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v u:r ricii r
TUT: I'.MADI'H. (it!TIIU!!' OK I. A.. W r.N !-;si )A v. urn )VM )J.
. ' -
.'.'"'".."'. .?. -"-f .."v." .-v -.:. .r.--v.t . . ..:-
'vV sV'" '' ' "iV-.V ft? ''' '' 'i'-" 'V V ".;
iLiegant variety -oi
-4 Jtf
i if . fA
& I '.a - i.-i
f f. Uii 1.4 W (
(1 m i tl if
Jttr- -. 5--.
mart aiibures at
Precisely the Suits that sell in Department
Stores at -$32.50 and $35.00.
iff Ma
.ri? I !.r--'il:ik" i til- i i KA'v! j
' Mf.ef'- J v f ' In I i 'if frn f n
n Ui .1H Hs.' r fi '11 l:i Sua 1 ! n --
I I 41 X A . ' ' 'f-..' S- : . 1 r II 1 "III-.' U 1 y 1 Bl Jit T J I V ' u t' '((
h lH nr. HP ; r . ; .
3j n :
': Ladies Furnishings
Fine Chiffon BI
at . .
Ill W
Ik II w
"l" wi'! nv ulun uim ri -ni' t'"i Hchr's tciMKirriw ihiU thi r'vrn o
' .-Miiis N in-i ns hp.n.!s. im- a if vn pni! Syi.y ..r $ v
Hi' 11 il
f.-irry mt:i iron one MVi-cn an.-.t1uT. tlnis ai:rm:: vmi :i ; fim- a .H-plav ;i tlminjli wo 1i:i1 in-t tw tlii kilv-tu-WY-ir
1vitv Suit is irt i ! u- iv;m'
ic a'li! 1 1 i :i ;aii'i-("
if aiiK'ti! a I- in
;i-ar. I;
t i:
pi'n'i'it'. Tl;o! mm;'.-' "f -"tvK
ltavis jv 'tliiii t lie U'siiV'!. :t t-rr ihiny i ivirc-.ciiitMl. tiv.: tin- M-vn-fiv plain laid rc t. tin claiinraitlv
I'liiiiiicil iri U'I
I ni.
varv in UMiilli I'min m ! U 'iu'!:c ail aiv richly !in-l u ':!' -atiii. All l!i:- rnni-rl inaU'vi i! arp ciii'ilnvci! inrluilin-
strc. plain ami tanrv yiiciuw tuainiisli Miniii'j a 1 1 i tin lini-lir 1 v.riyiK i ! ic -m irlot ni' nvw l.niiiinii iniviina'-i
lliat arc
mill SrciU'li ivi''i'! aiu! liif rmish wt-avi
''V"'' mnu-r. SUirl arc ! ; 1 1 nr plain
siz- up to 5-incb htit. r rcnlar r'irt-aiu i! liynrrN
' For $25.00 Values-
We intend to offer this coat at a moderate price
but had no id?a that we would be able to figure
the price down to $19.95. But we have done it!
You'll wonder how for the coat is 58 inches long
correctly cut and excellently tailored; the lines and
proportions are modish and effective and the gar
ment is decidedly smart in every detail. Lined g
UiruugtlUUl Willi uiviiziici d oaua. ims ii x iiiaicii-
less offering and one that we are very proud of.
Our $4.95 and $6.95
a vj true
mery -
Has a Style All Its Own and is the Best in Town.
p ...... :. slK.1 ;i wiic j-anc of styles that il would -c impi i.ilily to d justice to it in
a iih';i! . ctiptinn. At the same prices tlicrc is a splendid assortment of 'Toques and
small iiats for the mure mature women.
-XT".'. . T .'. JiM.i-
U ' 7 V..
AND 'LV.;;
."V - '')
Only One State Shows Prospective Yield
Below the Average Good in
All Sections
There i no iiluee for th rro !'":-
pimiKC in onr 'ouitiiV.
mis tact i eu.l'.iaueally !r.-;!i.n
ut by tli roirtuc'reiiiiivc T o-
1 nits gatlH-rid from all &eciioiw "I
tUc country by (Minib's K. I''.rni.
j rftadi nt of Thoi;.;is. a'.v.'i-
jToin t ;c H.i.u a!nl V-.-i. ""'
.(;:tli a-.1') S'tuih. c"ini itb'iiH'- i'-
j.cUB of btiini'ilui c-rnim. pi m! a
.(ijii of iln1 roimiry li'-s
ihciT bi'tui anv fjl'-iiij; off of la ''V
M'llcnt yield lor tb" la. five or
. f;irs.
