintoii & Williams' llnildinir.
M ain STin:KT. - - - AIIDMOIJE. I. T.
Mr and Mrs. (leoiffe Fra.her.i rs. " -' ' 'U'T7
..t...ti... n .f his vLiiniri Daisy and Ulanch.- r isher left
m- - - ----- rf t
I 1
friends yestenlay evening the yestenlay
How to Make our Dollar.
the coiinnittee on the
r i '
tO M'l '
for gn
worth k
tlw 1U
orders v
eente to
wits and
are authorized ros:; in.u
tin Felker T. Y. Morgan
M.Nix will give one uol-
pach young lady who will ;
" or purchase from
a IO.(X) worth of grocer-'
ecu now and August j
of the entertainment j
your opportunity to
r dollar. " I
! pi 8
llinery Store
jd ilour west 1st National IJaiik
Up to Date in Styles !
Ladies' and Children's Furnishing Goods.
i' lnainma or nelghhorj press-Making and Cutting Bpfiool.
tr name on a slip of I
ail older is made! Nctfro KapUt Arreted.
s and when $1U.(K) s Amos I'annel the negro alleg-
lavehecn )U!'chascd Vi j jiav(. assaultel Maggie
- nt receiving j i.oWn a white girl at BepTn
'inne(.iejjunait-oirni . .-.i
iJllllSOi( n Hi
hv t'itnstaMe Hill
morning for 1 isho-! crop.
occasion being his fourth l.irth-! mingo. Tostmaster S-tt and . Tat-
jlay. Whole bevies o.J little Mrs. A. Samnions left yes- terson retuniel last night from
' girls and boys joined in having terday for Sulphur Springs I Sulphur whre they have Ik'H
a real nice time. His pa says j where she will spend a couple ! in attendance umii the picnic.
jthe party broke up after having; of weeks. Tliey rejM-rt u gMil crnwil and
'a dance. . ... p: enjoyable time
i Alva mift the cattle king f; .
The Indian Territory will j Ardmore left last night for; Harry Steifel and Kd Iuirin
have corn plenty und ti spare. Kansas ('Jty w ith two car loads i retuniel yestenlay evening
. I . . . . t
1I.....K- Il-.tle. !.. v.l no. i of catte. I nU II Sliori lour III I lie OOU1I
iieniayami rejn ratner dis-i i:ifn-.hiiients wne 4rvtd in
leouragingly of etTectsof thecon-jpriti.tly tyle and addd trrfatly to
timiel dir.ught on the cottonithe iiijojment of all.
other car of Hour yesterday.
A Peculiar FhcNoateaeai.
T. V. Bridgnum and others
report having seen yesterday i lVrlxu yestenlay.
afternoon a most peculiar ram-!
t!nve K. 1 liase who nasi"-' -v-. .. jiunieaueimer ana Aaoipb
Ihm.u confined to his room for a 'v iamagtl iy the not winds i ' J coci a
f. 1 l.tnlanmmul 'et wine wtioiw they reiHrt mtnr MUaMIani. V. right
few days was aide to lMarounl v ' . . and Mr. Bliki. Mr. .nH Mr- m v
i T II a a m N tit flu li tfW lUCr lYCI4H I T V u
r ! Foter Mr. and Mm. Don Lmj Mr.
Hon. J. F. Sham the Ihircell ' Mr. Croc. Mr. and Mr. G. H.
whe'lhorse of democracy was
in the city yestenlay. In Meak-
ing to on ARDMonrtTE rei-orter: Buy yourfresh meats
or the approacning ceienranon
Thoe composing the party weir:
Miaa i'tl Jackaon and o'eo. W. Ilea-
ly Mis Maud LaFlora and Doc A.
Fielder. Mint Mamie Klnnlo and Ed
"hiverMiLala McClatcbyand C.
