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Zbc ails HrfcmorcUc.
Published Brery Afternoon (Sstai-day Ex-
cepted) and Bandar Morning-.
Office of pablicatlon. North Court Street.
OnaWoek .W
Coe Montb M
On Year - 6.0
WILSON & DOUGLAS Proprietors.
t Boaineu Man'g-r.
I Editor.
Entered at the Poatoffire at Ardmore as
aecond class mail matter. Nov. 17. "88-
Gulf. Colorado and Santa Fc Railway.
Galveston and Chicago Express - - 4:10 a.m.
Cleburne and Kansas City Express 5:20 p. m.
Galveston and Chicago Express - 12:35 s. m.
Cleburne and Kansas City Express 11:40 a.m
I. R. MASON. Ticket Art.
ft. S. KEENAN. Gen. Pass. Art.
Arrival and Departure U. S. Malls.
South bound mail closes 4:45 p. m.
South bound mail arrives 5:30 p.m.
North bound mail closes 11:15 a. m.
North bound mail arrives 12:00 m.
Night mails are closed at 8:30 p. m.
Money order department is open
at 8 a. m. and closed at 5 p. m.
Office hours from 8 a. m. to 8 p.m
Sundays from 8 a. m. to 9 a. m.
Moran Scott. P. M.
Edgar Sandlin. Demitv.
W. .T.
BRYAN of Nebraska.
The financial committee ap
pointed by Boss Hanna to raise
the syndicate's slush fund and
run the business end of the
campaign represents nearly
three-quarters of a billion of
The members of the commit
tee representing the heads of
great trusts manufacturing and
financial institutions are wil-
ling to spend a large per cent
of their wealth and to levy on
the wealth of others chiefly to
The Neat Prealdeat of the United State
En Route to the Scene of Mia Offi-
cial Notification of Nomination.
Lincoln Neb. Aug. 8. The
Bryan trip through the west was
inaugurated at 2 o'clock this after-
noon under decidedly favorable
eonditions and auspices. It was
a day of torrid temperature but
long before the time for the de-
parture of the Bryan party the
prevent workingmen and farm-! h'ock lsl l tlo'.Mt platform was
He told ber be bad lost his heart.
As he gated in her lovely eyes.
But. alas! the cruel maid answered.
"Why don't yon advertiser'
The press of the territory is
as far as we have noticed a unit
on the proposition of electing
or appointing a delegate to con-
gress. The only troublesome
feature seems-to be as to which
paper originated the idea. That
should be a matter of indiffer-
ence so long as the idea is a
good one.
It is said the announcement
that Bryan was to make a
speech in Canton ().. the home
of Major McKinley caused
Mark to say to Mack "See here
it begins to look as if you
would have to say something."
Still there those to say that Mr.
Bryan's speeches don't amount
to anything.
Mr. Bryan is now speeding
his way from New York where
on next Tuesday he will be
officially notified of his nomina-
tion as the democratic standard
bearer in the present campaign.
Those who are disposed to ridi-
cule his ability as a speaker and
a leader are respectfully invited
to keep their eyes on (the gun
for the next few days.
The Ardmoreite does not
question the proisition that
the cotton crop to find market
in Ardmore will fall short of
the estimate of a few weeks
since but that it will come
within the limit of a failure we
.are not ready to admit. From
actual observers who have
given the matter close attention
by making a tour of the coun-
try we are prepared to say the
yield will be above the average.
They have brought in stalks of
cotton from fields good bad
and indifferent and on striking
a general average the situation
is by no means alarming. After
a careful study of the situation
in its every phase we feel justi-
fied in the statement that all
things considered the outlook is
far from any occasion for
despondency. Farmers as well
as merchants have used caution
in seeking and giving credit and
even if present expectations
are realized the outcome will
place this country in a condition
of safety and independence.
We do not believe in crossing
the slough of despondency until
it has been reached.
Captain McKennon of the
Dawes Comission and Goveror
Mosely of the Chickasaw nation
had a conference today in Atoka
touching the work of the Dawes
.Commission. Indian Citizen.
ers from being injured in a
pecuniary way by their "delu-
sions with regam to the mone
tary policy of government.
They want to save the farmer
from selling his products and
the laborers many of whom
they employ from selling their
lalior too cheap.