Nortli Dakota U tht only
t hat rf? norU o erop f.n' b'.'io.v t;.ic a'.
vruite. If i 'Miniii-d th:tt '!H'
j'elj will b1 only bruit )'i jt f-nt
in flie (jemral avernse. D-i'Mio' this
lardal failure h no ! s'm:-."
in that slate. . North Dakota f;u m-
t have plenty of numey in tin'
bink ate! are w 11 abb to buy :uiy-
ihing they need and they ran pay
rasa for it.
. it i Bate to fay t'rat in th" MifbM"
Wi-tx and NortlnveKt rropn have turti-
t'd out far bettor than was aiitiei-
liatvj carrier in th. year. In (-very
tate the crops have nveracMl vll.
itn Konte fection.H certain taojis hae
'.tllen below the aveiano but t':;'t.
itefirir-iiey l.ns .lieen iii'.Mi' iliMn :i :! ;
':i 1'r b.v (he aieiinlauce ..t i '!-
t Tbri'o ih a 1 1 : t i; j it-r crop or eoj n all
r.Ver I lie etmn'ry. Va-:it if tin) iivy.
irf o-n and in inanv iji-eiiuiiH oat
lnne brnl;e)i rianv bieal i--."ih-i1k. May
I- ftendy wild uf a pat'licu'iar:;. H "1
finality tieeanjif' of the iiiarkul ih-ii-ejeiiey
in ihe rain fall at hiirwst
time. I'taci ieally every u!ii r r!)
U i-tioit".l funl slrouKlioiit ll.e
F. ll.Nuii. i''v of 'i''e oiibi Kai tn-r at
C'l-'V K.nd re)nrt? tint t!.i t'.iianeial
loiidition of latti:)'? in ohbi Ra
belter on t v meraqe. ehii laniie'K
I'nve R-eo r.iakltiK iaeiey f-n- more
liian sen vents Hid Hair eiiernuu
l".ire;s.-es ate le Ili-T nude of uyri- i
' eu.i.U'a! ami Jioa-.' aold itjjb'!ni:t:i.
'!'!. ran;s ot tie- recent week-! have
tei.vii :ht aloajs to Autumn eora a lift
l.i'it iu u reiiiat'n.ib'ie way. The cira
i rc) is iUraied at !iS per "eut of
. yveras;.' for the last fen ear. ;
'lie in:) it Sons :ti e fill !
I.eiur iliati t.e (.:;e'."ed a-or.liesr
i. W". V.'ateriuir-. editor of ih-
. y.U Lisa:: I' tfmall ?.raia !'
:!! c:-.t iM.i'er!ii!;- koixI. s; ciall'-' '
v.' r wneat. T.'vvo was e bin;'-
f ieri of oaf of U!lil'Ul'!!y tuoi i'i:m-
iiv. II. o wiiii not up t. unrtiKiI !
!'. ! ir!-ei wi!' i-i 'iue. a giiod jn".l. '.
i'l.'ti'tf.i s ai e belter than usual v-hi'.e '
: i!;..r b em ..;r be-!'.- -av' fa'l- ' ;
'nv.' th" averane. Ceai-U-c. .will yl -id ;
ie y aliniit .Vi )!' eiuit (f the no; ami '.