A. Doak MlatHirdle Iuiton and Tom
Boyd Ml Dettre Uoldaby and Hat
Cannon Mi Paulina KUjror and
Will Wbitenian Miaa Nita WUlUma
and W. S. Crocket Miaa Minnie
Smith and E. P. Pbillipa Miaa Media
I Smith and Sam Laugblin Miaa Mag
gie Langran and Jack Scan lan Mlae
C. . . -On
Aug. 181
mn a special
colored people i
Texas at the rat
round trip. Ticke
cursion train botij
nd will leave
Then outlier vour
voin- exoorience. i yesterday
Committee. and is now m jail. He irotestn
I his innocence ami says he can
'ION'1mvo a Mdi.faetory alibi. He
K R y ' " j will be held p'iiding the arrival
i 'p Santa Fe will ' of the girl whom the officers
rsion train for ! liaM' locate! 01KI l. Xoeu
the railroad man who frustrated
the designs of the brutal assailant.
; to Galveston
f 83.50 tor the
s good on an ex-
oing and coming
ireston Aug. 22.
upon the un '. rsigned for full
I. K. MASON Agent.
Three wpmeu. A ply at Ard-
more Steam La undiy. Steady
emptoynient. ug 2-tf
Ardmore Llrery Stable.
My stable has just been refitted
with new buggies surreys carragee
and putBtons. The nicest rigs in tbe
city. Gentle teajns for ladies. Good
roadsters and sate drivers for
drummers. Satisfaction Guaranteed.
10-lm J. E. Bowles Proprietor.
The Abdmobeitk job
'urns out only first
job department
class work.
1mw. Its location in the heav-
ens was not out Pf thw natural
order ut they say its position
was the very oposite to that
usually seen the oints turning
upward instead of toward the
horizon. As there was m raiu
or indieation of any tho pheuo.
nienon m to them the more
A Palaful Accident.
A piiittice very much in
force among loys in this town
resulted quite seriously to little
Charlie Cox on Friday after-
noon. The little fellow was
swinging on a roje from a wa-
gon loaded with hay whVu by
some means he fell and the hind
wheel of the wagon passed oyer
his left leg mashing th? bom
r atoms af the ankle joint.
We are informed that although
suturing very much hp is
bravely enduring the serious result.
Attorney Cnswell HelUiett re-1
tnriul last evening from Wyn-
newcHxl. where he had leon on
professional business.
Col. .lames I). Lynch the
historian retunicHl last evening
from a tvil up the rtmd embrae-
ing the towns of Pauls Valley
and Pureell.
Jiulge K. L. lioytl yestenlay
evening Ioadel his housfhold
effects on wagons and started
them for Tishomingo. The
judge will leave for that place
this morning where in future
he will locate.
A. M. Burch. of Ant-
more's d'eousolat ime Wiuu
wido-Ai-ia left th'w moniing foj
Weston Tvx.. to. tr' alHT-
suade. Mrs Durch and thp rhib
dren t return hatm with him.
If pueccjisiful in hU mission they
will arrive back in Anlmore
atout the middle of the week.
Webb Mrs. 8. M. Torbitt J.
and E. L Botartb.
B. Wall
at his town he expnsseil the
utmost confidence in its success
and the glory of the cause
prompting it.
Mrs. II. C. Collins ami her
daughter. Miss Lillian and Miss
Edna Collins her sister left last
evening for their Worn at Cole-
man Texas Mrs. Collins is a
sister H T. 1. -Morgan and
th- three have leen visiting
him and Mr Morgan for some
! tim. Miss Lilian ha m fat Ikmmi
here sine Christmas &iA has
iudewml herself to Anlmore's
younif joople to an t-xtent that
renders her departure an occa-
sion of regret.
For Kent A good four room
house new. Apply to
from Will Pyeatt.
If you have anything to trr
aee the Ardmore (train and Stor-
age company. .'i-lm
Bk Fardl
Cius Iiobbitt. the clever depu-
ty marshal brought in Bob
Fonl yestenlay afternoon com-
mitted by Commissioner Curtice
at Center for the larceny of
Ckkckaaaw ElatkM.
WeInesla next is eirctiorr
day among the ChickasAWd.
Present indication; point to a
rousing majority for R. M.
Harris for xroveruor and we
are witluijc to wager cigars on
tb election of Grove E. Cha.e
; as permit collector.

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