Mr. Hanna himself whose
firm was principally instrumen-
tal in reducing the wages of
lake sailors to starvation oint
has had a change of heart and
is now eagerly desirous of sav
ing the lalnuer from reduced
The situation is most remark-
able. Certainly there never
was such an exhibition of mag-
nanimous self-sacrifice on the
part of the owners of vast capi-
tal in behalf of the toilers. It
suggests the speedy coming of
the millennium. Uepublic.
crowded and when the carriage
containing Mr. and Mrs. Bryan
drove up a round of cheers went
up fnm over a thousand throats.
From that time on until the train
pulled out anxious jieople jostled
each other without compunction as
they pressed aronnd their honored
fellow-citizen and eagerly grasped
his hand and clung to it long
enough to breathe a fervent god
speed for himself and his mission
Children were carried along by the
pressure of the crowd ami their
childish voices could le beard
above the uproar in familiar greet-
ing. "Good-bye. Mr. Bryan."
.Most ol them wen suecettil in
reaehing his hand lefore he lmnrd-
ed the train which puHed in
several minute ahead of time in
anticipation oi tne ueiav oi me
leave taking. After Mr. and Mrs
Bnau had entered the car theie
was a request lor them to upieur
upon the rear platform which they
did. As Mr. Bryan appeared th
handshaking renewed and m re-
sponse to continued and persistent
calls for a scech Mr. Bry an said:
"Ladies ami gentlemen in ordi-
nary times I would have desired t
have the notification take place at
in v home but this is not an ordi
nary campaign and I felt that th
cause should arise aiMive anv imt-
Si'HRADEK the divmoe sal des-n s we might have am
healer at Honey Grove boasted ! therefore expressed the wish to 1m
that he could walk upon the .t i ii.-.l in New York in order that
water. The people of that
wicked town took him down to a
pool and told him to either walk
or get out of town and when he
hesitated they began to prepare
to throw him in whereupon he
begged piteously saying he
11 . ii
con hi neiiner walk nor swim i j.s iaV(
and that if put in the water be-
yond his wading depth he would
surely drown. This escapade
ended his usefulness in Honey
Grove and the "divine" healer
sougiu ouier pasuuos new aiiUasj. -heering and applause.)
greener nehls tor his operations.
AltPMoKE did her best and
Ardmore's lest is simply great
in the way of a celebration
and some of Purcell's citizens
were in attendance taking
notes which they probably in-
tend to use to the advantage of
their own celebration of the 1st.
Wynnewood Commonwealth.
Saner Chief Eleete Chief f Oaaaea r
Small MalorUr-Ceuaetl Favera
Rejiorts received today from
Pawhuska I. T. capitol of the
Osage nation fdiow the election
of Saucy Chief the candidate
of the half-breeds for chief or
governor of the nation. The
half-breeds claim the election
of a majority of the counsel
among whom will le John Pal
mer of the Pawhuska district
who has for years leeii a leader
in every move for the advance
ment of the Osages in civiliza
tion. This ehftion marks an
ejMX'h in the affairs of the
Osages as the government of
the nation will pass into the
hands of the progressive ele-j
ment who favors taking allot-;
incuts and lecoming citizens of!
the Cuited states. The lection
was very hotly contested and
the chief was elected by a ma
jority of seventeen Votes. Tlw
interest was greatly increase I
bv the bitter feeling that was
engendered in the recent inves-j
vestigation which was brought 1
about bv the full-bloods. Solltll !
McAlestcr Journal.
Hta Htrstd. '
Asked ar to what he intended
doing: aft.r September 1st come
along. Judge Gibbons replied:!
I will retire from official "duty
and live as I hope I have lived
an honest private citizen. A
republican I feel that a rest
will do me good. For five years
I have acted in the capacity of
United States commissioner in
the Indian Territory serving
two years at Antlers in the
Choctaw nation and three long
years in this place. During my
three years term here I have
reviewed in all. to date !X
cases and t lie duty is an ardu-
ous one. No 1 do not wish to
entertain any official work
teas Lrt C iil M'di.
Ik fore Co rambsioner Gibbons
yesterday Lena Levi a well
known Indian was charged
with the pale of "fire water."
Lem who has figured on sev-
eral occasions before his honor
although not on this specified
charge was declared by Jude
Gibbons not guilty laing: his
decision ou the fact that defend-
ant thought too much of whUky
to ls guilty of the act of jell-
ing it.
It is no use talking Rrady
Brothers sell lots of groceries.
Attention is called to th
change of ad for G. W. Stuart
the star grocer. Note his change
longer and desire to l a plain) of location to the first door east
private citizen. of J. B. Spragins & Co.