Ncrthwf 5t Crcp Abundant j
.N'oiih i ..': U Mil- on:.y st it" in;
if i Northwest thai has been fieriona-'
' affei-tei bv the recent dry vv.nth-
(r n so-ne .sections of 1 ! r No. t
. t. h'tw.'vi r there ' bo n cr d'n
!.c n't ihe average bet wherever
i i;l( failures nr diininiKei ;
er"j bae tieiirn. the farmers Hu '- j
. enjoyed bumpT i'uijh bfr five or riv.
eitrs and aro thererore jnrpared to
vtanl I be nanbil m i-!.i -k. nocm-di m
to . C. Klein of the St. Paul I'. i ' '
II. N. f). en. jmblisdu'r d f.ii'n..
t-'toc'; i ml fpiuie o' MjtiJ'' aoo.'in re j
.porss li'at North l;aiM'ii has i;e) a
.cry 3i;.:bl con. )epite tiiii e.UHlo'
lie!' ; In Nor.; liiiloiia ari1 pond ami;
i here m n.) liiKeourapt'iui'iit. . '
Norl'i DaKaiia f.-rnx-ru Icnou their;
.-late and in'eiul to stay in it. Wliai-'
ever tiiev need tbey have the niiia-
y to bio" and evenieie i ciiliinKlie
'dial iiet vefir will brinr; about an '
'.The. Noith Iniloitii viel.Ii arc eh! I !
K'd alioui 40' 'per tent of Of
1 1" i a!.
j I'. V. CoU'Dk of the North wt'Bieivi
Att-lt'u'lnrist at .!lmi-iiolin. h Wi-
iniatie toiicerniiiu the Aiinni-sola crop
Vr Oil'.iiN rep.e i t hat Mimic-:
l;a a I.e. i; t ind bctii-r rop r an th-;
ave'l;:.e tl It ! i 11)4 tile I.!-'. I'll Veill'S.1.
'! i'e Niiirlii t pr'ees r.inaiii linn wiiieh;
nieiiMS tint .Minnesoci lanneis at"';
'eore p!'isiio'.;iis ! It it 1 1 Ihey li.'ive:
'a for ni'Tiy years. In la. i hi.-i' ';
i rons :a.i:i ;V'V have ever l.-'eti. 1
Tin: le Ki ei ops b iv hcne r.d': -d i -'
;:t is ' iio-vk a- the Ilea all illstriet
o" V sie-n : i -! r i . s-ofa. While a
;..eo(l i;i';'in ercp has been r.ii.ied. the;
i.ay clop is I!-;'' I. The h id of coi n
; ''(' ires to !c! the lies! ever raiied j
All itsdic-at ion of the optiiiil.-.tir r.pi:'
il of t lit .'dinni Heta fanner is siiowii'
i'. the atiindanee at the Mir.nes ta :
i-'t nf e Fair. Mme than L'Tt.triO per-'
.:o iji anii d-d ihe lair and t it; is "jn-
e'l niore t'ini- any ot'ur year. I'tisi
'fi-s tuteivsls i:.-e.l an! -xpe"t a
hr'r ';aue t'loni . heetion of tlie
e e!-r.3c!..-i !r;o;r"3 V.'ill Be Lfrcjc
. ' . e Hi I. S. Ilerioli edi'ifil
0. the N'h-'whu Fiiimef :it Lincoln
.No n..sf n's i '.re ernp wid be far'
i '"He H e nve-a'ri' while wheat h'ts
t .heii a s!i::ht drop. Pricis re s ow-
il n lili i.iri. ;.m' .ie! the ii: nine of;
; ';. fj":u rs h a!: 1 t U:;..-t i'nua! 1
t'!at of bit vciir. Ne'irisVn fanners :
; . f. i: ;.'.fd lO'd !!! llttsilll SS ill
t i' i il 1 sh..ul ; i njiij ;he ni:'i:"i'-
ns.:i d p;.e.;'i rily.
Mionrj i ; "p.; v. ill no ra i;e Ir'tfri
Van lust ve.i : aioid'ia to y. I.'.
;!ii'hie!: "f the :-"t. l.o:'i donilinl o!
Ayrit u.'1 ire.