Has Two Full Sets of the Hunger Syslem of Gins
Suckers Conveyers and Presses.
our cause might be presented first
in the heart of what now seems to
be the nemv's countrv but which
we hope to ie our countrv In-fore
this campaign is over. ( treat ap-
plause and cheering.) I appreci-
ate the kindness which the ncigh-
hown and all that I
can promise vou is that whether
what I do meets with your approval
or not I shall do my duty as I see
it and accept all consequences
which mav follow. thnthusi-
Cbrlatla Church.
Instead of a sermon Sunday
morn'uig the pastor will deliver j
" i tnr i "Manly Men." Gins for Money Cotton or Seed.
lite Ardmore lire department
has been invited to attend inj
full uniform. Preaching at
night. Subject: "She Hath
Done What She Could." i
.loin us in worship. j
VoLNKY Johnson Pastor.
1. . Dick and Marcus Alvis
while tandem riding yesterday
afternoon lost their balance
with the result that they collided I
w ithout ceremony with the dusty
Alnutt ! o'clock last night a
shot from a Winchester in the
rear of a cider joint near the;
Capacity 192 Bales Every 24 Hours.
Cash paid for Seed and Seed Cotton.
First Class Corn Mill in Connection.
White Sulphur Inn
Located nt the Famous Kroman White Sulphur Spring
eight miles east of Davis Ind. Ter. The INN ha !fn
completely renovated for the season of 'JG. and i now
del tot created considerable stir i
among those in the adjoining;
houses. The culprit could not!
he ascertained.
Democratic Club Mecttnc.
The meeting of the Allen G.j
Thurnian Democratic club of!
Ardmore is hereby called for
Monday night August 10 at
S::a) o'clock at the United .
prepared for the first class ion of guest.
Kates for families or parties for the season made known
ii application. Transient rates '2.00 per day. Staeea meet
all trains for passenger and
Texas Populist Ticket.
The Texas state populist tick-
et as completed is as follows:
Governor Jerome Kearbv of
Lieutenant Governoi II. S.
P. Ashby of Tarrant.
Attorney General W. M.
Walton of Travis.
Comptroller E. O. Meitzen
Treasurer S. O. Daws of
! States court room. Business
j Mi. and Mrs. Bryan were allot-jf iniMrtauce touching UIk.ii;
I ted the drawing room ou the Pull- the welfare of the Detuoeratie :
j man coach cverv section of which I party . in the Indian Territory)
i win come up ior action. .n
! I I ... "... ........
IIK lll'X'l il' OIli' M t" " Ht-.--
was occupied.
As the train drew away fiom the
station a thousand fluttering
handkerchiefs waved the part'"
adieu the fond sincerity of which!
was attested in many wavs. Men!
women and children rushed around
the platform as the train moved by
and M-rsisted in prolonging the
ordeal of handshaking. A crowd
of I toys did not stop when the
platform was passed and tin
John L. G.vlt President.
It. W. Dick Secretary.
Time from Datis to
Springs one hour Htid fifteen minutes. Good road and
comfortable conveyances. Splendid water nee fishing and
hunting and unejn lied a a health and pleasure resort.
T. S. VENTRESS Proprietor.
Land Commission..! 5 ran-! wll W!s nost -luctaut to give up '
Orlo Natea. ' llvnry M. Funuan.
The Orio's met with Mrs. Vail ! FT It MAN & HKKBIIKT
Deulierg at her pleasant home; ATTOKNKYS-AT-LAW
Friday afternoon.
We are safe in saying the in
terest in these meetings does !
l-td i not in the least wane through
lack of attendance or prepara-' umrr. ii.rdr. oucrtrtn.
Office It crbrrt
ArJmore. I. T.
OrncK: In Ldbttr St Bledao
Ru.ldiofc Main aire! Oppoaua Foat
& I-wla huit'nK
berry of IIimmI
Su erintendentublie instruc-
tion A. Ii. Francisco of Gal-
veston. Kallroad ( 'ommissit ners
Evan Jones of Erath W. W.
Nelms of Williamson E. P.
Alsbury of Harris.
The Davla Fire.
The Ardmoreite learns that
the fire at Davis Friday morn-
ing destroyed four houses oc-
cupied as follows:
J. M. Herrin grocer; J. W.
Elliott harness; Weiss Broth-
ers general merchandise ami
W. Ii. Montgomery & Co. con-
fectionery. The buildings were
owned by S. H. Davis and Max
Goldman. The lire originated
in the rear of Herrin's grocery
store. All were fully covered
bv insurance.
the chase was rewarded with a.