"U'li'Mi Cevernor Stuhh.-; of K;
id tint (ieiier.M I'r 'Snerily was Hiili
1. :"!'ii : bis in t'at stati.1
' e'taract '--i iie'd the rit uit i'ni eor
ii'c'i'-" ram Ai'il'U'- Capper puhli-bei
oi ihe F:n i.'i ri' i ii'. aiu! fttece. To
pfhii. Kin. Wheat in Kansas will
pi oi:.'i' t( tal P-'veaty million leisi-j
i I- ni"! tli.' 't'tality Piji not been
l ine lie i-'a'. e IKSj. The record lot';
iOtii was ie-o:.eii an.d presont ih'ok-'
.eits i:iiTi'"it i- a "tin crop of two bun
cr nl am! ivvj.t v-fl e "lilli )n biialiela.i
I o u:! tine. is'i:. Th hay i
e' "P m yfi id-- t '"' ;J'':1 ':-'' t'i inaiii librli.
hill -;!'-.r" Ui'iiH 'rsfiiiiaff s the value
of t !a'' i'ro"s iii: i tit" Bhii'k al apnros-
!;" ."-1 "-" ! ye Limbed and tbiny two
p Lllim dua'ara I $r.;j2'oo.ii ai) w' ich
h(iv.s tint Ihe nooe is eiiio iua i . H
en :d ii?ua tide of preaiioritv .
The etoiis in fihia una me la u"r.1
r-iitji! ion in -cordiiiK ' do' n Fields
itiiior of Mr- (iMnlioiiia Farm .loariutl
.. r-e.i. ... ie . .-i . i i
v!!l. 1m less than Lift 'year vlele tie-
out pill of w'.'-at. lU'ob.llily be'
doubled. Jt U evpectid Hie tola1
vs due uf corn col toll wheat ii'id oats
will abine that of J'.m:i. when St
M.aL'.ci one lenidiel and twenty-
one m i i ! i o! iloilars no. hi a.
'' ' . . Happy n Cohn :; . .' .
"Prices ni'e up and oveiylmm is
happy in Cuhirada" r.-jxn I lane Wil-
i on ediioi (if j.-iehl and Farm of 'lea-
ver. 'Ihe erop conditions are fully
.if fcood as were e peel cd and til -re
. as heel: ' aoa-h r.iia to k. cp up iht
P.iv-.s on the ram.;ea. ha:--io;:r
mi Iii..i acres under irrigation
an i t.e v.ater supply has been ado-n.mi''-.
The sugar boot and frnii
mhos are large while live tiiork is in
I hep ink of ondi;inii.
"ioatana is In a position to buy
heavily and pay rash" says . W.
Sut.crMn of the Uorky Mountain
I it.-iliandman. .iontana has a
beautiful crop.
The ci.ii) eoiidi!ians of Washi'i'v
I an are a lit lie below tlio avciae on
v-lieat ioi I barley but l.inh on o.ii
and remarkably J i"!i orf fruit. The
ijpple crop will rtni front five to vix
tailiion dollars while peaches pairs
;.iki i-ieioiis wit make as i;ooii a snow
The S'''" i'al asrieebural eomiiti
i-i Caiiiiu tei are geod and t e ie!ih
ha iicon i 'enifiipr ati Mm prices i
piofiialee. Miss F.dna Willson has take.i ehaie
A ronserialivp estimate of 11k of her school at Lawile and will In
cop value will brin;: it aliuosl Id two 'the future be prevented from takhis
tuiidi'.'! and fortv miilion dollars not! an active part in campaign affairs.
!ne!ii(!i::g live stock or pnn-.try aei Tills does not mean that .is Will-
eordinu to tin Orchard and Farm v't ! .-on is out of the race for she lias pre-
v. Franeiseo. The oranues are per-' vious y eovercd ihe eouniy so tuor-
baps n-r erat Mn'a'cr and apricot.H' cuRhly. and Is so well known r-iroupii
about '.u per rent but prices ahmist I out It that this will not her
double thoie of hist year. T eve ;u' 1 : prospects in the leasa.
f-o-'d crops on peaches pcai -. uni t! It aiti'urs we 1 for the future Rood
and hav I oi our . sru wis inn mi iinpii ti.iv. HM
Ccuntry S'-ould Eniey Prosocr.ty jeounty suiienuteiiuent eiia
Selection of Cabine1 for Re-
public Goes On Lurid
Keports are Denied
Lisbon Oct. tl The Provisional
; Kovei nincnt is proceeding very
! steadily with l!ie development of its
0'IU-ial family. Some ehaiiK''s i" the
et.binet as first aunoitiU'el will be npc-
iessary. liea.i!!o Telb-s has declined
'he nort lolio of ' finance. Hernardo
iMaeliada has und-eitaken it tempar-
rrily. Tlie forewoinu; dispatch imli-
rates that normal conditions prevail
up Ushon and Hint:-yesterday's rumors
:of trouble there and n pall Oi smoke
over the eitv are Incotrecl.
Have moes
'im fussy
Fiom ti-- above reports it can
readily se-n t-a this country is in i
p'eitimi in enjoy one of the .mud
prtispeiour. vears In husines-.s that was
ever known. The hr.unteous cropa
irnno: iieoi ii"i rave a siuniraiin
ai d ins P'orntinR efl'ee.t unoii
uranebes of busincin ntul iinii
: of
i county suieriuteiident eir.i afford to
betake time to really leach sihool. in
stead of nitxiue in potties.' no you
want a thorough con-eientioti! nun-
political supervi.-ion of the county
Then leave polities out of the rpies-
alhjtion and "'ote feu the teacher.
rrl 1
i ne oest customer s
a legitimate shoe store can a
have are the particulars
rt4- Air ttUm V
xviiict kaciw iiy OLiwiv WilCll tl
they are pleased. Our stock of V
fall and winter shoes have been ft
fa selected with a view to meeting K
u flip vpninflmflnfc r ill 1 -i o o - r. tl
All the newest styles in all the newest
leathers arc to be fdund here
to phcad it 't
...... .1
! lj; I't'M. Jir-s y.'lil eiii.iv .jiimii
!i";H)rii or niis'iie.s
tbt.i ancMimjiied
The lu'r'ni rs man f :H
Ibe fe.!i
year ana everv
l:i!iil I prolit front
118 West Oklahoma Ave.
Nm ire is hei city en Ilia: a meet-j
inn of the Loyan omniy olcctlou
board held at (luthrie (fctober I fid
it was oiib'i-e.I that the voting nlace:
in A ni dope Unvtii-Iiiii be and I lie same
baby! is bf-rt by removed from the school
like.' house on the iirothwewt rpiartei; of
u. i section tweiilv-lwo lo pie echonl house
lady i loea'eil mi the sonlbeast (piarter of
."Mi ma me wlu'cl this
ar iund alt aflcnioon ami I doa":
it!" declnred tlie pooriv dressed
th- raretihor to the ttnpdsiih e
'I l'ih'm -1 see whore Mm h ii lice ami fiovern themselves accordlm
piliche:" rail the lady olecl'viie; a
ptoiii of oibcr lilile. -.iris playiup I
''ames a little way off. j .
"Vmi don't neithia- t iluu't wiarj Lee Crucc will speak th Gulhrii
no fhoeH" 'October 15 at 8 p. m.
1y. I'.y order of
Alien aeeiti ary.
tlx- board. .f. V
l-'Kroin the I" iladelphia Ueeord:
Uii.-lol "a. (H I. 11 ' -Horace Ij.'inp-
sey ii M--avilil boy heroically rts-
rued t'ercv. the vearadd son of .led
; Siit V. froiii drowtiin-i in ihe pelawarc
.... i ....
- The bale- was vUmpned in - eavy
U o- i ! . li".e of its aunt. I l-yi ar-
(dd A;.nii I'hnl. Wi'iile (ii- yul w
jSlamliiift at th;' top of Wahml si reel
.'.ill .Jerey pimiHil tlMit tit his enu-!i
'scir'im; it down the Incline a.i.i it
rolled over Ihe edi-e (f wharf
i lie fore tin ivl ciiiild srashp jt.. '
j Wmpsov was KtM tilling by and( ab
jt.-i'imh not a very Knd swimmer
p!:iii''od into ii:e river fully dressed
' r r.d with one Ir; In id the couch n!)ov
Mbe water while with his teeth he
'euselieii th strap that held Ihe iu-
; r-i.. c. i- .1. . . .
I . . ..... tHO
a' in be struck out for shore am) was
' as'siiiteii.init ) we.rluneii.
Tliei-e will be a nieeliiif- of the
ri ei ni st twrio- eon i-onu m
l-h-id'tv n'eht v. s i)':ii t

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