Bryan button which was thrown
to him by Mr. Bryan in lieu of the
The general discussion djnmi! attorneys-at-LAv.
the toiiics assigned afforded 1
Practice In all the Court. Territo-
- ..... rial. niAi. anti t rtiprii. snri&i ar-
hand clasp he was unable to win. ' ' scope lor investigation ention giv(.n to crimlnaUa.
Office Up stairs in Hartly building!
flClce Ardmorr I. T.
Preliminary eatiroata andaketcb
furnisbeo on application.
Of2oe over Kearney & Wyae.
a hundred earriagi s J nnl
There wen
arouiKi ine station ami in the -.""-''" t
midst of the excitement a team ran to filter muiid the papers of
Bed held and Kan-; a
The first stoj. was at Murdoek. ! Iol Tnt former's pajnr on:
Neb. a small wav station. wiiereit!l" ersonnlity f Hums and;
! The interest however seemed ! Artlmore. I. T
a crowd ot alout fifty men and
boys were at the dcot. Mr. Bryan
j stood m the rear platform and
waved a greeting at them but one
silvei Kepublieau a cripple per
sisted in climbing uion th
Practice In all th court
t . .
Ills merits as a 1mm1 was rH'eiv-i t tonal and atate.
ed with much pleasure. Mrs.j office over Kwn-& Wya.
Kandol treateil us to a sketch of!
G. W. Holmes in his role of j
humorist iMet physician ami j BARRY
t.w.v. many sideil usefulness. t: ATTORNEY-AT-LAW.
ing train ami shaking hands. Asinu wt H' highly commend j
it. c. poTTKar. w. r. ao
flffif-!'!) ataira In thJ Hardy
. buildir-K Ardmore led. Itl
Marcua Bright 8tefCTPbr-
Office Maaonk'builrfBI.ownrtt
" arlona Bank Ardra-r ".
usual. Mr. Bryan was able to greet
him by name. The train stopied
Office In the Ledbetter & Bledsoe
!Luilding Ardmore I. T.
these two excellent paiers
1 hose of the clul who were i
but a moment at South Bend j absent missed n treat imletnl. i
where a dozen men conversed with i TJ. topics for general discus- LEDBETTEII & BLEDSOE
Mr. Brvan through the -ar window . .
informing him that most of t mo at next mating are: Kolt-j ATTORN EVS-AT-UW
party were silver Kepublie.ius. ei i m-ini k i-ugene .vi.iin aii'i Orrtc K: In Ledb-ttr & IUeJaoe i tt. T ijiRDMR. 2'- D
lu.u.i mi i iiui'iainiji. i iiuuuin?. j:iin mrt. imnni is-
- - i " v r w
! omce orer Coenn A Lyaa'i
i Dnijt Store. Reai"" WMt
' Street.
At Albright alout fifty people
! were assembled. One hl lady
;clmig to Mr. Bryan's hand as she
f- i. t ...n... i
in nii i iiKiinru -
forveiinin llnmlu. ami m luil j'u e oonoue.
'l. rii'r vet ' i Mrs. Biles will dw-uss
Mrs. H. Noble will bring be-1 1'o' omce.
fore us Thomas Caniplndl and!
i N. P. LAW
For Sale.
A second hand type w riter. sl'Mttl
A bargain- Call at Wisnor ho
tel. AugJ-tf - it twentv men l-.rle.l ii... i new sch nd of American ljunjor !
- ..... . . . ii ii . -Jkir. i iv J aii.-.
Tim KmrnTP ull nin to nemipany the party to;" exiH.unu.Hi oj nia .je
The Akdmorlite m11 x"' Omaha audit ipiiml as if Mr. The club nmts next Frvby Ba.ine.. lud P"P
Change daily or weekly subscnp-rvjm knew evt.rv l)m of tWm j With Mrs. Kearney. a-.ler.tlon. Office In the R. Hardy
tion for Stove wood. : personally. " ; Secp.ETAI'.tV KeixhsT. I Duildinjt Ardmore f. T.
j OHc oxczf CoUiua-. a w-"
i Drajt Store. lUe Fort? T.0
I Hreet.
f J. W.SMITJI. M. D.
1 .
OCteoverCltr D"! W0'
wore I. T.

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